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TheHroth on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

a few seconds ago

I like Self-Inflicted Wound in non-lili decks. Helps in a few matches as well as destroys the odd bogles deck you come across.

midget_overlord on Child of Alara (Lands)

1 minute ago

I already know this will be rejected, but for placing land I like Patron of the Moon. Expensive, and not as well focussed as what you already have, but a personal favorite.

LVL_666 on The Sliver Queen's Egg

3 minutes ago

Thank you Groovelord for your input and suggestions, here are my changes as a result:

Counterbalance: I've had mixed results with this spell, however more often than not it would fail due to the fact that costs are so widely varied in EDH and the fact that it relies on Sensei's Divining Top or Scroll Rack. However, it is fun to play, but I decided it would be best to swap it out for Pact of Negation.

Swapping out the scry counters: These were meant to interact with Counterbalance, but at the same time were also meant to just help me filter my deck down to the cards that would help me the most next turn. The issue with them however is that they're a little but more costly than most counterspells. Dissolve has been swapped out for Negate, and Condescend has been swapped out for Anguished Unmaking. I'm on the lookout for a Vindicate, but that has replaced Darkheart Sliver. It pains me to cut away from the hive, but in the long run, Darkheart doesn't really contribute much to the deck.

I want to keep Unnatural Selection, and not swap it in for Steely Resolve. Mostly because Unnatural's interaction with Sliver Overlord is just too good. Once this combo is out, no one else can play their own general because i'll just take it. Having the power to shut down a whole table with just two cards feels awesome. Steely Resolve is a great card, but i'd prefer to have it in Sliver form. Diffusion Sliver is alright, at best. I wish I could get another sliver that grants all other slivers hexproof. I'd swap that in for Diffusion immediately.

Bonesplitter Sliver has been swapped in for Muscle Sliver: That was a really good suggestion. I do need something that will beef up the hive's offensive capabilities when going in full aggro. i was debating between Bonesplit and Predatory Sliver, I do so enjoy having that ability being exclusive to my own hive when faced with a mirror match. However, more often than not, I won't be in one, so Bonesplitter is the way to go.

Firewake Sliver isn't really that Good. He's more expensive than Blur Sliver, given that he requires two types of mana, and his secondary ability isn't really that great. IT's the haste that I want, and on top of that Blur is a 2/2 while Firewake is still a 1/1. I just think i'm getting the better deal from Blur.

P.S. I had to archive your comment because I screwed up on CSS for custom accordions :( My original response was in accordion format, and more or less broke my comment. Thanks again for all the suggestions, you're awesome. Please visit the hive anytime!

SufferFromEDHD on KaiserDingus

4 minutes ago

we deck-cycled at the same time... check my page for Karona, False God tribal deck. you will find some useful cards.

CoolGuy14 on Modern Boros Humans

7 minutes ago

I see... I think I like Hero of Oxid Ridge in this specific build just because it is a lot more aggressive with haste and battle cry. If I was trying to go with a more token based strategy I would go with Hero of Bladehold, but the former just closes out games at the top of the curve. I do think Frontline Medic is a good addition so I may have to cut some other cards to add a pair of those in.

JordanWilliams on Stealth

7 minutes ago

Triton Shorestalker is a good starting game creature. Coralhelm Guide is nice for creatures that can be blocked. Finally, Ghastlord of Fugue Is also amazing later game.

TheJTrain on Throwing a chainsaw into a ...

9 minutes ago

Cards to DEFINITELY 100% take out: Aura Finesse - Cantrip at best, 1/10 times will do anything notable. Simic Guildmage - Again, all auras are already going onto Karnoa anyways. Dawn's Reflection - so many better ramp spells. At best its a constellation trigger after turn 6. Fevered Visions - It contributes nothing to the grand scheme of things.

