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Deck revamp

Varlify, 12 minutes ago

I started from scratch with the deck, deleted everything I had and looked for everything again. In the end is pretty similar, but it has a couple of changes. I will be testing it and as soon as I get the cards I'll go to a FNM to see how it performs.
STD 1 / 6


mentor6, 15 minutes ago

reposted the deck, realized it was on the template of an old copied deck i orignally threw all my ideas onto.

Joshua_Caesar, 52 minutes ago

I have changed the Mind Rots for Duress but not 100% sure if that's the right choice yet
STD 7 / 15


bendjohnson, 56 minutes ago

a come up on this maybeboard
BLC 1 / 6

first FNM

gingebabehh, 1 hour ago

1st game-Warriors. 2-0. Was an easy win with me countering every spell above 3 mana. ended up swinging in at him for game with his own Chief of the Edge. 2nd game-Temur Dragons. 2-0. One game he has no red mana so almost called it. Second game i used Icy Blast before swinging in for the remaining points of damage. 3rd game-Mardu control. 2-0. First game he played no creatures and just removal, so i decided to only play a few creatures and keep back for counter spells. Second game he sided in cheaper removal but Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Yasova Dragonclaw finished him off before he could get up to 5 mana forWingmate Roc of zurgo helmasher

Taan, 1 hour ago

now with Dragons of Tarkir...pumped this Deck extremly

no changes

bendjohnson, 1 hour ago

as of yet


bendjohnson, 1 hour ago

don't have the income

Playtesting 2

ferfy, 2 hours ago

Changed out the inquistion of kozilek for thoughseize so they could hit more targets. Also added my favorite card Trickbind into the mix. It is a very clutch cards and can be viable against a lot of decks. Trickbind can act like land destruction, a Stony Silence, Torpor Orb, counterspell and other viable uses. I'll go on in more depth when talking about the matchups

Tron: 4-3. Due to some clutch Trickbind on a Karn Liberated and a Emrakul, the Aeons Torn's take extra turn triggered ability, I was able to steal some games. I wouldn't call this matchup favorable but it defiantly improved

Bloom Titan: 6-1The Thoughseizes were better than the inquisitions along with the Trickbind


jfoxmusic, 2 hours ago

Out:4x Despise2x Typhoid Rats2x Asphyxiate1x Temur Battle Rage

In:4x Duress2x Gild2x Silence the Believers1x Twinflame

Sideboard changes too

STD 0 / 0


HybridPK, 3 hours ago

Tweaked the deck since the last update. I wanted to have a bit of a dragon subtheme with the deck, so what better way than to add stuff from Dragons of Tarkir? Here's what's new:


Foe-Razer Regent is in there because 1) I want to use the promo card I got in a deck 2) Big green dragon and 3) Potential removal, while pumping itself. The "fight" triggers won't be used anywhere else.

Intet, the Dreamer is back in. A RUG dragon that let's us cast a spell for free? I was stupid to remove him to begin with.

Shaman of the Forgotten Ways is all about that mana ramp for our creature spells. The Formiddable trigger can happen, but it doesn't seem like that would be something we'd need to worry about (unless we wipe their board somehow and have 11 mana floating).

Steel Hellkite is back due to the sheer utility. Can't argue with a 5/5 flyer that can be pumped, regardless of available mana colors.

Tyrant's Familiar is a nice card. It can't be countered if Surrak's on the board, meaning the Lieutenant trigger will happen. And, 7 damage to a creature is pretty nice.

Dragonlord's Prerogative adds even more card draw to the deck.

Shamanic Revelation is also there for the card draw, and the lifegain from the Ferocious trigger.


Elvish Mystic, Rubblebelt Raiders, Rubblehulk, Polis Crusher, Rampaging Baloths, Clan Defiance, and Teleportal will all find homes in other decks.

Also, tweaked up the landbase.

