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catrule3564 on Lightning Rods... but... Frogs?

a few seconds ago

I love the deck! I used to play Scouring Sands and Polymorphist's Jest in a Standard UR control deck that was really fun.

Goblin Sharpshooter would be sweet, but it isn't modern legal.

I feel like Blistercoil Weird and Ashmouth Hound are pretty agressive cards for what you are trying do do. I understand you reasons for inclusion, but they would probably be better as cards like Volcanic Fallout or Izzet Charm.

IANBAWS on Lightning Rods... but... Frogs?

1 minute ago

Goblin Sharpshooter isn't modern legal http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Printings.aspx?multiverseid=376350

CrazyGood-MTG9797 on Screams from the Fallen

1 minute ago

ok -just tryinng to help- I like that you put Wreath of Geists as a maybe-good call!

wyzeman on Pack Rack

1 minute ago

Keep rat alive with swarmyard, put a lot of them on the battlefield, make your opponent discard is hand, grind them with rat and rack

CommanderNeyo on Phe-Phe's Defenders

4 minutes ago

Glad to see the Duskmantle Guildmage/Mindcrank combo in here. :D

Ol_man on Chandra Ima Winner

5 minutes ago

clayperce,Thanks for the suggestions! I'm definitely considering Clip Wings as a sideboard piece for use against BG Delirium or RG Marvel decks. As for the planeswalkers, I never intended for them to be protected by creatures so much. I felt Liliana, the Last Hope and Chandra, Torch of Defiance did a fairly good job protecting themselves if needed but, both can be game ending if left unchecked. They are basically the draw engine. I pretty much started with a delirium shell then, seen the preview for Chandra and thought, WOW so much utility. I feel the same Grim Flayer is definitely Mvp, right alongside the planeswalkers if not ahead. Thanks for the time used to playtest Steel Cannon-Pummeler (couldn't figure out how to insert the deck name to get it to highlight) vs Chandra Ima Winner I did too, very close matches (I liked the Electrostatic Pummeler+Brute Strength+Uncaged Fury Combo)!

Bhaal666 on I Need some advice on ...

6 minutes ago

since you are having trouble deciding i always go to this website https://edhrec.com/ when i need to find something interesting to play. not only is every possible commander on it but so are suggested cards giving even the newest players a good starting point. id also like to mention that while voltron can be expensive to build it doesnt have to be. im still working on my narset but it is a cheap voltron if a bit slow, Narset, Let Freedom Ring. a less expensive voltron can go the enchant route or just forgo swords, you lose their power but you can still do fine.

brewtzar on Lightning Rods... but... Frogs?

8 minutes ago

Goblin Sharpshooter might be good here. If all of your opponent's creatures are 1/1s, you can just machine gun them all with him.

happygilmore511 on Dirty Ol' Leovold

8 minutes ago

Why are you running Cruel Tutor over Vampiric Tutor? I see Imperial Seal so I can't imagine it's a budget issue

hoiguyyami on Lightning Rods... but... Frogs?

10 minutes ago

Goblin sharpshooter could work. Similar to Gelectrode, but you're almost guaranteed to kill all the frogs.

Aggro_knight256 on B/W Life Gain

11 minutes ago

Also i totally forgot that you can have more that 60 cards in modern and standard.

CrazyGood-MTG9797 on Rabble Rage Goblins

13 minutes ago

+1!!! Have you considered throwing in Raid Bombardment!?!

wyzeman on Fast Rack

15 minutes ago

Trying to escape Liliana cost ($$) with use of card advantage (waste not/dream salvage) and burn with Geralf's Messenger and smallpox.

joshuaizac on Help with Derevi

15 minutes ago

in response to your comment about the value of permanence of quips over chants...while true....just outta curiosity ... did you see the section labeled Recursion? aka...

Crystal Chimes

Open the Vaults


there's another card or two like these, but less budget...

Not trying to beat a dead horse if you're going a different direction, just making sure you saw how it works....

