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jamesfiek on Izzet Eldrazi

a few seconds ago

How original...

WhiteWolf4321 on Goin' Rogue! [Rogue Tribal Budget]

3 minutes ago

Love these decks - your's too RamblinMan - I have a few of these rogue/thief themed decks myself.

You should really consider Cipher cards for unblockables. Check out my unblockable thieves deck I used to play in standard a few years back (oops I've actually already edited it a tad for modern by adding hedonist's trove) P.S. Minus the lands/master biomancer it would be budget:


The main thing I wanted to point out were the cipher cards like Stolen Identity

Murpy on "Diversity"

5 minutes ago

Rock seems okay, but I think there's an issue that you really need boardwipes against eldrazi but you've always been a deck that doesn't want to get wiped. Jund would have to evolve into a "control" deck running very few creatures. Which creatures would it run? All its current threats are dwarfed by eldrazi. Maybe kalitas, if you're playing a ton of removal.

Jaymozila on List of EDH Staples and ...

5 minutes ago

You may uptade the list add Replenish and Food Chain and remove Prophet of Crufix and Rofellos.

Rayenous on Soo... How are you supposed ...

6 minutes ago

If you are on the play, Ensnaring Bridge should be good... on the Draw, it may be a turn too slow, but they would have to have their best hand. - This is assuming you can empty your hand to a small enough size.

Dismember is good. Try to hit their Reality Smasher when it enters, in response to their Eldrazi Mimic triggers... if he chooses to change the P/T, they die.

T1 Ghost Quarter + Surgical Extraction can nearly stop them cold.

Hand Disruption works well.

In general, with all of these options in mind, I think 8-Rack may have a good matchup against the decks.

Klattic on R/b Deck Wins

8 minutes ago

The deck looks quite resilient for the multiplayer format. IMO, you should replace Dark Tutelage with Phyrexian Arena, that scales better with Goblin Dark-Dwellers. Have you ever considered cards like: Breath of Malfegor, Taurean Mauler and a top evasive beater like Lightning Reaver? Those cards look amazing in multiplayer format and are quite cheap

MattDovah on Path to Mill

9 minutes ago

I just love the Tutelage, it plays for itself.. maybe 1 of the 4 Phantasms and 1 Dispel?

Maybe you could sideboard out the Tutelages against aggro decks.

Just test it and see if it works ;)

DefinitelyNotJim on Budget Wither Fun

9 minutes ago

Thanks! I won't get the cards to test it myself for another few weeks, so let me know how it goes Okking86 :D

Neoparshat on G/W Starfield Modern

11 minutes ago

Nyx-Fleece Ram was in my standard Starfield but idk about it in Modern, Leyline of Sanctity and Courser of Kruphix usually seal the deal, I guess i will main Greater Auramancy considering the hate, ye

smackjack on April 2016: Shadows over Innistrad

11 minutes ago

Why would Emrakul show up on the Innistrad plane? What happened to Emrakul in the zendikar lore?

beastinRAV on (Modern) Esper Taxes

11 minutes ago

im pretty sure Lodestone Golem is legal in modern, try that. also, you have too few creatures to e d&t, you need Leonin Arbiter, Aven Mindcensor, and AEther Vial

blobclock on Dark dweller Skred

19 minutes ago

I would recommend adding Roast to the deck to deal with the Eldrazi. The deck is too slow as is.

heinrichdk on Does Hypersonic Dragon's ability nullify ...

21 minutes ago

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir's second ability reads "Each opponent can cast spells only any time he or she could cast a sorcery." if i have a Hypersonic Dragon in play and my opponent a Teferi will i be able to play my instants again at instant speed because i can cast a sorcery at instant speed?

Argeaux on All colorless mana ramp options?

21 minutes ago

Burnished Hart and Opaline Unicorn are two colourless mana helpers, but they don't hit the field until Turn 3.

Meteorite can also be used, at a pinch.

There are lots of Artifacts that can be tapped for mana. Problem is that most of them don't hit the field until Turn 2 or 3.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Card Recommendations For Modern Mono ...

22 minutes ago

4 Path to Exile and some token makers, like Spectral Procession for your spells.

Uncle.Istvan on Hazezon Tamar, Land to Sand

22 minutes ago

clayperce, thanks for the input.

