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Epochalyptik on Erebos

a few seconds ago

That's correct. The ability that makes Erebos, God of the Dead not a creature only functions from the battlefield. Erebos is a creature card at all times in other zones.

hjaycee on Jace, Don't Break the Black ...

2 minutes ago

This deck is killer. Good looking out, bro. Now I just need to work on my sideboard, and it's off to FMN next week.

MTG1814 on Erebos

4 minutes ago

As I was playing a game of Commander with my younger brother, I made him discard Erebos, God of death with Appetite for Brains. The following turn, he played a Mortuary Mire, and claimed he could return Erebos to his hand, because the God's subtype said "Legendary Enchantment Creature." I honestly don't know, sorry if asking this is a stupid question.

Flumpy180600 on My Manaless Dredge

10 minutes ago

Oh ok I get it. So you use it more of as a finisher tool right?

shadow63 on Red Masquerade [Budget]

10 minutes ago

Well with collected defiance you can hit multiple madness triggers when you use the discard aspect of it

Vector31 on The Oven

11 minutes ago

Good deck. I have a similar on; "Hot as Hell" which has guttersnipe, satyr firedancer and furnace of Wrath. All instances and sorceress are 2 casting cost or less and I just target the player. People curse my deck and only downside is ending up with no cards in hand.....

veeonix on Soul Sisters

12 minutes ago

Don't these builds typically run 2 Archangel of Thune? Also, have you considered splashing green? Offers a lot of solo value cards like Voice of Resurgence, more Warden effects with Essence Warden, and the Spike Feeder/Archangel of Thune combo.

veeonix on Jace, Don't Break the Black ...

16 minutes ago

Have you playtested this deck? It certainly looks better than it did in it's first iteration.

Daedalus19876 on Beggars and Kings: Meren EDH

18 minutes ago

Temerities: it is a "may" effect. I can choose to stop playing cards when I have ten left in my library. Also, I can win instantly before I would draw the next turn (due to haste from Mogis's Marauder). There are intentionally no other permanents in the deck.

Badger_616 on Casual Dimir Mill & Grill

19 minutes ago

Thanks for the suggestion lucal13, that's not a bad idea. It gets around the lack of non-creature removal issue and with enough mana clears the board. I'll see if I can pick up a few of them.

Sarkhan_Dragonclaw348 on The Sliver Queen's Egg

19 minutes ago


Excuse me. This is the second time in two days that I've messed up on something like that; I am going to stop pointing out things I think are wrong now. Instead, let me see if I can give you some inexperienced pointers.

First: If you don't want Crucible of Worlds like was mentioned, you may not want Yawgmoth's Will, either, since they both do essentially the same thing and this one required more manafixing. Also, if you rely on the creatures and not the lands for manafixing, remember what you said about one of the deck's weaknesses being well-timed mass removal.

Second: If you don't want to spend that much money on manafixing, though I read it doesn't bother you, try finding Slivers in different colors that do similar things. You probably already thought of this, though, and you did give a good explanation as to why the deck is five-color.

Third: Focusing the deck on a particular strategy is probably a good idea. It does make for a game-to-game uniqueness, certainly, but having an infinite-draw combo and Wheel of Fortune is going to make one or the other just sit in your hand or on the field until you can make infinite mana to cast all of it (which, in this case, is not too unlikely).

Sorry if this doesn't help you, but I feel obligated to say something after making a glaring error.

CloudThumper on Rite Elves

22 minutes ago

Opening Night EMN: this Fresh Abzan Elfness, went 4 - 0 at FNM, defeating BUG Emerge, Naya Collected Company, Abzan Control, and GB Delirium. Elves! Getting it done.

Created and piloted by my son, with a little guidance from the Rite Elves list. He has yet to see the light from the Elvish Flameshadows (EMN). There's still time though.

Temerities on Advertise your deck!

22 minutes ago

Zombies for days

Casual* Temerities


LMcG on Chaos Idiot Deck

23 minutes ago


Temerities on Boundless Interactions: Spirit Edition

25 minutes ago

I would add in 1 or 3 copies of Always Watching since spirits are typically power and toughness creatures always watching is essential. you don't have a huge way of obtaining delirium so probably drop a copy or 2 of Topplegeist

Temerities on Beggars and Kings: Meren EDH

28 minutes ago

Primal Surge.... you need to either a. take this card out or b add a few more cards in like Green Sun's Zenith to stop it from milling yourself out once it goes off. otherwise your just making yourself lose the game.

MegaMatt13 on Keranos: It's All Mine!

29 minutes ago

Optimator , I agree with you that blue and red are the best copy and steal colours. Merieke feels like she's in the wrong colours. What does white have to do with stealing? Keranos is a solid izzet commander even though he has nothing to do with stealing.

monkeyprophet on gw humans

30 minutes ago

Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip is going to flip pretty reliably in this deck and the tokens he pumps out will add extra attackers and pump up Thalia's Lieutenant more, you can go wide and get some big beaters for your troubles too.

