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Another small adjustment

Sjorpha, 29 minutes ago

After removing the Misteveil it longer made as much sense to sideboard the mardu charm (because it's tokens are no longer needed for emergency activation of mistveil), I replaced it with bringing back Hide/Seek since that has proved a great card to bring in against for example UW Tron, Putting mindslaver on bottom of library breaks Academy ruins lock and you can seek away one of their big threats to gain lots of life.

Also replaced one Open the armory with a second Wheel for security and to be able to turn of dredge decks and other graveyard recursion while still being able to combo off.

first card changes

Eri, 4 hours ago


buried alive

stitch together

rupture spire

urban burgeoning

nevinyrral's disk

worldspine wurm

satyr wayfinder

ob nixilis, unshackled

bonds of mortality



creeping renaissance

crystal vein


titania, protector of argoth

sylvan safekeeper


ulamog, the infinite gyre

alhammarret's archive


living death

bye bye standard

saturn999, 5 hours ago

it was fun, it was brutal, and now it's in modern. thank you all for the helping in making this deck what it was in standard. take care.

Definitive sideboard (I hope xDD)

saturnosring, 5 hours ago

After testing the deck out against one of its hardest match-ups (Red Deck Wins), I made some changes in the deck:

These changes should let me face any kind of deck and have a chance to win against them.


its_rully, 6 hours ago

First Match 2 - 0 U/W Control

The whole match as expected from this aggro deck. Just kept swinging and running him down. Even after a Planar Outburst it was easy to rebuild and smash.

Second Match 2 - 0 B/W Allies

This was pretty tough to handle. His creatures were there and kept having board presence. Luckily this deck has a lot more big creatures and i had 4 Deathmist Raptors in the graveyard where my one den protector flipped and ended the last round.

Third Match 1 - 2 G/W tokens

This has always been a tough match up for any deck but i had a lot of playtesting againts it. This deck can actually destroy it depending on how we play.

First game basically his flying tokens overrun me as my Mindwrack Demon wasn't enough to help me out of the predicament cause it kept draining me 4 life every turn cause i didn't have delirium. But he had to kill my demon because he had to save his 3rd Nissa, Voice of Zendikar cause the demon killed his first two and then nissa just made his hangarback stronger and he killed me off.

Second game i brought in virulent plague and i don't know why but i brought Pick the Brain. Turn 2 Gather the pack got me Delirium straight up! And then i turned 3 pick the brain.......Guess what i see?

3 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, 2 Archangel Avacyn and a evolutionary leap LOLLLL everyone in the store laughed.

bye bye gideons. And then he just scooped cause he couldn't be bothered cause i got Den protector to get my pick the brain back.

Third and final game. This is where the bad beats happen. I had to mulligan to 5. And in my hand were Mindwrack, Gitrock, and 3 swamps but i dont know how but i did end up well but mindwrack without delirium hurt me too much, and gitrock without trample was just not good.

In the end, i was at 3 life, he was on 8. Mindwrack killed me lol.

lesson here is......dont get a mindwrack in unless you have a safer route for it. but overall this deck has proven itself worthy.

Test Runs

Vaeth, 6 hours ago

The deck works great in playtest and great against creature decks, but it needs improvements.

Getting screwed on the draw with no Ula is bad. Getting Ula and then no creatures is worse. Counter spells and mana aren't common enough to slow down burn and mill decks, so there's been a lot of improvements made

New lands to fetch other lands, more scry cards, more creatures and contingencies, and more counters. The Sideboard is much more solid now as well

New additions: Muddle the Mixture's transmute cost and Disciple of Deceit's inspired increased the chances of getting Ula on the field in a bad draw by fetching.

Fetch dual lands and a single swamp to play Disciple of Deceit and start fetching to play Ula by turn 3 max (Transmute turn 4). With fetch lands, the lands have been severely reduced, but this deck does not play on mana cost nearly as much as ramping up Ula asap, though I am up for suggestions on a better fetcher than DoD, preferably something that could grab Stormtide or Grozoth as well. Fetch lands will also prompt shuffling.

More creatures: spellskite for spell redirection, better counters and control cards to stall the game. Thing in the Ice has been added to fallback on low mana cost awoken horror rushing. Clockspinning with buyback will guarantee TitI to cast within 2 turns.

Better sideboard to handle indirect decks such as burn and mill:

Mill: Ulamog, Artificier's Intuition, and Pithing Needle to counter mill and tormod's crypt or other exiles and recycle the graveyard to play.

Burn: Deep-Sea Kraken and more counter spells to stall the game until the Kraken can summon. Clockspinning can also speed this process

Ideas:I'm looking for a card that will bounce a creature from the field to the top of the library in order to guarantee creatures for Ula's quest counters. Open to suggestions

I want a card known as Noble Benefactor. However, he is not modern legal. His ability is once he dies both players can search their library for a card and put it in their hand. Originally I was going to use this with DoD's inspired to fetch any card I wanted (Grozoth, Stormtide, Ula, etc.). If any knows of a good modern legal substitute, that'd be much appreciated

MDN 0 / 0

Elixir in the main, sideboard is almost okay now

infinitelennies, 6 hours ago

Lost a game because I had to use Mindslaver as a Fog and had fewer cards in my library than my opponent. Basically I couldn't win. One Elixir of Immortality should be good enough to prevent that from happening again. Also, the sideboard. Not quite as terrible as it was, but I know it isn't anywhere near where it should be.

villon, 6 hours ago

Swapping Phyrexian Metamorph for my newly acquired Dack Fayden - will see how stealing artifacts and dub looting compares to losing a clone effect (I'm thinking I'll like it - almost everyone has artifacts to steal)

Overhauled the Deck introducing some new Pili-Pals

MaxoBug, 6 hours ago

New Pili-Pals. Get it? Because of the... never mind.

