This is a budget deck featuring Vela the Nightclad as the commander, the deck focuses on bouncing, blinking, destroying and all around removing creatures from the battlefield. Featured abilities like Evoke work really well as well as cards that trigger 'when another creature leaves the battlefield' cards.

Most Expensive card: Deadeye Navigator the king of blink, triggers Vela's ability a lot of times, helps reset some of our 'rescue' creatures and saves combo pieces within the deck. When picking the 99 I had no doubt the Navigator would be included.

Best Utility Card: Bloodtracker or Extractor Demon The Bloodtracker can be a source of massive amounts of card draw in a pinch and the demon is a centerpiece for one of the deck's many combos/synergies. Both work well with the deck's overwhelming theme of bouncing and abusing our own creatures.

Best Synergies: Vela, the Nightclad +Ornithopter + Mirran Spy + Banishing Knack for the record the Ornithopter can be replaced with Memnite and the Banishing Knack can be replaced with Retraction Helix this combo of four cards provides infinite damage to each opponent as Ornithoper/Memnite is bounced by the Knack/Helix enhanced Mirran Spy.

Mirran Spy + Ornithopter + Retraction Helix + Altar of the Brood once again Ornithopter can be replaced with Memnite the Helix with Banishing Knack and Alta with Extraction Demon for infinite mill

Another really nasty synergy is Reality Acid with any rescue effect/bounce effect you control, it can get really nasty to make your opponents sacrifice permanents

Next Budget deck: Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle


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