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macros on Energy Elves

a few seconds ago

Hello multimedia, i have been following your elves brew since last year, me myself am a huge fan of the pointy ears!

I've seen your temur brew and noticed you changed to sultai.Why is that? you think it's better this way?

Hey check out my deck GR Energy Counters

check out the minor tweaks i made to your original temur elves brew and tell me what dou you think about it. Im splashing blue for the flyers, Empyreal Voyager is great gaining energy, and if you pump it with counters from the Verdurous Gearhulk and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, since he has trample, he will be doing lots of damage.

Blackerlotus13 on Karador, the Returned Prince

1 minute ago

@ k1llampt thank you for the insight. I already took out Elves of Deep Shadow I don't really want to lose more early game plays, but Magister of Worth will be going in soon. I havent gotten enough multiplayer testing to see if i want to keep Sepulchral Primordial yet so some of these changes might take some time.

If i wanted to go a different route I could put in cards like Hornet Queen, Avenger of Zendikar, and Craterhoof Behemoth and go bonkers with an all out attack. All these options is what i believe makes Karador one of the better commanders out there. you can make practically an infinite number of builds depending on what floats your boat that particular day. Spore Frog might crack the list if i play against a lot of decks with attack/win strategies. As of now, Bane of Progress is looking like more of a priority.

albino_ninja on Abzan Delirium

3 minutes ago

I like where your going with this! +1

One thing I would add would be Aether Hub, it will help fill in the gaps in your mana curve early game and has synergy with Demon of Dark Schemes. I would cut Concealed Courtyard for them, there is always a chance that the new lands will enter tapped, but Aether Hub is always ready to use once it hit the mat. Focus on your / mana since only 9% of your cards require 1 .

Also, since you are running Abzan, I would suggest Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

Nisoth on Full Automatic

4 minutes ago

Well, I gave Emrakul, the Aeons Torn some thought. I decided it doesn't fit.

Yes, it's 15 damage and Annihilator 6 with haste on the top of the library. That will end just about any game. But if my opponent is above 15, I then have to wait until my next turn to finish the job (draw Emrakul, continue combo). The fact that Emrakul can't remove herself from the top of my library is too much weight for the deck to handle.

As terrifying as 15/15, Annihilitor 6 and Haste sound (especially all together), the real treat Emrakul, the Aeons Torn offers is her ability to shuffle the graveyard in. o.O! A card that ends the game but gets everything back if, for some insane reason, it doesn't manage to end the game? Sounds too good to be true! Here's the catch: you need a sacrifice outlet. Bloodshot Cyclops is it. I have no intention to cast Bloodshot Cyclops during the course of any game. I would also have to draw it before seeing Emrakul. It would have to be untapped, not under summoning sickness, and alive when I do encounter Emrakul. I could also draw Emrakul with Sensei's Divining Top, but she would be so much worse in my hand. I'd have to wait until I have 8 cards at the end of my turn. :(

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is flashy and insanely powerful! I wouldn't fault anybody for including one or more in their own build. However, she has no way to push herself off the top (of my library) or get to the graveyard by any reasonable (let alone easy) means. For those reasons I have decided to exclude her from my build.

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on Trinity Deck

5 minutes ago

I need to update that. This was the second deck I ever built on my own (the first was Cleric tribal.) So few playsets because I didn't have the cards.

Pornman on Emrakul 2: Tentacle Boogaloo

6 minutes ago

Colorless ramp bros unite! +1

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on Elves off the ground

8 minutes ago

Wow - I had no idea that card existed. Going in every green sideboard now.

foreverthesickestbritain on Selesnya Prison

10 minutes ago

Have you thought about adding the new Thalia?

Cloudchaser.Kestrel on Wrath of the Sun god

10 minutes ago

Simon_Williamson - Fumigate is going in as soon as I get a copy. I had Endless Horizons in for a while (because you know - flavor) But ended up cutting it for other things. It's not bad, but I blew it up too often.

miampizza on Nothing is Certain But Death ...

10 minutes ago

DannyN Fallen Angel might be bad, but it will never be Great Wall bad lol.

Also do you think budget fetches like Evolving Wilds could help get this particular mountain, etc? You do run Primal Growth but at 3 mana you can get color-screwed for some time.