I've actually done pretty well with Mosswort Bridge. It didn't work as well for me in Rith either, but Hazezon can drop, so many tokens at once that I can hit the power pretty easily. I actually ended up dropping Pendelhaven even though it comes untapped because it never did anything and I've been searching out all my basics. I'm considering replacing Khalni Garden with a Stomping Ground when I get one.

I'm not actually deep into landfall. I just cut Rampaging Baloths for another wrath effect. The deck plays more midrange combo where I actually want to play control earlier on to contain the fast aggro attacks before exploding with tokens. Wraths also help clear the board of blockers and double as a sac outlet for Hazezon in a way. Another wrath is coming in and possibly a third, along with another targeted removal spell (STP)

Threaten effects haven't been causing me problems. I usually have a sac outlet on the board.

Amulet is interesting. I hadn't thought of it as a way to ramp but it would certainly work. I don't know if it would be worth it without a way to tutor for it, but it would definitely make me consider keeping Thawing Glaciers, which I had decided to cut because it's too slow for this deck without any way to abuse it.

I think I'd rather have Slate of Ancestry or Skullmulcher over Chandra, Flamecaller as a draw option. I'm considering both right now. Both were initially in but ended up getting cut early. Now that the deck is operating a lot smoother I think either one would work the way I'd hoped initially.

Boomstick022 on Darksteel Woods

27 minutes ago

I know it adds in an extra color but Godsend would be a good addition to this deck.

Tyqar on WovenNebula

27 minutes ago

Please do, let me know

rothgar13 on ComradeJim270

28 minutes ago

Infect is a tricky one. You have to prioritize hands with Cursecatcher and/or Harbinger of the Tides (because they help you stay alive) as well as AEther Vial (which let you keep your defenses up at all times). Deploy 2-3 creatures early, and try to go at them to put pressure on them to go for the early kill (then stop them from doing it). Post-board, it gets a lot easier - all of your counterspells come in. Chalice of the Void in particular is game over for Infect.

MorKSD on Omnath Ramp/Fall

29 minutes ago

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Do you think that an Aggro version is better than a Ramp one?I tended to prefer the Ramp because of the elemental sinergy with Omnath

Raz0r_ on BUDGET 8 Rack Mono Black ...

32 minutes ago

Ensnaring Bridge is an unreplaceable card, if you're going for budget. It is hard to find similar cards at the price I suspect you're looking at.

Nef on Modern Allies - Primer (Updated ...

33 minutes ago

My list is very similar. Except I run Boros Charm in Mb where that list doesn't.
edit - that list doesn't run charm at all. I wonder what Lead the Stampede is for in the sb

sylvannos on Eldrazi- too strong for modern, ...

34 minutes ago

I don't know if I like Mox Diamond in this list. You're already pretty prone to getting strained on mana because of Rishadan Port and Wasteland. There's also the risk of getting locked out from under your own Thorn of Amethysts. Maindeck Relic of Progenitus, Phyrexian Revokers, Mind Stone, or Umezawa's Jitte seems stronger.

Rayenous on July 2016 set: Eldritch Moon

34 minutes ago

I'm thinking something like Pale Moon.

Would fit the theme of the block, while working with the previous block's theme/mechanics.

Vinman on Walking Fridges And Stuff

34 minutes ago

I thought it would be good considering how much I end up dumping my hand with my version of this deck.Thought I'd pass it along =)

Raz0r_ on BUDGET 8 Rack Mono Black ...

35 minutes ago

Ensnaring Bridge is a good card. It is basically unreplaceable. It is hard to find cards of the sort that don't have a price similar to Ensnaring Bridge. Ensnaring bridge can basically stop your opponent's attacks, while you can Discard them into hell.

Salad_Thunder on Modern Allies - Primer (Updated ...

35 minutes ago

Stumbled across a Naya Allies placing in a post-Eldrazi modern league yesterday... http://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/371714#paper

hoodyhoo66 on Vampire Aggro

36 minutes ago

Viscera Seer & Bloodthrone Vampire 's ability can be combined? it would quite OP... I think about your suggestions, and may include some of these cards, to be hones t I would prefer more midrange build but as I heard midrange vampires are not so good...

