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Venersis on Cold as Ice ($20 budget)

a few seconds ago

Because you could use it to help pull out Desolation Twin

mathijsderouck on The Vault

3 minutes ago

I'm having doubts about the Careful Study; at the moment there are three + the soothsaying.I might make that 4 and ditch the Soothsaying.Or I might just replace them with Thirst for Knowledge.

I also have my doubts about the Shield Sphere. Tends to have usefull synergy, but doesn't really do anything (can be sacrificed for 2 mana, can block for 6 and counts as an artifact for Mox Opal)

Atony1400 on The Cheap Deck Club.

5 minutes ago

ThoAlmighty, hmmmm, I may have already picked it up. I do occasionally search the front page for decks.

Atony1400 on A new RB walker?

7 minutes ago

Yeah, I originally thought I went a little too powerful, but now he seems to not look too broken. He would be fun to play in a commander shell.

tru13 on R/B Weenie Madness Vampires

9 minutes ago

Two biggest issues with the deck:

1) Need to find that middle ground between putting out two many creatures/tokens and not between opponent board wipes. As well as not being able to use board wipes within the deck.

2) Spells being counterspelled. Thinking about running 1 or 2 Exquisite Firecraft instead of some of the other varieties of creature kill available.

anonymousperson184 on Advertise your deck!

10 minutes ago

Worshippers of the Sun

Modern anonymousperson184


Appreciate any feedback!

robotherolove on Savage Instincts

12 minutes ago

Hi Mortem, that's a fair point about Simic Growth Chamber.I included the card for the following edge cases, so it can be untapped with Kiora, Master of the Depths, and so that it can bounce itself to trigger Landfall on Lotus Cobra and Undergrowth Champion. But that's a fair point that it can slow down tempo, and the tradeoff may or may not be worth it.

I only splashed white in the most recent build of this deck, so Noble Hierarch might be a consideration. In this deck, I think comparing Birds of Paradise to Noble Hierarch is comparable to the difference between a knight and bishop in chess, both are useful in different ways. I think it's a matter of preference, but I like the defense against flying creatures that Birds of Paradise provides.

Zarael on Hunters of the Night

15 minutes ago

I considered to put him in the deck for a long time but i couldn't find room for him, but i will test with him for sure!

Atony1400 on Sarkhan Idea

15 minutes ago

No problem, i'm happy to inspire people.

I really like this. While I feel a card with too much tribal effect will not see much play, I feel this card might push players to do so. You get alot of neat abilities, (especially the ultimate, which reminds me of Karn Liberated, but just for dragons).

By the way, you can use symbol:2 for that in Sarkhan's mana cost.

kaczka03 on B/W Ally

16 minutes ago

I tried out the deck on the MTG Games Day and won 3 out of 5 games. Thanks for advice, I traded today for Eerie Interlude and I will test it next week.

lemmingllama on Anticipating the Strikes

17 minutes ago

@GerardHH Thassa, God of the Sea would be a great addition! I'll be sure to get a second copy (one heads another of my EDH decks) and throw it in here.

However, I don't think I'll remove Reconnaissance. It makes combat so much easier. I can untap my creatures after damage is dealt, giving them pseudo-vigilance. Additionally, I can send in my whole team and remove from combat any creatures that get blocked unfavorably. It makes combat easy.

I'll likely cut Venser, Shaper Savant from the list. He normally bounces blockers, and unblockable just seems better.

Emrakul-the-Format-Broken on THE MANLIEST 95 LAND EDH ...

18 minutes ago

GeraldM, just take out bazaar and Tabernacle, cuts most of the price.

Lysdexia on Omnath EDH

20 minutes ago

This is amazballs.

concamp on Modern Mardu Tokens

21 minutes ago

hey dude, honestly i think you should be running 4 bitter blossom, that card is just too good. Maybe cut the dark confidants because though it is a good card it doesn't really fit your theme. You could also maybe remove the 1 lightning helix and a land if you're set on the confidants

fkwillrice on The best legacy deck

21 minutes ago

Aw man this deck looks sweet! I can't wait to bring this to the next legacy FNM!

capriom85 on Sarkhan Idea

21 minutes ago

Ok, should there be some type of cap on the power of the dragons you can choose? Maybe the -3 makes a token dragon that goes away after combat?

