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Minor Oversights.

Benny_B, 1 hour ago

Sphinx's Revelation IN ; Remand OUT. We run a lot of counterspells, we didnt need another "soft" counter. The card draw was nice, but Revelation offers us even better card draw in place of an unnecessary counterspell.

Soulfire Grand Master IN ; Charmbreaker Devils OUT. SGM does a really good job of cycling spells, allowing us to choose what we want to keep rather that the random choices that Charmbreaker presents. Overall a more solid choice giving us yet another way to soft-lock as a backup plan.

Divine Reckoning IN ; Feeling of Dread OUT. Feeling of Dread would often be cast for four mana in one turn to tap down a few creatures and double trigger prowess. It was a fairly low impact spell, that was "fun" to use. Divine Reckoning for four mana has much more impact in my opinion. Being able to wipe a board then kill their creature with Shu Yun seemed too good to pass up.

Thanks the nayrash5 for the awesome suggestions that i completely overlooked!

Update 2

Audiofreek, 2 hours ago

Yesterday the deck seemed to work better. The star of day would be Sorin, Lord of Innistrad's ultimate. I was able to take away a Griselbrand away and fully use it to my advantage. One of the games I played I got mana-screwed big time; started out with 3 and took 5 turns before drawing a fourth but by then it was too late for my deck to function well enough to get out of the jam.

I want your thoughts about maybe adding Ratchet Bomb to the sideboard? If I get Elspeth's emblem making my stuff indestructible, the card could work nicely to my benefit but if I don't, I could loose everything.

1st real modern deck (boros aggro)

mosath, 2 hours ago

Let me know what I can improve and what's good. Some things are out of the question. ie: arid Mesa, because of price but most cards under 10$ I'll consider.

Kheru Bloodsucker

raverswivel, 3 hours ago

so after toying around with the deck a little and consulting another deck by HenkSpank, I decided to toy around with Kheru Bloodsucker, and the verdict is... she stays =D

at first I was really just looking for a little better utility than some of my less pertinent exploit creatures coughQarsi Sadistcough. I, however, did not expect to find a card that would accomplish the same exact thing as qarsi sadist, but with the added bonus of a pay to sac ability...

so now that I have briefly glossed over the positive aspects, which I will get back to very soon... lets take a look at the downside. for 1, it costs an extra to get onto the play field. that I can overlook since my average CMC is looking lower than I expected anyways. second, it changes an exploit creature into a combo trigger... Im actually not even that mad about it: it adds to the shenanigans that ensue when I exploit a creature with toughness 4 or greater (and with how heavily I rely on Sidisi's Faithful and Sidisi, Undead Vizier, that shouldnt be too hard to trigger).

now for the positive sides... the sides where it truly shines through and clearly beats qarsi sadist into submisison.

1) Did I mention it has a Pay to Sac ability? DID I??? Holy crap this is what I have been looking for for so long, how did I miss it??? so the logic goes as such... you are sitting around, you have successfully stalled out your opponents game for several turns and are feeling pretty safe at home. you dont have palace siege out quite yet, but you are a single sac of Sidisi, Undead Vizier (who naturally has been tagged with Gift of Immortality by now as it shoud ALWAYS be your first pull) away from grabbing it, when the clouds of despair part and the sun starts shining down on your opponent (there is nothing a predominantly "sultai" deck hates more than sunshine). there is a glimmer of hope in your opponents eyes as he realizes that your next 7 draws are land, and oh yea... you have no hand. what is a girl (pronounced "undead naga witch") to do??? oh... well why dont you just let that Kheru Bloodsucker take care of that for you??? Oh, Great Idea!!!

no, but in all seriousness, I cant tell you how often I have charged ahead a little too fast and emptied my hand right when I need to kill one of my creatures the most. it is a damn nightmare, and Im glad I may have a way around that.

2) Did I mention Pay to Sacrifice??? this has so much utility in my deck, beyond just fueling the exploit cycle. say your opponent is relying heavily on exile cards (exile cards that are specifically not Anafenza, the Foremost). you finally get your sidisi on the board, and they slap an exile card on her right away... are you seeing where Im going with this??? just throw the sacrifice on top of the stack, and laugh as they realize they just forfeited an exile card. I am seeing HUGE potential for protecting my creature assets with this one.

