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icehit6 on Fire Sword Ice Shield

1 minute ago

The problem is you've got way too much going on here. Your first problem starts with 65 cards being in your deck. The second problem starts when you don't really have consistency. Are you looking to make a counter burn deck? I can help you build one because I build one in the past, but they can be costly in order to be successful.

Mishraharad on Alesha, Who Smiles At Death ...

2 minutes ago

Dunno man, I'm kinda in the unkknown with the Eerie Interlude. It seems good, but I see myself always drawing it too little too late

Neotrup on Sacing a mirrorpool to copy ...

3 minutes ago

You'll also notice that it can target a creature it can't destroy. Part of the reason is so you can cast it when revolt is turned off and turn revolt on before it resolves (as you're doing in this example).

jco on Jarad graveyard hate

4 minutes ago

Duplicant as removal?

Also, make sure rune scarred is in here

Argeaux on Monothopters [Frontier]

11 minutes ago

Yeah Bovine073 I've been considering adding

Gonna wait first to see how this plays irl.

Our LGS has yet to run its first Frontier day.

The worst matchup for this deck is Dark Jeskai Control.

Tbh this would probably need more Control cards to beat that, which already has.

MegaMatt13 on Omnath Tokens Rush

11 minutes ago

Ooo and Nature's Lore, Skyshroud Claim and Blighted Woodland for more ramp. The first two are nice because the lands come in untapped.

Crop Rotation to fetch your utility lands and give you a landfall trigger

MegaMatt13 on Omnath Tokens Rush

14 minutes ago

Nice deck :) I would suggest Impact Tremors and Warstorm Surge for extra burn.

Yawgmoth73 on Arr, Matey! -- Piracy on ...

23 minutes ago

Love the pirate theme. They really need to make more pirates though. I was expecting more than two in this set. But I do like your idea of "honorary" pirates. I did stuff like that for my EDH pirate theme deck. Have a lot of rogues in it that are "honorary" pirates too. :) Here's hoping they make more!!

LeaPlath on Fire Sword Ice Shield

24 minutes ago

This looks like it wants to be UR Thing in the Ice  Flip or UR Delver of Secrets  Flip. Do you understand the concept of tempo in MTG?

DanceMaster5000 on Jund Constrictor

38 minutes ago

You should consider playing Undergrowth Champion possibly in place of Woodland Wanderer, if you replaced a couple cubs with Tireless Tracker and run some Evolving Wilds you could have some nasty combos lined up. Other than that, I like this list. If you're interested, I've also brewed a Jund energy deck with Constrictor you could check out.

UnleashedHavok on Optimator

43 minutes ago

of course! I enjoy your deck making skills! I will say it's beginning to get a little difficult to keep up with all of them lol. I don't know how you do it. I did want to get your thoughts on my newest build with Shu Yun. Beware The Monk! He's very much a work in progress, but I'm pleased with how he is coming along.

Deflecto on Ticking Time Bomb

43 minutes ago

Since you're running a monocolored deck I'd get rid of exotic disease since it'll only max out at 1 damage and gain 1 life for 5 mana.

Charioteer on Throw your children

48 minutes ago

After playtesting a couple of times, the deck ran out of steam when I ran out of cards or couldn't protect Brion enough. I think Nim Deathmantle would fit in well in this deck and maybe even Inheritance and/or Enduring Renewal. Alhammarret's Archive would combo nicely with Skullclamp and enhance the lifegaining you have going. Swiftfoot Boots to get another protector for Brion so he doesn't get swept off the field. The Deathmantle can also protect/recur him. Don't know what you'd cut for any of those. I played several games with this and got out to a big lead with Brion, only to get stymied and out distanced in mid/long game. It's fun to play.

Nevyn4 on rafiq of the solo

58 minutes ago

Sigil of the Nayan Gods could replace Pennon Blade cycling if you dont want or Eidolon of Countless Battles, Wheel of Sun and Moon recycle cards, Predatory Hunger could make him real big, Vow of Wildness or Vow of Duty is a good back up if you dont like the suit, Gift of Immortality Will have it never die, Followed Footsteps will let you copy the Stoneforge Mystic or other creatures, Drafna's Restoration for recover Frantic Salvage for instant speed, Umbra Mystic Will keep the buffed around longer.

jco on Jarad graveyard hate

1 hour ago

Massacre wurm seems v good

Also I need some stand alone creatures that can control the board

Casey4321 on Toy Shop of Terrors

1 hour ago

Caltrops is here because of Krenko, Mob Boss and Ezuri, Renegade Leader in my meta. Tribal decks that love overwhelming the board.

toastySmorc on Leovold Elf Tribal

1 hour ago

Selvala+ a few big ass guys+ maybe Eldrazis=good times.

grayson290 on Alesha, Who Smiles At Death ...

1 hour ago

njce I'm trying her out too. Might I suggest eerie interlude. It's works well there are exile board wipes and you get all the ETB triggers too. Kolaghans command is a bit pricey but also good. Being able to save a creature from the graveyard if it getting exile and you get mana dork or artifact removal too.

Geoffrey1 on U/B Eldrazi

1 hour ago

I really like this. My one suggestion is Barer Of Silence. I think the little flying Eldrazi will do a lot for you. +1 If you get a chance check out my Dark Colossus list!

Teufell on Izzet Deck help!!!

