Martyr of Sands

Martyr of Sands

Creature — Human Cleric

, Reveal X white cards from your hand, Sacrifice Martyr of Sands: You gain three times X life.

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Martyr of Sands Discussion

zapyourtumor on 12 Sisters walk into a bar...

1 month ago

Glad to see mono white lifegain decks still alive and kicking. Have you considered adding the Martyr of Sands + Abiding Grace package? It let's you recur the soul sisters too, and Serra Ascendant which is probably a removal magnet. You could also run more beaters like Champion of the Parish and Speaker of the Heavens that are 1 cmc over stuff like Lone Rider  Flip and Twinblade Paladin.

Jackfrost23 on Fogger

3 months ago

Martyr of Sands , Ranger-Captain of Eos , Judge's Familiar , Blossoming Calm , Isochron Scepter . If you go with Isochron Scepter you might also want Angel's Grace . You might want to upgrade your mana base. Gideon of the Trials is good. The deck looks great though.

TheVectornaut on Black and White - please help!

4 months ago

I'll go ahead and play devil's advocate here and suggest that orzhov humans is a great budget deck archetype that can be both aggressive and controlling at the same time. It also easily supports Grand Abolisher , Kambal, Consul of Allocation , and even Starfield Mystic if you have a critical mass of Oblivion Ring s, Pacifism s, and such. Champion of the Parish is a key card of the deck, as is Thalia's Lieutenant . After that, it depends on what kind of gameplan you want to build around. My take on orzhov humans, Assassination Squadron makes use of tappers like Gideon's Lawkeeper and Minister of Impediments to combo and destroy creatures with assassins like Royal Assassin and Gideon Jura . With access to the legacy card pool and a bigger budget, King's Assassin and Deathbringer Liege could be on the table too. Tribal support like Adaptive Automaton , Metallic Mimic , or Door of Destinies is nice, but it certainly isn't a requirement. (Fun fact: when I built this deck years ago, Lieutenant cost much more than the Door. Funny how things can change so drastically.)

Creating tokens tends to work well in this kind of deck because both human lords can buff and/or be buffed by them. Gather the Townsfolk and Thraben Doomsayer are the usual suspects, and I personally like Mentor of the Meek as a way to keep the hand topped off. If you want to go for a lifegain plan with Kambal at the helm, Vizkopa Guildmage is a budget Sanguine Bond on a stick. While certainly not budget, Serra Ascendant and Westvale Abbey  Flip can also work in such a build. Now that I think about it, a lot of soul sisters staples happen to be humans ( Auriok Champion , Martyr of Sands , Ranger of Eos , Soul's Attendant , Soul Warden , Speaker of the Heavens , etc.) Another idea is to focus on maximum destruction and exile. High Priest of Penance is a good way to make opponents think twice about their decisions in combat, and I've been having reasonable success with Mangara of Corondor as a sort of slow O-Ring that happens to trigger the lords. Humans are such a common tribe that there's no end to the number of directions you can steer them in if you really want to.

zapyourtumor on Lifegain: The Thicc Wurm Story

4 months ago

Finally found someone else using Voracious Wurm !! Although your deck doesn't have many white cards, I've found a version of the wurm combo with Martyr of Sands , Heroes' Reunion , and Life Goes On to be pretty effective against other casual decks. If you can fit martyr in I think she could do some serious work.

Nebechadnezzar on Aetherlich

7 months ago

MFBOOM Looking at Martyr of Sands again, I will admit that it is pretty good even if you only had two white cards in hand. With a lich effect out, that would be six cards for as little as one mana that turn, which is pretty good. With Tymna the Weaver as a commander, I agree that it is a pretty decent pick for this deck.

Lich and Ad Nauseam do actually combo together. Lich specifically says "you do not lose the game for having less than zero life". That means that you are completely unaffected by the life loss from Ad Nauseam . Lich 's downside of sacrificing permanents only happens when you are dealt damage, which is different from losing life. This doesn't work with Lich's Mastery or Nefarious Lich , but it is a solid combo nonetheless, especially since this deck has several ways to find these cards.

Overall, I can understand using Aetherflux Reservoir as a wincon, but I think that focusing on getting off the Ad Nauseam or Peer into the Abyss and assembling your win from there is much more reliable. It's overall much more mana efficient, which is usually the way you want to go.

Nebechadnezzar on Aetherlich

9 months ago

First off, thanks so much for the inspiration! I've built a similar deck of my own, because I love lich effects, and I'm really happy with how it turned out, it's a huge flavor win for me. I do have some qualms with some of the choices you have here. Namely, it feels like trying to storm off with Aetherflux Reservoirin this deck is a shaky wincon. Yes, you do have the big mana producers, but being a four color deck it seems like you wouldn't be able to reliably cast a lot of spells given that they almost all just make one color. To me, it seems like a better idea to funnel that big mana into an Exsanguinateor Torment of Hailfire Cheesy I know, but it seems to be much more reliable.

I also wonder about cards like Act of Authority. If your opponents ever get to use it and the lich is out, you are totally screwed. Martyr of Sands also seems like a strange choice in a four color deck. Do you reliably have enough white cards in hand for that pay off?

Personally, I'm running Ad Nauseam and Peer into the Abyss as my main sources of gross card draw. After that, all you need is a Cadaverous Bloom and one of the aforementioned wincons to seal the deal. Ad Naus combos really nicely with Lich also, since you are unaffected by life gain. I think that changing the wincon frees up a lot of spots in this deck. You can replace Fabricate and Transmute Artifact with more general tutors. But that's just my two cents.

Ansachu on Simic Control

10 months ago

Very cool deck. I also see a problem. What if the opponent gets something good on the field? Counters won't help you then. For instance opponent plays Serra Ascendant on turn 1 and Martyr of Sands on turn 2. Then he will use martyrs ability, gets lots of life and attacks you with a 6/6 flying lifelink Serra Ascendant. You can't do anything with counters. A lot of aggro decks will bring good creatures on turn 1 and 2. How do you survive then?

I tried to make a similar deck, but I added Ice-Fang Coatl (with snow lands), Bounding Krasis, Simic Charm and Applied Biomancy to help against threats he has on the field already.

Oh and I also have to say.. the word is spellt pretty, not preety. It's pretty!!

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