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Esika - 5 Colour Shrine, legendary and Charm

Commander / EDH Budget Enchantment Legendary Matters


This is my first 5-Colour deck.

The Plan: Plan 1: Shrines - like every Shrine deck. but i didnt want to make a enchantment digging deck. Plan 2: Esika - Controlling with lots of options, thanks to the hole bunch of charms. strong creatures and effects will be a classic win condition. Esika works here like a classic mana-elf . playing legends helps making lots of mana, making expensive things cheaper. also playing more legendary stuff.. in lategame the prism bridge will also make fun. also means, we didnt need her. this will give us good chances to safe other stuff, or let her on the board. both things is ok.

in the end it will be a deck with lots of diffent things making it interesting and changeable. the trible lands and the vivid lands working very well, so i have no colour problems. i didnt want to leave lots of money for tapples lands, so if you want to pimp the deck, this will be the point u can start with.


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