Quest for the Holy Relic


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Uncommon

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Quest for the Holy Relic


Whenever you cast a creature spell, you may put a quest counter on Quest for the Holy Relic.

Remove five quest counters from Quest for the Holy Relic and sacrifice it: Search your library for an Equipment card, put it onto the battlefield, and attach it to a creature you control. Then shuffle your library.

Quest for the Holy Relic Discussion

Funkydiscogod on HATEQUEST

3 weeks ago

Since Quest for the Holy Relic can fetch an equipment and equip it at instant speed, I had an idea: you could fetch a Dowsing Dagger  Flip and equip it to an unblocked creature, to get the thing to transform, for some quick mana ramp.

XaiLo on Trostani Graveyard Tokens

3 weeks ago

What are your thoughts on Quest for the Holy Relic ? I don't put it in every deck but I really like it when I have creatures to cast and Helm of the Host in the library. Also grabs Blade of Selves , my favorite card in the game.

99LandOTK on List of EDH Tutor Cards

1 month ago

Finally discovered one not on the list :D

Quest for the Holy Relic belongs in White Tutors, Equipment Tutors, Tutors to Battlefield, and Jumping through Hoops categories.

heckproof on Quest Combo

4 months ago

I love any deck that runs Quest for the Holy Relic ! Have you considered running any of the other swords?

hkhssweiss on Nahiri's Unending Wrath | Primer

7 months ago

Heya ThoAlmighty, thanks for the upvote and feedback!

In regards to Quest for the Holy Relic , it's a bit slow and I have tested running it before. I was never happy to see it in my hand at all especially since I have pretty much all the essential tutors. As for Godsend I love the card to death, especially since it fits the theme of my Elspeths and gives devotion for Nykthos as well, but the downside is that it's too underwhelming in my current meta, especially since I can give protection to my creatures and there isn't too many creature heavy decks in my meta atm.

33 Lands atm seems pretty low on average, but Nahiri is a card advantage engine by herself especially since the CMC curve is low as well. Having the cheap mana rocks to help quite a bit and I haven't been bothered by it as well, especially with the inclusion of Land Tax / Scroll Rack .

Appreciate your perspective!

ThoAlmighty on Nahiri's Unending Wrath | Primer

7 months ago

It seems to me like you would want a few more rocks, or at least up your land count to 35-36. Also, I think you have enough creatures to make Quest for the Holy Relic useable. Godsend is also a favorite equipment of mine, unless you find yourself playing against decks with a lot of expendable/token creatures.

LoyalPaladin on Knight Tribal

9 months ago

I'm just going to make suggestions for cutting and adding, but they're more suggestions on what I would do if I was building it. OrientSuperior might have some good feedback. He's good at going wide and tribal too.


Not a lot to say here. I'd probably cut some of your higher CMC creatures for more low CMC knights. You probably want to treat your dragons like my Sunhome's Finest deck treats angels: sprinkle them in there, but don't make them a main attraction. Their CMC is usually fairly high.

Sunhome's finest generates a lot of 1/1's to bide time for a big angel to come out, but Knight's aren't quite as good at that as soldiers are, I'd add some more mana rocks and cut a big boy or two. Right now you're running about 22 Knights out of your 29 creatures, with three ways to get a limited number of tokens from what I'm seeing.


You might consider cutting Door of Destinies if you end up being more of a hybrid Knight-Dragon tribal, otherwise it's probably fine for now. I'd probably cut some equipment for commander protection and mana rocks.

Main Cuts: I'd cut these for sure, but there are a few more I'd lop off for other things.

  • Bloodforged Battle-Axe: It's a mana sink and you're going to be strapped for mana in Boros.
  • Godsend: This card isn't very useful in commander. If you exile a card it's gone, since they can't run multiple copies. If you hit their commander they'll just return it to their command zone instead of exiling it.
  • Sunforger: It's really just not that great. It's a mana sink and I actually cut it from my own deck.

Extra Cuts: I'd probably cut Forebear's Blade, Mind's Eye, and Obelisk of Urd as well. Obelisk is worse than Door of Destinies, so keep that latter if you're cutting one of the two. Mind's Eye is a good card, but I barely manage to take advantage of that in a mono-White deck crafted to ramp fast. Forebear's Blade is just so-so, it's not bad, but it's not great.

Add: You could consider Pearl Medallion or Ruby Medallion. I'd probably forgo both of those for what's below or maybe even a Boros Locket.

  • MindStone: Great mana rock with draw in case you really need it.
  • Swiftfoot Boots: You've got two commanders. Run swifties and greaves?
  • Worn Powerstone: It's a tap for two mana rock. Could be more than worth it for you.


I don't have a lot to add here. I'd probably want more instants in general, and I'm not a huge fan of Dawn Charm.


I'd probably cut Steelshaper's Gift for Blasphemous Act. It's half the price and a game winner if you manage to make your creatures indestructible, even for a turn.


I would cut Arch of Orazca and replace it with Terrain Generator. I'd find space somewhere in your artifacts to cut a card and add in a Reliquary Tower too. The 36th land is more important for your colors and you're more than likely to have a build up of cards with a big CMC in your hand at some point. Arch is a cool land, but you're going to rarely have that much mana on hand outside Green. If you're super set on having a card draw outlet like that, go for the Vanquisher's Banner.


I'd probably cut Quest for the Holy Relic for a copy of Honor of the Pure, but that's just me. I feel like the deck is built to go tall, but the tribe is made to go wide. If your deck wins because of commander damage, it's probably because you have two commanders, not necessarily because one of them got beefy.

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