MTG1814 on Omnath EDH

22 minutes ago

NO, I think you are.

capriom85 on SOI UW Tempo

23 minutes ago

RabidDragon, Invocation of Saint Traft? Really? It seems like water slots to me. It's not that playable.

UpperDeckerTaco, I don't need Dragonlord Ojutai for a tempo deck. I'm closing the game out early as possible which means waiting for 5 drops puts me behind where I want to be. Archangel Avacyn  Flip is my guard against wipes and my surprise against someone who wants to attack into me with big fatties. Believe it or not I am looking to finish this game off with Hangarback Walker and Icefall Regent. I basically take advantage of tempo made by Reflector Mage and -2 on Jace so I can consistently hit with the smaller guys. Harbinger seems cool but I ultimately went with Hangarback over them.

APPLE01DOJ on Decklists of competitive decks

23 minutes ago

You're trying to hit 5 mana in a 4 color, 20 land deck.

I would literally strip your deck down and just build Zoo instead ...or at very least drop blue.

Perhaps a Life from the Loam engine would fair better.

The SB could use some help. I prefer wrath effects myself like Back to Nature, Shatterstorm, and Wrath of God but being in Nya you have the best options available Stony Silence, Rest in Peace, Ghostly Prison, Shattering Spree, Molten Rain, Destructive Revelry.

TheFoilAjani on Song of the dryads and ...

24 minutes ago

Wait, your Thespian's Stage can be an Aurelia? Geez, I want to build that now >_>

dreamer420 on Feed the Gitrog Monster

24 minutes ago

wonderful and thanks for the response cant wait to play it

shadow63 on Sarkhan Idea

25 minutes ago

His minus 3 seems a little crazy. It could win you the game the turn he comes in or the turn after

rorofat on Dance With The Devil

27 minutes ago

Vexing Devil seems pretty awesome in here...

ObsidianRaven on Omnath EDH

28 minutes ago

You are so stupid

TheFoilAjani on Elite Arcanist ability with Perplexing ...

29 minutes ago

Okay, so a couple of things are happening here, and I'm going to try to sort them out.


  1. Opponent's spell

  2. Perplexing Chimera trigger

  3. Activate Elite Arcanist, targeting Perplexing Chimera.

So basically, the ability on Perplexing Chimera is a triggered ability, meaning that there is still time after the switch ability is on the stack in which you both control the Chimera and ability of the Chimera is on the stack. So in response to your Chimera triggering, you can give it the Retraction Helix and your opponent cannot steal it due to you still controling the Chimera.

However, if you bounce the Chimera in response to the exchange, the Chimera won't be on the field when the ability resolves and the exchange won't be made. If you wait until the exchange is made, they now have a Chimera with Helix on it for a turn. So having a third creature to target with Helix allows you to both exchange the spell and bounce the Chimera after the swap happens.

It looks like you have a little confusion on what Chimera can take based on the wording of your post. Perplexing Chimera specifies spells. Spells are any card (or copy) currently on the stack.

  1. For example, I cast Lightning Bolt. Chimera lets you exchange it and change the Bolt's targets.

  2. If someone casts Tarmogoyf, you can exchange Chimera. They get Chimera, and you get the Tarmogoyf.

  3. Someone has a Storm Crow on the battlefield. You cannot exchange Chimera for our lord and saviour.

  4. Someone activates thalid. You cannot exchange control of the ability and Chimera due to abilities not being spells.

I hope this can help you learn more about Magic!

GearNoir on Sarkhan Idea

29 minutes ago

A little OP.

There are pretty much no downsides to his abilities except for the fact that you might run out of dragons to use eventually if the match wears on; they'll mostly be in exile waiting for a -10.

