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Zakass on I will Now Tap for ...

a few seconds ago


I have considered the new ulamog, and he will probably end up in the deck at some point.

lucal13 on Mill & Kill

1 minute ago

I like where you've gone with this... since you have No Mercy, I would consider adding Grave Betrayal just to annoy people even more. Feel free to check out my Mirko Vosk deck here.

mountainturtle93 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

2 minutes ago

Zakass I love the deck, green Stompy is always fun, have you considered the original kozilek, or the new ulamog for you list?

EmblemMan on H: foil spell queller W: ...

3 minutes ago

Hey guys my friend has a foil Spell Queller and neither of us play decks with it so we are looking to trade it if anyone wants it. I also have some non foil Spell Queller, a couple Selfless Spirit, an Ishkanah, Grafwidow and a Gisela, the Broken Blade as far as current standard cards are concerned. Let me know if you are interested and I will look through your binder as there are not many specific cards we are looking for. Thanks!

breno.inojosa on Zombie Nest

3 minutes ago

Izu_Korasu, very good points. I'll make some changes to this deck and include some of yours. This is my first attempt with a Zombie deck, so many adjustments will still come.

Loli_RemiX on Angel Tribal EDH

5 minutes ago

You already have Quicksilver Amulet and Belbe's Portal, meet Cryptic Gateway it so strong, and don't consume mana. Check out My Deck, it's fast (for an angel deck) and might give you some ideas to build up speed in your deck

mountainturtle93 on Roon of the hidden value

6 minutes ago

Thanks Shane.Allen keep and eye on this list, I still have many updates I'm trying out before December!! Lots of time and many possibilities

TheFoilAjani on Just Chatting - Take 3

6 minutes ago

Meanwhile in sunny and mild San Diego... I'm just sitting inside doing shit all (It'll get super hot later though).

ZoakoTHEnotSogreat on Kozilek, Butcher/Distortion with Juice Test

7 minutes ago

Lion's Eye Diamond is one possibility, while it can provide that extra broken push for an early general or skip over 1.5 deaths worth of commander tax into Draw 7, its a terrible top deck most of the time from mid to late when it would be better for you to not dump your hand.

Ensnaring Bridge I would replace Tangle Wire with it. Tangle Wire is best in a colored artifact deck that can recur it, multiply the counters more easily, etc.

Doubling Cube is questionable outside of green ramp decks, it is generally a win more card. True you only invest two mana to start, but when it gets blown up, that two mana you could have invested in a threat/mana rock/kill button(Disk, O-Stone) or simply left open to activate a land ability.

Krak-Clan Iron Works. When I am your opponent, I want you to sac all your stuff to this.

Scorched Ruins is a land you could consider depending on how much land destruction is in you meta. The pay off is huge if your meta can allow you the risk. And you can mitigate some of the sacrifice via Crucible.

Vedalken Orrery With Unwinding Clock you can be more reactive. Flash in Emrakul right before the person you want to control's turn, Use Ulamog like a doped up swords to plowshares, flash in Forcefield in response to an alpha strike, so on so forth.

Gidgetimer on Kaladesh Spoiler Thread

9 minutes ago

ChiefBell is actually a more entrenched, and still current modern player. I gave up after they banned three combo decks in two years. Now I play mostly commander and legacy. The formats where combo decks can survive and people are expected to adapt and overcome instead of wait for a banning.

It is too bad that they brought back modern as a PT format for just long enough to kill all the interesting combo decks though. I was a big proponent of keeping modern as a pro-tour format, but the accelerated tuning of decks killed interesting decks and WotC's want to showcase new cards killed the combo deck that was the epitome of what they said they wanted in Modern. I got pushed out of the format by being given what I thought I wanted lol.

Balinor5 on Mad Vampires

13 minutes ago

Just messing around with a madness deck... Starting with the current sets so that's why its standard legal... I'm not sure it would hold up in our format though.

lucal13 on Phenax's Chill Mill

14 minutes ago

Some cards you might like...

