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kmcree on looking to sell some cards

a few seconds ago

The best way to sell on here would probably be to make a post listing the cards you have available, and also listing those cards in your binder. But be aware that because you have no trade history on the site, people will probably make you send before paying, and people here generally only want to buy around TCG low.

Femme_Fatale on Oath of the Gatewatch: WotC's ...

2 minutes ago

They certainly won't see play in constructed for legacy, vintage or modern. Standard is the only place you'll see them. Pauper is a potential, and EDH with colourless commanders (depending on what the rules for these are). With all of that, those cards will not go up in value.

Necrotize on Ghave that Bitch a Combo

2 minutes ago

I'm personally fond of Living Plane. Provides a nice alternate win-con like locking them out with Linvala, or killing everyone's lands with Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite as a state based action. Ghave is a scary commander that people expect to combo off, so oddly enough, combos that don't involve him will often take people by surprise.

PerfectDisguise on looking to sell some cards

3 minutes ago

haha yes it did thankyou. would the best way to sell on this site be just to find people with matches of my cards and make them offers?

DEDmaster on Esper Tokens (4-0 fnm)

3 minutes ago

you should try jace from origins instead of ob nixilis

Mattman384 on Slithing Vampires

4 minutes ago

My favorite 4-drop vampire is Falkenrath Aristocrat. My favorite two drops are Gatekeeper of Malakir and Bloodghast.

clayperce on Smashface Gardening w/ Rith (EDH ...

5 minutes ago

Yeah, thanks Zerienga! I couldn't have said it better :-)

xFlyingPotato on Zombie Apocalypse

5 minutes ago

Ill look into it, thanks!

Kingofsouls on Playmat - how to make ...

5 minutes ago

@EmblemMan Yes, I do mean to draw on it.

Jay on So... Reiterate, huh?

5 minutes ago

Huh... Looks like I accidentally chose a great time to pick that up 3 weeks ago.

ThisIsBullshit on this is going to sound ...

6 minutes ago

That did sound pretty stupid. Good job.

Lol but actually what the fudge

Atony1400 on Atony1400

6 minutes ago

bah-bammmm and CheeseBro, created a forum so we can discuss things as a group.

EmblemMan on Playmat - how to make ...

6 minutes ago

Well it depends on what you mean if you want to draw on a mat then yes thats what you should do. If you want to make a custom digital art and get it on a mat go to inkedplaymats

ThisIsBullshit on How about the all powerful ...

7 minutes ago

Not this shit again

IPreferBagels on Sidisi Ad Naus

7 minutes ago

How come you have Overeager Apprentice instead of Priest of Gix?

Atony1400 on The Cheap Deck Club Committee

8 minutes ago

I'd like to welcome bah-bammmm and CheeseBro to the committee.

CanadianShinobi on this is going to sound ...

8 minutes ago

Sorry Derp, Epoch is right. There's something wrong with you. I'm concerned for you. I suggest you sac some goats.

Kingofsouls on Playmat - how to make ...

9 minutes ago

So I'm curious into making my own custom MTG playmat. My big question is if there are any alternatives rather than buying a blank Ultra Pro. So, are there?

Atony1400 on The Cheap Deck Club Committee

9 minutes ago

The advisers over

The Cheap Deck Club.

Standard Atony1400


Atony1400 - leader of discussion

CheeseBro - member

bah-bammmm - member

Panzerforge - unconfirmed member

Sleazebag - unconfirmed member

deltacobra - unconfirmed member

clayperce on Rith, the Sapproling Queen

10 minutes ago

I made it back quicker than I expected. Here are a few thoughts on cuts, with the big caveat that my Rith deck it VERY different than yours, so I may have no idea what I'm talking about with your deck! :-)

Your mana curve is a little higher than I like, so I'm going to start on the highest CMC and work down.

One more thing: I rarely run Planeswalkers (they draw too much haste in my group), but with a Plea for Guidance and Doubling Season, I'd consider any I could drop-then-ultimate.

