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Volus on Blinking Stalkers - er, Splicers

1 minute ago

Could maybe put in 4 Myr Servitor s so you have something for the early game? Tempered Steel would make them hurt for the cost and being able to chump block for a good amount of time helps. You could throw in some 2-drop artifact creatures for early, too (Think Myrs), or you could get some walls.Fog Bank flies but it dies to a Lightning Bolt .Angelic Wall flies but can die to creature damage.

MachineAge on Fast Passage (Orzhov Aggro Humans)

2 minutes ago

No. Conspiracy is theset it is from which isnt.

Ultimaodin on Duneblast

2 minutes ago

Yes, but Ob Nu won't really be overcosted when he becomes huge from killing everything else. He also stops people from playing fetches late game and shuts of the Yisan decks (which are already a thing).

ChiefBell on Where Will Tarmogoyf Go Next?

7 minutes ago

The problem with tarmogoyf isn't that he's actually overpowered he's just really, really good. He's highly answerable by a range of different things but because he only costs 2 mana the person who casts him isnot usually down on any spent resources when he is removed because most answers cost 2 or more.

I don't think he'll be banned, I think he's just really irritating. He's not like degenerately good.

jonhydude on Let's Build a Deck Together!

11 minutes ago

I think we've got a deck.

bretters on Metamorphosis

11 minutes ago

I wanna click like on your post abenz419

F3AR on Cleansing The Wounds. (Oloro, ageless ...

11 minutes ago

once you play Enduring Ideal u cheat in Dovescape .... making it so no one can play instants , sorcerys , enchantments , or artifacts... they get birds ... so if they cant play a creature with a etb enchant destroy on their next turn.. u get to play Humility which will take away the only way they can deal with your board state... then if they all dont scoop... you playNight of Souls' Betrayal and u have locked everyone out of the game. nothing get played except your enchantments that your cheating into play.

Boza on green/white

15 minutes ago

Ok, if the deck is not standard legal, there are a lot more new options available to us in the modern pool of cards. The basis of the deck will be 4 Yisan, the Wanderer Bard and 4 Chord of Calling and 24 lands and here are a couple of different configurations for the other 28 cards:

1 Archangel of Thune + 1 Spike Feeder - our main win condition, these two cards together create a combo for infinite life and infinite +1/+1 tokens on all you creatures.

2 Acidic Slime - general utility.

4 Avacyn's Pilgrim - general white mana dude.

1 Master of the Wild Hunt - an amazing token producer.

1 Magus of the Moat - protects you.

2 Sprout Swarm - tokens!

4 Fists of Ironwood - two tokens for convoke

1 Feral Incarnation - great token producer

1 Verdant Force - great token producer.

1 Armada Wurm - great power for 6 mana.

2 Avenger of Zendikar - great token producer

1 Belfry Spirit - tokens!

1 Rhys the Redeemed - great scott, the tokens!

1 Hornet Nest - great to flash in as a defender!

2 Icatian Crier - great token producer

1 Twilight Drover - great to Chord in when your tokens are threatened with removal.

1 Thraben Doomsayer - terrific token producer, amazing to fetch when you have less than 5 life!

This is just a sample of what can be done. Tell me if you enjoy this style of deck and if i should go to even more extremes - the next one will be either be Tribal or go to even more extremes with Legacy legal cards.

Volus on Blinking Stalkers - er, Splicers

18 minutes ago

Precursor Golem would also be a very large threat here, maybe look into that.

axmaks on Ajani's Army

20 minutes ago

Initially I included the Ram, but then realized that the idea of the deck is to be aggressive, and even though the Ram provides steady supply of life and a formidable body, it can't attack without any support. And Ram + Archangel is a Magic Christmas Land combo in my opinion.

bretters on Zurgo the Unstoppable (POST-ROTATION)

20 minutes ago

I dont know but I don't think the heroic creature fits kn this not-heroic deck. There is only 5 spells main board to trigger heroic. One of these spells gives trample ! That's repetitive if you are targeting anax and cymede with it. I think archetype of aggression is more fitting.

Joking101 on Fetch Lands

23 minutes ago

Obviously my sarcasm was not implied heavily enough. I have amended my previous post. It is visible below:

Can this not turn into a debate about the reserve list? [sarcascm] We all know the solution is to just functionally reprint every card on it in modern and then not ban any of them cause fuck the meta. [/sarcasm]

djakes on Izzet Pseudostorm - help make ...

23 minutes ago

Hush I love Fling , but when going for a turn three or four win it's not usually cost effective. I'd have to be able to cast three spells before Fling for it to be lethal in most cases, which means at least two Phyrexian mana spells.

nosoyyucateco on -Zedruu the Greathearted; No, keep ...

24 minutes ago

I see you've got Blazing Archon in the maybeboard. If you add it, you may want to consider throwing in Dovescape for a hilarious pillow fort combo.

Joking101 on Where Will Tarmogoyf Go Next?

