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now that Kaladesh has dropped...

Mennenth, 2 minutes ago

Radiant Fountain -> Inventor's Fair. Good god this was a good change. Won a match by cracking the fair with crypt and ring, with horn of greed on the field. Fetched Crucible of worlds. Replayed the Fair immediately, drew a card. Next turn was under a winter orb and an ensaring bridge (opponent had 2 cards in hand, nothing of mine could attack), cracked the Fair again to get Amulet of Vigor so my gruul turf could do the thing. Played twice, drew removal + had the mana to cast it, got rid of bridge and swung in for the victory. The fair is a good include, especially considering its the only way rg has to tutor for artifacts. the deck doesn't have a lot of them, but the ones it does have are important.

Word of Seizing -> Chaos Warp. Cheaper removal thats actually removal instead of relying on doing cheeky things. Basically more reliable.

Life from the Loam -> Beast Within. Increase that removal package.

Sword of the Paruns -> Panharmonicon. For testing. Came close to getting Panharmonicon to do the thing one game, unfortunately havent had a chance to fully explore it yet so don't know. Normally I wouldnt want to remove a combo piece, but browsing through the cEDH subreddit I saw someone mention that too much redundancy can be a bad thing. And thinking about it, I agree. if I can include something that helps me get my combo pieces faster or helps protect them in some way, thats better than having redundant pieces. I'm still not gonna remove all redundancy, but the sword is weak compared to the Mantle and Panharmonicon adds an interesting angle to the deck when paired with various other things.

Rampaging Baloths -> Ambush Commander. Angry Omnath is better than the baloths, and the commander synergizes with the 'harmonicon by appending "if that land was a forest, repeat this process" to the rest of my landfall triggers. Again haven't had a chance to get it fully going yet, but I think it will be a powerful stop gap measure in between not being infinite and being infinite.

Zuran Orb -> Perilous Forays -> Elemental Bond. this is a could of swaps in one as I missed this swap last update. I figured the forays would be strong as a way to extend landfall in situations where I have the cobra, one other landfall trigger, and lands to fetch in the deck. However, draw is stronger than land fetch in Mina.

Primal Growth -> Harrow. With so few creatures to sac, harrow is simply more useful in more situations. I plan on eventually swapping this to Cultivate, no need to sac anything and holds up a land for if I either don't have landfall at the moment or if I need to hold onto it for some other reason.

Abundance -> Sylvan Advocate. With the Ambush Commander, now my forests are 3/3's, which trigger the bond. Havent had a chance to abuse this yet... BUT immense card draw when then paired with the harmonicon should be better than simply fixing my draws in a way that could also potentially screw me over.

Atarka's Command -> Nissa, Vital Force. I know I said I wanted to swap horn of greed out... but while I do think reducing a little redundancy in the combo slot is okay I'd much rather keep redundant card draw. Again, its about getting the combo in the first place. If my draws are limited, that naturally reduces the odds of getting the combo in the first place.

Now I really just need to find a place for the Cloudstone Curio and Natural Order...Also Gaea's Cradle is (almost) on order. I've decided to shuffle some funds from the rest of my magic collection that I don't play with to justify the cost of getting one. Also the cradle can be used in other green decks I may build in the future (Looking at you, Rashmi maybe elfball control shenanigans) so it has use beyond this deck.

peterpanning, 50 minutes ago

Was focusing way too heavily on winning with Biovisionary, cutting some cards to make room for more goodstuff.dec and other combos.

+Brutalizer Exarch -- lets me tutor for ANY of my win condition combo pieces


Imp_Storm, 57 minutes ago

So after a long streak mi interest in building is back. This deck is going to be changed a bit into a v2.0 BECAUSE Kaladesh is awesome and i love artifacts :) Now let the Tinkering begin.

Building & Testing

Saion, 1 hour ago

I think I have the board in a state that I really like. I feel like I know what every card is there for, and what is good for what at my LGS. I didn't go to any prereleases, so I'm short on cards to build with. Hopefully it shouldn't take too long to get what I need so I can fully test it.

Moving into Legacy

Diosim, 1 hour ago

Alrighty then! Remove the sol rings and tinker, and made a few adjustments to account for the change, and we now have a legacy version. Working on play testing now. Any comment's suggestions would be appreciated, of note, I considered moxes but I plan to not only make this deck IRL but have a foil edition to, so the moxes are out for pretty clear reasons XD
LGC 1 / 3

vanirblade, 1 hour ago

Added Bruna and Gisela.Swapped out the drana's emissary for vampire nighthawk

Modern Friendly League on MTGO

Ihazadeck, 1 hour ago

I went 3-2 in a friendly MTGO modern league. I faced rnd 1 Nacatl Burn, went 1-2L, Rnd 2 i saw Junk Midrange and won 2-1, Rnd 3 faced B.W. and had my grindiest match and a loss 1-2, i picked up the pace in Rnd 4 and over power Naya Zoo 2-0 and in Rnd 5 i beat down jund with a 2-0 win.

MVP's: Bow of Nylea is a house vs. lingering souls, Vines of Vastwood is probably the strongest card in the deck, the 3rd Dungrove Elder is a good move and Boggart Ram-Gang seems to be a better fit over Leatherback Balloth.

Notes: The sideboard seems to be good, but it could be missing something, either way i was happy with it. Knowing what cards are weak in what match up is probably the most important part and maybe one of the hardest things to identify. I think i aggressively cut rancor for too many matches but in some matches cutting them was a good call. I need to be a little more conservative with me Treetop Attacks. The deck really impressed me, i think its pretty good deck and can be a really strong list behind a seasoned pilot.

MDN 1 / 0

commander swap

Slythiechick, 1 hour ago

Braids is more integral to the Deck, so she is now commander.