The +1 will probably immediately draw out some ridiculously high dragon for 6+ damage on turn 4 in addition to what's already on the field.

The -3 might be the most balanced part of the card - blocker and/or damage.

-10 might never be used, but if it does, game over.

This is a 6-7 CMC planeswalker IMO, at the least, like Sorin, Grim Nemesis. That will offset some of the power I think.

TheBuj on Tute On, Son!

29 minutes ago

I'm a bit torn on Startled Awake  Flip. It does seem pretty powerful, but I feel like the time and amount of mana it costs to cast it, return it transformed, hit with it, and cast it a 2nd time, is quite high. But I could be very wrong on that. I'll give it a try with some testing. Thanks Archtype_of_Slivers! :)

DrWho13 on Orzhovzi

31 minutes ago

April 30/2016

Edited deck for Game day.

Added 1x Shambling Vent.

Removed 3x Knight of the White Orchid

Removed 2x Ruinous Path and put in Sideboard

Added 2x Read the Bones

Added 1x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

Added 1x Matter Reshaper

And finally changed Sideboard

Kala on Oh Canada

32 minutes ago

if you're running sunforger, I would highly recommend running Lapse of Certainty. It's quite possibly one of my favorite white cards ever, and can be tutored for by sunforger for a completely unexpected counterspell.

ducttapedeckbox on brokendwarf

32 minutes ago

Interested in pretty much all of that, minus the Wandering Fumarole unless we need the value. Is the GDD the Media Promo or date-stamped? The Treasure Mage catches my eye especially.

What printing is Koth?

kafal567 on UW flip and equip

33 minutes ago

Hey! So, I tested it casually on MTGO and it started to get good midgame with the equipment out. The neglected heirloom combos work great, and I can usually get a creature out every turn after turn 2. Cryptolith is a decent suggestion. I may try that.

Jaxis on MONO BLACK GIT R3KT {$25 ...

33 minutes ago

Well, you'd have less creatures in the grave if you did that, thanks to aristocratic Relentless Dead shenanigans... I don't see it becoming a problem. You have enough creatures here, and you only need one in the grave for Delirium.

If you're worried about Delirium, toss in some Warped Landscape or Evolving Wilds.

ocary13 on once bitten twice flipped

33 minutes ago

Thanks for the +1 ChubyCryBaby!

EhScooby on idk

34 minutes ago


ZeroOneGoatToken on Rakdos Triskaidekaphobia

34 minutes ago

At the moment, your deck looks like control with Triskadekaphobia as the win con. Your creature base doesn't fit that theme. Sin Prodder could be okay.. but the rest don't look like they would do much for you, and that being said, I would probably drop the Sin Prodder for Read the Bones so you can more reliably find your win con. Doing that would also enable you to run board wipes Languish without wiping your own board.

I noticed Goblin Dark-Dwellers in your maybeboard, and that does seem like a nice fit for this deck. It does die to Languish but at 5 mana, it comes down the turn after. And even if you do have to kill it with languish, you've already gotten value out of it. You have so many targets for it to hit, you will always want to see it. If you have access, run 4 of them. I really love this card.

Next up is Harness the Storm. On turn 3, you really don't want to be spending your turn playing a card that does nothing to affect the board (unless you are playing ramp). Probably better to run more Call the Bloodline so you can reliably cast your Alms of the Vein + Avacyn's Judgment at instant speed (like in response to your Triskaidekaphobia trigger during your upkeep).

Last thing; your land count is pretty low. 23 should be fine with your curve, and having too many usually won't be an issue if you bump Tormenting Voice up to 4.

To Summarize, I would cut all of your creatures, and Harness the Storm. That's 15 cards. In their place add; Languish +3 Goblin Dark-Dwellers +4 Tormenting Voice +2 Call the Bloodline +2 Mountain +2 Swamp +1 and the last remaining slot.. could go to Avacyn's Judgment for that targeted damage for 1 or 2 to get them perfectly on 13.

