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2 bolas mats

evonbokel, 16 minutes ago

I took this deck in to two events. I went undefeated at both. The toughest match ups were g/b energy and ramunap red. This deck is also rotation proof. - the 2 radiant flames. but the replacement will be sweltering suns. This deck is now fairly expensive do to Chandra. How ever this deck will be always solid. It was able to handle every threat and get its self out of rough spots. This deck has also been undefeated last 4 times played. 2 fnm and 2 weekday tournaments.

cataclyst, 1 hour ago

cataclyst, 1 hour ago

dropping cards

Geo67, 1 hour ago

have cut both mana dorks, they just seem to end up dead on the table.

Extensive Edit #2

WilySmile, 2 hours ago

After many suggestions, both here and on reddit, I have made several changes to the deck. The cards that I cut from the main deck are now in the sideboard, in case of reverse changes or the like. Now the deck should be more synergistic with the -1/-1 and +x/+x counters as well as optimizing the ramp up of the build by adding in Druid of the Cowls. Please continue to help me out with suggestions and the like.I really appreciate all of this!

FrateIndovino, 2 hours ago

I've removed three cards to make rooms for some "removals". OUT: Ivy Lane Denizen, Hardened Scales, Domri Rade . IN: Nightshade Peddler , Basilisk Collar, Stoneforge Mystic. Marath + Mana Echoes/Ashnod's Altar combo off with Ivy Lane Denizen/Hardened Scales. Problem was assemble the combo: Hardened Scales, Mana Echoes and Illusionist's Bracers are Enchantment or artifact type and: 1) Naya colors doesn't provide draw power; 2) This deck has only Enlightened Tutor. The combo Marath+Mana Echoes+Illusionist's Bracers is still viable and now Stoneforge Mystic can catch Bracers. Maybe Ivy Lane Denizen could be come back, due to a lot of creatures' tutors. But its fragility leaves me doubtful.

Domri Rade is most of times a first-activation-then-pass-die.

C17 Updates

coldjin, 2 hours ago

Taigam, Sidisi's Hand is simply too powerful to pass up. I took off a Sultai Soothsayer to maintain the mana curve's balance to make room to our Zombie Queen's trusted councelor. I also swapped the Temple of the False God to fit in a Command Tower.

Mana-Base Tweaks

Hyacathusarullistad, 2 hours ago

Nothing major, just some balancing to the deck's mana-base. It needed a little less U and a little more R. Also removed Crucible of the Spirit Dragon , because by the time it gets enough counters on it to be useful, you've already got a Sage or Ventmaw out anyway; and we eliminated both copies of Shimmering Grotto, because the amount of dual lands we're running makes fixing less of a priority than I expected it would be.

C17 additions

AtrusOfMyst, 2 hours ago

Added Path of Ancestry in place of Moonlight Hunt. Added Traverse the Outlands in place of Beastmaster Ascension.

Hive Mind as 5th Main Wincon

talgardo, 3 hours ago

I've been testing the deck in this season of PPTQ. The deck performs well, but I added HiveMind as a permanent 5th Win con, it give me some wins at hard situations, also opponents don't expect it.

Coalition Relic is the current card to be tested, I found interesting to add an extra ramp to the deck, 3 azusa, 4 Sakura 3 Explore + 3 Relic.

On sideboard I added a board wipe (pyroclasm) and Obstinate Baloth to help against Junk/Jund Lilianas.

MDN 0 / 0

20 likes! + Food Chain!

Casey4321, 3 hours ago

Thanks everyone for the likes hopefully it keeps climbing!

Kahmal outFood Chain in.

The more I played this the more cute Kahmal was. I've swapped him out for a win con in the form of Titania + Food Chain + Command Beacon

4-0 at fnm

Boltarcher, 3 hours ago

The deck went undefeated at gameday and now went 4-0 at fnm, the only change I'm making is taking the Regal Caracal out for two sunscourge champions
STD 0 / 0

Edit #1

WilySmile, 3 hours ago

After some suggestions I have added a splash of black for Nest of Scarabs and Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons. With those I have made some changes as noted in the comments to better optimize the build. Please continue to evaluate and make suggestions (with explanations).

