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kmcree on Restoring a Broken Mirror

1 minute ago

Honestly, I haven't really seen any competitive decks running Phyrexian Crusader. But if I run into him, I can counter him, use Supreme Verdict/Wrath of God, or use something like Batterskull to block, or even Snapcaster Mage to chump. I honestly don't see him as a problem.

Kjartan on ELF HERE, ELF THERE! Feedback ...

1 minute ago

I wouls take out all the Nissa's and, her chosens and the oracle's for more Joraga Warcaller and Imperious Perfect and alike, because they all support the aggro based strategy a lot more.

Shathief on Rafiq voltron (Suggestions)

3 minutes ago


I chose your deck at random to goldfish and test one of my EDH decks against and I got mana screwed in 2 out of 4 games with your list, could just be bad luck on my end or i should not of kept a 2 land hand... but when I had the mana your deck took off but I was starving for white mana twice

Just my playtesting feedback


goodair on [Need Help!] Oloro, Ageless Ascent

4 minutes ago

Looking at other people's decks for ideas is a nice start. There are different routes and combos you can go and since that commander came in a set, you can get the premade deck and just upgrade it as you go. That way you have a full deck ready to play.

BadAtHandles on Hydro Pump

6 minutes ago

Hi there! This deck is awesome, kudos. I played with the list as is tonight with some friends with expensive decks and it played admirably for a casual deck and it was more fun than anything i've played this format. I had really good games against Jeskai burn and Bant Prowess but had a really tough time against a Bant midrange deck that ramps into Dragonlord Ojutai. The final effect on Dromoka's Command gave me a lot of trouble as well but I definitely made some misplays that could have changed those games as a result of this being the first time i've used this deck, for example not using Ordeal of Thassa optimally.

I was thinking about splashing black for Agent of the Fates and Coat with Venom. Maybe even Scourgemark. Initially it looks to me like it would hinder consistency and and might not be worth it in the end but I figured that since I already have the fetches and the black stuff I should give it a try. I'll let you know how it does and thank you for sharing this!

kamarupa on BW Token Experiments

6 minutes ago

you should tag this deck as Orzhov and Tokens for better visibility when deckcycling

kengiczar on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

7 minutes ago

Shadow of Doubt is so funny to use when they go to crack their 1st fetch at end of my 2nd turn. So so funny.

CastleSiege on Upon Her Throne of Thorns

8 minutes ago

Den Protector seems a little slow, but I'll definitely consider him! Thanks :)

kamarupa on BW Token Experiments

8 minutes ago

Thanks for the comment on my deck!

I should have recommended Sundering Growth - even better than both Revoke Existence and Disenchant

sonnet666 on Copying Imprint

10 minutes ago

Prototype Portal + Strionic Resonator

This just came up in a game. If I copy Prototype Portal's ETB trigger with Strionic Resonator and exile two artifacts, what do I pay for Prototype Portal's activated ability, and what happens when I activate it?

dmb3065 on Power is Overrated!

13 minutes ago

I would replace yoked ox with disowned ancestor, not only does it cost only one, but it has outlast which works nicely with High Sentinels.

IzzetGolgariLovechild on Omnomnomnath

15 minutes ago

My playgroup and I are in agreement that the ban is only because the "banned as commander" and "banned" list was combined and that it really isn't that ban-worthy.

Tomnofx on Heroic Auras

15 minutes ago

That's right, taking out the 2 Gleam of Authority would be best for Daybreak CoronetThanks for the suggestion.

APPLE01DOJ on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

16 minutes ago

I like the idea of control... Must be an odd deck to build a SB for though...

ForsakenM on Thin Mints

18 minutes ago
  1. I already know that this deck is not Tier 1 for the TL format. I'm just making it as good as possible, and I'm also working on new ways to play her, and I do think that adding cards like Iron Maiden would make her much better.

  2. By the time you draw those 'cards that don't do anything,' you are able to play them from the mana she produces. Heck, sometimes you can play and use them in the same turn. which allows her to keep going.

