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ItsJerry, 1 hour ago

Been playing alot over the last 2-3 days and I must say that the current version of the deck is alot more fun and does alot more then the previous one, it can be a bit of a grind/durdle but still a massive improvement! The maybe board is of course a couple direct upgrades and I would love to add Arid Mesa and Polluted Delta but yikes! You can always add them though. Thanks! :)

zambam, 1 hour ago

made a bunch of changes after playing it a few times
EDH 0 / 0

Pretty Decent Overhaul

FeralKitten, 2 hours ago

I haven't touched cards in almost 2 years, so it's about time this deck got some updates. I've added more low cost ramp since I felt the deck was still struggling. I've also expanded the counterspell package a bit to get a few lower cost spells in there. I'll update the description soon.

Deck wont be changing much til after FNM

SoulsSlayerKnight, 4 hours ago

As update says, I won't be changing the deck very much at all til after FNM coming up. After then if I happen to acquire new cards like Gifted Aetherborn then it will be updated to reflect that, thanks again for the support :)

Casual and Competetive

SoulsSlayerKnight, 5 hours ago

Trying to keep the deck more competetive than casual as much as over 90%, various cards that have a good answer that give good mana pool seems to help it out so will include those. (Don't have gifted aetherborn at moment but deck will show an idea as mentioned in description)


Optimator, 6 hours ago

Luxury Suite in, Mountain out!

HowAwkward, 6 hours ago

GP Vegas 2018 results

bobrinkman, 6 hours ago

In Sunday morning Commander (2 rounds, pods of 4): Won the first match, then lost the 2nd match to a turn 2 Flash/Hulk combo deck.

GP Vegas 2018 results

bobrinkman, 6 hours ago

In the Commander Championship at GP Vegas 2018 went 2nd - 1st - 3rd (3-way tie) - 2nd - 4th

The last result was a misplay on my part ... I thought I had enough mana to combo out with Helm of the Host and Combat Celebrant, but I was actually one short. After that they realized what I was up to and killed me off.

Change Log

bmo3200, 7 hours ago

  • 1 Bojuka Bog -1 Swamp new price $145.78


jamiefosternz, 9 hours ago

OUT Charmbreaker devils

IN Expropriate

Update 9

JoeNathan37, 11 hours ago

Update #9 (6-18-18):

In: Luxury Suite

Out: Bloodfell Caves

Mothership Feature

Gulaghar, 11 hours ago

This deck was featured on the mothership in Gavin Verhey's Around the World in 30 Decks article.
CAS 1 / 0

bekeleven, 11 hours ago

Sarkhan's Rage -> Fire Covenant

Commander Cookout Feature

Gulaghar, 11 hours ago

My friends at the Commander Cookout Podcast analyzed this deck in one of their episodes. Check it out if you want another perspective on it (or want to hear me get trash talked).

GamePlay Updates

biglos512, 12 hours ago

So I've finally be able to get in some games with the deck in some 1 on 1 situations and some 1v1v1's (We only have 3 of us with commander decks so far) Games have gone pretty decent i'm 2-2 in 1v1's and 1-2 in FFA. Krasis Incubation has been a life saver I never expected, especially with the combination of either Entrancing Melody or In Bolas's clutches Gaining control of their creature than giving it 2 +1/+1 counters on it and Slinn Voda Has been amazing against my friends Call the Spirit 2015 deck with all the Tokens. The Deck as a whole though needs more Win Strategies. My next purchase for the deck will most likely be Master of the pearl Trident

Battlebond update

RijtBart, 12 hours ago

I added Greater Good and took out Evolutionary Leap. Also added Krav, the Unredeemed in favor of Smothering Abomination. It is just a more versatile card. Lastly I added Altar of Dementia over Fecundity. This deck needs sac outlets to function and with these cards I have a decent amount. I added Dictate of Erebos and Aura Shards and took out Acidic Slime and Sylvan Reclamation to give this deck some more attrition.

shadowmage, 13 hours ago

-1 preordain +1 grand abolisher

lets us run an undisruptable hulk line

Goodbye ETB Triggers

sidredlin, 13 hours ago

Most of the enter the battlefield triggers from the past build have been hived off into a Sharuum The Hegemon deck I'll be listing soon. This has made it possible to focus on counterspells and infinite combos, making the deck more focused upon getting Memnarch to the field with infinite blue mana so he can steal the entire board.

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