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Epochalyptik on Lightning Strike v. Draconic Roar ...

a few seconds ago

You might do 4x Lightning Strike and 2x Draconic Roar, or 3 and 2. You don't have to commit to a playset of one or the other.

One of the defining details of deckbuilding at the "pro" level is an understanding of these tradeoffs and an optimal balancing of your options. It's certainly safe to run 4x Lightning Strike, but you can also experiment with different combinations to see if you can sneak some extra damage in.

WorkAround on Interactions with Unearth (Sedris EDH)

a few seconds ago

1a,1b You can't flicker at all. What happens is you unearth or whip Wingmate Roc it comes back. When you cast Cloudshift on Wingmate Roc it tries to exile it but then Whip or unearth(state based actions are checked) buts in and exiles it. This causes the spell to fizzle(stop at that point) because the target is gone.

2a Disciple of Griselbrand works fine because it is just moving the card from the battlefield to graveyard in which it gets redirected to exile. Driver of the Dead does not work because it is redirected to exile.

Rule 700.4 The term dies means is put into a graveyard from the battlefield.

3 Soul Seizer  Flip or any other card that transforms does not become a new object when transforming therefore all effect that were effecting it before still effect it after. So it will be exiled.

Rule 711.7 When a double-faced permanent transforms, it doesnt become a new object. Any effects thatapplied to that permanent will continue to apply to it after it transforms.Example: An effect gives Village Ironsmith  Flip (the front face of a double-faced card) +2/+2until end of turn and then Village Ironsmith transforms into Ironfang  Flip. Ironfang will continueto get +2/+2 until end of turn.

CheeseBro on do colorless creatures count as ...

a few seconds ago

ok thanks

Abysswalker- on Naya Humans

1 minute ago

Looks pretty solid. Highly recommend Restoration Angel or Dromoka's Command/Valorous Stance if you'd rather stay away from midrange. Always good to protect those CotP's.

I also have a naya humans deck (more midrange than yours). Check it out. Maybe it'll give you ideas. +1

NoviceMagician on Casual EDH Custom Tourney - ...

1 minute ago

SirFowler, Magicrafter, Daedalus19876, UpsetYoMama, LiveForChaos, VampireArmy, ninjaman16782, Devinske, guessling, Raze999, canterlotguardian, Maringam, JA14732, Trockenmatt, The_Dragonmaster, and Casey4321.

Well well well, looks like this is the final: STATUS UPDATE.

I know have, every commander, and every, deck list. You know what that means ;)

I will now be randomly grouping you all into groups of 4. A private deck will be made for each group to communicate and discuss when they are able to play, I will be the one to create these "chat decks."

Well, pull up a seat, relax, and have some fun. Nice job everyone.

UpperDeckerTaco on Lightning Strike v. Draconic Roar ...

1 minute ago

It shouldn't be too hard to hit the dragon clause for Roar, but at least Strike doesn't require you to have a creature to target. It's a safer bet to go with Strike. It's just also better in the control match up

Wabbbit on Standard two drops for RDW

1 minute ago

What are the good two drop cards for RDW that are a NOT Eidolon of the Great Revel?

Trockenmatt on do colorless creatures count as ...

2 minutes ago


Colorless creatures have no colors (color-less), therefore cannot have one color (mono-color).

Marklino on I Can Feel Myself Rot

3 minutes ago

Well mister, it's already a fun tribal, but if I were to say something about making it more consistent, like, delve is extremely necessary for risen executioner, indeed, but highly increasing the number of delve cards could shrink your graveyard to the point of not having anything to delve, so maybe you could have more Sidisi, Undead Vizier ? That way you can make sure that, if you need to clean your graveyard, you just exploit for a delve spell.

Indeed, I was gonna suggest Liliana, herectical healer, but if at the moment that's not an option, there's nothing we can do haha

Also, due to convoke, I think that Obelisk is way better than hall of tryumph, especially with languish becoming a standard staple

Hawkinn2 on ethereal auras!

4 minutes ago

Since you splashed blue maybe Invisible Stalker? Or potentially Fencing Ace for the double strike?

ComradeJim270 on Teaching Decks

4 minutes ago

Good point, I'll try to work in a little more color pie stuff, and a couple artifacts and auras.

The black deck was designed with some recursion, lifelink, regenerate and kill spells. Putting in Sign in Blood was also a conscious choice to show that black will do things to win at any cost.

For the goblins I put in burn, lots of cheap creatures that want to attack and stuff like that. Something with haste would be very helpful and is currently missing.

Mirabilis on Rakdos Vampire Retaliation

4 minutes ago

True, true.