Insane playtesting

Wiktul, 3 hours ago

Aaarhhhhhhhhgggggghhh!!! I'm getting mad after about 100 playtests. If everything will be ok, whole deck goes like this:

turn 1 - 0/4 blockerturn 2 - taigam's scheming, mill out collosus, queue reanimationturn 3 - draw reanimation, put 0/6 blockerturn 4 - reanimate 10/10 tokenturn 5 - copy it with kin-tree invocation, next mill with commune with the gods, satyr or taigam's scheming

BUT while playtesting it's usually like this:

10 opening hands - 4 times Collosus of AkrosDisowned Ancestor comes too late, it's useful only turn 1-2 (should I replace it for 4x Dragon Eye Savants then?)Even with 3 turns of milling out I can't get to Collosus (should I put 2x Bearer of the Haevens then?)

Here is the copied version of the deck: Reanimator DTK - copy - less options, like Silmugar or Soulflayer, more focused on the main idea. Please, help me find a proper shape ;)

FNM#2: Top 4 Split

sylvannos, 3 hours ago

Round One: Mono-Blue Tron-- 2-0
Round Two: Mono-Blue Tron-- 2-1
Round Three: Rakdos Midrange-- 2-0
Round Four: Kiln Fiend-- 2-0

Natanaru, 3 hours ago

Removed Boon Satyr in favor for Surrak, the Hunt Caller remaining in the main board, haven't seen the Saytr do much good. Main boarding Atarka Command as I ran into 2 g/b devotion decks that just gained trillions of life every turn.

Uncle_Bashface, 4 hours ago

Stuffy Doll and Pariah's Shield. Any damage you would take is transferred to the doll, and as such is reflected back at the chosen player. 'Nuff said.

Infinite Sol Rings.

Uncle_Bashface, 4 hours ago

Sol Ring played after Mirrorworks. Tap 1 to play sol ring, and then immediately tap it to use Mirrorworks ability and create a copy of Sol Ring. Rinse and repeat. Infinite colorless mana.


happiek, 4 hours ago

Move Kheru Spellsnatcher to sb, add one more frog


PandaJohn71, 4 hours ago

I went 1-1 w/1 bye this FNM. I played against two aggressive Temur decks. Round 1 - Game 1 - My opponent burned all my heavy hitters and when I blocked his creatures Crater's Claw for lethal. Game 2 - Mana starvation when on the play with 3 lands in hand to start, but never getting black and only drawing cards with black in the casting cost. Round 2 - ByeRound 3 - Dragonlord Dromoka, and Sorin, Solemn Visitor both games won it for me.

2-drop Creatures

HPJJ, 4 hours ago

I decided to cut the two Seeker of the Ways for the full playset of Soulfire Grand Master as it proved to be a much more disruptive card, having been known for saving me five turns of damage during testing.

Changes for Dragons of Tarkir

mtgplayer443, 4 hours ago

The addition of Blood-Chin Rager and Tomoharu Saito's placing in GP Miami with Mardu Strike Leader has convinced me that I was too quick to judge it, so I'm going to try it out.

FNM (3-2, 9th of 30)

alexthegreat38, 5 hours ago

Click the small triangle above for an in-depth description of my performance with this deck at its first DTK Standard event, FNM on March 27, 2015.

Match 1 vs. GB Constellation/Whip (Loss 0-2)

Match 2 vs. Jund Midrange (Win 2-0)

Match 3 vs. Sultai Whip (Win 2-0)

Match 4 vs. UB Control (Loss 0-2)

Match 5 vs. Bant Morph/Manifest (Win 2-1)

FINAL: 3-2 in matches, 6-5 in games.

