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buildingadeck on ravnica cube

2 minutes ago

One thing I note when looking through is your lack of mana fixing for such a strongly multicolored cube. If the shocklands are out of price range, I would suggest adding in both sets of Keyrunes and Cluestones simply because mana can be the biggest issue for a drafter. But that's just my preference.

The issue with that is that you take up more slots, but your cube becomes infinitely easier to draft successfully.

Ruffigan on Three-Colored Slivers in Commander?!?

2 minutes ago

I like the idea, it's kind of inspiring me to make an off the wall sliver deck.

SirFowler on Duel Deck Series: Dateline (Prey)

3 minutes ago

@Sagarys, seuvius, hound829, NoviceMagician, freakman13 Can you help me with this deck as well? I still need to find some more cards that fit the theme, but I'm blanking at the moment.

DrakanShadow on Centaurs racial dominance

6 minutes ago

Some really quick suggestions for this deck would to just remove Centaur Battlemaster because of the fact he is just an expensive 3/3 simply because you only have just two spells that target him, Titanic Growth and Pressure Point though I assume you aren't using Pressure Point like that. Second I would recommend adding something to give the Centaurs in your deck haste, perhaps something like Chariot of Victory.

PepsiAddicted on The matrix has you

6 minutes ago

hey man yeah looks pretty solid +1. And dont worry about mishras workshop... with eldrazi gen workshop isnt even good, maybe Eye of Ugin but thats up for discussion imo. with karn and memnarch workshop is a must have for turn2 infinite, thats all.

maybe mindslaver lockdown as another wincon and to drive your friends nuts.

Elfblooder on Memnarch EDH (Competitive)

10 minutes ago

Why wouldn't you run Leyline of Anticipation over Vedalken Orrery ? Because it is an artifact and Leyline of Anticipation is not ?

Daedalus19876 on Santa In Spring?!

14 minutes ago

Ah, I had thought that one of your changelogs said you took it out. My apologies.

Perhaps add Test of Endurance as another copy of Felidar Sovereign? I always considered these types of conditions as cheap, but they do work haha

LiveForChaos on Three-Colored Slivers in Commander?!?

14 minutes ago

SirFowler Thanks for the suggestion on Hivestone! I totally forgot to add that . . .

InsatiableApathy on InsatiableApathy

19 minutes ago

Femme_Fatale Yeah, I can see that nothing is going to be done. It's not my site, I don't make the rules, I get it, but that's why I plan to leave. At this point I just want those 5 dollars refunded because as you can tell I'm not happy with where they went.

Thank you for your time.

jimmijam on Budget Grixis Control - Help ...

19 minutes ago

I'll certainly add another land. You don't think check lands and fast lands could do the job Battlesheep?
I'm not too sure about Cruel Ultimatum, seven mana seems a bit high in Modern without ramp and it'd be especially hard to cast with a budget mana base. Thanks for the comment! :)

LiveForChaos on Three-Colored Slivers in Commander?!?

21 minutes ago

nayrash5 Agreed. Also, how do you think the deck is coming along?

ComradeJim270 on BlackTheWicked

22 minutes ago

Saw you added my token deck to your "ideas" folder. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Kris88 on Something other than Abzan or ...

26 minutes ago

I am currently constructing Elves deck for modern for when I move to north Texas but as a secondary deck to avoid boredom in the format I was thinking of having Affinity, Scapeshift, Living End or a Gifts Ungiven deck possibly using Vengevine. What is everyone's thoughts on this idea?

nayrash5 on Three-Colored Slivers in Commander?!?

26 minutes ago

Wow, this deck is quite popular now.

dantekratos on Cube Help

28 minutes ago

the primordials are better. Don't like giving my opponent creatures in a limited format. and the primordials are limited bombs.I'm also building a ravnica-theme cube. this is my list: http://tappedout.net/mtg-cube-drafts/ravnica-pauper/

craynor10 on Wilted Junk

29 minutes ago

I'm new to modern, but I really like this archetype. Do you really need the Birds of Paradise in here? It seems as if Noble Hierarch would be all the ramp necessary.

Fungreatmario on The Infection is Deadly

30 minutes ago

Would you please look over my Infect deck?

Toxic Evolution Playtest

Modern Fungreatmario

SCORE: 23 | 41 COMMENTS | 1665 VIEWS

craynor10 on Screw Dimir, Azorious Control (Advice ...

34 minutes ago

I would drop or sideboard spouts, even though it's a good instant trick, whelming wave gets the job done earlier. Also I would try just having Monastery Siege in the side. I really have relied on Devouring Light as a white version of heros downfall. The exile component with it is hugee against abzan.

shadow63 on Delverless BUG

34 minutes ago

youve convinced me and id call it tempo not midrange but thats kinda like splitting hairs

kengiczar on Uncharted Realms: Project Lightning Bug

35 minutes ago

Who is this person?! I will not allow for somebody to be craftier than Ral Zarek!

