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First Playtest

svfrogman, a few seconds ago

Played the deck against a friends Mardu Midrange deck and, though a bad match up, helped with a bunch of information. I ended up winning 3-2

Game 1) Rabblemaster and back to back Stoke the Flames resulted in a pretty quick win

Game 2) Drew into a lot of burn and felt pretty confident keeping a two land hand with 2 Magma jets but when Stormbreath and Sarkhan hit the field, I lose

Game 3) Curved into all the burn really well but unfortunately got hit with 8 removal spells and Magma Spray ended up being a dead card

Game 4) Just beat him to death with Rabblemaster and Seeker of the Way with a few jets and a strike

Game 5) Swept through his Rabblemaster dealing 2 to it and 1 to the token it generated then started the beat down, a Zurgo almost got me but Chain to the Rocks quickly removed that problem

I realized after this play through that maybe Magma spray isn't quite strong enough in the main board, so I think it will be one of the first cards in the sideboard.

New Cards Added

Ze_Geuse81, 37 minutes ago

I just picked up some new cards to throw in the mix will updte tommorow afer my local event. i still was not able to find a doubling seasons so in the meen time ill do without :)

Just some reworking

skeletonkey8, 1 hour ago

so i edited this deck a little just to put in some stronger synergy with my lower CMC creatures and spells. i swapped Soldier of the Pantheon for Nyxborn Shieldmate because he can bestow Phalanx Leader , Aegis of the Gods for Nyx-Fleece Ram because the ram has way better tempo then Aegis of the Gods plus if we need him he is in our sideboard, 1 Godsend for 1 Spectra Ward they are both win con.s in my opinion and plus the extra protect to deal with wipes is nice in this deck. other than that i just did some reworking of the general numbers of creatures and spell i have like more Gods Willing , Archetype of Courage and Phalanx Leader . finally i added Raise the Alarm to my sideboard thinking it would be a nice pick against an super low curve aggro deck.

i hope you like the changes i have made, please comment if you don't, or throw a suggestion of something else that might work.

DarkRequiem, 1 hour ago

Added 1 Rite of Replication and 1 , removing 1 Temporal Aperture and 1 .


selith69, 1 hour ago

Plan on running this @ SCG OAK in two weeks, thoughts?

Grand Prix: Los Angeles

SkRiGeR, 2 hours ago

I had a great time with this deck at the Grand Prix in Los Angeles.

Overall score was 3-3-1.

First Round: Abzan Midrange?: Chewed it up quick. I don't he had his land percentage right, just had some very odd land assortments. it went 2-0

Second Round: Jeskai Midrange - NetDeck:a bit tricky but was able to control the board with Banishing Light an Polukranos. Got one land screwed match second game so I still won 2-1

Third Match: Rabble Red - Netdeck:Pretty hard deck. the Aggro can get out of control but if you get swiftspear out of the picture and board wipe the rabblemasters, they cant recover well enough. Match ended with a win 2-0.

Fourth Match: Abzan Midrange/ControlIt was basically a black white control splashing Siege Rhino. Very tricky to play, lots of spot removal. This paticular match got screwed second round because I accidentally drew an additional card during fetching which judge ruled match loss, even though the card was revealed from courser. Oh well, you live and learn. 3 match I had to mulligan to 4 cards which is an automatic loss for my deck 70% of the time. Match ended 1-2 Loss

Fifth Round: Abzan Midrange - Netdeck:This one was dragged on for a long time. We up going to draw and the other player forgot about her Sorin Emblem being out and missed the triggers. I also did so I wasn't losing creatures as intended. Judge ruled that I am not obligated to keep track her card plays. 1-1 TIE

Sixth Round: Jeskai Burn: This guy had a good build, played it perfectly as well. Just always had answers for my stuff, well played out. I had a lot of fun exchanging blows with this guy. Overall 1-2 loss.

