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More Playtesting

darcness, 52 minutes ago

Tried again against the Green Devotion deck that stomped me last time. Much better results this time winning in a Vs. style match 3-2.

Also playtested vs. Junk Constellation again and tied 3-3.

I ended up going back to Scavenging Ooze main. Pack Rat was kind of underwhelming. I'm going to stick with scooze until rotation.

Moved a Silence the Believers into the main and put the Hero's Downfall in the board. I want access to four copies of Downfall, but also have the two copies of Silence.

Added another Drown in Sorrow to the board and removed Stain the Mind and In Garruk's Wake in favor of some more effective spells. Adjusted some numbers accordingly.

AEtherling was amazing, especially as a Liliana Vess tutor target. It simply wins me games. I think it's almost exactly what I needed to close out the game once I stabilize the board.

Delver update

djakes, 1 hour ago

While a great card, not particularly useful here.

Hit and Miss

w4rped, 2 hours ago

Ok, so I didn't do very good at last FNM. Had a serious problem with a mono green devotion deck that just kept casting card after card and drawing more and more. I won one game, but lost to worst fears on the 3rd.

I also lost to mono black devotion. No surprise there. Everyone loses to that deck sometimes. But I am less worried about losing to that one because Pack Rat is rotating and that was really the only reason I lost the games to him.

Had a decent game against a boros burn deck. It wasn't built the best, had some oddities in it. But it was a win nonetheless, and my deck performed exactly as it was supposed to.

Overall I was not unhappy with the performance of the deck. I was never mana screwed, and generally always had the right color mana.

Did have one game where pain lands were all that came out, so I hurt myself a lot. But I think that life gain would be a better solution to that since I consistently had the RIGHT mana. I never worried about getting the right color.

Urborg, however, was AMAZING when it came out, and almost warrants trading something out for another one.

Anyone think this would be a good idea?

reaperrdnk, 2 hours ago

First fnm went 2-1, and it was so much fun. First game went 1-2 and lost to a chord of calling based deck. Came down to the wire ever time.

Second game was against 5 color super friends and went 2-0. The flyers and quick reanimations controlled em.

Third game was 2-0 against boros burn. A turn 3 hornet queen was too quick for them.

The unsung heroes were erebos's emmisary and endless obedience. The 2 won me most my games, saccing overlords and queens and the like then next tune returning them for a huge board presence.


STIKY55, 2 hours ago

I am Making a few function changes to the main board. I am dropping 1 spear for a Hall of Triumph to give me better buff consistency. I am also heavily considering removing Herald of afanenza due to the way his mechanic actually has to work. Much like the Level Up mechanic, it can only be done as a sorcery, so I EITHER attack or buff him. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO THAT. So in its place I am looking at adding Oppresive Rays for more removal, 1 copy of Obelisk of Urd and another Elspeth to really press out the mid game advantage. An obelisk plus a spear or the hall would mean Elspeth's soilders come down as 4/4 solders. Skadoosh indeed.

2 Major Changes

jubale, 2 hours ago

1)Reid Duke demonstrated a more focused deck with 4 bards and 4 prophets. I did my best to imitate this.2) He admitted his deck was weak to mono-black and UW. Added AEtherling + Savage Summoning to attempt to beat UW control. Combine with Jace and Prognostic Sphinx and Genesis Hydra to draw cards and attack. These cards also serve well against mono-black. Add in Setessan Tactics, and I believe there's a decent chance to beat any deck in the format.


Jeffery_159, 2 hours ago

just added some new and more powerful cards


dragonlord1209, 3 hours ago

cut 2 snapcasters for the 24th land (basic island) and the 4th jace. in testing snapcaster was awkward, and got land stuck, while jace was insane.also cut the main deck reb for spell pierce, just hate drawing dead cards in matchups. tested vs omni-tell, and mono red sneak attack.

