Razor Golem

Razor Golem

Artifact Creature — Golem

Affinity for Plains (This spell costs (1) less to play for each Plains you control.)


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Razor Golem Discussion

Spackle on Suggested Decks For a Gift

1 month ago

Thanks for the comments!

Wow. After looking at that burn deck I understand what sergiodelrio was getting at. I think I was being a naïve. That other mono-red hollow deck looks pretty interesting though and probably more our level/slightly above.

The deck below is a rough outline of what I can remember for a white deck I put together. I think its fun because I plays differently in a lot of situations. The amounts aren't exact. There is some other stuff in there I can't remember like a life boost (I think a creature or two that gives life upon sacrifice). For deck building we generally build with what we already have (I have bought specific cards before to be really annoying such as Armageddon). So I typically don't have enough cards to reliably power combo, though its likely I'm not clever enough yet to recognize the potential with what I have. To compete against this he usually whips out a blue deck with tons of counters, clones, and stealing. They are roughly even. A red deck in the theme of burn has also been used (mana vaults, sol rings, fireballs and goblin gernades etc).

Creatures Kor Skyfisher x 3-4 Wall of Omens x 2 Crumbling Colossus x 2 Master Splicer x 2 Razor Golem x 1 Soltari Priest x 2 Soltari Monk x 2 Soltari Champion x 2 Mentor of the Meek x 2

Spells Armageddon x 2 Wrath of God x 2 Enlightened Tutor x 2-3 Rootborn Defenses x 1-2 Eye for an Eye x 1

Artifacts Nevinyrral's Disk x 1 Elixir of Immortality x 1 Mimic Vat x 1-2 Sol Ring x 2-3

Land Drifting Meadow x 4 and Misc.

Side board -- all available cards.

t3hdarkness on Eight-and-a-Half Dollars Off

3 years ago

I would remove some of the cards that are single use or don't trigger very often like Thraben Inspector, Emissary of Sunrise, Razor Golem, Mercadian Atlas, Paradise Plume, and maybe a land or two to add Buried Ruin, Sun Titan, Silent Arbiter, Steelshaper's Gift, Myriad Landscape, Emeria, The Sky Ruin, and Balan, Wandering Knight.

Kiivuhl on [[PAUPER]] Dawn of the Hawk

4 years ago

Inspector is probably best white card ever printed with cmc = 1. After Mother of runes ofc. :)

The same way I can ask you why you need to play more blue cards? Mulldrifter is enough (and maybe some hydroblast in side). In the other hand scroll looks pretty bad here, cause you will get only sometimes this cantrip, so most of the times this will be only card for gaining 5 life. Bad huh? Especially 4x. Maybe if you want to play this scroll - you can add Trinket Mage, so you can save lot of space - can add Sylvok Lifestaff, Relic of Progenitus, Dispeller's Capsule (side), Viridian Longbow (side). Or play more aggro-mage version with Court Homunculus.

And even if you stay mono W:

Sniperwave on Mono-White Cyborgs (Pauper)

5 years ago

The thing with Razor Golem is that i only have 14 plains, making it a bit too inconsistent for my taste, if it would benefit from Ancient Den it'd be an auto-include though

DHWorlds on Mono-White Cyborgs (Pauper)

5 years ago

What about Razor Golem? it rarely is a dead draw, and is very valueable as a creature. doesn't die to Lightning Bolt, unsummon effects do nearly nothing against him... maybe it is worth a try.

Boza on Esper Control

5 years ago

Well, this is enterily too much do-nothing and a case of not having enough of anything.

You have exactly 4 sources of card draw which is ninja, which will never hit a vigilant opponent (rhystic study just says "your opponents spells cost 1 more" instead of its actual text).

15 of your lands are CIPT, which makes the deck incredibly slow.

White is entirely unnecessary - the mana enchantments can just be 2 mana kill spells in black, while 2 safe passage will hardly ever be worth it when you have more than a dozen removal spells. Razor Golem is a terrible top end that is just an average sized body with vigilance in the world of Gurmag Anglers, that will never cost less than 3 mana.

Overall, the deck will get rid of every creature the opponent has, but will not do much else. IMO, you have to cut white and focus more on providing reliable card advantage with an engine (like Trinket Mage and a toolbox for it, or Mystical Teachings) and solid way to finish the game (Peregrine Drake combo, Evincar's Justice and 2xPristine Talisman), while having actual card draw spells (Think Twice, Accumulated Knowledge)

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