Disappearing Act


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Disappearing Act


As an additional cost to cast Disappearing Act, return a permanent you control to its owner's hand.

Counter target spell.

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Disappearing Act Discussion

5D_Phantom on Ninja Control

3 weeks ago

Also, Familiar's Ruse is a two mana version of Disappearing Act that only accepts creatures.

5D_Phantom on Ninja Control

3 weeks ago

Disappearing Act is one more mana than Mana Leak but it guarantees the spell is countered and lets you return a permanent to your hand.

xtopazinferno on Mechanized Thopters

1 month ago

I'd run a counter spell other than Disappearing Act. If you're going to run counter spells, run Disallow, Cancel, Dispel or Essence Scatter

BatCaveMagicMan on Ninjas!!!!! (aka "Mystery Meat")

2 months ago

Thanks for that input. I like some of those suggestions, but maybe not all. Evacuation had been suggested to me once, and I had planned on acting on it, but forgot to, I can replace Disappearing Act with Familiar's Ruse pretty easily, Strix is unnecessary as the deck has tons of draw power already, the infiltrator works well, I really like Inkfathom, but my primary concern there is mana activations... activating her ability in the same turn as a ninjutsu cost can be quite costly. The Harpy and Wydwen are unnecessary, seeing has how often I bounce things, they could get pretty dangerous to use. But again, thanks, some great stuff to keep in mind! And I am in no way trying to discourage the use of the suggested cards if someone else decides to build and play this deck!

TheVectornaut on Flight of The Fatties

2 months ago

Jafjaf5, I was just testing Disappearing Act with the owls and forgot to take it out at some point. I had been using Mana Leak, but I might just remove the countermagic entirely. I don't really like countering spells myself. When I get the time, I'm actually going to rebuild this deck using some of the new Amonkhet block sphinxes. I might even foil it since I have so many foil sphinxes from trades already.

Jafjaf5 on Flight of The Fatties

2 months ago

I LOVE big air fatties. The Judge's Familiar is super evil and makes me sorry for people facing this deck. The big fatties are so big and fat it will be hard to outpace them. However, I have two suggestions. I do not understand why Disappearing Act is being run. There are not many etb triggers, and there are much better alteritives. My other suggestion is that Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx!! This deck could very easily pull of SUPER, 10 dollar budget deck if there were not a full playlet of those. I like simple mana bases because they don't cost a lot, and I think this deck could really do that. Looking good


MoGoose831 on Milled to Pieces Test

2 months ago

Big changes!I dropped Insidious Will and Disappearing Act entirely.In their place I added another island, Negate and Contingency Plan (to get lands i need to the top of my library and what i dont need into the graveyard for delirium.I also went back to Cryptic Serpent

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