25 minutes ago

@GoldGhost012 I legit laughed out loud.

CastleSiege on why are the prices varied?

28 minutes ago

Tcgplayer mid is the most reliable. It takes a bunch of different prices from hundreds of card shops and tells you the average price a card sells for

Quadsimotto on Athreos the Forgotten

28 minutes ago

Good call... I like having deathtouch but the bestow is so damn high.

KingZink on Dimir...Mill...Control...Yeah..

33 minutes ago

Thanks. The only reason I don't have Glimpse the Unthinkable and Mox Opal in the deck is because they are quite expensive and I'm trying to keep this deck slightly budget.I might have to add Relic of Progenitus and Jace Beleren for sure. I don't know how I feel about Dakra Mystic and Narcomoeba because I'm trying to keep creatures out of the deck so that any creature removal spells they have are completely useless.

DmanZeta on Teachings Pauper

33 minutes ago

I like the structure of the deck. Not enough Mulldrifter but if you are on the little creatures plan, it makes your innocent bloods way better. However, you only have two wincons which, in pauper, is a little risky.

I'm not sure why you are siding into white though. It seems horrible. There are anti-red effects in Blue (Hydroblast ), siding into artifact hate is hard in blue-black but Steel Sabotage is not a bad shout. Also instead of Rest for the Weary, why not go for another Crypt Incursion for lifegain.

NorthernRaven on why are the prices varied?

35 minutes ago's mid price is the most accurate I think :D

Death_The_Kid on How do I know what ...

37 minutes ago

I try to do pre releases often now. I mostly go just to crack packs and play with new cards. However I want to try and do better at these things. I never do amazing. Maybe I will win a match or two. This is mostly because I am so used to building a real deck I dont know what passes as good in limited. I know in M15 Welkin Tern was just...amazing XD I decided the next one I go to I am not gonna build my deck based on color but, what color has the most flyers I pulled.

DmanZeta on Pauper Landfall

42 minutes ago

This is a sweet deck.

NorthernRaven on Where Will Tarmogoyf Go Next?

46 minutes ago

I used to play Lhurgoyf like you, but then I saw a Tarmogoyf got spoiled.

nosoyyucateco on Night in Saint Traft

46 minutes ago

Oh, and Gomazoa is great in a pillow fort deck. The threat of having their commander shuffled into their library will make them not want to swing at you with it.

nosoyyucateco on Night in Saint Traft

48 minutes ago

Enchanted Evening would be awesome in here. Especially if you added Sphere of Safety . It works really well in EDH because there are some many destroy all enchantment spells, and people don't want to cast those if it means destroying all lands on the table.

Boza on People of the Sun

49 minutes ago

Typically, you will not need a whole 12 mass pump spells, as they will mostly sit in your hand for the first several turns. -4 war cry (terrible unless in more than 3), + 1 battle screech and + 3 prismatic strands main. In its place in the SB, put 3 Obsidian Acolyte , since Crypt Rats is your CRYPT-onite (i hope i am not the only finding that phunny).

I would also replace safehold elite with Squadron Hawk - you want evasive beats. Additionally, selfless cathar is very bad, you want a dedicated pump spell rather than him. I would put either Benevolent Bodyguard or Kor Skyfisher in its place.

Headers13 on Deckcycling broken? Or changed?

50 minutes ago

Same here. It's been over a day and still no deck cycles available.

AutisticPanther on Samurai tribal, help make it ...

51 minutes ago


Thanks for taking the time to write that out, I took some time and messed around on cockatrice with the deck and I like it so far. Later tomorrow I'll edit some of the changes you recommended, thanks for the feedback!

iamthetrickmaster on The Road to Enlightenment

53 minutes ago

beginning to hate your commander already.. +1 tho lmao

Headers13 on Severe Atrophy

54 minutes ago

Scarscale Ritual would work well with Deity and Quillspike, I'll add it and Black Sun's Zenith to the maybe board.

P.s. Would you mind wrapping card name suggestions in double '[', so that they show up as links and I can accept them as suggestions :-), saves going to search for the cards if you don't know what they are.

Proximity on Dimir Heroic budget [Post-Rotation]

56 minutes ago

Hero's Downfall is pretty expensive so i decided to bite the bullet with Asphyxiate . I'll take out two of those for Bile Blight though. Very useful against tokens and weaker creatures.

Quicksilver on Marchessa, The Black Rose EDH

58 minutes ago

Thanks for reminding me, Rogue's Passage has been good to me more than once.

regnet on Deckcycling broken? Or changed?

59 minutes ago

got the same issue

IATEAREPUBLICAN on getting back into standard

59 minutes ago

Yeah if you need any help, I'll be down to help you out if you choose to tag me.

Tolluf on Boza

1 hour ago

Greetings Boza, last week you commented on my white/green deck, giving good suggestions on where to bring the deck,You mentioned you could give better suggestions if I did not limit the deck to standard. I am still very interest to hear your suggestion! Cheers :D

Karkain on BearsBearsBearsBearsBears

1 hour ago

This deck is unbearable.

