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Added Ghostfire Blade

x1uo3yd, 37 minutes ago

At the suggestion of rab I've added Ghostfire Blade since more than half of my creatures are colorless. Also, balanced GB land a little closer to the actual costs in the deck.

More POWER!!!

scionmastery, 2 hours ago

Wanted more power in my counters (and pulled my second (my rule for newer cards is that only duplicates go in commander decks)) so I made a change

+1 Brutal Expulsion-1 Remand

so close!!! would like suggestions!

saturn999, 2 hours ago

i got to play tonight against some pretty tough decks. this was the first time i've piloted this deck and it was slow getting going and pretty tough. at first bad card draws led me to play Sidisi, Brood Tyrant pretty early. after getting a few creatures in the graveyard i was able to recur some cards i needed. everything was going pretty slow and i was trying to amass an army when one of my friends hit me for 30 life. i was ready to scoop and leave when i realized that i just drew into Rise of the Dark Realms. this netted me 10 creatures including Vorosh, the Hunter, Prophet of Kruphix and surrak, the huntcaller to name a few. i recurred my Whip of Erebos and was able to swing thanks to surrak's ability netting me some much needed life. on everyone's upkeep i was able to untap and set up and was able to drop Empty the Pits for 9 2/2s and was able to take out 2 of my opponents in one swing. the next turn i used Profaner of the Dead to exploit Vorosh. this cleared the board allowing me to swing for 40 life on my last opponent. sadly, she had 60! she played a board wipe and then exiled my graveyard right after. she played a 10/10 angel with lifelink and swung for lethal next turn. i was close! time to retool the deck and see what can be changed. if you see anything, feel free to leave a comment. and, feel free to +1 if you like. thank you!

landpirate123, 3 hours ago

STD 0 / 0

Untap Testing (Games 53-59)

buildingadeck, 3 hours ago

I have another match in my records, but did not record it here. I do not know to what deck my 13th loss was.

Match Record (37-13-3); Game Record (83-45-4)

UB Tezzerator Control (2-0)

In Game 1, he wasn't playing much that could stop me from doing what I wanted, and I resolved an Ugin on T4. I soon had the Slaver-lock lined up, and he saw it coming. He used a Thirst for Knowledge to find Pithing Needle to try to stop my Mindslaver, but this required him to tap out. So I used the end of my turn to Repeal his Needle and initiate the lock.

I sided in 2 Negate for 1 Mindslaver and 1 Mana Leak because I wasn't expecting many creature spells on his end. He played a land destruction game this time, using Surgical Extraction to take out all of my Urza's Power Plants later in the game, but I didn't mind too much by that point, sitting on 5 mana. I resolved a Wurmcoil Engine and prepared to do damage, but he was able to use a Slaughter Pact on it to limit its damages. However, he forgot the upkeep trigger and lost to his own Pact. He was intending to play a Batterskull, which I had the mana to counter twice, so I think I would have had it without his error, but alas, I won due to poor play on my opponent's part.

rikijota, 3 hours ago

rikijota, 3 hours ago

rikijota, 3 hours ago

rikijota, 3 hours ago

mack10k, 3 hours ago

Took out Rally the Ancestors and put in Bone Splinters because Anafenza, the Foremost hoses this deck.

AK47pqq, 3 hours ago

I swapped out 2 thoughtseize for the 2 surgical extraction to interrupt combo decks and to mess up decks that manipulate there top decking.
LGC 0 / 0

FNM 3-1

ash_202457, 4 hours ago

2-0 RDW 2-1 Some 4 color deck 1-2 Abzan Aggro 2-1 Abzan Midrange
STD 4 / 5

recent changes

Allisin, 4 hours ago

Many have suggested I cut down on the amount of voltron-like cards i'm running, So i've just taken out Sword of Light and Shadow, among others that i've removed over the last few weeks.

I also cut Beseech the Queen and Grave Pact, as they are too hard to pay for. I put in Dictate of Erebos instead.

To make land draws more reliable, I cut Bojuka Bog, Arcane Lighthouse and Windbrisk Heights, lands that were situational, and didn't give me the colors i would often need. I just purchased Arid Mesa, Blood Crypt and Godless Shrine and will be adding in others as I get them (See the side list.)


Bighouse, 4 hours ago


  • Oros, the Avenger

  • Flamerush Rider

  • Launch the Fleet


  • Thought Gorger

  • Wall of Blood

  • Reforge the Soul

Play tested

Mtgangsta, 4 hours ago

So I put this thing together and ran it up with some of my guys decks. It flowed pretty well kept up till I was able to start dropping in my monsters. Excited for next Friday night when I can really put it to the test.
STD 1 / 0

Talking to myself...

Siq6Six, 4 hours ago

Played a few games Friday. Sat out of FNM to play a Planechase Commander game - 4 players - which ended up going ~ 5 hours. It was good fun, but also a bit long. I had a great board state several times, until things were reset via one board wipe or another. Got wrecked by Worst Fears, then rebuilt and rebuilt. Lol. No Cataclysm went ok. Knight of the White Orchid wasn't missed either. Glad to have let them go. Austere Command was used against me via Worst Fears but regardless, it did what it should have done. (Also, in another game it was about to get hilarious when my opponent was planning on turning all his lands into creatures hehe).

Also I'm happy to report Dispatch did well, and didn't have any issues with metalcraft. Replacing Oblation was pure value. Exile a creature instead of tucking. Less mana required to be kept open. Just good stuff :)

At one point I had Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Emeria Shepherd and Sun Titan on board at the same time. Sadly, the Tariel, Reckoner of Souls player dropped a day of judgement. So on my upkeep I brought back Puresteel Paladin suited him up with Darksteel Plate and Assault Suit, then slowly began chiseling away lol.

At some point I was at 11 life, killed the Child of Alara player and Tariel had reset his life with Resolute Archangel. Upkeep, I brought back Treasure Hunter, returning Worldslayer and grinned. Tariel conceded. Oh and that 4th player - group hugs. He dropped mid game out of frustration when the phenomenon card reversed turn order on the game and he went from up next to 3 away lol. Didn't help he was stuck on three lands after another plane destroyed all permanents :D

changes & improvements, thanks for the help

griffstick, 5 hours ago



-1 Miming Slime: a big creature with no effects isn't worth the one time use.

-1 Ghoultree: another big creature without any effects or abilities.

-1 Ulamog's Crusher: i was on the fence about this one but there's better creatures @8cmc.

-1 Outland Colossus: a huge creature with its renown ability @5cmc. Realm Seekers will almost always be a 12/12.

-1 Mossbridge Troll: this is a good creature but its not as important to the design of the build as a woodland bellower] or a Nylea, God of the Hunt is.


+1 Genesis Wave: big bomb aka finisher.

+1 Woodland Bellower: replaces Ulamog's Crusher.

+1 Font of Mythos: the deck needs more card mass card draw, replaces Miming Slime.

+1 Nylea, God of the Hunt: much needed trample for my commander and fatties also hard to get rid of. replaces Ghoultree.

+1 Realm Seekers: should be in most cases as big as a renowned Outland Colossus with mana ramp on it if needed.

@pipercraven, -Logician, HeroInMyOwnMind, canterlotguardian, and DERPLINGSUPREME. thanks for all the help dont for get to +1 upvote if you like the build

2yysforyou, 5 hours ago

Removed 4x Woodland Wanderer and 2x Dragonlord Dromoka, substituted for 3x Warden of the First Tree and 3x Atarka's Command

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