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penguinbashr on 5-colours mostly KTK

1 minute ago

Was going to go with mostly KTK as that's really the only set I know. I have been reading Narset wrong this entire time and it's non-creature spells. I'll be taking out Icefeather Aven , Mardu Roughrider and 2 Snowhorn Rider . That brings me down on the creature count and it allows me to have 6 more slots for instant, sorcery, enchantment cards.


5 minutes ago

Would you mind if I tried my own hand at making a deck like this? It seems like fun!

MarduGras on New Commander 2014 Spoilers

6 minutes ago

Jesguy My path to enlightenment is smashing faces with my mardu aggro deck.

ifired on 1 Drop W/R Budget Deck ...

8 minutes ago

could you put a decklist please? This is almost unreadable

Quadsimotto on Playthings

10 minutes ago

I have a similar build that someone else inspired and it uses Dictate of Karametra which is sick for generating mana.

Soldcastro on Control Khans

11 minutes ago

@CanadianShinobi You're not the first person that advises me to use Perilous Vault haha. Maybe it's time to listen.
I agree with how easy is to play around AEtherspouts once you opponent know you have them, but i like Ashiok so much... His mechanics appeal to me since i like milling and stealing things from my opponents and it can be a win con as well.
I appreciate your feedback and thank you for your suggestions.

@ColdHeartedSith Yeah... Thousand Winds does not fit in here because it is a creature that can't defend itself like Prognostic Sphinx or Pearl Lake Ancient can. Not to mention that Morph isn't a bluff with just one creature in the deck... xP

Kjartan on Bant Value-Bombs

15 minutes ago

Finks > Smiter

ChiefBell on Coolist Cards You Own

16 minutes ago

In terms of non foils, English language, non promos etc. (just normal cards): I own my edh deck (lots of old tutors and a few ABUR lands), and a rock deck in modern (goyfs, lilianas, dark confidants).

But then I'm an old guy with a job so it doesn't count.

G1N6ERbreadMan on Playthings

16 minutes ago

The main point is to get as much mana generation as possible and then cast Villainous Wealth .

Use Voyaging Satyr and Kiora's Follower to un-tap lands enchanted with Market Festival or Verdant Haven and generate bursts of mana.

If you don't draw Villainous Wealth use Disciple of Deceit to discard one of the many 3 cost cards and bring it to your hand.

Mistcutter Hydra is another option if neither Villainous Wealth or Disciple of Deceit are drawn.

Other cards like Hornet Nest , Heir of the Wilds , and Icefeather Aven are meant for stalling.

I did not add Sylvan Caryatid to keep the price low.

Any ideas for faster ramp without Sylvan Caryatid or for better stalling cards are appreciated.

Headers13 on The Exponential Wurm Of Life

19 minutes ago

Ah, in which case that counts it out for use in this deck as I want to keep it modern legal.

ChiefBell on Coolist Cards You Own

19 minutes ago

I have a play set of most shocklands in german as well as my English ones because german is a really cool language in my opinion. I also have a collection of foil shocklands that I've picked up over the last year or two.

I have a german Myr Superion because the translation is AMAZING. That's a fun one.

I have a full art foil Damnation , a full art Unmake , a full art foil Day of Judgment , a full art foil Blade of the Sixth Pride (which is probably my favourite card for some reason), and a full art Mortify . All of these have really cool images.

I have a foil Merieke Ri Berit which is very nice.

I have an altered Teneb, the Harvester which I'm a big fan of.

Although I think all of that is lame in comparison to my girlfriends collection which includes a foil copy of almost every sphinx printed in magic. For the lolz.

Relvoure on 1 Drop W/R Budget Deck ...

23 minutes ago


Creature (18)4x Akroan Crusader4x Favored Hoplite3x Frenzied Goblin4x Monastery Swiftspear3x Satyr HopliteInstant (16)4x Coordinated Assault4x Defiant Strike4x Gods WillingMTG Card: Gods Willing4x Titan's StrengthMTG Card: Titan's StrengthEnchantment (8)4x Dragon Mantle4x HammerhandLand (18)10x Mountain8x Plains

DescriptionThis is a 1 Drop Red White budget deck I want to make.

Would Like suggestions for a sideboard and any changes that would be better.

Also cheap lands that would help?


Infernus on Temur Torch! *AdviceNeeded*

24 minutes ago

I happen to have a xenagos lying around in my folder, Stormbreath is a bit pricey, but i'll look into it, Savage knuckleblade does seem to a bit on the cheaper side. And yeah, The more I thought about it, The more I realized Taigam's schemeing isn't as good as actually having the cards in hand. Thanks for the advice man.

Headers13 on Sacrifice The Unwilling Traitor

25 minutes ago

No this is definitely intended to be a mono red deck, I also wouldn't want to gain control of an opponents creature on their go because I couldn't attack with it to deal them damage.

Lightning Bolt is only a must in burn decks which this definitely isn't, plus I hate to follow convention as you just end up with variations on the same core decks.

