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Grubbernaut on Modern Suicide Bomber

2 minutes ago

Might be worth including some Ifnir Deadlands for virtually free removal in the mid/late game, especially since your deck has some lifegain.

Sweet brew. Cheers!

Odysseus_97 on Kumena will turn you into ...

3 minutes ago


Once again thank you for the amazing feedback. Alright i might have misread that then, but i think i will primarily work with untap effects, unblockable and a very little sub theme with +1/+1 counters to utilize other effects and gain more damage since the merfolks don't have crazy power so the attacks with unblockable will be more effective. I have never really worked with these themes before and they synergies perfectly with Kumena :)

Deepchannel Mentor I agree that the CMC takes it down some places, and with the multiple islandwalk merfolk, its effect is not out of the world. Altough it has done some work for me in my playtesting against my own decks, so once i have gotten the cards around release i will see how it plays out in my Meta. But it is on my possible cuts list, altough it's one that is a bit higher on the list to might stay.

Fallowsage: It has already done a lot of work for me in my playtesting and i really like it, so i think this one will stay. Its perfect when you drop this on curve with Kumena and then tap it to make kumena unblockable and draw a card at the same time. I do see the strong potential in Sage of Fables and if i find enough things to cut, it is going right in. Maybe swap it with either Triton Shorestalker or Mist-Cloaked Herald, although i do like these one drop unblockables :)

Grimoire Thief: Good point, i will take it into account, i am trying to run a lot of untap abilities so it might turn out to be good. Intially i thought i could use it in a responds to a board wipe, but i might have blanked for a second when i read it the first time :)

Riverwise Augur/Silvergill Adept: I agree, Riverwise Augur has already been cut for some of your previous suggestions to increase the potential of Islandwalk. Suprisingly Silvergill Adept has done very little work in EDH, i often draw it before i have my engine up and running and as the only merfolk in hand so here it is useless at least, so i think it will be cut very soon once i figure the number of cuts and adds :) But then i can use it in a standard deck i might want to try out :)

Distant Melody/Ponder: I agree on the one time uses, have already cut Ponder and i think Distant Melody will go as well, maybe for Sage of Fables or another counterspell.

Time Warp/Savor the Moment: Yes, i kinda wanted to try out some extra turn plays as i have never done that before with my limited play of blue, but i do have Wanderwine Prophets who will likely do some of that work very excellently, and then i could maybe use them in a heavy control EDH build i am thinking of building :)

Neurok Stealthsuit: It would be an interesting include, but i have realised it does not synergies very well and you are right about the mana cost as well. I hope i can find my copy of Plaxcaster Frogling somewhere, cause i really like this one as a utility creature :)

magicthevlog on UG 12 Post

5 minutes ago


  • L 0-2 bug fit
  • W 2-0 orzhov weenies
  • W 2-0 miracles

liked explore, nimble obstructionist, walking ballista

sided out candelabra a lot because there are no trinket mages to find it

too much grave hate in sb

Chasmolinker on Rigol

11 minutes ago

Thanks for the upvote on JUND Midrange (100% Competitve)!

TreyV on Strictly Green

13 minutes ago

Ramunap Excavator? Lots of tricks with using those deserts and promptly playing them anyways from the graveyard?

shaftdiggity on C17 Vampires - What are ...

16 minutes ago

It depends what your goal is. I wanted it to play more like a 2-color deck that's super aggro, so I cut out most of the high cmc cards (5 and up), and really focused on black-white with a life-gain subtheme. Red-black would be another path cutting out the lifegain stuff. Making more like a 2-color deck helps a ton with consistency, and helps with the budget as I can't afford to shell out for all the og duel lands or even the fetches.

MRDOOM3 on Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer

17 minutes ago

Yeah, I know that feel, how TappedOut always requires a description. I always just put "..." for my description until I feel creative enough to write one.

Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you want a pillowfort control. Collective Restraint, while not as good in 2-color decks than in 3-color decks, is still another nice pillowfort enchantment. Peacekeeper is another decent option, and, in my opinion, is a better alternative for Blazing Archon. Dissipation Field may not work as well here, but Aurification can deal with those creatures that you can't bribe.