I really do appreciate all the feedback!

Update 1.02

Shadowz6677, 4 hours ago

So my last update was purged for some reason. Anyway, a lot has changed. Chains and Nether Void were removed for a bit to test other things.

Contamination and Mana Web joined the deck. Defense Grid is no longer in the deck or sideboard. Grafdigger's Cage is part of the sideboard now. Along with this, comes many new developments. Especially Amulet of Dreams combo Amulet of Vigor + Orb of Dreams This allows a slow steady lock down to begin with Mana Web at its base. Combining this with Static Orb + Winter Orb makes for a very very mean lockdown of the board.When I readd Nether Void to this deck, the lockdown will be a full cycle. Maelstrom Pulse will join the deck as well very soon.

Cabal Coffers is in the deck as we can see, this helps generate the mana flow with Crypt Ghast + Blanket of the Night Blanket is in the deck solely to fend off LD.

Thorn of Amethyst finally hit the deck as well as Helm of Obedience (We all knew this was coming once Leyline of the Void was added into the deck.)Mox Diamond was added by removing Lotus Petal and we actually went up in the average CMC from 2.07 to 2.19. There is SO much more that can be talked about with this, but we will get to that in the next update!

To add a little more onto this, we can see Meren of Clan Nel Toth has been added into the sideboard. By removing Gonti from the sideboard, we make room to add her and a few other cards so that we can continue to cycle new cards in and out of the deck as we please. Eternal Witness will be joining the fray as well as Regrowth

Next update scheduled: 9/1/2017

Quick change

MillionLittleE, 4 hours ago

so i made some changes last night including the Contamination package that Abysswalker recommended. i also included loam as another good way to break parity with taxing effects, and i added darkblast as the recurring removal that glissa wants. Looking at you Executioner's Capsule.

FrozenQuantum, 8 hours ago

Pls leave any suggestions to improve the deck.Note: This is a budget deck

Update #5

Aceleron, 10 hours ago

So I will head towards next FNM Standard Tournament or Standard Showdown on Saturday and cause of the lacking performance on Game Day I revised this deck with some new Ideas:

As they didnt perform that well especially because of their Sorcery Speed I kicket out:

-2x Cartouche of Zeal

-2x Consuming Fervor

"We need more Creatures" - So I had to get some space for more creatures in my deck, so I cut all spells that remain in here for 1

-1x Magma Spray

-1x Fling

-1x Supernatural Stamina

-1x Brute Strength

As I nearly drawed him every time and have more creatures for more situations in the Deck now I had to say goodbye to one copy of him:

-1x Ahn-Crop Crasher

And these will join my ranks and hopefully prove worthy:

+2x Built to Smash

+1x Neheb, the Eternal

+1x Bloodrage Brawler

+1x Emberhorn Minotaur

+4x Bomat Courier

I also think about adding a Glorybringer instead of another Neheb, the Eternal to have higher chances in late game but I have to think about this.


Damien_Storm, 10 hours ago

Okay, so in hand, you need 1 Swamp, 2 Simian Spirit Guides, 2 Myr Retrievers, 1 Heartless Summoning, and 1 Altar of the Brood.

Now, you will want to exile a Simian Spirit Guide for 1 red mana and play Altar of the Brood. You'll then want to play your Swamp and make all opponents mill 1.

Now, exile the other Simian Spirit Guide and tap your Swamp to play Heartless Summoning, making all opponents mill 1 again.

Now, play Myr Retriever for 0. It will instantly die and can't be Path to Exile'd at all. As soon as it resolves, it dies. It's already on the stack. They will have to mill 1 again. Now play your other Myr Retriever for 0. It makes them mill 1 and then dies. THEN, it's ability triggers as it dies. Bounce the other Myr Retriever to hand. Play that Myr Retriever that you got into your hand from the grave, make them mill 1, it dies, then rinse and repeat.

Infinite mill combo on turn one. There you go.

More Tokens

MegaMatt13, 11 hours ago

I've taken apart a different token deck that included Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession so I am trying them out in here. They should boost my token army into a scary critical mass quicker.

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