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Its_Johnny_Bravo on 2 decks: -1 counters and ...

a few seconds ago

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MexicanPenguin on Standard Slivers July 2014

2 minutes ago

Yes you don't need to I don't think anyways.

Its_Johnny_Bravo on Black Graveyard Deck Help!

3 minutes ago

Grab the Reins , Brion Stoutarm , or Bloodshot Cyclops would all allow you to do that.. Grab the Reins gives you a whole list of options as well to help out your general gameplay if things are going according to plan

ColdHeartedSith on EDH Banlist Updates

5 minutes ago

Why anyone looks at the banlist for commander is a mystery to me in the first place. Its not really a competition format as it isn't like you goto an open or diamond or states and play commander(EDH). I feel its a kitchen table format generaly playing among your own play group and it should be left up to a group to decide banned cards that make the game unfun. The Banned list is a good list for suggestion but for instance when I play duel commander 1v1 I don't say hey take out your sol ring its on the duel commander ban list.

Buckminsterfullerene on Privileged, Oblivious, Egotistical Critters

5 minutes ago

If you're running heavy enchants on WUG, Kor Spiritdancer and maybe Aura Gnarlid could be heavy-hitting contenders to add. I know they don't have hexproof, but Alpha Authority could grant that wish. The gnarlid is especially good as it doesn't even need to be the enchanted creature to gain its boost. You don't even need to control the auras!

Quail on How to lose a friend ...

5 minutes ago

Pretty cool combo, I really do foresee the Altar being an insane card, I've already thought up some neat things with it.

Consider Banishing Knack as an additional Helix if you want.

Gidgetimer on When Does M14 Rotate?

6 minutes ago

Yeah, that is one if the reasons behind Nouveau Standard. Only 2 sets will rotate at a time instead of 4 sets.

Jedne2 on Copy the Deck

6 minutes ago

Why have Mana Leak when you can just have Counterspell ?Counterspell is simply better, no option of paying a mana cost etc.

orionwinterfire on Creatures to the Horizon

11 minutes ago

You're right, I don't abuse mana banking. I do use it, though. It's how I get away without running Cultivate , etc. Whenever the board is locked down, or I'm not pulling my heavy card draws, I bank and make up for lost time when it improves.Worldly Tutor is a good call, but Green Sun's Zenith is a bit pricey for me.

Negate was kind of an afterthought. It's basically in there to counter a boardwipe or in case someone spot-removes Laboratory Maniac while I'm milling out. I'll definitely look at other 2-mana options.

I cant believe I don't have Drumhunter in here already. Thanks!

The soul and/or spellbreaker protecting Prophet of Kruphix sounds like my oponents' worst nightmare lol.

thanks for the input! It really helps. I think I'll try subbing zegana in for a hand or three and see how it goes . . .

mama_tom on TEMUR!!!!!

12 minutes ago

Actually to take the place of a knuckleblade for polukranos I took all of your advice so thanks. :P

Mr_Miltank1 on Jeskai Control Rotation

13 minutes ago

The changes so far are doing good at the moment

manofperson on REAL Mardu Aggro | Consistant ...

14 minutes ago

4 Ascendancy? Really? It doesn't do much on its own and by the time it comes out you've already won, or run out of fuel. Plus, mana cost...

Quail on Dumbledore's Lesson Plan

16 minutes ago

You do know that that's Gandalf, right?

mama_tom on TEMUR!!!!!

16 minutes ago

Thank you for the suggestions. I probably won't out knuckleblade because I've found he's a very useful 3 drop but other than that I think those are good ideas. I'll add pulukranos and a surrak, but I don't know about mana confluence just because of how much they are. I know it's not a budget deck but I want it to be relatively cheap. In terms of it being competitive I mainly want it to be an FNM deck but I want it to be good. In saying that I playing it based on the "meta" of our store because it's not anywhere near the meta of everywhere else.

HamppuHannu on Jeskai Control (Suggestions plz!)