1 hour ago

Fire Sword Ice Shield

So I'm almost finished building this deck. Although it's not complete I managed to win a few games with it. But I don't think it's perfect or viable for a competition against someone with a competitive deck.

At first, I tried to make a red deck wins, but then I had a good look at some Izzets and decide to rethink the deck. So, I came up with a Red magic to damage and blue to defend/control, mainly to protect my creatures from direct damage and removals.

So, 4 Goblin Electromancer will reduce the costs of spells, 4 Guttersnipe will add more damage to my sorceries an instants. The Thermo-Alchemist will defend and use their synergy with sorceries an instants to deal more damage. Thing in the Ice  Flip will be a secret weapon if I run into a strong creature. Most of the time, I will be damaging my enemy directly and taking down his weak creatures. If I run out of ammo, the Elixir of Immortality is there to recharge my bullets.

desserint on Ajani's Constrictor

1 hour ago

G/W/B +1/+1, I think I have it set pretty well but will take any suggestions.

Von.Banamaor on Death Tap copy

1 hour ago

This comment is based on the differences between my deck:Thulsa's Doom Quiver and this one.

Wow! I really appreciate the thought that must have gone into this. I'm anxious to hear more of your thoughts. Here are mine...

Shield of the Oversoul vs Broken Fall

The more I think about it I agree that Shield of the Oversoul is the better card. While it is not transferable to other creatures and vulnerable to destruction itself, it does protect against Shrivel and from back-to-back creature destruction in ways that Broken Fall can't.

Ponder vs. Compulsive Research

Both decks are based off of getting a certain amount of creatures in proportion to a certain amount of effects. In playtesting I often found myself with duplicates of some cards that I couldn't use effectively. For example one creature but two Neurok Stealthsuits. Being able to cycle cards in hand as well as some added card advantage I think offsets the cheaper casting cost and I like Compulsive Research better. For now...

Durkwood Baloth vs. Sedge Scorpion

While both one-drops, the first turn Sedge Scorpion followed by a Psionic Gift on turn two, is my deck's most formidable one-two punch. And since I feel the late game is already in this type of deck's favor, speed is more important than late game heft. So I like Sedge Scorpion better, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on why you think the Durkwood Baloth is the better choice here because I'm having difficulty seeing the advantage.

Mana Leak vs. Thornweald Archer

I like the addition of counterspells, but I feel like the deck needs lots of deathtouch creatures to function. There will be significant creature hate. My intent is not just to use the deathtouch creatures for shooting other creatures but also for attacking and for creature removal even if it's 1:1. That said, I'd like to playtest this variant a bit more...

Addrum on Roon and the Time Warp ...

1 hour ago

Sundial doesn't exile permanently with Roon. Just delays the trigger for another turn.

9/22/2011: If Sundial of the Infinites ability is activated before the end step, any at the beginning of the end step-triggered abilities wont get the chance to trigger that turn because the end step is skipped. Those abilities will trigger at the beginning of the end step of the next turn. The same is true of abilities that trigger at the beginning of other phases or steps (except upkeep).

SaintedPlacebo on U/B Eldrazi

1 hour ago

constant and recurring creatures? then you want Eternal Scourge

Trockenmatt on Sacing a mirrorpool to copy ...

1 hour ago

It checks on resolution.

Addrum on Dragonclaw Buffer Overrun

1 hour ago

This deck needs Beastmaster Ascension and permanents to buff your commander, more than instants. You'll be spending mana to buff and threating a creature with Yasova.

The deck needs a basic mountain to search for, and play more lands. You wont get to cast the fatties missing land drops.

Xyrael on There Will Be Blood

1 hour ago


Alright, I was wondering that too. I was going to ask if you 1v1'd and used the sideboard but no worries. How did you find the control to fare? Did it incorporate itself in a big way at any point?

I'm glad you had fun man, thank you for your thoughts! It's awesome that you love grixis for the same reason I do: Eye rolling and irritation inducing fun. Not broken, but hard to deal with!

AceGambitDragonfly on Roon and the Time Warp ...

1 hour ago

Perhaps consider Essence Flux as basically a blue Cloudshift.

As far as Sundial is concerned, it's a pretty good choice for this deck. Roon will create a delayed trigger. You can wait until the end step begins to allow that trigger to fire, putting the "Return" effect on the stack and then use Sundial to clean out the stack which will leave the card permanently in exile.

Coastninja1 on Abzan Counters

1 hour ago

I would put in Abezhan Ass-end-dancy instead.

Coastninja1 on Abzan Counters

1 hour ago

Why do you have token makers?

Venser_the_Sojoner on Venser_the_Sojoner

1 hour ago

ignore the last comment, wrong person, lol :). What was the "Sorry, no I don't" for?

Optimator on UnleashedHavok

1 hour ago

Thanks again for another up-vote! You da man

EverythingIsK on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 hours ago

FWIW, Night of Souls' Betrayal makes scions dead, TKS boltable, and you can eat Reality Smashers with Tasigur. Solid tech, IMO

Optimator on Uptown Rats

2 hours ago

Westvale Abbey is so sick. Doo eet

pskinn01 on Venser_the_Sojoner

2 hours ago


xxJoexx on B/W Token

2 hours ago

Gather the Townsfolk?

hardhitta71194 on DiscardDecard

2 hours ago

Anytime! Hit me up if you ever need help on anything like that. I enjoy doing it.

Plus I like seeing people putting effort into a nice description, you spent all that time and work on the deck why not make the description just as nice?