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FNM#1: 8th.Place

sylvannos, 13 minutes ago

Round One: B/W Exalted-- 2-1Round Two: Opponent DroppedRound Three: B/W Processor Taxes-- 0-2Round Four: Grixis Goryo's-- 2-1Round Five: B/R 8-Rack-- 0-2Top Eight: U/G Infect-- 0-2

FNM Top 8! And First Impressions

KillerCam251, 19 minutes ago

So tonight was the first night playing this deck in my LGS's meta. There was a lot of diversity. It included Mardu Control, Season's Past, G/W Tokens, a lot of B/W Midrange Control, R/W Goggles, G/R Ramp, and a few other home brews. I ultimately went 3-2 and made it to Top 8 only to play what I feel is the worst match up in B/W Midrange Control and lost first round. The tournament report is as follows:

Round 1 vs G/W home brew 0-2

This was pretty bad, he was playing Nissa, some removal, and a lot of creatures. I was able to remove most of the small stuff but he kept casting Nissa's Renewal and once Dragonlord Dromoka hit it was over because it made me play my removal on my turn and slowed me way down.

Round 2 vs R/B Vampires 2-0

This was a blowout, I was able to remove all of his creatures and beat down with a flipped Thing in the Ice  Flip and burn spells.

Round 3 vs B/W Midrange Control 0-2

This is the worst match up, they were playing basically half creatures half removal with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Sorin, Grim Nemesis. I couldn't keep up and had all my creatures annihilated and my Goggles Anguished Unmakinged. After sideboard I tried the 4x Negate and 4x Fevered Visions plan which turned about to be a bad idea getting beat down with Eldrazi Displacers and Thought-Knot Seers.

Round 4 vs G/W home brew 2-0

This was another blow out, he was playing a G/W deck with Always Watching and an investigate strategy. Kept his creatures off board and beat down with Thing in the Ice  Flip.

Round 5 vs U/R Sort of Mirror? 2-0

He was playing a weird version of this deck with more creatures, goggles, and Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh  Flip. I kept killing Chandra, Thing in the Ice, and Jace and just utilized Stormchaser Mage and burn spells. Post side board was won with Fevered Visions.

Top 8 Round 1 vs B/W Midrange Control 0-2

More of the same as the last round.

In conclusion I was pleased with the deck, Stormchaser Mage did exactly what I wanted being a threat in the air while I waited to flip Thing in the Ice  Flip. The mana base I think I'm using is the optimal choice for the deck allowing me to cast removal on my opponent's turn and play other spells on mine. Some things I learned is to play a threat first you don't mind dying to bait your opponent's removal and follow up with what you want to keep on board i.e. playing Stormchaser first, let him die and follow up with a Jace or Thing in the Ice.The only change I will be making before Game Day tomorrow is add one more Burn from Within in the side board and removing the 3rd Chandra. I never/nor wanted to board her in and Archangel Avacyn  Flip had a strong showing flashing in indestructible, Burn from Within also becomes Fall of the Titans 3 and 4. One thing I noted about Burn from Within is that it's the quality vs quantity version of Fall of the Titans, while playing against small abundant creature match ups Fall is good for the ability to hit 4x creatures with a goggles out while Burn is good for massive damage x2 to larger creatures with goggles out without worrying about casting a spell to surge Fall.

I will attend Game Day tomorrow and report back, happy gaming!

JoshHatter, 34 minutes ago

Went 3-1 tonight at got Top 4. Bringing back Kolaghan + Anything is a big game changer. I even brought back Kolaghan and Kozilek for an 18 hit for game.

Remove and Replace

Ryuujin_Sukai, 1 hour ago

I removed Vigorous Charge, Folk Medicine, and Dryad's Caress and replaced them with the enchantment Asceticism, the non-basic land Oran-Rief, the Vastwood, and sorcery spell Lay of the Land.


RamblinMan, 1 hour ago

A good night despite the record. I feel like I played well but got some pretty bad draws. All of the games tonight were REALLY close though.

1-2 vs. Mono-Green Stompy1-2 vs. Abzan2-0 vs. Naya Burn

MDN 3 / 8

SorrowReaper, 1 hour ago


Artifix, 2 hours ago

Added reasons for each card.

The best laid plans!

Kyranor, 2 hours ago

went 3-1 at FNM. played against three slower decks that didn't seem to be expecting aggro at all and beat them fairly handily. lost against R/W something or other, probly stood a chance had I not got mana screwed in the second game. Either way, this deck is much better than the last one I made. I'm very pleased with it, and with not having to go to time every round.

I found myself almost never wanting to cast sin prodder, I'll be switching them with things in the ice for game day and seeing how those play.

Still have no idea for the side board, could really use some ideas or pointers.

Friday Night Magic - 4/29/2016

doriboncore, 2 hours ago

Tonight was the last night that the local game shop, Gamer's Sanctuary, held FNM. So the Elves invaded Innistrad for one last night of Magic. The Elves when 3-0-1 for the night and placed second based on tie breakers. The Elves had the unfortunate pleasure of pairing down in the fourth round.

