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RIX Update!

bartlettphoto, 6 minutes ago

I have updated the deck with the new additions from Rivals of Ixalan and improved the land base. Please leave any feedback you have and upvotes are always appreciated!

Other Build I’m going to try

Exoline, 38 minutes ago

So I tried a more Midrange style build of this deck a few days ago, similar to SaffronOlives budget magic deck last night and saw it have more success. Rather then completely trash this list, I made a separate deck for it. You can find it here Rakdos Pirates Midrange

In the works

Bou, 40 minutes ago

I began this prototype quite some time ago after noticing my original Ishkanah deck had some troubles keeping up with my playgroup, I wanted it to be a bit faster, a bit more overwhelming, but not too much. For example, infinite combi aren't allowed in our group and we generally want to keep things fun (I was one of the main advocates of banning infinites as I didn't, still don't, want to be forced into blue counterbounce hell).

Recently I have begun tweaking this prototype again and have now reached the point where I'm thinking of buying all the cards I don't have yet, finishing the build for actual play. The description needs more work, but I feel pretty good about it.


n0bunga, 49 minutes ago

Messing around with the landbase to add more to potentially cast the Black spells.

Also added some spice to the side, as I am genuinely curious how Nezahal would operate here.

Ervefel, 1 hour ago

Adding Journey to Eternity  Flip. Removing Kher Keep.

doonmeister, 1 hour ago

Remove Ichor Wellspring: add Mycosynth Wellspring

Mastermind's Aquisition

AsterixHs, 1 hour ago

The card allows me to run some win con's and necessary removal in side board so I can make my deck more concise
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5-0 in MTGO Friendly Modern League

rothgar13, 1 hour ago

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to report that we bagged another 5-0 in an MTGO friendly league! This deck is starting to feel very solid at the moment, and I can tentatively recommend it.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc

stewbert01, 1 hour ago

The decision has been made to run the deck with 2x Growing Rites of Itlimoc over 2x Elvish Visionary. For only 1 more mana it digs 3 cards deeper than the visionary and also acts as extra copies of Elvish Archdruid. In play testing games where I cast the growing rites generally feel like a slow showing from the deck but generally in those exact games the visionary feels just as slow. The card also makes the craterhoof play more possible and is made better by the dryad arbor in the deck.
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Additions & Removals

chadsansing, 1 hour ago


DragonDayDragon, 2 hours ago

Trying to play 2 copies of card:Mastermind's Inquisition. Doing this, I am putting 1 Torment of Hailfire and 1 Bad Rack in the sideboard. I am testing this for fear of Lost Legacy.

jrwilder, 2 hours ago

traded jungle delver for more silvergill. running 61 because ghalta is really cool.

Deck Version 1.0

evanmce, 2 hours ago

Deck Added

Uskebasi, 2 hours ago

-1 Gift of Immortality, -1 shard of convergence

+1 Journey to Eternity  Flip, +1 Primal Growth

Cards Be A Moving

JomoVS, 3 hours ago

Added in 3x Fatal Push, but had to drop 1x Plains, 1x Moment of Triumph, 1x Moment of Craving. Should help with keeping the early game board somewhat clear.

Online_id, 4 hours ago

Swapped out Enter the Unknown x3 for Verdurous Gearhulk x2 and a swamp
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Eric's deck

carriechen, 4 hours ago

STD 0 / 0

Cut some cute stuff

Karshtakavaar, 5 hours ago

As much as I loved running Saheeli Rai (-2 gearhulk, recast cryptic, tap your dudes take 10?) It was a little.... cute. So replaced her with another threat in Geist, not really set on that particular swap but I figure I can try it for a bit.

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