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Found out that [[Sinister Concoction]] exists.

VelvetVendetta, 39 minutes ago

Cmc 1 removal AND discard outlet, recursive with Titan, fetchable by Zur?

Sign me up...

Out Copy Enchantment (as it usually would be a second grasp of fate or animate dead that can't combo with Sun Titan + Blasting Station). This card will be a removal but has a much more powerful utility than being able to copy the Empyrial Armor


combatmage1, 1 hour ago

Great staff, clean venue, very organized.

Few changes

kadun, 2 hours ago

Cuts: Thundermaw - Rakdos the Defiler - Vindicate

Added: Balefire Dragon - Possibility Storm - Red Elemental Blast

After testings and knowed issues

Kromanox, 2 hours ago

First "issue": It is related to mana base, it can be improved using old duals and other fetchs - but during the game I dont have any problems.

Second "issue":I want to run mana drain and Nether Void.

General evaluation:This deck is pretty good to stax the board, reliable good against combo, but weak against aggro decks.

My recomendation is - dont run mairsil full combo - because it is very fragile and need a couple of pieces and set up.

In my local game store the meta is dominated by cEDH decks - I love to play cEDH - and every dude runs fow, trickbind and other tricks. Try to stax and lockdown the game, Mairsil is suitable to a peculiar style of voltron/stax. My deck proposal can be easily improved. Send me your suggestions.

Won it's first game!

sonalexander, 2 hours ago

So the title is slightly misleading.

It did when its first game, but it won the first game i played using this deck. An opponent was running Damia Landfall and i managed to drop Anhk of Mishra on T2 then the Damia player dropped Rites of Flourishing on T3. Hilarity ensued.

The Anhk turned out to be the MVP of the whole game. Dealing 4 damage a turn (most turns) for 3/4s of the game before its final removal.

I would bet that no Anhk in the history of magic has ever done this much damage. It was the little trinket that could. Dealing damage in the neighborhood of 100 (give or take). It will only happen once, but it sure was funny.

The theme of the deck actually worked as well. I did manage to kill someone using an extort trigger and i brought myself up from 11 life bacl to 42 in a few turns.

Over all it worked well. It needs some adjustments, but i was pleased for it's first outting.

Suggestions for new additions

cardplayer12345, 3 hours ago

I've been playing this deck since this summer and I've noticed new sets that have been released since them have some promising additions to this deck. I'm looking for anything new people would recommend or something old that can be useful for this deck. After playing it for a few months, it gets a little stale doing the same thing over and over again. If anyone has suggestions for additions, feel free to comment.

Sideboard Guide for 10/20 match ups (BUG, RB, UB)

psychosmurf96, 3 hours ago

BUG Ramp: +1 Lay Bare +1 duress +2 Never +1 Vraska's +1 Gonti -4 fatal push -1 Cut -1 Harsh scrutiny

RB Aggro +2 Essence extraction -1 Duress -1 Arguel's

UB scarab God (with dreamstealers and Champion of wits) -4 fatal push =1 harsh scrutiny -1 cut +1 duress +2 magma spray +2 never +1 Vraska's

FNM 10/20 2-1 Tracker was the "Glorybringer"

psychosmurf96, 3 hours ago

One loss was to the guy who always plays these big ramp decks with flashy spells (same guy who played the sandworm convergence deck i mentioned on my grixis control deck from last standard)

Match 1: 1-2 vs Sultai Ramp: Very close match but I got mana screwed in both games I loss. Ran away with the game I won so more than likely just a loss due to variance. Tracker kept me alive for much longer than it should of with filtering,

Match 2: 2-0 vs R/B Pirates/Aggro Answered his threats and went over the top of him with Ripjaws and the Glorybringer. Though he did get me low, Tracker removed his ribbons and threats over and over to prevent claim shenanigans.

Match 3: 2-0 vs UB Scarab God Control: Your typical U/B control deck but featuring cards like Lili, Dreamstealer, and Champion of Wits.Once again tracker proved its worth with all of the eternalize creatures. Deathgorge also kept my own graveyard creature free to prevent reanimation unless i had my own Liliana out.

MrKittenpunter, 4 hours ago

Some changes:

Dropping Avaricious Dragon to 1, since it's my riskiest card and really sucks in multiples. Also removed my last copy of Trading Post to lower my curve a bit.

Brought Eternal Scourge up to 4, and threw in a couple copies of Volt Charge just to try it out.