Fatespinner and Torpor Orb are both annoying cards that I would put in here as well.

Supreme Verdict is another good sweeper with an added uncounterable perk.

Rhystic Study is definitely a staple for any EDH deck with blue.

I would write more, but I unfortunately have class in 2 minutes.

FrogBank on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

17 minutes ago

'Noticed that the multiverseid=430625 printing of Slave of Bolas is missing from Archenemy: Nicol Bolas. Thanks and I hope that's of help. No external link as I can't get it to appear in the preview, possibly due to an account age based precaution.

Aethos on U/R Miracles (Modern)

27 minutes ago

Most of the time I would pick Serum Visions over Opt. But in this deck Opt seems a lot stronger, since it allows you to trigger Miracles in your opponents turn - Serum Visions can never trigger a miracle.

TreyV on Netflix and Mill (The Second ...

29 minutes ago

No graveyard hate? More than a few deck types would giggle at all these cards immediately in their graveyard for free. It seems like you would benefit from some Nihil Spellbomb. Mesmeric Orb and Visions of Beyond also seem pretty/really slow. Mesmeric Orb should be sideboard for grindy control matches and the Visions of Beyond should go for another cantrip. Actually, Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver seems much better in place of the Orb's. That guy mills 3 for sure each turn and exiles them, plus he can just win you the game with stolen creatures.

Kandrel on Ramunap(less) Red

30 minutes ago

Please please pleasepleaseplease tell this is going to get known as 'Ramunapless Red'. There's something very pleasing about that name.

jotjot on Can an Aura entering the ...

45 minutes ago

thank you very much!

cdkime on Artifact Commander

46 minutes ago

First off, I noticed that you were new to Tappedout. I wanted to assure you that the above trolling is extremely abnormal--I've been posting here for a while now, and this is, quite literally, the first time I have seen such posting. Overall, the community here has been nothing but helpful, and I apologies that you have been on the receiving end of such despicable behaviour.

Moving on to your deck:

What exactly are you trying to do? You have a number of different tools in this deck, many of which do not work well together. For example, Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic are wonderful cards in a tribal deck, but your deck lacks any distinct tribe, so their utility is lessened. There are cards in here which seem to have no significant benefit to your deck, and do not fit in with your general strategy--Ravenous Rats for example.

In my experience, commander decks work best when they are a well crafted machine. Each card should advance your victory, ideally in multiple ways. I would be happy to provide more detailed feedback, but wanted to first get an idea of what you would like the deck to do.

Regarding your request for mana, I would recommend bookmarking the following page. It sorts every single land by its utility and the colour(s) of mana produced. It is a wonderful tool for deckbuilding:

All the lands in a sorted list

Unformat* ForgotenWaffle

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mcfatbiscuit on Bant Tishana

47 minutes ago

And if your going the token route might as well add 2-3 Anointed Procession as well as 1-2 Huatli, Radiant Champion. If your doing a token deck might wanna dip ur foot...or body into that pool.

Sigi_cz on Pattern Recognition #54B - Keyword ...

49 minutes ago

there IS something wrong with Gatherer. Try to search for "partner". Both options "Keyword" and "Rules contains" give different results and non of the lists is complete. How many other errors are there? ...

Thanks for great article anyway :)

Exjak on Exjak

52 minutes ago



mcfatbiscuit on Bant Tishana

55 minutes ago

Have you thought of adding Storm the Vault  Flip. The servos double as creatures and artifacts. Maybe add 2 just to have 6 copies of "cradle" to make sure you hit one. I built this on xmage last night and i loved it.

tpmains on Draw Engine Commanders

59 minutes ago

The Locust God is another one to draw cards. You play all the wheels, make some insects, and even have an infinite combo with Ashnod's Altar and Skullclamp. It's what I play and I love it.

jeffvanlee on BG Journey to Eternity (RIX)

59 minutes ago

Ogoki Yes, good call! I actually added Benefaction last night- digging 5 deep and keeping both seems great.

