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JA14732 on Taxing Your Life Away

1 minute ago

I used to have Medomai in here ages ago, he just never did anything, and the extra turn effect was usually unnecessary. I'd much rather run Beacon of Tomorrows and/or Time Warp, but I really, really dislike taking extra turns. As for Celestial Covergence, while I like it, it's very, very slow. Seven turns of making myself a target is not good in my opinion. I did look at your deck, and I do really like adding in maybe some planeswalkers, I mean I do have a Jace AOT sitting around (2, actually), but I'm known to just obsessively use his minus. Mini FOF is amazing. In fact, I might actually add him pretty soon here. Thanks!

Harbinger_Czar on $20 Cycling Deck WINS on ...

2 minutes ago

Love it! Definitely going to play it. I did find one problem though. (Stabilizer) shuts it down pretty hard. Any ideas to get past it?

goodair on One strike, one death copy

2 minutes ago

so was trample the problem or you couldn't keep up

McSween7 on Raining Deathtouch [Suggestions Welcome!]

6 minutes ago

Ah okay, well that is also a good suggestion, but yeah it probably would mess with the decks synergy...hmm. What about removing some cards to replace them? Amd make it stronger.

shinobigarth on Flavorwise, what do you want ...

9 minutes ago

Narset could easily ascend. i don't think its a coincidence that Maro mentioned that Jeskai is his favorite clan...

joeymush on Athreos, God of Passage

11 minutes ago

im not a deck building professional at all but. be careful with running Sorin Markov in certain circles. he is pretty annoying to some people. with that said. i see some of these lands are from the new commander decks and you may want to find replacements for some of them. since you are running black you can try using Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth along with Cabal Coffers for a large mana ramp of black mana. Vivid Marsh and Vivid Meadow for black/white mana possibilities in one land. Command Tower is also a really good staple land for commander. Ghost Quarter can be replaced with a Strip Mine. Vault of the Archangel gives you lifesteal and deathtouch. thats all i can say for lands. but incase you dont know commander staples (or you do know but dont want them) Sensei's Divining Top is really strong in basically all edh decks. Gilded Lotus is also really good along with Caged Sun for mana ramping. also Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood have a instant game win if they are both on the field at once and you gain one life. Vizkopa Guildmage can be used for that combo as well. Phyrexian Arena can help you keep up with card draws to have consistent plays. Exsanguinate fits into what you want the deck to do aswell. gaining life opponent losing life :P. Serra Avatar speaks for itself for the theme you want. i would suggest against Sorin, Solemn Visitor for i think he is somewhat weak. instead you can use Sorin, Lord of Innistrad. Liliana Vess is a really strong planeswalker you can use her negative to search for cards or her plus to force your opponents to discard and make her look really scary. Liliana of the Dark Realms is also a strong planeswalker. there are a lot more i can suggest with creatures but ill leave with those suggestions for now. sorry if this post was somewhat long. just figured id try to help out. im new to commander myself within the past couple months. but im in a circle that plays mostly competitive... so i learn pretty quickly from them whats really strong.

tommeke19 on One strike, one death copy

13 minutes ago

Yes, yesterday i've tested against his ramp deck. But it's a little bit to slow.

On the other hand, with a ramp deck his deck has a lot of strong creatures and trample so when he cast a lot of creatures, it's over for me.

elpokitolama on Slight, Storm

16 minutes ago

Yeah, it's quite good! But I also think that you should (if you have the budget) replace Pull from the Deep by a couple of Snapcaster Mage. In a deck running only a few lands, to tap 4 mana is quite a pain in the butt!

Also, I do remember that there is a cantrip that allows a creature not to be blocked for a turn, but I do not remember its name... But it's far better than Mugging. ;)

Same goes for Thought Scour, which lack the scry of Serum Visions.

Lunatic88 on Want board dominance? Right this ...

17 minutes ago

I run 2 Clever Impersonator in Side Board For Just that effect, and siege rhino.

Unforgivn_II on best way to deal the ...

18 minutes ago

I dropped a Duplicant on him in MTGO Legacy Cube. I won that game.

goodair on One strike, one death copy

19 minutes ago

Its your deck and that aint a bad card but id prob stick to 1 since you already have equipment that gives 4 abilities. Did you get a chance to test it out vs your friend yet

Ihazadeck on American't Hear You Over All ...