Also, gonna update it: Voltaic Key and Liquimetal Coating dropped for Burgeoning and Quest for Renewal.

kamarupa on Wrath of Blood

18 minutes ago

hell yea. solid suggestions. thanks a bunch, formayor

Femme_Fatale on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

21 minutes ago

Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant are the cards for soul sisters.

The only really acceptable lifegain cards in modern are Feed the Clan, Kor Firewalker and Auriok Champion. Other cards that have relevant lifegain but not explicitly used for it are Siege Rhino, Kitchen Finks, Scavenging Ooze, Sword of Light and Shadow (do the swords of X and Y ever see play anymore?), Lightning Helix, Wurmcoil Engine ... there was another one but I can't remember what it was called.

simondiamond2012 on Wizards Off The Coast

22 minutes ago

I run a creatureless Talrand and can appreciate the silliness of where you are going with this.

Here's some ideas to mull over:

Eye of the Storm + Spellshift ... With Talrand out, it's GG, like a boss. I've pulled that combo off on other people's turns and it is disgusting.

Eye of the Storm + Knowledge Exploitation ... This is another combo you could use with Talrand to annihilate your opponents with; this combo steals all of their instants and sorceries.

Beyond that, Force of Will, Pact of Negation, and Disrupting Shoal are worth a look if you're willing to spend the money.

Overall it's not a bad deck.

emask on F*ck Fetches

27 minutes ago

I wonder, but could Chalice of the Void have a home here? I know your main card is 1cmc, but maybe after you've played it.. It's also not too hard to remove, so might be too hopeful a scenario...just thinking out loud. I've always wanted to use Chalice, but love my one drops too much!

kylothian on landfall synergy

27 minutes ago

and yes Oracle of Mul Daya and Courser of Kruphix are under heavy heavy consideration but like with dark confidant im worried they'll drain me of land to quickly ,but i should just try them they'd give me top deck control and hand advantage. i'm just not sure if i should go with oracle who is weaker but really is ramp and additional landfall especially when paired with Oboro, Palace in the Clouds or for courser who is tougher cheaper, and life gain. but no real ramp and additional landfall.

SpikedEggnog on Stormblessed

28 minutes ago

yeah storms pro white i just mind blanked on that for a minute, but point being it kills a ton of stuff in standard at the 4 health range. only a few cards dont die to it, like Rhino, Tasigur, Sidisi undead vizier, etc.

Yoshi400x7 on Karrthus Tyrant of Jund EDH, ...

29 minutes ago

also check out my dragon tribal deck for some more ideas

kengiczar on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

30 minutes ago

My bad I was thinking of the Soul Sister's deck but Soulmender was he only creature I could think of that sounded close.

emask on F*ck Fetches

30 minutes ago

No prob! Might not be worth it, but who knows. I love it against Affinity and aggro lists. Also throws a wrench in various UWR builds I've found.

Yoshi400x7 on Karrthus Tyrant of Jund EDH, ...

31 minutes ago

nice deck. perhaps you should try Conspiracy to make everything dragons?

Femme_Fatale on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

31 minutes ago

No deck ever runs Soulmender kengiczar. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is also used in various affinity builds on occasion.

Femme_Fatale on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

33 minutes ago

It also dies to Burn pretty badly.

Putrefy on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

34 minutes ago

@ bijschjdbcd no one was playing Telling Time in Twin before, so why would you run Anticipate?

kylothian on landfall synergy

36 minutes ago

oh cool i shall absorb your knowledge.:) and yeah aurelias fury is in one of the scapey decks i made previously landfall rush + scapeshift as well as Naya Charm which acted as a psuedo Cryptic Command. that deck sadly failed because of the need for mountains but i think Prismatic Omen could fix that.

Gosse on Soul Sisters!

40 minutes ago

TsunaHan, Thanks again, making the swap and will see how it plays soon.

