When I finally caved and got myself the swords I knew I wanted to play them but my euipment deck is led by Nahiri so it felt kind of a waste not being able to suit up my commander. So I needed a commander for them but I didn´t just wanna make another "I am good with artifacts!" deck so after a while of searching Tana, the Bloodsower caught my eye as she sure loves connecting to the face and has trigger her self when she punches said face, like the swords do. She also allowed me to play Quartzwood Crasher I loved the looks of but never had a deck for. So she basically added a trample subtheme to the deck.

So there you have it. This deck wants trample, trigger stuff when it hits someone in the face and play generally cool cards.

Achievements for this deck: Kill someone with Spore Frog

Sword standins: Bone Saw, Darksteel Axe


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