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Major Deck Change

Roode, a few seconds ago

So I played a couple games with the deck, and I learned that Jeskai is just too clunky. I changed it to just U/W.
STD 1 / 2

Curve Smoothing

whatsthepoint, a few seconds ago

Removed Yasova Dragon in favor of 2 Heir of the Wilds and 2 Frost Walkers to help curve out.

Sideboard + Deck Changes

Maringam, 8 minutes ago

font color="red"In the maindeck, I have taken out Bogardan Hellkite] for Phyrexian Soulgorger, a mountain for Urza's Factory, and I don't remember what for Arena of the Ancients, Heap Doll], and Chromatic Star.

Restructure Time

JasonMB, 15 minutes ago

With the addition of Languish, I thought maybe I could revisit this style of deck. 5 CMC board wipes held me back, but here we go!

I just don't want to play Abzan anymore, there's so many options to a good Abzan deck, but 4x Rhino is always there lol. F em!

STD 28 / 16

Almost complete

MrBronson, 28 minutes ago

With the price drop of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, I am now 8 cards and counting.

Complete! Initiate Live Test

Mj3913, 1 hour ago

Deck is finally complete as I now own all the cards I need. Still got to switch some cards from a different deck, but small annoyance. Thanks to any and all who helped to make this what it is and here's to hoping I can at least top 3 at a FNM with it.

If anyone has idea's for improvement this does not mean it is closed and final, so feel free to post. There are still Origins cards to consider,


Raselok, 1 hour ago

Added UrzaTron. Still need to add more copies though.

Miloiscool1, 1 hour ago

Cytokenisis, 2 hours ago

Revamping the gaming style. adding mid range aggro elements.

Future Changes

trixster87, 2 hours ago

Reducing Windbrisk to 2 as testing as shown the hideaway to be a negative. Planning to bring 1 Flagstones of Trokair and Emeria, The Sky Ruin. Sideboard is getting Suppression Field, Rest in Peace and Sundering Growth. Brave the Elements might replace Holy Day with these.

Rebooted For Origins

Codeman702, 2 hours ago

Made some significant changes to my black blue control deck to better compete in the Origins Meta.


Vustah, 3 hours ago

Swapped Obelisk of Urd with Shared Animosity
MDN 22 / 2

redvenom21, 3 hours ago

So I decided to go back to my 1 and 2 card combo roots. This deck was struggling against faster permission decks and now it is a lot more consistent. I've cut the slower value cards for the ooze combo and grisly salvage was cut because it was too random and elder actually ramps me.

killjoygils, 3 hours ago

took out a swords to plowshares and added Nahiri, the Lithomancer

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