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heckproof on BEARS, BEARS, AND BEARS! OH ...

9 minutes ago

Cheese indeed. That combo is sick. The only thing I might recommend is going more all-in on the combo and having some interaction pieces Remand , Spell Pierce , etc.

AmerginTheWraith on Niv-erending Miz-ery

11 minutes ago

Ch0ppah: glad my advice helped because I found that in edh control decks tend to need combo finishers in the Aminatou, the Fateshifter contol deck I used to run I had an infinite mana into profane command combo or when I ran Varina, Lich Queen I used Laboratory Maniac as an alternate in drawing my library. I will admit I love seeing Teferi, Time Raveler in this deck as it lets you get your commander back to hand so you can reuse your etb trigger.

draconaspyrothanus on The Five Laws of NecroWarfare: ...

16 minutes ago

In the current list's 26 instants and sorceries, only 20 are remotely Kefnetable.

Kefnet's final ability is antisynergous with the deck's overall oeuvre, as he never actually hits the graveyard. He fits better with The Scarab God's deck manipulation than G&G's graveyard strats.

If Bontu cost less mana, though...

heckproof on Rock

16 minutes ago

I’ll preface this suggestion by saying that I’m no Rock expert; I’m more of a Jeskai aficionado. That being said, I’ve heard that Flaying Tendrils is really good in matchups like Phoenix or Dredge. You might play around with one of those. Other than that, I’d say this list seems solid.

If you need G/B midrange help, I’m pretty sure Chasmolinkeris your guy.

Ziusdra on Card creation challenge

20 minutes ago

Flamekin Armorsmith

Creature - Elemental Artificer

: Search your library for an equipment card, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.

When an Elemental creature you control becomes equipped, you may have that creature deal 1 damage to any target.

2 / 1

I don't think we got any equipment spells in War of the Spark. Design an Equipment artifact that would fit into the story, theme, and lore of the War on Ravnica.

BaneOfLordran on What Just Happened?

22 minutes ago

Are you taking the tokens made by Hero into consideration?

Windhelm on Black Plague

23 minutes ago

win cons?

Jsc149 on The Pie Raker's Army

28 minutes ago

After playing this deck 6-7 times with a variable meta, I can safely say that Either a Chandra’s ignition or a settle the wreckage is needed. Settle the wreckage can be tutored with sunforger and will stop a craterhoofed yisan if he gets out of control. Unless it’s countered, there is nothing they can do. Mistveil it back into your library and repeat. Chandra’s ignition on a zada or mirror wing after a protection will clear the board also.

Wardino on Standard Pod

41 minutes ago

I think Ilharg, the Raze-Boar could be good for this so you could use the high cost card stuck in your hand.

BrandonJamesCAC on New to Modern, Need help ...

41 minutes ago

This is a brief response. Modern is decently diverse right now

Right now the format has 4 decks that I prepare for.

  1. Izzet Phoenix - a spell slinger deck

  2. Dredge - Traditional not BridgeVine

  3. Tron - Green Urza Tron

  4. U/W Control/Miracles

Both Dredge and Phoenix, see below.

Basically, you NEED major graveyard hate. The U/W control deck is actually maindecking a Rest in Peace

And you should have a full playset in the board. Or use

Surgical Extraction

Tron, you want

Field of Ruin Ghost Quarter Spreading Seas Ceremonious Rejection

U/W Control - whatever you think you need to get past Jace and Terminus

Unlinkingmanx66 on A Perfect Storm

52 minutes ago

My friend runs a pretty sweet ANT style EDH deck similar to this one, I'll leave the link in case anyone is curious. https://decks.tcgplayer.com/magic/commander/gregory-ditomasso/skithiryx-powerhouse/1316244

pskinn01 on W: 5c Food Chain

53 minutes ago

Sliver queen would not be better. As niv miz fetches for what it needs, then just repeadedly casts him self for the win. Sliver queen would slow the combo up by having to cascade with each cast. Niv miz digs 10 deep each time for a win con, sliver queen sometimes will only go 1. While the outcome is the same, niv miz is just less time consuming to complete.

