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Hemi-pwr on You should have read the ...

a few seconds ago

oooo....that is a funny card...put that on an opponents creature...lol. funny thing is, is that I have often turned a 3/3 Boros Reckoner into a 5/5 just to use mySelesnya Charm. now they wont dare attack with it to gain life. regardless...thanks for the advice.

(you wouldn't happen to know any tricks I can use against werewolves?)

ChiefBell on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

1 minute ago

No they're not. None of the premium cards are standard legal.

buildingadeck on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

2 minutes ago

Shocks are standard legal, again! Woohoo

Alex.moellmer on Chandra's Goggles

4 minutes ago

Mindswipe counter and a burn spell haha also Harness by Force and other cards like it to swap boards for a turn always nice haha

TheLivingCME on ''Everybody but me-CHARGE!!!''

6 minutes ago

No problem, bro. Do you already have something in your mind?

buildingadeck on TheHorse

8 minutes ago

That sounds perfect. I can send out by tomorrow if you find you have everything.

Alex.moellmer on Mono White

8 minutes ago

U can play aa land a turn not including effects that say put land on the field, It's all bout wording so make sure to read all cards carefully , also with ur devotion question lands have no colour I. Cost so they can be tapped for mana but not used for devotion, and if ur worried bout money go to u local FNM play and u will always get a booster win I lose, u might pull something big and do trades it's how I got started and now I'm building these big decks with stuff mostly traded haha. Good luck at ur FNM I'm a big fan of white personally haha. Also if u hit a card called Archangel of Tithes keep it it rocks mono white haha, an if u wanna but cheap white drops they generally commons and uncommons ur local magic shop will sell commons bout 10c and uncommons 50c each

ChiefBell on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

10 minutes ago

I think they're too high risk for a lot of decks, when they could just play shocks instead.

Penga_is_a_Nugget on Ultra Budget Heroisim

12 minutes ago

What GW deck are you playing? Also I will just cast silance in the beginning of my turn in preparation.

ThisIsBullshit on BfZ Land Price Speculation

18 minutes ago

I doubt that the foils will affect the prices of the regular fetches at all. They're way too scarce.

They're also going to be expensive as balls. The judge promo fetches are currently sitting at 100-250, depending on which one you're looking at, and these are full arts with new art.

ChiefBell on BfZ Land Price Speculation

18 minutes ago

The full art basics will be $1 each.

The new cycle will be around $10 each.

The full art shocks and fetches will be well over $100 each.

xetheriel on Mono green card advantage

18 minutes ago

Shamanic Revelation might be a good sideboard card in this deck.

weisemanjohn on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

19 minutes ago

I'm looking at stompy. I can splash red for a Kessig Wolf Run as another way to end the game.

vault on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

21 minutes ago

The only Modern deck I can see comfortably using these is Merfolk if it splashes white for Path.

Lucares on Pods crÊ, vo countera!

22 minutes ago

Enquanto um Goblin distrai o juiz o outro mata ele, muito o mais legal.

vault on OMNOM ANGRY!!! #ragequit

23 minutes ago

Oh right, I forgot about the new rules change. Well, Azusa is still really good here.

JDMCRIB on The Titans Return!!

24 minutes ago

Channeler of Kozilek is evidence of Kozilek returning. We can only hope that there's a card referencing Emrakul in the set as well.

Maybe Ulamog gets killed in Battle for Zendikar (he doesn't have a "shuffle back into library" clasue, so it seems he can die now) and Kozilek and Emrakul find out about it through some cosmic means (maybe a burst of energy explodes from Ulamog's corpse and radiates outward through the Blind Eternites, etc.) So, the two titans return to Zendikar to avenge their fallen Titan and take over Zendikar once and for all.

Alex.moellmer on Green White Hardened Scales

26 minutes ago

Have a look and tell me wat u think still being tweaked but would appreciate advice I've won 2 FNM and placed top 4 on 2 game day events My deck:

Hardened Counters Playtest

Standard* Alex.moellmer


ChiefBell on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

26 minutes ago

These latelands are fine in mono and dual coloured modern but almost completely unplayable in three coloured modern where the third colour is more than a splash.

The problem is that there's no reason to run them over shocks though. Burn could reasonably safely run a lateland over a shockland because most of their deck utilises basics, but then why would they when it's marginally more risky and they don't care about their life total? The lifegain of including late over shock is less important than the fact that it may slow their entire game down. A T1 lateland for them is horrible - and it will happen if they play enough games.

In twin we could see latelands and shocks together because this is a deck that wants to take the game somewhat long, however most of the time they'll be making use of shocks in the early game rendering their latelands slow when they finally want them. I mean Twin wants both RR and UUU on T4 for Cryptic Command and Splinter Twin. This is only achievable with support from a lot of nonbasics.

It's all about looking at which deck really makes use of basics over nonbasics, and there are some but most of the time these decks are far more comfortable using shocks.

ThisIsBullshit on Jund or Naya burn?

26 minutes ago

Why would you mainboard Angler in a burn deck?

Epochalyptik on Damia sage of stone help

26 minutes ago

You might want to look through the changelog and omissions sections in my deck, Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition. You're running a few cards that I've determined to be suboptimal for the competitive environment.

For example, Plasm Capture is very expensive and completely saturated. It's not a practical counterspell compared to Mana Drain, and it's not really a suitable replacement for Mana Drain, either.

Coiling Oracle doesn't really make sense in the deck. It doesn't do anything for you. And yes, while you can bounce it with Deadeye Navigator and infinite mana, you can do the same with Rune-Scarred Demon, which is actually relevant to the combos that drive the deck.