Checked cards at home. Seeing the BR deck I still have, it does run a 1 of Olivia Voldaren, 4 Wrecking Ball and 3 Underworld Connections, not really an aggro deck.

Final thoughts, here a few more cards to consider:

Blood Seeker --> can negate Soul Sister gain life but still lackluster compared to Blood Artist

Falkenrath Exterminator --> opens up more creature removal, but needs those +1/+1 counters first.

Havengul Vampire --> I saw one in my binders, and while I don't recall this having much play, this can be your hero (no, not Hero of Bladehold levels) due to the +1/+1 options, similar to Blade of the Bloodchief

Vampiric Fury --> possible finisher and that first strike is always nice

Feast of Blood --> conditional removal with a tacked on 4 life. might be useful, mostly not.

Nightbird's Clutches | Rogue's Passage --> when you really want that creature to smack your opponents' face and can't remove blockers (indestructible, high toughness, protection). But seeing 4 Geth's Verdict in the sideboard, this is just redundancy.

Hopefully, you will find the build you want (without breaking the piggy bank)


Jdvanliew on The Renowned Naya

4 minutes ago

I would suggest Gods Willing over Center Soul for sure. The scry, as well as being less mana intensive, makes it by far the better card IMO.

GeminiSpartanX on Go Fish! (Selling Merfolk!!!)

4 minutes ago

If I hadn't set a yearly magic budget for myself I'd buy this in a heartbeat, or at the very least 2 of your Vials. Hope you find a buyer!

CheeseBro on do colorless creatures count as ...

5 minutes ago

Say my opponent has a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (or any colorless creature), could i Ultimate Price it? do colorless creatures count as mono colored?

Regigigas23 on gamerboy12k

7 minutes ago

Hi again! I was in a rush last night when I was leaving, and I think I might've left my Sword of the Animist on your pool table in a pile of cards. Could you check and see if it's there?

Wolfninja on Lightning Strike v. Draconic Roar ...

7 minutes ago

With only 8 dragons I would just run Lightning Strike.

RoarMaster on Upkeep 2, The Sequel

8 minutes ago

Braid of fire seems useless here as you have no instant speed use of the mana.

-x-Juuzou-x-x- on Return to Innistrad

9 minutes ago

She's moonfolk.

Rasta_Viking29 on New UR: Unkindness of Ravens

9 minutes ago

Yeah that was boring and uninformative.

RoarMaster on Teaching Decks

10 minutes ago

If I was going to make a teaching deck I would try to incorporate a few of each card type to familiarize the new players with the different types. As in put some artifacts, enchantments, maybe auras and equipment. Probably a cheapo planeswalker too.

I would also try an work in the color pie. If I made a black deck I would try and add a decent amount of creature kill and maybe a tutor or two, Red would have burn obviously, Blue counterspells, ect ect.

I also agree that having a couple different deck types would help showcase what can be done in deck building and how different decks appeal to different people.

Clokkwork on Putrefy

10 minutes ago

Ready to play?

buildingadeck on NoPantsParade

11 minutes ago

If you're free right now, though, I can set up a room, and we can get started.

Stryfe_ on Stryfe_

11 minutes ago

Khanye Sorry again, if I trade with you again I'll try to do something to your advantage to make up for it.

tylorlilley Gotcha, my email is [email protected] We can exchange addresses.

RussischerZar on New UR: Unkindness of Ravens

12 minutes ago

TBH this story was kind of meh. It felt more like an in-between chapter than anything else. Nothing really happened other than letting us know the Raven Man is still around (potentially a figment of Liliana's imagination?) and that the Chain Veil is haunting her.

Wabbbit on The_Dragonmaster

12 minutes ago

Oh gotcha haha. If it's not easy, then I probably won't do it. I don't want it that bad, I was mainly curious.

NoviceMagician on 2015-06-29 update of Casual EDH ...

12 minutes ago

guessling, got it, thanks! :)

Looks like it's time for CCCA and Status Update...

Mlasko on Eternal Warriors

13 minutes ago

Chief of the Edge would be sweet in this deck, have you thought of Foul-Tongue Shriek, it does pretty much the same thing as Harsh Sustenance but for cheaper, Caves of Koilos would be a great addition as well.

NoviceMagician on 6tennis

13 minutes ago

"Hold on a minute"

~tapping foot~

Ninjadude51 on Snow Red Control

13 minutes ago

I really like this list, but I might actually put you should seriously consider putting in the outpost sieges of the maybeboard. I feel like relic of progenistus shouldn't be a 4 of in main because you can get extra value out of Chromatic Star as graveyard strats aren't really tier 1 in modern right now (Unless that's a meta call for you).

mmp5bf on Monothopters

13 minutes ago

I would cut either the Gudul Lurker or the Frost Walker. They don't really synergize with artifacts. It can come down for 2, 4, or 6 in the late game, most of the time for 4; the great thing is that it's flexible and valuable and it can get bigger when you have mana available. Also, you should think about running Artificer's Epiphany. Card draw at instant speed is great and rewards you more for having artifacts.