Mortem on Tarmogoyf substitute

11 minutes ago

Go up on Scavenging Ooze, edit your list a bit to accommodate Grim Flayer, and don't bugetize anything else.

Wrex27 on Cry, Havoc!, and let slip ...

12 minutes ago

I feel like Blood Moon may help out in disrupting other decks.

canterlotguardian on awalloftext

13 minutes ago

I saw on the card page for Darksteel Forge that you were looking for one, but when I went to your binder I didn't see it in your list. Are you still looking for one?

yugo0075 on Have My Children, Tezzeret

15 minutes ago

Oh wait !! One thing I forgot : maye I lack experience in that field, but I still don't understand why so many people have a preference for Talisman of Dominance over Dimir Signet ?

Aren't Signets better than Talismans most of the time ?

Zaueski on [KLD] Esper Super-Gearhulk Control

15 minutes ago

Is there any reason why you're running Evolving Wilds over Aether Hub? Especially with Glimmer of Genius giving you extra energy? The Hub makes 3-color decks so much faster and consistent and actually allows us to play threats on curve which is usually the biggest downside to 3 colors

huschli on I ain't dead yet!

15 minutes ago

yes, good idea. +1

Popalofiti on Geth, the Library Destroyer

16 minutes ago

And yes, I know you're playing a chill deck, but who doesn't love pouring money into MTG?

Popalofiti on Geth, the Library Destroyer

19 minutes ago

Even though Grisly Spectacle does mill your opponent, it is way too slow in my opinion. I feel like you'd be better off with something like Go for the Throat. Also, a good slow down spell to play is Nether Void. I know it's a loooot of money, but cmon, it's commander lol

yugo0075 on Have My Children, Tezzeret

19 minutes ago

What about the new Metalwork Colossus as an alternative win condition ?

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier ...

20 minutes ago

rob_shifflett: Thanks for the comment (and your +1)! The cards you identified are definitely potential cuts. My responses, in order:

Elspeth, Knight-Errant has proven helpful for 1) giving Avacyn a large boost, 2) getting creatures back after Avacyn wipes the field, and 3) giving a non-Avacyn creature flying to hit an opponent with a Sword. I'd prefer to keep her around, but I'll cut her if need be.

Hero of Bladehold is one of the less good creatures in the deck, I agree. The deck has slowly shifted towards being more Voltron than aggro, so she's a hanger-on from an earlier conception of the list. She's probably the easiest cut.

Relic Seeker is never getting the axe. I am playing literally every (playable) equipment tutor, and he pretty frequently hits in the early game to give me access to any equipment in the deck. He's Stoneforge's little brother - and "almost as good as Stoneforge" is good enough for me, haha.

Reforge the Soul is obviously not as good as, say, Wheel of Fortune, but it gives me things to cast in the late-game. I'm playing every card-positive wheel I can get my hands on (and even considering Fateful Showdown, which shows how desperate I am for card draw). The reason for this is that I often run out of cards in hand by perhaps turn 5 (and even faster if I have a Sword of Feast and Famine, ie my janky mana-doubler).

At the moment, the best cuts seem to be Hero of Bladehold and probably Vandalblast (or a land) for the Scroll Tax combo. But then I should add Idyllic Tutor, and your suggestions are very good too. Darn. More cuts will be necessary.

Do you think I should play Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant over Mark of Asylum?

Thank you again!

Pheardemons on Tarmogoyf substitute

21 minutes ago

Scavenging Ooze (if it is not already up to four). You could also do the new one mana delirium creature Gnarlwood Dryad.

jchudz on bant humans

21 minutes ago

having 5 mana to cast company through your thalia's could be a problem

Ohthenoises on Just Chatting - Take 3

21 minutes ago

In your OPINION.

As an outsider looking in you don't really have all the information.