Hyperalgialysis on Sadistic Vampires

1 hour ago

This looks a little too slow for competitive modern, if you play kitchen table disregard all of my comment. First you need to get some faster lands, shocks and fetches would be ideal, but Dragonskull Summit and Foreboding Ruins are much more budget and work good enough. The 2 enchantments are awfully slow, and while in combination are an instant win, they would probably be better as creatures or more burn spells. I have a deck The devil's claim to fame that works really well and might be a better framwork to jump off. Modern is typically a turn 4 format, meaning games are over by the 4th turn. Most of your cards are simply too high in mana cost without running some sort of acceleration.

Beneriono on Artifact Commander

1 hour ago

Your deck is not a combo at all but is trying to be its way too expensive for what it is and you cant even attack to much you dont have enough ramp for bombs even if you had them and you cant even attach them without loosing to many creatures. P.Sur mom gay lol

Rennash1 on Artifact Commander

1 hour ago

Wtf is this shit.

cdkime on Can an Aura entering the ...

1 hour ago

Rule 303.4f - If an Aura is entering the battlefield under a players control by any means other than by resolving as an Aura spell, and the effect putting it onto the battlefield doesnt specify the object or player the Aura will enchant, that player chooses what it will enchant as the Aura enters the battlefield. The player must choose a legal object or player according to the Auras enchant ability and any other applicable effects.

Rule 702.18a - Shroud is a static ability. Shroud means This permanent or player cant be the target of spells or abilities.

Under Rule 702.18a, Shroud only protects against spells or abilities that target an opponent. The attachment of an Aura under Rule 303.4f is neither a spell nor an ability, nor does it include the word target in the rules language.

lordsofsummer on Izzet Rules - Niv bown ...

1 hour ago

Thank you guy, I never meet Tangle Wire... I think Static Orb + Pacification Array it's more cruel than Tangle, but Tangle can lead to the midrange easily... I used to use Propaganda and as you ask, in my meta they have a lot mana ramps so Propaganda it's not so usefull against them. I put Grafdigger's Cage cuzz they like to use grave a lot.

GeistKing on Unlikely Heroes

1 hour ago

Thanks SecondRate, billium813, and eyes2sky I will definitely do what I can to mold this baby into something functional!

bobgar on Budget Mono White Goats

1 hour ago

I thought about putting posts in -- but I felt like I was pretty heavy on the devotion theme which that works against. I'll add it to the maybe list. It could be worth it!

Ryjo on I Don't Know How To ...

1 hour ago

When I'm working on a manabase, I first look at the breakdown of colors in the deck, either counting the symbols or using the pie chart in the deck builder. I try to make the rough amounts of mana produced match the breakdown. Then I look at the curve to see when certain colors are needed. If the curve wants a color early, I'll switch a few of the lands around so that that color has more lands to facilitate playing on time. After that I'll look at cards with a double color in their cost, then switch lands to try and help get that double color available quicker. Once I've taken those factors into account, I'll goldfish the deck to see how the manabase is working out. If it's not working out well enough, I'll tweak the lands or tweak the spells to work better.

As Boza said, Standard currently doesn't have much in the way of 3+ color manabases that aren't energy related. Energy is worse at fixing now that Attune with Aether is banned, but it still has Aether Hub and Servant of the Conduit to fix, so it's still viable. Anything with access to had color fixing options, and Renegade Map can be a good way to help fix for basic lands. I don't know if the cards that generate treasure tokens are good enough for a control deck, but that could be another way to make your manabase better.

bomb_arie on Gifs / Pictures not showing ...

1 hour ago

And no image showing up....

bomb_arie on Gifs / Pictures not showing ...

1 hour ago

I'll try CTRL+C/V aswell...

jotjot on Can an Aura entering the ...

1 hour ago

thanks sir, may i ask the reference or the rule number that you got this explanation? thanks!

steveuprising on Can Tishana hug?

1 hour ago

Mikokoro and burried ruin, tolaria west might be some good inclusions

cdkime on Can an Aura entering the ...

