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BeholdTheKing on Werewolf Massacre

a few seconds ago

You should consider Atarka's command.

EpicFreddi on In Response, Spin Top (Miracles ...

1 minute ago

I salute you Ashy, it's been a fun ride.

pave on Clint Beastwood's Magic Forest

1 minute ago

Been trying to get Pathbreaker ibex without luck :-( def on the list tho! And thanks, Oran seems good. Again. Bettee than a forest ;-)

Jongal13 on Monogreen Stompy

1 minute ago

Love your deck, I'm watching your videos and I'm amazed for the results.

Quatrero26 on SAMUT'S SOUP & Her Opponents' ...

1 minute ago

@ AaronEchoes Not sure that I understand your path of logic of how anafenza synergizes with odric?

@ Skulloelegy I am not too concerned about building around odric as he is not the commander and I rather build around that. concerted effort is a great addition. thank you ! As far as your going wide suggestions... Simply put, I don't feel they would do enough in this deck/build. If I were to go token then for sure and commit to the going wide platform to take greater advantage of etb effects etc.

IlGuale on Demons of the Forest

2 minutes ago

I really like this kind of deck, +1 by me.Did you consider something like Drown in Sorrow, Infest, Yahenni's Expertise or even Languish as a pseudo sweeper against aggro decks with some fast, but small creatures?

Catduit on Oh look, I draw more ...

4 minutes ago

If you are trying to slim down the deck, try removing anything that seems out of place for the goal you have in mind for the deck. Since you are trying to make a self-mill deck, try removing some of the cards that don't work all that well towards that goal. Cards such as Grotesque Mutation -might have a place in another deck, but right now it's a sub-par card that doesn't add much to the synergy. Next you want to consider each card individually, and remove cards that don't work as well as others or are inefficient uses of mana. Things like Nimble Innovator and Mnemonic Wall fit that description pretty well, as they work towards the goal, but for a cost that isn't worth it value-wise (Nimble Innovator is pretty much paying 2 mana to draw a card, which isn't great). While doing this, however, you need to be careful not to take out so many of a certain card type that you never have them when you need them. It may be worth leaving a bad card in just to have a card that does a specific job.

All that said, I would probably take out the creatures that draw cards when they die. You want to be getting your win condition as quick as possible, and having cards that need to be in play for a few turns before you get the value out of them doesn't seem like a great way to stay ahead of your opponent.

As for the deck itself, the idea is awesome, and I can't wait to give it a shot.

KongMing on Clint Beastwood's Magic Forest

4 minutes ago

My wife also just recommended Oran-Rief, the Vastwood for land. It combos with Selvala pretty well - because you can increase the power of your creatures by 1 the turn they hit the field, you can net 1 extra mana with Selvala. In this way, the Vastwood 'pays' for itself - even though you aren't tapping it for mana that turn, you still get 1 mana in the end.

Human_Wizard on In Response, Spin Top (Miracles ...

6 minutes ago

I'm sorry for your loss :( Miracles was a really cool deck and Wizards killed it.

GlistenerAgent on They actually did it (Top ...

7 minutes ago

Damn. Just as I was starting to play Miracles.

KongMing on Clint Beastwood's Magic Forest

8 minutes ago

Pathbreaker Ibex is one other option. It doesn't combo with Selvala directly, and it takes a turn of being on the field before you can swing with it, but once you can it is essentially an Overwhelming Stampede on legs.

Argeaux on Mono-Red Aggro In Amonkhet

11 minutes ago

It doesn't work for my Amonkhet Minotaurs deck.

I have changed that deck many times, and the algorithm changes every time I do, even with exactly the same lands each time.

It's gotten to the point where I have thrown an off-colour land in, that I can choose to ignore.

Anyway, your deck plays well.

+1 from me

It beats mine Game 1 just about every time.

Game 2 I go full Control, kill all of your Creatures as soon as I can, then start my attacks in the late game.

If you get Hazoret the Fervent out in Game 2 it causes me problems, unless I get rid of it with Oblivion Strike, make the God unable to block by Exerting Ahn-Crop Crasher, or Trample damage over the top of the God.

