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MsSysbit on The Compost Frog!

1 minute ago

CinnaToastKrunch Animate Dead is there for Delirium and resurection. The only thing I know it goes infinite with is Worldgorger Dragon.

Hoschie on Abzan Humens

3 minutes ago

Company is allways strong. I want to play Liliana, the Last Hope first, because with her I can play less creatures, but still keep a god card advantage. At this point I have althou chosen her to have an aditinal card type for delirium

frusciante7 on Swords to Plowshares vs Path ...

5 minutes ago

That's the thing, they need to be attacking. A static Dark Confidant will be a real problem if you have a playset of Condemn over a playset of Path to Exile. Also, it's not a definitive answer since the creature ain't exiled.

Oust is another bad choice too for example. You could play a sorcery that temporarily gets rid of a creature over an actual removal spell but I'd tell you you're doing a mistake :)

To answer to the main thread, you don't have much choice indeed : go for 4x Path to Exile and you're good to go. If you ever play Legacy tho, play Swords to Plowshares

Horrendous on Control From Within.

9 minutes ago

ravengamer93 that combo does hurt it very badly I actually went against someone running that Monday night at my lgs modern tourney he removed my Saheeli and liquimetal but didn't realize I could infinite mill him with 2 felidar so still won but it does hurt it bad if they know the deck

goodolegearhulk on If you can't kill me... ...

10 minutes ago

The only thing that comes to mind initially is if your opponent can muster up 40 life with Felidar Sovereign on the board before you hit them with Reverse the Sands.. but this would make for a very, very long game.. haha

omnious2048 on Master of Ballista

11 minutes ago

@kamarupa Nah immaculate magistrate on walking ballista direct damage it is really fast

Horrendous on Control From Within.

12 minutes ago

BioProfDude I have no idea about the tourney thing, I didn't even know it was a well know combo, I was just looking through list after list of cards till I found an awesome combo lol

ACatPlayingMagic on Atraxa's Friends

13 minutes ago

@CChaos, Thank you for letting me know that. I hadn't realised! :)

goodolegearhulk on Tezzeret's StrongHold

15 minutes ago

this feels pretty original, i like it. I would only suggest maybe some more low cost artifact creatures for an early defense while you develop your board.

CChaos on Atraxa's Friends

20 minutes ago

Just letting you know Ghostly Prison does not trigger if an opponent chooses to attack your planeswalkers.

Try Peacekeeper instead.

Forestxavier20 on TappedOut.net App iOS

21 minutes ago

I think we should be able to start decks from the app, maybe only for IPad though? Save a deck then play on the go. I find my self trying to play duels, but nothing is like playing face to face

Halumii on Weenies Galore

24 minutes ago

emrakulinsmugglers thanks! I'll use a playset of Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip and two copies of Westvale Abbey  Flip. Also made a couple of other changes :)

Trtl on Goblin's Dance

25 minutes ago

Shoot, I thought this was a modern deck, please disregard my prior comment.

ghoul_Legion on House Party

28 minutes ago

The cards you really want to draw every game needs to have 3-4 X of in the deck. Having only 1 x of means you can play 4-5 games without drawing it once.

With that said here are a few more myr you might want to consider: Lodestone Myr - Myr Enforcer - Perilous Myr - Prototype Portal - Tempered Steel - Steel Overseer - Lodestone Golem.

Cards I would consider taking out of the deck;

Sword of Vengeance - Increasing Confusion - Shape Anew

You should probably look to add some control instead Path to Exile - Mana Leak - Stasis Snare - comes to mind.

GoblinPrincess on Goblin's Dance

30 minutes ago

Hi Trtl, Thank you for the suggestions!

But my deck is not modern, it's a new format called Frontier.


Trtl on Goblin's Dance

32 minutes ago

Just FYI, Lightning Bolt is modern legal since it was printed in the M10 and M11 core sets. (It was also reprinted in the 2015 Modern Masters set. Also, I recommend you look into Goblin Grenade as a finisher.

criscofieldsforever on G iant G raveyard

35 minutes ago

Sweet deck, dude! I love it. Got one thing to say though, phasing from Teferi's Veil doesn't work to let you keep creatures with unearth. They never get exiled and keep the effect exile at end of turn. Phasing is fun but confusing.

