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Rykoh, 19 minutes ago

I'm finding this difficult

Legitimacy, 57 minutes ago

I really like the idea of legendary tribal but I'm having trouble finding ways to empty my library into my graveyard. Any help would be appreciated but I kinda want to give up at this point.

BoozeUsually, 1 hour ago

Journey to Eternity -> Dark Tutelage

Cutting Journey to Eternity because it always feels awkward and it hasn't proven beneficial any time I have actually gotten it to stick. Adding Dark Tutelage as a sort of budget Phyrexian Arena.

Dominaria Update

MegaMatt13, 4 hours ago

A few recent changes to the deck including a couple cards from Dominaria:

Archangel of Tithes ---> Lyra Dawnbringer: The 1 mana tax Archangel of Tithes imposed was just too small to act as a dissuasion. Lyra Dawnbringer offers more keyword soup as well as pumping other angels. I'm considering making her the commander of this deck.

Eerie Interlude ---> Danitha Capashen, Paragon: Danitha is another great keyword soup card. The equipment cost reduction is a nice bonus as there is a decent amount of equipment in the deck.

Bygone Bishop ---> Enlightened Tutor: Bygone Bishop was quite hit or miss with the clue tokens. The Immortal Sun and Mind's Eye are the best draw engines in the deck. I figured that I may as well add a tutor that can fetch them.

Oblivion Ring ---> Cast Out: The extra mana of Cast Out is worth the ability to cycle, particularly in mono white.

Mana Base/Ramp Considerations

Alhanalm, 4 hours ago

This deck seems like it'll do some broken things with Jodah on the battlefield, but it is going to need a highly tuned mana base and well-balanced ramp so that you don't have to always have Jodah out to play anything.
EDH 0 / 0


scitomniares, 5 hours ago



Upgraded Manabase and added Salvagers combo. Arbor Elf is an upgrade to Mystic with the Duals. Thalia is bad with Salvagers and only a mediocre hatebear. Kataki offers some artifact hate that even hits Cage and Totem but doesn't prevent our combos. Cut Green Sun's Zenith package as it's mediocre if not played t1 and comes at the cost of playing Dryad Arbor. Fauna Shaman is pretty slow. Search (or better intuition) as to not lose out on effects that put creatures in the yard.

Dominaria Update

MegaMatt13, 5 hours ago

A few recent updates to the deck:

Unwind is the only card I'm adding from Dominaria. The deck wants to hold up mana to reanimate at the end step. Similar to Rewind, this new counterspell allows me to hold up mana, counter if needed, and then still have mana to reanimate.

Also swapped in Stinkweed Imp. This guy is great at self-milling and provides a pseudo-deathtouch rattlesnake for the early game to dissuade early aggression.

I've put back in Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Illusionist's Bracers which were cut last time. Yes, it's a bit mana intensive to equip the bracers and be able to activate the Scarab God. However, late game it is absolutely crushing to be able to reanimate 2 creatures for the price of 1.

Dominaria updates!

Xenolias, 6 hours ago

Replaced Servant of the Conduit with Llanowar Elves.Also replaced Merfolk Branchwalker with Untamed Kavu.In the sideboard, Negate has been replaced with Syncopate as a test.
STD 4 / 0

Better Graveyard fill up

cardgolf, 6 hours ago

Golgari Brownscale for World Shaper because there is no diacard and dredge 2 is not enough

doonmeister, 7 hours ago

Remove Muraganda Petroglyphs: Add Ashnod's Altar

April Modern Cookie Qualifer

uddo, 7 hours ago

Won the 40 person Modern Cookie Qualifier with this List.

Round 1 / 2-0 JundRound 2 / 1-2 AffinityRound 3 / 2-1 Eldrazi TronRound 4 / 2-0 Naya BurnRound 5 / 2-0 Jeskai ControlRound 6 / 2-1 KCI ComboTop 8Round 1 / 2-0 ScapeshiftRound 2 / 2-0 Esper Death's ShadowRound 3 / 2-1 Jeskai Control

Link to Store's Article. - -

MDN 8 / 5

Dominara Edits.

