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Jonatanvc94 on Exalted madness

a few seconds ago

Avacyn is hard to put, quit it and put Battlegrace Angel Check mine Exalted Dead

RussischerZar on Time Travel in KTK

2 minutes ago

I don't know about this time travel stuff. Remember the last time someone tried time travel? That didn't go so well, did it? Why would it suddenly "work" now?

viktusfantom on BWR EDH Deck with Tariel ...

7 minutes ago

I am fairly new to magic and haven't been able to create a full EDH deck to what I want to run. Been working with Tariel as my Commander because where I play if I bring out Kaalia I am instantly the target. But as I have been playing I really started liking my Black mana ramp with a few decent spells and tokens. Love dropping the tokens specially army of the damp. I have choose black white red for a few items in Red but I would love some help with good cards I can combo with to fit my playing style, Which is multiple minions battling every round if possible. Thanks for and suggestions or comments in advance.

Krapak on Splinterhive

8 minutes ago

Nice deck! I had an early version of the splinter-myr landshaper combo deck! This one is really good and consistent! The real king is here Trygon Predator , maybe add some more and Aqueous Form to get him trough for sure! +1 Polymorphist's Jest maybe against agressive-combo decks?

Fulcrum on Time Travel in KTK

8 minutes ago

Refer to Khans of Tarkir SDCC 2014 for most of the information from SDCC.

I imagine you are right. I doubt WotC is going to be predictable in their storytelling.

TitansFTW on Are colorless mana abilities still ...

9 minutes ago

You're getting confused about what a mana ability is. A mana ability is not an ability that costs mana to activate. A mana ability is defined by three things:

  1. It adds mana to a player's mana pool.
  2. It has no targets (so Deathrite Shaman has no mana abilities, for example).
  3. It isn't a loyalty ability (so Xenagos, The Reveler has no mana abilities either).

An example of a mana ability is the ability of Birds of Paradise . Thus, any artifacts that have an activated ability that doesn't fill those 3 criteria will trigger Kurkesh.

derKochXXL on UB Faeries

10 minutes ago

Wow, I first thought "Quickling Why'd anybody play Quickling ? But then I realized that it will likely bounce your Spellstutter Sprite . You could even do that at instant speed! Awesome idea. I don't know much about faeries, but I like it. +1

Flatlanderct on First Ever Standard Deck, is ...

10 minutes ago

Hi everyone, I am just starting out as a standard player (been playing edh for years now) and have made my first standard deck. It is a mono red burn with a bunch of artifacts to fling with Shrapnel Blast . If you guys could give me feedback it would be greatly appreciated

Mono-Red Artifact Burn

Tyrosoldier on It's Simple...We Mill the Batman

11 minutes ago

His only real imprint target for Isochron Scepter is Thought Scour , and while that's far from bad, there could be better things for the slot.

lothshteth on Time Travel in KTK

17 minutes ago

A time travel element was announced at SDCC. I feel it involves someone, possibly Sarkhan, going back in time to stop the dragon extinction thus bringing the dragons back to the plane. But, part of me thinks that's too predictable and WOTC wants us to think that so they can give us something out of the blue. What do y'all think?

derKochXXL on Knights of the Sky Ruin

18 minutes ago

Planar Cleansing hits more stuff than Day of Judgment /Wrath of God and Supreme Verdict just hits more. I believe they're just superior sweepers. The cleansing is very costly, but you might be able to profit of a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx anyways, while verdict would only need four Hallowed Fountain s (which are Plains ) instead of the flagstones...

noahbellboa on 3 turn annihilator 10 with ...

