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EpicFreddi on jund sideboard

4 minutes ago

well.. how does your mainboard look like?

Mullac on Swamp them!

5 minutes ago

One more thing, Odric, Lunarch Marshal or Concerted Effort (depending on if u want a creature or enchantment) Is pretty good, theres nothing wrong having both because then all your creatures have Flying + First Strike. Odric being the cheaper option. Mirran Crusader is a great addition.

DavidBray on Speak "friend" and Enter

6 minutes ago

You, sir, have a point L1NX. Now to save up for Muddle the Mixture

EpicFreddi on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

9 minutes ago

The first limited environment where you can actually pick a counterspell and play it. Mainboard.

Ryotenchi on Boza

11 minutes ago

Huh. Haven't heard that one before. Usually its always the creatures everyone goes off about.

Cool! I just learned something. =n.n= ...and Im def going to part out that deck I think.

Boza on Ryotenchi

15 minutes ago

ACtually, Grafdigger's Cage does stop Living End strategies - they cannot cast the card since it is still in their library.

JohnnyBaggins on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

18 minutes ago

It has Counterspell at freaking common.

Ryotenchi on Boza

19 minutes ago

Actually doesnt affect Living End at all, as the creatures enter exile before they enter play. Not that LE is seemingly less popular.

I def need those things.. I wish Id trusted myself when I wanted them before.. at 3$ and bought them in paper.

cujo253 on Modern Mardu Control

19 minutes ago

Dark Confidant with so many high drops is going to be very detrimental to you. I love bob, but ripping a Goblin Dark-Dwellers makes me cringe at the thought. That said, with or without bob, I think this deck should run a full playset of Shambling Vent, surprisingly this manland is extremely useful, especially if you keep Dark Confidant in. I know there's a choke at your 3 - drop, but maybe Monastery Mentor or even Young Pyromancer in this deck would be solid.

Personal opinion for sideboard, Extirpate over Surgical Extraction and Slaughter Games. It still can shut down tron, and with split second really outclasses Slaughter Games (totally personal opinion here) in current meta as counter magic isn't really that prevalent.

Cool deck, really good first go

Ender666666 on #SorryNotSorry

22 minutes ago

Hey mathguy124. Yes. I love me some Tainted AEther, and even ran it at one point. Unfortunately it nonboed too often with Luminarch Ascension as a wincon, so I cut it for the same of having a finisher. Great suggestion though!

Boza on Gruul Butts (aka Languish? Yeah, ...

23 minutes ago

See, I do not think that is different enough from a GR ramp deck, expect that it has some worse cards in it, like goldnight castigator and assault formation. You either go for big but aggro or you go for a ramp strategy, the two do not mix well.

EpicFreddi on Mardu "Take-15-Because-I-Flipped-Emrakul".deck

27 minutes ago

LordGanondorf GraveTitan would add to the deck, but he doesn't win the game on the spot when I play him with Nahiri.

PeeBee on Gruul Butts (aka Languish? Yeah, ...

31 minutes ago

I like the deck +1 from me, however I feel the Guardians of Meletis 3 drop could be used more efficiently. I would say -3 guardians, +1 Sylvan Advocate +2 Explosive Vegetation, which will help jadi offshoot finding more lands and help you get to your bigger threats quicker, this will also help the Sylvan Advocate become unlanguish-able quicker too.

Velkaarn on Go Green Or ELSE!

32 minutes ago

I think I'll build this one too! +1'd.

You sure you need 40 lands though?

mama_tom on "Kitchen Jumanji"

34 minutes ago

Just so you know Prophet of Kruphix and Primeval Titan are banned in edh. You can play them in duel commander but there are also other cards in this deck that a banned there as well such as Sol Ring

frusciante7 on The Path To GP ~ ...

35 minutes ago

Seems like a pretty good list :) nothing too fancy but it'll work out well that's a fact.

That being said, I'm not a huge fan of Shusher in the SB. I don't see how he helps you out with your main gameplan. If you're worried about Blue control (and mainly counterspells), I'd recommand you to go with Defense Grid, which won't die to mass removals that most control decks run.

You shouldn't be much concerned about counterspells IMO. As a RW burn player I don't really care when a spell of mine gets countered. They'll take more damage eventually. Therefore I'd go with something more useful like GY hate (Relic of Progenitus) or one more Molten Rain for greedy manabases / Tron.

