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MmmK, a few seconds ago

I decided to order the cards after all since it was only like $3 in cards that I didn't already have. I'll playtest with basic lands but I may bump in guildgates and/or transguild promenades. No expensive multilands, I want it to stay a budget deck.

teamawesome1, 8 minutes ago

Thinking of taking Primeval Titan out for Azusa, Lost but Seeking Primetime is amazing but in all the testing I've done he seems like he is not necessary for the deck, but more like a way to "win harder" so to speak. Not completely sure about this decision though, input appreciated

New Refresh

sewellius, 15 minutes ago

Looked over list again to address strategy, and made a number of changes to include better early game suriveability, as well as adopting some suggestions.

Took out some expensive cards that mostly served as 'Win-more" cards to make more space, mostly for utility creatures.

Rakdo's Return

rlovelace84, 31 minutes ago

Yeah. Doing it. I need more stuff to give it a little more each, especially against control.


EarthToThien, 59 minutes ago

Made some changes to include some cards from the M15 core set. I like what Genesis Hydra and Chord of Calling bring to the board. Also, Scuttling Doom Engine seems like a really great play against Verdict decks and the mirror. I'm considering adding in Life's Legacy or Shrapnel Blast to the sideboard.

Goblin Kaboomist

SuperFluffyMan, 1 hour ago

Goblin Kaboomist is really meh. He's a 1/2 for 2 mana that can kill himself. I have replaced him with Madcap Skills to extra damage and whatnot.


zeroman514, 1 hour ago

i removed sundering titan for the deck.

Consistency & Speed

NittanyLionRoar, 1 hour ago

I had a lot of fun playing mono-green devotion this weekend and definitely surprised opponents with just how versatile Nissa, Worldwaker can be. She's the real deal. But, there are some adjustments to be made. Here's a lengthy, but thorough review of changes.

As I feared, some of the new M15 cards are exciting, but too mana-intensive--even for a ramp deck. If an opponent has any ability to blow up the ramp strategy in my original build, you get stuck and have almost no way to come back. When I lost, I was often holding Hornet Queen , Hydra Broodmaster , and Chord of Calling without a way to cast them. There are three goals I had in mind when making further adjustments: (1) Make it even quicker, (2) Focus on the meta, and (3) Have a way to cast spells even when my ramp has been wiped out.

Main Board

Removed: -1 Hornet Queen , -1 Hydra Broodmaster , -4 Chord of Calling .

Added: +1 Nylea's Disciple , +2 Boon Satyr , +3 Mistcutter Hydra .There is so much blue out there in mono-blue devotion and control, that I believe Mistcutter Hydra is totally worth the main board space. It has haste and an X casting cost too, so it's relevant through all stages of the game-early, mid, and late.

Sideboard: On a whim, I threw a couple of Scuttling Doom Engine into the sideboard before my matches on Thursday and I have to say--that card shores up a lot of weaknesses mono-green has against mono-black. Lifebane Zombie can't remove it from your hand and intimidate means nothing against Scuttling Doom Engine . It can't be chump-blocked by a small Pack Rat nor Mutavault and trades with Desecration Demon , if your opponent is brave enough to take 6 damage. Most of black's removal are kill spells, so opponents are hesitant to use their removal on it. Of course, it's weak to Thoughtseize , but what isn't? With all of the mono-black out there, I decided to put a full playset of Scuttling Doom Engine in the sideboard.

Another important part of the sideboard is Hornet Nest , which is needed to slow down faster decks and the mirror match. The other cards are for match-ups against decks with lots of enchantments. They include Reclamation Sage , Unravel the Aether , and Back to Nature .

Thursday @ Comics & Gaming Fairfax (before changes): 2-0 vs. control and 1-4 vs. mono-black devotion.

I was surprised at how well the deck performed against control. The pinnacle of the match was after my opponent d-sphered one copy of Nissa, Worldwaker and one Polukranos, World Eater which left me with a bunch of mana dorks. He had Elspeth, Sun's Champion on the table, pumping out tokens when I used a Genesis Hydra to find another Polukranos, World Eater . He was out of removal and couldn't counter Polukranos, so next turn I was able to monstrous it for 16 (33 mana), killing all the tokens and swung in for the win.

Mono-black was just a bear to play. I started out 0-2 and was at a loss for what to do. Unfortunately, I got matched up against another mono-black deck, but I discovered all the good I could do with Scuttling Doom Engine . The deck started to perform better in that matchup. I lost the first matchup of course, sided in 2 copies and won. Then in the final round, he thoughtseized my Scuttling Doom Engine late in the game, leading to a very close loss. This is what inspired me to put a full playset in the sideboard.

Friday - I didn't get to do FNM, but tested the changes out with friends on Friday afternoon. This is with the changes: 6-2 vs. Boros Burn, 2-0 vs. Control, 2-1 vs. Mono-black aggro.

I would have expected this deck to be weak to control, but it has done a lot of good things. I think it's a combination of Mistcutter Hydra which is protected from blue and can't be countered + Nissa, Worldwaker 's elemental land creatures which can't be exiled by Detention Sphere and Banishing Light + the sideboard cards that bounce and destroy enchantments at instant speed.

This deck owns Boros Burn, but when I did lose, it was because Chained to the Rocks can exile Nissa's elemental land creatures and Young Pyromancer 's elemental creatures chump block all day with the right draws. It did well against mono-black aggro too, but it lost once due to Bile Blight screwing up my ramp and it taking too long to come back.

I look forward to trying out this newer, faster, build that is more resistant to decks that currently clog the meta. I'll let you know how it does.

Pookey13, 1 hour ago

Got a Bear Umbra so I can have infinite combat phases with Hellkite Charger


Epidilius, 1 hour ago

Finally got a Cathedral of War . I switched it and Evolving Wilds . I don't have enough colour variety to need it.


nnaragam, 1 hour ago

-3 Act of Treason

+2 Harness by Force

+1 Bow of Nylea

CRPowers, 1 hour ago

I can't figure out which cards to remove...

Debut performance

calderstrake, 2 hours ago

Fielded this for the first time this weekend.

Game 1

Drew Quest and 3x lands. Powered up the Quest by turn five and played a Grozoth which fetched me 4x Inkwell and the other Grozoth . Died before my next turn.

Game 2

Drew Quest again, but never got it powered up. Died before I could kill anyone.

The only way this deck will win is if no one reads or knows your cards. /ugh


iamnickhansen, 2 hours ago

Had a few playtest games, and found that I needed to add some middle of the curve cards.

Soldeath, 2 hours ago

Went to the TCG Diamond 5k event on Saturday in Seattle, WA and went 1-7 so I dropped before the 8th round. All matches I made my opponent work really hard to beat me so that felt good. I would like more suggestions on how to make this deck more consistent without digging into more RTR cards.

Faster wins have been discovered.

Madams2113, 2 hours ago

By Swapping out some Jaces or some Garruks you can add Chalice of Life/Death and use it with Tezzeret to gain a lot of life and then start dealing 5 damage to you opponent.

megagundam7, 2 hours ago

+1 Jace Beleren+1 Liliana Vess

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