Nobody spies on Ral Zarek! Except for maybe Dack Fayden!

The story made it seem like the unnamed person is a white Planeswalker due to the rigorousness of said person's usual schedule. I know it may very well be somebody we already know as a walker but I hope it's somebody new.

At the same time I don't want this to turn into Hero's where freaking everybody is a Planeswalker.

Kris88 on Predatory Instinct

35 minutes ago

What value does Harrow bring you? loosing 1 land to bring out 2 lands really only gives you 2 lands when you could have 3? Harrow cost 3cmc to get you more land hmm is this a way to thin your deck out?

SirFowler on Legacy deck help?

36 minutes ago

Legacy Mono-Green Stompy Playtest

Legacy Cardnals100


For the lazy

Cardnals100 on Legacy deck help?

37 minutes ago

Gimme some tipz


Fungreatmario on Santa In Spring?!

38 minutes ago

I am not running Replenish because it simply costs too much. I can run Felidar Sovereign because I actually own one.

kengiczar on Why we use TCG Mid ...

40 minutes ago

I will say JRaynor that E-bay is the way to go. If I were to put my favorite way to price cards in order it would be E-bay>TCG>Card Kingdom>Local Shops.

I got a sweet deal on my Ajani Steadfast when they were newer and have since traded them to other players using TCG mid and made approx 9 dollars profit off the deal. Super happy I let my friend talk me into using E-bay.

Femme_Fatale on InsatiableApathy

41 minutes ago

You aren't going to get anywhere. This conversation has been brought up before about that deck and it basically resulted in nothing being done about it because censorship is not condoned.

Femme_Fatale on ABadMagicPlayer100

42 minutes ago

Much better.

InsatiableApathy on InsatiableApathy

44 minutes ago

APPLE01DOJ because "raping" being common slang makes it acceptable.

FelixlivesI'm a pretty big baby tbh, you hurt my feelings! :( It ain't my fault Mr. Borax decided he was going to play devil's advocate

yeaGO I definitely regret those 5 dollars I spent earlier to upgrade and when I get the chance over these next few days I will write my letter to paypal explaining my issue asking for my refund, even if it costs me just as much or more to do so. Don't worry though, as soon as everything is settled I will be leaving the site so you won't need to be bothered by me anymore.

Thank you all for your time.

SirFowler on Duel Deck Series - Dateline

45 minutes ago

Lol XD

I actually wanted to make a dual series that people can actually play against each other like wizards comes up with, but with a twist

freakman13 on The Demons of EDH

45 minutes ago

Also, even then she is so much slower than any other voltron commander and has to be used in conjunction with another card. I have never seen her on a list of competitive commanders, mostly because of the incredible difficulty of ramping her out early and the dependance on an enchantment surviving to keep her from destroying you. She might be a threat in french commander, but I don't know (I don't play french).

kengiczar on Why we use TCG Mid ...

45 minutes ago

I use TCG because the cards I buy on it are usually cheaper. Personally, i've never had a bad experience.

Also I don't mind waiting a month for cards since shipping is free for most of it because otherwise i'll have to pay whatever the local shops demand.

Lately some of my favorite local shops are falling out of my favor. For instance, one of them started refusing to buy Courser of Kruphix a few weeks ago. I get that it's the stores right but saying "We don't want to buy that, rotation" is just a bad excuse. Especially when standard players are notorious for buying a good card even if it's only got a week left in rotation at the full price! Other times they don't want to buy cards simply because they don't want to do the work of entering the card into their online accounts and/or sorting it for their in store accounts.

Also stores have a serious problem of selling/not selling promo cards. For instance, I had gotten 3 promo Thunderbreak Regent and went to Store "B" to sell them after Store "A" said that they didn't want to buy mine. I ended up selling all but 1 of my promos to store B. Then a few weeks later I needed cash due to an unexpected ear infection so I go back to store A and now they're willing to buy the promo. The price was still like 95% of what it was the first time I tried to sell to them.

Lastly a lot of the staff at the local shops are just assholes. I've seen several of them gripe about their job while their working, gripe about a customer "A" to customer "B" when customer A is and isn't there, and though I didn't realize it at the time, some of them have taken stock from the store in order to get me the card I wanted for the trade because they wanted one of my cards badly. Oh and sometimes the staff tries to intimidate me into buying things or making trades for cards that I don't want to trade. So yeah getting sick of game shops.

Anyways long story short is if I didn't go by TCG prices i'd have to use outdated information for reference, or worse, whatever the prices are at the shop i'm in as I arrange a trade either with another customer or the store.