NoPantsParade on buildingadeck

13 minutes ago

Sounds good, dude.

Wiccolo on Grand Arbiter Augustin IV - ...

14 minutes ago

I also forgot to ask - are there any obvious examples of low-end ramp that can be added to this deck?

bthomason on Esper Protocol

14 minutes ago

Personally no, its a cheap way to win. I think it may be banned in edh too

buildingadeck on NoPantsParade

14 minutes ago

1:00 my time (2:00 for you works). Meet you in 10 minutes?

NoviceMagician on Magicrafter

14 minutes ago

The amount of which you trade/sell/buy makes me feel inferior...

Anhex on Anhex

14 minutes ago


ET1USN on The Expendables

15 minutes ago

Honestly, I'm just getting back into magic and haven't really explored all of the current builds. I really appreciate your feedback though and collected company would definitely add some much needed speed to this deck. If this was your deck, and you wanted to place green, what would you remove for collected company, and what other green would you splash?

Caechus on The Colourful Peddler

15 minutes ago

riomhaire That could work, I'mma try it out. So far I've loved copying my extra turn spells with Firebrand.

Wiccolo on Grand Arbiter Augustin IV - ...

15 minutes ago

Thank you FancyTuesday, nayrash5, and enpc. I've picked up quite a few of the cards suggested.

Couple of questions:

*Regarding win conditions, I've seen a few 2 card combos that could snipe an opponent such as Condemn and Tunnel Vision, though I'm concerned that relying on 2 card combos in the EDH format, even with tutors, just won't work very well and won't occur as consistently as I want.

I don't think Azor's Elocutors will live in multiplayer games (my biggest concern since 1v1 is the easiest format for this deck).

I can cheat out Omniscience with Academy Rector, though I'm not really sure what wincon combos are possible with it. For example, if I do get off the Omniscience / Enter the Infinite combo, are there any obvious cards that would guarantee a win -- even in a multiplayer format? My concern is that I would just mill myself the next turn.

GeminiSpartanX on Starting Magic?

16 minutes ago

I played magic for about 5-6 years before I ever played in an actual FNM. I normally saw what other people were doing and really liked that deck, then wanted to build a version of it. Or I found a sweet card or combo and built a deck around it. Introduce your friends to the bulk rare section of your LGS, and I'm sure they'll find cards that they like. I still have my janky fun monoblack deck from those days that I like to use whenever certain friends want to play casually- Korlash's Deathtouch!. I like keeping it around to remind me of those casual days when everyone's cards were bad and it lead to ridiculous board states that we'd talk about for days afterwards.

Auronit on Esper EDH, Sharuum

16 minutes ago

With? Remember I try to Keep it as Budget as possible. I agree though.

EpicFreddi on Liliana, Master of the Jund ...

16 minutes ago

17 targets for coco is too less. This is not a company deck.

Codex-88 on Ultra-budget: Wrath of the Witch-King

17 minutes ago

Maybe I am missing it but I can't seem to find where Dark Ritual is banned in modern. Maybe it has been unbanned recently?

Dreno33 on Titania's Crucible

18 minutes ago

Hello there, fellow Titania lover. I witnessed a friend play this at CFB in Santa Clara and after seeing him strip mine for value (since I had never looked into Titania before), I decided to brew another wonky mono green decklist.

I don't really care for infinite combos unless each card can strongly hold their own, so not too curious in implementing yours (which you forgot to mention you need crucible out, as well)

Anywho, I am going on more of the "value & draw" theme for fun and going heavier on lands with roughly about 42 lands. Got down to about 107 then stumbled across yours and jumped back up to 111, haha. Still cutting.

After doing some playtesting, I will definitely love to support your deck on recommendation and such (I am mostly experienced in green, so this will be fun)

If you are curious, this is my current draft, Why did the Titanic sink?

If you have playtested with any cards i have (and you don't) and felt they weren't pulling their weight, do comment.

Good luck, my fellow Titanic captain

ThatJunkMage on Legacy TurboFrog: Need Help

18 minutes ago

Wow, that's actually really clever. I didn't even know that there were Fog Frogs...

However, the deck is lacking against any sort of combo deck. Suggestion, jam more counter spells.

xlaleclx on PutridLeech

18 minutes ago

Nah, love me some mamoswine