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Bunch of changes!

InsipidPariah, 42 minutes ago

So I recently revisited some of my older decks and just updated them a bit. This one has a bunch, I took out all of the populate cards and the gain life cards. Thought those would be fun, turns out they're just boring.

Tossed in some cards with convoke on them and some more token generation as well. The results so far are promising, the deck previously couldn't hold it's own in 1v1 combat and was entirely built with multiplayer in mind. Now I think the deck is concise enough to be a challenge, will test with friends this weekend.


Tangerinefox, 56 minutes ago

Hey All! First update so I'll let you know what's good.

This is what I (think) I need:

More Zombies for Gravespawn Sovereign and Lich Lord of Unx

That's about it, I feel this deck is very strong, atleast in my playgroup. I don't really have the need to run much removal/control but I put in Nullmage Shepherd as handy control, also making use of zombies that can't swing. My quasi control is milling opponents with Consuming Aberration Altar of the Brood and Mesmeric Orb

Note: With the Orb and Aphetto Alchemist on the field and a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth not in hand I can make infinite zombies. Not one for combos but figured I'd at least address this one. (Yes I know about the Cephalid and Monolith)

Not too full fledged of a description yes, but hardly anyone ever reads it, regardless here's my (improved) take on Sidisi self mill dredge reanimator

Good things always must end...

TheCeltic814, 2 hours ago

I have been playing this deck for the last five months. I really like this deck but when Khans rotated in the deck could not handle the new decks (mostly Jeskai decks). My favorite part about this deck was using Hydra Broodmaster + Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx + Voyaging Satyr + Karametra's Acolyte to make a ton of huge hydra tokens to win games. Now the most of the deck is sold to help build my first modern Wild and Free Naya Zoo (Deck Help).

Deck Record:

Game Day M15: 1st place 4-0

FNM Oct.10: 2nd place 3-1


harrison5371, 3 hours ago

Took the deck to SCG RICH this last weekend, which happened to be my first more competitive event in a couple years (more to come in the near future! I'm looking at you SCG COL).

Round 1, Sultai Control

I got matched up against Chris, which although being new to lgs (just moved) frequents it quiet often.

Game 1, I took handedly without seeing much of Chris's deck. He took game 2 on the back of Villainous Wealth. Game 3 put me on the play and I kept a land heavy hand and proceeded to flood out. Moral of the story: When in doubt, mulligan out!


Round 2, Jeskai Aggro

I got matched up against a guy named Josh, and on the draw, took game 1 with my Lagonna-Band Trailblazer quickly overpowering his Mantis Rider.

Game 2, he won the race off 2 Mantis Riders and a Goblin Rabblemaster.

It quickly became apparent Josh was running an unsual amount of creatures so I prepared for a straight race, which I won in game 3.


Round 3, Jeskai Aggro

James apparently used to frequent my lgs a few months ago before moving. He had a good natured match in a more casual setting, and after 2 close matches, game 3 was leading to a race. With any burn, he had lethal in 2, and I need to race quickly. A turn later he was at 8, and on the back of Defiant Strike and Gods Willing I put him to 1 and passed with just 1 life to spare after he attacked on the board.

Luckily for me, all his red mana sources were pain lands, and I locked him out of a Jeskai Charm and Lightning Strike.


Round 4, GB Whip

Match 4 was against a guy named John. As we were shuffling I overheard him talking to a judge who was making jokes about his lose in the tournament after a PT Honolulu invite.

I took game 1 easily on the play on the back of a Battle Mastery to which he replied, "That's a thing". Game 2 put us both in top deck mode, with both of his Whip of Erebos in the graveyard. He had developed a board a board presence with Polukranos, World Eater and a Hornet Queen I had an Ordeal of Thassa on a [battlewise hoplite and cast Defiant Strike going into combat. I scryed away the card drew one, then drew 2 off of Ordeal of Thassa and couldn't find the Gods Willing I needed to close out the game. John agreed after the match it was the right play, but I came up short.

Game 3 proceeded like game 1, without having to worry much about removal and getting my damage in on the back of Aqueous Form.