1 hour ago

The answer is yes, but it's a bit odd. Normally, when you cast an Aura, you target a creature with the Aura, and, once the spell resolves, it enters as a permanent attached to that creature.

But the Ur-Dragon bypasses the casting process, and your creature is never the target of a spell. The aura enters the battlefield without a target, and can automatically be attached to a creature without having ever targeted it. If no legal creatures exist for the aura to enchant, the aura will leave the battlefield.

It's super weird, but that's just how things work.

joaoguaxinim on UG Deeproot Merfolk

1 hour ago

Thanks for your comment!

Creature wise, the deck leans on the green side, but as the non creatures are blue, the 7/7 seems to be enough to play as it's structured.

2 Kopala seems to be the right way, I'm probably cutting one of it in order to add another Crashing tide.

I don't like Jadelight ranger in this kind of build, as I'd rather play something like Jungleborn Pioneer to have bigger board presence.

River's Rebuke is a good card, but I don't want to take to long to close the game. Could be a sideboard card, but I don't have the slots for it.

MrJohny on Bloodwater Entity vs Nimble Obstructionist ...

1 hour ago

Boza i tottaly forgot serpent thanks! Originally i wrote him off b/c of the double blue when i first built delver tempo now itll fit nicely.

For now i think im gonna try a 2/1 split with serpent and obstructionist. I play tested with obstructionist last night, and i liked the clock but i dont think its as good as a big beater. I'll play it like a click

AJHAJHA on Locust God Casual Commander

1 hour ago

That new wheel card would be good for this.

entheogeneral on Help Wanted: Budget Misthollow Griffin

1 hour ago

Your username has inspired me to comment, though I have no ideas.

Hyperalgialysis on UR Pirate Beatdown

1 hour ago

You definetly need some hard removal, something like Essence Scatter Shock Lightning Strike Unsummon just a way to clear out blockers if they have any. I personally think red black pirates is a little faster, since they get bigger, but these guys are more evasive so they might be better at getting damage in. Regardless you need to have some form of removal, Fiery Cannonade maybe. Protean Raider is a solid card also, I had one at prerelease and it did so much work for me.

Shadow29870 on Scabs upon Skaabs

1 hour ago

Hm... I like both of those, however I primarily use graveyard creatures for fuel for bigger ones, such is the way of skaabs. Makes me iffy on using those two.

jotjot on Can an Aura entering the ...

1 hour ago

So i have The Ur-Dragon and Steely Resolve choosing Dragons to have shroud on the battlefield, then i attack. Its triggered ability triggers, drawing card/s then putting a permanent on the battlefield. I choose to put Runes of the Deus/Phyresis. Can I enchant it for the killing blow?

Jacella__2583 on I Don't Know How To ...

1 hour ago

While the white cards aren't as good as most other cards in the deck, I'm looking to build a deck that isn't found in the current meta; however, looking at it now, I might make it an energy deck even though there are just a lot of those running around right now. I did review the newest set and I'm even considering scrapping the project for a much spicier deck idea, thank you guys for your help and happy building!

BrettonTheKid on Scabs upon Skaabs

1 hour ago

The deck looks fun. A good card in here might be Gravecrawler. Great reanimation zombie.

quietfire on linvala, keeper of silence

1 hour ago

thrane, they do lol. And reanimating strip mine with sun titan to kill the untapped lands hehe.

entheogeneral on I Don't Know How To ...

1 hour ago

Shit, forgot it was Standard. Maybe stuff along the lines of Blooming Marsh, I don't know the one's that aren't green but that type of land is fun

Phaetion on MS: Glimpse the Far Side ...

1 hour ago

I'm agreeing with RicketyEng. I came to that conclusion not long after I read it. Kaldheim's got to be Angrath's home plane. A bit of a stretch, but...

He uses heat-based spells and weapons...Kaldheim is freezing. Also, something else about Angrath tips this off too. Speech pattern? His daughters? His disdain for conflict (which was something Vikings loved)? I can't place my finger on it.