Borderline cards that should be considered being cut: Harvestguard Alseids - If someone can take out a 22/22 Karona, it most likely won't be by combat damage, and it won't save you against karona swining at you. High Priest of Penance - Neat card, but seems out of place. All auras want to be on Karona, so beefing up this guy seems counterintuitive. Lost Auramancers - good in theory, but incredibly slow. Underworld Coinsmith - in a format of 40 life, losing 1 life for two mana is underwhelming. Arrest - So many better removal spells. So. Many. Fencer's Magemark, Guardian's Magemark, and Infiltrator's Magemark - When karona isn't under your control, these are screwing you up bad. Fertile Ground and Trace of Abundance - Enchantment ramp can be destroyed, or that land that is enchanted. Mystic Remora - Awkward card draw spell. Pollenbright Wings - I'm not sure if you get the saporlings from your opponent's combat damage. Seal of Cleansing - again, there's better.

Specific suggestions: Flameblade Angel<>Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - Kazuul does a better job of saying "hey don't attack me". Harvestguard Alseids<>Eidolon of Blossoms/Whitewater Naiads/Herald of the Pantheon - better constellation effects. Arrest/Seal of Cleansing<>Oblivion Ring/Swords to Plowshares/Path to Exile/Anguished Unmaking/Go for the Throat/any removal spell - self explanatory.

Other Suggested Ideas: Assault Suit Cultivate Ghostly Prison/Propaganda/Sphere of Safety Cyclonic Rift Illusionist's Gambit Solemn Simulacrum Indestructibility Dawnstrider/Prismatic Strands/Spike Weaver/Moment's Peace Blazing Archon/Chronomantic Escape/Elephant Grass

Also, search around for solid auras like Armadillo Cloak, things to replace awkward underwhelming cards like the magemarks or Pollenbright Wings.

Spootyone on ducttapedeckbox

10 minutes ago

Go right ahead. Maybe I can help out

evermoistcorndog on Azkaban [Modern Free Win White] ...

12 minutes ago

this deck is cancer and i mean that in a good/bad way

janjet001 on Oprah, Lunarch Marshal

13 minutes ago

I'd put Secure the Wastes too, to abuse the combat effects plus it puts you closer to flipping Westvale Abbey  Flip. Maybe cut down 2 Anguished Unmaking for 2 Secute the Wastes I don't know. I just want to see a bunch of 1/1s gaining you life and killing you opponent's life and creatures.

SufferFromEDHD on Commander Eesha

13 minutes ago

lose Angelic Skirmisher and find yourself a Concerted Effort

RedJokr on How Far He's Come

14 minutes ago

Pheardemons:Sorry to bother man,but I still haven't decided on what to take out. The main theme I guess, like always, is +1/+1 counters, but wanting to benefit from them too. I've looked on EDHREC, but it's still hard to decide on what to take out. I'm still on a somewhat budget on this though. Any suggestions for me?

himetic on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

16 minutes ago

you don't say anywhere in the list "we rate them by usability". You say that you're rating optimized decklists. Obviously you're not ONLY rating by usability. So what's the weighting of commander usability vs deck strength? None of this is clear.


couldn't we say the same of many other color combinations? For example, if you're comparing optimized mono-blue decklists, the difference between say lorthos and reveka would be nil since neither will get played, but they're on separate tiers. 5C isn't a special case at all.

As far as I can tell, you're ranking a handful of combo commanders based on their deck, and everyone else is essentially being rated as a card. Lorthos is a better card than reveka, but the actual decks are basically identically powerful, so you're clearly ranking them as cards, not decks. It's the only explanation that makes sense of this list to me.


18 minutes ago

I think I am going to try 2 of the vessels, piston. It's slightly more cost then mind rot, but the instant speed helps I suppose. Also, what are your thoughts on pulling the Deathbridge shamen for 2 Thought-Knot Seer and dropping the 3 Pitiless Horde for Reality Smasher using Caves of Koilos and Crumbling Vestige for the colorless and use 4 of Declaration in Stone for removal?

ducttapedeckbox on PSA: You now cannot use ...