I just tried to include the infinite mana combo with Grand Architect + Pili-Pala , and oh boy, it's so good. Won the match against my opponents in just a turn or two after assembling it.

I have yet to update the description.

Also adding some good things to the maybeboard. Something to counter spells, like board-wipes (big weakness), and other funny things to enable more destruction.

Summary-2 Darksteel Juggernaut.-2 Heap Doll.-2 Lurebound Scarecrow.-1 Semblance Anvil.-3 Wild-Field Scarecrow.

+3 Grand Architect+3 Pili-Pala+3 Mizzium Skin

MDN 162 / 118

First Friday Night Magic/Main board change

HellHound121296, 7 hours ago

1rst round was against U/W. I never gave him a chance to build his board and closed both games Turns 5 and 6 so 2-0 with perfect draws.

2nd round was against mono white and I was destroyed going 0-2. Path to exile all my heavy hitters and when I could have finished him off the second round but I drew into a pile of lands.

Round 3 was against naya burn. Very close games he won the first do to dead draws on my end. The second went to me because I swung 14 with Kiln Fiend do to a combo. The last came down to who drew what. He came out on top.

4th was against Grixis land destruction. I swung out and won first hand and the rest I dead drew on sadly and when I dropped a land later hand he would destroy it.

Second Changes

finallegend, 8 hours ago

ShermanTank87, 8 hours ago

Played this at my legacy event last night and ran into Blood Moon in 3 of four rounds. I had difficulty getting past it as one opponent played it turn 1. He was on a Painter Servant deck. Against this opponent I went 1-2. Because of the difficulties I have with Blood Moon in my meta I am wondering if Prismatic Omen would be worth trying as a sideboard card for match ups in which I encounter Blood Moon. Any suggestions are appreciated as well. Overall I went 1-3 at the event, though I conceded to Miracles the last round because the first match took 42 minutes and going 2-2 would not have left me going home with anything anyway. Additionally, I was confident I could have won round two as I was borrowing a 3rd Chains of Mephistopheles because it nearly shuts them down if I get it down quick, and the effect stacks so it would have really worked wonders if I get two down. Sadly game one I never saw one, which most likely would have tilted the game in my favor considerably.

Hurkyl's Out, Chain and Snare back in

nightcorex, 9 hours ago

Recall is a card of extremes: in the matchups it's good in, it's fantastic if you draw it in time. However, in any other situation, it's not that useful.

I'm not sure I want to eat up two slots in my board with a card that I don't bring in for most of my matchups. Also, without Void Snare, I'm just dead to permanent-based hate in Game 1. I'm not comfortable with that, so for the moment, the recalls are out, and 1 Chain of Vapor and 1 Void Snare take their place

Modern FNM 6/24/16

YxALIVExY, 9 hours ago

Went 4-0 tonight at the modern FNM. Round one was against grixis, I won that purely on the opponent having sub optimal draws, and me having just enough answers to what their hand provided them.

Round 2 was against tokens, again a situation where I just had more answers than they did. Game three was won on the back of a triple hierarch board with one being equipped with rancor. I think that noble ended up swinging for around 20 damage on its own in tandem with pump spells.

Round three was against affinity. That was an interesting match. He had the nuts game one, game two he didn't draw anything, game three I established control and kept it, Viridian Corrupter turn 2 in both game two and three was clutch.

And my final round was against bogles, I couldn't keep up game one, and they couldn't keep up games two and three. Blighted agent is too powerful.

MDN 2 / 0

EMA Addition

Antonius86, 9 hours ago

Due to a some good luck at the EMA draft, I was able to make a fine addition:


Major Update!!

TheACTR, 9 hours ago

So, I don't remember the specifics, but I have made huge changes to my deck. Other than the commander switch, which I find speeds up the deck and gives it more striking power, I have created more ways to recover board wipes and changed up my spell base to do more for me. Now that my commander is different though I feel I am going to be looking hard at this deck to see what I could do with it so this is not the final product (especially since we have new cards being spoiled, yay Ulrich!)

First unique change!

MutaliskLord4, 9 hours ago

-1 Golgari Thug

+1 Stitchwing Skaab

This has worked surprisingly well. I get a discard outlet and Prized Amalgam back. One seems to be sufficient enough, due to a restrictive mana base, but I will experiment with more in the future.

DragonAce22, 10 hours ago

Took out Burnished Hart, a Palace Siege, and Undercity Informer.Replaced with Tormenting Voice, Diabolic Tutor, Pain Seer

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