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SlappyBob, 3 hours ago

Took out Chord of Calling in favor of another Congregation at Dawn. Added in Maelstrom Pulse and Fulminator Mage to the sideboard.

Well time change.

Auriorium, 4 hours ago

In a span of a week I changed this deck drastically, lets hope this iteration works.

So long Gaddock Teeg!

CommanderFun, 5 hours ago

Gaddock Teeg is gone... he's good at shutting things down for lots of decks but he forces me to play the grind when he comes out (no GSZ and no NOrder). So, Here comes RURIC THAR!!!! and my upcoming budgeting to purchase a Taiga to replace the Savannah. Right now, the usuals at my LGS always bring Sneak and Show, High Tide, Storm, and Burn to the meta... so I'm going to try mainboarding him at the next game. Also, the inclusion of Wren's Run Packmaster is to support me in the burn land. My only concern is how to deal with Chalice of the Void without Gaddock, but there are still lots of ways around it.

Sideboard is always the mystery, since there are so many good options. I'd love help with that as usual, but in the meantime I decided to add a Sylvan Library to add consistency to the deck. Also, right now, I've got all the gas in the tank with 4 GSZ and 4 Natural Orders. Should I change that?

I'm extra thankful for advice today since it is Thanksgiving! +1 if you like seeing more Elves in Legacy!

psyopsauce, 5 hours ago

@grasshopper021, Casual tag, "funsies" deck in the description...? It's people like you who take all the fun out of the game. #Blocked.

Hella Tweaking

CommunistBakery, 6 hours ago

So with my time this Thanksgiving break, I overhauled and balanced the deck with a little guidance from my bro. Added draw mechanics to repair momentum issues. PYROMANCER ASCENSION IS BACK IN. Changed out Guttersnipe for Young Pyromancer for cost effectiveness and the same process with Shock for Magma Jet. Statistically balanced land count and improved Mid-Late game functionality.

To the scrapyard ye go...

IronChewbacca, 6 hours ago

Played the deck for the first time today, hated it. In the process of taking it apart.

Lutris, 7 hours ago

Lots of casual testing against a number of different decks, all 1v1.

Conclusion: Extra control is good, but not always sufficient. Mizzix is very fragile, and the cagey enemy will try to kill are ASAP, and also as often as possible. However, the proliferate suite (Inexorable Tide, Tezzeret's Gambit, Fuel for the Cause is very effective even when Mizzix is not on the board.

3 of the 2015 preconstructed commander decks came with Lightning Greaves, but not the UR version. This is extremely unfortunate. Added Swiftfoot Boots as those are what I had on hand.

In mana news, found an extra Shivan Reef, swapping out a mountain. Also added two more mana rocks, Fellwar Stone and Coldsteel Heart

Icy Blast became Cyclonic Rift, and then a handful of other spells were added, five more burn/control and two card draws. Testing with Scour from Existence was insane when Mizzix was out and had been working. 7 CMC spell for free.

For the future, an infinite combo package for Firemind's Foresight might be acquired (Reiterate, Reality Spasm, something else for the 1 CMC slot). Also looking for a Venser's Journal.

nonstripedzebra, 7 hours ago

Made a modification. Trying out dromoka in the main tomorrow. Havent been to fnm for about a month so we will see how it goes!

Somnambulist, 7 hours ago

Changing out Sidisi. She requires set up to use and she'll never be cast for her actual casting cost at 5 mana. Too slow. Changing her out for Defense Grid to help ward off counterspells and removal. Ideally, Imperial Seal is the card I'd want to use; but I'm still a long ways away from obtaining one.

Honor of the Pure: Added

sorfronaan, 8 hours ago

In testing, this enchantment has worked wonders for improving my board state. Its low CMC makes it easy to throw down early, and it's unlikely to take removal from popular spells like Abrupt Decay.

BaCK4ThESTaB, 8 hours ago


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