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kmcree on TheHorse

a few seconds ago

Possibly, but I'm on a bit of a budget unfortunately. How much would you want for them?

TheNinjaJesus on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

1 minute ago

Just think of Ashen Rider as an evil magic act.

"Awww you love Mutavault don't you?"


"What's that? You exiled my Stormbreath Dragon with Detention Sphere?"


"Oh, you've got a 12/12 Desecration Demon? Sure, I'll sac a creature to tap him.... AND THEN EXILE HIM!"


bigv54 on chance of pod getting banned

3 minutes ago

I have fun with living end, but alas i am a control player at heart. UWR control doesn't seem to be my cup of tea, i tried it and eh, but melira pod seems to be pretty control ish as well as being damn good. I also love playing a challenging deck, and multiple articles I've read say pod is very difficult to play. That's why i play esper in standard lol so many critical decisions, i revel in that!

WovenNebula on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

3 minutes ago

I agree we may lose a lot of love using Ashen Rider more so than reanimating emrakul since that gives you a quick death, and we are giving a slow agonizing death while removing every permanent you have lol

TheNinjaJesus on Manipulation is Fum.

3 minutes ago

Ultimate Price , not Doom Blade ... black creatures are so prevalent with MBD, but the thing that makes Ultimate Price work is that since RTR will be rotating out somewhat soon, multi-color creatures are on the wane. The other option- keep the two doom blades, sideboard them out, and two Dark Betrayal into your deck accordingly.

m4ver1k on Very Discard

5 minutes ago

If you drop Inkmoth Nexus, Phyrexian Vatmother, and Skithiryx then add a Rogue's Passage , 3x Swamp, and 3x Phyrexian Obliterator you'd stand to make them not want to attack you at all in general as well.

Or if you want the creatureless route, just remove your creatures and add some combination of Shrieking Affliction , Quest for the Nihil Stone , The Rack , and some removal.

ImmortalWonton on Master of the Feast = ...

5 minutes ago

I knew about the master part, but didn't realize about the Pain Seer part, thanks for catching.

TheNinjaJesus on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

7 minutes ago

WovenNebula- I haven't put it up at a FNM yet. Meta here dictates I'm probably going to turn it into an anti-control deck following the first round. I play some casual games with family, and they've got some pretty tricked out decks... I managed to tease out the Rider using the Oracle/Rescue combo (as planned) on one of these family games. The next turn, they drew removal (Hero's Downfall)... and I Rescued him again via hard cast. They certainly paid tribute on that Oracle when he rescued the Rider. In the end, they lost five permanents to exile, a wasted removal spell, and their love for me.

LTECHO13 on Junk an Chunk

9 minutes ago

Im going to change the land i just didnt feel like messing with it i just wanted the list out there

veanusaur77 on It Won't Be Quick, But ...

10 minutes ago

I'm gonna try and get ahold of AoT, sunnyosrego, but we'll see. I wouldn't mind a fourth Ashiok, honestly. He's done ALOT of work in games.

Medarco on 5c Superfriends

12 minutes ago

Yeah I've been cutting walkers primarily and adding some artifact mana. My win con isn't quite focused. Basically just play a bunch of sweet things until they're dead. What should I add/cut to help my mana issues in your opinion?

WovenNebula on Grave Riders

12 minutes ago

@BLEATH, Faithless Looting is in here for that very reason, Cloudshift I will probably switch for Flickerwisp so its not one and done deal.

TheHamster on Congregation at Dawn

13 minutes ago

I know its fairly expensive mana wise but Purity might be a good option

WovenNebula on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

15 minutes ago

@Mirrid Your deck is quite similar to mine, have you play tested it and what were the results? I think he has potential not in a hyper aggressive deck but a controlling type deck that you sit back and relax while your oponent is not able to do anything or play anything and if they do whoops its exiled. @TheNinjaJesus Thats an interesting take on him in standard I like the originality that went into it, as I always ask have you played it out and how well did ashen do?

TheNinjaJesus on SilentChibi

17 minutes ago

Sorry, Mr. Chibi... I haven't been back in the game long enough to make any helpful contributions to Modern format. I resumed with New Phyrexia, and Modern goes all the way back to Lorwyn.

brandoncadams on An Exalted Life

17 minutes ago

Thanks for the feedback Kale64. I added some Heroes' Reunion based on your comments. I also removed the 2x Naturalize and added 1x more Qasali Pridemage, and added one more Rhox Faithmender, and I removed the 2x Pacifim to make room.

As for the Ghost-lit Redeemer, I wanted a quick, and cheap life-gain that is a creature, so it can be there when I get a Sublime Archangel. Also, I seem to get a lot of opportunity to tap one plains and tap Ghost-lit for life each turn.

