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DivineH, 5 minutes ago

Considering Circle of Flame + Polymorphist's Jest combo. Circle gives devotion too. If I take them in the deck I'd consider Font of Fortunes aswell.. maybe +1 keranos too

Travelling man, Tuesday night magic

stobbart, 56 minutes ago

Finished 1st out of 22 Went 4-0

Round 1: Won 2-0 Jund Midrange

Round 2: Won 2-1 Bant Control

Round 3: Won 2-0 Esper Control

Round 4: Won 2-0 Jund Monsters


icefire033, 1 hour ago

Retired in favor of Paid in Blood

My Boros deck will be Soldiers of Fortune from now on.

Testing Cryptic Command

Mooer, 2 hours ago

Dropping a geist because the legendary rule is unfortunate. Switching around the lands for better mana flow.

-1 Geist of Saint Traft -1 Serum Visions -1 Forest -1 Temple Garden -1 Breeding Pool

Added in two cryptics to handle the things the other cards can't. Also, it's like, really good. I kept in the same amount of basic lands because Blood Moon effects are important to be able to handle and this deck needs for the cryptics and for Elspeth. As stated previously, this decks needs forests for the key one drop.

+1 Island +1 Flooded Grove +1 Mystic Gate +2 Cryptic Command


LegionnaireNilloc, 2 hours ago

Just clearing up the comments. What are your thoughts on the maybe board cards, especially Declaration of Naught , Meddling Mage and Fabricate . Also what would be suitable cuts for these cards?

Completed Mainboard

DastardlyDan, 3 hours ago

I finally found 4 copies of The Rack and my 4th Waste Not . I took the Funeral Charm s out. Haven't been able to make a tourney here lately. I hope to change that soon.

Update preparing for a PTQ

koey, 3 hours ago

As preparation for the PTQ attempt to move the list up to more consistency after testing.Also found cards to fix up the mana base a lot more.

Main Board Added:

Main Board Removed:

Sideboard Added:- 2 * Mirran Crusader

-Sideboard Removed:

Switch to G/U

KanagawaWave, 3 hours ago

Tried G/U instead of R/U/G but felt as if I was missing the power that came from red draw/discard

piaka4, 4 hours ago

-2 Stab Wound+2 Read the Bones

piaka4, 4 hours ago

-2 Bile Blight , +2 Doom Blade

kamarupa, 4 hours ago

This deck has gone through lots of changes, and the Description reflects most of them. Many thanks to asasinater13 for the advice.

warbuddha, 4 hours ago

Cutting Down Cards

GeoGeorge, 5 hours ago

Removed Necromancer's Assistant as Satyr Wayfinder is better and more mana efficient.

Update 1

JSpikeCaboose, 5 hours ago

Added 2 more Oreskos Swiftclaw and created a sideboard using cards I further removed from the main deck.

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