Ok after a bunch of testing maybe 10-12 games ive determined that the Kiki Jiki combo isnt worth it. I was only able to execute it one time. So I've switched back to Auratouched mage and breath of fury. So far the early results are good, i ended up getting a turn 3 win with it. Right now im also testing out Godo Helm we'll see how that goes.

Other things im currently testing: goblin bombardment, sevinnes reclamation, battle hymn

A few cards that id like to find room for, are Grenzo, Havoc Raiser, Odric, Master Tactician as a source of removal and/or unblockable and maybe an adriana, captain of the gaurd. Still lots of things to test through. Others are eidolon of rhetoric, planar chaos, possibility storm, drannith magistrate

You can check the maybe board for many of the cards I am thinking about and still need to play test through.


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