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Deck Overhaul

Dimensionless, 23 minutes ago

Retuned deck, added Domanaria thru Modern Horizons cards
Took out :
Nonrepeatable / card negative loot effects
Symetrical Wipes
Relevant goblin cards for board presence, more board presence cards in general
More ramp
More artifacts & artifact synergy package
Opulent Palace and Path of Ancestry

A Song for a A Song...

LVL_666, 26 minutes ago

So about a month back I reached out to my good pal Gattison to write a song for this deck - I've just wanted to add some more fun flavor to the deck page and had a blast coming up with some fun Phyrexian inspired lyrics for the deck. I guess i'm showing my age a bit with the reference for the song, but the idea was to get something fun and silly and twist it to fit the purposes of spreading the greatness of Phyrexia. Think of this song as The Lego Movie's Everything is Awesome theme song...but for Phyrexia. Set to the tune of The Banana Split's Opening Theme Song I present to you:

===accordion ===panel:The Split Hymns of the Machine Orthodoxy Tra-la-la, la-la-la-la (x4)

One infect, two infect, three infect, four

We are soon to be compleat and entirely pure

Come along and confess your love for Phyrexia too

Better say it quick, or Atraxa will come for you

Makin’ up a mess of fun (x2) Lots of fun for everyone

Tra-la-la, la-la-la-la (x4)

Five infect, six infect, seven infect, eight

Phyrexia's love grows with proliferate

Corrupting Karn's mind while forging a Mirrodin reborn:

Jin-Gitaxis , Vorinclex , Sheoldred and Elesh Norn

We even got Karn's Bastion (x2) We proliferate everyone!

Tra-la-la, la-la-la-la (x4)

Nine infect, ten infect, proliferate more:

Everyone's compleat, cuz' the Colossus made sure

Hey there all Phyrexians, come along and see

Just how many heretics we can make compleat ===endpanel ===endaccordion


Noire_Samhain, 46 minutes ago

Out- Llanowar Scout. Not that needed.

In- Elvish Clancaller. Just a nice lord. I didn't really know it existed until I cracked one in a pack.

*Throne of Eldraine* Update

TheSurgeon, 1 hour ago

After some mental chewing, decided to give 2x Mission Briefing a shot.

Also, Drown in the Loch was spoiled today from Throne, which will replace 3x Remand . Took Mesmeric Orb to 2 as it's milling more than necessary from my own graveyard and feels like a dead draw late game when control is a factor.

Thoughts appreciated. Play hard!

Diary Entry 09/18/1019

TolarianScientist, 2 hours ago

It happened, Slimefoot is no longer our captain. We hoist silk sails and move toward the deepest darkest abyss.

[TED] - Update

CrimsonWings3689, 2 hours ago

Thorbran, Thane of Red Fell to replace ???

Castle Embereth to replace Smoldering Crater

Endless Atlas to replace ???

[TED] - Update

CrimsonWings3689, 2 hours ago

Escape to the Wilds (FOIL) to replace ???


magi345, 4 hours ago

New combo

shadowmage, 6 hours ago

Added Illusionist's Bracers + Seeker of Skybreak combo , a badass and easily tutorable combo that can generate infinite mana when targeting a mana dork with the copied untap trigger or infinite untaps with Selvala! Amazing !!

To add

StaggerLee84, 6 hours ago

1x field of ruin 1x vindicate

Spear of Heliod out spontaneous Generation in

griffstick, 8 hours ago

OUT: Spear of Heliod got cut because it immediate impact was to small. The +1/+1 buff never really made much of a difference. Secondly the "do not attack me" part of the card where it says. 1 white white tap destroy target creature that delt damage to you this turn was way to weak and I hardly ever had to use it.

IN: Spontaneous Generation . You know just thinking about how strong this card can be was enough for my to add it to the deck . After game testing I am very pleased with the addition of Spontaneous Generation and it's interactions with other cards like Cathars' Crusade (witch in game play, I played both cards in one turn. For exactly 9 mana. Was able to make seven 7/7's)

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