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Rigol, 17 minutes ago

-3 Ancestral Vision

+3 Take Inventory

MDN 1 / 4

played it for the 1st time

dsil88, 1 hour ago

Needs some fine tuning.

I think a few haste enables would help. Since Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix has a huge target on her, it was hard to get her to stick a full turn. Some haste enablers would probably help with that and allow me to start going off as soon as i play her. I'm considering cards like: Anger, Fires of Yavimaya, Hammer of Purphoros, or Concordant Crossroads.

Also, it needs more wheels and card draw spells. Winds of Change, Stroke of Genius, and good ol' Wheel of Fortune are cards 'm considering adding. However wheel might be to much for my budgets.

I'm also thinking of adding more X casting cost spells, not just the card draw ones. More mana means bigger spells, and I don't want to have to combo draw to win every game. Winning with big fatties is fun too.

All in all, it was a fun deck. I was surprised how enjoyable it is to have two commanders. Trying to find ways to make them synergize is a challenge and seeing it come together is satisfying.


Kiwivoador, 2 hours ago

Hello once more, folks!

This deck now is my current Modern deck. I need your awesomeness to adapt and include better things in it.

Shall we discuss it? YAY!

cleverpun0, 4 hours ago

Wall of Air > King Macar

Clever Impersonator > Mirko Vosk

Crypt Ghast > Mindshrieker

Tidal Force > Evacuation

Crypt Ghast and Clever Impersonator are good cards, but they had too little synergy with the deck and its goals. I replaced them with cards that actually forward the decks wincon (without requiring awkward circumstances). Wall of air and Drift of Phantasms are pretty similar, but I think the transmute is more helpful than the 1 power.

Tidal Force seems good, but is too expensive.

cleverpun0, 4 hours ago

Authority of the Consuls > Grave Betrayal

Ob Nixilis, Reignited > Sorin Markov

Authority of the Consuls doesn't do enough, even when put out on turn 1. It does hose a small handful of decks, but those particular decks often have ways to get around it.

Ob didn't do enough to justify his inclusion, even though both his +1 and -2 are useful. Sorin is a win con without needing to ult, however, which makes him useful in more situations.

Heart of Kiran

Murphy77, 6 hours ago

I tried for as long as possible to avoid the Heart of Kiran, Gideon, Ally of Zendikar combination - but was finally forced to admit it's value and add it to the deck. Luckily, I already had the cards in my collection.

Things to Do

Worx, 6 hours ago

Going to be continually upgrading to Full foil (as is possible) and all to Kaladesh Inventions.

Also going to be putting in Walking Ballista as another Wincon when have the easy to get infinite mana.

Will be looking at streamlining my cards in deck to try and cut out ones that require another turn or use, for example Sylvan Library, Glissa, and maybe even move Torpor Orb and Hushwing Gryff to the Sideboard.... will look into it.

Will also be looking at my mana base closer as I dont want dead cards - hence why I moved Mistveil Plains out and Bow of Nylea in... Cant do anything with Mistveil if I draw it first turn or even search for it when im needing its effect via a search land.

I'm just trying to make it very fast and importantly reliable.... need Sisay out as soon as possible - turn 2 or 3. If its turn 4 or more, then my meta will chew me up - a challenge.

So the sideboard will change as I really hone in on this Paradox Engine wincon.... but also will play a few tests on deliberately not using the Engine to see how robust Sisay is :)

Stay tuned.

Main and Sideboard changes for consistency

puhalakaust, 6 hours ago

Based on a few suggestions from zephyr_chang and what I could afford at the moment, I have switched some things around to try to achieve more consistency with the turn 4 (or earlier) win potential of this deck.

3rd Rishkar! And other minor changer

hillisko, 6 hours ago


-2 Grasp of Darkness

-1 Blighted Fen

+1 Rishkar, Peema Renegade

+1 Fatal Push

+1 Evolving Wilds


-1 Yahenni's Expertise

+1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

STD 0 / 0


DonaldFuck, 7 hours ago

Just received my academy ruins. So i remove my 2 buried Ruins to add the academy ruin and one more island.

Less wurms, more mana dorks

gallenwolf, 7 hours ago

I've played this deck and it's far too slow. In response, I'm adding in more mana dorks, reducing the number of wurms (insert big sadface here) and including more lower cmc creatures to help hold the line before the wurms make a big bang.

Also adding artifact equipment - had a great experience going up against creatures hasted with swiftfoot boots. Something like Blade of Selves on a Massacre Wurm would be insane to play with. I'm hoping to keep with mainly green creatures, but I am sorely tempted to include Kokusho and Phyrexian Obliterator after checking out what BOS can do :)

At the time of this update, it's still WIP and I'm searching for a way to generate tokens that I can sacrifice to boost up the number of counters for Meren.

jaker99, 8 hours ago

was bored so i put this deck here i put up a few other decks too if you want to check them out.
EDH 0 / 0

Updated deck

mtg_mouse, 8 hours ago

Got rid of Servant of the Conduit, put in Maulfist Revolutionary as well as Peema Aether-Seer, deck benefited.

