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Fields of the Nephilim (Atraxa | Phyrexian Tribal)

Commander / EDH Aggro Competitive GWUB Phyrexian Proliferate Toxic



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Witch commander


Based on the precon: Corrupting Influence from DigitalChimera with some personal edits.

Obviously I changed the colors of the deck, because I wanted to make a deck using Atraxa, Praetors' Voicefoil since she's my favorite phyrexian. But I also wanted to keep Ixhel, Scion of Atraxafoil so I thought why not make a poison deck, goes well with the proliferate dynamics of Atraxa.

make good use of the proliferate | toxic | infect dynamics of the deck since it can end a game quickly.

Many edits where made to this deck as mentionned prior. But the main ones are:

1) I took out almost all bugs and all rats because they do not fit the aesthetics of the deck.

2) This deck is built around certain creature types: Angel, Beast, Druid, Horror, Knight, Myr, Soldier, Warrior. (Keeping in mind it is a phyrexian tribal as much as possible!)

3) There is very few exceptions surrounding the creature type I put in this deck besides the one mentionned in No 2.

4) I run only 28 lands, but if all my mana artifacts are calculated, we run about 37 lands in this case.

5) I rarely run out of lands because many of my artifacts give me more than one mana of any color!

**Please feel free to comment, any suggestions for upgrades are welcome!

P.s.: This is my main deck.


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