Zakass on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

14 minutes ago

I will Now Tap for 150

Commander / EDH* Zakass


This is a ramp deck that can get pretty ridiculous in a very short amount of time. Its a work in progress so any suggestions would be nice.

MisterCasey on Sydri's Toolbox

15 minutes ago

You have enough activated abilities in here to warrant a Rings of Brighthearth, (Which can go infinite with Basalt Monolith).
Alternately, there are enough triggered abilities to warrant a Strionic Resonator.There are enough artifact tokens and/or expendable artifacts to make a Time Sieve.Just some thoughts if Steelshaper's Gift isn't doing much for you.

Randomguy006 on A giant deck. (75 cards, ...

15 minutes ago

I playtested this a bit, it's great when it works but it often isn't able to really get going. Maybe drop the Raze to increase the chance you draw a Stinkdrinker Daredevil? Often you can't spare the lands to cast it anyway.

Tappedchutoy789 on Puresteel Metalcraft Storm

18 minutes ago

ArchFline it has been sideboarded Ethersworn Canonist is a interesting idea however it could make it annoying to cast my retracts for the win...


20 minutes ago

I have the feel to see my Daxos Deck but he is fun.Praise the sun

epajula on Zurgo EDH

20 minutes ago

Temur Battle Rage, Balefire Liege, Brutal Hordechief and Iroas, God of Victory feel like powerful cards for this deck. I'd also recommend some land destruction in case of mazes, or Kor Haven. I like Fulminator Mage, Avalanche Riders (for Alesha), Desolation Angel, Dwarven Blastminer, Dwarven Miner, Pillage and Wrecking Ball due to their extra utility. Stone Rain, Icequake, Molten Rain, Rain of Tears, Rancid Earth are more to-the-point.

All_The_Sheep on Azami, Lady of Science!

21 minutes ago

Those are some useful suggestions aekrusty, I'll have to consider them. I would never have thought of Tolaria West, it's a good inclusion to be sure. Thanks!

ThisIsBullshit on Just Chatting - Take 3

21 minutes ago

It is 63 degrees Fahrenheit in Iowa. Fuck all yall.

Forkbeard on Atarka, World Render: Double Dragon

23 minutes ago

The art of deck brewing can be super fun! I really get into it and sites like this make it even more enjoyable. The ideas and conversations that go back and forth is what it's all about - You should post a few of your decks and we can tune 'em.

niner80 on Retreat to Oboro Modern Combo

25 minutes ago

If it's based around Retreat to Coralhelm, you might want to include Retreat to Coralhelm in the decklist

Ero-Mate on Ashling, Fury Incarnate.

26 minutes ago

Why not, but you really need Expedition Map and Cavern of Souls.

Your general is a easy target, he die on a lot of card.

DarkLaw on Kaladesh Spoiler Thread

29 minutes ago

Gidgetimer Found the modern player.

CharonSquared on God of Lightning

29 minutes ago

The +1 is a much stronger ability than the -2 ... at 5 CMC I think it should probably just be 2 damage on the +1, or maybe 2 damage to a creature and 1 damage to that creature's controller. The -2 should probably be discard your hand and draw that many cards. The newest Chandra only costs 1 more mana and she lets you discard your hand and draw 1 extra. At 4 mana it would have to be different though.

Shockwave115 on Macho Man Madness!

33 minutes ago

I'm really sorry this reply took so long guys! I just moved into a new apartment and started classes up again so I've been super busy but I'm all settled in now.

I'm glad you like it Shane.Allen! This deck is not truly competitive so against tuned competitive decks you can be shut down fairly easily. This deck being boros and not being a combat damage themed deck means it'll never be tier one. That being said I don't use this as my competitive edh deck but rather one of my fun decks that I use for my own enjoyment and to wreck other casual decks.

