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Breakthrough: Discovered Thrasios' first combo

Lilbrudder, 11 minutes ago

Sensei's Divining Top was a late add, but its quite possibly one of the best cards in the deck. It combos with Thrasios, Triton Hero and Paradox Engine to draw my deck with 5+ mana's worth of rocks/dorks, which is fairly easy to come by. Just keep bringing top back to hand with Thrasios and recasting it to untap all my rocks/dorks. Tap top again to draw a card and repeat the process. This is a wonderful backup combo because it costa 0 card slots since outside this capacity top is pretty amazing for this deck and serves multiple functions.

Aether Revolt stuff

theinfernumflame, 26 minutes ago

I've been playing around with some cards from Aether Revolt. Not sure they'll make the final cut in the deck, but this is what I'm working with at the moment.
MDN 4 / 2

Gonna make changes to deck but not at the moment..

dragonsandgoblins85, 30 minutes ago

I will edit my deck soon. I switched some cards out and replaced them with more efficient cards that will make the deck flow better. I took some advice on here recently so i've decided to change this deck some. This deck needs to be updated anyways because i just made new changes after i posted this deck. T hanks to all. I look forward to hearing everyones opinions after its changed.


wickes321, 31 minutes ago

took out Woodland Wanderer for the nrg hydra, but still I think a better two drop is better.

5up3rm4n, 34 minutes ago

im looking at some insane mana ramp but it eats into my card total like using Crucible of Worlds with Zuran Orband maybe even Argothian Elder with Seeker of Skybreak and Illusionist's Bracers thoughts on this would be good

Modern Night

Rayburn, 45 minutes ago

Match 1: Saheeli Rai stuff, this was gross. Didn't know the matchup but was able to hold on each game long enough to realise going 3x Raise the Alarm over 3x Bitter-blossom would be correct, and extirpates are good.

Match 2: Jund

Lost game 1 after the first 3 turns were spent thought seizing and IoKing eachother which was kinda funny, Won Game 2 by Pathing and Wrathing then dropping ghosts and windbrisking in Elspeth Lost Game 3 because of trample on the Grim dude

Match 3: Elves

Won game 1 because of Bitter Blossom and Paths and WrathsLost game 2 because he combo'd off his elf ball t3-4?Game 3 came to me not drawing a wrath.

Match 4 Dredge

Last ride of the Golgari Troll before ban: Fun as hell 3 games, cast WoG back to back to win game 2 recovering with lingering souls and secure the wastes

****note need more dredge hate then extirpate and relic of progenitus


Holding back and waiting to wrath and drop ghosts is really really good against any creature heavy matchup that goes "all in" and tries to top deck war.

Any time your opponent empties their hand with no draw you will probably win. Your topdecks are more then likely better then theirs in terms of advantage created.

mass removal > spot removal in a meta where aggro is heavy and aggro relies on a lot of guys in play really fast. This is why Timely can better then spectral procession at times.

Under Construction

bombtek56, 1 hour ago

Won at my local modern night. 6 turn three wins, but a lot of 3 game matches. When it hits, it hits hard. Popped 20 damage in one turn 5 out of a Guttersnipe. Decided to go all out and see how bad this thing can become. Adding evasion with Stun, and Temur Battle Rage, cause who doesn't like double striking/trampling fiends. Working on sideboard right now to combat what i saw there.

All suggestions welcome

MDN 0 / 0

Peebles, 1 hour ago

Combo of all Combos for this deck

Jdreesman, 1 hour ago

Firemind's Foresight to get Lightning Bolt (for the 1), Reality Spasm/Reset (for the 2) and Reiterate (for the 3). Must have RRRUU mana and 4 counters on Mizzix. Can also have 11RRRUU and 3 counters on Mizzix.
EDH 0 / 0

small adjustments pt2

Aric_Haldan, 1 hour ago

I replaced all declaration in stone in main-board with shocks, and moved them to the sideboard for match-ups with big creatures or lots of tokens. I've also reduced the number of sram, senior edificer in main-board and introduced aether chaser to the deck as an extra aggro creature (also pairs well with weapon's trainer and can break through deadlocks because of first strike). I've added Bomat Courier as an extra aggressive one-drop that can also draw me some cards if i'm flooding or being controlled and i've replaced the Sweatworks Brawlers with Gryff's Boon as a way to add some evasion to the deck. Furthermore in sideboard i have done away with the Gideons because i never really was able to use them to their full potential, either being too hard to cast or not having enough defense to keep them alive. I've done away with the selfless spirits as well since it doesn't protect against yahenni's expertise, the toughness from my equips already give me some protection against boardwipes and it was often just slowing me down when i played it. instead i added Always Watching and Aethersphere Harvester to side in against other aggro decks and Reckless Bushwhackers to side in against (near) creature--less decks like control where i would prefer to have more speed