Sorry for the wall of text. Thanks for reading this far!

Mattman384 on Slithing Vampires

12 minutes ago

Oops, lol. Also, is there a reason you aren't running any 4 drops?

Lastdaysgunslinger on Oath of the Gatewatch: WotC's ...

12 minutes ago

Oh my we have a hit from the grammar police lol.Well i personally think constructed is the only place where wastes will have any bearing(if this leak is real) because limited will be rough trying to draft.Oh and capitalize your E in especially after the comma lol.

kmayer33 on Boros Legion of Burn

13 minutes ago

Boros Reckoner essentially is a wall similar to your Souls of the Faultless just instead of life it deals damage back to your opponent..

EmblemMan on looking to sell some cards

16 minutes ago

option 1:PerfectDisguise : "Hey Tappedout community I am looking to sell off some cards here are my cards

list of cards and prices

Tappedout community : "You should probably try selling them at tcg low or around that"

PerfectDisguise : "Okie dokie" or "No I want as much as I can get" (which usually wont work and wont sell)

Option 2:PerfectDisguise : "Hello ebay I would like to sell some cards"

Ebay: "alright they are sold gimme my profits"

PerfectDisguise: "ok here is your 10ish%"

Option 3:PerfectDisguise : "Channelfireball/tcgplayer/starcitygames/etc. I want to sell you my cards (or in tcgs place sell them on there like ebay)

TCG: "Ok make an account and sell them slightly under tcg mid"

Everywhere else with a buylist: "Heres 50% of the card price"

PerfectDisguise : "Okie dokie" or potentially " :( "

Hopefully my little bored dialogue accurately an deeply explained each of your options and the benefits and cons of each option. Enjoy!

aves01 on Can't Touch This by MC ...

18 minutes ago

Is Drogskol Reaver in just for the lifegain?

Ammo37 on Eight Times the Fun [Trostani ...

19 minutes ago

shaistyone I only have two devour cards, one that wins if it isn't dealt with, and the other has an instant effect. As for ramp i tend to run light on ramp because it takes 2-3 cards to balance out for one land. I prefer to jam my decks with actual cards and have more utility in any given situation, allowing ramp through better lands. I feel like most of the cards over 5 have a giant impact in this deck, i would need to do some more play testing in an actual MP environment to know about some of them.

Thanks VikingBlood! I used to have Emmara in here, but I had to remove her for some other cards. I thought she read tokens are indestructible. The main killer is going to be board wipes, not combat damage, I'm just going to spill around blockers and kill people :P. If you see anything i can replace with her let me know!

xxshaneharxx on Blue/Black Eldrazi $50

21 minutes ago

61 cads because I wantUlamog, the Ceaseless Hunger in the deck and Endless One is basically a free card that can be cast any time.

Timelord-Planeswalker on Mayael Commander

21 minutes ago

Lavalanche isn't legal in this deck, just so you know

Epochalyptik on this is going to sound ...

21 minutes ago

There's something wrong with you. Whether it's related to your preference for modern art I'm not sure.

Atony1400 on Atony1400

23 minutes ago

bah-bammmm, another reason why I am creating it. I want more than one vote on decks to be accepted. And my vote will not override all yours.....

grantschoenberg on TheFoilAjani

24 minutes ago

Hey can I change my deck?

bah-bammmm on Atony1400

26 minutes ago

I am fine with a committee, I have no problem with it, but I do hope people don't start thinking they are johnny home-brew experts and start spamming junk decks they made. we know who those people are....

exalted_k1d on Elves!

28 minutes ago

Regal Force is used all in legacy elves decks

Atony1400 on With Each Action Comes an ...

