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rdean14 on Burn Out

22 minutes ago

I you don't have any draw power, I'd suggest Faithless Looting, and Experimental Frenzy or Bomat Courier or Risk Factor. If you'd rather not have draw power, Thunderous Wrath is a great burn spell if you never are drawing more than one card per turn (and just in general). I dislike Rift Bolt; It gives your opponent a full turn. Inspiring Vantage and Arid Mesa would be vastly superior to the Battlefield Forge and Clifftop Retreat. I'd drop the Plains. If you need white mana, use Arid Mesa to fetch a Sacred Foundry. I played several mirror matches against my own Reckless Rakdos (Ideal), and your deck faired quite well, even against Rain of Gore neutralizing your Lightning Helix.

Ravenrose on Temur Lands

26 minutes ago

What exactly is the goal of this deck because I do not see it? I am just curious because this deck looks like it will hate on any other blue deck, especially control, that it will come across.

Isellcarsmfer on Blink Rhino

31 minutes ago

Version 5.2 many edits after much playtesting. Deck is still not 100% but effective. Any new suggestions are appreciated.

NV_1980 on Muldrotha CCCombo Un-Breaker!

31 minutes ago


We like your deck but we'd really recommend some more removal. Graveyard decks can be shut down very easily by enchantments like Leyline of the Void, Rest in Peace and similar cards. So enchantment/artifact removal like Reclamation Sage,Trygon Predator, Naturalize and Krosan Grip can come in real handy.


Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

carpecanum on Defenders Matter

38 minutes ago

Wave of Reckoning and Cultural Exchange. Cultural Exchange can hit creatures with hexproof and shroud because it targets the player not the creature. They get a defender and you get whatever you want. To play spoiler you can force 2 opponents to trade creatures. Hilarity ensues.

BraxTune on U/R Mission Control

51 minutes ago

Tuning has always been so vital to the builds I create. Tuning against the meta, tuning against myself, tuning against my very imagination. You suffer sometimes. You create something you are so proud of only to watch it crumble to dust against the skill or luck of the player across from you.

You have to dig even deeper in these times and calculate and assess your choices so closely. It becomes a bit of an obsession. Thankfully my ADHD self loves that part the most.

Well, I went and did it, I went full Delver. Count em'. A whole friggin playset now. And you know what, one of the better choices I've made to date. I was initially worried that Delver of Secrets  Flip was an early game only card but after what musta been 30 or more test plays I was proved very very wrong.

Making space for the lil' guy was tricky, I tried a few combinations and decided on a 10 count of creatures. Ionize is out for now. It's a beautiful card and I can't wait to brew with it more in the future but space was needed and it was the weakest link in the moment. I considered sideboarding a copy but with the meta so engrossed by burn, weinie tribal, and permanent control more speed and response was in order.

I have decided to main board a copy of Anger of the Gods, honestly one of the better value cards in my deck. For three mana and 1 card, you often find yourself taking as many as 3 cards or more permanently off of the table. That's just solid card advantage right there. Crumble to Dust has been moved to the sideboard. Still never a bad swap in to make.

The process continues

See you at the table

Legendary_Shadow on Dem Cheap Zombies Doe!

51 minutes ago

fearfactor19 the guild kits are not standard legal, the only standard legal cards in them are the ones that were in GRN. So I guess use the lockets instead.

Chibisensei on Defenders Matter

1 hour ago

mgc974 Hmm: I might cut the lifegain cards and go for blink and draw and go wide with my board with walls. I might exchange Arachnogenesis with Heroic Intervention. I don't know how i feel about Ghostly Prison and Propaganda. They're good but maybe not for my deck.

Vlasiax I do agree i needed to change the land ratio so that i can add more defenders and had some in mind like Wall of Shards, but i was looking through your deck list and may take your advice into consideration. It's currently at the tuning stage so i may make some changes in the future after playing

fearfactor19 on Dem Cheap Zombies Doe!