Update and Thanks

Gim, 4 hours ago

The Maybeboard is being used for Sideboard cards either currently in use by me or suggested by other users. I am doing this mainly to keep it from raising the price above the $15 since sideboards are not required to play and really should change to help you in your local meta.

Id also like to thank everyone for all the support and help. Its really helped make this deck even better.


Sleazebag, 4 hours ago

Well damn, it happened. 400k views. That's closing in on half a million people having looked at this decklist, which I find hard to believe. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to look at the decklist and especially to those who commented and built the decks themselves.

Made some slight changes...

ninjanomical, 6 hours ago

Took out Future Sight and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

Added Bitter Feud and Gahiji, Honored One

Future sight and Gisela were just too cumbersome to cast.

Bitter Feud and Gahiji add some more enticing reasons for my opponents to beat each other up!

gdm1989, 6 hours ago

Switching the deck up to test out a new variant focusing on tokens and discard. While the first variant I had was dangerous and can control the board, it was kinda slow. I may recreate the deck in another link but for now going to see how this variant work.

No fish needed

-Arcanity-, 7 hours ago

I realized this deck works much faster without focusing on the fish. I'll soon make a variation that doesn't use it.

Removing Ad Nauseum

Fergernuggets, 7 hours ago

While the combo is a nice shock to the opponents system in this deck, I have decided to remove it for the Great Machine as it is easier to set up in this deck and is still an infinite combo.

Speed boost

SoakingDrop52, 7 hours ago

During the last 2 weeks i found this deck invincible against creature-base decks but a bit slow against others.

  • Affinity is a huge problem, first match impossible, second nee a lot of luck

  • Eldrazi Tron: first match impossible, after side I always won but it was hard

Main problem? I think speed and the need for casting creatures without tapping all the mana. I'm trying to solve this problem reducing mana requirement, my solutions are:

Slightly changes on the side:

Maybeboard: 2 Dragon's Claw to defende against red aggro decks

small update

Egyptiondragon, 8 hours ago

added chord Armageddon stranglehold vyrn wingmare and zealous conscripts


LikwidMagic, 8 hours ago

Ok, I have completed this deck as stated in the description. This is the best and closest I can get to a competitive deck. I have tested the crap out of every possibility and this is the result. As always I would love input and upvotes if you like the build.Likwid

LordInfinitius, 8 hours ago

Removed 4x Walker of the Wastes, 8x Wastes, 4x Palladium Myr, 4x Hedron Crawler, 2x Hedron Archive, 2x Seer's Lantern, 4x Titan's Prescence, 2x Hangarback Walker, 1x Mirrorpool, 1x Shrines of the Forgotten Gods, and 1x Ruin of Oran-Rief from mainboard.

Moved 3x Warping Wail from sideboard to mainboard.

Removed 2x Steel Wall from mainboard.

Removed 1x Steel Wall and Hangarback Walker from sideboard.

Removed 1x Stoneforge Masterwork from sideboard.

Added 4x of each to mainboard: Urza's Mine, Urza's Power-Plant, Urza's Tower, Matter Reshaper, Eldrazi Temple, and Expedition Map.

Added 3x Batterskull, 1x All is Dust, 4x Thought-Knot Seer, 2x Spellskite, and 4x Reality Smasher to mainboard.

Added 2x Ratchet Bomb, 1x All is Dust, 2x Grafdigger's Cage, and 1x Warping Wail to sideboard.

Changed (and I would say improved) deck description.

Changed title, as the focus of the deck seems to be shifting from its original.

In total: Effectively made this deck more of a Tron deck. Old deck was able to consistently beat my friends, but would lose in a more tournament setting if I didn't have good luck.

New version should still piss off my friends and give me better odds at winning in a tournament (an eventuality on joining one). Hopefully of course. Will go to the next (cheap) local venue's event to play test the deck.


thekazuran, 8 hours ago

FNM 4-4

JeppeFugl, 8 hours ago

Not the two best tournaments. Major changes made to MB and SB

This rotating two-of-slot

seshiro_of_the_orochi, 11 hours ago

So there is this damn two-of slot where the cards keep on rotating in and out. In the last update, it was taken by two Hunter's Prowess , which then had been replaced with two Harmonize. These left again, with the slot being taken by some Bow of Nylea. It's the best card for the slot so far. The deathtouch is on flavour, and the activated ability is very versatile. Maybe the bow will take the place for a little longer. We'll see.

Second win con.

Morthius, 12 hours ago

Implemented Soulus101 idea to use Abandoned Sarcophagus + Compelling Argument as a second win condition.

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