SethroJenkins on jund panharmonic evolution

17 minutes ago

Thanks! Against decks with counterspells, you have to take out the pans and the EEs. go for more threat density, thus the Demon of Dark Schemes, and the goblin dank dwellers. Painful Truths doesn't flashback with Goblin Dark-Dwellers though, which is a bummer. Maybe I'll put a Succumb to Temptation or two in the board instead.

Aggro_knight256 on B/W Life Gain

17 minutes ago

Oh nice, the thing for me is that i really like playing black and i always have too many white cards, and not enough black cards for all three of my decks, i play a B/G regenerate stall sort of deck, B/B mill deck mainly using consuming aberration, and this deck i'm putting together now. So using some cheap white drops in here might as well be good.

3ality on Lands, Enough Said.

17 minutes ago

@NonStripedZebra That would be a good idea but honestly this deck is so synergistic you don't really need more ways to get lands into the grave between evolving wilds, fork in the road and blighted woodland.

tw0handt0uch on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

21 minutes ago

YamiMajinEsper storm (typically headed by zur) and grixis storm (typically headed by Jeleva) both use Doomsday and are consensus Tier 1 decks. Lists are well established and should be easy to find (probably in the Tier 1 lists shown in this post).

muffinmage on Moosebumps

22 minutes ago

Maybe Damnation in the sideboard? That's obviously something to trade up to, or wait on for a bit.

Lukecifer on Super Friends Shenanigans

22 minutes ago

IMO, get rid of lili (creature), rings of brighthearth, ugin, farseek, flaying tendrils (commander MP games most creatures are more than 2/2).... replace farseek with explosive veggie... secure wastes.. and 3 fogs... also if willing remove master biomancer, bred for the hunt, and cathar's crusade for more fog types

CrimsonMoth4 on CrimsonMoth4

25 minutes ago

Hey ketsonkeyser, Awesome that is a great idea. I didn't think to have thought to keep life gain as a side board. Now, would i add creatures that help me gain life or more red and white control aspects like instants and enchantments to help gain life or just a lil of the both?

And right now i am fairly new too magic and i have played commander with a friend two or three times. The cards in commander are a lil too advance for me right now. and i don't understand all the and words to them. But I have learned a lot of the basics sense then and have bought a few of the older booster boxes to help me understand the basics. I wouldn't want to impose and take up your time for helping me build a commander set i don't understand all too well at the moment. At first getting into magic was a lil overwhelming for me knowing the hundreds of cards out there and the many things you can do with them lol but i am getting the hang of it so far lol

CharonSquared on Myo-Juice and-Jin

27 minutes ago

Assuming you want to actually get the divinity counter on Myojin, look at Ambush Krotiq, Roaring Primadox, Stampeding Serow, Stampeding Wildebeests, and Temur Sabertooth.

killbatman on Arts and Crafts

27 minutes ago

wow for soul rings

N_ on Atraxas Smörgåsbord Special

27 minutes ago

Upvoted for the perfect pie and buffet selection. Well done.

carpecanum on Cruel and Unusual Punishment

29 minutes ago

Ward of Bones or Portcullis would help keep creatures to a minimum. Spreading Plague is also fun.

ketsonkeyser on B/W Life Gain

34 minutes ago

Actually, That's in my deck too

Gleeock on Captain...Wait For It...

38 minutes ago

I like it... Like you I run Sisay & make them chase my permanent production (Many random players say I should run more cheap removal until they play against the deck) My play group just recently faced the wrath of trying to control the ridiculous Sisay boardstate & 2 of those players were black primary loaded with various removal & destruction...It turned into a 3 vs 1 match that I still ended up winning.

Your deck has many similarities to mine, one thing I agree on above is that you probably could benefit from more lands, my deck has a lower mana curve than yours but still totals @ about 43 lands

1) Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip

2) Selvala, Heart of the Wilds With any beater.... but gets really out of hand with Multani, Maro-Sorcerer

3) Akroma's Memorial Unless you have a special place in your heart for Akroma replace her with this

4) Gaddock Teeg

Soulis on Yidris Wheels: Evil Group Hug

38 minutes ago

Will consider Psychosis Crawler. It's a little more fragile then I'd like, but I haven't seen much creature removal lately at my tables lately.

