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JA14732 on Casual EDH Custom Tourney - ...

a few seconds ago

Um...hi there 4 drop Time Stretch shudders

A wee bit on the strong side.

Atomic_kong on grim tutor

a few seconds ago

What would you be looking for? I'm currently looking for a Grim Tutor. I have a lot of stuff that isn't in my inventory yet.

sylvan_god on rabble of masters

a few seconds ago

ok thanks Rasta_Viking29 will find room

Adam_Kaiser1 on Mardu Dash Ascendancy

1 minute ago

Since Urborg is a legendary land, if another Urborg enters the field on your side, you must sacrifice the first Urborg due to the legendary rule.

jfsileo on Temur Dragons

1 minute ago

Original build was -4 dragonlords servants, -4 icefall regents. -2 sarkahn unbroken

+4 caryatids, +2 rattleclaws, +2 surrak the huntcaller, +2 surrak dragonclaw

And i would go either 1-3 or 2-2 at fnm.

gurthang034 on Swamy

2 minutes ago

Sorry for the inconvience, but the bayou and underground sea have been included in a trade to a different user and are no longer available.

Rasta_Viking29 on Rabble Rabble Tribal

2 minutes ago

Venaven I think you have a point and I was probably over valuing the Scouts. I've cut them completely at the moment as I should really be running the full set of Dragon Fodder with a card like Obelisk.

DarkRequiem on Draconic Rulers

3 minutes ago

Dragonstorm could be something but I'm unsure if I'll play that many spells as to get a high storm count. Mana ramping through rituals doesn't sound effective on EDH.

I do agree that there are better ramping colors and better dragons as generals. No doubt about that. But I'm playing 2 of my fav colors, putting to use dragons that wouldn't fit in any of my other decks (I'm looking at both Kolaghan and Bladewing). This doesn't need to be competitive. Just fun.

I might consider a dragon-recursion kind of deck. It sounds like the strongest kind of strategy here.

Tata on Tiny Leader Marath

4 minutes ago

Dosan ain't bad, but Grand Abolisher is better. Cheaper, same body, and doesn't restrict my actions. Only downside is the . But while Dosan's is easier, but the 3cmc still makes casting him worse.

This is why I like Vexing Shusher. He's just so damn easy to cast! And HE can't be countered, which is cool.

Saljen on Please dear friend, enjoy drawing ...

4 minutes ago

You could use better counterspells like Remand, Spell Pierce, Mana Leak and even Cryptic Command since you're running mono-blue.

Dictate of Kruphix is better than Temple Bell since you can cast it at instant speed and keep your mana up AND get the first useful draw off of it. Mesmeric Orb is also an amazing way to empty your opponents library while yours remains full with Elixir of Immortality.

A few useful lands would be Reliquary Tower, Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, and Academy Ruins.

Wiktul on Magic Origins SPOILERS!

5 minutes ago

Freakin yeah... As close to my favourite Wing Shards as it could be.

Sagarys on Ultra-budget: Are You Afraid of ...

6 minutes ago

Enjoy! It's effective enough for how cheap it is. If your group doesn't all invest in T1/T2 decks right away, this will hang with them for quite some time. Check out the rest of my ultra-budget decks for that level of play if you want to mix it up.

Wiktul on Magic Origins SPOILERS!

6 minutes ago

enter image description here

Neko069 on Boros 'Burnt by Tokens'

6 minutes ago

Mintaaayyy A (-7) from Elspeth, Sun's Champion could make tokens block hahahah. Naw, but she's there against midrange decks and decks that need a boardswipe, like RG Monsters or Mardu Dragons

canterlotguardian on Maybe White Mesa?

6 minutes ago

oh damn I thought Kor Babe was for any enchantment spell. well that kind of fucks things. I'm keeping those two in SB though because I need something control-y to combat against graveyard decks/Twin decks.

Rasta_Viking29 on rabble of masters

7 minutes ago

Nice list. I think you'll find that with so many goblins, Obelisk of Urd will end being the best card in the deck if you can find room for it.

BrandonJamesCAC on MidKnight Snack

7 minutes ago

Bad joke:

Knight's Sun Zenith

Will never be playable in an aggro deck though.

Frodomouth on 42; The Answer to Everything

7 minutes ago

No worries amazingdan, the more the merrier, so this just proves you mean it :D

jfsileo on Temur Dragons

8 minutes ago

One mana open because of dragonlord's servant

gurthang034 on agGravity

9 minutes ago

see link below

ebay sale

jfsileo on Temur Dragons

9 minutes ago

It is definitely, but by the time i do that with rattleclaw it would be turn 4 anyways and i should potentially have 4 mana out... i would rather drop savage on turn three and turn four thunderbreak with one mana open for stubborn denial.

ninjaman16782 on #rage quit

9 minutes ago

Thank's for the compliment lethalitycomplex! This deck is my favorite. Cryptic is blue heavy but I at the same time I have enough mana fixing that it isn't usually a problem. Linvala will replace Damping Matrix, as it hurts me less and my opponents more! I appreciate the help

BrandonJamesCAC on Disciple of Silumgar - Control/Mid ...