19 minutes ago

thuzra i might replace them with 2 more Voyaging Satyr 's and 1 Skittering Invasion , thanks for your input :)

Ryotenchi on Nom nom nom Hatebears

19 minutes ago

Def consider the cathedral.. I cant afford most of this deck as is, or I would go with those of the War and peace.. but.. Havnt decided if Ill go one of sword or two, or even go back to Crucible of Worlds as it dont get torched by Dryad Militant .

gartho009 on Boros Skred

21 minutes ago

I'll admit that I'm fairly new to this deck, having built it over that last three months. My local meta has been changing over the past few months as well, making it worse. That said, it's a house against pretty much any non-blue matchup. Zoo is a walk in the park; Jund has a ton of trouble sticking a threat, assuming they can get through a blood moon; decks like tokens and soul sisters can't deal with all the sweepers. Pod is highly draw dependent. And then: there's a reason I have three combust, and want to go to four. Twin is miserable. Tron is tough once they blow up your blood moons with an O-stone. Pretty much all combo has the edge on you.

I would say, switch to Stormbreath. Dodging Path is amazing, and having them double bolt your dragon is a trade I'm fine with. Koth is so damn good.

How is Figure of Destiny?

reptarjesus on Mono Blue Devo...Flyers?

24 minutes ago

I was going through my M15 box to make this deck and I saw Paragon of Gathering Mists and thought it could possibly find a place in here.

skidwiz on Ultimate F*cking Slivers [Standard]

24 minutes ago

I don't mind the Leeching Sliver , but I find that 4CMC for Bonescythe Sliver vs 1CMC for Striking Sliver is a win in the Striking Sliver 's favor. Having first strike deathtouch slivers out is great.

As for the Door of Destinies , as I've been playtesting this deck, I can fairly consistently get it out on turn three. If I find it in my starting hand, I have even go so far as to wait until I get it out to start casting my slivers. If I'm facing an opponent with a lot of removal (as I was last night), it's good to get it out with a couple counters on it to get your slivers out of Shock / Lightning Bolt range more quickly.

Last night, I dropped a Manaweft Sliver on turn 2, Door of Destinies on turn 3, followed by a Predatory Sliver and a Sentinel Sliver on Turn 4. By Turn 4, I had three 4/4 Slivers that can attack and still provide mana. I dropped a turn 5 Garruk, Caller of Beasts and started digging for slivers. Granted, I was playing mid-range decks, and I haven't tried this deck against an aggro deck yet, however I would most likely sideboard out the Door of Destinies for something quicker.

I still don't have the sideboard built. This sideboard is just a list of other Slivers. I agree that God's Willing is more of a sideboard card, but it's just too awesome to pass up. Even if I'm playing a person who has nothing that can deal with my indestructible, just making one of my slivers protection from a color and swinging huge with him is awesome. At won't point last night, I had my Megantic Sliver , and 1 Predatory Sliver as well as 6 charge counters on my Door of Destinies . I was playing a mono-black deck. I gave my Sliver Hivelord protecton from black, and swung for 15 damage, unblockable for the win. It was beautiful.

Zeger on My Kruphix Brings All the ...

25 minutes ago

Oh and you should really put in Arbor Colossus four times since it has reach which you lack and works like crazy with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

ALX on new to modern, need advice

25 minutes ago

I do tend to play on a budget, don't like to spend more than about $10 on any single card, unless it's significantly awesome.

mason87 on rakdos edh deck

26 minutes ago

so to start the discussion, Valakut wont be efficient here as in mono red but turning my mountains into 3 mana for creatures and 3 damage is kinda good on half mountains anyway.

The issue I have with colossi is the fact they are indestructible so if they do get bribed/ stolen I am in a worse position than one of the eldrazi as at least my kill spells effect eldrazi. Another plus is kozilek gets 4 cards, artisan a fatty from graveyard and anhillate helps to put pressure on enchantments. Although I agree it is kinda good stuff will try and find replacements.

Pilgrims eye reads get land have a 1/1 blocker and my early game is weak anyway I don't think its a terrible choice though there are probably more efficient choices.

I do agree about including journeyer's kite will find room.

Yeah I haven't really worked on the mana base yet.

I was unsure about memorial and cant really justify it. I like you suggestion of leyline of lightning. I do believe rakdos can pay for it as its an additional 1 to the creature. Not sure about targeted burn as yet but a burn demon deck could be what it will slowly turn into tbh.

ashan_wick on 1/1 Deathtouchers

26 minutes ago

gotta love deathtouch decks, i was so sad to take apart mine lol

Zeger on My Kruphix Brings All the ...