Saberxbro on First Standard Deck

40 minutes ago

Ah yes, and Tasigur, the Golden Fang. How could I forget him.

awesomeguy37 on Upon Her Throne of Thorns

41 minutes ago

Have you considered Den Protector as a second Eternal Witness? Nice deck tho, +!

kengiczar on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

41 minutes ago

Do you think replacing just a few of the lands with Inkmoth Nexus would hurt the deck to much?

I like the idea of having those main and then siding in Pithing Needle to slow fetches and Contagion Clasp if they like to play turn 1 drops, things like Soulmender for life gain or Birds of Paradise / Noble Hierarch for ramp.

StopShot on Restoring a Broken Mirror

42 minutes ago

What would be your solution card to use, if your opponent sideboarded in Phyrexian Crusader on the second match?

Saberxbro on First Standard Deck

42 minutes ago
  1. Get rid of the Archetype
  2. Focus more on one thing. This may seem fun with lots of different things to do, but its less efficient and your cards dont have as much synergy.
  3. Get rid of Bolt for something else. Any other burn spell is better.
  4. Get rid of Font of Return
  5. Ruthless Ripper is just a glorified rat, get rid of it

Ok so basically you seem to think getting cards back from the grave is strong. It's really not. There's a black devotion combo of Mogis's Marauder + Rally the Ancestors which is okay, but beyond that Whip is strong because it puts it on the battlefield. The easiest way to abuse whip is to use Enter the Battlefield effects. If you want to do that, I'd suggest changing this to a kind of dash deck, with that extra graveyard dash. Ambuscade Shaman is strong with whip, whether you want to go that dash route or not.

  1. Descent of Dragons is pretty bad unless you build the whole deck around it.

  2. Gravecaller and Sadist are prety bad is you dont build an exploit deck. If you want graveyard potential, things like Bitter Revelation provides draw power and whip fuel. Graveyard is traditionally strongest in Black and Green. In the current standard meta, black is fairly strong on its own. Thunderbreak Regent is definitely strong. Dragonlord Kolaghan is good as well.

One of the bigger problems I see is the lack of a mana curve. You have very few early creature drops, which is kind of the opposite of what Red and Black is supposed to do. Sidisi is good, but it has a high mana cost. Considering how many other high mana cost creatures you have, I'd maybe drop 1 of those or 1 of the thunderbreaks.

In red black you're generally fairly aggressive. If you plan on going the midrange route (good curve, lots of removal), then I'd put in a few generator servants, as they can accelerate your game greatly. Bloodsoaked Champion is also great since it can come back from the grave.

You'll definitely want to max out Downfalls, and maybe put in a few Ultimate Prices. As for red, you'll want to drop in a few roasts.

That's all Ill do for now since Im tired and got some other stuff to do before going to bed :P

CastleSiege on Nicol Bolas is in Command ...

46 minutes ago

Play land for turn

Play Tezzeret and/or Trinket Mage

Go get one/two additional land(s) for free.

Tezzeret puts them into play and Trinket mage puts it into your hand. It's mana ramp for your colours which is hard to come by outside of mana rocks. Keep in mind they can grab your rocks too.

Play Trinket Mage. Tutor for Mana Crypt and put it into play.

Trust me, it's good lol.

wolfhead on ...Anybody want a peanut!? Giant ...

47 minutes ago

haha love the vibe!
also best use of Awaken the Ancient ive ever seen

dISSECTIONER on Soul Sister token party

49 minutes ago

Hi,maybe you can use one of thoose Blaze Commando, Sunhome Guildmage. Best regards:)

Toddinko on Addictive Behaviors

49 minutes ago

Do they host a draft night?

awesomeguy37 on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

49 minutes ago

kengiczar Tezzeret Control is like a fringe UB Artifact control, I think they run the normal Control suite (Damnation, Mana Leak etc.) As well as artifact control elements (like Torpor Orb and Relic of Progenitus) and ramp (Talisman of Dominance, Dimir Signet etc.) to finish with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas or Wurmcoil Engine/Blightsteel Colossus.

aeonstoremyliver I think it is just fine, nothing to flashy or great but can do well at FNM.