1 hour ago

Legendary_Shadow...Abelzumi... the signet was reprinted in the Guilds of Ravnica Kits, which I believe makes it standard again... however I could very well be incorrect on this, if so I will happily swap out for the Locket. Cheers, and thank you guys for the comments greatly appreciated!

Argy on Need Help Tuning My Deck

1 hour ago

You're not going to take a deck to "the next level" for an extra $10.

Particularly not Golgari mid.

Argy on Flooremoji

1 hour ago

Please don't link your decks on other people's decks, unless they have asked you to.

Other people's decks are places to offer advice on how they can be tweaked.

On my Allies deck you didn't even ask if I would be prepared to go to five colours (which I'm not). You just linked yours.

mgc974 on Best mono green commander from ...

1 hour ago

Oh and it's important to play creatures like Reclamation Sage , Woodfall Primus, Acidic Slime rather than cards like Naturalize, Dissenter's Deliverance or Crushing Canopy

Chromatic Lantern has no power here ^^

Rabid_Wombat on Downshifted Pauper Cards in UMA

1 hour ago

PooperDix UMA is released on the 7th of December so from that date onwards the cards are legal bro :)

SynergyBuild That's so cool although Fire / Ice is going to make Delver even better (like they needed that :/) but I may run one or two in my Rainbow Tron deck.

Flooremoji I can still dream bro...and Wizards have to do something drastic to increase UMA's EVO which is just awful as the set stands right now.

mgc974 on Best mono green commander from ...

1 hour ago

vasarto77 for under 100 dollars, you can get a good mono G deck. First, cut all the vanilla creature in the deck even Gigantosaurus unless Goreclaw is your commander.Same for Impervious Greatwurm. If you play big creature, they must have an impact when they etb or attack. Spore Frog doesn't help you to get throught the goal of your deck. Hush there are a lot of enchantement in your meta ?

You can easily find some green good stuff for trade in the blinders of other players.

You can go on EDHrec and see the most played cards in mono green EDH. There are a lot of cheap good cards

imSandstorm on Etali, Primal Storm EDH

1 hour ago

TheNocholas, thanks for your comment! That's a sick deck, man. I appreciate your suggestions. Think I will playtest Whispersilk Cloak in the deck and see how it does.

mcspaddin on TateEn

1 hour ago

Hey I saw that you were interested in my enchantment prison deck. Since GRN it has had a major overhaul, please check it out: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/esper-name-control/?cb=1542781187

mcspaddin on 4runner117

1 hour ago

Hey, I saw that you were looking into my enchantment prison deck. Since GRN it has had a pretty major overhaul, please check it out: https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/esper-name-control/?cb=1542781187

mcspaddin on MahBoi100

1 hour ago

Hey, I saw that you liked my Orzhov enchantment prison deck. After GRN I had a major overhaul and added a color. Please check it out, https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/esper-name-control/?cb=1542781187.

Cloudius on Koalatoucher

1 hour ago

Thanks for Upvoting my deck:

We Love Freebies! *Primer*

Commander / EDH Cloudius


Hope you enjoy the deck as much as I do. Cheers!

Zmeiritorukuno126 on Dimir Control

1 hour ago

Maybe Moment of Craving instead of Dead Weight cause it helps if opponent want to burn you. And i dont personally get Dive Down can you elaborate on that?

Dorotheus on Temur Twin and the Hasty ...

1 hour ago

I have a mostly dedicated Twin EDH deck that I've been playing for quite a while, changed from Riku to K&T to facilitate white cards that also combo with twin and kiki, and Teferi's Protection.

The Untap Factory

Commander / EDH Dorotheus


The only combo cards I left out was Breaching Hippocamp and Village Bell-Ringer because they just doesn't have enough utility besides comboing. All the Deceiver Exarch-like cards can keep big attackers at bay or bother stax players on their own effects.

yeaGO on Delete Troll Comments

1 hour ago

please report such things so we can review their account

LostDragon01 on PDH(B) - I'm not dead! ...

2 hours ago

You should add all mana-generating creatures. Why not? It faster Shirei and then more mana each turn.