That's awesome Drunk_Seryth! I'll message you now. I really hope I'm not too late to help!

ilpaloo on 160 part 2

35 minutes ago

missing 78

Triton on Budget R/G Landfall (Casual)

36 minutes ago

I have a RG landfall deck too, though it's more tailored to being full-on aggro, with only the 2-drop landfall creatures being on the higher end of the curve.

A couple suggestions would be Mina and Denn, Wildborn and/or Omnath, Locus of Rage. M&D help speed up your land drops.

Speaking of speeding up land drops, you can possiblyget away with adding in 2 Explorations.

Hope this helps!

Forkbeard on Uril, The Miststalker: Feast of ...

36 minutes ago

Thanks SocialConstruct, Arbiter is a great choice. Let me know when you've got your deck up, I'd be interested in checking it out.

Forkbeard on Rhys the Redeemed: J.R.R. Token's ...

38 minutes ago

Ha, thanks Handsome_Panda. I think that little douche-lord would hurt my game plan just as much as my opponents. He could be interesting if played when I have a clear board state advantage, but I hate his smug little face. FU Teeg.

griffstick on The Iron Price (Grenzo Aggro)

39 minutes ago

What about Bludgeon Brawl I think will benifits you quite well

ilpaloo on type4 160

39 minutes ago

missing 65

Fellezert on Interactive gameplay 101

40 minutes ago

It doesn't. It's there to help you draw through your deck, much like dictate of kruphix. It also provides devotion to make your gods creatures

capriom85 on sirbar

40 minutes ago

I'm sorry, I didn't even realize!!!!

The_Raven on Third dork in Elves

42 minutes ago

The decks your are talking about are:


And this

If you look closely, you will see, that it's the exact same person playing those two decks. This guy apparently thought it would be better to simply run a third mana dork instead of Nettle Sentinel. Besides Mystic Elves and Llanowar Elves, Boreal Druid is the best 1 mana dork. The deck runs very few forest, and Beastcaller Savant doesn't let you ramp.

Ero-Mate on Chandra, Master Tapdancer

43 minutes ago

Damn, my link die.

Maybe the Inferno Titan?

Jokester1393 on I Sphinx This is Going ...

45 minutes ago

Fevered Visions and Jori En, Ruin Diver would make this deck really nice. Mystic Speculation would be a nice add as well. Stormchaser Mage is a cheap flyer that gains temp buffs off prowess trigger. You might be able to fit Nephalia Academy into your land combo so you don't actually have to discard then.

bspymaster on Mill To Kill

47 minutes ago

Have you looked at Mind's Dilation? I think that would be a good addition to this deck.

River_Rat3117 on Dropping a Deuce

47 minutes ago

Well I only like to add cards I already own. And since I drafted him last night I'm going to add him now lol. Cut elvish visionary for him

Shishkabob24 on Dread + Michiko Konda, Truth ...

48 minutes ago

Perfect, that's what I thought. Thanks for confirming. I guess the only way an opponent could sacrifice the creature that dealt the damage is if the creature had indestructible and thus couldn't be destroyed by Dread, leaving it on the battlefield to be sacrificed.

ChiefBell on Oops All Creatures

49 minutes ago

Coinman1863 - Could you help me work on this? I want it to have a similar feel to yours in that it includes strong tutor, hatebear, and land manipulation packages but also keep the silly theme of "oops all creatures".

Few questions:

I'm a bit disappointed by the high average cmc, can you suggest any creatures that could substitute existing ones to help lower things a bit?

Do you think card draw suite is necessary or could i just go towards more hatebears/recursion/value etc options?

Is there any point in a large recursion suite or shall I just take a few repeatable examples like Avacyn, Reya, and Sun Titan which all have a repeatable long-game effect?

Shane.Allen on Elvish Quicksilver Piper

50 minutes ago

Retile1234 I think time in need would be good cause you could get just what you need for the given game, the other card is to expensive for you current deck build.

TheGodlyGuardian on Lake Kaho

51 minutes ago

This deck is so Cancer

myronrocks on Knightfall

52 minutes ago

You bet. Have fun!