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titanreaver on Living Seashore (Lands Standstill)

3 minutes ago

This seems pretty cool. I like land based decks quite a bit. I was wondering why not The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale since it doesn't tax you at all, and it turns off a lot of decks. It's even a good card in the storm match up because it turns off the Empty plan so they have to go for Tendrils which can give you more time. I was wondering why Temur colors, because the adding black would give you access to Pernicious Deed which is great to keep the board clear. love what your doing though.

LeviathanSenpai on How do you get this ...

4 minutes ago

I'm in a.... well, pickle? I want to incorporate at least these 3 cards in a commander deck to have a better one: Atraxa, Praetors' Voice, Muldrotha, the Gravetide, and Stuffy Doll. In the end, this is a deck I would like to buy to play against my friends because I don't have a deck that can even compete with theirs at the moment. Mine right now is a Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons deck with cards I already had and didn't go out to buy. It works for novice game play but not with advanced decks. I'm facing a $500 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Commander deck, a $250 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Commander deck, a $300 The Mimeoplasm Commander deck, and a fairly expensive Commander deck(he wouldn't tell me how much he spent but he is an expert deck creator. His might be cost effective but lethal.) If you have any tips on how I could make this work, please let me know! I want to keep it from them for the shock factor when it comes out.

Thanks for your time.

P.S: 'Kess, Dissident Mage' didn't link to the card no matter how hard I tried so i added the URL. Sorry in advance.

hfrulani on hfrulani

4 minutes ago


dbpunk on Does anyone else get targeted ...

7 minutes ago

Here's two questions: how long have you been playing with this group and do you know who they've played against before? Because honestly, that may be part of the issue.

Like everyone has that commander they have awful memories of who they just wanna get off the table as quick as possible. For example, I have awful memories of playing against my friends Jhoira of the Ghitu deck and his Momir Vig, Simic Visionary deck and now whenever I play against a deck with either of them helming it, I attack them first. Like in similar games, I've also seen Avacyn and Glissa decks get quick hated off the table even if it's like, super basic decks.

It might not be you, it might be the fact you're picking commanders the others don't wanna deal with.

Mcabe on $20 Blue Infect [LilGuy Pauper]

10 minutes ago

Steady Progress seams to slow, Thrummingbird and Vigean Graftmage are borderline playable, maybe Bonesplitter and more bounce even unblockable effects maybe.

Mcabe on $11 Green Ramp [LilGuy Pauper]

14 minutes ago

I think that maindeck naturalizes are bad, I like Maul Splicer as a ramp pay off. Ambush Viper and Aurochs seem bad. Maybe Greater Sandwurm would be better. Sprout Swarm deserves at least sideboard inclusion.

Gleeock on Does anyone else get targeted ...

17 minutes ago

Hmm. People don't usually do things without reason, although I find the reasoning is often flawed. Sometimes people just like a reaction too much, are you reacting to the targeting? or questioning those people on why? If so, don't give any reaction because it is what they want... See comment above where they will seemingly find a reason no matter what.

You could do what I do, I have one MEGA spite-winner Sisay deck which I play when I really need a win. Otherwise I have adopted some clear set policies that normally does not lead to winning games, but those decks + policies are simply great at messing up a few people to make a statement. For example I have a couple of commanders who are targeted for flawed reasons, if I am playing a MEtarget heavy game I will declair vendetta on the player who triggers me and CONSISTENTLY go for their throat until we are both basically dead.... Do that CONSISTENTLY and the message becomes clear: "trigger me and you will not stay in this game". Play to make a statement, not to win. You find that decisions come to you so much easier, your stress level goes down (you aren't straining for the win) - because the Win is putting the hurt on player x & the FFA win is an added bonus if you get it. Also, I have become VERY fond of redirect effects like Shunt That leads me to the next point: deckbuilding. Skullbriar, the Walking Grave.. he's coming out turn 2, 2 cmc, minimal benefit to targeting him. Or just get a hexproof commander. I have a hilarious Lazav, Dimir Mastermind deck that just kindof does its' own thing

herringtonr on Grisis Delver

17 minutes ago

Have you considered running Pithing Needle instead of Spell Pierce in the sb? there really isn't a need for the 4th copy.

titanreaver on Sultai Control (home brew)

19 minutes ago

I like this list Hooting Mandrills is an interesting choice. I have been playing around with a sultai list for a bit, I play two leovolds which I have found helpful because you can't always protect him, and it's nice to have a backup. Also Liliana, the Last Hope I play in the side to swap with the lili in the main for matches like elves, and I have been experimenting with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver with some decent success.

Mcabe on Mono Red Stax (Land Destruction)

22 minutes ago

as a tron player I dislike this deck and think it is terrible

Mcabe on No Creatures, No Problems

24 minutes ago

my list is almost exactly the same, I would suggest more lands, as 2 mana cantrips are not very effective for digging for lands.

