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Commander / EDH Combo WU (Azorius)


Repeatedly use Brago's flicker effect to exile and return creatures to activate their enter-the-battlefield effects.

Attach auras and equipment to Brago so that he can get through with indestructible, unblockable, commander damage. Do this while denying your opponents resources and opportunities to hit back.

Azorius has so many creatures with ETB effects to choose from, and this deck includes a variety. A lot of the seemingly innocuous ETB effects can be downright infuriating when they're activated multiple (or infite) times on your turn.

Once you have the Strionic Resonator combo in place, anything with card draw will let you pull until you have a winning effect, and Spine of Ish Sah or Agent of Treachery can effectively end the game by taking away everything your opponents have on the field, or Wall of Lost Thoughts/Overwhelmed Apprentice to mill your opponents out.

If I can drop Sage of Epityr on the first turn, the game usually goes pretty well for me.

This isn't a pure stax deck, because that's just not much fun in my opinion to play or to play agains. However, there are still some options to stop your opponents' plans before they get going. Propaganda and Ghostly Prison both offer combat protection, as does Stonehorn Dignitary. Imprisoned in the Moon and Lawmage's Binding can lock down opponents' commanders. Dovin, Hand of Control doesn't seem like much when he hits the table, but he can have a lot of influence over the course of the game.

It is possible to create an infinite turn loop with Archaeomancer, Time Warp, and either Brago's flicker effect, Conjurer's Closet, or a flicker type spell and Panharmonicon. Also, Strionic Resonator is the MVP artifact in any Brago deck because it can go infinite, and that's absolutely the case here as well.


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