This deck has 4 main focuses:

  1. Scarecrow tribal. Since most scarecrows aren't actually that good, changelings are also suitable here to still trigger Reaper King's effect.

  2. "Any color mana" ramp. Getting Reaper King out on around turn 4 is a priority, because this way you can start Vindicateing sooner, and before you've played your smaller creatures that trigger it.

  3. Protection of the commander. Reaper King is a very powerful card once on the battlefield, but also a big target. Cards like Steely Resolve, and Champion's Helm protect him.

  4. Card draw. Because it's an EDH deck. Rush of Knowledge and Ugin's Insight are especially great because they take advantage of Reaper King's converted mana cost of 10.

Finally, let's just take a moment to appreciate a kicked Rite of Replication targeting Reaper King.

Note: Some features of this deck (such as land base) are not completely optimal, and somewhat based around the cards I personally own or want to build with. Even so, suggestions are welcome!


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