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DarkRequiem on Azami's Excelsus Academy of Wizardry

3 minutes ago

C14 doesn't seem to be bringing much stuff to this deck. Yet the extra Sol Ring s will help and one of those will be added here. Myriad Landscape will too and I'm keeping an eye on ther Gale which sounds quite interesting too.

LuckboxMcGambleshack on Zurgo Hatcrumpler

5 minutes ago

Thanks FTWinchester, for some reason that totally escaped me. And Darksteel Plate is on my list! As is Scourge of the Throne

KrosanTusker on Does Doubling Season second ability ...

7 minutes ago

Doubling Season does indeed double the number of loyalty counters added.

Furthermore, the initial four loyalty counters are placed on Elspeth when she enters the battlefield; Doubling Season sees this placement of counters and doubles it. She would start on eight and could use her ultimate straight away!

kxc999 on The Proper Tactics Mean Everything

8 minutes ago

With the anthems though, Crusader of Odric can be ridiculous. Especially since you have Odric letting you control the board. With the minimum number of creatures out and no anthems, the Crusader is a 4/4 for 3. Given that this deck is creature heavy with a fair amount of token generating and has lots of anthems, the Crusader wouldn't be small anytime you use her. Idk. It's the same reason I was asking about Palisade Giant . (x Whenever the Crusader hits the field, there's already lots of creatures and she starts off as a 5/5 or 6/6 with anthems out, making her a 10/10 with all kinds of nasty abilities. You just..cringe a little. lol Shove her in the Lightning Greaves and swing with Odric and 3 other homies late game for gg.

nobu_the_bard on Full C14 list is up!

8 minutes ago

Probably going to be Red and White. White has that Containment chick; she's the card Vintage would most likely want to have, as she'd make a great sideboard against many strategies.

Boza on Does Doubling Season second ability ...

8 minutes ago

10/1/2005 Planeswalkers will enter the battlefield with double the normal amount of loyalty counters. However, if you activate an ability whose cost has you put loyalty counters on a planeswalker, the number you put on isn't doubled. This is because those counters are put on as a cost, not as an effect.

Gatherer has the answer to a lot of questions like this.

ManiacMike0643 on Temur Mid

8 minutes ago

I found Temur Ascendancy really messed with my curve, if I want a Courser or Knuckleblade on turn 3 I dont play the Ascendancy, and it just ended up pissing me off for more than it's worth, i get how it works, but i just prefer Prophet of Kruphix

Kjartan on Burn / RDW

9 minutes ago

add 6-8 fetch lands

nobu_the_bard on Feed The Hand That Bites

10 minutes ago

Another minor suggestion: Maw of the Mire is kind of limited. It's great up against any number of strong utility lands, but it's useless by itself if your opponent is only using mana land, and it costs you 5 mana. It might be easier to use something like Ghost Quarter or Tectonic Edge , which both have dual functionality (able to provide mana) while still being able to destroy problem lands, such as Mystifying Maze or Gaea's Cradle .

Another direction to go with this would be a spell with other uses, such as Aftershock or Fissure . They have similar costs to Maw but you're less likely to not find a valid target for them. (They're also both really cheap!)

Boza on Modern Orzhov Enchantments (Need Help)

10 minutes ago

Well, for a more casual modern experience, this is a great deck to start with for sure. I would only remove the master of the feast and replace him with something that does not give the opponent an advantage. A great example from recent standard is Desecration Demon . Also, replace shieldmate with Ethereal Armor to speed up the deck.


11 minutes ago

keep em' comin! : )

Seraphicate on Does Doubling Season second ability ...

16 minutes ago

Elspeth, Sun's Champion is a permanent, loyalty counters are still counters. The addition of loyalty counters still gets replaced by Doubling Season 's ability, as it does not specify what counters are excluded from it's effect.

poipoi8 on Doran, lover of butts

18 minutes ago

Somberwald Sage ? For the Sylvan Primordial ? Sylvan is banned so Somberwald is a good replacement you can get out a 7 drop turn 4.

youngmachete88 on Mardu Warriors

18 minutes ago

chrisloan I made some changes to the deck because you got me thinking. I wasn't using Chief of the Scale because I wanted to stay on the aggro side of things and I didn't originally believe he played into that strategy. But I playtested with him in it and liked it much better. Thank you for commenting and getting me to think more critically about my options.