18 minutes ago

That's unfortunate. I'm not sure that I fully grasp the reasoning. Anyone want to elaborate?

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Deathblade Sideboard

19 minutes ago

Congrats on gp Prague! So close to day 2!

I think I'll stick with rip since I have them already, although your reasoning for surgical makes sense.

I've played deathblade at a few different small events since I last commented. I'm starting to learn the deck better as well as pick up on what has and has not been working. For starters, I have not been impressed with Wasteland at all. The dream t1 deathrite into t2 Wasteland just hasn't happened for me and it otherwise just hasn't been performing. I've trimmed to 2 copies in order to add a basic island and a basic Swamp, which will give me an edge vs price of progress decks (guy in my store plays burn) as well as just give me more consistent mana, which it has felt like I've needed. As I become a better pilot, I might go back up as I learn how to sequence better as well as utilize them better, but for now I'm dropping to 2. With this change, I'm dropping life from the loam from the sideboard.

I feel like I want to be playing vendilion clique and karakas. Probably 1 clique main and 1 clique side. I can't really justify why, but I think I can justify why not. I definitely feel like I should be playing some grindy stuff in the board since it's somewhat necessary for matchups like shardless, maverick, nic fit, miracles, etc. Most lists I see have 2-3. I love the potential of notion thief, but that's only a 1-of, meaning I still should have 1-2 more grindy cards for those matchups. I've seen a lot of lists running Elspeth, Knight-Errant, which is an interesting choice that looks spectacular vs miracles. Sylvan library doesn't seem quite right to me. A lot of lists run swords, but if everyone is boarding in stoneforge mystic hate, boarding in stuff that is vulnerable to that just seems wrong. So because of that, that leaves me with vendilion clique, which is a card I like quite a bit.

I've been very on the fence over Spell Pierce. I'm thoroughly convinced that it doesn't work as a 1-of in my deck I know that I either want 2 main or 2 side, and nothing else. It's good in my meta, so I want it in the 75, but it is a terrible 1-of. I'm inclined to play pierce main if I'm playing 2 vendilion, then drop to 3 thoughtseize, play 1-2 Inquisition of Kozilek side, and play 2-3 strix. If I side pierce, then I'd keep thoughtseize at 4, do a 1-1 or 1-0 or 0-1 split on vendilion, board 0 Inquisition, and play 3-4 strix. I think in both cases I play 1 TNN.

I've loved meddling mage a ton every time I've drawn it. I might go up to 3 if I mainboard pierce, but I will only play 2 if pierce is in the board.

Just checked your list and saw that you're on the 2 Wasteland plan. I love it. 4 strix is too many for me. We have other ways to deal with delver and eldrazi, and strix is a terrible clock when we need to get a little more aggressive, like vs miracles, lands, storm, etc.

Any thoughts? The analysis of bug your friend did makes a lot of sense. What land should I drop for karakas? Should I play other legendaries too? Finally, should I play bayou or tropical island? I think with vendilion, trop would be better, although bayou is much more popular.

Thank you so much for your help worth this deck! I'm going out of town, so probably won't respond for 2 weeks.

ducttapedeckbox on Spootyone

24 minutes ago

I have an article ready to go up, but I'm having a serious issues coming up with a name. Mind if I enable chat?

Lightpulsar9 on Free Feature Token?

25 minutes ago


Repriment on Vampire Deck. Need help

28 minutes ago

xGuNaR your welcome! also Drana, Liberator of Malakir is really cheap right now i highly recommend grabbing one or two

janjet001 on U/R Eldrazi

29 minutes ago

Try Reality Hemorrhage,Exquisite Firecraft, Fiery Impulse or Spatial Contortion for the burn spell slot.

Going to sideboard definitely Warping Wail and maybe some Negate, Spell Shrivel, or Void Shatter.

Hope this helps

DakAttack1992 on Karametra EDH

30 minutes ago

Boundless Realms could be really fun with the landfall abilities. Can replace Nissa's Renewal

Epochalyptik on Altered Ego (clone effect) and ...