28 minutes ago

You should use cards that effect all (), not just your opponents.

babyboy on blaine's gayish angels

29 minutes ago

Thanks for the comment, keep them coming. I wonder if Dictate of the Twin Gods will do wonders for this deck

DERPLINGSUPREME on Just Chatting - Take 3

29 minutes ago

I really love the diaochan and nin.

sassy = sexy.

Atony1400 on Atony1400

29 minutes ago

You all were hand-picked because of your level of support for my page.

Epochalyptik on Oath of the Gatewatch: WotC's ...

29 minutes ago


The value won't go up any appreciable amount, especially because colorless-only costs aren't necessarily likely to have a huge impact on any of the constructed formats.

Ammo37 on Chromatic Dragons EDH

29 minutes ago

With a Scion deck the primary focus should be scion, not the rest of the dragons. Think what Scion can turn into. Scion's transformation doesn't count as entering the battlefield. (Sorry for the long list, I can't seem to implement spoilers)

Drop Commune with Lava for Dragonspeaker Shaman

Replace Dragon Hatchling with Balefire Dragon

Replace Boltwing Marauder with Bladewing the Risen

Drop the Sideboard

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind is bad for this deck

Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker Ditto with Niv-firemind

Replace life lands with shock lands.

Replace temples with: Command Tower, Crucible of the Spirit Dragon, Forbidden Orchard, Ancient Ziggurat, Cavern of Souls, and any better duals you can find at manabasecrafter.com

Replace basic search lands with expeditions.

Replace Furnace Whelp with Dragon Mage

Replace Outpost Siege with Dragonmaster Outcast

Replace Map the Wastes with Cultivate

Replace Dragonlord Silumgar with Mana-Charged Dragon

Replace Hoarding Dragon with Moltensteel Dragon

Replace Font of Fertility with Siege Dragon

Replace Heroes' Podium with Sheoldred, Whispering One

Replace Seismic Rupture with Austere Command

Replace Obelisk of Urd with Door of Destinies

Replace Icefall Regent with Scourge of Valkas

Replace Volcanic Dragon with Utvara Hellkite

Replace Necromaster Dragon with Vampiric Dragon

Replace Swift Warkite with Wardscale Dragon

Replace Springleaf Drum with Zodiac Dragon

Replace Traveler's Amulet with Arashin Sovereign

Replace Wayfarer's Bauble with Draco

Replace Dragonlord Atarka with Crosis, the Purger

Replace Shivan Dragon with Hellkite Tyrant

Replace Dragonstorm with Nicol Bolas

Replace Monastery Siege with Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius

Replace Dragonlord's Prerogative with Numot, the Devastator

Replace Citadel Siege with Oros, the Avenger

Replace three monuments with land

Replace monument 4 with Rith, the Awakener

Replace monument 5 with Scourge of the Throne

Replace Descent of the Dragons with Curse of the Swine

Replace Dragonlord Kolaghan with Steel Hellkite

Replace Stormbreath Dragon with Teneb, the Harvester

Replace Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund with Tyrant's Familiar (works with scion replacement)

Replace Sarkhan's Triumph with Vorosh, the Hunter

DERPLINGSUPREME on Let's just call him Fred

30 minutes ago

btw Surveyor's Scope is genreally a piece of shit in EDh and should be switched with Burnished Hart or Armillary Sphere

Atony1400 on Atony1400

30 minutes ago

bah-bammmm, this is why I'm creating this. I felt like one person having too much power is a bad thing, (recalling the incident with CheeseBro), which is why he will be a committee member, like the rest of you guys. (Sorry)

DuBie15 on Spirits

30 minutes ago

I think i gave you a +1 for the name of your deck LOL Im not sure the point of Arcanum Wings though, i already have a lot of evasion so it doesnt seem like it will do much for me anyways. I'm thinking of moving away from enchantments and using artifacts instead, that way if my creature does die somehow i can just put the artifact back onto another.

PerfectDisguise on looking to sell some cards

30 minutes ago

I'm looking to sell a number of magic cards but I'm not too familiar with how this works. Help?