The reason I've left the 2x Deadly Recluse is so that I have something with reach and deathtouch. They are great cheap pawns and an amazing deterrent against several more expensive creatures.


BLEATH on Grave Riders

18 minutes ago

I feel like Cloudshift is weak here. Sure you get another trigger, but it's just once and you're down a card.

Also, why no Faithless Looting ? Ashen Rider could get duped T1 more consistently, I feel.

BattleWalrus on Suspended Abominations

18 minutes ago

very nice suggestion with omniscience. clockspinning as well. not really sir why that didnt make the cut. must have just missed it. thank you kindly!

nbarry223 on Devotion to Green (Modern) W/ ...

20 minutes ago

it cantrips itself, so it's not that much of a loss. I see it as a way to totally tap out, you shouldn't be giving up better plays to play a 1 CMC that does nothing, but it is there for when you have that 1 mana left.

I think it is fine in this particular deck, since devotion matters.


I try to playtest beyond the top 8 and figure out what card(s) can totally screw my deck. Once that's figured out, I decide how heavily to side against them depending on how much I foresee them being played. For example, Extirpate totally kills my one deck, but since it isn't a form of grave hate that sees all that much play (in legacy), I side against the ones that do more heavily, even though Extirpate is a much bigger threat. And when choosing the anti-hate, I try to pick things that hit other decks too, to serve a dual purpose.

Once the problem cards are covered satisfactorily, I devote whatever spots are remaining to the top 8 builds. I think it's more important to cover my weaknesses than to increase chances against matches I might never see.

One thing that has me baffled is why you have Eidolon of the Great Revel which has a double red cost in the side board as an answer to really fast decks. If that's your answer to them, with your manabase, you might die before it can hit the field. I'd suggest either adding in some fetches, or swapping it out for something more playable, like Chalice of the Void . There's only 6 cards in here that produce red, because you aren't running Burning-Tree Emissary so casting it early enough without fetches could present itself as a problem.

WovenNebula on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

20 minutes ago

While testing the deck against a few top tier 1 decks in modern it did very well on not letting them able to play anything, keep in mind this is without sideboards being used that it exceed at, I will have to more thorough play testing and changes by adding iona etc..

WovenNebula on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

22 minutes ago

@BLEATH I have constructed a deck a lil while back and here it is below. I understand that doesn't compare to the version with emrakul since that is more of in your face and your dead, this version that will change would be more controlling just for mere fun tho it is kind of evil removing your enemies lands and probably throw iona in there and stop them in their tracks from doing anything and killing them rather than just stomping right off like a burn deck.

Grave Riders Playtest

Modern WovenNebula


misterkyle on modernistic athreos

22 minutes ago

Sorry, I should have said modern...

m4ver1k on The Army of Amsnad

22 minutes ago

Preeminent Captain only provides 1 devotion, compared to say Elite Inquisitor. Not that it's the wrong choice, but just to playtest it a bit because it doesn't really add enough devotion if that's your reasoning for more Captain of the Watch.

Xunfor6iv3nX on Mayle of the Anima

22 minutes ago

ok thanks for some of that I will post of what I have put together so far and will be grateful for advice on what I could put in and pull out

TheNinjaJesus on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

22 minutes ago

It all depends on whether you want to go Modern or Standard. From what you're describing, you seem to want to go Modern. If you look at my deck, Call of the Underworld, you'll see a viable strategy for getting the Rider out by turn 4 or 5. The strategy employed there, though, could be employed for any super-huge creature, like, say, Borborygmos Enraged , or Colossus of Akros . Still, though, I totally dig the Rider, and that was the creature I wanted to feature.

Epochalyptik on Mutivault and Deicide

22 minutes ago

Good catch. I misread Deicide and thought it was worded differently.

BLEATH on zachi's binder

23 minutes ago

Heya! I'm interested in your 2x Temple of Abandon , 2x Temple of Mystery and your Sylvan Caryatid . Can we work somethin' out?

misterkyle on modernistic athreos

23 minutes ago

I'll admit my knowledge of Legacy is almost nil, but I could see Whip of Erebos as a replacement for Ashenmoor Liege because it brings creatures back and the lifegain from your creatures could be a nice boost if needed.

Darkside on Customized Banlist

24 minutes ago

hmmm... how do you feel about Runed Halo ? maybe sideboard worthy?

m4ver1k on I Spin My Heads Back ...

25 minutes ago

You are not missing something, I misread the card. On that note, Worldspine Wurm is infinitely more appropriate. I love Terastodon personally. That's up to you. Another underappreciated card IMO is Liege of the Tangle .

BLEATH on clowe304433's binder

26 minutes ago

I've got 4x Ninja of the Deep Hours and I'm interested in both of your shocklands. Care to check my binder and see if we can make up the difference?

ninjaking92 on Bulk?