30 minutes ago

Altered Ego enters as a tapped copy of Lumbering Falls because Lumbering Falls enters tapped.

Ohthenoises on Control & Conquer: Mono-Blue Tron

31 minutes ago

The thopter variant is really in a beta phase right now. I need to get a lot more reps in with it but everything I've done in testing is really working well.

Spootyone on ChiefBell

31 minutes ago

ChiefBell I gotchu dawg. Also, hope everything is okay with that. Was thinking about you this today and yesterday.

ducttapedeckbox on Vergil_Redgrail

32 minutes ago

Not very interested in a foil Contortion. How many regulars do you have?

Archstanding on Earthquake (Landfall Burn)

32 minutes ago

why not kozilek's return over radiant flames?

ducttapedeckbox on Control & Conquer: Mono-Blue Tron

35 minutes ago

I'm down to get something put up on here. I still have my article privs :D

Ohthenoises is another user to consult. Hes been playing a Thopter-Sword variant.

Making a google doc might be the easiest.

Lunar2961 on Niv-Mizzet, Breaker of Friendships

37 minutes ago

Thenks for the suggestions, Gargatus, I appreciate it. If any other suggestions come to your mind, please let me know! I've never been a fan of Mana Vault, even though I know it's good. I haven't played much with it, though, so I may test it out.

Kross33 on Combo Alesha, Who Smiles at ...

38 minutes ago

Thanks for the help, I'll definitely change the Carrion Feeder. For the other cards they seem a tad bit slow either not having a good immediate effect or just having high CMC

Broseph25 on Limited resources

43 minutes ago

Wow Nice Dickishness (+1) ..... Maybe for indestructible lands/artifacts: Crumble to Dust or Structural Distortion

Side Board? : Abeyance, Bestial Fury (For some harder hits maybe), Nahiri, the Harbinger, Overmaster (Help combo maybe)

Lilbrudder on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

44 minutes ago

himetic: The 5 color commanders are a special case. There is no reason to list them all as tier 1 even though you could theoretically make them all this way in spite of their commander. The top tier would be clunky as hell so it was decided to rank 5c commanders based on their use. You may not like it but there it is.

Rumage666 on Burning Bridges

44 minutes ago

lol this deck was so fun to build... but it caused me immense pain at the same time. I'm glad I could help you CappnPiggy it made me keck really hard to see this on here I'm suprised there are no hate comments yet.

rothgar13 on Aether Vial in Hatebears

45 minutes ago

The Format Primer is wrong, then. Vial's primary purpose is to be an accelerant and let you cheat on mana.

ghgiunco on Esper Transmuter

46 minutes ago

need help to improve my deck

rothgar13 on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

46 minutes ago

It's decent. It terrorizes control decks that rely on spot removal or aggro decks like Burn, but Liliana of the Veil and Chalice of the Void give it a very hard time.

itsbuzzi on Altered Ego (clone effect) and ...

48 minutes ago

Sorry, he does not enter tapped, but is he still a land?

DERPLINGSUPREME on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

48 minutes ago

@himetic I like cromat :[

also we rate him by usability.

Give me a reason to voltron him instead of Sliver Hivelord.

how about control?


what reason is there that he is better than literally ANY OTHER 5 COLOR GUY?! he's NOT. he's pretty bad.

itsbuzzi on Altered Ego (clone effect) and ...

51 minutes ago

So when Altered Ego Copies Lumbering Falls he is also a creature, and enters the battlefield tapped?

genericaura on Land themed Commander Ideas?

52 minutes ago

A Kruphix, God of Horizons Land deck is a great pun. I'd suggest Seedborn Muse to untap your lands each turn (more for Kruphix than land), Roil Elemental is the best Blue land card, some moonfolk like Oboro Envoy to reuse your land, Turntimber Basilisk is nice removal, and every card that references Kruphix (the banned Prophet of Kruphix not withstanding.) Finish it off with Exploration type effects in your price range and I'd play with that deck.