Urborg for Black

L337600ch, 3 hours ago

Since I'm running mostly UG splash Black, decided to forsake all Swamps and BG lands for Urborgs and a better distribution of Forest and Islands.

jcbl97, 4 hours ago

TOOK OUT: 1 Korozda Guildmage

PUT IN: 1 Dictate of Erebos

Did this by a request and for more bord control

blue22, 4 hours ago

Ok guys I made a few updates with my deck.- 1x Ashiok
-2x Bident of Thassa for -2x Thassa, God of the Sea

add1x Prophet of Kruphix1x Heroes' Bane1x Polukranos, World Eater1x Sign in Blood1x Kiora, the Crashing Wave1x Hydra Broodmaster1x Hero's Downfall1x Dissolve

malusumbral, 4 hours ago

+2 Zurgo

-1 Sorin

-1 Spiteful Returned

Pelzwick, 4 hours ago

-1 Hoarding Dragon, -1 Perilous Vault, -2 Springleaf Drum, -2 Jace, the Living Guildpact, -2 Island

+1 Lightning Strike, +3 Goblin Rabblemaster, +2 Stoke the Flames,
+2 Mountain

Other Considerations

thebobjoe, 4 hours ago

Thinking about adding in Genesis Hydra. The card is interesting to me, but I don't know if my mana base can support a card that's designed to essentially be a giant mana sink.

samo1977, 5 hours ago

You are the control in pretty much every match, You are trying to disrupt the creatures and threats as much as you can. You will probably draw 20 or so cards each game, I did against an Eye Candy deck, and it was amazing. Won with him with no creatures on the board, with Mulldrifter and a Twisted Abomination I Grim Harvested back. Very control and super grindy.


Out -1 Crypt Incursion, -1 Repeal -1 Exclude -1 Wail of the Nim

In+1 Ghastly Demise +2 Diabolic Edict +1 Negate

Do as much on their turn as you can, tax their mana. Extra Removal, You run more counters, and more kill then they run creatures. You must have at least one 1cc mana kill spell in your opening hand to be able to keep up.


Out-1 Capsize, -1 Wail of the Nim, -2 Mystical Teachings, -1 Island -1 Repeal

In+2 Diabolic Edict, +1 Disechant, +1 Ghastly Demise, +1 Plains +1Negate

Kill as much as you can to keep threats on board small. Counter any sort of burn to stay stable. Keep them off any card draw you can.


Out-2 Disfigure -1 Ghastly Demise -1 Brainstorm -1 Island

In+2Diabolic Edict +1 Disenchant, +1 Negate +1 Plains

Few Creatures, Keep the numbers small and fill up their hands with worthless enchantments.


Out-1 Ghastly Demise -1 Repeal, -1 Wail of the Nim

In+2 Diabolic Edict, +1 Negate

Kill and counter. Keep them off Crypt Rats, and Gary.


Out-2 Disfigure, -1 Crypt Incursion, -1 Wail of the Nim, -1 Exclude

In+1 Capsize, +2 Diabolic Edict, +1 Negate, +1 Ghastly Demise

Tron you want to mess with the mana base as much as you can, and keep them off as many creatures as you can.


Out-1 Capsize, -1 Brainstorm, -1 Wail of the Nim -1 Repeal

In+2 Diabolic Edict, + 1 Ghastly Demise +1 Negate

Kill creatures, and Negate a trick, like a Vines of Vastwood. You should win. Kill Lords and Poison Sliver first.

Deliver Fiend

Out-1 Capsize, -1 Brainstorm, -1 Prohibit

In+2 Diabolic Edict, +1 Ghastly Demise

They play 12 creatures, you play 12 kill spells, 12 counters, you should be able to keep them off creatures, just filling up their hand with targetless tricks.


Out-1 Capsize, -4 Prohibit, -1 Brainstorm, -1 Island -1 Exclude

In+ 2 Diabolic Edict, + 1 Ghostly Demise, +3 Circle of Protection:Red, +1 Plains +1 Rest for the Weary

Bring in white for the Cop Reds, and the life gain. Kill as much as you can, counter what you cant, they deck is super fast, so you need to keep a low curve hand.


Out-1 Capsize, - 1 Repeal, -1 Brainstorm

In+ 1 Ghastly Demise, +2 Diabolic Edict

Aggro vs Anti Aggro, just kill all the creatures. Counter the tricks.