MaitreDesBlocs on Izzet winning early or what?

20 minutes ago

This deck needs some minor adjustments still. I never won a match with it yet since I converted it from modern to standard. I will remove Essence Scatter , but unfortunately, I do not own any copies of Disdainful Stroke . Just got the last part of my order, including 4x Hour of Need , so the deck is going to change a bit. Thanks for your feedback y'all! Stay tuned!


Dalektable on Why do people say Return ...

21 minutes ago

Although I don't post on necro threads normally, I do agree with what was said above. All the lore recently is pointing to Return to Zendikar and if not that, at least something to do with the eldrazi. Maybe they invade a new plane? But to me, It makes more sense just for a RtZ.

DarkRequiem on Teysa, a woman of several ...

23 minutes ago

With C14 so close I'm looking at what cards I can add to this deck. Some of them look quite promising and tailor made for Teysa.

Benevolent Offering might be an option. Deploy to the Front IS an option. Hallowed Spiritkeeper looks strong (it would be even better if instead of an avatar it were a spirit). Flesh Carver sounds very interesting. Infernal Offering looks good too. Wake the dead sounds very intersting too but I'm not sure if I'll use it here or somewhere else since I'll only get 1 copy and I can think of at least 3 decks that would enjoy that card.

Werternut on Touched by a Gorgon ;3

27 minutes ago

I'm probably a bit biased, since I've made Death-Tickle: Reanimated!(Orzhov Aggro), but you could probably run some sort of reanimation, like Font of Return

KnightsBattlecry001 on Mirrodin's Battle Cry

28 minutes ago

What about adding in some Etched Champion ? With the amount of creatures you have with battlecry, that can be a lot of damage your opponent can't stop when they all attack.

Gannicus_NoVA on Does Doubling Season second ability ...

28 minutes ago

So, say I play a Elspeth, Sun's Champion then use her first ability while Doubling Season is already in play... Will she get +2 loyalty counters instead of one?

DarkRequiem on Elven War Council

29 minutes ago

I didn't know that. Thanks.

It will give way to one of the C14 cards then. I'll have to removed it since its banned and will also remove Feed the Pack since it doesn't seem to do much. Wolfcaller's Howl and Freyalise will replace them. Still need to swap out 1-3 cards.

Scorprix on Savage Natural Selection

29 minutes ago

OOPS! I seem to have already upvoted this. Any other deck I should check out instead?

capriom85 on TelleoStar

29 minutes ago

I am definitely hoping to see them soon...finish off my modern Delver.

DarkRequiem on Kemba's xXx Toys

32 minutes ago

C14 is here! I'm looking forward to add Jazal Goldmane and Nahiri, the Lithomancer to the deck.

musclebeach on MSW:Monastery Swiftspear Wins(suggestions welcome)

32 minutes ago

I think hordeling outburst fits here. Triggers street foundry denizen and monastery swiftspear. As well as helping with stoke the flames. +1 from me. This deck will create fun and interesting ways to win!

Blastburst on Bonds of Victorious Agony BOVA.

33 minutes ago

enpc that's actually really helpful. and no I didn't know the rule/wording was changed last year. it is a buzzkill but at least i wont be breaking the rules.. If I do away with Bond of Agony then Exsanguinate it would be better for the overall kill. And as for blue cards the only other option i had in mind was Leyline of Anticipation . so it didnt matter what turn i would still be able to combo.Thanks L0RDbyrd for pointing this out. I will figure a new way to do this, but I still want the deck to go turn 3 latest hopefully 1-2.

PTsmitty on Best C14 deck for a ...

34 minutes ago

With the new commander decks coming out, a shop in my area is doing a swiss style 1v1 tournament where everyone involved plays the new decks straight out of the box. No cards and be removed, and no cards can be added. So with that being said, I was wondering what the tappedout community felt would be the strongest deck without modifications.

I was thinking either the White token or Green Elves decks would be fun, but not sure how well they would stand up to board control. The Black Zombies deck has some good removal spells, but I noticed some of them are restricted to non-black creatures. Thus, that could create some problems if playing against another black deck. I also realize that the Red Artifacts deck has the most value, but not sure how the artifacts mechanic will be working against the other decks.