17 minutes ago

Did you say control? Yes you did! Take Keranos, God of Storms definitely in, very good card in control like this. It gives card advantage or lightning strike on your every upkeep against the enemy! I might take 1-2 Jace's Ingenuity cards away and add those Keranos cards.

Also a control needs... PLANESWALKERS! I love them in my control. You can use End Hostilities and that wont affect planeswalkers. I'd recommend 1-2 Chandra, Pyromaster . The 0 ability is awesome, it allows u to play the card, even land if u haven't played land on this turn! You can delay the game and save... lets say Dissolve , when opponent uses something that he goes tappedout, this tip is specially against other controls, cast Chandra on next turn and they might not have mana to answer on that. Now you can use 0 ability and "draw a card" and you force your opponent to react on Chandra, Pyromaster on next turn. If he/she wont... you got yourself a pretty good planeswalker on the field.

Also consider the new Jace, the Living Guildpact . I know what people say about it that it isn't as strong as Jace, Architect of Thought but the meta goes a bit slower and this Jace might just fit into it. You can still put it into play, bounce a threat back into opponent hand and then you got another planeswalker which gives a decent "scry" effect and the opponent definitely must answer on this planeswalker. It's still too "advantageous" to be left on the table.

And I'm looking at your win-cons... they are 2x Prognostic Sphinx and.... and? I cant find. You are control, I get that but with End Hostilities and some other spells doesn't target Sphinx and it gets destroyed.. or counters, how about those? You need more win-cons. I would suggest Elspeth, Sun's Champion .. Very good planeswalker who can beat the game alone. And on win-cons even Keranos is helpful. To get more room into your deck, I would say that you could take Last Breath and Nyx-Fleece Ram spells out. Last Breath s totally and Rams could go into sideboard. I would take Narset, Enlightened Master cards out of sideboard totally... I know it hurts because she is Jeskai leader. But if we are honest here, she is quite expensive and meant against draw/burn/prowess decks. She has first strike and if I get this correctly, she strikes first, you draw the spells, you can cast them before others hit and boom prowess is boosted! It won't wont help on this kind of control deck. It's a combo card.

You have very good root on jeskai control. I really hope you can make it work and hopefully my comment raised some thoughts or even ideas to improve your deck.

Buckminsterfullerene on Oh, it's just a 30/30 ...

19 minutes ago

If you're doing the Ivory Crane thing, a couple Reliquary Tower s and a Psychosis Crawler or two couldn't hurt. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur could be a way to push it over the top, otherwise Kami of the Crescent Moon is always fun.

Markbass on Budget faeries

20 minutes ago

did this win?

TehRazorBack on Mayael's Babes

20 minutes ago

With so much landfall, would you value Lotus Cobra above Bloom Tender ?

And yes, I am very excited to see where adding fetches will take me. First step; get the 4 usable ones from this new set. Then maybe think about getting the others. First replacements are obiously Evolving Wilds and Naya Panorama . Then I'd need the original duals...this conversion would be expensive XD

Would you run Exploration as well as Crucible of Worlds ?

Dalektable on Herald of the Weenies

23 minutes ago

GoblinBushwacker TheHroth There is, in the sideboard. He was mainboarded but my curve used to be a little awkward, being very top heavy. Now it is evened out. Master Is a card I am on the fence about, but still include in the side. Card advantage is the single most important thing in the game as far as resource advantage goes, and you don't want to give that to your opponent. In some match ups, that extra card or two will help them find that card they need to win. So I have him in the sideboard for aggro match ups where I care less about them getting to draw a card.

Subject134127 on Beasts, Guy! (or How to ...

24 minutes ago

Hmmm a few Hardened Scales or Door of Destinies will increase the price tag to $6 or $7 maybe, but it fits really well with the beast + counters theme you have going on :) May be worth a consideration?

Spider Umbra or Plummet could also help you deal with flying creatures if towering indrik is going to be too expensive (green usually has enough mana ramp but you never know)

ColdHeartedSith on Extremely Difficult To Beat Goblins ...

