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Brawler's Plate out for sword of light and shadow

masterx07, 12 minutes ago

so I was looking at the deck last on 1/29/2015 and was trying to figure out what could be replaced really and i noticed brawler plate was a 3 cmc for +2 +2 and trample with a equip cost of 4 .... So i looked at all the current swords and tried to figure out which one would fit the deck best really and it came down to sword of feast and famine and sword of light and shadow. my decision for picking light and shadow was based on possibly having a re-animator part to the deck due to not placing in Elixir of Immortality in it. my next search is still a cheap Crucible of Worlds and a very heavy played marsh flats and a heavy played verdant catacombs.

Some more changes.

zossthunder, 15 minutes ago

Took out some cards to make some place for what people suggested me.

4x Demigod of Revenge as finishers. I really did't think about this card when I made the deck, the weakness was that I missed a real finisher in this deck.. Sun Titan sure does some work but it's only 1x, sometimes you burn them to death but Lightning Bolt is really there as removal. I think demigod is what was missing here from the start!

Flagstones of Trokair+Boom/Bust combo added. I loved this suggestion I just didn't think it was very viable in the deck at the time, but now, along with other changes i fund a way to put it in the deck.

Sowing Salt moved to the sideboard, very powerful effect but as a 4 cost removal I just want to play it where it really matters, against decks with greedy mana bases or decks that have some "key" lands to have in play, like Tron.

Took out Lingering Souls. I love the card but in this deck is just better to blow some lands up turn 3 rather than play lingering souls.

Abrupt Magic

mozz, 17 minutes ago

  • Round 1 Junk 0:2
  • I mulliganned to 6 on the draw and kept a nice hand with Birds of Paradise, Grisly Salvage and some threats. The opponent used 3 discard spells in the first 2 turns, which slowed me down considerably and I didn't draw good enough to come back.
  • I decided to side out the combo and bring in 2 more Abrupt Decay and Tymaret, the Murder King. After my early aggression the opponent took control with Siege Rhino, 2 Lingering Souls. He resolved Dark Confidant and I tried to stall the game, but his evasive creatures killed me.

  • Round 2 UWr Control 0:2

  • I had very aggressive opening, but the opponent had Remand and Mana Leak for my Varolz, the Scar-Striped, which didn't allow me to assemble the combo. Then he had extremely good draws resolving 2 Cryptic Command, 1 Snapcaster Mage, 2 Restoration Angel.
  • In game two I had no good answer for 2 Kitchen Finks and Batterskull.

  • Round 3 Junk 2:1

  • I took game one so fast that I didn't realize what my opponent is playing.
  • The second game I saw Junk with Anafenza, the Foremost (most likely out of the sideboard). This is one more reason (besides big Scavenging Ooze ) to prefer Abrupt Decay over Lightning Bolt. I didn't find my 2 copies on time.
  • The third game was extremely grindy. The combo was sided out for removal and Tymaret. The opponent at around 5 life, but had better creatures than mine. I had 3 Birds of Paradise, 2 Gravecrawler, 2 Bloodghast, 1 Vengevine and Tymaret, the Murder King. However he had 4 Spirit tokens, 1 big Ooze, 1 Siege Rhino. He resolved Liliana and started gaining life with the Ooze. I top decked Flamewake Phoenix and started attacking. After the second attack, I went for the kill with Tymaret sacking Birds. The Ooze gained 3 life, but it was not enough and I won.

  • Round 4 Affinity 0:1

  • My opponent scooped after taking the first game. He had a slow start, but so did I. I had the chance to go for the combo, but still it would have been too late. It was unfortunate that my opponent had to go as I wanted to test Vampire Nighthawk out of the sideboard.

  • The deck was fun, but also quite challenging. I don't think I missed any triggers, but I am pretty sure I didn't discard optimally to Lotleth Troll for example.

  • Soulflayer was nice, though I saw him only against UWr. When I cast him for the first time he had flying and haste. He was bounced by Cryptic Command, but I was still able to resolve it as just a 4/4. I think it has more potential against aggressive decks after Vampire Nighthawk gets in.
  • It seemed really important to have a way to get past Siege Rhino as it alongside Ooze or Anafenza makes our attacks miserable. So from the delve creatures I don't like Hooting Mandrills and Tasigur, the Golden Fang.
  • I thought of abandoning red and going golgari. I didn't because of the powerful sideboard options.

praetor121, 19 minutes ago

Changing out wolfhunters quiver as its too high priced to be of much use with revenge of the huntedits miracle cost cast plastered onto one of the many deathtouch spiders can act as a boardwipe of sorts, whilst the the spider can be regenerated with one of the many swarmyards/vesuva's

added in sylvan scrying to sideboard as possible alternative for rampant growth, as it give the ability to draw out non-basic lands

List Changes and Boarding

Skyler_Lvl100, 30 minutes ago

+1 Animate Dead -1 Exhume: Barring Snapcaster Mage plays, Exhume simply helps my opponents too much when Animate Dead fills the same role and CMC.

i did the thing.

darthskat, 32 minutes ago

T2 Sakura-Tribe Elder.