TheGodofNight on [KLD] Esper Super-Gearhulk Control

22 minutes ago

I see you have it in the maybe board, I would seriously consider the Revolutionary Rebuff for the main board. I know a lot of folks are arguing that artifacts are the biggest part of Kaladesh, but to be frank, I enjoy countering a turn 3 Liliana/Nissa, a turn 4 Chandra/Gideon, a turn 5 Nissa/Ob Nixilis and any other non-artifact goodies that should pop up. I would seriously consider at least 3 copies main board, maybe swap out 1 Anticipate, 1 -2 Grasp of Darkness, or 1 Transgress the Mind. Also, one more card worth considering, especial with all of those creature heavy aggro decks Authority of the Consuls. Hurts decks creating servo/thopter tokens, or other popular aggro strategies, especially since Authority can come down turn one and negate some damage. I like what you got going on here, and I wish you luck.

Delta-117 on jp9506

23 minutes ago

Thanks for the upvote!

JaceArveduin on What cards surprised you from ...

23 minutes ago

And you should have, the look on an opponents face when they're dying to a 4/7 turtle is absolutely priceless.

TheDevicer on Tarmogoyf substitute

25 minutes ago

You cannot play Jund without its signature cards at a decent to competitive level. Seriously. Much of the deck's power comes from the fact that it plays good cards. When you start cutting down on quality, you'll get much worse draws and your ability to pressure drops notably. You're still playing a fair deck. Much of what you want to do is stringing disruption into a threat into some more control. T2 creatures that aren't bob or goyf just aren't good enough. Still, if you absolutely insist on playing Jund on budget, Grim Flayer's your best bet.

k1llampt on Karador, the Returned Prince

27 minutes ago

Blackerlotus13 I would take out one of the green elves that taps for green mana and put spore frog or kami of false hope in because you will have a recurring fog that will stop damage from flying and unblockable. I would say both solemn and mindslicer are good. Solemn gets you pure card advantage where as mindslicer makes everyone discard. I could see playing sad robot and having mindslicer in the sideboard to swap if other people aren't playing graveyard decks as well. Finally Magister of worth is too good not to play.. either option helps this deck whether we wipe the board, or get all of our dudes back its good.

Optimator on Magitek Machinations

30 minutes ago

I'm under the impression they're super-useful for Feldon, but I almost wonder if I have TOO may rummaging and looting effects. Mad Prophet, Rummaging Goblin, Burning Inquiry, Cathartic Reunion, Faithless Looting, Shattered Perception, Tormenting Voice, Wild Guess. I think it's good though.

Mister_Smithy on Lazav, Dimir Mastermind

31 minutes ago

One thing you could do to improve on the copied deck is add a few lands, if you haven't noticed yet the land base is lacking.

TwoTrueAggies on Sultai Amalgam Reanimator

31 minutes ago

Also, some sort of finisher would be great here. Decimator of the Provinces seems like a good fit, as we can easily get back any discarded creature.

TwoTrueAggies on Sultai Amalgam Reanimator

32 minutes ago

I enjoy this deck, though it's difficult to goldfish accurately. One interaction I enjoy is the Opalchase Daredevil+Scrapyard Scrounger, but it feels like we need at least one more set of artifacts to make the Daredevil effective in this list.

Cmasa435 on Surrak's Bear-Eating Slivers

33 minutes ago

I did a double take when I saw this browsing through the budget section, It's a fantastic deck :p

Daedalus19876 on There Ain't No Grave

34 minutes ago

This deck looks pretty sweet, but a few quick thoughts/suggestions:

Guul Draz Assassin seems underwhelming here. It's sweet removal once it's at the highest level, but that's a huge mana investment and you have to repay if it you reanimate him. I mean, in a reanimator deck, I'd rather just play Avatar of Woe, and you have a good chance of casting her for BB.

I highly recommend both Sylvan Library and Abundance. One alone is amazing. Both together are overwhelming: free triple better-than-draws every turn.

Caustic Caterpillar is strictly better than Viridian Zealot, and super cheap to boot. But in all seriousness, I might actually play both.

With so many ETBs, Panharmonicon seems amazing. Also, Strionic Resonator can give you double reanimation for Meren.

I also have a Meren deck (though it's been under modification for a while; I'm not super happy with how it plays) and I've found Helm of Possession to be fantastic. Since you're playing a lot of sacrifice outlets and you have a lot of creatures, it fulfills many roles (steal a creature, sac a creature for experience, sac the stolen creature) while also giving you permanent access to your opponents' best creatures.