Windhelm on Saheeli Rai

54 minutes ago

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Karn, the Great Creator Steel Hellkite Padeem, Consul of Innovation Daretti, Scrap Savant It That Betrays Pull from Tomorrow Blue Sun's Zenith Swan Song Rite of Replication Reshape Skullclamp Mechanized Production Tezzeret, Artifice Master Mass Manipulation Reality Shift

grubgrub on Art of Saheeli [Oathbreaker]

1 hour ago

Any reason why you're not running scalding tarn? Also, isn't Wasteland strictly better than Tectonic Edge?

I'm excited to have found this, definitely going to use as a starting point. Thank you for the brew!

Forkbeard on Sliver Overlord: Slivers Gone Wild

1 hour ago

Oh yeah, that's definitely a swift scoop maneuver if I've ever heard one. I use to run All Is Dust + Ghostflame Sliver in here, always a fun time when that resolved.

samn6064 on Grand Theft Auto: Oathbreaker Edition

1 hour ago

working on this deck myself w same commander n spell, for infinites have you thought of the saheeli liquimetal fireweaver/altar of the brood combo? argentum doubles as steal spell and combo piece

Windhelm on Saheeli Rai

1 hour ago

Geo golem,loyal drake, maveric thopterist, pilgrims eye, thopter engineer, wonder, endless atlas, icy manipulator, Tamiyo's Epiphany, turn to frog

DemonDragonJ on Which Card Should I Remove ...

1 hour ago

lifemtg, I even included a link to my deck in my opening post, so that other users could see it.

DemonDragonJ on Alternate Win and Loss Conditions

1 hour ago

UrzasUnderstudy, thus far, I have not put un-cards in any of my lists, but I shall at least keep your suggestion in mind.

DemonDragonJ on All Will Be One

1 hour ago

lifemtg, this deck does not focus on infect; its primary goal is to multiply +1/+1 counters on creatures and loyalty counters on planeswalkers, which I stated in the original description.

AkrosTheClear on New to Modern, Need help ...

1 hour ago

Hey guys, some of my friends and I are starting to get into modern. I have made a couple of decks and one really fun one in particular but I am struggling with the side board for it. We exclusively play commander and I don't know the modern meta at all. the deck (Gob-Kin Frenzy) is a red green (mostly red) combo deck.

I would love suggestions for sideboard cards for this deck in particular and some generic cards for modern in general

thanks for your time.

cdkime on W: 5c Food Chain

1 hour ago

It is a bit off topic, but, on the off chance you are not following Modern Horizon spoilers, The First Sliver will be a better Food Chain Commander than Niv, as you can use cascade to cast your entire deck.

momikulski on Merfolk commander

1 hour ago

So a lot of what you’re doing is solid, there is a pretty great synergy level here, and no real problematic cards though there are some cards that are less than optimal.

For example Ichor Wellspring spring and the Guild Globe . Being in blue means there are just better options for drawing. Card draw can come from Cold-Eyed Selkie , Tatyova, Benthic Druid , Seafloor Oracle or Fallowsage who has synergies with your commander, also Prime Speaker Zegana who is just super good with +1+1. There are also spells which are just super good in blue like Ponder

You also have some room to improve your synergies with +1+1 and proliferate. Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter for example while not a merfolk is just great for the deck.

And there are some amazing lords (creatures that give all of a creature type +1/+1) in the merfolk tribe Like Merrow Reejerey and Merfolk Sovereign which are the inexpensive ones that you aren't already using.

A card that goes super well with your commander is Merrow Commerce .