Boza on Necessity of Grafdigger's cage Modern ...

35 minutes ago

Forgot to mention Grafdigger's cage also Stops:

telepathyoverdrive on Mardu Midrange / Control

36 minutes ago

When would you bring in Anguished Unmaking? I think there's probably better options like Wear / Tear maybe?

I feel like there should probably be a stony in there also.

And have you played the infect match at all?

ThePavlova on Budget White Life Gain

36 minutes ago

Interesting cards. My first deck (and only original) is Mono-White Budget Lifegain. I think keeping to one colour is a lot easier for your first deck as it makes the mana balancing a heap simpler. Martyr of Sands is a great card and I would choose it over Goldenglow Moth. A lot of the cards in my deck could really help yours out. I'm not sure about the lifegain from defending your deck relies on. It's good but you can only really win by a buffed Ajani's Pridemate or by Felidar Sovereign. Test of Endurance might be better and easier to get out early. You really don't want the duels going to long, giving the opponent time to get you below that 40 life. Focusing on early lifegain with Martyr of Sands can make 50 achievable for Test of Endurance if you don't let them get any hits in. Sunbond could really help Ajani's Pridemate out as well. Not great against all decks but Chalice of Life  Flip is heaps of fun and can give you some easy wins with early lifegain, the 30 life trigger is heaps good for a constant 5 damage per turn.

edwardsl on G/W Aggro

38 minutes ago

True, it works against everything except Infect, the second most popular modern deck.

edwardsl on Abzan Re-animator

47 minutes ago

A nice deck, but a it slow for the metagame. might not work so well against Jund, Infect, Affinity and Naya Burn as well as Abzan Company.

TheShortSwede on Sydri's Toy Shop

47 minutes ago

It should be fixed! It looks like a really fun deck now and I can't wait to get to play it against my friends. =D

Ryotenchi on Necessity of Grafdigger's cage Modern ...

55 minutes ago

Thanx for the help, Boza/PepsiAddicted/zandl.

Shall see what I learn after I get the rest of the deck bought in a week or two and hopefully a few games against those particular decks and not the current in hype ones.

This has to better than my paper experience at least.

dinox222 on Tricky Spirits *6-0*

58 minutes ago

poshakitoo I honestly have 0 clue what I'm going to replace them with. Rotation is still months away and we just have see what the next set from this block brings. And also what the new block will have to offer. But speculating probably gonna be more control and move 3 more counter spells into the main board once Anafenza rotates.

Halospades on Where's your deck gone?

1 hour ago

Looks good have you played it at your local game store?

charlesovery on Ormendahl's Tokens

1 hour ago

bij - thank you for your interest. Just a quick note I'm not even set on anything about this deck. The manabase can change as see fit.

Yes Wrath of God goes against our gameplan. However, it is really good against Merfolk when you can cast it without a counter. However like the comment above there are some changes that have occurred and I will be writing about hose in the next week or so.

Linear - progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequential.

The process of changing the deck is a good one and our goal was to implement a change that was good for the use of an end gamer. Tokens in the past felt weak as it depended solely on the tokens generated to win games. So, when we received an email asking us about the use of Westvale Abbey in modern we took the challenge and built into this. Ormendahl is a late game finisher if need be and runs great with Secure the Waste and Bitterblossom.

Engineered Explosives was a weird card that interacts with Affinity and zoo. It can allow you a turn point against them both especially when you get a Gideon or a Sorin out. I think everyone underestimates Gideon and how and what all he can do in this and for this deck. Are there better answer against Merfolk and Affinity? That is where there should be discussion on this for sure. We have a few options and like I said I will be writing about those and I will make them extensive.

Thank you for your questions and your interest.

Boza on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

1 hour ago

I do not see anyone mentioning it so:

PepsiAddicted on Needle / Revoker?

1 hour ago


RupertPhd on Card creation challenge

1 hour ago

Mulching Station
, sacrifice a creature: put two 0/1 Plant creature tokens into play.

Make an artifact with an activated ability that is red.

bijschjdbcd on I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid ...

1 hour ago

Thing in the Ice isnt what this deck wants to be. Essentially, this deck aims to go to the late game. Thing is such a bad topdeck late game and is usually only good turn 2. Additionally, creature maps is where this deck shines. So thig doesn't improve any matchup.