There are a lot of fun cards in all of these decks so it does make it hard to choose. I will be interested in what you all think. Thanks in advanced. Here are two links for the complete list of cards just in case someone has not seen them yet. Cards Image Gallery and Complete Decklists

mcskivvies on Elven War Council

35 minutes ago

If i remember right when they ditched the banned commanders list, Rofellos was banned completely so unless your playgroup is okay with him, he is officially banned as a whole

DarkRequiem on Jalira's Cheap Tricks

36 minutes ago

C14 looks good and there's something in there I'm looking forward to add to this deck. :)

Domineering Will, Stormsurge Kraken, possibly Reef Worm, Cackling Counterpart , Cyclonic Rift and Phyrexian Ingester . Now, what to remove?

DarkRequiem on Mayael's Overwhelming Rush

41 minutes ago

Looking forward to C14 since it will bring some very interesting things to be added to this deck:

Right now I'm looking at Siege Behemoth, Thunderfoot Baloth and Bogardan Hellkite .

Gannicus_NoVA on Black/White Exalted, Lifelink, Protection

42 minutes ago

I like your deck for the lifegain... but its way slower than mine. :) Brave the Sands is a good addition to it though!

Tets1 on Burn / RDW

45 minutes ago

I want to stay monoR.

Yes im considering to play Monastery Swiftspear , but i dont want to remove Hellspark Elemental completly from the deck, because it does very much. Maybe im looking into including at least 1 or 2.

DarkRequiem on Elven War Council

50 minutes ago

C14 cards that I want to add here are Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, Sylvan Offering and Wolfcaller's Howl.

I might also add Gravesifter and Praetor's Counsel .

kotsbright on The Rogue Shard of Tarkir

53 minutes ago

How about using 2 Thoughtseize & 2 Despise instead of 4 Despise ?? Looks like mine Esper Control in Khans of Tarkir deck!! Great deck idea, +1 by me!!!

Indigoindigo on Pilloro Fort

56 minutes ago

Some general advice: Try sorting your cards by function (draw, removal, ramp), it will make it a lot easier to see what you might lack. There's a lot of good ETB-cards, have a look at my Roon deck if you need some inspiration: Blink blink, nudge nudge.
As for lands I would replace some ETB tapped-cards with basics and bouncelands with: Shocklands. ETB tapped-cards really slow down your deck. 42 seems a lot, but I have no experience playing outside green. Mana-artifacts have really good synergy with Brago if you can get him out consistently, so you might consider some more.

fixdoll on Elves EDH

58 minutes ago

as I always say, there is no harm putting a Pendelhaven in a mono-green .

MarlukTheWise on Control is Everything

58 minutes ago

progenitushydra This deck isn't legal. Tappedout is wrong, only blocks in standard are theros, m15 and ktk.

acarabujan on Abzan Lifegain (comments welcome)

58 minutes ago

That is a good tip! The life cost doesn't really matter since I will get it back no problem, which makes it a 1-drop. Thanks :D

cr14mson on How to "repair" my cards

1 hour ago

Rasta: exactly how "wavy" are we talking about here? For the others, this isn't 100% especially if it's been curled for awhile. But it may just be enough to use it in a tourney without being seen as "marked cards".

goldenfoot on rockleemyhero

1 hour ago

I would trade a Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip (5.99)and Thoughtseize (22.23)=28.22 for your Overgrown Tomb (8.92) Godless Shrine (9.66) Temple Garden (9.02) and Command Tower (1.20)= 28.22 depending on the sets of course

Seraphicate on Which order are counters applied?

1 hour ago

Since you control all 4 replacement triggers, you could stack them in any order you'd like.

If you were to put 1 counter, you could stack them Hardened Scales s on top, then Corpsejack Menace s on the bottom, meaning 1 (+1) > 2 (+1) > 3 (x2) > 6 (x2) > 12

So yes, you could get 12 counters on a creature per counter, if you managed that sort of boardstate.

sonicizslow on Just Chatting

1 hour ago

I need to read this, but I have a Marching Band competition today because reasons. I'll be Bach.

xGhostx on GoofyFoot

1 hour ago

Hey dude, took a look at your binder. Would you do the foiled Mire, and 2x Sylvan Caryatid for 3x Flooded Strand and 2x Polluted Delta ? Works out slightly in your favor by like $6 I think..

sonicizslow on Why do people say Return ...

1 hour ago

I'd like to just say that an Eldrazi was printed in the new commander stuff. So even though I didn't think it would happen, I'm starting to think it might.