27 minutes ago

I think the Elvish Mystic is a must since you have got no other one drops, and maybe at least one or two Chord of Calling for the instant fetching from your whole deck. I play a deck that's like your's and chord of calling for a Nylea, God of the Hunt during combat has often won me the game because of the instant trample for all attacking creatures...And those enchantments could be something way better, I don't feel like they fit well in the deck.

thuzra on 3 turn annihilator 10 with ...

35 minutes ago

Sol Ring isn't Legacy legal. It's even restricted in Vintage. If you replace them with another form of ramp, this could even be Modern legal.

slovakattack on Nom nom nom Hatebears

35 minutes ago

Fair enough! I'd further suggest -2 Sword of War and Peace for +2 Sword of Fire and Ice . (although I do understand that Fire and Ice is stupid expensive.)

If you're going the Exalted route, try adding in +1 Cathedral of War ? It can be a nice bonus come lategame.

ALX on new to modern, need advice

38 minutes ago

I'm trying to get more into competitive Magic and I'd like to create a Modern deck, just looking for general advice on the Modern format, maybe someone can point me in the direction of some good articles to read or explain some of the meta/typical deck archetypes.

I'm not really new to Magic but I am struggling with getting into competitive play.

UnknownDemon on made up format. need help ...

41 minutes ago

Wow the idea of the format is very interesting. Maybe i should make a deck of my own...

ColdHeartedSith on Flaming Cheese of Win (OPA)

41 minutes ago

seeing alot of Boss Sligh and decided to include archetype which these decks cant live with usually with some searing blood to cast in response to a blood rush or enchant and i'm back on 2 hammers with purphoros , they help keep him a dude and thats good news vs black and the haste always maters against control unless they are running Blind Obediance. I am considering going with phoenix again maybe.

Hanzeru on Are colorless mana abilities still ...

41 minutes ago

I got 2 Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient from the M15 booster box I have opened and was thinking of building a deck around it. However, there seems to be only one artifact with activated ability not requiring mana(Grindclock ). So, if an artifact requires a colorless mana to activate its ability, is it a valid target for the Ancient's ability?

JexInfinite on Nyxafang Control

41 minutes ago

A single Bojuka Bog is absolutely amazing against Tarmogoyf or decks with Snapcaster Mage in them. Just running 1 keeps the landbase consistent enough to be reliable, and the Bojuka Bog is a bonus.

Alex.moellmer on Heroic Soldiers Shenanigans #1FNM

42 minutes ago

I have built a similar deck it's true it's strength is in early game but having hidden stings inspired me to add inspired triggers like Daring Thief so if my rush doesn't kill them I can slow down their stabilising or finish them off by swapping my weaker drops for their higher ones, this combined with Daxos of Meletis I can swap half their board and steal their own deck. Only last week I stole an Erebos for a hopeful eidolon.

GJTanner87 on How would damage be dealt ...

43 minutes ago

FancyTuesday if a creature is blocked by multiple creatures you order the blockers, then when assigning damage you must assign lethal damage to that creature before you can assign damage to the next.

lothshteth on Gaea, Godess of Dominaria

43 minutes ago

That could work, but still there are ways to make it infinite. Limiting it to permanent cards may be what it needs. Maybe just creatures and lands.

xiao.wen on budget.hexproof.spiritdancer.wen

43 minutes ago

yea, though, i just found reid duke's seles hexproof, not too far off the mark and maybe theres still some credence in my wanting to go orzhova over courage, but definitely need to find some slippery bogles and speed it up further.

noahbellboa on 3 turn annihilator 10 with ...

44 minutes ago

greyninja ahh good point, what i also like about the deck is that ive got Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre in there but these can be replaced by any creature in the game and the deck still works most of the time :) thanks for the input

MoxLotus on Mono-Black Aggro Standard

53 minutes ago

No problem, dude. I'm glad I could help!


