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4 Color CoCo-Vial Allies (69-68-4 match record)

Modern Aggro Allies Collected Company Competitive Four Color



One-hundred and forty-one matches from Jan 7, 2016 to November 9, 2017
I've stopped keeping track since then (it's more fun without the pressure), but still have it in the rotation because it's my favorite deck to play. It still hovers around 50% at our competitive Thursday night modern.

This deck was featured on the Channel Fireball Modern Monday video on April 4, 2017.

Coco-vial modern allies for competitive play. Currently has a match record of 69-68-4 in twenty-six of RTP's Thursday Night Modern tournaments, a GPT, an SCG IQ, SCG States, seven RTP Modern Ladder matches, and two RTP contender series (including a top 8 out of 60).

Aether Vial, Collected Company, and Harabaz Druid get the allies in play fast, help rebuild quickly, allow for combat tricks as instants (the first two), and make using only 19 lands doable (the first and third).

Akoum Battlesinger (+ Jwari Shapeshifter copying it) make them huge.

Kabira Evangel gets them around (non-colorless) defenders and keeps them alive on defense in conjunction with Aether Vial or Collected Company.

Ondu Cleric, either main-board or side-board depending on the meta (+ Jwari Shapeshifter copying it) puts you out of reach of aggro decks. And you've got white and green for good sideboard choices against the others.

The Flexspots are meta-dependent and get experimented with once in a while. Until recently the deck ran 2x Captain's Claws in place of the 2x Metallic Mimic I'm trying now. The original version also had 3x Oran-Rief Survivalist, 2x Mirror Entity, and some three card combination of Firemantle Mage, Natural State, Ondu Cleric, and Path to Exile. The one featured on CFB had 2x Beastcaller Savant in for what are now 2x Oran-Rief Survivalist. The current one seems the most reliable and makes room for Firemantle Mage out of the sideboard without sacrificing room for Ondu Cleric.

Some of card choices, like having used Captain's Claws for quite a while, are because of how they play well with everything else. A deck that focused on Hardened Scales instead of Aether Vial would probably make different choices in a number of places (like considering bounce cards like Eerie Interlude).

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Why White?

Why Green?

Why Four Colors?

Play and Sideboard Notes

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With special thanks to LS for the loaner cards over several months, to DD for suggesting Jwari Shapeshifter much earlier than I started using it, RC for mana base pointers, and to all the folks at RTP for the advice and great matches.


Make sure and check out JLenzen's great resource page for the definitive scoop on Modern Allies!!!

Modern Allies - Primer (Updated for BfZ!)

Modern JLenzen

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Finally, the featured card is the Unglued Soldier token that I use for the Captain's Claws' 1/1 white Kor Ally.


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