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GS10 on Elemental Fireworks

1 minute ago

Chandra's Ignition is strictly better than Blasphemous Act when you're playing Omnath and sitting on a lot of mana! lol I love it!

The only reason I am not running Lightning Greaves is budget. I do own a few copies, but with my commander gauntlet growing day by day I try to cut it from the decks that need it the least. Omnath ramps incredibly well and I tend not to play him on T7 (or whenever I first have 7 mana available) since that will allow me to play him followed by a land drop and get assured value, in that case, I'd have the mana for the equip cost of the boots. Either way, optimally, I should be running both.

I had no idea of the existence of Orcish Lumberjack and it seems awesome! But without Titania so far, I'm not to tempted to include it just for Splendid Reclamation. If it was an elemental, I would find a spot, but as it is not I'd prefer to include something like Search for Tomorrow or Sakura-Tribe Scout as the deck stands, which are generally better in any stage of the game.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I really appreciate it!

HezTheGod on Queen Marchesa EDH

2 minutes ago

Nice deck! Just remember that anything to give your creatures first strike or double strike will be deadly with your deathtouchers :)

ThinkJank on Voice of Praetorship

3 minutes ago

Yeah, Blighted Agent is alright. I don't really have any pump spells, so he can't one shot, but I'll try him out.

Ashockfan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

4 minutes ago

Oh, wait, nevermind. It looked messed up when I was on mobile. Stupid mobile... smh. You did good Red!

Xerxez on Puppet Master

5 minutes ago

You're not being annoying. I do enjoy the input. I don't actually have a real deck built for this set yet. But I have a r/g delirium deck on here I'm strongly considering building when I have money again, it's vastly more competitive.

Combustible Delirium

Standard* Xerxez

SCORE: 1 | 198 VIEWS

if you're interested in checking it out.

Ashockfan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

7 minutes ago

Yea TheRedMage? That didn't really come out well. Lol

anubishero on anubishero

8 minutes ago


Zakass on Rakdouche, Lord of Rage Quits

10 minutes ago

Nah, Personally I just didn't like Cryptborn, I know that two colored mana doesn't seem like much but it can be a real burden in most cases, i'd be better off with an Endless One.

sparkeyjoe25 on leovold, thief emmisary

11 minutes ago

so i playtested today againstZur the Enchanter, and with playing against him, found that even though counter spells are nice but keep running into the point of when i want to cast/need them either dont have em or ones that are good enough to do any good, aka Turn Aside is nice when someone targets my stuff but if they don't and continue to build there board its a dead card in my hand...so with my playgroup i have to face off zur/kalia/meren/derevi and jura any help with cementing this deck to be able to handle 1V1 or group play would be apreciated

car on Mardu Nahiri/Control

11 minutes ago

well for a midrange version i can help more, id go with lingering souls, ajani vengeant, path, lightning bolt/helix, inquisition/thoughtseize, sculler, liliana of the veil, nahiri/emrakul combo,soulfire grandmaster/monastery mentor, kolaghan's command, terminate/dreadbore, crackling doom, hero of bladehold, kalitas, and maybe a pyroclasm or 2

Gabtuls on Nissa's Lands

11 minutes ago

Hey, deck is sweet I am a big fan of the mono green commanders, i use Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip as an alternate commander for my list. Omnath, Locus of Forests

have a look at my ramp suite, i think its a little better, not a fan of cards like Nissa's Expedition or Wave of Vitriol to name a few but overall the list looks pretty slick. Well Done!

zombiewarfare on Elemental Fireworks

14 minutes ago

Omnath is my favorite casual commander by far. The list on my profile is pretty out of date by now. One card I have been having good success with is Orcish Lumberjack. It combos very well with Titania, Protector of Argoth and can fill the graveyard with forests for a truly massive Splendid Reclamation as well as providing a bit of ramp if it comes down early. I have found Lightning Greaves to be my protection equipment of choice. There are very few times that the difference between shroud and hexproof is relevant, but I do find the 0 equip cost is often the difference between getting Omnath down or having to wait one turn to play him and then protect him. +1 from me. I really like Chandra's Ignition and had not considered it. Might have to try that as an alternate boardwipe and potential wincon. I have won more than a few games sitting on a pack of elementals and then nuking the board with Blasphemous Act and find it deeply satisfying every time it happens.

Laszlokh on G/W Humans (BFZ- Kaladesh)

16 minutes ago

I'm pretty sure, because of the average cmc of the deck, it would qualify as aggro. If it is meant to be more midrangey, than consider losing the inspector as it offers little benefit in a long game.