Round 5, Mardu Midrange

Josh was a nice guy, but Mardu midrange is not a nice matchup for me. It seemed Josh always had 1 more copy of cackling doom than I had protection spell. There's not much to speak about this game, as Josh easily put me away 2-0 in games that were fairly unremarkable.


Round 6, Temur Midrange

Vince was a nice guy, and seemed to know his deck well enough. However, luck wasn't on his side and he couldn't drop an early Savage Knuckleblade to race me. Fair unremarkable games, and I took it down 2-0 in quick fashion for the first time of the day.


Round 7, Abzan Midrange

Brandon was playing Abzan Midrange but I followed up where I left off with Vince racing him down to a quick 2-0. He had disruption, but I had enough protection to shove damage through before he could set up. This match reinforced what I learned in match 1 about mulliganing, as I aggressively mulliganed both games.


At this point, I was out of top 8 contention, but I needed to win 2 of my last 3 to top 64 and at least get my money back. After my last 2 wins, I was felling pretty good about my odds, but fatigue was starting to set in.

Round 8, Mardu Midrange

My opponent was a guy named Arya and from his focus on the game, it was clear to me he was the better player and his deck of choice was not making the matchup any easier. Game 1, I could have won with a top decked Gods Willing which never came, and game 2 was a thrashing as I watched Arya overpower the board and wipe my threat away with cackling doom


All is good, 2 wins and in

Round 9, Naya Chord

I won the dice roll against Tyler and opted to play beating him through a Hornet Queen thanks to an Aqueous Form off the back of Heliod's Pilgrim. It should be noted I only saw GR this game as apparently Tyler was mana screwed for the match. He made a solid play with a Chord of Calling for a Reclamation Sage to destroy my Ordeal of Thassa before I could swing for the trigger.

Game 2 and 3, showcased the ingenuity of the deck as he used both Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Sorin, Solemn Visitor to beat me and knock me out of contention.

5-4 and drop after I fell out of contention. There are a few things I would fix about the deck after the event, mainly Spectra Ward doing almost nothing for me out of the sideboard. Also to note, Battle Mastery over preformed.

I went 5-4, but I felt like I did a lot better than the record stated. The deck was fun, and the matchups seemed pretty consistent until the end. I had fun even though I have things to work on, and I recommend the shell of this list.

orionwinterfire, 3 hours ago

Added AEtherspouts and minor tweaks. Notably I've been removing cards that cost me life.

Itsssssss Back!

He_Who_Seizes_Thoughtseize, 3 hours ago

After retiring the tribe for about a year now, I decided to resurrect my friends from the forest with some updates from C14.

chillistills, 3 hours ago

Polymorph combo: 0-1

He played bitter blossom and then an artifact that let him search for a creature and play it. Despite not having a way of dealing with the artifact, I managed to kill an emrakul using a lashwrithe riding a lashwrithe followed by a mutilate. Then managed to kill another one with a gatekeeper. He got greedy and killed his own with the legendary rule and then I managed to block one using a tomstalker. But finally ran out of gas taking him to about 4 health

chillistills, 4 hours ago

Burn 1-1 - game one he played an early goblin guide and 2 vexing demons. I let them resolve relying on a turn 4 mutilate but i missed a land drop and it was all over. Duress ens still really good here removing 2 burns.

Game 2 he mulliganed to something like 3 and had no creatures for a while. He finally played a eidolon but I stone walled him with 2 packrats and a obliterator - if that thing lands there is nothing they can do with it. Played a second and it was gg


megaman96, 4 hours ago

Removed Goblin Welder in favor of Academy Ruins, took out Cranial Plating as it ends up being dead draw if it comes up after I've played Indomitable Archangel. Removed Thespian's Stage since I added the Ruins and added 1 more Angel and Etched Champion each respectively. Also put in a couple Sol Ring for mana-ramp.

decksid4, 4 hours ago

Dropped a land, got too flooded

Wormple12, 4 hours ago

+1 Goblin Trenches, -1 Boggart Shenanigans

Titaniome, 5 hours ago

-2 Drown in Sorrow, now confined in the sideboard against swarm/weenie deck

-1 Abrupt Decay

+3 Path to Exile

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