T3 Skyshroud Claim

T4 doubling seasons

T5 ultimate Garruk, Primal Hunter = 14 6/6 wurms

T6 Craterhoof Behemoth swing for 417 dmg.

deck mod

Memoria, 40 minutes ago

main board changes

-2Aven Skirmisher +2Warden of the First Tree-1Abzan Advantage +1Valorous Stance

side board changes

-2Elspeth, Sun's Champion -1Ajani's Presence +4Mastery of the Unseen

Mastery of the Unseen-this card is so good against control, this 2 mana spell is hard to counter and remove since UB lack enchantment removal.So your board got wiped by Crux of Fate? you can keep putting down threats turn after turn and out endgame your control opponent plus it combos so well with Citadel Siege.

Any suggestions?

Made some changes to speed things up...

Hikeeba, 45 minutes ago

The deck as it was seemed to work okay in longer games and multi-player. One-on-one... it had some issues. This revision is looking to speed things up a bit and add other win conditions. Which may have just been necessary as my Oreskos Sunguides almost never untapped. Sunbond and Spectra Ward didn't make it into play that often and suffered from my friends love of removal when they did.

Divinity of Pride and Chalice of Life  Flip came in as the alternate wincons. Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, and Suture Priest are there to help everything in general.


Dalektable, 1 hour ago

I went Bant. It is simply stronger, however I must admit I am having second thoughts. I may sell out and simply go G/W Hexproof as I have already started collecting the pieces to it. We'll see...

UntapMainWin, 1 hour ago

This deck is really bad against control and counter-burn decksThen again, has some removal with stoke the flames, magma jet, lightning strike, and so on

UntapMainWin, 1 hour ago

Turn 4 win.

turn 1, mountain, foundry street denizen

turn 2, mountain, monastery swiftspear, titan's strength on monastery, swing 2 with foundry street, 7 (in total) with monastery, scry 1, opponent is down to 13 life

turn 3, mountain, hordeling outburst, swing 4 life with foundry street, 2 with monastery, opponent is down to 6 life

turn 4, mountain, goblin rabblemaster, enchant rabblemaster with hammerhand, swing with everything, for 16, win

Major changes

Preturbed, 2 hours ago

I've removed most of the metalcraft.

Ordered Deck

Mknz_Riley, 2 hours ago

Today I have ordered the deck that I dreamed of getting for FNM. Should all be around here around 2/9 or 2/10 (which is also my birthday!) First event will be 2/13.

Wish me luck!

trorax, 2 hours ago

+4x Ghostfire blades -4x Monastery Swiftspear

This was made awhile ago.

$100 Achieved!

HiddenStrings, 2 hours ago

I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but we made the mark for the mainboard. I honestly couldn't have done it without help. The deck is still open for ideas but i think we hit the culmination. I could be wrong, though.

Eventually I'll make a sideboard and take this to tournament, but for now it's purpose is casual friendlies.

This is the way the world ends....

hellnoire, 2 hours ago


  • Ichorid and Bloodghast - Creatures are great, don't ever get me wrong. Having constantly re-occurring Skullclamp bait is even better. But here's a better idea - lock out other players. Become even meaner, destroy the best, steamroll the worst.


  • Leyline of the Void - It was pointed out to me that Leyline is one sided - no doubt, why Dredge in Legacy has one sideboarded. But until recently, no one really had anything great they could use with it. One of my friend is now running a Alesha, Who Smiles at Death weenies deck - which is painful as hell to play though when it's all warriors, plus Mardu Woe-Reaper spot exiling my card. Riftsweeper did a lot of work to keep my combos alive - but once I dealt with the Woe-Reaper, he would just bring it back from graveyard with Alesha's trigger. So I'm tired of it - Leyline and done.

  • Nature's Claim - Rather then debate about it some more, it makes sense if only for the short term, to fuck up everyone else, and just say enjoy it. It's not our best removal - but it destroys threats to our combos, and just ends the game the way I want it to, not the way you want to try locking me out of.

Surprisingly, this is still very much a top deck in my meta - and is extremely hard to play though the hate. It's amazing, because it still remains one of the most fun decks I've got though it all. I seriously don't even know what else I can say about it.


Thunair, 3 hours ago

After seeing field where was a lot of rubble masters, Master of the ways and wingmates I considered to add Yasova to use them against their masters, with combination with Temur charm she can even steal Stormbreath, Rhino etc.

Greek Heroic

fimpen, 3 hours ago

Fast heroic deck. Many key cards but ordeal of thassa is what wins the games I would say.

1st at 01/30/15 FMN 2-0-1

Gutz, 3 hours ago

Round 1

Jeskai Fun Stuff: we Tied he burned my stuff i burned his couldn't burn each other out in game 3 so we drew. 1-1

Round 2

Boros Aggro: well interesting match up allot of the same type of game plan as my deck just way slower and not as big of creatures once the path was cleared my creatures just wrecked it but game one i actually had a man shortage for once... my match 2-1

Round 3

Abzan Aggro: Burned his creatures he had no bounce back and i put out to many creatures for him to Downfall and Cut so walked right over him... My Match 2-0

Flådd Katt

fimpen, 3 hours ago

5 color standard. Key cards is Soulflayer, Chromanticore and temur ascendancy. Rest is support.

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