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dead lion

hateindigital, 18 minutes ago

he will be missed. thoughts? suggestions? questions? +1's all welcome.

Kizmetto, 1 hour ago

Added some bombs, and more mana fixing.


LunaticLeeroy, 1 hour ago

Another Halloween approaches, time to distill the deck once again. This is probably the meanest version of the deck so far.

VS Oloro

ferfy, 2 hours ago

Got a nice string of extra combat phases and extra turns which turned into doing 21 commander damage.

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus, 2 hours ago

Mainboard -1 Phyrexian Unlife, and added +1 dig through time.

Dig through time can see seven cards and find both sides of the combo. The delve cost is a little steep so I made for only one.

If anyone has any insight on running 2-3 then I am in the market for your insight.

Vs Sen Triplets and Malstrom wanderer

ferfy, 2 hours ago

Won after hitting a Time Stretch and Storm Herd off my beloved commander.

A real-deal Mardu deck?

recklesspong, 2 hours ago

By taking the creature count down and moving fully half of the cards to black the 21 land manabase works like a charm. The triple-cast Howl of the Horde combo is as versatile as it is devastating, and Dictate of Erebos -- which I thought might be too slow -- is an absolute swing card because of its flash ability, particularly when you cast it when blocking with multiple tokens. Mardu Charm on turn 6 with a raid-triggered Howl of the Horde is insanely powerful because you can choose a different effect for each iteration. Every turn this deck presents you with a diverse set of tactical options, from removal, to building your board state, to creature buffing, to discards, to card draw, to burn.

I honestly wasn't sure building a decent Mardu deck without Goblin Rabblemaster or Butcher of the Horde was possible, but this is a different beast, and it seems to work.

I'd love some more feedback if anyone has some, and of course +1s are always appreciated.

Jakolz, 3 hours ago

Sorin Markov is good for control tell me to delete or keep thanks

Jakolz, 3 hours ago

Just some Minotaur Deck that I am working on any suggestions will be helpful.Mogis, God of Slaughter just a good sack a creature or take two lifeMore to be added

Aidoneus42, 3 hours ago

After some testing, I definitely felt the need for a 25th land in this "bigger" walkers build. Lilly seemed like the weakest card, not effecting the board and not getting me a 2-for-1. She moved to the side for slower games, and replaced a Rec Sage (it was either that or Erase, and I'm more afraid of combo than I am of control). I added the fifth temple over the eighth painland because I need more pain-free black sources, and because my bigger build gives me some time to play tapped lands and set things up.

Josh50, 4 hours ago

jminja, 4 hours ago

After some testing...

xxdarkgodzillaxx, 4 hours ago

Played 4 games with it Wednesday at my lgs casual day and the first two games went great but games 3 and 4 were rocky. Game 3 I had one land and a sylvan so I kept it and didn't get anywhere for 3 you can guess that game's ending. Game Four was Athreos vs Mimeo vs Roon. The beginning was domninated by Surrak facing against Mimieo players Primordial Hydra, later on Athreos basically shut the game down by playing a creature that makes it so only flyers can we sat there and basically watched Roon play Simic and make Fathom Mage draw his deck and no one had any answers. So this is more of a current status update, this deck is great in straight up aggro pods but still needs work to compete with the more combo/blue decks. So suggestions are greatly appreciated, as you can possibly tell I began by basically adding some of the Splinter Twin and Kikki Jikki, Mirrior Breaker combos incase I need to loop it with Pestermite . Also not sure if I should keep the mana dorks or just add more land, the lack of land at times is odd especially since it's a similar formula to my Kresh deck just no bounce lands. So ideas I have include bonefire of the Damned and Blasphermous Act.

Added 1x [[scuttling doom engine]] for late game

TrystonSpencer, 4 hours ago

I feel like it is a great card for getting done exactly what i need to get done

More changes

luizeduardok, 4 hours ago

This time, I have removed Mindswipe and Dissipate , because they're too expensive. Instead, I'm running three Negate to deal with every non-creature threat (especially Planeswalkers) and three Disdainful Stroke to deall with both huge creatures and late game threats. This card here is awesome because all planeswalkers that had seen some use lately have at least 4 converted mana cost.

I've also remove two Master of the Feast in order to run two more lands: one Swamp and one Temple of Deceit . This is not only a mana fixing but it helps me to run a properly control deck.

Any suggestions? I'm still open.

Again, sorry for the bad english.

Speed and growth

Invisible_Hand., 4 hours ago

I took out various cards and added in a few Grow Immense. This will allow me an extra six+ damage for relatively little mana

Fabled Hero and Nykthos

Somnus21, 5 hours ago

For Fabled Hero, it just didn't work. Against many of the matchups you want to be pumping up your Phalanx Leaders by turn 3-4, lest you get Anger/Drowned.

For Nykthos, it screwed with my drops too much. getting a Nykthos and a Plains for lands then having 3 one-drops is pretty annoying. Plus you won't have much to mana sink into anyways.

A few tweaks.

gildan_bladeborn, 5 hours ago

I decided that as hilarious as the durdle-turtle is, in this particular deck he's not really worth running, so I swapped him out for Kruphix, God of Horizons . I also decided that I wanted a bit more potential draw power and mana sinks, so I swapped out Magebane Armor for an Evolution Vat and Prognostic Sphinx for Sphinx of Magosi . The two cards I couldn't get locally and had stand-ins for arrived as well tonight, making this deck complete (until such time as I eventually decide to change something).

More like EraNO

Aerokid, 5 hours ago

Erayo, Soratami Ascendant banned.

Mirri's Guile removed, basically a worse top.

Dual Casting removed. Not really enough early creatures to drop it on.

Chord of Calling added for instant speed fetch shenanigans like Snapcaster Mage or Mystic Snake .

Howl of the Horde added because copies, yo.

Trickbind added because I don't really have an answer for abilities besides hitting the source with Cyclonic Rift .

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