MathieuHarvey0555 on Inventory empty... or is it?

36 minutes ago

Not using the sync decks feature, but the rest seems to work. Thanks !

Homura_Akemi on Grixis Control (No one plays ...

36 minutes ago

It's nice to actually see a Standard control deck. I like your list; it looks solid. +1

VraskaTheCursed on If you blink Ajani Unyielding, ...

48 minutes ago

@BlueScope true, the ability doesn't target. What I meant with my terrible wording is that the ability would work since the ajani is a "legal" recipient of the counters because he just re entered from exile

Orion93 on Fateful Paradox

56 minutes ago

The typical set up with using all of the Free artifacts is to play them with Aetherflux Reservoir since you can gain life without having to pay anything. Glint-Nest Crane is popular in this deck style as well.

As your deck is I think you have too many Inspiring Statuarys. You'll run into 3 of them in a row or something silly and lose because you have nothing decent to play. It's a cool deck idea. You can find similar decks on here. Not saying you should copy them, because I love building new decks more than anything. Just saying you can use their ideas to improve your own.

GoblinPrincess on Goblin's Dance

56 minutes ago

Than you, Stephencliffe and SlimJim83!!

I will swap Collateral Damage for Lightning Strike, and see how I feel about it.

I don't have many Reckless Bushwhackers but I will try putting some more as son as I get them.

Outnumber is in the side deck instead of the main deck because most players I play against have a horde of small creatures or don't have creatures at all, I really like that card tho.

About Goblin Rabblemaster: I can't decide if I put him or not, because he turns Goblin Piledriver in a suicide when both are in the battlefield, but he could be good for when I don't draw Goblin Piledriver.

Thank y'all for the suggestions!!

Winterblast on Pattern Recognition #22 - I ...

57 minutes ago

I would say the most annoying thing about Jace is that he has so many cards dedicated to this one character (while in the past we didn't even get to see certain characters on any cards, or be printed as a legendary creature, although they were important for the story) and except for 2 or 3, they are all pretty much useless in most formats.

We didn't get to see Urza on a card and we had to wait until time spiral to see Mishra as a legend, I don't know if there is even ANY artwork including Yawgmoth and they were all powerful and important characters. Wizards don't want to throw out a card that actually is as powerful in the game as the character is in the story...back then they just didn't give them a card at all, today they give us a shitload of mediocre Jace planeswalkers every year.

I don't follow the story as much as I did during Mirrodin or Kamigawa, when I actually read the related books, but even then I had the feeling that Wizards had a general problem with representing characters of the story on cards in a way that actually resembled their importance and strength as described in the books. If they can't (or don't want to) make another Jace like the mind sculptor, they should at least make him less important and powerful in the story now.

Garchomp98 on Artifact Rebels

1 hour ago

First of all thank you all for ypur suggestions. I m new to MTG and this is really helpful.

xyr0s: I didnt know Shifting Wall wasnt modern legal so it s gonna be replaced by Steel Wall. I actually know about Flame Slash and Lightning Bolt but the problem is I dont actually have the money to let these in the deck...and thus as I want to put energy counters in the deck I chose Harnessed Lightning and Galvanic Bombardment.The trick with Pentavus and the many vehicles is Saheeli with the -7 ability of putting in the field 3 different artifacts. Now, if I draw Pentavus before i get the chance to use Saheeli yeah it s inconvenient.Me too I wasnt sure about Ion Storm and as I said this deck recipe is reaaally experimental and prototype so I was going to throw it out anyway xDLastly about Chandra the main issue is again money but it is actually a perfect replacement.

For everyone who proposed some other cards the problem is I actually want to make this as a deck with artifacts and red creatures only so they are all solid proposals but not for this particular deck. Thanks

xSkulk3rx on Orzhov Discard

1 hour ago

Yea that's plausible

nav566 on Raksha Golden Cub

1 hour ago

thanks. I don't have much of a budget, otherwise I'd just put in Sword of Light and Shadow or something. This is why i am not playing godsend, konda's banner, stonehewer giant or darksteel plate. Sword of vengeance in not very helpful, since raksha already has vigilance, and all my cats has double strike so first strike is usless. so it's basicly a 3 mana equip 3 for +2/+0 trample and haste. I don't realy like argentum armor or batterskull as cards. but i'll put in Masterwork of Ingenuity, I didn't knew he was exist. Thank you.