TheRedGoat on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

Machine Herald

Artifact Creature - Construct


All creatures you control are artifact constructs in addition to their other types.

We enter a new age. Embrace with me a glorious evolution.

Make "the Keeper of the Hammer". But don't refer to any specific hammer in MTG.

skoobysnackz on Muldrotha, Primal Surge

2 hours ago

I see you have a lot of surveil cards in here, do you really think cards like Barrier of Bones and Dimir Informant are worth it over dredge cards like Stinkweed Imp and Golgari Thug? If the idea is to dump cards in the graveyard, I have a feeling dredge is the better way to go.

HARDsofty on Argy

2 hours ago

I've been playing Fallout 76 recently. A major update for the game just happened, so I was able to complete an early quest.

Next time someone offers to add me to their team, I'm accepting. I need more stimpacks and ammo.

Zmeiritorukuno126 on GB Midrange

2 hours ago

Even if i wanted to help i just dont know where you want this deck to go. Wider or more reanimator/golgari style.

Limejuice on yeago

2 hours ago

The image code didn't display in the comment below, but here is the image URL:


Limejuice on yeago

2 hours ago

Hi yeago,

I'd like to add the following image code to my deck description here http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/lean-breakfast/#c3415632

Image code

Could you please help? Thank you!

I_TappedWrong on Muldrotha: Recursion, Reanimation, Repeat

2 hours ago

Craven183 no problem man feel free to check out my muldrotha deck

mgc974 on Izoni, thousand-eyed aristocrats

2 hours ago

Thank you for this response everyone !

Ouroboros_47 I tried to make a selections of cards that have another purpose than just put things into graveyard. This is the reason why i cut Stitcher's Supplier or Corpse Connoisseur. Delirium Skeins and Zombie Infestation seems good but I don't know if I want to throw a half or a third of my hand to fill up my graveyard. I will consider Smallpox and Darkblast. I think Darkblast can easily fill up the graveyard.

bushido_man96 I like your vision of the deck. If Izoni was Sultai... It would be so powerfull. Anyway... I like the idea of trigger multiple times her ability. Conjurer's Closet seems to be a great addition to the deck. It synergizes with all the ETB ability. Same with Temur Sabertooth(triggers Avenger of Zendikar, Fleshbag Marauder effects, Wood Elves effects). And what do you think about Panharmonicon ? And think Tortured Existence and Phyrexian Reclamation can be better engine recursion than "one shot" recursions like Animate Dead or Eternal Witness. And the deck will be more polyvalent.

Quicksilver Yes, thank you i forgot Altar of Dementia, thank you ;)

So what do you think about this cuts ?

Skullwinder > Tortured Existence

Doom Whisperer > Conjurer's Closet

Ashnod's Altar > Altar of Dementia

Deadbridge Chant > Temur Sabertooth

Jarad's Orders > Panharmonicon

I want add Elvish Piper and Erratic Portal but i don't know what to cut ...

legendofa on Card creation challenge

2 hours ago

Create a blue creature.

legendofa on How Much Could Kamigawa Be ...

2 hours ago

Thinking about story and characters now, trying to get my thoughts down without derailing the current conversation...

I already mentioned I'd like to see Night's Reach come back, and Tamiyo needs to be in here too. Some of the spirits might be 2,000 years old. All the other callbacks would most likely be disciples or descendants of original Kamigawa characters.

Jittewalker could work as a new character, with a little development and description. Please keep thinking about this one; it has a lot of potential in it, both as a card and as a character or story point.

The story so far is about increasing tension between the races that want cultural development and progress and the races that are holding to tradition. The soratami are fitting nicely into the contra-progressives, or traditionalists, or whatever. What would Tamiyo think of this?

FadingReality on Gisela

2 hours ago

I don't know if you're trying to stay budget or not, but regardless, Grasp of Fate is almost a strict upgrade to Oblivion Ring (Only downside is it has in the cost as opposed to merely ). O-ring is still a great card of course, and in 1v1, it's as good as Grasp. But again, Grasp is basically better. You could also run both too--running lots of removal that is very versatile is almost never a bad thing in commander except for maybe a hyper aggro deck.

