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Deck incomplete, but doing ok

abrohm, a few seconds ago

I've ordered most of the deck, and it's doing ok. One thing I've noticed is the I'm not getting enough early game ramp, any suggestions that I could copy if I draw them late game? (ie: not sol ring) double points for suggestions the fit the theme. that said, I've been ramping very well once I get riku out, I just want to do it sooner

Card Draw

Syphonicyde, 8 minutes ago

Added Consecrated Sphinx for card draw assistance and another body.


Loccomat, 20 minutes ago

Turns out that bouncing my fattys after rushing them out on the following turn would be very bad for me, leaving me with nothing on the board. In my next turn, I could not recast it, due to missing ramp. Maybe Reaper of the Wilds is an option.

Francisco_42, 20 minutes ago

Considering Swapping Assemble the Legion for Spirit Bonds . That Way I Can Protect The Non Token Creatures.

FNM - Help

thenickdrop, 21 minutes ago

Going to be taking this deck to FNM tomorrow and could use some help/advice. I will update after the event. Thank you.


Daglite, 26 minutes ago

After some playtesting, I added in a sideboard. Seems to be working quite well.

Thoughts though....I may take out Elspeth, or sideboard her, as my games never go long enough for me to have 6 mana out reliably.


Verzuvius, 33 minutes ago

Cards I considering to add- Thoughtseize

Cards I considering to remove- Read the Bones

Will update this!

(Sideboard, will come!)

Adding some cards from the maybeboard

TheGamer, 1 hour ago

SO im taking out Jace, the Living Guildpact and Nissa, Worldwaker for two cards in the maybe board. What do you guys think the two cards should be? Also, thanks for the never ending comments im receiving! I think with all your help, we can make a mark at the IQ!

genuine139, 1 hour ago

Not sure if I want to list the various cards with situational removal. With variables related to color, such as Reign of Terror or creature type like Life's Finale or say CMC, with something like Forced March Hell, technically Golgari Charm is situational. In fact any cards giving -1 counters are pretty situational. The list gets even bigger when including cards removed from the graveyard! I suppose this list is for EDH decks, soooo... IDK what do you think? When is a card TOO situation based to be viable in an EDH deck?

Flornhale, 1 hour ago


Time Stretch for Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir , Decided that Time Stretch was too heavy, thus having Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir I can protect my combos.

zerotwo, 2 hours ago

-Mask of Riddles and -Profane Momento

+Cephalid Broker and Cephalid Looter

Deck performed very well against Animar, Soul of Elements and Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts last night, first test run where I didn't get completely wiped out.

The control magic cards are utterly cluch for getting big hitting commanders like Teysa or terrifying enablers like Animar under control.

Calanor, 2 hours ago

So i took out the Dictate of Karametra and put in Kiora, the Crashing Wave instead. This jumped the price a little but it is still under $60. I just thought the extra card draw/land per turn was better. I also took out the Retraction Helix for Cyclonic Rift . This made it not theros exclusive but overall a much better deck. Lastly, took out Solidarity of Heroes because it only helped the Mistcutter Hydra and i felt it was wasted. Instead i put in Spell Blast to give me a little more control.

Still looking for a sideboard, which will probably end up being more counters for specific things. not sure yet. advice appreciated.

Clearing out comments

abdulbaqr, 2 hours ago

Changes based on M15, please continue to comment or send ideas!

After September Rotation

HelltotheHeavens, 2 hours ago

I'm adding in 2x Pharika's Chosen , and I am adding in 2x Sedge Scorpion for Wasteland Viper . Then I may just give in and buy 4x Hero's Downfall and some more removal to replace Doom Blade and Putrefy

Adding New Things

HelltotheHeavens, 2 hours ago

So, instead of Ob Nixilis, Unshackled , I threw in Indulgent Tormentor , he seems better than Ob. Also I am thinking of adding in 3 or 4 Gift of Orzhova . Just imagine Hythonia or Reaper with +1/+1, flying and lifelink swinging at someone.

Structuring Sideboard

luizguedes, 2 hours ago

Adding 4x Silent Arbiter to the side board. Helps appreciated.

More P-Dubz

UncleLanddrops, 2 hours ago

Added a couple more Chandra's to the mix. Don't know if they'll work.

Got a copy of Radiant Fountain from M15. Could be good. We'll see.

Zyro9, 3 hours ago

First draft of Sideboard!

BirkaBirkowski, 3 hours ago

After a bit of testing, looking, and meta-ing, I've put together a rough draft of sideboard! Here's the rundown:

AEtherling seems like one of the most versatile creatures in standard right now, evades pretty much everything you can cast at it.

Back to Nature will be for BG, UW, and other enchantment heavy/aura based decks. Pretty self explanatory.

Council of the Absolute comes in as a not-Slaughter Games , for cards like Supreme Verdict or AEtherling , and even Jalira, Master Polymorphist in a mirror.

Deicide may be suited better as something else, not sure what but I'm always open to suggestions. Mostly if I have to deal with Xenagos, God of Revels or Keranos, God of Storms

Essence Scatter for cheaper counters when facing creature heavy decks, such as U and G devo.

Ready is most definitely a Supreme Verdict counter measure, what with it being uncounterable and seeing play in almost every UW deck since its printing.

Simic Charm because making my dudes hexproof stops them from being burned, or eaten by Polukranos, World Eater , though I think this card slot could be better used. Again, I'm open for suggestions.

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