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[[PAUPER]] Dawn of the Hawk

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Pauper deck similar to Kuldotha Boros, only mono-white and likely not as good. The deck gets its name from Glint Hawk and Squadron Hawk, as well as the oddball creature Seraph of Dawn. I have done very limited testing but in theory Seraph of Dawn eats a flipped Delver of Secrets   as well as Mulldrifter and a sled of other creatures with 3 power and also provides valuable evasion and lifegain, albeit being difficult to cast. This deck takes advantage of its mono-colored nature and use of angels by replacing the mana-fixing artifact Prophetic Prism with Scroll of Avacyn. Besides that, being mono-colored allowed for enough room to run Squadron Hawk and Bonesplitter for traditional Beats by Bird. Enjoy and please, I know its probably bad, I just did it for fun! :)


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