EpicFreddi on [Community Discussion]: Legacy Chat

12 minutes ago


houruponthestage on Esper Fact or Fiction Control

12 minutes ago

Had to remove top because it is banned in legacy now :( But I think the deck still functions well.

I took out 2 Sensei's Divining Top and added one extra Baleful Strix and one extra Ponder

rhystictutor on More Gravy than a Grave

15 minutes ago

heh, i've got a mono black deck also. you can check it out if ya want, it's called The Abyss. there are quite a few staples in it and a few obscure but good cards, maybe youll find something you like but ill leave you with a strong inexpensive suggestion, Beacon of Unrest

ThinkJank on They actually did it (Top ...

15 minutes ago

It's been a long time coming. Now that Top has been banned, I think that the door will be opened for other non-Miracles control decks to grow in Legacy. Now, whether or not Terminus will still see play in the format remains to be seen, and I'm excited to see if Miracles still plays miracle cards after losing their best repeatable card selection.

GeminiSpartanX on [Community Discussion]: Legacy Chat

17 minutes ago

Can someone link me to the announcement? I'm super stoked if miracles is leaving the format! Although I'm somewhat sad to see it go now that burn has the perfect hatebear against it.

pave on Clint Beastwood's Magic Forest

19 minutes ago

Seems better than a forest ;-)

GeminiSpartanX on Looking for a new deck: ...

19 minutes ago

clayperce- I've run my list at Modern night 3-4 times and am still undefeated with it if you want to take a look (we only get 7-10 players every week fwiw). It's pretty stock except I run bolts in the main instead of Bonfires, but that can be changed depending on what's better in your meta.

RG Ponza LD + Fatties, 1st at FNM

Modern GeminiSpartanX


rhystictutor on Favorite blue deck manipulation?

20 minutes ago

Without a doubt, Soothsaying

KongMing on Clint Beastwood's Magic Forest

20 minutes ago

Have you considered a Rogue's Passage? So much of your stuff already gets Trample that it might be redundant. Then again, it could also let you sneak a big creature in past an army of blockers to win the game. Just a thought.

Simon_Williamson on They actually did it (Top ...

20 minutes ago


TheGooseManWells on B/R/W Burn

21 minutes ago

Edit: I only mean further types of sacrifice. If they have similar utility to the Reap, then it makes sense to have it.

Welch on BigTasty

22 minutes ago

If you want to cut legendaries in the humans deck, cut Thalia, Heretic Cathar. She is the most expensive one and not as impactful as the others.

Your Vampires look ok to me. If you want a legendary for them too, Olivia, Mobilized for War is the way to go.

Any game between these two decks will be asymetric. Vampires can win faster, but humans will win virtually all games that take longer than ~10 rounds. That doesn't imply one deck is better, just keep it in mind when evaluating them against each other.

ThoAlmighty on A Spark Awakens

23 minutes ago

What are your thoughts on Pyramid of the Pantheon? I ran it in a 3-color sealed deck and I rolled.

TheGooseManWells on B/R/W Burn

23 minutes ago

Sacrifice abilities combined with Athreos, God of Passage and Pia's Revolution would work if you ran b/r/w enchantment deck. Player would have to choose between losing 6 life, or have creatures like Grim Guardian trigger it's own constellation, or if you sacrificed other enchantments, they would trigger their own constellation and other constellations the next turn. i.e Grim Guardian on the board, sacrifice Underworld Coinsmith play UC next turn, trigger both life gain and life drain.

Long story short, I don't think (only think) that sacrifices have any practical utility in your deck.Really cool concept though 1 upvote from me! Check out my own decks if you found this helpful, may have some enchantment inspiration for you!

EpicFreddi on [Community Discussion]: Legacy Chat

23 minutes ago

So from a scale from 1 to Top is banned, how dead is Miracles?

GreenFuzzyNinja on My mind's desire is to ...

26 minutes ago

Sorry I couldn't get back to you last night. Those eldrazi cards are HILLARIOUS! Thy cost a litle too much mana to put in here, but I could put them in the commander version.

My mind's desire is to cast every card printed

Commander / EDH* GreenFuzzyNinja


I had too make one to play with my edh league

Darth_Savage on Golgari Aggro - Low cost

29 minutes ago

Another option over Phytoburst is Grotesque Mutation, but you really don't want to use Phytoburst.

tomb14 on They'll Catch You On the ...