KriegRox on Mardu warriors tribal

25 minutes ago

Thanks for the input and I will take into consideration all of what you said. The only reason rabble and blood aren't in here is I don't have the money to spend for them. But beside that you make a great point with the Ascendancy. I also like the charm cause it is the only other instant besides stoke the flames that can take out course and the tokens are also helpful.

diogoleeo on Boros Burn

27 minutes ago

ty dude :D

Someone sugestion about mana, sideboard or mainboard?

Jaktipe on Flock Off

33 minutes ago

I'm also looking for comments on the mana base and I'm open to all suggestions. I intend to keep the Mana Confluences because every now and then they could provide a Red or Green mana for 'Ashioked' creatures' activated abilities.

Headers13 on The Exponential Wurm Of Life

37 minutes ago

Indeed they would but the tempo of this deck is just about right for what I want it to do, hence not wanting to up the cmc anymore than it is atm.

ClockworkSwordfish on Tap & Flicker? I hardly ...

39 minutes ago

Hmmm... this looks charming. Have you considered Tamiyo, the Moon Sage ? Or would she be out of your price range? She'll definitely fit the theme.

TheHorse on Duct_tape_maniac

42 minutes ago

I'm pretty interested in your Lightning Greaves and foil Thalia, Guardian of Thraben .

Duct_tape_maniac on TheHorse

48 minutes ago

Binder is up.

Duct_tape_maniac on TheHorse

48 minutes ago

Binder is up.

kengiczar on Mardu warriors tribal

48 minutes ago

Oh one other thing! Vs Mirror match your Zurgo is going to be quickly killed by Bile Blight , Utter End or Crackling Doom . While there isn't much you can do about the second two of those Mardu Ascendancy protects against Bile Blight quite well.

Quadsimotto on Villanous Dictate of Kruphix

49 minutes ago

Many thanks. I will build a variant of this concept and take it to at least one FNM for funsies.

DiglisDom on Hero of Khans - Updated

53 minutes ago

@nextlevel ordeal of nylea is the engine for this deck. Without any card draw you need the mana ramp rather than extra protection.

@forgeddeath you have lots of options, something heroic like phalanx leader (although more susceptible to removal). Sylvan caryatid to negate loss off cheaper auras, less aggro but more consistent mana base due to added protection.

@snooperz if your meta has a lot of sac spells, I'd sideboard in gift of immortality for banishing light.

dahhahm on First G/B Deck *Edited*

54 minutes ago

First of all, I think you've got some awesome cards to work with. I do agree with Darnok, you should be running more lands, if you really think lands are dead draws, consider adding Treetop Village . Your mana base is a bit hard to work with, if you want to get a little more serious, I'd suggest running Woodland Cemetery and/or Overgrown Tomb .

It's hard to give you advice on your deck, since I'm not really sure what you want to do with it.

If you like Predator Ooze I suggest Hardened Scales and/or Corpsejack Menace .

luisserpa on Kithkin Legacy

56 minutes ago

In my opion, the creatures that I would take from the deck would be:

As for the Militia's, I would remove the 2 Pacifism , they will bring you more help then pacifism.

This is just my opinon, ans obviously the final word is your's.

thugstar on New devotion to red (just ...

58 minutes ago

i knew that... ;)

to bad tho, that your only comment is that...

DarkMagician on Had an idea for a ...

58 minutes ago

I'd love to do emperor commander where all 3 generals on a team have to be connected in the lore somehow

JetUppercut on The Exponential Wurm Of Life

1 hour ago

If you want to speed this deck up, run land acceleration. There's no such thing as fast lifegain unless you have a lifegain based win-con like Felidar Sovereign .

Khalni Heart Expedition goes perfectly with the bouncelands. Cards like Explore or Rampant Growth will help too.

kengiczar on Mardu warriors tribal

1 hour ago

Just Wanted to point out what are the best warriors atm. Goblin Rabblemaster & Bloodsoaked Champion . Also I think you are really underestimating Mardu Ascendancy . In my mardu deck (which is board control through Stax, not really aggro) if I do get a T1 and T2 Champion and then a T3 Mardu Ascendancy there is not much my opponent can do except drop an Anger of the Gods .

One thing I did notice was really strong is a Mardu Charm for tokens T3 and then follow it up with a Obelisk of Urd T4.

You will lose to almost any deck that has more kill cards than you have creatures plain and simple. An easy remedy is the Mardu Ascendancy (woah dual ussage enchantments for aggro!) which not only protects your creatures turns 3+ from a lightning strike but also helps you overwhelm!

Aside from these suggestions I want to mention that the amount of instants and enchantments you have is a little to high. I would try to cut it down from 15 to 7 or even 9 if you want a lot. In those places consider Mardu Skullhunter . Champion of the Parish is not a warrior so you've only got 3 options for putting down a Mardu Skullhunter turn 2 for raid. This is easily acheivable with Bloodsoaked Champion , Disowned Ancestor or Mardu Hateblade . I think in the first 4 turns both Bloadsoaked and Hateblade are better because if you drop a Mardu Ascendancy turn 3 and can attack with a Hateblade turn 4 that's going to get deathtouch you've gotten at least one token. This means turn 4 your almost guaranteed to be able to drop an Obelisk of Urd even without a Mardu Charm making three tokens. (But the charms are definitely great!)