Counterspell isn't modern legal.

Boza on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

1 hour ago

@EmblemMan, this is because Wizards do not own the original art - until 10 years ago (or maybe a bit more) all rights to the art belonged to the artist. So older art like Karakas may not actually belong to Wizards, so they cannot use it.

Denial048 on Does this multiply as one ...

1 hour ago

Oh! Right, didn't even think it through like that. Technically, though, he then gets 10 triggers from Partisans, the initial 2 from Zada then the extra 8. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up

krunchyfrogg on I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid ...

1 hour ago

Awesome deck, +1 from me.

Question: why not use the much more versatile Counterspell over the other similar, less versatile cards in the deck?

With all those instants, a few Thing in the Ice  Flip might be a sweet addition.

Boza on Necessity of Grafdigger's cage Modern ...

1 hour ago

Burn decks are usually Naya colors and have access to Path to Exile in the sideboard specifically for those pesky Firewalkers. The best white card is probably 3x Leyline of Sanctity. Shuts down sac effects and discard spells.

In my UW Deck, I run 3x leyline and 2 firewalker, since I am purposefully weak to Burn in g1 to strenghten other matchups.

zandl on Front Page Feature #1

1 hour ago

That's fair criticism. After seeing it all posted with its HTML on one page, I kinda see that now.

Piogre on Collector Defector

1 hour ago

This deck wins by your opponent conceding before you can activate collector protector's ability.

Ohana on Collector Defector

1 hour ago

As an alternative win condition :P

Piogre on Collector Defector

1 hour ago

I considered zedruu. more colors = more issues though.

Ohana on Collector Defector

1 hour ago

Would you consider adding in red for Zedruu the Greathearted?

Profet93 on Mono Black Control Deck Help

1 hour ago


  1. Yeah, I thought so. Just wanted to be sure.
  2. Good point, I'll put it under "acquire after I sell my kidneys"
  3. Does black really have no target artifact/enchantment removal? I have some of the cards you mentioned. Do you feel like Gate to Phyrexia would be a good addition for my deck and what I should take out for it?

Ryotenchi on Necessity of Grafdigger's cage Modern ...

1 hour ago

Aye aye to that. Just havent landed one against burn ever..

Boza on Front Page Feature #1

1 hour ago

For future installments I would probably skip on the variants part - it does add to the article but detracts focus from the original deck that spawned it.

Everything else is great, especially the deck creator insight, which is quite a unique TO thing.

zandl on Necessity of Grafdigger's cage Modern ...

1 hour ago

Firewalker is real. Burn decks don't readily have answers for it, it auto-blocks their little creatures, and takes the edge of the rest of their spells.

zandl on New to MTG, need Standard ...

1 hour ago

I wrote an article a few years back that outlines what I think makes for a successful first few tournaments. (I took the readers through deck-building... you obviously wouldn't be building that deck for today's Standard, but I think the lessons are still there.) It's a read, but it's worth it.

So You Want to Play in a Tournament?

Ryotenchi on Necessity of Grafdigger's cage Modern ...

1 hour ago

I feared as much, Boza and zandl. Im def going to have to upgrade for them. Im new to MTGO, So Im a little behind on the learn curve for the mtgo meta.

I also have to worry about finding the best white anti burn card.. Timely Reinforcements and Thalia dont get along. I still dont know if I can trust Kor Firewalker and use up 2 sideboard slots on it.

The Nahiri hype, def makes grafdigger's cage that much more must have.. o.o I hope it doesnt get too much more expensive.

NoNeedToBragoBoutIt on Budget Goblins!

1 hour ago

+1 from my side! Always got love for old school tribal decks (feel free to check out my Ezuri - Regenerating Leader deck).

As for the cards, i'm not convinced of these yet:

Some more suggestions:

In general up your creature count and reconsider everything that's not a goblin, if you really need it. You got a great basis, with a few adjustments and investment over time this could turn out really nasty.

zandl on Browbeat vs hexproof ruling help!!!!

1 hour ago

Browbeat doesn't target any player for the 5 damage. It's a choice that each player gets to make. If you choose to take 5, you take 5 regardless of having Hexproof or not because the damage portion of the spell doesn't target you for it.