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Kill 'Em All

Commander / EDH



All of your creatures are worthless pawns. Murder them for your own benefit!

Use Endrek in conjunction with other token-making dudes and your assorted team of schmucks to draw cards, generate mana, kill your opponents' guys, and more! And don't worry about sac'ing off your non-token guys: there are tons of ways to recur them, so let 'em die!

While you're killing your own dudes, you're also going to ramp up big mana. You'll primarily do this with mana doublers like Crypt Ghast, Nirkana Revenant, and the like, with the good ol' Urborg-Cabal Coffers combo, and, of course, by throwing your own dudes into Ashnod's and/or Phyrexian Altar. Then you'll generate a fartload of mana to dump into either Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire, your choice. You can also get infinite colorless mana through Ashnod's Altar, Nim Deathmantle, and Grave Titan or infinite black mana (if Endrek is in play) with Phyrexian Altar and Endless Cockroaches.

If that doesn't work, don't worry! You can always just swing with a bunch of tokens that have been pumped by Caged Sun and Eldrazi Monument, or you can keep killing poor ol' Kokusho to drain everyone to death, or you can pull off a huge late-game Rise of the Dark Realms, or you can even just swing with one or two big dudes like Fallen Angel or Ormendahl. The fun thing about this deck is that you have a ton of options. Enjoy it!


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