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Evoksva_______, 13 minutes ago

The deck is now finished except for Inundate .It's been played about +80 times in a row with many different EDH decks and I am overall happy with how it operates.

My next project is here. Let me know if you have any suggestions for either.


TitansFTW, 27 minutes ago

Would you look at that? 1000 whole upvotes! Now we need to get this bad boy to number 1.

DSHoyt, 1 hour ago

First match. 2-0
Second match mirror match 4-0


Toumaru, 1 hour ago

I need help with the last open slot in the sideboard- if anyone has an idea for me, please leave a comment!

Help Meh!

Komamura, 1 hour ago

Cards I plan on adding:

stormsurge kraken

Stoneforge Mystic


Nahiri, the Lithomancer

I need help on what to take out... lol

Deck Changes, Comments Reset

TheFanatic, 1 hour ago

I decided to cut Commune with the Gods from the deck as an experiment. As a result, I increased the number of Whip of Erebos and Sidisi, Brood Tyrant to four and was able to fit in 2 Hero's Downfall in the main. Soul of Innistrad also made the cut, and I put in Polluted Delta s to help fuel Murderous Cut without Commune.


ValkyrieLeonus, 2 hours ago

Deck is now tribal human warriors. going good so far.

First Games

Jdvanliew, 2 hours ago

I am 3-0 right now. Hope this keeps up!

It's back!

valek07, 3 hours ago

Okay, sat down and hammered this thing out.

Dunno how that worked out, but I'm at 100 cards.

Swapped for basics around for other lands. Rupture Spire and Transguild Promenade were taken out to reduce the land count, and I feel a can get away without them in 2 color. Brought in some new toys. I'm short one Sphinx of Uthuun right now, so I'm using a Rotting Mastodon (lol) in it's place.


tassmaister, 3 hours ago

Updated my deck with the latest changes and cards on it's way that is ordered!

2014 Commander

MoreJustice, 4 hours ago

Interested in testing: Containment Priest, Impact Resonance.

awesome hatebear and a sunforger-able one sided wrath. yes please.

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