BR Discard and Reanimation deck using the Rakdos-colored version of Chainer! I've had a lot of fun building and piloting a Mono-Black Chainer list so I'm excited to see what this new iteration of Chainer will bring.

Sort by the 'Custom' category (where it normally says 'Type') in case you're interested in seeing a rough breakdown on the main role each card plays within the deck. Enjoy!

Ye hasten to the grave!

The main game plan here is simple enough: discard creatures to reanimate them for both value and pressure. Primary win conditions are to resolve a mass-reanimation spell and swinging with a hasty board, using Living Death, Rise of the Dark Realms, or even Balthor the Defiled alongside Feldon of the Third Path. Secondary win conditions focus on causing direct life loss/drain. Gray Merchant of Asphodel rewards extending onto the board, while looping Kokusho, the Evening Star functions without requiring much board setup but costs more mana on its own as a trade-off. The final theme of the deck involves cheating out large hasty creatures with Sneak Attack, or with other pieces that synergize well with Chainer's haste-granting ability such as Bolas's Citadel, Jeska's Will, and Dream Devourer.

If you have any card suggestions, please let me know! The maybeboard covers some additional cards I'm considering adding in. I'm free to discuss card choices and categories with anyone interested in learning more about the deck, so leave a comment down below with any questions or suggestions.

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