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Sgtpopnfreash on Grixis Granny

a few seconds ago

NecroPony I also do not have a Candelabra of Tawnos but High Tide is probably still the strongest mana producer in my deck. Its easy to use it with Kess, Dissident Mage to produce 20+ mana in a game. If you feel its not very strong its because of your mana base not because you dont have a Candelabra of Tawnos.

Kaeryth on Selesnya Cats

8 minutes ago

Hey Szavor, thanks for the great feedback! Glad you like the deck. Ill try swapping it around a bit in MTGO to see how it plays like that. If I squeeze 2 or 3 Heroic Intervention into mainboard then what do you recommend I put in the sideboard in their place? Thanks!

Onyx77 on Esper Control

12 minutes ago

1st of +1 on the deck. I have an Esper deck on my page thats very consistent and good I think. Id love your thoughts on it.
So why no Elspeth? She is such a good board stabilizer and win con. If not her definitely try secure the wastes.

Maxisaghost on Maxisaghost

12 minutes ago

Yo, Wass Up?

RivenVII on Claw and Order

19 minutes ago

10/10, bangable title.

A_Swampy_Basket on Lands are King

26 minutes ago

Thank you for feedback, didn't even know that Lightning Bolt Existed.

tehkorr on Pirates Push to World's End

26 minutes ago

SpeedOfLightning I would say Walk the Plank's that are main. Walk is a decent card, but I'm not sold on that over Pirateclasm, at least not main deck

cyberman091 on Need opinions for standard deck

27 minutes ago

Hyperalgialysis I already have x4 Cancel x1 Supreme Will and x2 Jace's Defeat (defeat in sideboard) I own one Fatal Push promo and one I get a job(I'm surprised how hard it is in the town i just moved too) I'm planning to get more Fatal Push.

jlcoolj on Receveur

31 minutes ago

First deck

epajula on Prepare Your Salami for the ...

33 minutes ago

Looks great! I've appreciated Pull from Tomorrow. Stroke of Genius is totally legit, but I've never regretted having to discard.

BLueANgels12 on Lazav Mill and copy

35 minutes ago

any and all adjustments is well appreciated

Disco_Werewolf on Kashmir Zombies

38 minutes ago

Morthius You know, I actually kept thinking about that, but in the little info box, it reads "This deck is Standard legal". Is the website not up to date?

Szavor on Selesnya Cats

38 minutes ago

Hey Kaeryth, I love this deck! I made a Selesnya cat tribal deck before Ixalan was released but dismantled it because I just didn't like how it played.

This deck looks awesome and it plays pretty well. I would only modify one thing, Heroic Intervention. Sure Prowling Serpopard is a good card and pretty strong for a 3-drop, but I agree with him being in the sideboard against Blue. Heroic Intervention on the other hand, is an absolute must in this deck. As for what to take out, in my experience, I've only ever needed to run 2 Authority of the Consuls. It's one of my favorite White cards but it's pretty much a dead draw if you topdeck a second one, let alone a third.

The other card I would take out is Ajani Unyielding. It's an OK card, but at a CMC of 6, it's pretty pricey. I feel the deck would be just fine with one of them. That being said, if you absolutely must have both copies in there, I'd remove a land. 24 lands is the perfect number without any ramp or tutors.

Taterpenguin on Ixalan Merfolk +1/+1

50 minutes ago

Good suggestions, mrlucky131313. You're absolutely right about Nissa, Steward of Elements and Heroic Intervention. As for card draw, I'm still working on getting some in there. Chart A Course would be the best option, but at the moment I'm worried about having too few creatures and having limited tricks. If you have a suggestion for what could be cut for Chart please let me know!

catafalcoman on I almost feel bad

50 minutes ago

No worries, glad to help! I've been toying around with the deck btw (i had all the cards just laying around haha), turn-2 Ulamog's Crusher in 2/6 games ;)

XFBH on Ertai, Draw-Counter-Go

50 minutes ago

Very good suggestion Lhurgyof but "little" expensive :D

drwhosmith4 I try to collect all synergies and combos in the 'description' area.

I didn't understand your message Jorgumander. In my opinion, there is no place for more cards in this deck, thanks for your suggestion. Could you tell me, which card should replace Tormod's Crypt? I've put the "discards" or possible changes in the 'maybeboard', but at this point... it's difficult to adjust it better. Sorry :)


50 minutes ago

These were my thoughts as well, I often found that I would draw Spring and want Mind but not want to cast Spring to get it. I love your list, but I do have suggestions for you to consider. Commit and Censor. Commit is good as a sideboard card and offers the occasional reset of your Fog-like effects with Memory. Censor is fantastic mainboard on the play, and a little worse on the draw in game 1. The additional bonus of cycling can add some speed to Approach.

FryerbenderBender on A Noob's Mono Red

51 minutes ago

Thanks for the tips! I forgot about sideboards. The suggestions helped a lot =D

SmokeyBear15 on Let 'em Die [Primer: Shirei, ...

51 minutes ago

Personal choice to not run 2-card infinite combos. Triskelion is a good choice if you move to an artifact sub-theme which I've mentioned elsewhere though. And I'd never want Mikaeus, the Unhallowed on my battlefield outside of this combo, so it makes it quite a nonbo with the entire deck.

EternalBrewmaster on Kess DoomTide

51 minutes ago

Happy for you then. It's always exciting to have a project like that.