Kinge on The Grave Can't Hold True ...

31 minutes ago

Endless Ranks of the Dead might be fun. Though it might be to slow.

ducttapedeckbox on Ertai, the Last-Minute Commander, Take ...

32 minutes ago

That makes sense, RoarMaster. I'll look to include Thornbite Staff.

I recognize that there are a lot of odd choices in here, some that are less effective versions of other cards and others that are just that- odd. This is due to both my budget and restraint on obtaining cards that I already own. I don't have my entire collection with me and won't until after a few EDH events, so things like Chromatic Lantern that I already own will go in eventually.

You raise a very good point with Argivian Find and the land count, I'll go down to 35 lands?

If you don't mind, could you list off the cards that you see as strange?

everaldoh on BG Deliruim

36 minutes ago

Lemegeton thx for the great suggestions.I will test it this weak and then report results.

Tarnoduds on The Grave Can't Hold True ...

38 minutes ago

What about Cover of Darkness, maybe you should at least keep it on the sideboard, as a substitute to Graf Harvest if your opponent is not running Black or artifact creatures. Also, why not have at least 2x Prized Amalgam? It would go very nicely with Gravecrawler and Relentless Dead. Maybe you could substitute Diregraf Ghoul for 2x Cryptbreaker and 2x Prized Amalgam. What do you think?

Happymaster19 on Spirited Away [Modern Spirit Control]

40 minutes ago

My aversion to Vial spirits is mainly concluded by what I have seen in other successful Vial decks and why this deck isn't similar enough to those decks.

1) Though EMN brought a lot of really good spirits, I don't feel it was enough to match the creature count seen in other Vial lists (anywhere from 28+). We could just jam more 4xs but that sounds like a bad fix.

2) AEther Vial requires a high CMC concentration amongst it's creatures. From what I have seen, Merfolk, D&T, and Slivers (probably the three most successful Vial decks) have that concentration at CMC 2. What seems to be the strongest point on the spirits curve is CMC 3. I suppose you could play Phantasmal Image to some degree. I personally consider that too slow for Vial. It necessitates protective spells which further dilute an already slow Vial deck.

3) Vialing in Rattlechains will always leave me wondering what I'm doing with my life. Maybe they belong together as almost 8 Vials but that seems really unnecessary. Even without Vials, I almost always am playing exclusively on my opponent's turn.

I like that the deck is seeing different styles and builds. Vial may be viable. I can't say that my playtesting has left me feeling like it was necessary based on how I built my own but I could see it being very needed in more aggressive creature heavy builds.

Tommy_Mag22 on Arrrrrrrr zombies ate my dick!

42 minutes ago

Metrion no still waiting on cards but play tested it and my mate has play tested it against his eldrazi ramp and said this deck won 2-1! Fingers crossed!

Metrion on U/B Zombies (Eldritch Moon Updated)

45 minutes ago

I absolutely love this deck! It looks so fun to play. I'd totally try one like this but I don't have any of the Liliana cards. I'm not sure how it'd run without them. I'll have to do some trading/buying and see what I can do lol. Again, great deck! +1

Wurmlover on We Be Morphin'! (Polymorph)

46 minutes ago

i mean, Anonymous8, i would only need to use polymorph once, so if they do manage to extract it, it won't matter. But thanks for the other giants! I will give them a try

Piogre on Stop, Drop, and Roll

48 minutes ago

Thank you for your suggestions.

I've thought about the token-making lands, but I want to be careful about bringing the mountain count too low (and turning off valakut) - but I might replace zoetic with one of those.

I have considered both the furnace and gratuitous violence. One concern with this is that I usually try to keep my devotion below five unless I'm ahead, so as to make purphoros harder to remove. The furnace in particular competes with purphoros for a 4-mana play, meaning it would likely come down turn five (no flash), then I pass and get clobbered.

I will definitely consider dualcaster - hadn't thought about putting him here.

I used to run mana geyser, and took it out, simply because I played several games where I drew it and had nothing to do with it - and no games where it helped me at all. Maybe it's a good burst mana card, but most of my mana acceleration either involves creatures entering as well, or goes down BEFORE turn 3 to get purphy out faster.

the pit and the curio are neat, and I'll consider them, but I do run low on slots that themselves don't produce creatures.

rift bolt is on it's way out, but many of the other burn spells I've found very useful. I've found the deck gets most of it's power from just workign faster than most other decks, so eliminating things that threaten to outrace it has been very important. Also, they all turn into pure value if I get out hostility.

cammac92 on Unnatural Disaster

48 minutes ago

I really like the deck but I was just wondering if you think there's any room for Sylvan Advocate Decimator of the Provinces or Gisela, the Broken Blade or another token spawning walker like Nissa, Voice of Zendikar or Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. And if so what would you replace

rassar on What's an ability?

49 minutes ago

oh, good point.

Metrion on Arrrrrrrr zombies ate my dick!