Billgod247 on Dimensional Breach Protection

25 minutes ago

Dimensional Breach is broken! It does NOT say in any way return one of THOSE cards or one of the cards EXILED WITH DIMENSIONAL BREACH. It does only check that any of the cards exiled with it are still in exile AND ALSO that the card returning to play is from exile and owned by that player.

Gop on G/B Ramp

25 minutes ago

how'd it go?

BMHKain on Help for Kresh; except... this ...

26 minutes ago

Kresh, Worldkiller

Yep, it's true. Kresh, known for mindless power, I'm trying to add control elements into the fray. My purpose is to see if I can put Kresh to Tier 3. To do this, I decided on a variety of Wincons (Kresh the Bloodbraided & Several damage dealers), (Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, The Scorpion God, & any card that can loop.), (Survival of the Fittest & Sneak Attack), even stuff like Avoid Fate, Fog. So I ask you: What to add, & cut? I also want some options for stuff like Stranglehold, Grafdigger's Cage, even stuff that can help with my strategies. I wonder what you think of the deck thus far, as I'd like some adds & cuts. Thank you in advance. :)

multimedia on Standard Goblins

30 minutes ago

Hey, Fight with Fire in my opinion is a better card than Firecannon Blast. It's the same CMC, sorcery and it does 5 damage right away to a creature. With the amount of Goblins you can have with Prospector you can possibly kick Fight making it also a win condition. 10 damage to opponent is a lot or choose damage a lot of stuff on the battlefield.

Skizzik is a nice aggressive curve topper. 5/3 trample and haste for four mana is good, kicking it for one is also not hard.

Consider Wily Goblin? It helps for some crazy turns with Prospector, Siege-Gang even Skizzik?

4x Arch seems like too many because of Chainwhirler. Arch is good, but not good enough to possibly disrupt your ability to play Chainwhirler. Consider cutting 3x Arch for 3x more Mountains?

Good luck with your deck.

Pabs4444 on Re-growing Pummeler

33 minutes ago

Sounds sweet. I'll check out that deck


33 minutes ago

Looking at your deck, the way to infinite mana is to use Mirage Mirror and Cogwork Assembler to copy Powerstone Shard?

JeremyX2 on Mogis, God of "2"

33 minutes ago

Free for all MVP vs. Animar, Karrthus and Firesong and Sunspeaker.

maxon on What Would G/B Elves Do?

34 minutes ago

Definitely grading myself on a curve. Haha

Rabid_Wombat on Help me make the cut ...

34 minutes ago

Yeah, Darigaaz Reincarnated did not earn a spot in my Ur-Dragon deck...too slow and not enough power.

eyes2sky on eyes2sky

36 minutes ago

Gattison YUP! (now I just need a name for the new one!)

Deco_y on Rogue Won

36 minutes ago

Sir_Chancelot I honestly don’t quite know. I only have my one friend to play against. In my experience the deck generally works well against Mid-Range and Combo, is so so against other aggro, and i’ve Only played once against a controlish type deck and I overwhelmed it pretty easily.

Chiqui22 on Teferi EDH

37 minutes ago


djnewellmit on Re-growing Pummeler

42 minutes ago

I had brewed up an Izzet Pummeler brew a while back, Izzet Pummeler where Tetsuko could be more useful. I would move the 4x Whirler Virtuoso to the sideboard, and replace with 3x Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and 1x Saheeli Rai.

webcoitus on Scion, Graveyard lover

48 minutes ago

Nice looking deck! You should take a look at mine!

titanreaver on Double Tap

48 minutes ago

I am a bit confused because the only creature that benefits from Naban is Snapcaster Mage, none of the other ones are wizards.

webcoitus on Ur-Dragonborn

50 minutes ago

Nice deck! You should take a look at mine too!

Pabs4444 on Re-growing Pummeler

52 minutes ago

I do think Red has more of the instant speed pump spells. Built to Smash as well. Fair enough.

DankStompy on Dino G/R Ixalan block & ...

54 minutes ago

i'd probably go full playsets of Drover of the Mighty, Otepec Huntmaster, Ripjaw Raptor, Charging Tuskodon, and Carnage Tyrant, 24 lands, and then as much removal as possible.

spicechicken on [DOM] Standard Powerstone Tron

54 minutes ago

i love this deck! built a similar budget mono-blue build (found here:Cherub Rock [Powerstone Combo]) that uses the same combo. just found this deck in the recommended section after i posted it and i really like your spin on etb triggers and convertible win cons in the sideboard. are you considering building this in paper? i think it would throw a lot of players off at an fnm, i'm gonna try to this coming friday at least. honestly if you're not working on a budget i would just throw 1 or 2 more Karn, Scion of Urzas in the mainboard for consistency. hope all goes well!

djnewellmit on Re-growing Pummeler

55 minutes ago

I like the idea of Tetsuko. Unfortunately she's a non-bo with all the pump spells other than Blossoming Defense and Rhonas's ability (Larger Than Life, Cartouche of Knowledge, Hadana's Climb  Flip). I think it would be possible to re-build around her, using Highspire Infusion as a possible replacement for Larger that can be played after blockers are declared. Or go UR to have Invigorated Rampage to use after blockers.