14 minutes ago

Yeah it gives Aggro seven cards.And with the, let's face it, counters in standard aren't exactly efficient.

Wouldn't be surprised to see blue splashes in aggro to play this. It completely neutralizes controls card advantage.

FourShot on BUdget Spellweaver

14 minutes ago

Okay that makes more sense but you can only cast how ever many you have in the deck right not unlimited. because i play a game mode called two headed giant and its like a 2v2 but both sides start with 40 life so i was wondering if it would work for that seeing as sorins only does 10 damage???

punxwin on Golgari Elves

15 minutes ago

Have you tried Gilt-Leaf Winnower? Would be a killer card to hit off of chord, and destroy a Siege Rhino.

UpsetYoMama on AngryKitten

15 minutes ago

What is your bother's user name on here?

Apoptosis on Zerg Nation

18 minutes ago

Thanks Xyresic, I've run a few playtests and my mana draw seems okay too. I was thinking about a set of basics, but the vivid lands give me a bit of diversity across my mana base that I'm reluctant to give up. Plus I like fetching shocklands for the same reason: huge diversity to go get any color I need most. I think if any lands were to go it would be 1/2 of the buddy lands. Given that Burning Earth, Blood Moon, etc are a real threat I've even considered 2x of each basic and cut the buddies all together. Not sure, Crucible of Worlds helps with land wraths, but not those screw-your-manabase-without destroying them.

Rman92011 on Let's Talk Music!

18 minutes ago

My top three would be something along the lines of:

Be careful about watching the first two, they aren't exactly for anyone that's a bit squeamish.

Psychopathic Daze-Moment of Clarity

The Wretched End-Death by Nature

DragonForce-Where Dragons Rule

AngryKitten on UpsetYoMama

18 minutes ago

It exists but I just haven't built the physical deck yet lol....it's on my profile tho.

HeroInMyOwnMind on Need some advice on how ...

19 minutes ago

I would focus on instants and sorcery cards that have as much as a noticeable effect as possible, and will work well enough as stand alone cards in case you can't put out enough creatures to make use of the overrun effect.

All of the doubling effects (you have some already) seem like safe bets, as well as cards that have lasting effects (cards that add +1/+1 counters, for example). You can make the deck more about getting you Commander in than about trying to maximize the overrun effect, and you'll probably end up with a more consistent deck.

bmorri9 on Commanding BEAR FORCE ONE

19 minutes ago

woodland bellower!!

Trockenmatt on BUdget Spellweaver

22 minutes ago

Guftders, Actually, Oona's Grace won't work because it isn't a sorcery. However, I will trade out some Swamps for some Dakmor Salvages. Temporal Trespass would be nice, and considering that's the cheapest "Take an extra turn" spell in the game, I will take out some Sorin's Vengeances for them.

FourShot, Spellweaver Helix basically says, ETB exile 2 sorceries from a grave from the game. Then, if you cast one, you get to play the other one too without paying its mana cost. For example, Raven's Crime and Army of the Damned. Whenever I cast Raven's Crime, I get to play Army of the Damned and Vice Versa.

elpokitolama on Magic Origins SPOILERS!

24 minutes ago

Another rare... That wizard's gonna be the queen of limited! :D

Translation for the lazy:

type :human wizard

Whenever a creature an opponent controls becomes the target of a spell or ability you control, gain control of that creature for as long as you control Willbreaker.

XTechNinjaX on Slaughter Requiem - A New ...

25 minutes ago

HydraOoze - I can totally see the argument there but I think, especially with Pack Rat I really want to hit my land drops in this so I feel like Azusa, Lost but Seeking is a bit more important than Courser of Kruphix. If I draw an extra one I will then be able to replace the first one after my opponent kills it. She is quite fragile while Courser of Kruphix is a bit harder to kill. I am however still balancing this deck...I have decided I don't like this spin as much as the original. I don't know if you've seen my original deck but it is linked in the description of this one. I like that one much better I think but this is a bit of a different twist and I am still testing both.

HeroInMyOwnMind on Riku of 9,001 Turns

25 minutes ago

Solid deck, +1!

FourShot on BUdget Spellweaver

26 minutes ago

how do you get the cards your going to copy into the grave yard just use them ore discard them im confused .

libraryjoy on Trostani, Tokenmaina's Tongue

27 minutes ago

Devout Invocation could be pretty awesome in this deck - tap all your saplings and hornets for an army of angels. Sick with Doubling Season et al.............

Raze999 on Casual EDH Custom Tourney - ...

28 minutes ago

I fixed that other creatures thing on khudul thanks, i also have a second commander if anyone would like to see or try it

StuntmanTheThird on Magic Origins SPOILERS!

30 minutes ago

That's another one that works in great with the deck, pumpkinwavy, and your right a better play in that specific sequence.

But repeatable sacs for free is still a nice addition.