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Ad nauseam

rathamar1, 52 minutes ago

So ive hit 46 votes! Thank you everyone!I havnt done many changes so far except sideboard but i have taken out 1 Treasure Hunt for one Ad Nauseam. Seems to be working out really well.

Once agian thank you to everyone who has voted on this deck! Kinda it can do more but i think its gonna take some help from this awsome community!

UW Heroic Test

MacT, 1 hour ago

Play tested against a guy who was running UW Heroic last night after modern. The first game I didn't find any artifacts or combo pieces and I struggled to last very long. The rest of the games I found the pieces, or enough chump blockers to make things last a while. Once the combo of ensoul and an artifact is out UW Heroic couldn't handle this deck. Most noticeable was our last game where I was able to ensoul a citadel, was able to enchant it with aqueous form, and fetch for battle mastery with a pilgrim. I was then able to chump block with the pilgrim and an ornithopter to protect Ajani and go for the kill there, ending with 45 life.

Steaditup, 2 hours ago

REMOVED: Darksteel Citadel

ADDED: Bojuka Bog


Rosenkreutz, 2 hours ago

Got Exsanguinate out for a more versatile Consume Spirit, which helps Bone Splinters deal with single threats and doubles as direct opponent damage.

Tristin-el, 2 hours ago

Little Tweaks

JerLo80, 2 hours ago

I'm constantly tweaking on this thing. It is a blast to play just casually. I haven't tried it anywhere else, I need to fix the main and side. I think the main is a bit creature heavy, but that is kinda the idea of the deck to go wide. All the one drops and secure the wastes enable that very well. Foul-tongue is just money swinging with 4 or 5 as I often do.

Thoughts? Suggestions welcome :D

STD 2 / 3

DaMoose126, 2 hours ago

DaMoose126, 2 hours ago

DaMoose126, 2 hours ago

DaMoose126, 2 hours ago

DaMoose126, 2 hours ago

Modern FNM April 24, 2015

JerLo80, 2 hours ago

Made it out for a Modern FNM, not as big of a turnout as usual but still fun.

Matchup 1

2-0 VS Bogles

Game 1Went something like this as best as I can remember. T1 Forest, Noble. He played the white Bogles creature (don't remember the name it was foreign Kor something sounds right). T2, no land drop, Noble #2, and Glistener Elf, He swings in with his first guy suited with one enchant, maybe two. T3, hit a land, cast distortion strike, double groundswell, swing in for 12.

Game 2Very similar game win for me, I think I boarded in spell pierce and countered one aura. Other than that I did have a fetch heavy hand, but that just enabled the delve for become immense easier. One alpha strike swing back when he swung in at me and left no blockers and no mana up. 2 Nobles out again, become immense and a mutagenic sealed the deal.

Matchup 2

2-0 VS ???

I don't honestly know how I got paired this way. This kid had 100+ card deck of Azorious Dragons standard stuff... I think both games I saw like a plains, an island and a common from DTK. He was dead before I could explain the game was over and what poison counters were. I felt a bit bad, but I suppose that's a risk that is run to play your anything goes deck at Modern night.

Matchup 3

2-0 VS R/W Humans

Game 1He had a decent game plan. Silverblade Paladin plus a red guy that gave +1/0 and trample each time a creature entered the battlefield, and then token generation and the boros 4 drop angel with batallion. It just never came all together right for him. I saw some bolts on my glistener elves Game 1, but I had blighted's and inkmoths for backup. 2 Nobles out seemed to be a consistent thing for me tonight. Sealed the deal game 1.

Game 2He kept a one land hand with two bolts hoping to draw into more land and stave off infect creatures with the bolts. I played T1 Noble, T2 Noble, T3 Spellskite, T4 Blighted... he never saw a second land.

At this point my record was flawless so we didn't even have a round 4, which I'm glad since I would have had to play a stinking amulet bloom combo deck. Hate that deck.

Got 3 packs of Kahns, pulled a flooded strand, good night of magic :D

MDN 0 / 0

DaMoose126, 3 hours ago

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