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vault on Zendikar Fetches - A Time ...

1 minute ago

Why are you so sure they won't be reprinted?

GabeCubed on sliver galore

2 minutes ago

A few things.

1. Change the deck type to modern.

2. The mana base needs a lot of fixing. Add some fetchlands of all colors and a shockland of each type(or if you are short on space for lands, just shocks with green in them.

3. Get down to 60 cards.

4. Galerider Sliver is a must-add.

Rasta_Viking29 on Zendikar Fetches - A Time ...

2 minutes ago

They will not be reprinted in Kahns block or MM2015. Modern cards should start rising soon in anticipation of PT FRF on 2/6/15, now is the time to buy.

M_Ahern on Haakon Infected

4 minutes ago

you're using red to draw? Why not cut out the red and go blue? also vampire's bite could help in the long run. Original deck though!

Gannicus_NoVA on Flame on!

5 minutes ago

I would love to recommend this very agitating little bastard Vexing Devil. xD Possibly add some Grim Lavamancer, Young Pyromancer, Hammer of Purphoros, and for a fast get in your opponents face type of spell, Lightning Strike. Lastly for some card advantage Magma Jet. Overall I like the deck! Good job!

vault on Kiora: Regular or Dual Decks?

5 minutes ago

Depends. Is Kiora the only thing out of the Duel Decks you like? I personally will be picking them up so I can use them to teach new players, not for the cards themselves. If you really only want Kiora, it would be better to just buy it. Not to mention it doesn't come out for another two months. Can your standard deck afford to wait 2 months for it?

xcn on Unquiet Riot

6 minutes ago

If you want to look for new cards at any point, you could run Rift Bolt - suspend turn 3 to drop Rakdos on turn 4. Pulse Tracker Shepherd of Rot and Plague Spitter also help you make people lose life.

Rakdos seems like a fun guy to slam faces with.

jasonhuebner on jamar@woods

7 minutes ago


redeemerredeemed on sliver galore

7 minutes ago

How is this standard???

megaladon13 on Daring Thief Laughs at Your ...

8 minutes ago

Hilarious! Adding some land destruction might work very well. Funniest deck I have seen in ages....+1 sir

cosmokai2000 on Skywatch of Ravnica

12 minutes ago

What would you suggest swapping for them?

PlattBonnay on Advertise your deck!

13 minutes ago

HeroInMyOwnMind - you've skipped my deck

ZooGambler on Regigigas23

13 minutes ago

Hmmm, I could do it. Shoot me that email!

ticked-off-squirrel on Look at all that RAMP!

13 minutes ago

there is this one hydra card that has protection from everything and has reshuffle (if put into the graveyard from anywhere it returns to your library). it's a 10/10 but the downside is it costs two of each color. Progenitus if i were to suggest cards to take out, i say, take out all four Dissolve and put in one of that hydra nad put in three Elvish Mystics.

nleming17 on Ramp Angels

15 minutes ago

not standard

vault on Zendikar Fetches - A Time ...

15 minutes ago

I would say no. However, I have little to no knowledge of how the MTG economy works. My reasoning for saying no is that I find it highly likely for the other 5 fetches to be reprinted in Fate Reforged. Even if they are not, they will not increase in price that much because the reprint of the Onslaught fetches has dropped the pressure on the ZEN fetches in Modern. Scalding Tarn may go up quite a bit though if they don't receive the reprint though.

Why does everyone think fetches will be in Dragons of Tarkir instead of Fate Reforged?

kintighd on kiln fiend $20 budget

17 minutes ago

Take out fleeting distraction. Also you should play every phyrexian mana that works with your deck. Your deck doesn't need to worry about life so you might as well use as much of it as you can.

poompi on Play MTG online for FREE:

17 minutes ago

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jraynor on Raynor's Casually Modern Series: Hexproof ...

18 minutes ago

...OHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dat wording though. Never got that before.

Well You have given me a lot to think about.

TwerkForSubway on DO NOT WANT

19 minutes ago

superwill123 Yeah, I'm not necessarily looking for a standard deck. I've already got a couple that do fairly well, I just want something casual to play with.

