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Jaysar87, 5 minutes ago

Changes made to focus a little more on the life gain part of the deck. The idea behind this is to have a steady flow of life coming in to keep up with aggro decks.

-1x ((Bloodsoaked Champion))

-1x ((Anafenza, the Foremost))

-2x ((Wingmate Roc)) - just too hard to get in my local area.

+1x ((Erebos, God of the Dead))

+1x ((Ajani, Mentor of Heroes))

+1x ((Sorin, Solemn Visitor))

+1x ((Siege Rhino))

Also fixed up the land base.

invuln, 12 minutes ago

so got it functioning and playable now, mana is off a little, going to swap a lot of the lands out for pain/shock lands, and in that process fix the ratios, i know this deck is quite different from most on here, but i built it for the decks i usually play against as well so i needed some control in those areas, biggest problem so far seems to be protecting Marchesa and the fact i seem to usually have more life than my oponents alot, normally not a bad thing lol

Mono White Soldier

Wildman1, 51 minutes ago

White Soldier token with +1/+1 pump from other soldier cards and spells. Life gain through the Soul Wardens.


momoslayer95, 56 minutes ago

Swapped out:2x Hero of Leina Towerin favour of:+ 2x Akroan Skyguard

Sorin over elspeth

Mberges11, 1 hour ago

+2 Sorin, Solemn Visitor

-2 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Listening to the suggestions.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to look at my deck and helping me by sharing your ideas.

Finally got to play this!

DeathChant17, 1 hour ago

Played it against my buddies, and i must say it was very effective! In a 4-way it was very nice to see everyone's distress as they could not hit me and didn't bother swinging at each other, hoping someone would have an answer. i had one Greater Auramancy get naturalized but drew into another and that was that. Shout out to megaman96! thank you for the help!


momoslayer95, 1 hour ago

Further Adjusted to 4:10:8 (see prev)


momoslayer95, 1 hour ago

Adjusted lands from 4:8:8 to 4:9:7(blossoming:plains:forest)


boon1313, 1 hour ago

I went to my LGS for a Legacy Event on Friday and went 3-0-1, splitting the prize pool with my opponent. I noticed a few cards that seemed to be a bit lackluster in too many matches:
Spirit of the Labyrinth, I like the card, however, it is a removal magnet - almost more so than Thalia, and with slightly less reach than her, so I am going to bring her down a copy.
Flickerwisp, I already dropped two of the four as many times when I drew them, I needed something more game-changing. Although, they are still helpful in many cases, so I am going to leave them at 2.
Tower of the Magistrate, I played in in almost 20 games between tournaments and practice. I never used it, maybe it's too niche, so I am dropping it.
Phyrexian Revoker, I found there were too many times where I had little or nothing to name, or the opponent just didn't care, so I am dropping him to three. He is good, but maybe not enough for a playset.

Cards that did well or over-performed:
Serra Avenger I didn't realize the value of this card until after the FNM. She is an amazing beatstick, I might bring her up to a 3 of.
During the GP, I couldn't find all the cards for my sideboard, so I ran an Auriok Champion. This card was amazing, I playing against a UR Delver with Young Pyromancer and she made the tokens become a hinderance to my opponent as I equipped an Avenger with SoFaI and swung overhead until he was bloody.

Cards I feel are necessary:
Aven Mindcensor. Too many fetches, not enough hate.
Sword of Light and Shadow. The lifegain is not to be put down, and pro-white can really help against the mirror, and the numerous Jeskai Stoneblades. But that could just be me.

SCG Open Richmond

Nigeltastic, 1 hour ago

I went 0-4 with the deck before dropping, but I'm not abandoning the deck. All of my games were close, and some just came down to draws being better/worse one way or another. I sat down and have retooled the deck a bit, deciding to place Crippling Chill in the main board in the place where Weave Fate used to be. This is because it is a powerful effect that buys me time to get better answers and also cantrips, both of which are ideal options for the current configuration of the deck. The two slots that are currently Turn to Frog are up for grabs, and I'm deciding what to put there. I don't think running mainboard Negate there is the right choice, though I might go back to that.