24 minutes ago

fireslinger should be goblin bushwacker , I'd go with Magma Spray over shock in modern and 2 purphoros 3 krenko.

IronJack on Revelation

24 minutes ago

Im a fan, I love Living End . Trying to start up a deck myself so I think constantly on this deck :P

But just wondering, why don't you play atleast one basic Plains oppossed to all those Mountains?Have you thought about getting fetches? Cause Im personally thinking about getting Windswept Heath , would that be a good option?Most lists I've seen uses more non-basics, do you think its preferable with more basics so you're not as likely to get hurt from Blood Moon ?

Loved the SB btw, Brindle Boar and Gnaw to the Bone are new for me :) so those are probebly getting added in my SB aswell.

Buckminsterfullerene on Extremely Difficult To Beat Goblins ...

25 minutes ago

Warren Instigator is a solid card, although I don't know that I'd strictly classify it as budget. Also, Tuktuk the Explorer is pretty awesome, especially when used with Goblin Grenade . Quest for the Goblin Lord could definitely find a solid home here, too, as could Goblin Warchief .

iVampire on W: Wastelands.

25 minutes ago

@chaosjace what is the condition of the foil Watery Grave? You said it is from Ravnica, City of Guilds? If so, I am definitely interested even though I do not have a wasteland

GlissasTraitor on Black Graveyard Deck Help!

25 minutes ago

Because I need it to be an instant speed. Im going to attack with It That Betrays first. Then I will fling. If somebody destroys it via death touch or removal then I need that instant to fling him. Otherwise I would be playing cards like that.

Minelia5 on is the sun in your ...

25 minutes ago

I love the suggestions, especially the courser combo, but it is a little above my budget. I am thinking about Sylvan Caryatid though.

izzetderpmage851 on Jeskai Control (Suggestions plz!)

29 minutes ago

Nyx-fleece is in the mainboard because it's just so good in so many matchups. Pretty much any deck that's not another control deck will be given trouble by that little sheep.

That said, I do need more progs.

-1 Dig Through Time

+1 Prognostic Sphinx

GlissasTraitor on Mortuus Vivens

30 minutes ago

No I havent but I should try to make room for it

mama_tom on SKITTLES!!!!

30 minutes ago

How did he make it standard there are 6 cards that are in rotation and 2 of them are rotating. Or are you saying standard for that block?

quesobueno123 on EDH Banlist Updates

33 minutes ago

Also Seedborn Muse is better than prophet so if anything that would be banned, but it shouldn't.

truble on Jhoira's Time Voyage

34 minutes ago

Check out my jhoira deck for inspiration: Tuned Jhoira EDH

CampbellStev on Trading Iona and Linvala

35 minutes ago

I would be interested in pictures of the Linvala, Keeper of Silence . My email is, thanks!

Quail on EDH Banlist Updates

35 minutes ago

I would die if they banned deadeye, please don't say such a thing.

Koko kinda scares me a bit, we'll see where that goes.

I'm personally hoping for a Cyclonic Rift ban, that card is just busted in EDH.

luisserpa on Boris

36 minutes ago

Ok, I can see or idea, but it seems a little desorganized, and can't work as well as it should. I would do a lot of remodeling, so I will try to help you and remember, this are only suggestions and feel free to don't follow them.

First I would take out some cards:

-1 Avacyn, Guardian Angel

-1 Bladetusk Boar

-1 Fanatic of Mogis

-1 Geist of the Moors

-1 Forgeborn Oreads

-1 Resolute Archangel

-1 Spawn of Thraxes

-1 Wall of Fire

-1 Warden of the Beyond

-1 Blastfire Bolt

-1 Starfall

-1 Lava Axe

-1 Mass Calcify

-1 Pinnacle of Rage

-1 Marked by Honor

-1 Spectra Ward

-1 Staff of the Flame Magus

-1 Staff of the Sun Magus

-3 Mountain

-2 Plains

And put Tormod's Crypt on the sideboard

Now you have a deck with 44 cards

As the cards to add, I would put:

+2 Ajani's Pridemate

+3 Nyx-Fleece Ram

+3 Orim's Prayer

+3 lightningbolt

+2 Skyknight Legionnaire

+3 Thundersong Trumpeter

Also, do you have some money to use? If you have there some other cards that can really help you out.

weisemanjohn on Mana Ramp cards other than ...