BlatantLizard on Siege of the Stars

20 minutes ago

Cool deck idea. I really think your only problem would be Back to Nature. I would sideboard at least 3 Stain the Mind, which also wins you the game against control decks, since you can snatch their win-cons.

Discoduck on The Deep Ones Rise

20 minutes ago

Yeah, Quicksilver Fountain is definitely in. Kederekt Leviathan may find a home. I will avoid Sky Swallower though, lol

ZooGambler on Regigigas23

20 minutes ago

Actually if you have any Zen Islands/Plains I'd pref those over the ram (since I only really need 1 more to have the playset)

kidkaor on Kiora: Regular or Dual Decks?

22 minutes ago

I want/need another copy of Kiora for my main standard deck, but I'm not sure which version to get. I do like the dual decks version, and it'd be hella sweet for edh, but would it be better to get a regular one while they're p cheap or wait and get a dual deck?

infinitemana on Skywatch of Ravnica

25 minutes ago

Windreader Sphinx, Gravitational Shift, and Radiant, Archangel are some powerful flying themed cards that you may have overlooked.

MangoPunch on Zendikar Fetches - A Time ...

26 minutes ago

Zendikar fetches are down almost 50% off of their peaks with playsets attainable for $80-$100. The grind lower started last spring, with the real hit driven by Khans' allied fetches and speculation that they will be reprinted. Here is my take on the situation:

Scenario 1: Zendikar fetches are reprinted in Dragons of Tarkir. With Khans, the Onslaught fetches sold off 60-70% from their peaks and are now trading at 2-2.5x their newer counterparts. I don't know the relative sizes of onslaught or zendikar sets or other micro drivers, but my basic take is that in this scenario, we could see some downside to the more expensive Zendikar fetches, but even then it seems limited. Khans fetch lands are at $10-$14 and Z-Fetches already at only 2x this level.

Scenario 2: Zendikar fetches are re-printed in Modern Masters 2015. Limited run = fewer cards - so in this scenario there is likely less downside from scenario 1; or could even be upside.

Scenario 3: Zendikar fetches are not re-printed. The lands probably don't rally to last springs' levels but their should still be some upside.

I think that with Dragons of Tarkir being a non-tri-set scenario 1 seems increasingly less likely. And even if scenario 1 occurs, it seems like downside is limited. Is this a reasonable analysis? Is now the time to buy?

30footmidrange on Comically Huge Hydras

27 minutes ago

try using Doubling Season as well, that way you'll have a counter doubling source that can't be targeted by Murder, burn spells and/or board wipes like Wrath of God.

bretters on Standard Temur Aggro

27 minutes ago

I would take out mistcutter and put in Elvish Mystic

hannibal6 on kiln fiend $20 budget

27 minutes ago

thanks for the suggestions. Gitaxian Probe would be ideal, but that adds about $10 to my deck, i had put it in there before i looked at its cost and replaced it with peek. Assault Strobe is great, i hadn't seen that before. Apostle's Blessing is a maybe as well, i hadn't considered anything with phyrexian mana. I'm thinking i will take out Crimson Wisps, but what else do you think i don't need?

Milkaholic on Grixis With a Twist

28 minutes ago

I've been trying to steer clear of Treasure Cruise because it will be banned any day now. There really is no way that WotC will allow it to remain in modern.

And while many fetches work VERY well with treasure cruise, they don't work so well with Blood Moon. And I really like Blood Moon. That being said, Rakdos Cackler is only in there because A) the hybrid cost, and B) I own a promo playset. That being said, I own a playset of Delvers and at least one swiftspear, so I'll start experimenting with those guys.

Thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

Archomental on The Sky-Host

28 minutes ago

@Krapak - Yeah, I noticed that after some scrutiny! Such a shame, would have been excellent with Stoneforge Mystic, but oh well. Any ideas on other equipment, anyone?

awphutt on BG Constellation

29 minutes ago

I'm not sure I'd go for the full 8 dorks in this deck. I might consider dropping one or two, or maybe even just run one over the other. I'd like Brain Maggot more, the disruption is usually more valuable than the ramp in my experience.

dewicious007 on Mom, the Devils are Vexing ...