50 minutes ago

Have you played this deck since the release of EM? Or do you still need more cards (reading your above comment). Very cool deck by the way, I love it! +1

shadow63 on What is Inverter of Truth ...

51 minutes ago

in standard its bad but else it can be used for shenanigans

Tiertanas on My Manaless Dredge

52 minutes ago

Flumpy180600 if you mill your entire library you pretty much win with flayer of the hatebound and Golgari grave troll

RenagadeJedi on Agresive Prowess for the win!

52 minutes ago

too many creatures. for prowess to be effective, it needs to get multiple triggers per turn, and the majority of your draws will be creatures.I'd drop Zada, Hedron Grinder, and Narset, Enlightened Master.Zada's effect is only useful for 7 cards in your main deck, and he costs too much mana for something that works poorly with your deck build.Narset just costs too much mana to play 3 of in a 20 land deck. and her effect can only be used for less than a 3rd of the cards in your deck. you can't justify running her when 2/3 cards exiled with her are completely useless, and you might need.I'd also like to recommend Seeker of the Way he is a useful little card, and can turn quite deadly in a prowess deck.

monkeyprophet on Angels v humans: the selesnyaing

52 minutes ago

Emzed i completely forgot about evo leap!

My reasoning for using long road home is that i get to save the creature i want, if it's a bruna or avacyn or gisela about to get removed i don't really want to be saccing them to get a worse card in hand that then needs more mana to cast. I think for that reason i still prefer it over evo leap.

Aerial volley has already been brought to my attention and if spirits does become as popular as it seems like it's going to be, it'll find a home in the sidedeck pretty quickly.

Personally, i'm not a big fan of knight in anything other than mono white or white with a light splash. It is good when your on the draw as you can reliably get a land from it, but i don't want to run a double coloured 2 drop.

Thanks again for taking time to help with the deck, i think it's now 50% my original deck and 50% from everyone's suggestions. All the different points of view really help craft a better deck.

Atony1400 on Well, Convolute has been reprinted.

54 minutes ago

@yeaGO, has anyone submitted that yet? I can take care of it if it hasn't been?

rockleemyhero on capriom85

54 minutes ago

Wanna just take out the gamble and sigarda then to even it out? Also what condition and set is your foil warchief?

junior25 on the lilana zombie army

54 minutes ago

In the side board there is oblivion strike and bring to light to bring it out against anything that is very powerful

Lilbrudder on Graveyard? What graveyard?

54 minutes ago

I promise I'll stop spamming your deck list, it is just I have been fascinated with G&G. I think Phyrexian Delver would be sick. Gisa and Geralf also can win the game with Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake . That would probably be the most powerful "2 card combo" for them, but many people find that combo distasteful.

trav1405 on Thopter Investigate

55 minutes ago

If you wanted to add some red you could put some Reclusive Artificer and Ghirapur AEther Grid in to here, and it may play quite well. If so you'd probably want to put them in place of the Ulvenwald Hydra, Void Grafter and Sage of Ancient Lore  Flip.

Zomtar on Army of the Damned

55 minutes ago

budlaorf I think Wailing Ghoul is better because there are a lot of 3 drops and it has more health to block those wheenie whites.

Pointer77 on Green Black Delirium

56 minutes ago

ToolmasterOfBrainerd I need some help on my standard deck

Atony1400 on Well, Convolute has been reprinted.

56 minutes ago

NOTBEINFUNNYRIGHT might be onto something. Spell Shrivel is devoid, making it harder to counter.

IHasbro on Derevi Lock

56 minutes ago

Nuh uh you are @Itz_Rambi

poopiepoopiepants1 on "What do I do with ...

1 hour ago

Love the theme so +1!

But I find there are some things you should alter.

First, Ironclad Slayer should not be mainboard. Yes it gets back an aura or equipment back but usually its a 3 mana guy for a 3/2 which is not good. I recommend taking out both and getting another Weapons Trainer and add another Thalia's Lieutenant. Just before I get to another point, I want to ask, what's the purpose of the Insolent Neonate? Yes, you could discard an aura or equipment card and then get it back, but is it really worth a space? I would replace them with Thraben Inspector for the draw that it provides..... without have to sacrifice it.

Then, Neglected Heirloom  Flip I think you should take out because although it gives first strike, you already have Thalia's Lancers. I would take it out for another Thalia's Lieutenant.

Also, Odric, Lunarch Marshal works well Lone Rider  Flip.I hope this helps!

Atony1400 on What is Inverter of Truth ...

1 hour ago

It works great with Laboratory Maniac, but that's not Standard.

Maikeruu on Happily Ever After.. ( Grixis ...

1 hour ago

i reckon the puzzle will still be better as it gives you card draw and discard, whereas the other is only discard. although the new contingency plan could be better than bagging thoughts for the 2 drop slot, would need testing! :)

Wabbbit on What is Inverter of Truth ...

1 hour ago

You can't play it. It's awful.