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Tricky Dreamthieves: Vendilion Clique EDH

Commander / EDH Control Faeries Mono-Blue Voltron



Welcome to my guide to Vendilion Clique! help is always appreciated, and if you have any suggestions be sure to leave a comment!


Vendilion Clique has always been one of my favorite cards, and even though it is'nt the best commander in the current meta, i wanted to see where i can take this.

is this deck for you?

You like:

  • Playing heavy control
  • Playing around with spells and resource management
  • Playing anti-combo
  • Playing a deck that always has a significant presence in the game

you don't like:

  • decks that spiral out of control with value
  • Combo
  • long turns

Deck playstyle

The main wincon of this deck is stealing their threats and beating people with flyers, cards like Runechanter's Pike &Umezawa's Jitte make every single flyer a threat. keep their decks under control with counterspells and bounce, and make sure to always try and think ahead about what their worst threats could be.

Strenghts and Weaknesses:


This deck is very resilient to boardwipes and other sweepers, often having a relatively small boardpresence with few permanents in play and a lot of mana open. Vendilion Clique is often not seen as a threat, and can therefore one-shot people out of nowhere with sudden power increases


the bigger the multiplayer, the harder it is to keep everything locked down, if you overextend and end your turn with no untapped mana people can suddenly throw down a lot of threats and take you out of the game


Vendilion Clique is a commander that makes the other people at the table think properly about what cards they can play, and therefore leads to slower but more intense gameplay, instead of spiraling battlecruiser magic. if your playgroup needs to take it easy, this might be the deck for you!


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