Bovine073 on The Finest Flavor Text Comedy ...

37 minutes ago

Oh more than just honorable mention BirdClaw, for sure!

Firemantle_Mage on Bataan March

38 minutes ago

No Lightning Bolt?

Anyway +1 for the awesome historical title!

Aless55 on GTA2

38 minutes ago

@iAzire thanks for your input, I know there are plenty of infinite combos, but it is more a deck to play against my friends so it wouldn't be fun to mainly search these combos, for me and for them.

Never mind if I would try a more competitive deck, I would probably take them in :)

ArantirTheDestroyer on Monocolored-Themed Card Suggestions

46 minutes ago

Omeros I have a friend who uses Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient with artifacts. Plus, I love artifact decks! Heck, my main EDH deck is Jori En's Relics, so that's a great suggestion!

Benmtgmage on Benmtgmage

47 minutes ago

So you see that too.

AndWelcomeToTheJam on Card creation challenge

47 minutes ago

Obstruction of Justice -


Destroy all Clues. For each Clue destroyed this way, its controller discards a card.


Sergal on Sen Triplets: Controlling Your Deck

48 minutes ago

Architects of Will? Help control thier topdeck for a couple turns, or trade it for a draw.

EmblemMan on aeonstoremyliver

52 minutes ago

hey i would be interested in your 2 advocates nd 2 needle spires you pulled lemme know if we can work somethin out

Sergal on Discard deck (need help)

55 minutes ago

And if you dont mind wrecking your own hand, Dark Deal could end the game if you have waste not and lilianas caress on the board.

Sergal on Discard deck (need help)

56 minutes ago

Suggestion: Liliana's Caress helps to speed up death and its a 2 drop enchantment in a format that isnt high in enchantment removal. Hope this helps!

Icekingx on My Ex-Wife

59 minutes ago

Hey there Brogan25 this is the deck I'm going to being playing at game day and also gonna play it in a PTQ qualifier. I wanted to know what you take out and side in vs certain decks like Rally,Abzan Aggro,Jeskai Black,R/G Eldrazi ramp,Atarka Red? I also like Infinite Obliteration vs the Rally decks to take away the combo pieces but I guess with a SB that tight it's hard to take out anything.

Carson12rocks on Jund & company

1 hour ago

K, thanks man...

Mahrtey on Hunger Games

1 hour ago

Thx I'm glad you like it :DYeah I looked around quite abit before I made this list to get some help, but atleast on tappedout.net I couldnt find a similar one...

VampireArmy on Eldrazi- too strong for modern, ...

1 hour ago

alanwescoat - everything you've said, I've already replied to and as I've already mentioned before, there's already a thread for that. Please express your thoughts there. Not my deck help.

kengiczar i would consider it but i can't afford many lands that only tap for 1 mana. It's still a ramp deck at it's heart. As for combo, I'm relying mostly on Thought-Knot Seer and Warping Wail main deck along with Chalice of the Void and Thorn of Amethyst it doesn't seem that bad to me

Phoenix-2063 on MTGO UBUNTU?

1 hour ago

Pretty backwards tbh, millions of Mac users with OSX also being favoured by content creators.

Skxawng on Kolagarjutai Control? Nope, that doesn't ...

1 hour ago

Mortalkillzone Yeah, sometimes the white for Crackling Doom is relatively tough to find (Even though 7 of my fetches can find it). However, I think the 4-of Polluted Delta solves that issue most of the time - it fetches any of my colors.

Also, I'm rarely trying to slam a turn-4 Thunderbreak Regent anyways, and by the point I'm comfortable casting it my manabase is usually pretty stable. But yes, being stuck on Crackling Doom and Silumgar's Scorn sucks lol.

And about Clash of Wills / Stubborn Denial: Clash is too inconsistent. Sure, sometimes it can be cast for x=1, and that's fantastic, but there's too many times when it's a worse Cancel. Scorn is always a consistent 2 mana that usually becomes Counterspell. Also, Stubborn Denial can be a better Dispel, but once again, it's still too inconsistent for me.

Thanks for the advice though! I'll try to play around with it but I think I like this result.

K34 on I'm Starting to get Bored ...

1 hour ago

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker can actually be an interesting leader.