Round 1 Drew 1-1-0 To a B/G Aristocrats deck featuring Nantuko Husk and Zulaport Cutthroat. The first game went to the Elves who took the opponent by surprise. He stated he didn't expect to see an Elf deck in the current standard. The second game went long and was lost due to having to face down and transformed Westvale Valley. There was no time to play the third game. My opponent went on to win the tournament.

Round 2 Won 2-0 Over a U/R Mill Deck featuring Sphinx's Tutelage and Thing in the Ice  Flip

Round 3 Won 2-0 Over a B/W Ally deck featuring lots of Rally triggers

Round 4 Won 2-1 Over another B/W Ally deck that was very similar to the deck the elves faced in Round 3.

Overall the Elves performed well, though the land base could be improved with a few of the new 'show me' lands.

Testing a permutation

taemour, 2 hours ago

Im taking out Stoneforge Masterwork for Hope Against Hope as a 3 of to make this deck an even 60. Im also trying Graceblade Artisan in place of Deathcap Cultivator. I know they dont fill the same role at all, but with Shaman of Forgotten Ways im not sure how much we need deathcap and it feels that this maybe fill a slot for another attacker.

game day

Zthyl, 2 hours ago

went 2-1-1 casual game day. deck is good at killing me with all the painlands etc. so removing 1 battlefield forge for 1 plains
STD 1 / 0

Playgroup Test #1

ninjaofhoodies, 2 hours ago

The cards that I found to be under-performing were:

Black Market: I never seemed to have the mana to cast this, nor did I ever find myself in the position where I was sacrificing a large number of things after this even could be on the board.

Bloodghast: Maybe I just played this wrong, but with Athreos on the board, nobody was willing to pay the 3 life, so it kept coming back to my hand. Again, this was probably me just not playing the deck correctly.

Knight of the White Orchid: I found myself holding back from playing this because I sometimes exceeded the land drops of other decks. It might be better to look for something that doesn't care about lands opponents control.

Bloodgift Demon: This guy seemed to be too little, too late by the time I was able to bring him out. Maybe another board wipe instead?

Going in a New Direction

DrMooKdaSues, 2 hours ago

So thank you guys for the awesome feedback, I appreciate it. Just got back from FNM and I evened out in four rounds, 2-2. The deck had some amazing draws and some not-so-amazing draws. I asked a few of the veteran players including a Pro Tour attended and was given light to a new direction, dropping the blue color completely. After the tears dropped and had been wiped away, I agreed full heartedly. Though Thing in the Ice  Flip is powerful as heck and won my first match 2-0, it was slowing me down. It also had been screwing my mana consistency up badly, keeping me from reaching two black lands at times. So yes, I'm taking out blue and keeping it R/B.

Taking Out: 4x Thing in the Ice  Flip2x Epiphany at the Drownyard4x Wandering Fumarole4x Shivan Reef2x Island

Putting In:1x Ob Nixilis Reignited1X Sin Prodder1x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet4x Village Messenger  Flip1x Avacyn's Judgment - I know it's slow but can be a late game finisher2x Pyromancer's Goggles3x Lightning Axe1x Smoldering Marsh4x Swamp4x Mountain

3-1 Fnm

galdiir, 2 hours ago

Round 1 against B/W Eldrazi: He wouldnt concede game one. so we played one round and i won in time. easy matchup overall....clear board and counter sorin/gideon

Round 2 against Bant Company: easy game one win. then mana screwed game 2 and 3

Round 3 against u/w humans: easiest match up. radiant flames and expose evil MVPs

Round 4: G/W tokens(our hardest matchup): i had counters for gideons. nissa's always died to wandering fumarole+expose evil on a token. game 2 was exactly the same

TheAbortionist, 2 hours ago

EDH 0 / 0


Dest, 2 hours ago

After some fnm and collecting I've overhauled the deck, I'm thinking of adding more Thing in the Ice or maybe a Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet or two any advice is appreciated.
STD 0 / 0

3-0-1 at FNM

Heajos, 3 hours ago

Tonight went down like this:

Match 1: U/W Control (2-0)

Match 2: B/G Sacrifice (2-1)

Match 3: B/G Seasons Past (1-1-1)

Match 4: Esper Walkers (2-1)

The deck honestly performed extremely well but more so in the form of control. It did really well in the grind matches and extremely well against other decks.

I got a Managorger Hydra out against B/G Sacrifice and the game was over. He got huge, I impulsed his cutthroat, took 1, then Languished. It was awesome.

Against Esper Walkers I sided in more burn like Atarka's Command. Ruinous Path, Firecraft, and Goblin Dark-Dwellers did a lot of work in the planeswalker matchup.

I'm really happy with how it performs. I may add more Ruinous Path but that's the only change I really see right now.

First change

swisigah, 3 hours ago

After playing with the deck, I realized that while it had the potential to win, it didn't seem like it really knew what it wanted to be, so I removed the white in favor of a mono-blue clue mill deck.

zazz_master, 4 hours ago

Mishra Gimmick

Kamakaziworm, 4 hours ago

I am switching the focus a bit to making the deck more entertaining, I am not running Teferi soft lock also I am not inclined to run nether void and the like. I want to have the deck act like a grixis artifact control until i can get my board set up for a good all stompin' bout. I currently need to be able to deal with early big creature threats from a Mayael deck. So show stopper artifacts are what I am focusing on.

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