Card change?

mtg_mouse, 8 hours ago

I'm considering putting in a Maulfist Revolutionary for some more counters. Yes? No?

Also considering Peema Aether-Seer for if my creatures are already buffed up, I could get loads of energy. Yes? No?

Oh, and one more thing. Should I even consider putting Panharmonicon in? I could get double the energy. Yes? No?

To add these cards, gonna trash Servant of the Conduit. Not a very good card, doesn't do well in this deck.

Low Sodium Version

dsh9470, 9 hours ago

broke out Breya again with some guys from the LGS and I was shocked at how salty one guy got when I flashed out Ashnod's Altar and Eldrazi Displacer on the end step before my turn and got ready to go infinite. apparently the whole group despises (purposeful) infinite combos, despite having relatively powerful decks and deep card pools (foil Doubling Season anyone?). it's funny because the deck is pretty janky, either it goes off quickly or just dies while you durdle around hunting for combo pieces. anyways, working on a low-salt thopter tribal sideboard that I can quickly swap in and out. main goal is to remove some combo pieces, tutors, and oppressive cards, though I left in Ashnod's Altar and Eldrazi Displacer because they are also both useful for thopter shenanigans.

Removals: Beseech the Queen, Krark-Clan Ironworks, Sculpting Steel, Pili-Pala, Sword of the Meek, Nim Deathmantle, Ethersworn Canonist, Sharuum the Hegemon

Substitutions: Hangarback Walker, Efficient Construction, Thopter Engineer, Whirler Rogue, Cranial Plating, Spine of Ish Sah, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Brago, King Eternal (for flickering thopter makers along with Deadeye Navigator)

Seventh FNM, 2-2

Loco-Motive, 10 hours ago

It'd been a few weeks since I was able to make it to my FNM. Last time out was a bad night, two losses and a drop. I was looking forward to getting this deck back into the circuit and see how it fared against some new decks.

Match One vs G/B Constrictor - Won 2-0

This was a relatively easy matchup all the way through. I timed all of my removal to focus on the Constrictor and managed everything else without too much effort. Both Gideon and Chandra were usually too much for this deck to handle.

Match Two vs U/R Visions Burn - Won 2-1

Typical Visions deck with Things, Alchemists, and Revelers. Also had burn with he kept a keen focus on to make sure he kept on with pressure. Once I had an unchecked Gisela swing a few times with lifegain, I was in a Game 1 clear. Game 2 was a nail biter. I had him down to 1 life and couldn't find burn when he was able to burn me out. Game 3 I pretty much manhandled him when he missed a key land drop after keeping a greedy hand (lots of burn) and I was able to prevent any threat to my board and stabilization.

Match Three vs Mardu Vehicles - Lost 1-2

I steamrolled my opponent in Game One. Chandra and Gideon were houses! In Game Two I, again, had my opponent down to two life, list my Chandra so I couldn't ping him, and didn't draw burn. So damn close! In Game Three I got mana screwed, held to a total of three lands for the entire game while holding two Giselas, three Gideons, and an Avacyn. After expending my initial burn to hold off on my land drops, I was overrun with vehicles.

Match Four vs 5-color Tezzeret Artifacts

In Game One, I had all three walkers or at the same time and locked him down good. Chandra and Nahiri kept the board locked down which let my Gideon continue to attack in for 5. The first game ended so quickly that I didn't know how to sideboard against him. Game Two I found myself overrun by all the artifacts he put out and that nagging U/B enchant artifact card that kept going back to his hand. He took Game Two. In Game Three, I got land flooded, dreading a new lands four turns in a row. Frustrating.


So ended the night at 2-2. My takeaway from the night was that Shocks felt underwhelming overall. There are some spells I have now on the Maybe Board that I think I will be bringing in to replace the Shocks. This deck won half the games and the ones I didn't win went down to the wire. Deck still has legs. Going to tweak this a little more in time for FNM this Friday.


gacman8, 10 hours ago

Added: Sphinx bone wand and Ignite Memories Removed: Thought Reflection and Djinn Illuminatus

angel_team, 10 hours ago

angel_team, 10 hours ago

Tribal removed further

maribakumon, 10 hours ago

I removed the aforementioned tribal centric cards with cards like Soul of New Phyrexia, as an additional means of giving my creatures indestructible, and Bonds of Mortality, to make my board wipes more effective.

Bonds of Mortality was especially interesting to me because in my playtesting this current build of the deck most of the problem cards had, or were given, hexproof.

Adaptive Automaton is still hanging out in there, but I'm considering replacing it with Second Harvest, or possible with Tolsimir once I get a copy of Rhys.


gacman8, 11 hours ago

Added: Rhystic Study Removed: Eternal Dragon

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