Seventh Round: Junk Walkers:This match was goofing off, my average was already low enough to not be able to return second day. Luckily enough, I was paired with my good friend who I play test against all the time. His junk walkers was built to tear up my type of deck, spot removal and Garruk to control the board. Very hard deck for me unless I pull Banishing Lights or my side negates or Clever Impersonators. we went to turns on the 3 match but i gave him the win since he obviously had board control.

Overall the hardest deck was Jeskai burn. then any major control decks, Junk Walkers especially. That's where my 3 losses were from.

All the netdecks were quite easy to beat. I think most of it was the players weren't adapted to the deck play style since they haven't had much playtime with them. Abzan midrange is very easy to deal with. Jeskai Midrange is a bit trickier but if you handle the Mantis quickly they don't have much more engine than that. All of my creatures are Green so Stormbreath loses a lot of steam with Arbor Colossus out.

Clever Impersonator was a great sideboard card. Copied Garruk multiple times and blew theirs up. Copied Wingmate Roc a lot too which helps gain some life on attack. The Negates were fairly useless, Only used against Jeskai burn. I want to rework to get disdainful Stroke into instead. Bow of Nylea and Polukranos trick is awesome boardwipe.The 3 loss was against a green black control in which i mucked up and drew an extra card which resulted me to have a match loss. 3rd match I mulled down to 4 which anything below 6 is pretty much end game for me. Dig through Time is a wonderful card in sideboard against Abzan midrange and mono green/ or Selesnya decks.

Card changes

m4ver1k, 2 hours ago

Due to a couple of bad top decks where I drew a late Inquisition of Kozilek, and I knew it was worthless (Thoughtseize would have been fine), I'm going to test out Treasure Cruise in it's place.

I knew there was a potential scenario where I could need a second Steam Vents, but it seemed so hypothetical I opted for just a basic Mountain in it's place so that I had more basic lands so that I could focus less on taking shock damage if I wanted cards to come in untapped. I actually stumbled into the exact scenario and felt like a fool for having something so preventable trip me up. While it didn't cost me the game, playing around my own land base is something I don't like having to do. I replaced the basic Mountain back for the second Steam Vents again.

Random thoughts

PreZchoICE1, 2 hours ago

I would love to be able to add Wingmate Roc into this mix but Im unsure of what to cut. I'd like to have a threat in the air that I can recall and replay as well and obviously Roc fits that bill extremely well.

Gutting Black

chemslayer, 2 hours ago

Decided that the black morphs, while cool, aren't necessary enough to make them worth it. Also making the deck have a bit more interaction, as I noticed the strategy of "just play morphs" doesn't work so well in practice

New Build!

MarlukTheWise, 2 hours ago

I decided to change the main theme of my deck after the Game Day and I think it will help me with the new standard meta.

Let me know what you think!

paulbmoore1980, 2 hours ago

Decided to back the Mountain count down from 20 to 16 and add 2 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in hopes that I can get more mana from the devotion aspect. I removed Crater's Claws because to make the damage worthwhile I would have to tap at least 4 mana to get the same damage output as Lightning Strike. Valley Dasher got cut down to x1 and Circle of Flame got cut down to x3 to make room for Blinding Flare x3. I feel that this will help punch through some defense issues and will help pump up the Monatsery Swiftspear through prowess.

logicalinsanity, 2 hours ago

I think i'd like to take more of a Burn/Control approach. i lowered some of the board wipe counts and added more burn and a Narset, Enlightened Master . my hope is to have enough non creature spells in the deck to make her a huge win con late game.

Update 1 (After Major)

FatalVenin, 2 hours ago

---Dropped all 4 Brain Maggots for 2 Dead Drop and 2 Murderous Cut

Got rid of the sideboard until i can remake it.

no more tapped lands

hateindigital, 3 hours ago

Added cost due to fetches and confluence to make 2nd turn phalanx leader possible. No longer budget but stinger on my opinion. Thoughts?

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