Endangerd_Box on Etherium Princess

17 minutes ago

Thanks. I figured I would be making enough tokens through other ways, so I didn't add Thopter Assembly

Flytrigreen on FrEaKsHoW

19 minutes ago

I get that Atarka, World Render is a good card and synergies nicely with other dragons. However, you have 4 dragons total in your deck, one of which is shuffled into your library at the end of turn. I would change Atarka for something that fits your deck better, such as Dictate of the Twin Gods or Furnace of Rath. While both of those also double damage to yourself, the go nicely with Ruric Thar's deal 6 damage ability. Also, Foe-Razer Regent and Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip are the only two creatures that can fight another creature, Ulrich only when he flips, so I would consider taking out Foe-Razer for something more effective.

al5464 on Budget Standard Eldrazi Aggro

20 minutes ago

BioProfDudeYeah I have yet to update a few cards in the list. The deck will no longer be playing blue and will have Transgress the Mind over Duress. Just trying to find some time to make the changes.

Ohthenoises on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

20 minutes ago

I hate it because it's lazy. Instead of making true 4c legends they said "fuck it, this is too hard, lets just make 2c ones they can mix and match!" instead of putting actual effort into designing more 4c legends

ShadowNinja0704 on Does protection from a certain ...

23 minutes ago

Thanks! I was never sure about those interactions specifically.

Flytrigreen on Does protection from a certain ...

27 minutes ago

Yes, it is the same concept as Dark Betrayal. If a creature is black/red, it can still be destroyed by Dark Betrayal because black is part of its color identity. Since Anafenza's color identity has black, the damage would be prevented.

TheRiddler on Help with Purphoros Control

28 minutes ago

Hey all!I've been working on a control deck with Purphoros, God of the Forge as the commander, and would like to know what you all thought and where I could tweak things. Here's the link: Mono-Red Control. All help is much appreciated!

Grenedier21 on Tasigur, the Golden Fang

30 minutes ago

PartyJWhat would you suggest taking out??

Omegaxys on Jundfall

30 minutes ago

Its more of a placeholder name for what I used to use in the deck. It started out as modified Jund with landfall added, but I still like the name.

Watason723 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

33 minutes ago

Why do you guys hate partner? I fill like it's a fun take on making a 4 color deck possible.

SFMufasa on Jundfall

33 minutes ago

Why is this called "jundfall"?

coastiemike on Enchanted Angels and Artifacts

33 minutes ago

Playtested the deck a little tonight. It went 4-0 against BR Aggro. It went 4-1 against Esper Control. I also took the silly cards out of the SB and focused it a little more. I still think there are two better cards than Authority of Counsuls but I don't know what they are just yet. Maybe a 4th Blessed Alliance and 3rd Crumble to Dust? Perhaps 2 Collective Defiance?

verynice47 on Orzhov Tokens

34 minutes ago

Bitterblossom and Raise the Alarm aren't friends, so I would take out the Raise the Alarm. Usually one Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and three Sorin, Solemn Visitor is optimal. Another thing is that Isolated Chapel and Concealed Courtyard really suck together, so the chapels should go. Take a look at my list on my acc. if you like, and if you know the decks in your meta, I can help with your sideboard.

ShadowNinja0704 on Does protection from a certain ...

34 minutes ago

Let's say I cast Feat of Resistance on a Fugitive Wizard blocking an Anafenza, the Foremost choosing protection from black. Would Anafenza's combat damage be prevented because black is one of the colors in her identity?

JibberJabah on Esper Tortex

34 minutes ago

Also yeho2112 it's not really about getting cards into the graveyard as much as it is pumping out value with tortured existence

JibberJabah on Esper Tortex

37 minutes ago

I think squadron hawk fits nicely into this deck because it gives you tortured existence fodder and a clock in the late game or some trades early

bp1972x on Dust storm

38 minutes ago

Thanks for pointing this out. I am new to this site and still figuring things out.

billy111890 on R/W Vehicles

41 minutes ago

I highly recommend them if you get the chance!

Lerf on Spooky Eldrazi Control Mill

42 minutes ago

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, unfortunately I think you're right about Mind's Dilation. I'll move it to the side deck and reduce Mist Intruder to 3 to add a couple Benthic Infiltrators.

Confirm Suspicions would work great! I'm not entirely sure how to fit it in, though. I should probably just swap out the Gone Missings, but I like their potential synergy with Ingest. Maybe with the additional clue generation I could reduce Ongoing Investigation to 2, but Confirm Suspicions's high mana cost makes it seem risky. Likely the best course of action would be to swap out one Gone Missing and Part the Waterveil, but I'd like to keep Part the Waterveil for now as well.

ShadowNinja0704 on Does Undergrowth Champion prevent trample ...

42 minutes ago

If an Undergrowth Champion were to block an Eldrazi Devastator while it has one +1+1 counter on it, would the extra five damage from the Eldrazi be prevented?

Nightdragon779 on Commander 2016 Spoilers!

44 minutes ago

Is no one freaking out over Kydele? Or did that already happen... Andthe Hedron converge dude - umm new mikaeus infinite combo :D You'll need a sac outlet but whatever

BFG on Izzet Machinegun in Kaladesh

44 minutes ago

Interesting thoughts thechristopherson...the castigator was there last standard before when I didn't have the weavers. So your thinking a little more counter magic and board wipe then right?

