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Triforce-Finder on Your T5 1-Drops?

a few seconds ago

Those are some quite interesting ideas there... I like the Serra Ascendant play. One nice thing I forgot to mention was a fetching chain of Ranger of Eos into Behemoth's Herald + Goblin Bushwhacker into Godsire.

@ formayor

You mean something like Ranger of Eos into Death's Shadow + Hex Parasite? Sounds like a risky but stylish move...

jonathanveedot on Modern Allies - Primer (Updated ...

a few seconds ago

He's a 1-3x in the grixis control/blue jund shells in modern, so that helped bump the price. I got mine while he was $30ish _ I'm glad I didn't hop on the Lilly band wagon lol

wonder_llama on Shadow Jeskai

a few seconds ago

Really like the deck, +1 from me! Maybe drop some of the Valorous Stance's to get the deck to 60 cards? and you have 5 of them counting the one in the sideboard :p

synonimous_ on Ping to Death

a few seconds ago

Burning Anger on niv perhaps?

anarchistatheist on Zombify UB control

1 minute ago

Any idea on how to make this deck better?

jfriday09 on Changing set of card

1 minute ago

Oh nice, I appreciate it.

Writzcracker on Noggle Deck

2 minutes ago

Thanks for your suggestions, I did some more digging through some cards on the gatherer and I found Mindwrack Liege. I did take the creatures that you suggested into count, and when I originally was making this deck, I was planing on putting in Riverfall Mimic but Shapeshifter wasn't on the list of creature types, and although the guy that is running this tournament might have allowed it, I decided not to bother with it. I did however add Izzet Charm as you suggested because, it's a pretty good card. So yea Thank you DuBie15 for your help and I hope you have a wonderful day. c:

Regulus1010 on List of Bugs and Feature ...

3 minutes ago

I apologize in advance if this was covered but I didn't see it yet. It was posted on another thread but I didn't see any responses there either: There is no "trade" tab under BFZ cards to see who has/is looking for a specific card.


(Sorry, I can never get links to work on this site)

Merri on Villainous wealth

4 minutes ago

Oh my god this is a thing of beauty. Only constructive comment: have you tried out Blight Herder in this list?

TrexWantsHighFives on The Avatar's Servant.

5 minutes ago

Going into red or black is probably your best bet against swarm decks Languish and Radiant Flames are really good in that sense. Black also has access to obviously Siege Rhino (which destroys swarm decks) but also some great spot removal like Murderous Cut, Ruinous Path, Utter End, Complete Disregard, Reave Soul, Foul-Tongue Invocation, and Ultimate Price. Besides removal i dont know what else black has to offer a counters deck like this.

Umbreomancer on Kiora BFZ

5 minutes ago

Also Breeding Pool isn't standard, despite being in Zendikar expeditions. Neither is Misty Rainforest.

Umbreomancer on Kiora BFZ

6 minutes ago

Why not splash in some red or Shaman of Forgotten Ways so you can run Omnath, Locus of Rage? I haven't been able to fit room for him in my Temur ramp deck, but this deck would be perfect with all the other landfall triggers.

SketchMix on Mardu Control

9 minutes ago

Lol, I like how in this standard $300 is budget.

Also, sweet deck.

brcap on Norin the Wary and his ...

9 minutes ago

Sorry for the double post. but I read what you said about Stave Off. Infect is your only threat, with all your lifegain pump spells are otherwise negligible, and even infect has a poor matchup against you. You're getting out a t1 creature every game and should be happy to trade. Splinter twin is inherently countered by your entire deck. make infinite copies? sure.. you gain infinite life.

ghoulofmetal on Seismic Bicycle

10 minutes ago

APPLE01DOJ yeah i am inclined to take Collected Company out, or atleast some of them.

lagotripha on Modern Belcher

10 minutes ago

Ok, so here is the remix I settled on. The main plan is the same, there is a backup plan of [ensnaring bridge]/wormcoil/chancellor beatdown which can be fetched via fabricate. Sideboard should help transform to fog-city. not completely happy with that, but beast within/ druids deliverence looks promising. Considering howling mine.http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/modern-belcher-copy-3/

TheAceOfHam on Outlasting (Help?)

10 minutes ago

NoSoyYucateco, yes. Yes he will. Thanks!

noprom on Mono Green Eldrazi

11 minutes ago

Patofet Thanks I will give that a try.

Cobthecobbler on colvisca

12 minutes ago

Your the first person I found with the broadcast feature that's pretty neat

Roan on W / B Allies

12 minutes ago

Fixed. I replaced Godless Shrine with Caves of Koilos for some reason I assumed the Zendikar Expeditions were standard legal. The problem I have with Rally the Ancestors is the exile at the beginning of your next upkeep.

Brionac on All-in-Allies

12 minutes ago

So, you added Vials again. How did they go with 4 Scales?

Flakdragon on Advertise your deck!