One last thing if you do end up cutting your enchantments down also consider Read the Bones .

Headers13 on The Exponential Wurm Of Life

1 hour ago

Good call with Armadillo Cloak, the other cards are a bit high cmc for me. I've been trying to speed this deck up as much possible and some more 4 or 5 drops would start to slow it down again.

Hatchman on "We are the Warriors that ...

1 hour ago

Sry forgot the Manabase:

  • 1 or 2 Urborg Tomb of ......

  • Mana Confluence i dont like it, and in you shell atm the 3 butcher copies are the only way to get Life back. better some painlands for turn 1-3 and than because of bloodstairn you tab it more for colorless than for pain.

Headers13 on UB Mill / Grind

1 hour ago

Jace's Phantasm might be worth sideboarding, its a nice 1 drop that can be deadly when the mill gets going.

It's worked week in my mill deck, Mill 2 Kill, if you wanted to check it out.

Chrizz on The Hills are Alive, With ...

1 hour ago

I would expect Awaken the Ancient to be in here when looking at the title.

shadowbndg on Chaotsi

1 hour ago

Built this out of curiosity, and I found that if you switch out the Vanguard of Brimaz for Fabled Hero it works so much better. Also, take out a couple Plains for some Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

Hatchman on "We are the Warriors that ...

1 hour ago


Perhaps you try :


3x Hordeling Outburst

4x Foundry Street Denizen

3x Magma Jet


2x Obelisk of Urd

1x Butcher of the Horde

1x Goblin Rabblemaster

1x Chief of the Edge

3x crackling Doom

2x Sorin / Tymaret / Grim Haruspex / ( But Sorin is the top Pick here)

so just suggestions good Luck ! ;)

JetUppercut on The Exponential Wurm Of Life

1 hour ago

Armadillo Cloak instead of Unflinching Courage. You can stack Armadillo Cloaks with Behemoth Sledge for double lifelink. Or stack multiple Armadillo Cloaks for whatever reason.

Phytohydra is always good. Helps against infect too since it effectively negates the damage dealt to it.

Asceticism or Privileged Position instead of Alpha Authority.

GoofyFoot on Coolist Cards You Own

1 hour ago

Oh, and my collection of 30+ Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded , Soooo much value.

reverendvile777 on Removal suite question

1 hour ago

Mardu Charm is god awful in this meta. Not killing Polukranos, World Eater , Siege Rhino , etc. is a massive liability.

Magma Jet really only hits Goblin Rabblemaster and unpumped Seeker of the Way , other than that it's really only good as burn/scry.

Despise is just amazing in this meta, it's what you want imo.

alyeris on Modern Fog

1 hour ago

Could not obtain batwing brumes. List changed as a result.

FrameJock on w/u midrange

1 hour ago

Soldier of the Pantheon makes a nice, early beatstick. And the protection/lifegain from multi is just gravy.

errorhurts665 on UB hand/deck hate

1 hour ago

So, I've been playtesting with the most recent version and I've run into a few minor issues. One is that with such a low creature count, springleaf drum will frequently be a dead draw. It's nice for the extra turn boost when it does work, but all too often it doesn't. This can be fixed in one of 2 ways. You can either replace them with 2 more lands or you can add a few more 1-2 drop creatures. A singleton Artisan of Forms would be interesting at the very least and possibly good, Disciple of Deceit can help you make the most use out of your cards, and Spiteful Returned is a decent heroic enabler, though it seems you have plenty of them as is.

I would also suggest replacing 2 of your basic lands with copies of Dismal Backwater. I like to run 12 potential turn 1 plays in my decks and by adding 2 additional tapped lands, you can complete that 12.

Finally, I feel that your deck should definitely run a copy of Murderous Cut . Having one may not make a huge difference in every game, but it keeps you from drawing multiple and being unable to delve enough cards and it frequently gives you a 1 mana kill spell in the mid to late game.

Hatchman on discard

1 hour ago

you dont need so much discard creatures, but more revovel (murderous cut, bile blight etc.) because even when you OP has to deck and he Topdeck 1 or 2 big nasty Threats, and brings them on the Table you might be in trouble.

Tynasi on Sorry, was that too convoluted?

1 hour ago

Thanks a bunch ;) I'm still looking for combo's that aren't too strong, but not so weak that they're never going to happen either. These were just some of the better ones i came up with and I'm a fan of making up names for combo's it's kinda my thing.

DarkGuardianX87 on Mardu warriors tribal

1 hour ago

It looks pretty solid...but only running one basic swamp for your black might be risky if someone drops a nonbasic land nuke..but overall seems pretty solid