Stylez121, 8 hours ago

With Dominara now released, Pillar of Origins and New Horizons are out, Llanowar Elves and Navigator's Compass are in. Looking to see how these mods affect the Deck and what other shenanigans that come our way before Ixalan and the deck die off in next year's Mass Extinction Event (Rotation)

wweber, 8 hours ago

EDH 0 / 0


ThatNewCarSmell, 9 hours ago

Added Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, and Dominaria


ThatNewCarSmell, 9 hours ago

Added Ixalan, Rivals of Ixalan, and Dominaria


Falrek, 10 hours ago

Yeah i think That Ramunap is better then Crucible, because you can use karador to reanimate it. And it feeds Karador.

_Arra_, 12 hours ago

Wave of Vitriol replaced by Boundless Realms

Although there is increased synergy and removal with Wave of Vitriol I felt there are more times that an unconditional mass land drop effect is more consistently useful.

Elemental Bond replaced by Sylvan Scrying

The draw ability from Elemental Bond is very useful but is conditional to an existing board state. Sylvan Scrying enables the deck to find a key utility land which I have found to be beneficial as a lot of the pods I play in know not to let Omnath stick around.

Wood Elves replaced by Ancient Tomb

I want to up my land count as I have noticed that since dropping to 38 lands I tend to be mulliganing more often than when I was running 40+ I've also managed to find an expedition Ancient Tomb

Official Dominaria Changes

LordShadowZ, 12 hours ago

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets -> Teferi, Hero of Dominaria - Better versions of the abilites, just overall more useful

Time Warp -> Karn's Temporal Sundering - Cheaper IRL cost, effectively the same for the deck with the added bonus of bouncing an annoyance

Dissipation Field -> Oath of Teferi - Replacing a spell that was never used for something that greatly benefits the legion of super friends

Possible Changes:

Faith's Reward -> Vandalblast - Faith's Reward is another of those just in case cards that was included in the deck but has never been used once. I believe that Vandalblast is the best choice to replace it, as it will help to deal with the artifact heavy meta within my play group. Another candidate would be Armageddon which would help assure Narset victory in more cases, but for now artifact destruction seems the best choice.

Chandra, the Firebrand -> Chandra, Torch of Defiance - I really want this newer Chandra...once she rotates out of standard and becomes more affordable. Firebrand doesn't really do a whole lot outside of the reverberate effect, which is really good, but otherwise she's kind of a dead weight walker. Torch of Defiance doubles up on the ramp with Pyromaster with the exile a card, you may cast it, but also can be used for straight up mana, and then her ult is a win-con with my walker combo. Overall, she'd just be way more useful to the deck.

Planned Upgrades

fabibi, 13 hours ago

These are my Budget Substitutions so far:

Mana Vault -> Thought Vessel
Pact of Negation -> Swan Song
Vedalken Shackles -> Acquire
Eldrazi Temple -> Island
Rhystic Study -> Windfall
Consecrated Sphinx -> Recurring Insight
Mystic Confluence -> Mystic Remora
Gilded Drake -> Thada Adel
Time Warp -> Muddle the Mixture
Bribery -> Diluvian Primordial
Ulamog 1,2 -> Void Winnover, Artisan of Kozilek
Cryptic Command -> Cancel
Temporal Manipulation -> Metallurgic Summonings
Search for Azcanta -> Future Sight
Intuition -> Long Term Plans
Time Spiral -> Day's Undoing
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon -> Curse of the Swine
Omniscience -> Mind's Dilation
Strip Mine -> Ghost Quarter
Top -> Crystal Ball

Some Notes:

Swan Song should be in the main and not just a budget Substitution, it's that good.
Brittle Effigy isn't that great in my meta since Iona isn't played that much.
Seat of the Synod and Arcane Lighthouse should be in there.
Mind's Dilation could earn a permanent spot, Thievery seems a little bit expensive.
Crystal Ball is actually pretty good, could see keeping that in.

I need some amount of graveyard hate (2+ pieces) since Graveyard Decks are a big part of my meta. I could see running a whir of invention package to get some silver bullets here, namely Tormod's Crypt and Relic of Progenitus.

Update for DOM

Murphy77, 13 hours ago

STD 5 / 9

Alriight finally updating this...

Hexbringer0, 14 hours ago

Gonna have trouble finding things to take out for these....

Marwyn, the Nurturer,

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip,

Heroic Intervention

Any ideas?

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