B-HO_BHO on Pack Rat deck

1 hour ago

Rats are always some fun to run.

Seeing as Pack Rat is going out, I can't say I'm sad about it, but for this list, I'll gladly help the wretched thing.

I find Blood Scrivener very out of place here. If anything, I would suggest Dark Prophecy , Underworld Connections , and even draw efficient cards like Sign in Blood or Read the Bones . Pain Seer can fit the bill too since your highest converted mana cost spells are 4 and lower.

Hall of Triumph is never horrible in mono colored decks. And making your rats just slightly bigger can change your position in the match drastically if you reach a large board state.

Seeing as most of your creatures will end up dying, Dictate of Erebos is pretty good against other creature based decks.

Despite everything mentioned here, I have to bring up the issue of life. While your beating down the guy with a crap to of rats, your losing life not only by opposing spells, depending on the matchup, but you're losing life to draw cards, a common theme in black. I recommend some sort of life gain, either from a utilizing Whip of Erebos , or Gray Merchant of Asphodel

I get this is probably most likely tribal, but splashing non rat like cards can make this deck much more versatile without much sacrifice. Overall, my suggestion is any of these cards as replacements for the Diabolic Tutor which I find to be unneeded in a deck that doesn't need to search so much for additional pack rats of the bat.

asasinater13 on Promos missing?

1 hour ago

Jace, Architect of Thought doesn't have his promo option from the duel decks, and Temple of Mystery doesn't have the option for its printing in the clash packs, or I didn't see them at least. is this a known thing?

Moeovercoat on BearsBearsBearsBearsBears

1 hour ago

Best.Deck.Ever. Some more ideas for a bear deck.

Its not mine, just so people know

UrbanAnathema on sPLANTer Twin

1 hour ago

Land base might be a tad low... But this looks great. Nice work!

asasinater13 on what to remove?

1 hour ago

So for the commander deck I'm currently working on, Zegana Budget I bought the clash pack (Courser of Kruphix , promo'd Prophet of Kruphix and Temple of Mystery ) and I'm wondering if I should make room for Font of Fertility (I just really like that promo art) and Hydra Broodmaster could be a good card to get on the field. I also cut Nimbus Swimmer while making room for some new additions.

Should I be adding in numbus swimmer, Recross the Paths , and Font of Fertility ? if so, what could come out for them.

I would love to fit in Hydra Broodmaster , but again, what can I take out for that?

also thinking about Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and if it's worth including in the deck. Karametra's Acolyte has gotten out of hand more than once for me, and I think nykthos would be great to have with it.

arowdok on Defeat at Iroas' hands is ...

1 hour ago

Why do you run Vivid lands and not Boros Guildgate which is better. And even better is Temple of Triumph . Also with Boros Garrison it allow for run less lands due to it acting like two slow lands. Another land is Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , both help fix lands and deck thin as they act as a high land count early and remove two lands out of the deck increasing the odds of drawing relevant card late game. Also i have found a good counter to counter spells and copying mana ramp spell/tutor is Reverberate .

jrgoudie on why are the prices varied?

1 hour ago

why are the prices varied on different web sites? Which ones are most reliable?

Bobbay on Modern Dega (Mardu) tokens

1 hour ago

Some suggestions:

2x of the Planeswalkers (and maybe 3x of Sorin)3x Falkenrath Aristocrat or 2x Olivia Voldaren Xx Spectral Procession OR Midnight Haunting OR Raise the Alarm Xx Intangible Virtue Xx Zealous Persecution , Not really a classic anthem, seeing as how it is a instant and the effect only lasts until end of turn.However it also doubles as a actual removal or sweaper vs. Snapcaster Mage, Birds of Paradise, Noble Hierarch, Dark Confidant, Vendilion Clique, Pestermite, Grim Lavamancer, Affinity, Soul Sisters, to name a few.Cast it during combat to truly tip the scales overXx Honor of the Pure 4x Windbrisk Heights , you'll almost always be able to play the card for free considering the token generation you have1x Elspeth Tirel ?????????1x Assemble the Legion , You are white/red after all

Lastly, I'd mainboard Brimaz, King of Oreskos over Mirran Crusader , which should be sideboard. Brimaz wrecks against decks that dont run abrupt decay and Mirran Crusader would answer those that do.

The biggest question is what direction you want to take the deck, make it more midrangey (as it is), or more aggro with more token pumping. In either case the things you have to watch out for are the board wipes that would put you crazy behind. My suggestion is either a: Keep the deck as is but add in more "Aristocrats" to generate card advantage, or b: add more planeswalkers and token generation/pumping where the planeswalkers are where value is generated. Entirely depends on how you want to play and the meta you are playing in.

If you want to go for less budgety versionBitterblossom can sometimes be worth itLiliana of the Veil always great in black decks

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