2nd @ FMN (9/30/16)

albino_ninja, 1 hour ago

R1: Gruul Midrange (2-0) - This match up was almost sad it was unfair. Both games I had Authority of the Consuls out by T2 which killed all the haste in his deck and gave me a nice life cushion. Turn Aside helped keep Dorin from being burned while he ult'd out the 2nd game, it was over from there.

R2: R/W Vehicles (2-0) - This is the match up I was waiting to play against. In the guys defense he finished top 4 but vehicles are a very linear play style and I have many answers in deck. Grip of the Roil and Engulf the Shore were keys to the wins in this match up. I either waited till the manned all his vehicles and swept them back to their hands or tapped them down before they attacked. Elder Deep-Fiend was also key for tapping down and is obviously the wincon.

R3: Red Deck Wins (2-0) - Authority of the Consuls was the star again, it raise the burn range above what she was normally facing. Thermo-Alchemist was tough to deal with so I just tried to either keep him tapped down or bounce him back. Eventually she started having to discard creatures in favor for burns to try and race me, that just left the board open for Elder Deep-Fiend and the flipped side of Curious Homunculus  Flip.

R4: Jund Delirium (1-2) - This deck wreaked me! Emrakul, the Promised End showed its stupid face every freaking game. I was slightly mad but mostly impressed by the match and his deck. The games were pretty evenly matched until the Eldrazi showed up. The only reason I won the 2nd game is because I top decked a Emprisoned in the Moon right after he controlled me for a turn. Hats off to that guy. I will be looking for different was to deal with Emrakul.

Jace's Phantasm and Mill support

Icbrgr, 2 hours ago

Jace's Phantasm has been added to increase the creature count in this deck and cheap supporting mill spells have been Mainboarded for support. I feel that this Change gives the deck a MORE AGGRESSIVE feel and decided to Sideboard control spells to be used for other matchups.

Starting Build Update

Fibbe, 2 hours ago

Updated this to reflect my starting build, the earlier version was far too slow in this metagame, the current version might also have a problem keeping up. Also, Cataclysmic Gearhulk has been impossible for me to find, so I will do without.
STD 1 / 0

Droped the curve

MrJH, 2 hours ago

Got rid of most of the higher cost cards to add more copies of lower cost cards and cards that synergize better.

Wildest Dreams

MegaMatt13, 2 hours ago

Only one card from Kaladesh added to this deck: Wildest Dreams. It replaces Restock. I like the flexibility in being able to choose how many cards to recur.

Big Edit

Foof811, 2 hours ago

Ok, made a pretty big change to the deck over the past few weeks. After thorough testing, I've seen the power of Howling Mine be undervalued. Sure, not being able to draw the extra card first may be a bit of a downside, but it costs 1 less mana, and allows us to focus on fetching them with another Transmute masterpiece, Muddle The Mixture. I've also cut out the Lorwyn Jace's in favor of the Adept ones, simply because they can mill 10 cards as soon as they come down. Sure, they cost 2 more mana and can't be transmuted for, but when you transmute with Drift of Phantasms, you want to grab a Sphinx's Tutelage anyway. Also, with all the cards you'll be drawing from Howling Mine and your cantrips, you won't need to worry too much about not getting him. Besides, by the time you get him, you'll probably have the mana to play him anyway. Still more testing to be done, but this seems to me to be the best so far. I decided against completely taking out Fog Bank for 4 Drift of Phantasms, simply because I like having a low cost defender i can transmute for if I need it, and it helps against infect and deathtouch decks, because since it doesn't take combat damage, it doesn't get -1/-1 counters or die to deathtouch. Trample is still an issue though, but hopefully you'll have a good defense up by then to stop them with your Phantasms (Both kinds). Also, I'm aware of Dizzy Spell, which could allow us to transmute for our Hedron Crabs, but finding slots for it, is to me, impossible, because it's not that very good of a spell on its own, unlike Drift of Phantasms or Muddle The Mixture, and it still costs 3 to transmute. Anyway, still lots of testing to go, but hopefully you all like the changes I've made to the deck.

Play test

Dvanonod, 3 hours ago

After play testing this with my play group, I have made the following changes:

Archmage Ascension for Dark Deal

Fevered Visions for Time Spiral

Sphinx's Tutelage for Fatespinner

Jushi Apprentice for Fog Bank

archmage took too long to activate without too much reward, fevered visions didn't do enough, sphinx's tutelage didn't complement the deck enough, Jushi was too costly and not reliable.

Dark Deal for more wheeling, Time Spiral for graveyard hate and to get your cards back ;P , Fatespinner to prolong the game, and fog bank to help you survive.

Kaladesh update 1.0

Bloopsy, 3 hours ago

Kaladesh gave me plenty of goodies and some clear upgrades for many of the cards which always felt underwhelming.

+1 Aetherflux Reservoir

+1 Kambal, Consul of Allocation

+1 Authority of the Consuls

+1 Noxious Gearhulk

-1 Debt to the Deathless

-1 Drana's Emissary

-1 Blind Obedience

-1 Whispersilk Cloak

The addition of Crush of tentacles

clark1424, 3 hours ago

Since Languish has already rotated, as a black player, i cant find a way to get myself a board wipe. I played with several opponents last Friday and one of those is energy deck. Another was humans. I managed to win 2nd but it just sucks that i lost once because i lack board wipe.

With the addition of Crush of Tentacles, i can eliminate tokens like what i can do with languish and i can cast Lost Legacy the next turn to exile all copies one or more main threats in his hand. Hope I'm making the right decision. Also, i can again discard Haunted Dead in my hand if so have more than 7 cards and discard Prized Amalgam with it.:)

There's only one way to find out.:)

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