29 minutes ago

I think that Skullcrack is strictly better than Flames of the Blood Hand. It costs a whole one less, and it makes all damage this turn non-preventable.

Darkmelody12 on A Kiss With A Fist ...

32 minutes ago

Hey Bruh! so i could not help but notice that you do not have Stoneforge Mystic and the required swords? Sword of Feast and Famine Sword of Fire and Ice Batterskull Umezawa's Jitte would be great additions to this deck.

Murpy on Nope

32 minutes ago

Ornithopter is not good in a deck other than affinity or some weird combo deck, you should replace shocks with pillar of flame or any other cards strictly better than shock, nullifys with mana leak and remand, cancels with counterspell, and the goblin test pilot, the phantasm, and the blistercoil weirds with something like young pyromancer or guttersnipe.

Named_Tawyny on white uc card from fate ...

34 minutes ago

Mantis Rider is an on-curve threat that this can't handle as well.

ChiefBell on Play MTG online for FREE:

34 minutes ago

This is a discussion about a provider of a free magic deck testing service.

Suggesting alternative deck testing services is not off topic.

It is perfectly legitimate, in a thread about free magic services, to discuss other free magic services.

It is perfectly possible to consider that people here may be new to both cockatrice and untap.in and it is therefore important to point out the alternative and the pros / cons.

ZooGambler on Regigigas23

35 minutes ago


addaff on Bant Bogles?

36 minutes ago

You can still be consistent with all the fetches available to modern now. How many fetches can get a Hallowed Fountain or Breeding Pool? More than enough. I'm hoping to try out the version on my profile this Friday.

Murpy on Infinity mana ramp

36 minutes ago
  1. How do you get khalni gem in your graveyard so you can exile it? It seems as if you're relying on your opponent killing your gem so you can gain infinite mana. I'm not necessary saying it' sim possible, but from the look of your deck I can't see any way to get a gem in the graveyard other than discarding to hand size in the cleanup step. I also don't agree with the number of each card. Why not replace a khalni gem for a soliton? Ths combo seems clunky, requiring 8 mana total plus some way to get the gem in your graveyard. 2. What's the steel overseer doing in a combo deck? Your creatures aren't aggressive enough to warrant a two drop like this one. 3. Your win conditions don't really make sense. You're winning with triskelion, colossus of Akros, chimeric staff and door to nothingness. Why not play blue sun's zenith, banefire, comet storm, and other cards, since they are faster and cleaner kills. Door to nothingness enters the battlefield tapped, and so I wouldn't recommend it. I think you should cut most of your non-combo cards in favor of tutors such as fabricate and tezzeret the seeker and mana ramp, as well as including a way to put the gem in your graveyard. Also, the kiora's follower combo is good.

Ne0nRain on Attack on Tokens (Jeskai Tokens)

36 minutes ago

Pretty decent idea. Never even thought of that surprisingly. XD Thanks man!

Penthoplayer on Bad Karma

36 minutes ago

Lisforlucifer, that would free up one mana a turn, so it sounds good. Thanks.

superwill123 on DO NOT WANT

38 minutes ago

sorry to burst your bubble, but this deck is FAR from being standard.

morgrim on Gruuling 1st on TNM

38 minutes ago

Deck looks great +1

But I don't understand the Windswept Heath, the only thing it can get you is a forest, and it costs you one life to do it. If you had anything with delve I would understand because it fills your graveyard, but as of now you are just hurting yourself by not running a forest instead.

Haxxzor1 on ducttapedeckbox

38 minutes ago

Academy Ruins is the Time Spiral edition.

Caligula on Raynor's Casually Modern Series: Hexproof ...

40 minutes ago

Spirit Mantle I think is something that needs to be at a 4 of. It's just a huge safety net for hexproof creatures.

If you NEED the lifelink from Unflinching Courage then you should consider Spirit Link, Because of how it's worded if you have a creature with a Daybreak Coronet and a Spirit Link you'd be gaining double the life.

Something to ponder!

I've played around a few times with Hexproof Aura's and Spirit Mantle can be an all-star so you should really try to find another spot to fit Geist of Saint Traft