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Commander / EDH Budget GU (Simic) Stompy


Eternal legal un-set mechanics! What a crazy time to be alive. Certainly more fun than all that Universes Beyond garbage.

Here's an ETB & Power focused deck that uses stickers to buff up creatures. The goal is to get something with 5+ power and combo it with creature-targeting spells like Hunter's Prowess to draw cards, while also getting copy and ETB synergies with Orvar, the All-Form to generate more tickets with Ambassador Blorpityblorpboop. Seahunter is the powerhouse toolbox of the deck, fetching both Orvar and Prime Speaker Zegana, whichever is needed more. The deck wins through combat damage almost exclusively and has some extra turn loops with Eternal Witness to help it get there.

Before a game starts, you select 10 sticker sheets of your choice and shuffle them up. Then you deal yourself 3, kinda like Vanguard, and play with those pages for that game.

I focused on building around the power/toughness stickers primarily with includes like Hunter's Prowess and Cold-Eyed Selkie. There's also creatures like Managorger Hydra and Rampant Rejuvenator whose power comes entirely from +1/+1 counters. The reason for all of this is that p/t stickers change the base power/toughness of what they are applied to, which gives each ticket more value than if you were just using it to buff Ambassador Blorpityblorpboop themself by 1-2 power.

All sticker sheets have been revealed! Check em: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-preview/tokens-and-stickers-unfinity-2022-09-27

currently prefd stickers

These are my current picks for what I'd prefer to flip over for my sticker pages.


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-1 Arbor Elf main
-1 Brokers Hideout main
+1 Cemetery Prowler main
+1 Essence Capture main
-1 Fertile Ground main
-1 Forest main
+2 Island main
+1 Maraleaf Pixie main
+1 Mosswort Bridge main
-1 Overgrowth main
+1 Plaxcaster Frogling main
+1 Prey Upon main
-1 Progenitor Mimic main
+1 Remand main
-1 Spelljack main
-1 The Great Henge main
-1 Turnabout main
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