Sorry for making such a long post. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps.

nuklearweasel on Phyrexian Devotion

35 minutes ago

Thanks KaiserChronic! Much appreciated. Mono black is my favorite and always glad to find a fellow black mage.

I've played back and forth with Smallpox and Geth's Verdict or other targeted removal. And I find it depends on the situation. Since this deck is so mid-range and Twin is all but defunct - I can pox myself on turn two and still be ahead because I'll have screwed with the mana base of other people who are running more than one color. Ideally you pox on turn two or three and then play yourself a nighthawk or messenger. It's just more controlly vs aggroy, which I used to run more of. Thanks again mate!

Will361405 on Ninja deck?

35 minutes ago

I was woundering how to make a fun ninjutsu deck in modern any help is appreciated

EmblemMan on Need input with Karametra

36 minutes ago

You run very little ramp which kind of surprises me things like Selesnya Signet Kodama's Reach and other spells like kodama I feel like spell ramp and mana rocks would be good to get out karametra even mana dorks like birds of paradise or Avacyn's Pilgrim. I will say that in my selvala deck where she can draw the card on top congregation was relatively mediocre for creature tutors. I like things like Fauna Shaman Worldly Tutor definitely eladamri's call feel free to check out my deck for any ideas.

DrWho13 on Orzhovzi

36 minutes ago

April 29/2016 FNM

Came 3rd

Round 1: Win in 2 (R/B Vampires)

Round 2: Win in 2 (Esper Control)

Round 3: Draw (Esper Dragons)

Round 4: Loss in 2 (B/W Allies Aggro - Had to Mulligan both games. Tough deck and some misplays on my part)

Frank_Glascock on Ad Nauseam Doomsday Zur

36 minutes ago

Are you saying Lupu had counter magic but gambled that you would use yours to stop Moxnix? I ask because while never playing in high level tournaments I imagine this can be an issue? I think Lupu won one or more rounds because of Humility.

Regigigas23 on Spinalripper

37 minutes ago

Hello again Spinalripper! I know it's been a pretty short time since our last trade, but I'm in need of your Hellkite Tyrant, Lotus Petal, Megrim, and promo Sheoldred, Whispering One. (~23$)

I have an Anguished Unmaking, Reflecting Pool, and Drownyard Temple I could trade, plus other cards in my binder (~13$). If you can't find enough for Sheoldred, hopefully we could still trade for the other three.

brokendwarf on ducttapedeckbox

39 minutes ago

I've got a bunch of singleton stuff. Other than Koth, I have a Molten Rain, Ratchet Bomb, Shattering Spree, and I know a guy who has a Goblin Dark-Dwellers I could pick up, but it's the promo if that makes a difference. And from your wants I also have a Wandering Fumarole, Treasure Mage, and Helm of the Ghastlord.

Cipher_8 on Abzan Lifegain/Lifeloss

41 minutes ago

With Briarbridge Patrol being a focus card for us here I wonder if we shouldn't try to include the "deal damage to creature" spells.

Having him deal damage to creatures only Investigates out more and more Clues.

Rabid Bite

Nissa's Judgment

Both those cards are good for dealing damage without having to fight them where they deal damage back to it.

Tail Slash

Chandra's Ignition

Probably my favorite one because it'll deal 3 damage to every creature and put a token out (but not for each one it does deal damage to because it says one or more so only one token.) Still could be a potential boardwipe.

Inner Struggle

Epic Confrontation

Wild Instincts

Unnatural Aggression

Dromoka's Command

Ultimate of Kiora, Master of the Depths

(Moonlight Hunt doesn't work because he's a Human and not a Wolf/Werewolf.)

Mythwind on Slivers Combo

42 minutes ago

Great suggestion. I had completely forgotten about Quilled Sliver and the interaction with Venom Sliver.

I was also thinking of adding Change of Heart, for the art work and the ability to stop the Eldrazi/anihilator creatures that haunt the playgroup...

1scariot on Omnath EDH

42 minutes ago

This is stupid