20 minutes ago

when i ran this i ran it with Magma Spray at least in the meta where i am at there is a lot elvish mystics and boss sligh decks. being able to burn a creature turn 1 is huge.

AgelessMelek on Jalira, Polymorphs

21 minutes ago

This looks like a lot of fun.

Can't wait for Jelira vs Memnarch vs Talrand vs Esper

tommeke19 on One strike, one death

21 minutes ago

Maybe drop the 2 Ambush Viper and the 2 Grave Pact for 2 Grappling Hook and add more mana.

Ill try it later today, thank for the tip!

ALX on Abzanity

22 minutes ago

Still confused, I did not (to the best of my knowledge) post this, or any of my other decks on the thread you're talking about... I don't even know that exists???Can you post a link to the relevant page on this thread?

xzzane on Just got omega ruby

22 minutes ago

I can't wait. I just hope my brother doesn't spoil everything!

tommeke19 on One strike, one death copy

24 minutes ago


I was thinking about cutting 2 Liliana's Reaver for 2 Cairn Wanderer

randomguy123 on Showdown #29: Myr Match

29 minutes ago

I think it would be cool if you had you play against whomever and record the matches, because though the articles are great, reading 1627 words is not. Also, having a clear picture of board state and hand would be nice in some of the longer games where it is difficult to visualize what is going on.

Zimmers_0 on Purists Pox

30 minutes ago

Pox is always a great concept. Personally use it with undying creatures and Quest for the Gravelord. I believe a 5/5 would help speed up this deck, maybe Shrieking Affliction as well.

VampireArmy on Just got omega ruby

32 minutes ago

Actually yes you do get to go to battle island but that's all I'll spoil. The ending is extremely immersive and reading up on it will be way less fun

DuTogira on 'Fact Is...

32 minutes ago

Hmmmm... I have no clue how to fit it in but along the same lines as the Myr Battlesphere you could also consider Pentavus. Could be pretty ridiculous with Glaze Fiend later in the game. Just a funny thought.

xzzane on Just got omega ruby

33 minutes ago

I can't wait to play this. My brother was awesome enough to pick me up a copy of Omega Ruby, so I get to play it next time I see him. I really hope they have all the same end content that they did in Emerald, because that battle pyramid was amazing.

celestite4 on exalted white/green/blue

35 minutes ago

I would recommend Akrasan Squire, Qasali Pridemage and Knotvine Paladin. You also might want some better mana fixing. Blossoming Sands, Tranquil Cove, Thornwood Falls, and Seaside Citadel are good options. Some other options are Azorius Guildgate, Simic Guildgate, and Selesnya Guildgate. If you want truly good mana fixing, I would use fetch lands like Windswept Heath, Misty Rainforest, and Flooded Strand in conjunction with the Bant shocklands: Temple Garden, Hallowed Fountain and Breeding Pool. That mana fixing option is quite expensive, though. Noble Hierarch is also amazing, but expensive.

Epochalyptik on while i control at least ...

36 minutes ago

Always check the Gatherer rulings before asking a question.

9/20/2014: Placed on a creature you control includes that creature entering the battlefield with +1/+1 counters on it. If a creature would enter the battlefield with a number of +1/+1 counters on it while you control Hardened Scales, it enters with that many counters plus one.

Ooska on Turn 0

36 minutes ago

4x Gitaxian Probe instead of Pact of Negation

Awesome deck!

Luutamo on One strike, one death

39 minutes ago

I know the manacost is pretty high but I think Grappling Hook would work really well in this deck concept.

xzzane on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

40 minutes ago

Pack Rat mainly sees play in DeadGuy Ale, yes. It can be seen as very similar to tokens, with a few key distinctions. Fun archetype though, I've wanted to try it for a while.

VampireArmy on Just got omega ruby

41 minutes ago

Dat delta chapter was adorable. I ship The hell outa Brendan and May :) on the other hand, i am enjoying my rayquayza as i am a lover of dragon types. I picked mudkip though as my starter because i did that ten years ago wanting to change from always picking fire...best decision for this series.

I only just caught deoxys but i assume it's not as good as it used to be.

Askani28 on Mono Blue Reanimator

41 minutes ago

Mouhahahaha I love your style +1

bamfbanki on New Format: One-Man Show

42 minutes ago

Come test wit us people! On Cockatrice!