31 minutes ago

Card draw manamorphose is good and it's free and a mana fixer.

Skulloelegy on Which Character should become a ...

31 minutes ago

I'd like to see Tamiyo's Nezumi Orphan Child as a future Planeswalker. He's curious enough, and a rat planeswalker would be interesting.

ThinkJank on The Worst of the Cycle ...

35 minutes ago

Pal00ka, I actually chose to used starved Rusalka specifically because it's a creature. I can search it out with cards like Primal Command, which I can't do with Evolutionary Leap. I don't have to tap it for its ability, either, which makes it better than Plaguemaw Beast in a few situations. If you've got a suggestion for what else to cut, though, I think Evolutionary Leap would be a nice addition. Also, Rishkar is already in the deck, and you're right; he really pulls his weight.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Adamram1985 on I want to ride my ...

36 minutes ago

Wanted to thank the few people who have upvoted the deck and gave comments. Not sure this will be tier 1 but I will have lots of fun with it.

wyatt0781 on Standard Aristocrats

38 minutes ago

FullmetalWes I have to build it, I have a good portion of the cards but Im poor so itll be a little bit, Im looking to get it as perfect as I can before I buy it, so Ill definitely let you know:)

SteemedMuffins on Burst of Energy

38 minutes ago

I understand you might want to stay simic for flavor, but splashing red for Fling might be worth it. The ability to attack with pummeler and have them reveal a combat trick or Unlicensed Disintegration and in response Fling pummeler at their face for 20+ damage would be insane

venok on Olivia's Ragtag Army

38 minutes ago

No Mercy or Dread and Ever After instead of something

Emitoz on Sliver control - in progress

41 minutes ago

That's what i originally thought as well, but the deck searching ability of Sliver Overlord makes him worth it. With him I can just grab Sliver Hivelord, as well as whatever other sliver I need at any given moment.

EpicFreddi on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

41 minutes ago

"If it beats Fatal Push it's a good creature" - Freddi2017

Darth_Savage on Golgari Aggro - Low cost

44 minutes ago

Ornithopter is evasive and drops from turn 1, meaning you can swing with two creatures on the attack next turn. I'd also suggest Signal Pest and Will-o'-the-Wisp.

Phytoburst is not a good choice, sorcery speed means you can't cast it during the combat phase. Predator's Strike could be a better option. Also Predator Ooze could be a nice fit.

More generally, you are virtually running an infect deck, in infect colours, without infect. Infect works because it only needs 10 damage (poison) but you still need to deliver the full 20 and cards like Pyroclasm exist...

venok on Sliver control - in progress

45 minutes ago

To me the hivelord should be the commander

venok on UB Mills

47 minutes ago

No Mercy or Dread and Mesmeric Orb

Great deck!

MegaMatt13 on Thrasios and Kydele: Eldrazi Envoys

50 minutes ago

Velkaarn, I've thought about Void Winnower. Being on the receiving end of it before, I find him a little too "unfun" to play against. Certainly a powerful creature though.

RUST-O, glad you like. World Breaker is on my list of cards to get. Zegana I could also see going in here. With elder deep-fiend, I've had him in a different deck before and found him a bit too expensive for his effect even with the emerge cost. He is certainly on theme though.

JaysomeDecks, really like your infinite build. Looks deadly to play against. I only have one copy of Seedborn Muse and she is in my Rhys deck where I think she is more needed. I could see myself adding awakening though. Kydele and Thrasios would go bonkers with all that untapping.

For cuts, I see myself cutting trygon predator for world breaker. What other cuts should I make?

hardhitta71194 on The Nicki Minaj Tribal Deck

52 minutes ago

"The depressing thing about Tennis is that no matter how good I get, I'll never be as good as a wall."

Mitch is the man!

Jvr20 on Jvr20

52 minutes ago


Dergam on Legendary and Planeswalker rule: can ...

56 minutes ago

As I read the rule, it sounds like multiple players may have the same card (legendary planeswalker), but only each player may not have more than one of those, or one of them needs to be put on the graveyard.