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Modern Night

Alan_Alien, 10 minutes ago

So I threw in a Steam Vents in last night and headed to modern night. Well i thrashed elvees 2-0...then some red deck that gets a 1/1 creature every time he cast a red spell in some grixus thing...was pretty mean but still won 2-0. Then won against a semi-standard 4 or 5 colour deck 2-0... So was right there to win. Before losing 2-1 to to a friend running b/w spirits... was so close!
I think the Gudul Lurker was a problem because it's easy to wipe out. Being changed with Elusive Spellfist as per Agent_Elrond's suggestion although this will slow down the deck a bit and reduce turn 1 drops...

So overall I came 3rd with 3 wins and a single loss with a standard deck besides a single Steam Vents So I think this deck has some serious modern potential as well as standard. Although ideally for modern you want to run a set of Scalding Tarns with some Steam Vents and clear up the mana base a bit. I don't think i would even take out the wild slashes because they can stop damage being prevented :)

Update 1

MDT12, 2 hours ago

Moved some cards round, should be better and more consistent now

Match Ups So Far

sirplayalot11, 2 hours ago

4 Color Rally:1 Win: 2-1

Abzan Aristocrats/Rally: 1 Win: 2-0

MonoRed: 1 Win: 2-0

UG<>: 1 Win: 2-0

Grixis Control:1 Win: 2:0

Add Twilight Mire, rmv Golgari Rot Farm

doctorhydrogen, 3 hours ago

Got an Expedition Twilight Mire, something had to go

Add Yawgmoth's Will, rmv Deadbridge Chant

doctorhydrogen, 3 hours ago

Yawg's Win will do the same thing cheaper and more efficiently

Big Changes

Gunners, 4 hours ago

Removed: City of Brass, Athreos, Martyr's Bond, Sidisi Undead Vizier, Treasury Thrull, Black Market, Corrupted Crossroads, Drarien King of Kjeldor, Sunscorch Regent, High Priest of Penance, Ashen Rider, Teysa Orzhov Scion, Eldrazi Displacer

Added: Terrain Generator, Demonic Tutor, Coalition Relic, Beacon of Immortality, Harvester of Souls, Sanguine Bond, Victimize, Sudden Spoiling, Reassembling Skeleton, Nether Traitor, Bloodghast, Withering Boon, Phyrexian Reclamation, Karlov

EDH 8 / 5

Mundy101, 5 hours ago

MDN 1 / 0

Prep for Oath of the Gatewatch Game Day

Ehud, 5 hours ago

Oath of the Gatewatch gives elves the lovely Nissa, Voice of Zendikar. I'm re-tuning this deck a bit and taking it to Game Day.
STD 56 / 1

Revamp. give me your help!

rayne273, 6 hours ago

complete revamp done

Revamp. give me your help!

rayne273, 6 hours ago

complete revamp done

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