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Femme_Fatale on Just MORE Chatting

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Remyth on If Team RWBY Could Planeswalk...

1 minute ago

I had some free time on my hands, so I decided to make Team RWBY (from RoosterTeeth's show "RWBY") into Planeswalkers. Colors were pretty easy (Ruby is obviously red, Blake black, Weiss White, and Boros seemed a good fit for Yang). I tried to make the abilities reflect the characters as well as meshing well with established MTG guidelines and being at least moderately playable. I would love any feedback!

Ruby: Went with a haste theme to mimic Ruby's speed.

Ruby Rose

Weiss: The abilities here all stem from Weiss' glyphs and dust.

Weiss Schnee

Blake: Decided to go in a knowledge (Blake is always reading) and defense (Blake's semblance) theme.

Blake Belladonna

Yang: Power and getting stronger from being hit basically sum up Yang in a fight.

Yang Xiao Long

Thanks for looking!

Terrvex on Power of Evil

1 minute ago

The description is a lie! I totally owned this deck a few times.

Luutamo on Cutsie little gift

2 minutes ago

Yeaaah... I'd say too much. Not the abilities but the card itself. Don't know the girl but normally they are not that keen when somebody calls them angry and crazy.

reaper9134 on no go fuck yourself stormbreath. ...

2 minutes ago

just dropped both the pla's against my buddy on his turn lmao

TurboFagoot on Burning zoo

2 minutes ago

Tarmogoyf seems better than Knight/Smiter

reaper9134 on Balls to The Wall Aggro ...

3 minutes ago

alright then how about put it in sideboard with some tokken gen's so you can put out the tokkens then stoke itll be good for rhino's butchers and whatnot i get what your saying though yea i tend to use some sort of ramp in my decks :/

alexthegreat38 on The Phyrexian Life Cycle - ...

4 minutes ago

Deathtouch and trample on the same card seems pretty gross because at that point he's essentially just a 5/5 unblockable.

CommanderOfBolas on Just MORE Chatting

4 minutes ago

hmmm. do you have a list? I haven't seen a list yet, so I cant really say for sure. it sounds interesting, though.

TheRedMage on Rebel Alliance Tiny Leaders

4 minutes ago

I have been playing with a similar idea for a while. I even posted a list here:

[Tiny Leaders] Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero Playtest

Tiny Leaders TheRedMage


although it's a bit outdated and I need to put the latest changes to the list in.

The main problems of aggro rebels are:

  • the sad truth is that, sadly, most rebels are all kinds of bad with respect to other white creatures with the same cost. This was a little heartbreaking because I set out to build a toolbox deck and realized most of the tools in the box didn't actually do much.
  • getting to a point where you are done developing your board and start fetching rebels takes a lot of time and you need to survive till then.

The other thing is... You don't need that many rebels in your deck to always be able to fetch one before it's time to fetch Mirror Entity and kill the opponent. You need to be careful not to get Mirror Entity exiled of course, but if not Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero's ability will always put it back in the library and fetch it again.

So in my experience this is better run as a control deck that runs only 7 or 8 rebels and a bunch of other good white creatures and spells. The only rebels I run in my mainboard right now are Whipcorder, Aven Riftwatcher, Ramosian Sergeant, Amrou Scout, Children of Korlis, Defiant Vanguard, Knight of the Holy Nimbus, Bound in Silence and of course Mirror Entity.

Finally a few card suggestions:

Femme_Fatale on Just MORE Chatting

6 minutes ago

What say you about esper tempo CommanderOfBolas? I'm personally trying to find a good late game play for it, but it's hard to say which one is best.

And everyone I've asked has said that U/B control is better. With finishers like Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and Silumgar, the Drifting Death, it's kind of hard to disagree.

jaromwest on Passive-Aggressive

6 minutes ago

Great deck concept. Really fun to play while I was trying it out but it's very difficult to win if they get out a single creature that's tougher than yours. The deck really needs some removal for horrible creatures you'll run into in modern like Phyrexian Obliterator and Tarmogoyf. Try out Path to Exile, the land they get isn't as bad as some people think.

The_Tickler118 on New to deck building with ...

7 minutes ago

just to add, i like the idea of a mardu/token deck

aeonstoremyliver on Need help with Abzan Midrange!

7 minutes ago

Well, depends on the budget. Liliana of the Veil, Tarmogoyf, Lingering Souls and Abrupt Decay are staples. You can also run Scavenging Ooze, Courser of Kruphix, Doran, the Siege Tower, Knight of the Reliquary, Qasali Pridemage, and other value critters.