26 minutes ago

I have roughly 8000 commons and uncommons id not mind getting rid of. Make me a reasonable offer and theyre yours.

Drilnoth on Mutivault and Deicide

26 minutes ago

@Epochalyptik: That is actually incorrect (rather unusual, I know!). Deicide checks for God-ness based on the card it exiles as it exists in exile. If it checked as they exist on the battlefield, Gods with insufficent devotion would not be extracted. Mutavault is a land (and not a creature) in all zones other than the battlefield, so it will not be extracted by Deicide.

From the Journey into Nyx release notes:

Deicide looks at the card in exile, not the permanent that was exiled, to determine if it is a God. For each of the Gods in the Theros block, it won't matter what your devotion to its color(s) was. The card is a God card when not on the battlefield.

Canimia on Bad Moon Rising

26 minutes ago

@Caraculiambro awesome, that song is what gave me the idea for the name. XD

vampirelazarus on In EDH, what colors can ...

27 minutes ago

@MagicalHacker: Why not a three color commander?

Damia, Sage of Stone comes to mind

WovenNebula on Weenie buffs

28 minutes ago

I personally would use Phalanx Leader and Launch the Fleet since you'll be able to keep the tokens and grown them with phalanx leader and archangel etc.. Spear of Heliod I wouldn't use since there is so so much enchantment hate you'd be better off with Hall of Triumph . Dictate of Heliod would be too costly mana wise to in here since its weenie and you want to curve out as low as possible killing your enemy by overwhelming them. Akroan Horse I am not sure how i feel about him being in this deck since white weenie now thanks to journey to nyx has more options that can help you like Aegis of the Gods , Fiendslayer Paladin , Angelic Accord , Brave the Elements or the one thats similiar to brave the elements that targets individual creatures for protection. Fiendslayer would continue your life gain, angelic accord would further that with more tokens in place of akoan horse and if you wanted you could use Godsend but I like the deck thus far and these are my opinions so take what you would like out of it.

BLEATH on chance of pod getting banned

29 minutes ago

Dude, Living End is an awesome deck! Just be sure to watch out for Rest in Peace ...

As far as pod decks go, I'm no expert on the archetype, but I do know you can pull some trickery with Phantasmal Image and even copying said pod with a tutored up Phyrexian Metamorph .

almalong on Dega Sacrifices

29 minutes ago

I consulted my resident judge and being both the abilities would proc at the same time you may have them resolve in either order, so yes, it's pretty hilarious

Mirrid on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

30 minutes ago

I kind of threw together a brain dump of cards to consider for a deck running Ashen Rider. It's really any other deck that cheats out the big guys, except it's just a list of cards that I'd toss in the deck and not an actual constructed deck with time put into it. Big Scary Monsters

lordsnow1218 on My Boros Deck

31 minutes ago

i would recommend Truefire Paladin in place of the Sunhome Guildmage Ive gotten out of trouble quite a few times because of truefire's abilities plus the same cost

sylvannos on Ashen Rider how feasible and ...

34 minutes ago

It replaces Angel of Despair in many people's sideboards for dealing with Show and Tell . I could see it at $8 someday, but that's going to take a few years (a decade wouldn't surprise me). Pick them up while they're cheap, but don't stock up on them like they're the next Dark Confidant .

DaggerV on What theros block was missing?

34 minutes ago

They needed Academy Ruins for enchantments, I was really hoping for such a land :(

Wolfninja on Apoptosis's binder

35 minutes ago

So is that trade OK with you?

LoCaLGoD on Izzet Burn aggro

35 minutes ago

Ok I rebuilt it, going more aggro haste creatures I think. Comments are appreciated If you comment I will +1 a deck you built! please upvote me!

dejota on Sarkhan Brawl

36 minutes ago

Please, make this changes if you want a competitive deck, because this deck has no chance in a tournament :

-3 Lightning Strike +3 Lightning Bolt

-1 Ratchet Bomb -1 Prowler's Helm -1 Ring of Kalonia +3 Kird Ape

-2 Arbor Elf ( I don't see utility in a fast deck)-2 Impetuous Sunchaser +4 Goblin Guide

There is more cards to replace, but i don't make the deck for you, so search about competitive decks for you see better cards

GoofyFoot on Mono E Mono

39 minutes ago

You already have Brave the Elements , which is pretty useful right there. what it really gets down to is what mono-white deck you're trying to go against. Tokens? Something along the lines of Sublime Archangel (for you) and Lightmine Field , or Ghostly Prison . A deck similar to your's would also probably hurt from that. if you are wanting prevention from hate bear, enchantment disruption is your best bet usually. specific decks? not sure, would need examples.

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