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alliek93, 5 hours ago

I went to a PTQ and got 13th out of 47 people. So not too bad.I was fine against other Abzan decks. It was the U/B mill that threw me. Looking into what Fate Reforged will have for my deck to see what is coming down the pipe.

PLA is love

toomuchlychee, 5 hours ago

I'm taking out a wall of frost for a Pearl Lake Ancient. So now, this deck is able to win. But it probably won't. Still just as hilarious.

Forgot to add...

belugawhaleonthefloor, 6 hours ago

You could make this deck a decent amount cheaper by adjusting lands for those budget players out there!

First Report

Juls317, 6 hours ago

Played the deck for the first time last night at a Tuesday Night Magic event, forgot my notebook, but tried to take as good of notes as I could on scraps of paper.

Round 1: Bye. Took some time to walk around the store and check out what I might be facing in Round 2. Ended up seeing two Scapeshift decks, one Storm, one Infect (though I knew at was there as it was my friend that I go to that store with), a Pod deck, one Skred deck, and a couple others.

Round 2: Storm. As this was the first time I played the deck, I wasn't sure how exactly to pilot it, especially against a deck like Storm. My opponent ended up fizzling Game 1, with me sitting at 19 life to his 6 (he was waiting on a Past in Flames, and failed to draw it before I had him at lethal on board). I boarded in my Counterflux and I think my Spell Snares, just to have more counters, and one Wear//Tear because I didn't see Ascension, and hope to weather the storm (I'm so sorry), and be able to take the match. Game 2 came around, I ended up losing, to like 12 Lightning Bolts from Ascension. Game 3 went to time and he ended up fizzling on turn 4 while on 4 life. Overall, I'm not sure how great my matchup is against Storm, and will be doing quite a bit of Cockatrice testing this week.

Round 3: Burn. I definitely need some sideboard help for this matchup, probably in the form of Dragon's Claw. I lost quite quickly 2-0. Boarded in my Geist and counters, and I'm actually considering putting 2 more Geist in the board, and maybe three in the main and none in the board because they're just so good against the red removal that is running rampant in the format.

Round 4: Skred. This is just an awkward matchup. I'm not really sure what I would do to help the matchup, beyond having more hard counters, since Skred can usually pay out of a Mana Leak.

Slickster, 6 hours ago

The deck has taken another turn, the Polluted delta's are now at max and so I'm running a full 7 fetches now.

A 4th Dig through time was added.

2 Keranos, God of storms was brought into the deck as well

aHeartlessPotato, 6 hours ago

removed Trinisphere added Adarkar Valkyrie

played trinisphere a few times, didn't like it

removed Increasing Ambition added Exquisite Blood


whatswithgravity, 6 hours ago

Main +4 Reckless Waif  Flip +3 Forked Bolt -3 Wolfbitten Captive  Flip -4 Fell the Hammer

Side +3 Guttural Response +2 Blood Moon -3 Reckless Waif  Flip -2 Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip

Went ahead and added a playset of Cavern of Souls to the decklist. They aren't in the deck yet and won't be for a bit.

Slightly edited

Laptraffik, 7 hours ago

I havent changed much just got rid of all the stuff that taps blockers in favor of a larger swarm.

Creatures die to Removal

BZero3, 7 hours ago

Sad fact.

Playtesting a bit I found myself losing a game everytime a Magma Jet was cast. I added Stubborn Denial for a bit of control, and hopefully stop some removal. Also swapped Archetype of Aggression for Paragon of Eternal Wilds, since the last gives toughness boost, that makes my creatures survive a bit more (Lightning Strike kills them tough). Also the RR cost is not a beautiful thing with a limited mana base. Also adjusted the basic lands to fit the new cards.


EpicJ7, 7 hours ago

Trying to figure out if I should add fetches such as Flooded Strand and Bloodstained Mire to help with the casting of [treasure cruise

My Black Deck V.S. Blue Mill Deck

Scatestone, 8 hours ago

Yes I have been busy with magic lately...

I have not yet added the Lashwirthe to my deck yet still rocking 4 Squelching Leeches

So i faced this mill deck. COMPLETELY dominated it. Now the guy said he spent $30-$50 on his deck but I only spent $29. He was milling my cards but as long as I started out with a creature in my hand I just hit him hard. I started out with a Brain Maggot the first time and took out a creature that got a +4/+4 when I had less cards in my graveyard. He didn't like that. The second time we faced was my Squelching Leeches with 6 swamps on the field destoryed him

My Black Aggro V.S. A Jund Deck

Scatestone, 8 hours ago

I have not yet added the Lashwirthe to my deck yet still rocking 4 Squelching Leeches... but that is no excuse for losing.

For my first fight against a Jund deck it was not good. This guy beat my deck to a pulp. But in my defense his deck was over $1000. I was able to stay alive for like 7 turns but after that it was all downhill. So far this deck does not go good against Jund but hopefully I will face a Jund deck around $100-$200 and see how that goes.

Land Base

TheMagicalNerd, 8 hours ago

I have selected all of the cards except for the land base. I can't get it to get me the right mana without destroying my wallet. I don't have a lot of money to spend on this deck, but it needs to have a good mana base in order to be a good deck...

cobradave, 8 hours ago

-Removed 2 Sorin, Solemn Visitor-Removed 1 Crackling Doom-Added 3 Seeker of the Way

esoree, 9 hours ago

As this deck is ultimately meant to be an aggro deck, I've decided to take out a few Ordeal of Erebos in favour of Ordeal of Purphoros which has been making the deck run a lot more smoother and consistent. Controlling the opponent's hand is still possible with the 4 thoughtseizes in this deck.


Zholto, 9 hours ago

Been awhile with this deck, currently updating some of the cards with newer ones that have came out recently.

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