3) with as much as I am frequently exploiting Sidisi, Undead Vizier, and Sidisi's Faithful, I am thrilled about the potential for direct damage (can you really call it damage?) and the life gain. I have previously noted my love for throwing gift of immortality on Sidisi, and exploiting her into the ground with something like a SF. throw a blood sucker on top of that, and you are gaining 4 life every time you do it. get a second one on the field??? thats 8 unblockable damage every turn. its madness, and honestly could be considered a minor win-con in and of itself.

you must be asking yourself... could there possibly be more??? consider this... turn 1) Sidisi's Faithful, turn 2) Mirror Mockery, turn 3) blood sucker... every turn, SF swings, the generated token exploits itself, you bounce a creature, they lose 2 life, and you gain 2 life... that is a pretty menacing turn 3. I LOVE IT!!!

Im really excited about playing around with this card and finding plenty more combinations with it =D as it is, I could easily see myself throwing in a playset of these once theros roles out.

Major Revision

hkhssweiss, 3 hours ago


[+] Anowon, the Ruin Sage

[+] Bloodline Keeper  Flip

[+] Bloodlord of Vaasgoth

[+] Butcher of Malakir

[+] Captivating Vampire

[+] Dark Impostor

[+] Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief

[+] Fiend of the Shadows

[+] Kalastria Highborn

[+] Malakir Bloodwitch

[+] Markov Blademaster

[+] Mephidross Vampire

[+] Necropolis Regent

[+] Rakish Heir

[+] Skeletal Vampire

[+] Pawn of Ulamog

[+] Vampiric Dragon

[+] Comet Storm

[+] Crypt Incursion

[+] Rakdos Charm

[+] Mana Flare

[+] Dreadbore

[+] Profane Command

[+] Vandalblast

[+] Belbe's Portal

[+] Blood Tribute

[+] Everflowing Chalice

[+] Diabolic Tutor

[+] Grafted Exoskeleton

[+] Quietus Spike

[+] Rakdos Signet

[+] Spine of Ish Sah

[+] Swiftfoot Boots

[+] Unstable Obelisk

[+] Akoum Refuge

[+] Arcane Lighthouse

[+] Command Tower

[+] Dragonskull Summit

[+] Opal Palace

[+] Rakdos Carnarium

[+] Rogue's Passage

[+] Tainted Peak


[-] Balustrade Spy

[-] Bloodflow Connoisseur

[-] Bloodthrone Vampire

[-] Child of Night

[-] Driver of the Dead

[-] Falkenrath Torturer

[-] Guul Draz Vampire

[-] Kheru Bloodsucker

[-] Markov Patrician

[-] Markov Warlord

[-] Nearheath Stalker

[-] Pulse Tracker

[-] Ruthless Cullblade

[-] Sengir Vampire

[-] Shadow Alley Denizen

[-] Spawnsire of Ulamog

[-] Stromkirk Patrol

[-] Vampire Warlord

[-] Vengeful Vampire

[-] Act of Treason

[-] Harness by Force

[-] Mark of Mutiny

[-] Ruination

[-] Traitorous Blood

[-] Traitorous Instinct

[-] Warp World

[-] Murder

[-] Rend Flesh

[-] Undying Evil

[-] Vampire's Bite

[-] Unhallowed Pact

[-] Barren Moor

[-] Darksteel Citadel

[-] Forgotten Cave

[-] Polluted Mire

[-] Radiant Fountain

[-] Omen Machine

[-] Ring of Xathrid

[-] Trailblazer's Boots

Start Menu

suneater, 3 hours ago

Ordered the cards I needed for the deck and resetting discussion.

Thank you for the help TappedOut!

Minor Changes

Remyth, 3 hours ago


  • Hypersonic Dragon - Found the need for flash largely unnecessary.

  • Counterflux - Counters seem largely irrelevant. May come back, but now is out in favor of more draw.

  • Vandalblast - Again, the control elements seem largely irrelevant.

  • Wild Ricochet - Only ever cast it to double my own spells, and four mana for that effect is not worth it.

  • Blue Sun's Zenith - Too mana intensive.

  • Spelltwine - Too unreliable. Better options are available.


18 MAY Mardu Dragons Playtest

Kozzi, 4 hours ago

The List

19 Creatures: 4x Thunderbreak Regent, 4x Stormbreath Dragon, 3x Goblin Rabblemaster, 3x Soulfire Grand Master, 3x Seeker of the Way

15 Non-Creature Spells: 4x Crackling Doom, 4x Draconic Roar, 3x Thoughtseize, 2x Foul-Tongue Invocation, 1x Kolaghan's Command, 1x Murderous Cut

26 Lands: 4x Nomad Outpost, 4x Temple of Triumph, 3x Temple of Silence, 1x Temple of Malice, 4x Bloodstained Mire, 3x Mountain, 3x Battlefield Forge, 2x Caves of Koilos, 1x Swamp, 1x Haven of the Spirit Dragon

Game 1 (On Draw - Abzan Mul to 6): Abzan screwed off green allowed a moderately prosaic hand to still create enough pressure for a comfortable win

Mardu 1-0

Game 2 (On Play): I was in a very dominant position landing a 2drop threat and using removal to efficiently keep the board clear. Until I couldn't draw a 3rd land for the rest of the game.