55 minutes ago

dat curve, who needs 4 drops anyways

supergen777 on Sword of the Eclipse

1 hour ago

Thanks for the positive feedback. As far as the Shrines go they are almost as important for me to draw as quickly as Athreos is, not just for quickly casting my bigger creatures but also for mana for Blood Host and Spirit Bonds sacrifice abilities if needed. Also, I think the chances of me ending with more than 2 shrines in one game is pretty slim just like any other non-basic land card.

Ulvhedner on Demon tribal(suggestions please?)

1 hour ago

I have a big love for Rakdos so I just have to help you out here even though my knowledge about demons is limited.

First of all, mono black WILL serve you better. Black has a lot of mana ramp limited to swamps and will make it much much easier for you to get a decent manabase. With cards like Cabal Coffers , Magus of the Coffers , [[extraplanar lense]], Crypt of Agadeem , Nirkana Revenant , Crypt Ghast and Gauntlet of Power you will have an easier time keeping up with hordes of cheap goblins and elves.

When it come to demons there is Carnifex Demon . Good for wiping the board of annoying 1/1s. Desecration Demon is both standard and EDH viable. Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis extremly good synergy with Reaper from the Abyss . The Wretched oracle says he's a demon, so why not?

Other suggestions would be Burnished Hart , Sol Ring , Wayfarer's Bauble , Expedition Map , Black Market . Mana ramp and mana fixing is not to be underestimated!

IF you do decide to keep sticking to red there are a few other cards you can go with. Terminate an alternative to dreadbore, Gratuitous Violence or Furnace of Rath a bit easier to use than Anthem of Rakdos . Repercussion could also be nice if you run with X damage boardwipes.

Another favourite of mine is Havoc Festival along with Wound Reflection . It rarely works but it has happened enough times to make people hate my rather bad Mogis EDH deck

afunnynoob on Bushido

1 hour ago

Thanks epicguy191, What do you think that I should replace with Fall of the Hammer ?

reeruse on Purphoros's Army

1 hour ago

Why not swap in Phalanx Leader for Favored Hoplite since he will have more synergy with the token theme?

millFTW97 on Demon tribal(suggestions please?)

1 hour ago

also. may want to add a hall of triumph? and gray merchant wouldn't be terrible here

Bigr3d on made up format. need help ...

1 hour ago

Paladin of Prahv ability can only be used durring your upkeep. What about something like Lingering Souls for the 3 drop - seems like fairly good value. Rhys the Redeemed seems like it could be good for a green 1 drop?

sonnet666 on The cost of playing magic

1 hour ago

This may have already been said, (I really don't feel like reading through all nine pages right now.) but if new players complain about cards being too expensive, you can always just let them proxy their decks. It's way cheaper, they'll have full access to any cards they need, and they'll learn the specific tweaks and interactions of competitive cards, so when they want to build that constructed tournament deck, they'll be able to do it as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Just get your playgroup to agree that new players get to play with proxies for the first X amount of months they're new to the game, problem solved.

DemonontheRun on Infecticide

1 hour ago

Great suggestion. Such an expensive card, lol

TreinRaziel on 3 Cards in M15 deck ...

1 hour ago

Add on Sign in Blood to the list of 'broken' cards

Emberflux on Nyxafang Control

1 hour ago


Firstly, thank you for the positive feedback :-). Secondly, I have previously considered Slaughter Pact but throughout all my games I have never particularly thought, "damn, Slaughter Pact is crucial here." Finally, I've been testing Smallpox recently but I feel that Gatekeeper of Malakir is slightly better in this deck. I will continue to playtest and let you know!

daveandkenz on Deck Names Are Too Mainstream ...

1 hour ago

I actually didn't like Ulcerate at first, either. But then I decided that, with Sultai being all about ruthlessness, BUG is going to have to do whatever it takes to win; even if that's paying three life to kill a creature. It kills Pack Rat before it becomes a threat on turn two even if I played a Temple that turn. I'm not arguing that it's the best removal in standard, oh how I miss the days of Tragic Slip , but it's just a one-of, and, sometimes, you gotta give some to get some.

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