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Arlinn is awsome

Luton, 36 minutes ago

Title of the update says it all, she's just really, really good in this deck. She provides a board state while contolling your opponent, or burning them while flipped. She can also be used for some shenanigans with Verdurous Gearhulk, allowing you to swing for lethal with a 10/10 trampler.

Grand Prix Denver

Cyberninja16, 1 hour ago

I played this deck in the Saturday Morning Special and two Standard Quickfire events. I had 1 draw in the Special, but otherwise it was a clean sweep. Those wins were worth over 2 Kaladesh booster boxes!

First real testing

Dorotheus, 2 hours ago

Deck is full of clunk, Ancient Stirrings and Oath of Nissa don't look for the same cards or even remotely similar things, I need to pick one of them and go with that and base more things around that. I need to figure out a way to get the combo online or just get Amulet in either case Amulet of Vigor is the most important piece of the deck, but it's also the only artifact to get, so maybe Pentad Prism is the tie-in piece

Got a few more cards.

lunarfault, 2 hours ago

Picked up an Expedition Map, Geth, Lord of the Vault, and Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni today. Have switched out an artifact for the map. Not sure what to switch out for Geth and Ink-Eyes. I know I really want them both in there.

Got a few more cards.

lunarfault, 2 hours ago

Picked up an Expedition Map, Geth, Lord of the Vault, and Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni today. Have switched out an artifact for the map. Not sure what to switch out for Geth and Ink-Eyes. I know I really want them both in there.

Waiting for Yaheeni's expertise

clark1424, 2 hours ago

Probably gonna drop 2 Voldaren Pariah  Flip, 2 Distended Mindbender, and 4 Scrapheap Scrounger for it to be replaced by 3 Relentless Dead, 3 yaheeni's expertise and 2 Diregraf Colossus.


After rotation, I think I'll go for "Frontier" instead of standard since i really love my Zombie deck.=)

Scorpowned, 4 hours ago

So I decided it doesn't really need any other win cons so I took them out of the side. Now I help finding 3 new SB cards.

Update #2

EvelPhreak, 8 hours ago

  • Removed Forgotten Cave A budget land that gave me a little card draw. Not worth keeping.
  • Removed Anya, Merciless Angel She just felt so underwhelming compared to the other angels in the deck.
  • Added Strip Mine This is now my most competitive deck and I don't have any other way to handle lands.
  • Added Legion's Initiative It's a small anthem (kinda), and it has a built-in blink effect. Perfect!

Update #2

EvelPhreak, 8 hours ago

  • I took apart one of my other decks, so a lot of pieces from that deck landed here.
  • Removed Mountain Valley Replaced with an actual fetchland.
  • Removed Opulent Palace I'm trying to get rid of lands that have to ETB tapped, and this deck doesn't play much black or green.
  • Removed Rocky Tar Pit Replaced with an actual fetchland.
  • Removed Smoldering Marsh Replaced with another fetchable land.
  • Removed Sunken Hollow See above.
  • Removed Far Wanderings Threshold was surprisingly hard to hit, so this felt like a waste of mana.
  • Removed Mystical Tutor This definitely works in the deck, but I felt it worked better elsewhere.
  • Removed Thought Vessel I'm not all that worried about max hand size.
  • Removed Vedalken Orrery This deck plays blue, so the replacement was obvious.
  • Added Polluted Delta and Bloodstained Mire Yay for real fetchlands. Sorely needed in a four-color deck.
  • Added Watery Grave and Blood Crypt Battlelands are fine, but shocklands are so much better in EDH.
  • Added Rogue's Passage Yes, it's pricey (mana-wise0, but there are times I really need to connect with Yidris.
  • Added Leyline of Anticipation Starting the game with this on board puts you in an amazing position from the get-go.
  • Added Sire of Stagnation A big reason I built this deck is to play all the cards that I wanted to play in EDH but didn't fit in other decks. This is one of those cards.
  • Added Thassa, God of the Sea A scry every turn and making Yidris unblockable?! Yes please!

Gilgamesh150, 8 hours ago

Demon of dark schemes moved to sideboard from mainboard

+1 emrakul -1 mirrorpool

Gilgamesh150, 8 hours ago

+1 emrakul, the promised end

-1 mirrorpool

-1 Sorin +1 noxious gearhulk

Gilgamesh150, 8 hours ago

-1 Sorin form main: goes to side board

+1 Noxious Gearhulk: moved from sideboard to mainboard

1st place fnm!

Gilgamesh150, 8 hours ago

First place fnm!

Grixis Update! All hail Nicol Bolas!

fleishdawg, 9 hours ago

Added Black, should be good for the deck! Much more bullshit and dumb effects!

Sideboard Tweaks

CardSh@rk, 11 hours ago

Removed 1x Jace, 1x Fumigate, and 3x Spell Queller from the side for 2x Summary Dismissal and 3x Ceremonious Rejection

Updated to most recent list

Hexbringer0, 11 hours ago

Finally got back around to tappedout. Been playing Zurgo weekly with some friends. Some cards need proving. Thier is some blaspheny, with me removing the boots and the greaves. Also this deck breaks to (Blind Obediance) and any grave hate i can't remove.

Getting the deck in line with cEDH standards

coreman, 12 hours ago

Lets be honest. I get lazy and I brew a ton. I have 16 EDH decks.... and with that most of my staples are spread thin. My manabase was not good. It really wasn't up to cEDH standards, wasn't optimized and needed some work.

So out with the old and in with the new. Taking out...
Cephalid Coliseum
Dryad Arbor
Flooded Grove
Green Sun's Zenith
Hinterland Harbor
Homeward Path
2x Islands
Lonely Sandbar
Thespian's Stage
Woodland Cemetary

Adding in...
Bloodstained Mire
Deathrite Shaman
Dimir Signet
Fellwar Stone
Flooded Strand
Mana Confluence
Mana Crypt
Marsh Flats
Mox Diamond
Scalding Tarn
Simic Signet
Strip Mine
Windswept Heath
Wooded Foothills

Also making a few changes for usability.
+Toxic Deluge
+Arcane Denial
+Rapid Hybridization

Second Week's Changes

MurderousMeatloaf, 12 hours ago

Card NamePrice
Stone-Seeder Heirophant0.07
Thought Vessel1.88
Reliquary Tower2.49
Dictate of Karametra0.26

Azorius Charm

Zholto, 12 hours ago

Replaced the 2xVapor Snag with Azorius Charm. Its more versatile, and all around better. Can't believe I didn't do this swap earlier.

Big Copy Pasta

IrrelevantAlex, 12 hours ago

Basically went through other Atraxa Superfriends Decks on here and used a bunch of cards and ideas. I don't now a lot of cards so seeing that these enchantments exist was nice.

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