Dusk on Mono Blue Mill Deck

45 minutes ago

And I would suggest Mind Sculpt if you want to have consistently a 5/5 Jace's Phantasm turn 3.

EarthToThien on Temur Midrange

48 minutes ago

firestar157: In a meta game where there are a lot of really powerful creatures on the ground, the best way to get the beats in is in the air.

DukeSteele: I bring in Keranos, God of Storms when I feel like the game is going to go long, so mostly against Abzan and Control matchups to add extra reach and the additional card advantage.

jubale: I haven't had the chance to use Icy Blast yet, but it is a nice way to open up your attacks. I'm also debating on Barrage of Boulders as well.

pretickle on Interesting Modern decks

48 minutes ago

Turbo fog..... its the only real way to play

Clones16 on Oooh baby! You're on fire!

49 minutes ago

hmm never thot about tht

Dusk on Mono Blue Mill Deck

52 minutes ago

Since it is a casual deck, I would suggest Mindcrank even without its partner Duskmantle Guildmage and maybe Ensoul Artifact since you have a decent number of artifacts. You could make an aggro mill deck which I've never see here on TO. I also appreciate the fact that you made a monoblue mill deck without the infinite mana/mill combo Blue Sun's Zenith + Grand Architect + Pili-Pala . I had a similar deck, very casual, where I exploited Training Grounds with Mindshrieker and Ambassador Laquatus.

Epochalyptik on if I tap an creature ...

52 minutes ago

@Named_Tawyny: You'll notice that all of those cards create explicit exceptions to my statement. One of Magic's primary rules is that nothing atypical happens unless it's expressly permitted by a written effect in game.

JexInfinite on while i control at least ...

53 minutes ago

Since Heroes' Bane enters with a specific number of counters, that is counted as putting counters on it, and therefore begins with 5 +1/+1 counters.

Epochalyptik on Trade Binder Organization

54 minutes ago

I keep my value cards in another binder entirely. I only pull that binder out if I know I'm dealing with a trader who will only work with value cards. My primary binder has enough moderate cards to secure me a deal, but nothing like Force of Wills or Noble Hierarchs.

TheFlameReaper on Oooh baby! You're on fire!

54 minutes ago

@Clones16 Funny thing cos I thought the exact same thing when I first saw Eidolon! However, I realized that Modern is one of the fastest formats. RU Delver as an example is the top deck for Modern. Thus, running Eidolon really helps to punish the majority of the decks in Modern. Also, I have won many games with this card and although it did quite a lot of dmg to me, I was still at a higher life total that my opponent and it helped won the game.

savagemt on Kalitas

55 minutes ago

Vampire cards to help make Driver of the dead worth it:

Shadow Alley Denizen- Evasion is good!

Viscera Seer and Bloodthrone Vampire are great free sacrifice outlets, if you are into that kind of thing.

Vampire Hexmage: Yes she can kill planeswalkers.

koylucumert on while i control at least ...

56 minutes ago

My deck plays more about +1/+1 counters and was just wondering

ryuzaki32667 on lunarman1995

57 minutes ago


koth_of_the_bummer on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

59 minutes ago

While it does make tokens, isn't Pack Rat being run on a different deck? If not mistaken, it has its own home on a BW Midrange deck called Dead Guy Ale.

IMO, Pack Rat seems not fit here.

Epochalyptik on First EDH Deck Advice 19-11-14-athreos-god-of-passage

59 minutes ago

Please read the forum descriptions before posting. The format forums are explicitly labeled "NO DECKLISTS." Moved.

scrotality on Liquid Assured Land Destruction

1 hour ago

this deck is begging for Shattering Spree :D

nice innovative idea.. +1 from me!

Pal00ka on Ephara is great

1 hour ago

"Draw Cards into Cards" with capitals looks like a slogan copied and pasted into a sentence...is it? And if you want better card advice then having an actual description of card choices will help others help you.

Anywho, your deck focuses on Chasm Skulker but really looks like a heroic build. You cannot always count on having Chasm win so I'd focus on heroic elements that can win and boost him at the same time.

I would increase your instants and sorceries to hit your heroics more, so focusing your creature list to cards that stand on their own and supplement Chasm will make room.

The idea of adding Ephara, God of the Polis in here for extra draw is clever and will definitely surprise your opponent. +1 for originality, haven't seen it before.