"In the jungle of war there is always a Lion."

I've gone through various alterations of this deck and what you see here is the culmination of A LOT of playtesting. Likely around 60-70 paper games with Mageta.

Essentially your plan is to ramp as hard as physically possible in mono-white (without fast-mana) We have 8 mana rocks and 7 cards that pull lands (basics mostly) out of your deck to hand/field. Most of them have the condition of having fewer lands than your opponent but theres always someone ramping hard in green so it shouldn't be an issue. If you can't fulfill that condition then you're already keeping up with the board in mono-white and life is good.

After ramping as fast as possible, use Mageta's ability as a deterrent or equalizer to keep people from getting too far ahead. The goal is to make it into the deep late game. Turn 10+ at least.

There is a small recursion package mainly targeted at pulling lands out of your grave. Expect those land-pulling ramp cards to fuel your activated ability which requires you to discard 2 cards each time. Since white will never draw great, despite recent solid mono-white draw card printings, the goal is to recycle those plains that you discard. Sun Titan will help you after discarding those basic plains for his ability. Planar Birth and Faith's Reward also do the job but they are really here for a psuedo game-ending chain of mass land destruction via Fall of the Thran, Armageddon, or Catastrophe. Play planar or faith's after one of those land destruction cards and you will pull incredibly far ahead of the board. If you can follow it up with an activation of Mageta, you could in theory be the only person with lands or creatures on the board.

However, those are just alternate win-cons. The main way this deck is desgined to win is through massive beatdown via indestructible beaters; gods, zetalpa, avacyn, etc. You can destroy the board at will with their indestructible keyword. If someone plays a Shadowspear, shoot it with spot removal immediately. To augment those big beaters or Mageta himself for a voltron kill, there is a nice package of decent equipment, most of which provide evasion or a noticeable pump in power.

To Augment your boardstate further, there are a fair amount of instants/creatures that can protect your board while wiping everyone else's creatures: Angelic Guardian, Luminous Broodmoth, Eerie Interlude

It has a little bit of card draw and a fair amount of removal/board wipes so you should make it to the late game.

Overall its a very fun deck but games with Mageta tend to be on the longer side consistently. If you want a mono-white battlecruiser deck that grinds out the long-game this is the one for you.


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