Game 3 (On Draw): A fantastic back and forth game which required continual top-deck solutions for the other build's problems. Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury is a beater for damage out of nowhere. As is a resolved Soulfire Grand Master with life-gain damage for holding up what should be unwinnable races. Nice

Mardu 2-1

Game 4 (On Draw): More efficient removal + Stormbreath Dragon = pretty comfortable win

Mardu 3-1

Game 5 (On Play) Very comfortable. Simple game plan: stick an early threat and removal opposing obstacles before lethal damage.

Mardu 4-1

Thoughts of the Pre-Board Matchup

This is looking like a very favourable matchup pre-board. With Abzan Aggro generally only running 4-6 pure removal spells to accommodate for Dromoka's Command and often Abzan Charm proving narrowly conditional against several of my threats the secret is to stick a threat for a clock and keep removing creatures until the fliers arrive. Stormbreath Dragon is a MVP in this matchup. It can only be blocked by Sorin, Solemn Visitor vampire tokens and is resistant to all removal bar Hero's Downfall, Murderous Cut and Ultimate Price.

Post-Board Matchup

ABZAN IN: Duress, Ultimate Price to stick a threat and protect it from removal. Jerry Thompson runs a list with Nissa, Worldwaker and Tasigur, the Golden Fang in the side. Cards like these would come in too.

OUT: Abzan Charm, Warden of the First Tree.

MARDU (on the draw) IN: Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Crux of Fate

MARDU (on the draw) OUT: Kolaghan's Command, Goblin Rabblemaster

MARDU (on the play) IN: Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Outpost Siege, Dragonlord Kolaghan

MARDU (on the play) OUT: Kolaghan's Command, Seeker of the Way

BradleySmith96, 4 hours ago

Took out:

Plague Wind, Ashes to Ashes, Greed, Charcoal Diamond, and Swamp


Myriad Landscape, Worn PowerStone, Fated Return, Destroy the Evidence, and Rise from the Grave

Useless Creatures

Ry622, 5 hours ago

So it turns out Spiketail Hatchling isn't all that good. The counter spell is nice but generally it gets killed by a cheap burn spell before it has any effect. I'm considering Spellstutter Sprite as an alternative however that too isn't all that effective unless there's multiples out, knowing that this isn't a fairy deck.

I've made additional changes to the deck as well. After learning about the magnificent Shriekmaw and Plaxmanta I've immediately put them in as they cover for a multitude of weaknesses my deck lacks such as removal as well as a way to survive targeted instants and sorcery. Dakra Mystic is finally being taken out with the arrival of the manta knowing that while she was a good card, dakra ultimately did not belong in a self mill deck. However, I have to admit the reactions on majority of my friend's faces were pretty funny once they saw her on the field.

Cleaning up the comments

Exiled_soul, 5 hours ago

Just to clarify... I do not intend or running this deck at any FNM or modern event. Its just a side project of mine for some fun table top games with friends. With that being said we do tend to play like it is a real event most of the time lol. So I am trying to make the deck as good as possible but like I said, I will never be running it at an event so I do not need it to race twin or affinity. Anyways, I agree with what many people have been saying about Vexing Devil and I also agree with what the other side is saying. It is a good card but at the same time it is a bad card. Just for the sake of keeping with the "theme" of this deck I will be trying my best to keep my creature options hasty (besides the mana dorks that is). For the time being I will be testing out Strangleroot Geist as my two drop and I will see how that goes. Thanks to everyone for the help so far! Keep the suggestions coming!


Nixin72, 5 hours ago

Went from mono green to bant. Basically a 150$ difference. Still technically budget. Not adding inkmoth of nobles. Way out of budget range.

Removed bribery

Sicohippy, 6 hours ago

Temporarily Removed 3xBribery for a cheaper creature, as good as bribery is, I'd like to see how the deck runs with a sure fire 4 or 5 drop creature.


timmer08, 6 hours ago

its cooler
STD 1 / 0

The Overdue DTK update

Aviators, 7 hours ago

I finally got the DTK stuff I've been looking for for this, including lightning berserker and dragon fodder. I decided to take this deck in a different direction, by going more early game aggro with the dragon fodder and impact tremors. I actually cut Chandra and Stormbreath Dragon (now I can use them elsewhere).

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