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Dust storm

47 minutes ago

So you've marked this as being a standard deck, which it is not. To be in standard, a deck can only have cards from the most current sets, which means at the moment, only Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, and Kaladesh.

Your deck is, however, Modern legal, which can use Mirrodin, and any set released after Mirrodin.

rockleemyhero on The new commanders

47 minutes ago

What Shane.Allen said. Seriously you guys, Atraxa is cool and intimidating in a more casual setting (at least tier 2) but the real winner here is Breya. Competitive edh decks have very little trouble generating infinite mana, she'll be tier 1, if not 1.5

Simon_Williamson on Blue Counter/Removal Spells

47 minutes ago

Mana Tithe is a great card, it stops Robots/Affinity, prevents early hand attack, and protects you from Goblins and Mana dorks.

TheRiddler on Help with my artifact deck

48 minutes ago

The deck looks like a super fun casual deck, but it's too slow for modern. Unfortunately you either need to interact enough to prevent a T3 or T4 win, or win by that turn yourself. So I would add some interaction in the form of Abrupt Decay and Path to Exile at the very least, or Lightning Bolt depending on how easy red is to get. Those two/three have a low enough cmc to enable you to gum up your opponents plan. The only other thing would be to spend a little money on your mana base for shocks or fast lands, if that's something within your budget. That should give you a solid start. Again, sweet deck if just playing with friends!

yeaGO on -Bean-

49 minutes ago

Hey friend, we do. I think it's posted in the forums in a sticky

PlagueRats on /\/\/\/\/\MAXIMUMTOKENS\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

51 minutes ago

Always Watching is for non-token creatures only and I think Nissa is better here anyways.

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter as a four of is great. Opponents will figure out pretty quick that they need to kill it or else it generates a lot of value.

Westvale Abbey  Flip is problematic in this deck. Of course, some games you could just flip it and win, but almost every deck has a way to deal with it, especially considering I'm not providing any other great targets to soak up their removal. Every card in this deck benefits from having lots of creatures, so sacrificing five shuts down every other win condition.

As far as maindeck removal goes, I don't think the deck really needs it and those spots are better filled by cards that progress my strategy. This deck is all about putting more power and toughness across more bodies onto the table then anyone else can. Against bigger creatures It's usually easy to stall the board for a couple turns which means I generate a lot value from the 16 token generating permanents. That's when 4 Life Crafter's really pays off. Turn five you can untap with eight or more creatures in play. You can then make A giant construct token and a couple other tokens, turn six it's even bigger.

Smuggler's Copter seems great, but when I add up the power from it plus the lost power of the card that crews it, it breaks even at best. It also seems a little awkward how you'll sometimes want to make it a creature just to pump Militia Captain and Life Crafter or to take counters from Nissa.

OBDog11 on Rakdouche, Lord of Rage Quits

52 minutes ago

I would probably sub him back in for Thermo-Alchemist. I get the need for pingers, but you do only have four total instants/ sorceries and Cryptborn Horror is an ace.

DuTogira on Graves mistake

53 minutes ago

-Elvish Mystic --> Land-Gatecreeper Vine --> Land
-Ohran Viper --> Land
-Syphon Flesh --> Land
-Grave Strength --> Land
-Stab Wound --> Burgeoning
-AEther Web --> Mana Accelerant (Commander's Sphere/Golgari Signet?)
And I would consider switching out the creatures whose effects revolve around combat in favor of cards which help you control your opponents or better help you reanimate creatures.

Will361405 on The new commanders

53 minutes ago

Atraxa deserves her hype, yes she is superfriends, however, her real competitive nature will be infect, she will destroy people at a rapid pace, but that being said Breya is my favorite

OBDog11 on Rakdouche, Lord of Rage Quits

57 minutes ago

Great deck, but why remove the Cryptborn Horror? Also, the description still says he's in the deck, so to fix that... I'd just put him back in lol. Really fun-looking deck though, +1.

Livingham on The new commanders

57 minutes ago

I'm so tired of this atraxa hype, I mean it's a good commander and definitely synergies with super friends but it's really just a decent card. The hype for Breya is understandable though, she might be pretty garbage in a casual build but the combos you can accomplish with her make her a very viable commander.

-Bean- on yeago

1 hour ago

Hey, I've been using TappedOut for a while, and I think it would be really great if the site had a Discord channel. If you don't know about Discord, it's a free chat program for gamers. It would be easy to set up and I'd be happy to help, and I think it would be a great way for users to voice and text chat with each other about MTG. It would also be amazing for players who use Magic Online or other online MTG programs, since we could voice chat with each other while playing and make the whole thing even more fun. The reason I'm asking you about it is that it would be most popular if there was some sort of official announcement (as an article, maybe) and I don't have that sort of access.

Thanks and sorry for the long message. I would send this to one of the other content directors but a lot of them seem to be taking breaks right now.. but I think a Discord channel would be a great way to bring the TappedOut community even closer.