Limejuice on Lean Breakfast

2 hours ago

hurricane, I agree and will add diabolic intent.

elfric, I appreciate the nice comment. Thank you! With the four extra slots lets use two by adding ad nauseam and diabolic intent, as hurricane suggested. Sacrificing thrasios to diabolic intent will be a common play with less creatures. This adds potent draws and some gas to the deck.

It's interesting to note that sigi's breakfast hulk deck is morphing closer to a leaner version (removing the muldrotha lines and angel's grace). I still feel that LED/salvagers are bulky and dead draws (and can be answered by creature removal), as is freed from the real if the decks already running three other superior engines (hulk flash, breakfast, and druid).

Limejuice on Delete Troll Comments

2 hours ago

found it. I needed to upgrade membership to delete comments. thx

jonny909090 on Izzet attempt maybe reeee

2 hours ago

Hello, I dont play to much izzet but I have a few suggestions.

Crackling Drake to replace Enigma Drake. A little harder to cast but synergize with jumpstart better.

Maybe Runaway Steam-Kin or Electrostatic Field for the Wall of Mist

Lastly, Gateway Plaza instead of a few of your basics. Otherwise maybe switch the Guild Summits out for draw spells. I fell like only having 4 triggers for guild summit kind of wastes its potential.

ChinoEX on Response // Resurgence + Sunforger

2 hours ago

Gahhh, forget what i said cause i forgot they changed the split card rules with Amonkhet. Would i have been able to do this prior to that rule change though, hmmm. Would still like that answer so i can cry inside a little if i could cheat out an extra combat with Sunforger lol

Limejuice on Dramatic Thrasher

2 hours ago

This deck draws terribly but at least it's decent is a low powered meta.

blazestudios23 on [PreCon] The Black Rose Crew ...

2 hours ago

Deadeye Navigator and Identity Thief would both allow you to bounce creatures and keep them after you steal them too.

Every time I go to make this pirate deck I think of a way to make it good then realize that other cards just do it way better, LOL. Why did they make pirates so weak?

Weenie_Roaster9000 on Death of the Mind

2 hours ago

jon_hill987 This is awesome! I've been looking to breath life into my current mill deck for a while, this inspired me. If you're looking for thematically on-point cards, I run Mind Funeral and love it.

ChinoEX on Response // Resurgence + Sunforger

2 hours ago

Response meets the requirements for Sunforger , so you can fetch it out with Sunforger. What i'm unsure of is if i can cheat out Resurgence with it.

JoshFox on Abzan

2 hours ago

LGS play report: 2-1-1. Beat Elves and Kiln Fiend, lost to Modular, and drew to Sahili Combo. Two plays different and I would have been 3-0-1 beating Sahili and drawing to Modular. The deck has no powerful blowout wins but is game in all match ups. It is fun to play and promotes interactive games of Magic. Based on tonight’s action I’m not sure I change the 75 at all.

Legendary_Shadow on Dem Cheap Zombies Doe!

2 hours ago

Alright man. Abelzumi that is true lol

Infiniteomniscience on How to make this deck ...

2 hours ago

bushido_man96. Ok, these changes will be made. Besides the high average CMC and lack of direct non-random removal and spell defense, what other flaws do you see in the deck, and how would I solve these problems? And should I try to solve these problems? I feel If I leak into other areas, I fear I’ll lose power in the main area, that being creatures and sacrifice. I would like your opinion on this.

ChinoEX on Response // Resurgence + Sunforger

2 hours ago

Hmm no, that's not true.

708.5. An effect that asks for a particular characteristic of a split card while it's in a zone other than the stack gets two answers (one for each of the split card's two halves).

708.6a An effect that performs a positive comparison (such as asking if a card is red) or a relative comparison (such as asking if a card's converted mana cost is less than 2) involving characteristics of one or more split cards in any zone other than the stack gets only one answer. This answer is "yes" if either side of each split card in the comparison would return a "yes" answer if compared individually.