Hi_1m_R0b3rt, 1 hour ago

Removed Coiling Oracle and staff of Nin to slot in the infinite mana combo of deadeye navigator and peregrine drake.

Deck Rebuild

gnetics, 3 hours ago

Complete Rebuild of the deck. I made sure to focus on cards that give the enemy a choice. Lightning Bolt is there to provide pressure on the opponent. So that when you play temporal extortion, they will be more likely to give you that extra turn. Decided to go with a wider variety of devils that have an ability, than last time and Some token generation seemed appropriate.

So far I won 2 games out of 4 with this new build. I'm pretty happy with it.

First AER Edits

Leatherankh, 3 hours ago

So I just completed my first Aether Revolt changes. The main one is to the mana base. When I saw Spire of Industry I knew I needed a full playset for this deck, and it does such a good job that I removed all of the Wilds. The second was to SB Hope of Ghirapur to bring in Against control and spell heavy decks.

The third is currently a maybe, but I really have to figure out how to slot it in: Scrap Trawler. It would combo off the death of a Colossus in some crazy ways, and I need to figure out what to pull to make room for it.

Still trying to finish it

werewolf226, 3 hours ago

There's so mmany great cards I could plow into this beast, and so many I need/want to. I need more measures to protect Krenko, because he's so squishy he'd be easy to neutralize and so would make for a great target on the battlefield. He's not meant to be an attacker, he's there just for his ability. I also feel like if I put some more cheaper burn spells and spells to summon goblin tokens, I can reduce my land-base by one or two and toss in either more goblins or more cheap burn spells.

Thanks to everyone who's viewed this deck so far, and please feel free to comment! I don't care who you are, if you have a suggestion or want to make a comment, go right ahead!

Money, Ramp, and Card Draw.

lonewolf896, 3 hours ago

While removing Mox Opal and Mana Crypt means less free mana it also decreases the cost of the deck by about $100.

I knew the deck needed more card draw so abuses of Key to the City and skull clamp will be used.

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre for Platinum Angel gotta prevent that pesky aggro player from just suddenly beating me to death.

Also removing a couple wastes for Darksteel Citadel and Spawning Bed.



Small update

Liamus93, 4 hours ago

I realized that the reason why list's would run a single island in side was to have the Atune tutor it if you we're holding Negate or Ceremonious Rejection early and didn't get the 2 dual's, Hub or Servant. I figured dropping 1 Rejection should be fine.

Sideboard Cuts:

  • Ceremonious Rejection


  • Island

Aether Revolt updates

BioProfDude, 4 hours ago

Now that Aether Revolt is finally here, I have updated the deck.

I added 2x Aethersphere Harvester. In the post-Smuggler's Copter world, this is a solid card. It has the same power and better toughness, and the ability is quite good (lifelink). I removed only 2x Sky Skiff to make room. I might later add 1x Heart of Kiran, but for now I want to test the Aethersphere Harvester and sky skiff.

I added 2x Fatal Push in place of 2x Dead Weight. I know people love Fatal Push, but the revolt thing may not be as good for his deck as it t appears. I want to clear creatures out of the way before I attack so that I can preserve my rather fragile creatures as long as possible. I'm not looking to sacrifice a creature, or get rid of a creature after it has blocked. In a speed deck like this, I'm thinking that revolt is not as good as one might think.

I also added 2x Gifted Aetherborn because that card is amazing. I removed 2x Dhund Operative to make room. I would really like to have 4x of both, but that messes with the mana curve too much. This requires tinkering.

I added 2x Fourth Bridge Prowler in place of the 2x Sludge Crawler. I like the ingest mechanic of Sludge Crawler, so I am sad to see that go. However, getting out a creature that can potentially answer an opponent's early game creature is quite nice too...

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