Oh yeah that brings me to my last pet peeve. Store employees often get a discount which is a good thing. What's not a good thing is when they try to base the prices for cards off of what they "could get it for". This isn't a big issue with standard but for commander or modern it can really change the pricing of things.

SirFowler on ZURAN

47 minutes ago

Have you ever considered Pariah in either main or sideboard? If they have a creature that's hard to get rid of, you can attack with Zuran and put the Pariah on there creature, so they are at the risk of losing it.

HavokX on Duel Deck Series - Dateline

47 minutes ago

I'm saddened by the lack of Little Girls

Eareph on Worldshakers

48 minutes ago

I agree, but but it was a matter of price only. This deck was already 80something didnt' need another twenty on top.

freakman13 on The Demons of EDH

49 minutes ago

No, the guy knows the deck and has been in my playgroup for a while, he just gets pissy after a bad day at work and takes it out on whoever he thinks won't be able to stop him or will be stopped from destroying him by other players for one reason or another.

CanadianShinobi on Can we seriously make this ...

49 minutes ago

I was born, a six-gun in my hand. Behind a gun I'll make my final stand.

FinchFalcon on MM15

50 minutes ago

So I just opened a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth with a foil Remand. Not bad for a 12$ investment. Best part is, they're both cards I actually want to use! Just wanted to share. :)

Warhadow on The Ol' Razzle Dazzle(comments welcome)

52 minutes ago

This deck seems pretty great. Have you considered Herald of Torment to give your guys flying? It might help.

SirFowler on The Demons of EDH

54 minutes ago

Well I'm just saying those are some of the reasons why people hate playing against her.

buildingadeck on Cube Help

57 minutes ago

I'm working on a Ravnica-themed cube, and I'm wondering whether the Primordial (Luminate Primordial and its kin) is better or worse to run than the Hunted series (Hunted Phantasm and its kin). While the Primordials have a clear power advantage, their mana cost is so high, they seem almost useless. The Hunted set has a generally lower mana cost, but has significant drawback that makes them hard to run.

Here are the full lists of each set:


Luminate Primordial

Molten Primordial

Diluvian Primordial

Sepulchral Primordial

Sylvan Primordial


Hunted Lammasu

Hunted Dragon

Hunted Phantasm

Hunted Horror

Hunted Troll

For reference, you can find my cube here

Ihazadeck on God Shrine of Ashling Burn

58 minutes ago

i think mono-red is really good, you are at a disadvantage with life totals being at 25, but it is still viable. check out my burn list Zurgo the Soft One.

Daedalus19876 on Advertise your deck!

59 minutes ago

Molon Labe: Anax and Cymede EDH Playtest

Commander / EDH Daedalus19876


bendjohnson on Why we use TCG Mid ...

1 hour ago

Back to using Amazon for me then. That's what I used when I restarted up Magic

Daedalus19876 on Mardu Dragons

1 hour ago

I haven't played this meta much, so take this with a grain of salt, but it seems to me like Soulfire Grand Master is the weakest link of the cards here.

markszncd on Enlightened Super Consistent Voltron EDH ...

1 hour ago

I think you kind of misunderstood why i included those red cards. I didn't drop them because they make my deck faster, not because I need them to cast seize the day and relentless assault. My experience with this deck was that when I had a pyretic ritual in my opening hand, 90% of the time I could use it to cast Narset. Narset costs 3RWU to cast and pyretic ritural's RRR is not a problem for me. For examle, if i have mana crypt, land, land, land, cast pyretic ritual then booom! Narset! Or land, ancient tomb, shimian spirit guide, mox, ritual then boom! what i'm saying is that narset costs 3 colorless mana to cast and I included those because I want to cast narset as soon as possible. And RRR really isn't a problem (3RWU-RRR=1WU). The reason why in the description i said we can use those cards to cast seize the day and relentless assault is because we have those cards in the deck, i didn't include those because we need them to cast seize and assault.

I used to have FOW, misdirection, and pact of negation in my decklist but i finally dropped them because they all have some weaknesses. FOW and misdirection require a blue card in hand and i can't always have one. And the pact obviously has more restrictions. I have considered mox diamond but I'm not sure a 34 land including 6 fetches should use it.

lets compare signets with those 4 red cards:1. signets are permanent and red cards can be used only once adding 1 mana.2. signets cost 2 manas to cast and generates 1 mana and red cards generate R more than its casting cost, which means when using signets, it will benefit on the next turn and red cards benefit instantaneously.3. signets can turn one colorless mana into one with color.(itself generates also one with color)

I think both are great and as long as we control their ratio well, they can be very powerful!!

bendjohnson on bendjohnson

1 hour ago

Just realized something: I take forever to type

freakman13 on The Demons of EDH

1 hour ago

I don't play voltron (I haven't liked the equipment subtype since they introduced it). I actually use her as a tribal lord to kill people off with my demons. Assault Suit is also really good for her.