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Overbeing of Myth

sonalexander, 6 minutes ago

So this card was recently suggested to me and for the life me, i have no idea why i never considered it before. Its everything this deck wants.

It draws extra cardsIts a huge bodyPairs incredibly well with ZeganaAdda lots of devotion for Nykthos, thus tons of extra manaInstantly activates KruphixIts clone-able.

Sooo... yeah, probably needs to be in here.

blackhalo, 24 minutes ago

EDH 0 / 0

applejaxxx528, 1 hour ago

Added Hanweir Garrison and Hanweir Battlements...gonna give it a spin....I figure tokens will help boost my other creatures if sacrificed...

Need to reevaluate my sb...suggestions welcome :)

Event #2

AronTimes, 2 hours ago

  1. Jund - 1-2
  2. Death's Shadow - 2-1
  3. Burn - 2-0

Event #1

AronTimes, 2 hours ago

Took this to my FNM this week and did 3-0:

  1. Death and Taxes - 2-0 Victory
  2. Burn - 2-1 Victory
  3. Burn - 2-1 Victory

Ceondoc, 3 hours ago

I have been working on this deck for a while, and It is pretty much in its final form. There are still a few things I need to work out with the sideboard, but other than that, it's done.

Update 1

zocbaer, 3 hours ago

  • add 1 Archangel Avacyn
  • remove 1 Chandra, Torch of Defiance
STD 0 / 0

Changes made

JustPlayCards, 4 hours ago

I have made some really strong changes. I took out the Lone Riders and put in (2) Stasis Snare. I also took out 2 Blessed Alliance and put (2) Horribly Awry. Lastly, I took 1 Glimmer of Genius out and put the Dovin Baan in. Great addition to the deck. It is extremely strong! Controlling the game from start to finish.


snotice, 5 hours ago

Some updates to the deck!!! Finally! With the release of the beautiful signets in Modern Masters 2017, I decided to include them withing the deck. Other additions from pulls I got in my box: Basilisk Collar, Misty Rainforest. I'm hoping with my second box, I can finally complete my Temur fetch land set for this deck! :) Some other changes to streamline the deck are:

Nature's Claim
Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Last Word
Tyrant's Familiar
Fiery Confluence

I'm looking forward to playtesting on Saturday in my pod. Wish me luck and up-votes are always appreciated!

TavinM, 5 hours ago

-2 Splendid Reclamation -1 Satyr Wayfinder -1 Forest +4 Mindwrack Demon

Sideboard: -2 Plummet -1 Dispel +3 Bone Splinters

Dragons keep flying over my head

TavinM, 5 hours ago

Debating adding Day's Undoing. I milled myself in a long control matchup. Also need Plummet for flying creatures.

Dealing with Crypt

TavinM, 5 hours ago

Added Natural State to the sideboard to deal with Tormod's Crypt. Works fairly well.

Going Green!

TavinM, 5 hours ago

COMPLETE overhaul. The deck was losing against more aggressive meta decks due to lack of mana to reanimate, and not enough chump blockers. Ended up going into green for Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, Satyr Wayfinder, and Grapple with the Past. I'm also trying out 2x Splendid Reclamation to see how it works

Draw Changes

TavinM, 5 hours ago

-2 Treasure Cruise, +2 Dig Through Time

Homeward Path

Rellos, 5 hours ago

Picked up the two new judge promos so now I have a Homeward Path for the deck.

-1 Plains +1 Homeward Path


JazzDeath, 5 hours ago

Added Reliquary Tower, Thought Vessel; This allows us to set up enter the infinite earlier if we have mana to just cast Time Warp from our hand after casting EtI for free.

Removed Empyreal plate, I don't remember ever using it effectively unless I was already winning. Most of the times I have it in hand I find myself needing/wanting to use the mana for something else. If I find myself unable to close the game after Enter the Infinite in the future I may considering inserting it again. Would consider it as a sideboard for 1v1 since it would allow us to close the game off much faster.

Considering Vedalken Orrery; 4 mana cost is probably the worst cmc possible for a utility artifact since it enters in conflict with casting our commander, so I remain uncertain about slotting it in. That being said if we are able to cast Jeleva on the end step before our turn we can avoid needing haste and get our mana back, which would give us mana to combo off if we exile Enter the Infinite.

Minor Updates - Foiling

meowCat1234, 6 hours ago

Got to foil out the following:

  1. Impulse
  2. Fact or Fiction
  3. Tragic Arrogance
  4. Words of Wisdom

Still on the lookout for:

  1. Adarkar Wastes - dual land
  2. Hallowed Fountain - well, shocks
  3. Torrential Gearhulk - to replace Archaeomancer
  4. Seat of the Synod - fetchable land (though opens deck up to artifact hate)
  5. Ancient Den - fetchable land (though opens deck up to artifact hate)
  6. Nimbus Maze

Arakismo, 6 hours ago

Added +4 Watery Grave and removed -4 Underground River , If you want to build it with a smaller budget, put back the Underground River

minor / major swaps

Fh3nyx, 7 hours ago

Out:Fervor, Fires of Yavimaya, Hammer of Purphoros, Reliquary Tower and Diabolic Tutor

In:Phyrexian Arena, Necropotence, Rout, Diabolic Revelations and Vault of the Archangel

New cards arrived!

FiveSeven, 7 hours ago

Couple of new cards arrived:

More changes on the way and another EDH night tomorrow for testing.

Updated the list

Coockie, 8 hours ago

The last days I tested different builds of a gruul-aggro-shell for Burning-Tree. In the end I came up with this one. I tested it in the JustforFun room for 2h now and im undefeated. I know its just the JustforFun room but still some turn twos where pretty insane and i often killed them turn 4.

ItsRuben, 9 hours ago

Found an replacement for Satyr Wayfinder, Birds of Paradise seems pritty good too.

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