Fromnono on The Unblockables

38 minutes ago

Bident of thassa to keep drawing when you hit

MoonTurtle7 on I Need some advice on ...

39 minutes ago

Bhaal666 Tho I agree with you that Alesha, Who Smiles at Death is an admittedly a good commander and I get exactly what you mean, she's a commander that I would totally recommend, even just bringing back Fiend Hunter and his kin Banisher Priest Fairgrounds Warden she's super powerful. But She just doesn't make me feel the fizz.

Phoenix9978 on Saskia

40 minutes ago

You just copied the commanders card lists to tapped out. That's cheating

lucal13 on lucal13

41 minutes ago


I'm glad your enjoying building it! I continue to find interactions in it that I never thought of in the first place, such as Jace, Memory Adept's ult plus a Windfall into a Whispering Madness then attack with the encoded spell... everyone draws through 75-80 cards. I actually pulled this off in a game once and no one was happy with me! It's great making other people miserable. Good luck!

Jopling on Weenie Fox Tribal

42 minutes ago

slaftergames: Adaptive Automaton will be a nice (and technically tribal-friendly) replacement for Sensei Golden-Tail. I've found him to be lacking in usefulness. He never really gets to activate his ability, most of my foxes have Bushido as standard.

Martyr of Sands, while not tribal, would make it alot easier to activate Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant. I'll replace Filigree Familiar with her and see how she plays out.

I'll put a couple of copies of Blighted Steppe in too, just to see how well it does.

Thank you!

Aggro_knight256 on B/W Life Gain

44 minutes ago

Oh wow that's awesome i didn't even think of that. i was also thinking of adding some cheap expedition envoy or cliffside lookouts for some good 1 drops for this. the only thing that i'm concerned with now is mana placement.

CrimsonMoth4 on AngelFire, Eternal Recurrence

44 minutes ago

Hello Quantumsandwich, Thank you very much for the feedback!. And the advice you gave me for my deck and the cards u suggested for it that would make it better. The land advice is something i really needed help with in this deck and the cards you recommended are really going to help. Boros Cluestone, Boros Keyrune, Boros Signet, Sol Ring are definitely cards i will use in this deck. I will buy all the ones you recommended and i will use them and swap them out and see which works best for my deck and then alter it on TappedoutI will remove Angelic Accord and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. You are right these cards is useless and i didn't notice until you and ketsonkeyser told me about them lol Thank you.I do have a couple Stromkirk Noble's that i use for another deck i have, That i might take out and use for my Angel Fire deck instead and take those pesky Akroan Crusaders out and replace them.I will take in the control aspects you recommended to help smooth the control and clean up the deck. I know the deck needs a lil cleaning up lol That is some really great advice you gave me!I do admit the cheap defenders have helped me stall the early game while i try to pump out as much mana as i can to cast my angels of chaos and destruction

Is there any other cards you would consider for me too swap out from my maybeboard into my deck?

Bobbbyyy on Card creation challenge

45 minutes ago

persistant beggar

Creature- Human Beggar

Tap an untapped beggar you control: Any other player may sacrifice a creature. If they do return target creature from your graveyard to the battlefield.



joecool1299 on Jiwari, Dr Wily's favorite robot ...

47 minutes ago

Usually I post this in the description of the discussion but everybody decided to post on the decklist itself so, If you are insane enough to follow this series, I just posted the next one, Myojin of Life's Web.

Clickable link here!

Bananastormcount20 on Anafenza the Biggest

48 minutes ago

how did you whip back sovereign 4 times when it exiles the creature at end of turn?

Now for suggestions outside the sweep of white and black board wipes available there is always

Necromancy, Buried Alive, Corpse Connoisseur, Sun Titan are all great in reanimator strats.