Tutoring (searching for a specific merfolk from your deck) can increase consistency substantially so Seahunter despite the price tag is incredible, cheaper versions include Tidal Courier and Merrow Harbinger

Ramp is important and there are a couple cards that are used in most green decks, like Cultivate and Kodama's Reach . There is also a handful of cards that speed you up as well like Stonybrook Banneret , and I might consider some artifact acceleration like Simic Signet or Commander's Sphere

Shaper of Nature is a solid mana dump (a card that lets you spend excess mana at will

I'd use Vanquisher's Banner over Glass of the Guildpact , because you’re only really running a handful of multi-colored creatures. But it is a bit more expensive

Beast Within is super strong removal cause it’s in green and blue which don’t have great answers for problem creatures

On the wish list is Hardened Scales cause its so good with +1 +1 and proliferate

As for lands there are a couple of lands that help you and are reasonably priced Simic Growth Chamber , Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , Lumbering Falls , and Oran-Rief, the Vastwood .

rjphilla on Owy ow ow

1 hour ago

Awesome! You could call it 12 Balls

Wardino on Orzhov Midrange

1 hour ago

Due to having so many creatures, would Blast Zone be worth it? I feel like it would be a dead card as you wouldn't want to lose your own creatures.

UrzasUnderstudy on Alternate Win and Loss Conditions

1 hour ago

Given that you have got the Amulet of Quoz on the list--even though it is banned now in pretty much every format, would you consider putting the Un-win/lose-cons like The Cheese Stands Alone on the list for completeness sake?

Because you know I am all about the cheese.

lynx0193 on Can I Aura Swap Enchantment ...

1 hour ago


I still think that the way it should work is that you can choose either that it's a creature with one mana cost or that it's an enchantment with another mana cost and therefore can be cast as an aura from your hand and therefore can be aura swapped.

Thanks though.

LilGuy on Meren Jane's Last Dance - ...

1 hour ago

Hey I'm probably going to buy this deck and have some of your listed upgrades. Do you have suggestions on cards to sub out for your listed upgrades? The cards I have are Abrupt Decay , Mikaeus, the Unhallowed , Sol Ring , Solemn Simulacrum , Grave Titan , Demonic Tutor , Lightning Greaves , and Deathrite Shaman

Wardino on Diamond Jank

1 hour ago

To potentially negate those counterspells, I would use Teferi, Time Raveler . 4 of Settle the Wreckage and Vraska's Contempt may be too much. Narset, Parter of Veils could be helpful looking for cards as well.

Joe_Ken_ on Sigarda, Host of Herons Angel ...

1 hour ago

Angel of Finality can help you with those graveyard shenanigans while also being an angel for your tribal theme.

I’ve found that Mask of Memory is really good for drawing cards whenever your creature deals combat damage.

Steely Resolve can give all of your angels hexproof.

Sword of the Animist is a really good card to help you ramp with lands and give a creature +1/+1

Wardino on Liliana's Sultai Army *All Advice ...

1 hour ago

The land base may need to be increased along with ramp cards. More removal may be good as well.

multimedia on Fuck You Blues

1 hour ago

Hey, I like the changes. Nice job, you found several good cards in your collection.

You still need to cut two cards to make 100. My suggestions of cuts to consider are Selective Snare and Power Taint . Snare is very situational and a sorcery. Unless you're against a lot of tribal decks in your playgroup it's not worth playing. Especially since you're already playing Icy Blast which is the same mana cost, an instant and can target any amount of creatures. The 2 life drain of Taint is not worth playing in 40 life Commander. Your opponent can just ignore it or if they want to pay the 2 mana to prevent the 2 life.

Other cards to consider cutting are:

Ilnez on Tainted Grixis

1 hour ago

What would you replace Twister with in your list?

Last_Laugh on Which Card Should I Remove ...

1 hour ago

That's the sites bad... that is the exact name of his deck lol. Funny thing is the OP even upvoted the comment. I used just the deck name instead of the url.

All Will Be One

There's the correct link.

spike6556 on a powerful sliver edh

1 hour ago

When I made this I made it budget so at the time I didn't now that I'm buying it I probably will add it

Wardino on Swing for 16

2 hours ago

If the goal is to cheat out the worm, you may want cards which can send it to graveyard like Discovery / Dispersal , Stitcher's Supplier , or Glowspore Shaman rather than depending on just explore.

