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joshhightower, 4 minutes ago

I needed some card draw, so I have added an Ephara, God of the Polis . I added one plains since I am running Windswept Heath already, and plan to get Ephara with Yisan, the Wanderer Bard anyways.

Update 5

djion, 39 minutes ago

Expecting A LOT of aggro week one, maining 3x Drown in sorrow.

added 2x Karametra's Acolyte

MTGTCG, 40 minutes ago

2x Karametra's Avolyte instead of 2x Voyaging Satyr

Deck Record W-L

DarriusN7, 44 minutes ago

4-1 at the venue I play

Sideboard Plan

NinjaTheNick, 1 hour ago

Rabble Red/ Mono Black Aggro:

-2 Eidolon of Blossoms-1 Karametra's Favor-1 Rattleclaw Mystic

+3 Circle of Flame+1 Retraction helix

Blue Based Control (Esper): Game one requires us to not overcommit into a wrath. Barring that, we need to set up a kill that doesn't mind if our burning anger gets countered. This means getting multiple non caryatid dorks into play. Post board we can set up something as late as even a turn 7 kill. Just spend time sculpting your hand and gathering counterspells. Don't worry if your burning anger gets countered, just keep digging for the cranial archive and recombo. Having an eidolon makes this much easier.

-1 Karametra's Favor- 1 Stratus Walk-2 Commune With the Gods-1 Shivan Reef

+4 Swan Song+1 Cranial Archive

Black Based Control (Sultai): This matchup is vastly in their favor game one. Game 2 we transition into a grindy deck that can still muster up the combo. Keranos is lights out against this deck, and eidolons will quickly overtax their removal.

  • 2 Stratus Walk-2 Karametra's Favor-1 Burning Anger-1 Commune With the Gods

+1 Keranos+2 Narset+2 Eidolon+1 Forest

Mono Red Devotion: In this matchup we have to protect ourselves from Eidolon of the Great Revel. This means finding our removal spells. This matchup often comes down to if they have it. If they do, wait for high impact spells to come up like dig through time or insight that can find you removal.

-1 Stratus Walk-1 Karametra's Favor

+1 Retraction Helix+1 Keranos, God of Storms

Green Decks (GR Elspeth, Monsters): This matchup is hilariously lopsided in our favor. Post board you can bring in the retraction helix if you feel like you'll want to bounce a polukranos, but other than that you won't need much.

General Notes. This sideboard allows us to become a grindy midrange/combo deck with the potential to just slap a stratus walk on narset and win from there. If you sideboard into narset, keranos, or eidolon, bring in the extra forest to make the math work a little better for land drops. Ramping into one of those can sometimes end the game on the spot.

Aggro is not as bad as people say it is. The nut draw hands were going to beat you anyway. Likewise, draws where you go double caryatid are a nightmare from them. This matchup is often play-draw dependent. This is true of most deck's matchups against this deck, so there really isn't much we can do about that.

Now a budget deck

EverythingIsK, 1 hour ago

Is now under the $60 standard that has been established.


Anthonym3494, 1 hour ago

So this deck turned out waaay better than I thought it would. Easily the best tribal deck I put together so far, with the help of other shaman tribal decks of course.

i hate courser

Deadxmaster, 2 hours ago

i absolutely hated courser of kruphix while playtesting this deck so im cutting it and adding another murderous cut because that card is real. im trying another dig through time because i bearly got to cast it. adding the aetherspout for a reset button and the lolz with ashiok and a liliana main

Fetch lands and Inferno Fist

Brawdi, 2 hours ago

I'll be adding fetch lands to the deck because it helps me think out the deck and increase my chances of drawing a spell instead of a land and I'll remove the Inferno Fist with Dragon Mantle , Titan's Strength and Hammerhand which i find are more useful than Inferno Fist


Arashisenko, 2 hours ago

General changes,

Some More control

Gorzke, 2 hours ago

Side deck seemed to be lackluster (our of some things). I have also made this more control-like because i have experienced that unearth works better with some field sweeper.

Rakdos is out (Never had a chance of using it properly. There was always that "Destroy/Exile/Bounce/... target RAKDOS" , so better another bump of the night.

kaydenp, 2 hours ago

kaydenp, 2 hours ago

kaydenp, 2 hours ago

teamawesome1, 3 hours ago

after much playtesting I am going to drop Birds of Paradise for Groundswell , this deck already has such efficient mana that the bird just seems redundant, and I think that I should utilize another more aggressive card. Since there aren't really any other good landfall creatures, I figured I'd use the best pump spell for a landfall deck

Big Changes

God_of_Thunder, 3 hours ago

Did a fairly large overhaul of the deck. It's been a while since I made any changes so it was good to come back and take a long hard look at the deck list. While I have been playing MTG for quite some time, I'm still learning new things and evolving my strategies, so coming back to this deck after a few months on the shelf has brought many changes, and for the better I believe. JakeHarlow and FadingReality have spurred on my reexamination of this decklist as both of them have been working on tribal vamps themselves.


Goalith, 3 hours ago

I had to do a total revamp of my deck because of inconsistency and not very focused.

Changed to Abzan (Jund) midrange instead

Late Update - Third Place

PhilJol, 4 hours ago

Got this place back on Sept 5th with this deck. I went 2-0 in the first 4 rounds, losing 2-0 against WUB control in the fifth. No surprise there at all (should have been second place, but the other one above me had a better OGW% score).

Thanks to Khans of Tarkir coming in, I lose the 2x Garruk, Caller of Beasts and 4x Burning-Tree Emissary , replacing them with 4x Voyaging Satyr , and having 2 open spots. I need some ideas on what I can add in.

Athreos Has Passed

PrecintSix6Six, 4 hours ago

I have found the perfect home for Athreos, God of Passage , it's not in an aggro shell because after a certain point no one cares if you can re-cast your one-drops infinitely. But Siege Rhino ? What do you choose when they've got Athreos and Whip of Erebos out and the Rhino dies!? that just happened in playtesting and all three of those cards have officially made it into the final version of the deck

66 is more than 60

ibanner56, 4 hours ago

Trying out a 66 card version of the deck (Similar to what Jund does sometimes).

+1 Restore Balance
+1 Greater Gargadon
+1 Mistvein Borderpost
+1 Forest
+1 Fieldmist Borderpost
+1 Demonic Dread

-1 Restore Balance
+1 Beast Within

The Demonic Dread ends up being the worst cascader, but we need a 9th.

Competitive vs Fun

Forceofnature1, 5 hours ago

This deck is super competitive now... but I kinda want to play for fun. What are some fun cards to throw in that will make things crazy? Win cons are great, but I almost feel like I have too many combo win/cons and I would like to go a different route than it is going now.

*Note, that this is after the addition of Glen Elendra Archmage and Prophet of Kruphix , which I pulled out with Defense of the Heart .

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