AK42, 1 hour ago

Ive just recently ordered a lot of this list, so Im waiting on the mail before I can do any test-playing and tweaking of my own; but I feel like Tribal-Vampires is a pretty cut-and-dry flavor, so If anyone has any (somewhat budget) suggestions, I would love to hear them! - Cheers!

More speed, + 30 upvote reward

SwaggyMcSwagglepants, 1 hour ago

So, I pulled some slow things for a roc, Seeker of the Ways, and Despise. Plus, the 30 upvote reward:



Taste of Defeat

Annro, 1 hour ago

...Welp, I experienced my first two losses. One against a B/U control deck and one against a Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck... Mana drought. I blame the mana drought!!

swaggles, 1 hour ago

-2Timbermaw Larva

-2Baloth Woodcrasher -

-4Garruk's Companion

-2Sagu Mauler

-1Prophet of Kruphix

-1Garruk's Horde


+4Kalonian Tusker

+2Polukranos, World Eater

+2Nylea, God of the Hunt

+4Overwhelming Stampede



The2kman, 1 hour ago

I replaced Barrage of Boulders and Roar of Challenge with 2 Magma Sprays

Life's Legacy

jrgoudie, 2 hours ago

I've exchanged out the Hunter's Prowess for the Life's Legacy cards as they apply better with the hooded Hydra as I sacrifice them I get a ton of 1/1's and more effective draws

Mana base and Ascendancy

EssTea, 2 hours ago

A lot of people have been commenting on the fact that I should remove Sultai Ascendancy, and that my mana base is too slow. I do not want to do that in theory, I wanna playtest before doing so. I'll be weary of that in FNM and pay close attention to my tempo. I thank everyone that has pointed that out!

I invite new comments to concentrate on other things please :)


bendjohnson, 2 hours ago

Switched the deck around after suggestions.

Some cards are easier to get than others.

I would like to have a playset of most commons in deck/sideboard.

Deck and sideboard are open to further suggestions.

1st @ FNM!

golffore297, 2 hours ago

Went first at FNM for the first time ever and I was very proud. This build has been doing better than I had hoped it to. While it was a small night with only nine people playing, there was four rounds and enough to make me feel proud to earn first.

Match 1: Abzan Midrange/Dredge

My opponent's deck mostly focused around Hornet Queen and Siege Rhino with a small flavor of Ashen Rider and Resolute Archangel with Whip of Erebos. Game one he beat me when I didn't have enough answers to his Hornet Queens soon enough and was able to chip me down and finish me off with a whipped Siege Rhino. Games 2 and 3 I sided in Doomwake Giants to take care of Elvish Mystics, Satyr Wayfinders, and Insect tokens, as well as a blocker for Siege Rhino. After making it to turn 8 game 2, I countered what would be his only threat, an Ashen Rider. Game 3 went similarly when I had a Doomwake Giant out, used Extinguish All Hope, and gained perfect field control. 2-1

Match 2: Sultai Midrange

I'll say here that this deck is very good against Midrange decks. It's hard for it to lose against them as you'll have plenty of time to stock your hand while they set up their board. Reaper of the Wilds was able to give me a little trouble, forcing two removal spells out of my hand game 1, but after taking care of it, there was little else that could hurt me. Game 2 went very similarly, I just had the perfect board control and answers to his creatures. 2-0

Match 3: R/B Aggro (kinda)

I'm not really going to talk about this one. Someone who said they were coming didn't show up and someone not that good was playing in place of them, and well, yea. 2-0

Match 4: MUD

I was playing against one of the people in my playgroup for the finals, so we were both perfectly well aware of how each others decks worked. He knew I had the upper hand preboarding, and tried to dig game 1 with Dictate of Kruphixes, but failed to find any good answers while I was able to keep stable with boardwipes and Silence the Believers for any Thassa, God of the Seas. Game 2 he kept a questionable hand with one too many land, and didn't really hit any threats, while a Doomwake Giant swept away his field and kept punching until an AEtherspouts came down, which didn't matter much since I had a Pearl Lake Ancient in my hand. 2-0.

So a very satisfying night, going 4-0 and 6-1. Doomwake Giant has been something I have been keeping in the sideboard since I don't have Drown in Sorrow, but they have been working better in this deck and I'm going to be keeping them in for the future.

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