I cut Mystic Snake from my list a long time ago. It's cute in theory, but it's just too impractical in most cases.

Acidic Slime doesn't really seem necessary. If your goal is to combo out for the win, then you don't need to be playing very expensive answers to general threats.

Is there a reason you don't run Mana Crypt, Mana Drain, Underground Sea, and the rest of the fetches? I'd assume cost is really what's prohibiting you because they're staples in .

I agree with enpc about Villainous Wealth. It's not a practical win condition when you could just kill everybody with Blue Sun's Zenith, which is relevant outside of your combo. As a general rule, you should try to avoid combo-only cards like Villainous Wealth and Exsanguinate. A well-tuned combo deck will integrate as many of its combo pieces into its normal strategy as possible to ensure the minimum of dead or irrelevant cards in the early and mid game.

enpc on OMNOM ANGRY!!! #ragequit

28 minutes ago

vault: Not according to the new rules change. You only get 2 extra lands total. Bouncing her doesn't get you more lands.

the_expanding_man on UWR Geist Delver

32 minutes ago

Thanks Ginger05! Yeah, I mostly had Hallowed Moonlight for Collected Company decks, but you're right it is good tech against a number of decks. Do you think I should run two though? The sideboard is still a work in progress.

saj0219 on The Titans Return!!

32 minutes ago

Does the presence of a card called Channeler of Kozilek increase the chances that Kozilek shows up?

saj0219 on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

34 minutes ago

I think we'll be seeing enemy man lands in this set and probably enemy late lands in the second set of this block...

Bloodspawn on First deck - Mono Red ...

35 minutes ago

And also, great build for a first deck and welcome to the magic-community! +1

Bloodspawn on First deck - Mono Red ...

37 minutes ago

If you decide to stick to the tribal theme, Lord of Shatterskull Pass is a big minotaur with pretty low casting cost. Also, a Whip of Erebos would likely gain you more life than Dragon's Claw and can also bring back a Kragma Warcaller or a Rageblood Shaman at instant speed.

Brad7986 on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

37 minutes ago

I personally think they need to print more enemy coloured duel lands, like allies have these new latelands, the future sight lands (save filters), Zendi manlands and even storage lands (commander playable)

(we should cause a riot till we get them)

TheNextRedDude on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

38 minutes ago


Foil and Full art.

Magicrafter on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

39 minutes ago

Probably. Fat packs are sold at big box stores.

weisemanjohn on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

41 minutes ago

I can actually see value with these late lands. With a mono or dual colored modern deck, basics are more commonly seen. These late lands allow a splash for a second or third color without having to shock yourself to have access to the mana immediately.

ChiefBell on So how do you think ...

41 minutes ago

I can't see much in there that's certainly going to impact the meta.

Bovine073 on 2015-08-30 update of Hidetsugu Easy ...

45 minutes ago

I don't think I am gonna put in any Shrapnel Blasts, I already have a risky card in the form of Goblin Grenade I personally think that I will now take out both Thunderous Wrath, and 1 Devil's Play, because like one of you said it has flashback so I can play Hidetsugu's Second Rite with ease. The main reason I have my goblins are to be fodder, or to get em down to 10 health, or to be fodder for the goblin 'nade. I will also only put in 3 BrowBeats.

Wic_Uber on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

45 minutes ago

Like will I be able to get a box for $90 and a fat pack for $35 whenever I want.

ChiefBell on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

49 minutes ago

Mono and dual coloured decks may use them. Burn could but doesn't need to (perhaps too risky because paying life isn't so bad anyway?).

Epochalyptik on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

49 minutes ago

@NarejED: See comments 284 and 291.

I think the latelands (latelands is a fine term; why is everyone still proposing weird names?) fill a specific niche in competitive EDH. Tricolor decks with optimized land bases can still make use of one or two in the most important color pair(s) to serve as EOT fetches, thus keeping the shocks of those colors available for fetching or playing untapped. In the past shocks are the typical EOT fetch because you can bring them in tapped at no cost to yourself; having the latelands even in a deck that can't really make use of their untapped condition means that you can free up the shocks for their own untapped condition later on and still get a dual in the meantime.

vault on OMNOM ANGRY!!! #ragequit

50 minutes ago

Yea, that's how it works. When she re enters the battlefield, she is considered a new object and allows you to play another 2 additional lands.

TheNextRedDude on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

51 minutes ago

Well, after a good night's sleep, the expeditions are still AWESOME!

Wic_Uber on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

53 minutes ago

Yeah but theoretically Magicrafter

lemmingllama on Here There Be Dragons, Vodka, ...

55 minutes ago

@lagotripha That's actually not a bad idea. I'll do a bit of testing, but I can probably replace a Destructive Revelry or Pyroclasm with one.

lemmingllama on Cards Like Uncle Istvan

58 minutes ago

Tons and tons of Ravenous Demon  Flip promos. Those things are super easy to get, and are completely unplayable. Also because double sided foils are cool

markooosrbija on "Fire, aim, ready"

58 minutes ago

TheLivingCME, ArabsCamel, Hyuuga what do you think abot this deck, what to get out because i have too much cards? :D

Magicrafter on Actual Bfz Spoiler thread.

58 minutes ago

There's no way every player is getting one box, much less two.

Hive on Shu Yun, Silent Tempest | ...

58 minutes ago

Guttersnipe or Echo Mage could be much better than Delver of Secrets  Flip and they are cheaper cards

pstaton on Standard U/W Control (Magic Origins)

59 minutes ago

Jace planeswalker is probably needed