Current List: 4 Wooded Foothills, 4 Frontier Bivouac, 4 Yavimaya Coast, 3 Shivan Reef, 2 Mana Confluence, 1 Temple of Mystery, 1 Temple of Epiphany, 2 Forest, 2 Mountain; 4 Elvish Mystic, 4 Frost Walker, 3 Heir of the Wilds, 4 Savage Knuckleblade, 3 Goblin Rabblemaster, 2 Boon Satyr, 2 Shaman of the Great Hunt, 1 Thunderbreak Regent, 1 Surrak, the Hunt Caller, 3 Stormbreath Dragon; 2 Atarka's Command, 2 Lightning Strike, 1 Collected Company, 1 Sarkhan Unbroken, 4 Crater's Claws; Sideboard: 2 Anger of the Gods, 2 Circle of Flame, 2 Destructive Revelry, 3 Disdainful Stroke, 2 Roast, 2 Stubborn Denial, 2 Wild Slash

Match 1 vs. GB Constellation/Whip (Loss 0-2)

He drew well enough to stabilize just in time for both games. Doomwake Giant and Whip of Erebos appeared for him exactly when he needed them, and I had no answers. Game 2 I used Destructive Revelry early on an Eidolon of Blossoms, which felt right to prevent him from continuing to gain card advantage, but perhaps I should've saved it for the Whip?

Match 2 vs. Jund Midrange (Win 2-0)

He was mana-flooded in game 1, where the only spells he cast were Sylvan Caryatid, a Hero's Downfall, and two Thoughtseize. It seemed like a controlling deck, or at least some kind of midrange build, so I brought in 2 Disdainful Stroke and 2 Stubborn Denial from the sideboard. My saucy singleton Collected Company actually helped me win game 2, when he attacked with a Tasigur, the Golden Fang and I got Boon Satyr and Heir of the Wilds at instant speed, throwing the deathtoucher in front of Tasigur. I later Disdainful Stroked his second attempt at Tasigur and there was nothing he could do after that.

Match 3 vs. Sultai Whip (Win 2-0)

Atarka's Command showed how potentially insane a card it can be in this match. On turn 3 I swung with Shaman of the Great Hunt, Heir of the Wilds, and Elvish Mystic. After he chose not to block with his Sylvan Caryatid, I dropped down Atarka's Command and turned it from 8 damage into 14, which he wasn't expecting at all. Needless to say, that game ended extremely quickly. Game 2 my deck was awkward yet effective: On the draw I kept a 5-card hand of 2 lands, Elvish Mystic, and 2 Disdainful Stroke. I countered Sidisi, Brood Tyrant and then next turn countered Sidisi, Undead Vizier, and by then I had drawn into Thunderbreak Regent and other things that ended up killing him.

Match 4 vs. UB Control (Loss 0-2)

I'm getting rather salty that I keep losing to the same UB Control player. This is a matchup I should just absolutely dominate but the Magic gods have for some reason determined that I'm going to keep losing one of my best matchups. Game 1 I had to mulligan to 4 on the draw (1 land, 1 land, no lands for the first 3 hands I saw), and his card advantage was just too much. Game 2 I had a good start, but Silumgar's Scorn with a Silumgar, the Drifting Death in his hand stopped my attempt at a turn 2 Savage Knuckleblade, and things just went downhill from there, including three or four straight land topdecks. I'll annihilate him next time, I promise.

Match 5 vs. Bant Morph/Manifest (Win 2-1)

This is the same guy that was on Manifest before it really became a thing. He had Mastery of the Unseen before it became cool. He also managed to fit Deathmist Raptor into the newest iteration of his deck. He killed me with a Hidden Dragonslayer and a Sagu Mauler game 1. Game 2 he kept a 1-land hand and couldn't draw any mana, and game 3 I was able to Anger of the Gods to permanently get rid of a Deathmist Raptor and a Hidden Dragonslayer, and I killed him with dragons from there.

For a deck that was running without all of its cards, the deck functioned surprisingly well. I think Thunderbreak Regent is good enough to become the deck's only 4-drop, it seemed very good, and Surrak, the Hunt Caller only seemed good very situationally. Atarka's Command is insane when it shows up at the proper time, but feels pretty bad in the late game. Still trying to figure out what needs to be done with the sideboard, and if I should keep Shaman of the Great Hunt or Surrak, the Hunt Caller around in the sideboard. Placing one spot shy of Top 8 really hurt, but I wasn't expecting much from tonight since all my cards aren't there. It shall be a force to be reckoned with next week!

FINAL: 3-2 in matches, 6-5 in games.

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