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Rashmi 2, Electric Boogaloo(2DH)

Commander / EDH GU (Simic)


This is a 2DH deck which is a variant of EDH in which each card of the 99 must be <$2 and the commander must be <$5 (TCG player MEDIAN)

Elfball with a Rashmi twist, what's not to love?

Win Conditions

Overwhelming Stampede is an obvious one, get a big board, buff a creature, stampede for the win

Archetype of Imagination is an interesting one. It kind of makes my creatures unblockable, except against reach, and more importantly can turn the tables against someone running a lot of flying.

Voice of the Woods is a slower win condition but is very threatening. If left alone for a couple rounds, suddenly my opponents will be facing many 7/7 elementals. Couple that up with an Overwhelming Stampede that's some serious firepower.

Sword of the Paruns or Freed from the Real can be used in 2 ways

  1. it can be used to infinite combo with Marwyn, the Nurturer or Wirewood Channeler generating infinite mana. Which can then be used to make infinite elf tokens via Imperious Perfect

  2. Sword of the Paruns can simply be used for it's buff. Best case, it's equipped to Cultivator of Blades making it a 5/3(when attacking, so when you attack, the blade gives everything a static +2/0. then the cultivator's effect gives an additional +5/+5. That's a +7/+5 on everything, each time you attack!

Glaring Spotlight isn't a win condition by itself but deserves an honorable mention as it's second effect enables a win. Hexproof and unblockable for the turn? yes please!

Specific Rashmi Interactions

I've considered going a more control oriented route with rashmi at the helm, but I've enjoyed the hell out of slinging elves out at an incredible pace. Keeping the curve low helps ensure I hit a cheaper spell or creature with my rashmi triggers, so I get elves out twice as fast!

Specific cards in place simply for synergy with rashmi are

Impulse - nice 2 mana filter draw, instant speed, just simple nice rashmi trigger fodder that can help me dig for my win conditions

Brainstorm - Because brainstorm should be in every blue deck ever (Also topdeck manipulation with rashmi? Oh hell yeah)

Chemister's Insight reusable instant speed draw. 4 mana helps hit free casts from my topdeck

Growth Spiral Instant speed draw and ramp

Opt simple and effective

Wilderness Reclamation This card is seriously awesome. Seriously, it's a must have in a rashmi deck. Almost as much as Seed-Born Muse but this is budget friendly

Yeva, Nature's Herald Give all of my creatures flash? Perfect synergy


Holding counters with this deck leads to very tempting interactions. As this isn't a hard control deck with tons of countermagic, it is imperative to hold the counters until an opponents attempts to wipe the board, or counter your win condition. A well timed counterspell wins the game, a wasted one loses it.

Looking for any ideas leave a comment if you have one!


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