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Matsi883 on Deck Formatting

a few seconds ago

The code if you understand.

ThisIsTheSix on Only the biggest are allowed

a few seconds ago

Thanks for the kind words. But to honest, ClutchWorks is responsible for this deck. I mean I started this deck, but he helped me a lot!

NateJH on Hot to Trot (Undefeated FNM ...

2 minutes ago

Not sure where you are looking, MTGTop8 has RDW at 4% and MTG Goldfish has it at 5.6%. If you have a different source I would love to look at it.

quesobueno123 on [Community Discussion]: What's your guild?

3 minutes ago

Rakdos, or Boros, I like modern burn.

LordEgotist on "Run home Cur." (Please help ...

3 minutes ago

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll mess around and see where I can slot him in :D

kameenook on NEW FORMAT: Battlebuddies

4 minutes ago

It's the idea that if you've played a game for X amount of time, and Worldfire just says, none of that matters, we all have nothing, we all have one life.

NateJH on [Community Discussion]: What's your guild?

5 minutes ago

Dimir, if I like what you play I take it, if not you can't play it.

quesobueno123 on Hot to Trot (Undefeated FNM ...

7 minutes ago

It's almost 10%... That's tier one.

Eavallon on Nivmagus Storm

7 minutes ago

This will never work. You left out storm crow.

Lame_Duck on [Community Discussion]: What's your guild?

8 minutes ago

Hmmm...well looking at my list of decks, I've got dozens of them, in all different colours and colour combinations, and only about half of them have reached a usable level. So I guess I'm Izzet then.

Wic_Uber on Deck Formatting

8 minutes ago

Hi, some decks have dropdown menus where you can click and more will come up, such as in the Modern Format Primer. What is the code for this?

prophetryu on Mardu Midrange

12 minutes ago

Thanks for the catch on the bloodstained mire. In testing Pack Rat is ridiculous in this deck. With lingering souls and late game discard also to fuel my lavamancer if needed, which has actually happened once when I played against a soul sister deck. Butcher of course is such a good finisher.

NateJH on Hot to Trot (Undefeated FNM ...

13 minutes ago

I think our definitions of "Tier 1" differ a bit, I see Tier 1 decks that accompany a larger percent of the metagame and are "decks to beat" like Twin, GBx, etc. I don't consider Burn Tier 1 simply because it is not a large enough of the metagame in my eyes.

Prima on Tiny Farming

15 minutes ago

Not very many good choices, I know, this is tiny leaders. 3CMC or lower. The reanimation is mostly for with Skullbriar, Shambling Shell, and a creature that I just sacrificed with Golgari Germination. Basically anything I missed out on in dredging. But this deck is not a reanimation deck. It is a scavenge/sacrifice deck, but certain creatures like Dark Confidant that I want on the battlefield instead of scavenging are also targets.

EpicFreddi on Jund Dragons (Suggestions wanted!)

16 minutes ago

Hey Albino_ninja!

(I should learn how to link the name of people. I suck at this this website, lol.)

Anyway, I agree with you - I lack the spot removal. I thought about picking up Magma Jet or Lightning Strike, but I'm not sure what to take out.Maybe I'll cut two Thoughtseizes or even put it into the sideboard entirely. I really don't need them unless my enemy plays blue and/or black.But what is better? Magma Jet to scry or Lightning Bolt to deal damage?


17 minutes ago

Magister Sphinx and Biorhythm should definitely be banned, but I'm not sure about Worldfire since it doesn't avantage anybody and sort of makes the game completely random.

Courtney43 on Budget build Izzet for - ...

19 minutes ago

Stubborn Denial works really well with Kiln Fiend and Nivix Cyclops, also flashback really works well in a deck like this, replacing the draw cards with cards like Artful Dodge that can use their effects twice might be a legitimate idea.

CheKL82 on gred

23 minutes ago

i could see this working. That temur Battle Rage is downright scary. But you will have a tough time with removal heavy deck. i would love to see how i will play with this.

gnarlicide on Challenge: Stepping Into the Arena

25 minutes ago

I cannot wait..

My nipples explode with anticipation.

kulekitsune on Why Morph When You Can ...

26 minutes ago

Flickerform. Use Isochron Scepter to repeat your white instants for 2 in slower multiplayer games.