Keos027 on Smuggling Spaghetti

54 minutes ago

I'll sure do!

psychosmurf96 on Deadeye jund

56 minutes ago

Yacube havent updated the mana base to what i ran on friday and sunday yet but basically it was -1 of each basic for 3 E. Wilds and that smoothed out a lot of issues

Squirrelbacon on Smuggling Spaghetti

56 minutes ago

Sultai Delver has been a blast. If you build a Sultai version link me in it, I'm interested to see what it looks like and help to streamline it a bit!

chris.rodriguez358 on Rock 2017

57 minutes ago

Finding a spot for Glint-Sleeve Siphoner is pretty tough. Off the bat, I would consider possibly reducing Maelstrom Pulse or Abrupt Decay to fit in two copies of the Siphoner.

If the card draw pans out, the card advantage could make up for the reduced redundancy. I love Maelstrom Pulse and Abrupt Decay, but I think it's worth a test. The menace on the Siphoner seems like it could make for a really intimidating and awkward board.

ComboCrazy on Turn 1: Weird, pass. Turn ...

57 minutes ago


To be honest, I have enough counters, so that part of Izzet charm is relatively useless, but it has the loot two, which is more useful when Im chaining than scrying is. Ill play test both cards and decide which is better based on their performance when I sideboard them in.

Gabrielemenopee on Unblockable merfolk

57 minutes ago

My advice is take out River Sneak if you are relying on Herald of Secret Streams - they're kind of redundant together

HezTheGod on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

58 minutes ago

I would like to submit my Numot, the Devastator deck. It aims to land many stax and control pieces early, then win with Dramatic Reversal Isochron Scepter or with Helm of Obedience and Rest in Peace. Numot himself can also be a wincon with voltron.

Numot MLD stax


TepigAggro on Selesnya Cats

59 minutes ago

Probs go down to 23 lands and mainboard 2 Blossoming Defense

ItsJustGreg on Kess DoomTide

1 hour ago

A lot of these pieces I am going to be sharing with Marchesa (the lands, mostly). I just dropped about $250 to get the rest of what I didn't have to make this particular list and I'm gonna invest in the more expensive parts (ABUR Duals, Candelabra, Mox Diamond, etc) over time.

Squirrelbacon on Soaked in Deep Crimson

1 hour ago

I'm glad someone else plays Blue Moon still! This is my favorite modern archetype, even though I haven't played it as of much lately. When I ran my list, a card I decided to try out for fun was Enigma Drake. It was probably the strongest card to top deck during the late game. The amount of spells you go through is surprising high, and the X/4 body can stop a lot of attacks and quickly close out a game. In short, the card wayyy over performed for what I was expecting and wound up becoming a mainstay in the deck.

plasmor99 on Welcome to Azir's Sandbox Game

1 hour ago

I play azir, so i can tell you, panharmonicon impact tremors.

Taterpenguin on Ixalan Merfolk +1/+1

1 hour ago

Thank you enderbot617! Although we could not have more than one Kopala, Warden of Waves out at a time, we will probably keep two in the deck for the time being. It is unlikely that I could draw both in the same game, but if we do, the second is a good replacement for Kopala if she is removed, which is very likely. Luckily, we can at least have more than one in the deck.

darkmatter32x on Mishras factory and propaganda

1 hour ago

Whenever a card has a dual type, in this case a creature and land, the card abides by the rules and the restrictions for both type.

TepigAggro on Aggro Merfolk

1 hour ago

Lucky u have family to play

tinytina on Black/blue/green in progress

1 hour ago

working on this, haven't gotten far

rockleemyhero on Pieguy396

1 hour ago

Np man! Just let me know :)

Shadow29870 on Tricolor-ed Token Tactics

1 hour ago

Hm. Whilst I like the idea of Gisa and Geralf and reviving my creatures, I don't see myself doing that often here, as I mostly derive creatures from non-creature cards, and as such, they may hurt me more than help.

I can see Cemetery Reaper to hurt the opponents grave, and Zombify in a pinch if I want something back.

And as for Stir the Sands... you're probably right. It is a bit iffy to have out there, so I think I'll remove it for now.

Hyperalgialysis on Need opinions for standard deck

1 hour ago

Instant speed removal is better than sorcery speed. Vraska's Contempt is going to be better than Never / Return. If you have or can get Fatal Push they are also a must have. Baral, Chief of Compliance is good for cost reduction but you may get more value out of him if you run more counter magic.

Ic52404 on Mono-White Eldrazi Tron

1 hour ago

Is there enough White Sources?

Keos027 on Smuggling Spaghetti

1 hour ago

I bought a playset of Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip in insight that I might make a Sultai version. Looks fun to play too.

mrlucky131313 on Kit-Kat Tribal

1 hour ago

Heroic intervention is a must add. Lots of board wipes out there

Yacube on Deadeye jund

1 hour ago

You need to edit your mana base. I'd take out RG and add in some more Black. It looks bad on paper but I guess if it has been performing well for you then never mind this comment.

Tardigrade_Cain on I almost feel bad

1 hour ago

catafalcoman I can't believe I didn't see that! Thank you for the suggestion and I will edit it immediately!

F3A5t on The First Lord of Innistrad

1 hour ago

So for Reconnaissance, some salty tech is to remove them after damage calculation but before the battle phase has transitioned to main phase 2.

Frank_Glascock on The First Lord of Innistrad

1 hour ago

The only tribal decks I see are the 2017 Commander Tribal decks. Vampires in the mirror match would be the only time I would be hesitant to case Coat of Arms. Wizards has to win through combo. The Dragon deck does not flood the board with like we do and is not built to utilize Coat of Arms. I have only played the Cat deck once. It seems that as with the dragons it does not flood the board with Cats.