BladeMasta220 on H: Blue Gearhulk W: big ...

35 minutes ago

Yea email me at bladen19@gmail.com so we can work out the details

Optimator on TommyRobot

35 minutes ago

Thanks for the upvote!

Pinewoodboy0324 on Broken Tokens Modern

35 minutes ago

I don't want to spend more than about $3 max a card (Nissa is the exception) and I don't know were I could trade for, either

FatherbeatingmeinMTG on Caution: Dragons Ahead

37 minutes ago

An interesting card could be some dragons that work off other dragons

ricvieira21 on Advertise your deck!

38 minutes ago

My new (and first Standart) deck focused on the R/B vampires madness mechanic.

Upvotes and Suggestions appreciated :)

Madness Vampires

Standard* ricvieira21


xeotech on I Would Shake Your Hand ...

40 minutes ago

I was on the fence about Evacuation and you just convinced me. Pact of Negation is better.

Patrique on Wally's Wacky World of Walls

40 minutes ago

is this deck budget?

I think a good move would be to play around with Collected Company for some explosive plays with your vent sentinel. I'd also consider playing fetch and shock lands. Id also suggest some damage based wipes seeing that most your walls can chump but not kill on blocking interactions, something like Pyroclasm, and Anger of the Gods can do some serious work to clear the board for when you do go beats with your Assault formation.

as for sideboard tech, I'd switch out Destructive revelry for Ancient Grudge, Atarka's Command is a great card you might want to consider, and Vexing Shusher for games against Jeskai control

Mister_Smithy on Izzet Wizard

40 minutes ago

Albeit a slow deck itself, I do feel it has some good potential. The inclusion of Galvanic bombardment is nice but it would only be used very situationally in this deck and as such it could be better in a side board with another draw spell or counterspell in it's place. All in all a fun and promising deck for $25!

Berryblue on Zombros

40 minutes ago


Thank you for the input! The reason I've kept Shamble Back in my deck is just so I am able to exile a card from my opponents graveyard to prevent revival, especially if it's particularly strong. I was under the impression that it allows me to choose which graveyard to exile from, but I would still receive the zombie under my own control. Regardless, I do believe this card might lose out to other options in the long run.

Graf Harvest was initially my choice for situations where I had solid control of the board. I wanted it so I can attempt to take shots at my opponent's life with fewer zombies by giving them some evasion. However, I was made aware earlier of Prized Amalgam and given the choice I would substitute Shamble Back and three Graf Harvest for them, retaining maybe one Graf Harvest or the Shamble Back, depending on which one feels like a better fit. After adding more counters, Menace doesn't seem quite as necessary.

I was actually curious as to using some Removal and Counter Spells to help pave the way for Liliana if I got her in early. I would still be interested in picking up or finding another Liliana, the Last Hope to increase my odds of drawing her earlier.

At this point in time I'm not sure how many Gisa and Geralf I should aim to have in the deck. With Cemetery Recruitment and company I should only need to drop one for the game, so maybe two will be enough.

I will definitely check out your deck! Thank you for the perspective!

Dafoose on Marionette Master Infinite Kill (KLD ...

40 minutes ago

Thanks, decks like this are always fun even if they aren't that competitive. The gearhulk followed by a journal activation equals instant win

Simon_Williamson on Planeswalker Format

42 minutes ago

A venture into playing as a Planeswalker is interesting like the oversized Garruk card, but they weren't designed to go against each other, and unlike commander this has no mana to cast them and makes the most overpowered Planeswalker dominant while also cutting life by an extraordinary degree with the power creep, interesting idea but please think an idea out more. The energy system too seems like... a shoe horned attempt at balancing but does nothing towards it, just a needless layer of complication. Please think about this but this is fundamentally... Bad so I can't give any more constructive criticism, sorry.

rafe62 on Now this is podracing!

42 minutes ago

You don't understand who Ahmed Best is, do you?

itachi45 on Green Grixis

44 minutes ago

Actually looks like a fun list. Kudos for not being a sellout. :)

huschli on Death & Taxes

45 minutes ago

Japan and Gemany.. red SUn & Black Sun.. LIght & SHadow

Schwarze Sonne - Germany's Occult Power !