Mohammad-kefah on Butcher of Mardu

26 minutes ago

you cant play Scuttling Doom Engine at turn three?

CheKL82 on awesome cards

26 minutes ago

this is just a mixture of mess huh? why don't you add in Xenagos the god of ... reveler? since it double their attack.

Sleazebag on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget ...

29 minutes ago

Squirrel_of_War: Mask of Avacyn doesn't give haste/evasion so it doesn't cut it. Devour in Shadow however is awesome. I'll just find a way to run both that and Vendetta.

lavoro on Here There be Dragons

31 minutes ago

Thanks, I did have that before but liked the pure red nature of the deck. Some of the new cards like fearsome awakening would be pretty excellent.I'll prob swing back that way soon... Black is the appropriate add of color most likely.

Cerradura on The Puppet Master

34 minutes ago

Hey I'm running a similar deck theme wise: I Wanted One of Those! - Input Welcome!. And yours looks a lot better! Not to mention, you have given me a few ideas, Thanks! One that you may enjoy is playing Evil Twin, copy and removal win-win. +1

Skulloelegy on Ancient & Undying Devotion

34 minutes ago


Also; Rethought about Phyrexian Arena -- Main'd. The consistency is hard to beat.

ChiefBell on Standby for Titanfall

35 minutes ago

But you dont need to hit land drops if you have ramp......

There's no way I'd remove sage in here. He's the key to those t3 crazy plays. Courser doesn't fit here at all. The ramp is more important than hitting land drops and you can safely play far better options to combat aggro than courser.

If you really want to do well against aggro just run Batterskull or Obstinate Baloth. Vigilance and lifelink is a potential 8 life gained every turn. Baloth is 4 on etb.

Sparks2503 on Nekusar, Take the Wheel!

36 minutes ago

Just re-recommending Elixir of Immortality for graveyard recoup purposes. Nothing worse than milling yourself out before wrecking everyone's faces. Also, Epic Experiment might be worth it if your deck is saturated with enough wheel spells. Nothing like hitting four or five wheels with Waste Not or Megrim out.

carlthekatt on Rabble-Rabble-Win REFORGED

36 minutes ago

I run a RDW deck a lot like this, Boss Sligh. It tends to wreck my friends, most of whom run tourney-level Abzan or Sultai lists. Things that work really well for me are:

-19x Mountains. 21 will slow this down, and there's no reason to run 4-drops in RDW (except Stoke the Flames)

-Titan's Strength instead of Magma Jet: It's cheaper and can amount to more damage.

-Akroan Crusader helps you make a token army quickly, which makes early blockers less effective. Great synergy with Foundry Street Denizen, since the Crusader tokens trigger Denizen.

-Dragon Mantle and Hammerhand go with Crusader. While both proc heroic, Dragon Mantle is cool because of the card draw and potential extra damage. Hammerhand is also useful: Goblin Rabblemaster can survive Drown in Sorrow, something can't block, and haste.

-Blinding Flare: a little goes a long way, so I only mainboard one, but you can shut out blockers and use it to trigger heroic. It's mostly easier to just go around enemy creatures than get bogged down trying to remove them.

-Hall of Triumph is a good side option if you know you're against Drown in Sorrow.

-Also, Harness by Force is strictly better than Act of Treason in mono-red, since the extra mana symbol doesn't matter. They might look similar, but the times when the game goes long and you can strive it really tip things in your favor.

Anyway, just some things to think about. +1 for Squirrel.

Disgraceful_Duckling on Angels and Demons of the ...

36 minutes ago

Sol Ring and Thran Dynamo are basically a necessity. You might consider Orzhov Signet and the other two relevant signets. I'd drop Darksteel Ingot, it doesn't really do enough.There are too many good lands you're missing here. Use gatherer or the advanced search on CardKingdom and look for rwb lands. If you're using Temple of Silence you may as well use Temple of Triumph and Temple of Malice. Also Blood Crypt, Sacred Foundry and Godless Shrine. Lots of things that produce any color are also good for obvious reasons.I find the lack of dragons refreshing. It adds... anything interesting to Kaalia of the One Decklist. Avacyn, Angel of Hope should be a thing in here, I don't see too many white edh decks, let alone kaalia without her.Sorin Markov is a big deal.Anyways. Basically what I'm saying is staples are a thing.