Pikobyte on Muldrotha

2 hours ago

What are your wincons here beside lord of extinction?

sIllverback on Sisay, Walkerlight Captain

2 hours ago

I haven't had a chance to play in a pod with the deck yet, but I will next weekend.

Preliminary testing shows that getting Sisay up to a power value which grabs key cards is actually pretty easy. I'm not sure how the deck will play out in practice. There are cards I'm not sold on, but I want to try, with Planewide Celebration being the big one.

Tezzeret is there to grab stuff like lantern or top. Main wincons include Bolas + Cunning Castaway + Oath of teferi, or Ral + Doublecast + Expansion.

I'm coming from Atraxa, so cards that I thought would be auto includes didn't even make the cut. Adding a color really strained my deck space too. Ugin is something that is a remnant from Atraxa, but he can lead to a huge tempo swing with doubling season in play, basically winning the game on the spot.

I'll have a better idea of what works and what doesn't when I can sit down in a pod next weekend and play a few games. I'm open to any suggestions.

Wardino on None

2 hours ago

There doesn't seem to be too much value for God-Eternal Kefnet to play off of. To make more use of invasion, Enter the God-Eternals could be pretty good since it instantly makes your army big. Also, standard recently requires a bit of removal with the inclusion of proliferate and walkers so using Bleeding Edge rather than of cruelty could help build your army, and The Elderspell could be good for your sideboard for walkers.

Ch0ppah on Niv-erending Miz-ery

2 hours ago

AmerginTheWraith: Thank you so much for the insightful comment! I had to do a bit of digging, but I found a combo that only uses multicolored cards: Cartel Aristocrat + Master Biomancer + Murderous Redcap , which lets me recur the redcap for infinite damage.

GoTeamCarroll on Merfolk commander

2 hours ago

Decent job on your first attempt

LeonSpires on Simic Moonfolk Landfall

2 hours ago

@ chaosumbreon87 Thanks for you comment. I haven't tried any of them. I know Kruphix, God of Horizons dosen't fit the landfall theme but he is very good utility and helps ramp out big spells that let this deck win out of nowhere. If I was forced to change the commander I would probably grudgingly switch to Tatyova, Benthic Druid and cut some of the high CMC spells I am running. Of the legendary creatures you listed the only one that fits lands matter theme is Thrasios, Triton Hero . I have thought about running Thrasios with another partner commander to add another color to this deck. I would love to run the cards Knight of the Reliquary , Ob Nixilis, the Fallen , and Omnath, Locus of Rage . But if I changed this deck that much by adding more colors I feel that the core combos of the deck start to fall apart. I just wish Kruphix, God of Horizons had partner. Hopefully Wizards of the Coast gives us some more awesome landfall cards in green, blue, or Simic.

ch33s3burg3r on Vaevictis, the Plane Raser

2 hours ago

CountBlek thanks for the feedback! The main reason I have so many ramp spells is to get Vaevictus out as early as possible and start the value train. Also, he usually gets targeted quick so I try to ramp enough where that doesn't matter and I can just cast him over and over. One of the main themes of the deck is to destroy, destroy, destroy which echos Vavictus' ability. So if he doesn't stick around I have several instants and sorceries to accomplish this and hopefully keep my opponents off balance long enough to do my Vavictus thing and find some combo pieces for the win. I do need to test it out more to see if adding more permanents would be better over instants and sorceries.

Grilledcheezus on Grixis Control Horizons

2 hours ago

Interesting list, definitely excited for FoF, prohibit is interesting, ill try it out too for a little. there's no reason to run diabolic edict though with liliana's triumph, it's strictly better. also gearhulk seems expensive but could be good with more expensive instants now.

Mayoke_Rin on a powerful sliver edh

2 hours ago

Have you thought about adding Chromatic Lantern .

lifemtg on All Will Be One

2 hours ago

Wondering if u could add Skittles the blight dragon. I know infect is no fun but still is a great choice.