Lilbrudder on Combo Alesha, Who Smiles at ...

53 minutes ago

If you want to combo off more effeciently with alesha you can't do much better than adding redundancy to your combos that double as solid standalone cards. For instance you could add

Village Bell-Ringer which Combos with kiki and Splinter Twin, which is another tremendous combo enabler. Also Zealous Conscripts is a great card that also combo's with both kiki and splinter.

Viscera Seer is an upgrade over Carrion Feeder unless your going zombie tribal.

Academy Rector is a great tutor that does stupid powerful things with cards like Diabolic Intent.

rafaelvva on Hordes of the Damned

55 minutes ago

GidEmrakulPlox, the Nykthos have been helping me a lot, actually, as all the ords have BB on the cost, it escalates incredibly quickly. Also, from 3 CMC and up nearly all the cards have generic mana on the cost, so it rarely hurts

Ive tried to take something out for a playset of Duress, but the problem is that I would end up either having to cut a 2 CMC, and I dont have a lot of those, or cutting a 3 CMC creature, which are the main ones on the deck (lords, token generation and a couple finishers). What do you think should come out for a couple extra?

I kept it on the SB to add agains specific decks (usually with Extirpate alongside it) but most times I just want to keep attacking with bigger and bigger creatures. I would gladly take some out for AEther Vial, but those are a bit expensive right now, and this deck is actually pretty budget on the online world (the differnece from the actual cards is just ABSURD; $255 turning into $38)

Thruth be told, zombies is still not quite on par with merfolk or elves. merfolk lords give islandwalking (which they generate) and cost 2 mana, while elves basically ramp themselves. With zombies you are aways a little behind on the tempo...

mythicuncommon on mythicrarecommon

55 minutes ago

when are you coming over next?

FLATSO99 on The Rack Unwasted

1 hour ago

hurray for discard!!!

pizzagod13 on **NEW** Liliana, the Last Hope

1 hour ago

Ya I didn't see the trailer when I posted that but seems out of character for her to help, like she could just find another world. I guess she still gots the love fever for Jace...

Jokester1393 on Death And Lifegain

1 hour ago

Shoulder to Shoulder will help make your creatures. Oath of Gideon will help spawn tokens. Searing Light just a removal spell. Dazzling Reflection is a prevent damage card with life gain.
Chaplain's Blessing good life gain card. Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip spawns more tokens and can get massive. Vessel of Ephemera will spawn tokens that are also evasive. Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit helps boost creatures. Arashin Foremost has a good trigger. Hidden Dragonslayer has a nice morph ability along with life link.

All these cards I think could help in one way or another to keep you stationary till your home run cards are drawn.

himetic on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals ...

1 hour ago

If cromat doesn't have a deck, how can you rate him at all?

I'd accept this list if you basically got rid of all tier 4/5 commanders and some of 3, and gave an optimized decklist for the remainder, then it would be consistent. Because sure, it doesn't make sense to talk about "optimized cromat" because you'd never play cromat as the commander of an optimized list. But if you're going to include him in the list, he has to have a deck. And if you're going to say your list compares optimized decks, it has to be optimized.

@narejED, you said earlier that neither ranking by pure build-around power, nor ranking by CI, works as a system and you're using a hybrid. I'd disagree with the former, but if you're going to use a hybrid you should probably get your story straight, because most other people seem to think that you're comparing optimized decklists, which is patently false. Also it doesn't mention anywhere in the description anything about a hybrid rating system, and afaik you're the only one who's mentioned it.

Even if you are using a hybrid rating system, wouldn't it be nice if that were at all clear in any way? Because looking at the list I don't see any indication of which commander is being rated as a deck, and which is being rated as a card.

NicolBolas666 on Aether Vial in Hatebears

1 hour ago

But the Modern Format Primer said that adding Vial makes it slower and more control-y.