Subject134127 on Strokes of Sudden Blood

1 hour ago

Fun, I made a deck like this once too :) $35 Izzet Aggro - Turn 3 Win. The tutor for Kiln Fiend is probably be better than the Nivmagus Elemental that I used, but Vapor Snag has often proven very useful in either protecting my creature or removing opponent blockers. It begin an instant brings another combat trick.

ManSauce on Yidris, Fury of the Maelstrom

1 hour ago

I may be missing something, but what do you mean with "multiple cascades via combat"? As long as Yidris does damage once, any and all spells cast afterwards will cascade and simply adding more combat phases seems redundant, unless youre referring to untapping your lands via other cards like the sword and umbra, enabling you to cast more spells to cascade with.

Lilbrudder on Paradox Scepter Storm: cEDH Primer

1 hour ago

Frank_Glascock & BarbeChenue: Here is my completely untested no greed list for more interactive games

Dorotheus on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

1 hour ago

Time will tell

Parable of the Bird and the Frog

Modern Dorotheus


AlexoBn on nyoumans

1 hour ago


Das wre meine Idee fr Tasigur. Mehr removal geht ggf auch. Wrde aber auch ein bis 2 combos als Backup einbauen. Ponder, Preordain und co kannst du auch gerne in dein deck einbauen und ich nehme die raus. Die Extrazge msste ich auch noch in das Deck packen. Da entomb nicht gebannt ist kann ich das auch gerne mit Reanimate und co spielen und Dann die Palinchron combo schneller abziehen. Tutoren mssten auch noch mehr rein. Das wird aber das Testing zeigen. Ad nauseam ginge theoretisch auch und ich baue auf storm um.

BlueScope on If you blink Ajani Unyielding, ...

1 hour ago

@VraskaTheCursed: The ability is not targetted. In fact, if it were, it wouldn't work the way the questioner intends :)

g0r3gr1nd3r on hbomb33

1 hour ago

Thank you for your upvote! I really appreciate it!

Boza on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

1 hour ago

The Gitrog Monster, but this is really taxing on your mana to do it, as you have to be 4+ colors. although you have to have several lands in hand when you cast it but I do not think the deck is good enough.

BlueScope on If you blink Ajani Unyielding, ...

1 hour ago

Just as a note, Flicker is a Sorcery, so you couldn't normally cast it in response to Ajani's ability.

@Raging_Squiggle: That's not correct. Cards referring to "itself" (even by abstraction, such as "other") are talking about that specific object. Abilities have little no memory of objects accross zones (the exceptions being things like Commander-ness, which are imposed by the format rules, not the card itself) and will use card names, subtypes or the like as identifiers if that's what's intended (which deliberately isn't used here). As Panzerforge's answer describes, since the flickered Ajani is a new object, the ability won't mind putting counters on it.

@Panzerforge: For your last example, the ability would likely read "Each non-Ajani Planeswalker", as there's no need to add the "other" qualifier. Not that it matters... :)

VraskaTheCursed on If you blink Ajani Unyielding, ...

1 hour ago

yes, Panzerforge is correct. When a card refers to itself in some way (i.e. either referencing all "other" creatures, permanents, etc., or by name) it is referring to the copy of itself that is on the field (or stack) at the time. Therefore, blinking ajani in response to the ultimate trigger would make the game see him as a legal target for his ult, since he has reentered the battlefield as essentially another copy of himself (illustrated by the fact that he enters with 4 loyalty, not 1).

VraskaTheCursed on Life and Limb Landfall

1 hour ago

Yes. Since Life and Limb makes the saproling a land right from the instant it enters the battlefield, it will count as a land entering the battlefield, therefore triggering Retreat to Kazandu.

QuietMyth on Bolas Control

1 hour ago

Need way more lands, doesnt matter if your control is low cmc. Period.

GeminiSpartanX on Day Traders: The official buyout ...

1 hour ago

Dorotheus- What is the 5 drop creature that Seismic Assault works with?

Phaetion- Yes, it does seem like that card has been bought out on tcgplayer, although I'm not sure why someone would do that since it only sees occasional EDH play.