DankStompy on G/R Tron

1 hour ago

mflaxer: all good tron decks have answers to Blood Moon

webcoitus on The Dragon of Many Faces

1 hour ago

We have a fairly similar deck.

SHHarrier on Sliver Hive

1 hour ago

itachi45, while Collected Company would be helpful, I think it would slow down the playstyle of the deck. The goal is to spam as many creatures as possible, and that's helped in part by Blur Sliver, Gemhide Sliver and Manaweft Sliver. However, thanks for the suggestion!

Hexcimal on Razaketh's Ballin' Brawlin' Bash

1 hour ago

JackTheWaterBear, thank you for your suggestion. Universal Solvent's activation cost is really steep, but it is the only targeted removal Mono-Black has for noncreature permanents. I'll play around with it throughout my next several games and see if it performs well enough.

Bewarden, thank you for the upvote and for the suggestion. It's a card I've also been considering now for some time. It will most likely take the slot of a different spot removal card. Fatal Push and Cast Down have both been very underwhelming in this format, where revolt triggers don't occur often enough and decks are packed with powerful singleton legendaries.

Again, thank you both for your suggestions and I will continue tweaking the deck until it's smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. It did surprisingly well today against Tatyova, Slimefoot, and Ghalta in a multiplayer match.

the_unseen89 on Narset, Master of Chain Reaction

1 hour ago

Gotta give credit where it is due. I updated my Narset deck taking some inspiration from yours. Took it to my competitive commander league where we play two pods. I won both pods with ease. The first pod had me worried as I whiffed with Narset's trigger twice but I got there. The second pod I won on my turn 7, everyone else's turn 4. The haste enablers were absolutely necessary and I loves the win-cons. I do enjoy playing Narset Transcendent so I left her in. I had a great time rebounding my time stretch. Anyway +1!!

Rusty_Shackleford on Order of Dominaria (knights prototype)

1 hour ago

How has nobody said Mirran Crusader yet?

Possibly the best knight in the entire game.

webcoitus on Forbidden Justu - Dragon Reanimation!

1 hour ago

I would like to give suggestions, but it would be way easier to look at my deck.

mugulord on JOAT

1 hour ago

The curve might look goofy but the deck fairly consistently hits five mana on turn 3. This is what a llanowar elves deck looks like I think. Odd numbered mana spikes. T1: llanowar elves. T2: ashes. T3: 5drop.

The nut draw is t1 skirk, turn 2 llanowar skirk, turn 3 vraska.

A fun line is t1 skirk, turn 3 journey on skirk, sac skirk twice and tap atzal, play grow from the ashes. Turn 4 vraska.

Something I am looking forward to: T2 hope of ghirapur T3 journey, sac hope flip journey, from then on opponent can only play creature spells.

Catalog9000 on Card creation challenge

1 hour ago

Deathdragon was skipped, so I'm actually going to use your Legendary Necromancer idea to fulfill your Frankenstein request.

Geralf, Graft Mangler

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard

: Exile any number of creatures from your graveyard and create an X/X black Zombie legendary creature token named The Moorland Horror where X the number of creatures exiled in this way. It has all keyword abilities and up to three activated abilities of your choice from all creatures exiled in this way.

"Sister, I've brought my best. Will you play now, please?"


Gisa and Geralf often attempt to out-compete each other. As a result, Geralf eventually insisted upon a NecroWar in which he asked that they both follow five rules of engagement, but aside from those anything goes and they actively attempt to kill one-another.

Gisa actively broke those rules, just to piss her brother off.

Make the Gisa card that would pair up with the one I made to represent this war.

Snogglesworth on Pauper Cards in Dominaria

1 hour ago

EDedan I would try artifact sacrifice with a bit of playing many artifacts. I would add Priest of Yawgmoth and Soldevi Adnate for ramp. Maybe I will make that deck

Marilandra on Dino G/R Ixalan block & ...

1 hour ago

DankStompy first of all: thank you! Second: which cards should i change? i suppose, otepec for llanowar and savage stomp instead of rile, but the others? thank you again!

Snogglesworth on Helmsmasher’s Tribe

1 hour ago

I would add Athreos, God of Passage to burn your opponents.

pskinn01 on W: 1x JtMS, some random ...

1 hour ago

Interested in tundra, but only have the V20 Jace. My deckbox account is more up to date. I also have most dominaria cards in duplicate, not all listed (I ordered a case - so I have multiple buy a box promos).

KingofCorns on Fishy Bois

1 hour ago

Glad I could be of help!