You'll defintely need discard and removal to keep up the battle of attrition ala Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress, Go for the Throat, Path to Exile, Slaughter Pact, etc.

bijschjdbcd on Just MORE Chatting

7 minutes ago

Yeah Danny. That game was great.

Terrvex on Elves

8 minutes ago

Look at this elf deck.

Elf Ramp

Using Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid I can play Genesis Wave for A LOT. Putting almost my whole deck of elves out. Which also makes the Joraga Warcaller and Immaculate Magistrate combo more likely to happen.

So yeah consider Genesis Wave

ntrippe on Mono White Bolster/Manifest

8 minutes ago

breakdownjason Yeah my friend doesn't buy them anymore and he wasn't happy that on my first one I got a card worth so much haha. But for my deck I bought singles and will continue to do so because it is definitely the most feasible. But I will buy at least 1 booster pack for each set just for fun.

Yeah I see that definitely and I agree. I don't think I necessarily want to look further into manifesting because I am pretty content with what I can do so far (it would be different if manifesting was the main goal of this deck). Maybe adding in some cards that would protect me from aggro or let me draw some more like Defiant Strike or I could add more Pressure Points. Not sure what would be the best option.

VampireArmy on People on Cockatrice: Are they ...

11 minutes ago

This is what my field looked like

_SeriosSkies_ on Merieke's Mess

11 minutes ago

I tend to use scrylands//Top deck manipulation (1 drops) on t1-t2. When your "curve" dictates soley off a t1-t3 play its less important.Since after that you're then only faced with 1-3 mana cards. and a 3 mana card on t4 is just stronger. or am i over thinking that, Has t2 proven to be the key turn in a game of tiny leaders?

CommanderOfBolas on Just MORE Chatting

11 minutes ago

I think you mean Jim Davis and Danny Jessup. but yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about.

Also, forgot to tag kyuuri117 so he can see my last comment

kintighd on People on Cockatrice: Are they ...

12 minutes ago

I had one person tell me that Ordeal of Purphoros doesn't deal damage when sac'd until the following turn.


13 minutes ago

I was just cracking wise lol. Wasn't trying to be a dogpiler.

LazavGravemind on Need help with Abzan Midrange!

15 minutes ago

So I have an Abzan deck Abzan Elites but I want to make it modern instead of standard, since most of the cards will be going out in a few months. Suggestions please? I've seen a lot that have Loxodon Smiter and Wilt-Leaf Liege to prevent discarding, or Thragtusk, Siege Rhino, and Restoration Angel to flicker and gain life. Should I try and do one or the other, or go a different direction with different cards?

Inquisitor000 on Alesha who smiles at dead ...

15 minutes ago

thanks all for the suggestions and ill think about them. I believe eidolon would be the best because courser will also trigger eidolon

VampireArmy on People on Cockatrice: Are they ...

16 minutes ago

love these stories. guy once spawned every card ever in the game to crash me out of rage

Paxymad on Balls to The Wall Aggro ...

20 minutes ago

Yeah I think you're right about Ordeal of Purphoros and I'll try to find a way to add that in. I don't like stokes though because even though it has convoke, it's still 4 mana. Since I don't draw much mana it's a dead card if for some reason they board wipe. Plus even when I cast it doesn't benefit me much. If I have to use 2 lands and 2 of my creatures to cast it those two creatures can't do damage. It ends up being a net gain at the cost of using some mana that I would much rather use casting something like magma jet.

cyrusthelin on Traft Shop #TeamGeist

20 minutes ago

I like it. Try Lingering Souls. And check out my Esper Spirits. Same colors, IDK.

TheDevicer on (EDH) Riku conversion to Animar

20 minutes ago

The problem with the above is that shitting out you hand leaves you with no cards in hand and a boardstate that's extremely vulnerable to being wiped. Someone resolves Damnation. Target green player cries. I guess Garruk's BFF got axed again...

Anyways, you want to have ways to increase the deck's resiliency even if you sacrifice some speed to do exactly that. That means recursion, draw power, and reactive spells.

Terrvex on Elf Ramp

21 minutes ago

Isn't it though

reaper9134 on New to deck building with ...

21 minutes ago

or go off the grid and do naya like i did :D naya is rwg but the cost of it can be annoying im still working on mine >.<

MaelstromHobo on Esper Control

21 minutes ago

How much weight does Erase pull for you?

The_Tickler118 on New to deck building with ...