12 minutes ago

Druid's 2.0 Playtest

Modern Flakdragon


rochdalekilla9 on allies return v1

13 minutes ago

Um...you realize a sideboard can only have 15 cards in it, right? Can't make a whole other 60 card deck for your SB

-Logician on EDH Omnath Landfall Midrange

13 minutes ago

MrBWhacko I appreciate the suggestions. I think that Chameleon Colossus is good at being a bigass beatstick, easily reaching 32/32 on his own with just 12 mana, which can be achieved as early as turn 5 in this deck. Spearbreaker Behemoth has been showing up in a few decks I've seen for reference, but I don't care as much to protect my general or the tokens enough that I want to invest into a 7 drop creature and leave mana open. In general, I will tap out every turn. They are some great cards though.

Mandalorian on Temur White

14 minutes ago

splash gotta have Mantis Rider

APPLE01DOJ on Seismic Bicycle

14 minutes ago

well then maybe in place of Simian Spirit Guide or Collected Company. You need to have some form of interaction with other decks in the format. I don't think either of those are crucial to the combo. ...but surviving while a 4 piece combo is setup is another story..

oscargrough on The Avatar's Servant.

15 minutes ago

I should note that the splash into red for a naya mana base is for side boarding.

Ryuisvaliant on Vampiric Tribal

16 minutes ago

I am looking to make a tribal vampire deck. I haven't made one before and need help with it any suggestions on this deck would be awesome.

brcap on Norin the Wary and his ...

17 minutes ago

I run a similar deck, I'd drop Norin to 3. He will almost never be removed, so once he's out, the rest are dead draws. Stave Off should be Brave the Elements - Norin protects himself and everything else is white.

I also tried running Impact Tremors but found it too slow. If you are playing this in multiplayer, it's often much more usful to have a 15/15 Ajani's Pridemate on the board then pecking for 1 or 2 dmg per turn. Alternatively, keep it and run Proclamation of Rebirth - it has more games than I care to count.

mpeach1 on Control question

17 minutes ago

I think esper is stronger in the awaken route, just because of Planar Outburst. All of the control shells are pretty strong right now. I think esper is strongest, with grixis being a close second. I could see Jeskai, UB or UW doing really well too though.

sewellius on GROUP 4 LEAGUE 3

17 minutes ago

I just moved into my new house, so things are still settling down. I should become -much- more available to play in a week or so. I'll be much more flexible in play time.

Of course, we've already played, so I'm more letting everyone else know too.

Rigol on UWRestoration

18 minutes ago

ChiefBell Realy? I think about -1 Restoration Angel +1 Blighted Cataract or something.

Saintamus on dylanramirez_

19 minutes ago

Hey! Thanks for the advice with my Charge Up and Charge In (R/G Aggro, Budget) deck, I've made some adjustments now, so let me know what you think! I also need help on the land. What two colour lands should i put in if any and how many of each land would you recommend? Should i even go full on RDW and if so, how would i do that? Much appreciated :)

TheHorse on BladeMasta220

20 minutes ago

Hey there, I am interested in some of your standard cards but only have a Karn to offer -- would you be willing to throw some extra value my way for the Karn?

klone13 on Spellweaver's Loam

20 minutes ago

I love both of those thanks. I can't wait to test this deck and the other temur one I made.

Poprox on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget ...

21 minutes ago

Probably wouldn't use Zulaport Cutthroat because its a human.

Gorgosaurusrex on Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper Decks

21 minutes ago

Doc28: Do you have a list? I'm curious to see what a tested combo/control list would look like.

I think a control deck with Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper/Jeskai Ascendancy as a win condition alongside Dragonlord Ojutai is where I'm headed. Ascendancy works very well with Ojutai (untapping to give Hexproof in response to removal) so the slot isn't wasted at all. I want the combo available but I don't want to rely on it to win.

formayor on Your T5 1-Drops?

23 minutes ago

Norin sisters with the Dragonmaster Outcast finisher could be hysterical.

If you could find a way to use Ranger and Death's Shadow, I'd be impressed.

smackjack on Just Chatting - Take 3

23 minutes ago

... Nice as in the french city. The airport is actually terrible and not nice at all

Rayenous on does anyone know any strategy ...

23 minutes ago

Reverent Silence

Or, Dream Halls... if you can get it out before Contamination is in play.

There are also a number of other cards which can be cast without mana... most don't actually 'shut-down' Contamination though... Here

Plus, as many others have pointed out, colorless is a very easy way to deal with this, and it can be used with any Commander.

Donnejac0 on New Format Idea: Shelf

24 minutes ago

If it would help I could make an example deck for the format! :D

joeysweden on Intet, The Dreamer of Dragons ...

24 minutes ago

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm going to leave out Harrow because a lot of the people I play with run U/B decks with tons of counters. Sylvan Library, Descendants' Path, and Sensei's Divining Top seem like a great cards to add I just have to find somewhere to put it. I think Strip Mine is more of a sideboard card than anything else, but it definitely can be helpful in certain situations. I don't really like Scroll Rack because it is sort of a worse version of both Sylvan Library and Sensei's Divining Top.