Your in a grave yard deck running a modest amount of creatures so Splinterfright is strong

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is a good reanimator target due to his on attack ability and 10/10 body

Void Maw can often act as a one shot when someone ignores or over looks its affect.

Bananastormcount20 on Saskia Arti-Smash

48 minutes ago

Yeah I suppose that's a better way to put it, I can't believe you were able to find affordable due lands, that takes some looking around.

On the actual deck it seems like a great deck, still alot of expensive cards but I suppose that's just my personal taste, and much more control orriented than I feel people will expect saskia to be.

joecool1299 on Let's build around unplayable Commanders; ...

50 minutes ago


What makes an Unplayable commander?

I'm using EDHREC'S list of Unplayable commanders. They are commander's that have less then three decks on tapped out, you can find the list here. Although be warned. It hasn't been updated since last July.

List of EDHREC unplayed commanders

Casual ooctopus


How does this work?

I'll randomly select a commander. I'll build the rough skeleton. You send me suggestions for weird cards for it. And we'll cut it down and ship it. Let's put the minds of the internet to the test

Why would you build around (Insert bad commander) when you could play (Insert better commander in the same archetype or colors) instead, what's the point?

First off the object should not be to just build good stuff with X. If we're building Rohgahh of Kher Keep we aren't building R/B good stuff. We're building around Rohgahh of Kher Keep. Weird drawbacks and neat side effects and all.

Because if you limit yourself to just the best deck of their colors, you limit yourself to 30 decks in the entirety of the format (Mono color, guilds, shards ect), But the great thing about commander is that there are hundreds of ways to build around one commander. I can build Zedruu the Greathearted as a prison deck, a evil santa deck, a group hug deck, Heck I could build voltron Zedruu, Sky's the limit.

So instead of simply looking at the cards and seeing what they aren't, let's look and see what they bring to the table. No matter how bad it looks. No matter how weird it is.

Plus it'll be a lot of fun.

TLDR; What's the deck already

For continuing to look behind the door of time for great commanders.

Nah too strong. Good? Decent?

Not horrible commanders

Myojin of Life's Web

I've been waiting for this one.

Well Phaetion?

Myo-Juice and-Jin

Commander / EDH* joecool1299


As always any Suggestions for the deck, feedback, Liking and spreadage of the word is great appreciated!

Here's the previous decks if you wanna stroll the Asylum. Ranked for best to worst.

Actually good!

Jiwari, the Earth Aflame:Dr wily favorite robot master!

Gallowbraid: Because if you laugh you die

Kentaro, the Smiling Cat:Kentaro the Smiling troll

Yuan Shao, the Indecisive: Yuan Shao the menacer

Not the worst?

Chandler: Chandler's list

Kodama of the Center Tree:Spetral Trees

Grandmother Sengir: Nana Death

Rashka the Slayer:Rashka, Color hater

LOL at least you tried

Telim'Tor:Mr Toilet, King of the horsemen

Lu Su, Wu Advisor: Lu shu, Scooby doo

Ur-Drago:Ur Drago of the Ur dragon clan

Nagao, Bound by Honor:Samurai are cool right?

Liu Bei, Lord of Shu: Liu bei, the trilogy maker

Raging_Squiggle on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

50 minutes ago

Disallow does not stop a player from casting a spell for its emerge cost. However, it can counter the spell once it's been cast, or any cast triggers that spell might have.

ILiedAboutThePie on B/G Eldrazi

51 minutes ago

I like that its instant.... as long as you're cool with the double black

MoonTurtle7 on I Need some advice on ...

52 minutes ago

MagicalHacker I'm someone who's still not exactly found there place in terms of play style. Tho I know I'm not the greatest at predictions and threat evaluation. So I don't think I'm cut out for control. I'm not a huge fan of burn (dealing with or playing) and I've been told that good voltron takes a lot of money.

Kaneki___Ken on Win-Cons for mono Blue energy?

57 minutes ago


I think I've decided to go with Mono-blue. It just feels smoother you know? Thanks for all your help with this deck. It means a lot.