OK, so I had this crazy idea of partnering up Rograkh with, Falthis. The theme/gimmick here is having the flea bag (and it's "fleas" with infect) and sack of bones fed and "revived" to then help protect Rograkh to BEEF up and charge away! For extra flavor and effect, we'll try to use Cauldron Familiar's "9 lives" too. Help (budget conscious) to fine tune this thing would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. Emotional support animals have been a huge help in our family, and while humor is most welcome, ableist nonsense is not.

Clarification: Flavor/theme/gimmick is priority #1 here. I might consider a second version more in line with efficient multiplayer use, and not so hung up on the gimmicky thing, as it is a cool concept, IMO, but I'm not invested in doing that immediately. My primary goal with this was (and remains) to have fun with my daughter (she has an emotional support dog, and hopefully a future service dog). If you don't see your optimization suggestions implemented here, they might still be used in a future version, please don't assume there were simply dismissed.


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