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Chicken_Legends, 29 minutes ago

My friend has a goblin Token deck Gutslasher's Mob. Competitive And he spams tokens and gets them to 3/3's and I just can't get rid of them! Any ideas?

xenith4127, 1 hour ago

I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend to me some artifacts that I could throw in here. I was thinking another Staff of Nin , but I am unsure. right now, the deck is the way it is because it is what I have, but I am open to buying some new cards and testing stuff out. So if you have any suggestions please comment below.

Winter Flame

OThatSean, 1 hour ago

I have completed the side board to adjust for playing against decks that would out class my creatures. I added 2 winterflames to the main deck and went 1 Dig Through Time 1 Treasure Cruise . Rather have 2 digs but I only have one of the cards. The winter flames are still in flux and I might take them back out. I see a lot of use in them but 3 mana is a lot of mana in this deck and and I sacrificed one Seeker of the Way and one Akroan Crusader for them. While winter flame does potentially get two blockers out of my way to be able to get a big attack in and it fuels Ascendancy and Prowess.

Stuff happened

Sertomas, 1 hour ago

Decided to actually put some time into this. Some demons added, lightning strike replaced with fall of hammer, added agent of fates for removal. Side board became a non-budget card dump. Help is still much appreciated.

Khans Update

NotSoLuckyLydia, 1 hour ago

Cutting 2 Sphinx's Revelation for 2 Dig Through Time , cut a plains, an island, and 2 Calciform Pools for 4 Flooded Strand .

WotC clearly doesn't want me having fun.

xenith4127, 1 hour ago

I just wanted to mention that if you wanted a very budgetish version of this deck, you could switch out the Flooded Strand s for Evolving Wilds , or possibly even just use Tranquil Cove , though the wilds would be better for the delve of Treasure Cruise .

Old_Man, 1 hour ago

Completed deck

luisserpa, 2 hours ago

Got the deck completed and ready to play. Also, managed to complete the description. Right now is doing pretty well, but there is alwys room for improvement, so feel free to give your opinion.

DarkRequiem, 2 hours ago

Adding 1 Duplicant and removing 1 Persuasion .

Local Standard

isticky, 2 hours ago

After running this at my most recent standard run-up I've decided to scrap my tri colored idea. Heroic triple colored is very difficult for it to be consistent without dumping more money into it. I will have a new list updated with my UW Aggro. And also a RW aggro

Major Update (3.0)

Dami, 2 hours ago

After the removal of from this deck as an experiment I tried reduce the amount of lands from the original 24 to 16 but as it lead to some disastrous first hands is time to correct it. I will reduce Buried Ruin , Mystifying Maze and Thespian's Stage number of copies from 4 to 3 and remove the 4xOrnithopter and 2xThopter Assembly that were not working as before I removed from this deck and for they place goes 3xUrza's Mine , 3xUrza's Power Plant and 3xUrza's Tower to diversify and bring some extra mana to the late game stage.

Adaptive Automaton was removed from the deck since I already have Myr Galvanizer on it turning it redundant and take its place is Steel Overseer that can be a great way to power up all the possible Myr tokens you can create.

After some testing Accorder's Shield and Blinkmoth Urn did not contribute to the deck as much as I was expecting so they are now removed.

This deck lacked a sideboard so I decided create one with the remaining cards on maibeboard and the 2xParadise Mantle that I removed from the main deck to increase the number of copies of Myr Turbine and Unwinding Clock from 1 to 2. The other cards added are:

Cards I have so far

asusoverclocked, 3 hours ago

So I did some trading last night and now I have most of the deck. Here's what I have so far:

2 sandsteppe citadel2 scoured barrens2 blossoming sands1 anafenza 3 high sentinels of arashin 1 hardened scales2 abzan falconer3 tuskguard captain4 ainock bond-kin3 mer-ek nightblade 3 abzan ascendancy4 abzan battle preist*

*Star means I have all the copies I needAnd some cards I'm thinking about adding:Incremental growthRetribution of ancients

What do you guys think?

quietmortal, 3 hours ago

I changed up the mana base a bit. I also removed the cantrips spells Dragon Mantle and Defiant Strike . I instead included actual card draw in the form of Divination and Treasure Cruise . The current list reflects what I currently have access to in my collection. Obviously, Dig Through Time is a much better spell, but unfortunately I won't be getting any in the forseeable future.

win streak

MoreJustice, 3 hours ago

riding a 10 or 11 game win streak-

anafenza, melek, kemba, oloro, and a HUGE win against the most ahole-ish darigaaz that uses maybe 15-20 targeted land destruction spells. i knew the deck and just mulled until i got an explosive enough hand and it was cake.

Minor change in the main.

Quadsimotto, 3 hours ago

Made one minor change in the mainboard. Swapped the two battle priests for two tuskguard captains. I think i have enough lifelink with ajani and trample may be what takes this over the top for the win in games.

Victory is ours

Traston, 4 hours ago

So after going through the cards I had on hand I built tweaked and traded down to this bad boy... this is the working deck I have right now (well mostly) I may have my numbers off a little I will check when I get home and can go through it, but the big thing with it is that it is fast, and that I literally have won matches with no more then 3 mana on the board... granted that is a lot slower win, but it is perfectly possible to control and succeed. It is winning about 85-90% of the time, and 100% when I have at least 4 mana in my starting hand... The use of various tokens is great against Bile Blight but I still in danger of anything that damages all my creatures...

yaboiskie, 4 hours ago

added ratchet bomb to destroy permanents like Ensnaring Bridge , [the rack, Shrieking Affliction and such.

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