22 minutes ago

i found out that Ajani Steadfast is good for token decks, do you have any advice for that

NobodyPicksBulbasaur on New Set Dedicated to Walkers

23 minutes ago

I'd prefer seeing Maerna:
+1: Healing Salve
-1: Forked Bolt
-7: [Her Ult]

Repeatable damage, especially as an Arc Lightning effect, is extremely powerful. It's dangerous to put it as a + because it can literally lock someone out of the game. Also lowered to 2 damage for power reasons.

Gaining life, on the other hand, doesn't impact the board. It can be a + ability all day.

Her ult doesn't feel WR to me, but I don't have any great suggestions there.

ChrisHansonBiomancin on A Polymorphist's Dream

23 minutes ago

Cool idea, I actually built something similar but with green for mana dorks, which eventually become Sphinxes (Ascendant Dorks).

Obviously your creatures are more defensive than mana dorks, but I would still look for ways to interact with your opponent's board in a more lasting manner than Icy Blast. AEtherspouts and Reality Shift are probably your best options. I love Stubborn Denial but not here since Ferocious triggers will be few and far between.

bijschjdbcd on Just MORE Chatting

24 minutes ago

I recall a game between Jim David and David Jessup? Sweet games and Jim crushed it despite mulling to 5 game 1.

breakdownjason on Mono White Bolster/Manifest

25 minutes ago

Oh the halcyon days of buying boosters haha. The thrill is always fun, but eventually every player seems to get to a point of simply buying singles. Back to the lens though... I can see the synergy between that and manifest, but the main problem with it is that it doesn't give you a way to interact with the top card in any real way. If you want top deck manipulation and Manifest shenanigans, maybe give the previous Theros block a look. Scry sounds much more useful to me since it gives you the option to drop the card to the bottom of your library and can be found on some very aggressively costed cards.

MaelstromHobo on Advertise your deck!

27 minutes ago

Mayael EDH Primer Playtest

Commander / EDH MaelstromHobo

SCORE: 90 | 10 COMMENTS | 13920 VIEWS

CommanderOfBolas on Just MORE Chatting

27 minutes ago

Here is a link to my deck. that is the exact list I played today. there are a few things that I would improve, but didn't have time too. (like more Temple of Enlightenment, and other things that are probably obvious).

Anyway, I like u/w much more than the u/b version. the downsides of u/w are that it has to play Banishing Light (which is much better than I originally gave it credit for), and it doesn't have a faster wrath like Drown in Sorrow. on the other hand, we have Elspeth. and we get Glare of Heresy and Erase for the sideboard, which is pretty awesome. that gives us much more game against some decks (namely ascendancy combo) than we would have with u/b control. Also, I think we are actually favored against u/b control (we run more counterspells due to our lack of good removal). I also think our counterspell heavy nature is what leads us to be so good against Abzan. I played an abzan deck in the second round today, and game 2 I beat him in convincing fashion despite him resolving 3 Thoughtseize and having a pretty good draw. The only matchups I would say are bad would be jeskai tempo (although some more sideboard cards could make that better) and r/g agro (same deal as jeskai. some sideboard hate would go a long way)

Doglady77 on Chaos Storm

28 minutes ago

Nekusar, the Mindrazer + Jace's Archivist + Aphetto Alchemist + Aura of Dominion = Automatic 21 commander damage to everyone.

Terrvex on Goblin

28 minutes ago

Yeah those are pretty good

zephramtripp on Mana dorks galore!

30 minutes ago

Wow. Three necros in a row. I think is some sort of amazing.

DERPLINGSUPREME on Excessive Can Opening

31 minutes ago

why is that the display picture?

the_Nunn on Crescent Moon - Budget

33 minutes ago

Hmm, while I'm not going heavy on the "beater" strategy, a few of these might be good. Especially Pyschosis Crawler.

Doglady77 on Chaos Storm

34 minutes ago

no Storm Crow 0/10

MattTheNinja on What to SB for Eidolon ...

34 minutes ago

Yeah I have a Dismember and some Nature's Claim SB already, was just seeing if there were any other options of dealing with it. Thanks for the input guys

ntrippe on Mono White Bolster/Manifest

34 minutes ago

breakdownjason Actually after thinking about it and my friend telling me it would probably be best to remove it. Would you have any suggestions for cards to add?

Aruun on Fifty Shades of Nin

35 minutes ago

To everyone else, thanks for the kind comments! I'll be making some changes in the coming week, hopefully.