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Trial of the Underworld

Commander / EDH*


As you approach the first stage of the gauntlet, you find yourself on a wide, marshy expanse of a Nyxian battlefield. Against the horizon, the gargantuan form of the Therian God, Erebos, is decorated in twilight. An echoing bellow of challenge resonates through the battlefield towards you. The path is long and difficult, with many Legendary Lieutenants and Generals from across the multiverse. Do you have what it takes to overcome the Trial of the Underworld?

The first of decks to be used in a Commander gauntlet as a means of testing the limits of a deck, Erebos is a mono-black control deck on a budget, bringing a high density of creature and noncreature threats. Use of removal is important, but the deck wins slowly and does not possess many large win conditions outside of big mana + Exsanguinate.

Next step - Muzzio, Visionary Architect


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