White WeenieOut- 1 Capsize, -1 Repeal, -1 Brainstorm

In+1 Ghastly Demise, + 2 Diabolic Edict

Aggro vs anti aggro deck, kill and counter everything.

Boros Kitty

Out-1 Capsize, -1 Repeal, -1 Brainstorm

In+1 Ghastly Demise, +2 Diabolic Edict

Kill and counter Glint Hawk, Skyfisher, and Rebirth. Leave them with nothing but crappy artifacts on board.

Azorious Kitty

Out-1 Crypt Incursion, -1 Wail of the Nim, -1 Mystical Teachings, - 1 Brainstorm -1 Exclude

In+1 Capsize, +2 Diabolic Edict, + 1 Ghastly Demise +Negate

Kill creatures, bounce stuff they put the acids on. Counter the important spells. Win.


Out-1 Capsize, -3 Excludes, -1 Repeal, -1 Wail of the Nim

In+3 Circle of Protection:Red, +1 Rest for the Weary, +1 Negate +1 Plains

Cop Red, Life Gain, Negate for an extra counter, Win


Out-1 Capsize, -1 Brainstorm, -1 Exclude -1 Repeal

In+1 Ghastly Demise, +1 Negate, +2 Diabolic Edict

Keep them off Familiars, and mess with Snaps, and flickers the best you can. Slow and grindy meets control.


Out-2 Disfigure -1 Crypt Incursion -1 Capsize, -1 Repeal

In+ 4 Jace's Erasure, +1 Negate,

Try and stick a Jace's Erasure, and then let it do all the hard work for you, cast your spells on there turn whenever you can. Grind them out with Grim Harvest when you can.

Tortured E.

Out-1 Ghastly Demise, -1 Wail of the Nim, -1 Repeal.

In + 2 Diabolic Edict +1 Negate

Crypt Incursion is your best friend, shut down the recursion, and gain a bunch life. Counter the spells you can, make them work to get them back, keep them spinning their wheels is the best you can do till you can Teachings for the Incursion.

Working Well

bradleyrj, 5 hours ago

Added Dissolve and Steady Progress to round out the deck and Whelming Wave has also helped me in a couple situations to avoid a deadly flyer in the early game.

I added Prognostic Sphinx and Mana Leak to the sideboard in favour of Cancel and Harbor Serpent

I haven't gone to any tournaments with the deck but I haven't lost a game yet among friends even against an aggro paced goblin and boros deck because of the flying chump blockers and Sigiled Starfish

Thanks for the support and hopefully I can take this deck to a Modern tournament and see if I can be successful.

Play test day

cowboy_hippie, 5 hours ago

Big changes, but big results! I'll fix up the description and explain better when I have more time. Basically, I'm used to aggro and lots of creatures. I swapped out some creatures to focus on board control with the frogs until I unleash Ensoul Artifact or Scuttling Doom Engine . Generator Servant has been dope! Getting the doom engine out fast... Mana base looks weird, but has worked for several games.

magic for als donation

adralen, 5 hours ago

8/30/14For the eev event cut one [genesis hydra] for one [bow of nylea] Round 1 : 2-0 vs mono-u devotionRound 2 : had to leave to run an errand took a loss Round 3 : 2-0 vs boss sligh play polukranos and stabilized both games Round 4 : 2-0 vs g/r monsters game 1 was a battle between storm breaths and polukranos. Along with the one of hydra broodmsster. Game 2 both decks misfired but was avlble to make Nissa stick and apt her to swing in for the win Round 5: 1-2 against baby hexproof this match up is horrible for the deck no real answers for massively enchanted flying hexproof creatures sided in back to nature rec sage and ratchet bomb. Got game 2 with the bomb for 1 didn't see any tech game 3.

After the tourney played against what would have been my round 2 opponent Boris burn from round 5 of fnm I claimed victory 2-0 he both decks misfired game 2 was able to keep my threats on board using settessan tactics and nyleas disciple to keep my life total out of burn range the redemption felt good

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