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The final draft of Renegade Rallier. The deck is an aggro/value deck, based around quick weak creatures that can apply consistent offensive pressure. The deck still has ample amounts of decent removal, ramp, card draw, and combo as well, making it more versatile and resilient even when its weak creatures are overpowered mid-late game.


  1. Lots of low drops make early plays nearly guaranteed.
  2. Solid removal. Some of it can even be brought back if destroyed (ie. Journey to Nowhere, Lignify).
  3. A lot of value that you can recur for even more value.
  4. Resilient. Enough life gain, fog, and removal can be a pain for other aggro decks to kill you as quickly as they'd like, giving you time to assemble a combo or grind value.


  1. Over-reliance on weak creatures can make the deck become easily overpowered by decks with stronger than 2/2 creatures. This forces you to just rely on your combos, which isn't as fun.
  2. Poor 1v1 commander. It's resilient, but with such a weak creature base, it becomes, "if I draw and resolve my combo I win, if I don't I lose."
  3. Limitations of the format make bouncing Rallier more of a rare treat than a main strategy. Oftentimes you'll block/recklessly attack with him just to get another trigger.
  4. This build is fun in casuals, but not as good competitively.

Main combos:

  • 1) Rallier + Renewal + Ashnod's Altar + Antler Skulkin = Your whole graveyard.
  • 2) Rallier + Renewal + Altar/Fanatical Devotion + Unruly Mob/Ninth Bridge Patrol = Infinite P/T on UM/NBP.
  • 3) Rallier + Renewal + Altar/Devotion + Soul Sister = Infinite Life

If anyone has any comments or feedback, I'd love to hear them. I'd love to make this deck as good as possible, as it's super fun.


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