Put a card from your hand on top of your library: The next time a black or red source of your choice would deal damage this turn, prevent that damage.

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Set Rarity
Exodus (EXO) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Penance Discussion

multimedia on Yennett, Tribal Sovereign

2 weeks ago

Hey, I like the changes you've made, good job. Archmage Ascension is really interesting odd CMC tech with Yennett, nice.

Consistently in 99 card Commander you won't have Leyline of Anticipation and Leyline of Sanctity in your opening hand. In my opinion four mana for these effects is not worth it. Of the two, Anticipation is a better card, but it doesn't do much with Yennett because she already gives odd CMC cards you reveal flash. You can cast the card with no timing restrictions.

It's nice that Vanquisher's Banner is odd CMC, but I don't think you need it. You have much better repeatable draw from other sources that care about flying creatures who attack (Windreader), do combat damage (Bident) or busted draw (Consecrated). Most creatures here are high CMC/have flying; you'll get more draw from attacking then casting creatures especially since Yennett wants to be attacking. The anthem effect of Banner is not worth five mana or cheating it onto the battlefield because Sphinxs already have high power/flying; they don't really need the small +1/+1 pump.

Even though Planar Portal is repeatable it costs too much mana to cast and activate. It being even 6 CMC makes it even slower. Manalith is the least good mana rock here.

I did a little research into effects with Aminatou, the Fateshifter and Yennett. You can take some more advantage of her -1 blink. Ancestral Knowledge with Aminatou is repeatable manipulation of the top 10 cards of your library. When you blink Knowledge you shuffle your library and the upkeep cost goes away, it's reset. Even without Aminatou, Knowledge is good value for two mana since top 10 cards is a lot.

One problem you may run into is getting high CMC cards stuck in your hand unable to cast them. Aminatou's +1 can help with this, but currently it's the only effect that can help with this problem. Penance lets you repeatably at instant speed, for no mana cost, setup the top of your library with odd CMC cards in your hand for Yennett.

Mask of Memory is a repeatable draw effect that's good when your Commander has flying/evasion and playing other flying creatures helps too. Since Memory triggers when creature does combat damage then it will not disrupt the top of your library for Yennett since her trigger is when she attacks which is before combat damage is done. Idyllic Tutor is an odd CMC tutor to get Soothsaying or another enchantment.

Cloudius on Powerful Yennett [75%]

2 months ago

+1 for Yennett!

I'd recommend including more Top of Library Manipulation cards and cards that allow you to return Bombs you draw to the top of the library. You can consider some of these:

Scroll Rack

Conch Horn


Agonizing Memories

Hidden Retreat

zjepsen on Elsha, Retaliate!

5 months ago

Penance with Elsha is spicy.

Dissipation Field could be good here. Rattlesnake effect that you can flash in with Elsha for a big effect.

FroggyTroller on Selvala "Twiddlestorm Explorer" cEDH Primer

6 months ago

Good to know that you have found success with Cloudstone Curio ; I don't actually own one in paper, so I've never actually played it in a real game.

I understand how the Selvala + Umbral Mantle interaction works, and how Penance can be incorporated into it- that isn't my problem with the card. The problem is that Selvala + Umbral Mantle is almost always game-winning anyway, so Penance is a dead card in pretty much all scenarios. In addition, the only tutor for it is Enlightened Tutor , which already has targets that make Selvala + Umbral Mantle more consistent ( Smothering Tithe or Leyline of Abundance ), except those other options are relevant in other contexts.

Switching gears, I don't think Faeburrow Elder is playable in this deck. It's just a worse Bloom Tender , which I am also not running for the same reason I'm not running any of the typical 2 mana ramp spells- it doesn't ramp into Selvala, and once I have Selvala, the extra mana it does provide isn't relevant.

goldrhino on Selvala "Twiddlestorm Explorer" cEDH Primer

6 months ago

FroggyTroller just wanted to rescind my original thoughts on Cloudstone Curio in the deck. I did put it back in and focused on getting it out for a few games and it was a bomb every time. Not exactly sure how/why the value didn't seem to be there before but in a few games it's been a monster.

Also, just wanted to comment again on Penance . I know it's a bit convoluted, but if you specifically have Selvala, Umbral Mantle , and Penance on the battlefield AND you have mana in the bank or a way to make sure you're at least netting 3 with each Selvala tap, you will never pass priority to your opponents and you will make them draw themselves to death. Selvala's ability is a mana ability and can not be responded to by opponents by rule. Umbral Mantle's untap is part of the cost of the ability, as is Penance's activation cost of putting a hand on top of your library.

Tap Selvala for mana and cards, hold priority. Activate Mantle to untap Selvala, hold priority. Activate Penance to put a card back on top, hold priority, repeat until everyone has drawn their library. If you are certain you have more cards than everyone else and you're not depending on not flipping a land off your own deck, you don't need Penance anymore.

Good to see other Selvala players out there still keeping up with the deck.

What do you guys think of Faeburrow Elder from the new set? Thinking about giving it a tryout.

Orion93 on Elsha and her Divining Top [cEDH Primer]

6 months ago

I feel you could make this more streamline with more low cmc noncreature artifacts and a few good ways to protect your commander.

I'm adding Altar of the Brood into mine. Also Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal .

I'm building 2 or 3 versions with different synergies. Sorcery Storm, self mill, and unlimited artifacts. All 3 will have at least 1 win con.

Also, holy shit didn't know this was a card till today. Penance

FroggyTroller on Selvala "Twiddlestorm Explorer" cEDH Primer

6 months ago


Cloudstone Curio isn't there as a tutor target (although it can be if it wins the game), especially since only one card in the deck can tutor for it ( Enlightened Tutor ), but rather because it has just as many combo applications as Temur Sabertooth , so it's one card that offers many more potential combos.

I was probably going to try Ranger-Captain of Eos soon anyway, so it's good to know that you've had success with it.

While Storm Seeker sounds funny, I can't think of a single scenario in which I would want it, so I don't ever see myself playing it.

Penance seems like too cute of an interaction with Selvala and not nearly enough upside. a) It doesn't let you win without passing priority, because you still need to untap Selvala somehow, and that would require passing priority, and b) if your opponents receive priority, they almost always will have a way to stop you (because they are drawing their entire deck.

I'm not entirely sure why I'm not running Sylvan Library , I guess it just never made it's way into my deck. I'll probably throw it in sometime.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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