38 minutes ago

its not so much ramp as it is color fixing, but Mardu Warshrieker . Then there are the artifacts to fetch lands and the banners but pretty much without green, its more of mana fixing over mana ramping.

asaxgod on Woo's Mono white

44 minutes ago

Oppressive Rays seems good also Pacifism may work

ColdHeartedSith on HOLOGRAPHIC MEATLOAF?..My favorite!

44 minutes ago

only 322.00 for a 100% Foil copy of this deck.

ColdHeartedSith on HOLOGRAPHIC MEATLOAF?..My favorite!

46 minutes ago

Only 73 bucks and so powerful, definitly a great deck for a novice on a budget who likes winning:)

smackder on Which Clan is the Best? ...

47 minutes ago

@quesobueno123 mardu does just look really good. This is the problem they all are so good! ugh haha

kiloechonovember on Token Time! ::Post Rotation::

48 minutes ago

There's a good amount of mid and late game potential here. I'm always a fan of Spear of Heliod in a token deck. With the amount of token drop spells you are running and Purphoros, God of the Forge , it can get scary very quickly.

Brimaz, King of Oreskos and Goblin Rabblemaster are pretty much staple in current Boros token decks. The synergy of Hordeling Outburst and Raise the Alarm with Purphoros and Heliod's Spear is very appealing. Wingmate Roc looks to be a very nice late game win condition with great token synergy.

If you wanted to go even more token heavy, you could somehow fit in Launch the Fleet for your creatures, or even Twinflame onto a Brimaz or Rabblemaster for that double token drop, along with their own provided damage. They both also have strive for some easy mana dump if you somehow find yourself with too much.

I personally don't see much reason for those sacrifice/search lands. with Windswept Heath , you can only search for a white, and with Wooded Foothills , you can only search for reds. You are pretty much paying life for what could have been their respective basic lands in the first place. The only reason I can see this being useful in this deck is if you ran First Response . It has good synergy with the search lands, and with Battlefield Forge for those ensured token drops.

In a later game token deck, I simply see Elspeth, Sun's Champion being better overall. Her +1 activates Purphoros, God of the Forge 's ability 3 TIMES, and NONE of your creatures would be destroyed [not even Purphoros - (Indestructible)] by her -3 ability, if you were put in a situation of needing to clear the enemy board of strong creatures.

Also, I can almost never see Purphoros, God of the Forge ever becoming a creature. Almost all of your permanents are white, And the mono colored gods need a devotion of 5 or more. I could understand why you run Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker for devotion purposes, but with only two of them, and being a 5 drop, Purphoros, God of the Forge won't be able to become a creature until way later than he should.

Personally, I'm not much of a fan of running one of a card like the Deflecting Palm or Aegis of the Gods . I feel it is too unreliable to cover its situation, and it would be better for more consistency of your original plan, and sideboard those single cards for when you actually face a deck that requires it. Of course, this is just a personal preference.

I know there's a lot of criticism on my end, but it is all my opinion and meant to be constructive. I hope my thoughts can help you out, even just a little.

SkoenN on mono red khans of tarkir ...

49 minutes ago

I think Monastery Swiftspear would be nice in this deck, an one-drop that can still be quite big late game because of all the non-creature spells

Quicksilver on Uhh I'll counter that

49 minutes ago

I'd recommend Swan Song for counter wars.

ColdHeartedSith on HOLOGRAPHIC MEATLOAF?..My favorite! Sideboard help ...

52 minutes ago

Ok I still need help on sideboard and I trimmed and changed the main a little. Cmon T.O help build a deck!

magicnerd0815 on Since my last post was ...

57 minutes ago

gnarlicide Brave the Elements can't protect Tarmogoyf since Brave only gives white creatures protection.

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