Skulloelegy on Ancient & Undying Devotion

36 minutes ago


I can't see myself running Vengevine -- Only situation I see happening is casting a pair of Gravecrawler to get it out, and like you said stuff like Scavenging Ooze and Rest in Peace are they to remove it, let alone stuff like path. I will however take your advice and run a couple more lands. Since Green Devotion isn't such a big deal now, I can remove the Vorapede and put them in the sideboard.

I still say Treetop Village is slow -- Comes in tapped, needs mana to be an emergency blocker, and can easily be stomped down by removal. On the other hand, I'd not thought about Thrun -- Sideboarded.

greyninja on Hey you, not so Vast!

37 minutes ago

Something like Boros Signet would be a pretty dead draw late game, but if I happen to get a signet in the first few turns; it a turn 3 Kaalia. My fastest 1v1 game ever was a turn 1 Sol Ring to Orzhov Signet, turn 2 Kaalia of the Vast, turn 3 attack and drop Master of Cruelties, gg

Obviously it was a one in a million game, but that's why we play EDH right?

MilaneQ on Malignant Temur

41 minutes ago

Yeah I haven't payed much attention to the sideboard yet, I'm definately going to fix that. And about the lands Im also counting the mana dorks you know, but maybe you are right. Now the question is what to cut? I feel like I have enough creatures anyway plus turn 3 should ideally be Ratleclaw Mystic so maybe cut the Boon Satyr? Or something else? Thanks for the feedback tho. :)

reaperrdnk on Temur Technique, Infinity Sandsteppe Sage

42 minutes ago

you could put roaring primadox in, would be a free return every turn so youd have more free mana to play around with

quesobueno123 on Hot to Trot (Undefeated FNM ...

43 minutes ago

It was tier 1 ever since eidolon came out.

Cerradura on Only $20 Admission to the ...

44 minutes ago

Hey nice deck, It may be a bit off theme but Armed / Dangerous would be a wonderful card mixed with bloodrush! +1!

Cerradura on Advertise your deck!

46 minutes ago

Hey everyone, Just built up a new EDH steal deck, check it out, quite fun and always different to play!

I Wanted One of Those! - Input Welcome! Playtest

Commander / EDH Cerradura


BMpatrol on Too Many Cooks

46 minutes ago

This deck will spoil the broth. +1

greyninja on Hey you, not so Vast!

47 minutes ago

PreZchoICE1, it's "triggered" vs "activated"

Kaalia of the Vast's ability is triggered when she attacks. Activated would be if you paid for Olivia Voldaren's ability or tapped Mother of Runes. You have to do something to activate it.

Strionic Resonator works with Sheoldred, Whispering One, Lord of the Void, etc. Rings of Brighthearth and Illusionist's Bracers would be amazing with Stonehewer Giant

HeroInMyOwnMind on Top commanders/cards that draw the ...

48 minutes ago

Most of the Praetors are pretty bad, but my play group especially dislikes Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. Personally, I think Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur is the worst one to have played against you, but more people run Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger in our play group, so the hatred makes sense.

Cerradura on Doctor Who

48 minutes ago

Try and get yourself a Snapcaster Mage would work wonders! +1

BMpatrol on Advertise your deck!

48 minutes ago

Only $20 Admission to the Zoo today Playtest

Modern BMpatrol


BMpatrol on More Saprolings than your body ...

49 minutes ago

This deck looks so fun to play! My friend plays saprolings except in Modern and it is always a good time. I would love to see this in action. +1

MagicalHacker on Today was a good day...

50 minutes ago

If you are wondering why you are spending 2K on cardboard, just remember it's an investment that you can enjoy, because it doesn't just vanish once you buy it. You can always sell/trade those higher priced cards, so the money put in doesnt disappear.

awesomeguy37 on Alesha, Who Smiles at Death ...

54 minutes ago

Ezghiel Nice idea, that could be pretty fun!

-MisterJ- on Children of Ilúvatar

54 minutes ago

Thanks _Budgetlover. I'm glad someone understands the love put into the title and finding the PERFECT quote for the deck. Flavor. Without it, the deck is lifeless and numb.

PapaThor on Jeskai Siege

56 minutes ago

@Caharin, i would love to fit that card in the deck! unfortunately, it's just too high a casting cost, and i find that 5-6 lands are enough to win the game, based on my playtesting.