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RurouniKeroro, 10 minutes ago

Went 1 for 3. First match Esper Dragons, lost in 3. Second match against an Aristocrat type deck with Reflector Mage, took it in 3. Third match against a strange awaken deck that had lots of bounce, lost in 2. Final match against an aggressive green/red/black deck with, lost in 2. Overall, the aggression was there but the staying power isn't. I ran out of gas late game and was top decking.

Ninjistics, 20 minutes ago

Dropped 1x Descend upon the Sinful from mainboard.

Dropped 1x To the Slaughter from sideboard.

Added 2x Ruinous Path to sideboard

Added 1x Descend upon the Sinful to sideboard.

STD 0 / 0

geevees, 34 minutes ago

After playing with the deck I would really like more languish may be one more in the main because against humans and other creature based decks if I don't draw one I usually get overwhelmed . So if u have more I would recommend playing three. I only own 2 :(

Dinny420, 41 minutes ago

MDN 0 / 0

Jbball3, 46 minutes ago

MDN 0 / 0

Dinny420, 56 minutes ago

MDN 0 / 0

Wannahokaloogy, 57 minutes ago

Bought land destruction to be an a** hole.

Mickeysmagic89, 57 minutes ago

-- Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion

-- Selesnya Guildgate

-- Gruul Guildgate

-- Boros Guildgate

-- Mosswort Bridge

-- Flamekin Village

-- Somberwald Sage

-- Sakura-Tribe Elder

-- Swiftfoot Boots

-- Rain of Thorns

-- Felidar Umbra

-- Eldrazi Conscription

++ 2 each of Forest, Mountain, and Plains

++ Hyena Umbra

++ Avacyn's Pilgrim

++ Priviledged Position

++ Chaos Warp

++ Swords to Plowshares

++ Path to Exile

Well, the deck got its first field test on Wednesday. The Animar deck in the pod went off crazy fast and killed me in two hits, the first into an open board and the second through Uril (that protection from white... Grrr...). I tried to politic my way into one more turn, but failed. He's fortunate he killed me when he did. On my next turn, I would have played Runes of the Deus and Spirit Mantle and swung past his creatures for lethal.

Having lands that entered tapped really slowed me down, and since the budget for this deck is currently $0, I'll have to make do with basics for now.

A few changes to up the removal count. Rain of Thorns, Swiftfoot Boots, and Sakura-Tribe Elder all came out for Chaos Warp, Swords, and Path. Somberwald was replaced with the cheaper Avacyn's Pilgrim, Felidar Umbra made peace with Priviledged Position, and Hyena Umbra took Eldrazi Conscription's spot.

This last one I want to talk about. Yes, Conscription is powerful. It is very powerful. However, it is not powerful enough. While enchanted with the 8 mana Conscription, Uril stand at a towering 17/17 with hexproof, trample, and annihilator 2. But for the same 8 mana, I can enchant him with Hyena Umbra, Spirit Mantle, Rancor, Shield of the Oversoul, and Messenger's Speed, bringing him up to a 21/21 with flying, first strike, trample, haste, indestructible, and protection from creatures. On balance, I'd rather have a few inexpensive auras than one big one.

A LOT of board changes

StaticVoid, 1 hour ago

Since there is a ton, I'll just list what I took out and what I added:


  • 2x Consul's Lieutenant -- if you don't play this within the first couple of turns, it's worthless, and it's burned SUPER easily, even when renowned.
  • 4x Fiery Impulse -- Having any kind of burn in this deck didn't really help at all
  • 2x Kor Bladewhirl -- Not 100% sure on this one, having first strike is nice, but I need a lot more than just that
  • 2x Nahiri's Machinations -- If it would say at each combat, this card would be 100x better, but it doesn't, so it's pitched.
  • 2x Resolute Blademaster -- Had issues with drawing this way too many times.
  • 2x Stoneforge Masterwork -- It doesn't actually buff the creature unless you have a lot of other things on the field already, generally not good.


  • 2x Make a stand -- Indestructible is nice, but a lot of removal in the format is in the form of minus counters, which bypass indestructible.
  • 2x Touch of the Void -- again, burn is useless.


  • 2x Always watching -- Having vigilance is nice as it is, but a +1/+1 boost is awesome as well. This is mainly to replace Nahiri Machinations.
  • 3x Expiditon Envoy -- If you don't have Captain's Claws, this opens the door to keep triggering ally ETB effects.
  • 2x Thraben Inspectors -- I lacked card draw, so I added these for the clues.
  • 3x Kazuul's Toll Collector -- Being able to bypass the equip cost of artifacts is awesome, especially in an aggro focused deck.
  • 4x Bone Saw -- 0 drop means you can play it turn 1 along with a thraben inspector, and have it be able to buff everything next turn when you play a weapons specialists
  • 2x Sword of the Animist -- Buffs and boosts land count, really well rounded card


  • 2x Spidersilk Net -- This deck lacks fliers, so this will take care of it.
  • 2x Stoneforge Masterwork -- Put the stoneforge in sideboard, mainly because I'm not sure if I can get more use of it yet, with all these changes I might swap it back into mainboard.
  • 3x Eerie Interlude -- Mass removal spells are popular right now. If you feel like your opponent is going to pull a Languish or Descend upon the Sinful, then feel free to blink everything. Note, this also triggers all ETB abilities again.

FNM May 27th

KidNemo, 1 hour ago

Went 2-2. New player round one (2-0), Abzan control slash Secure the Wastes + Westvale Abbey  Flip Round 2 (0-2), White Weenie Aggro Round 3 (0-2) and Abzan Ally Aristocrats Round 4 (2-0)

All I can say is Thraben Inspector is a beast of a common and you need answers for Westvale Abbey  Flip or you die from this Griselbrand like beatstick...

Definitely should not be using Devour in Flames so heavy in the main. Perfect answer for all the Gideon's running around; but, the weenies are almost 2 turns ahead of you as the deck stands today. Cryptolith Rite was never drawn in 8 games. If I go back to the same shop, I'm likely going to swap them out. Just couldn't afford to tap down early games less fear of being run over. Seek the Wilds was another odd card.

Deck is missing some threats by turn 4 & 5.

Standout heroine is Tireless Tracker As janky gameplay goes, I spawned at one point 14 clues by having 2 trackers on the table at the same time. IMO, that's just crazy and I felt like an asshat to keep calling the triggers...but, that's just how it went so it was what it was...

Cards my opponents were not expecting and did perform Omnath, Locus of Rage Nissa's Renewal & Dragonmaster Outcast I will say the latter either became a chump blocker or curved out as an odd 6 mana drop. Really didn't flow BUT he did win me a game with his fliers.

What's changing? Swapping out my Plummet for Clip Wings. Crumble to Dust is in consideration. Really need to answer Westvale Abbey  Flip Had a lot of creature lands on the other side of the table too; but, no one ever seemed able to activate them or bothered to because the games went quickly. Got spanked by a Blighted Fen and everyone had multiples of various dual lands so I can see value in holding a crumble or two. Going to spend some time digging for instants and see if there's anything standout.

For the sake of gimmicks

FlibbertyGib, 1 hour ago

So I want to make this more reliant upon lands in graveyards. That makes it seem Gitrog-y, but I'd still prefer a primary focus on creatures in graveyards. I'd like to add Gitrog into this deck, once I can actually get one.

Exquisite Blood --> Crawling Sensation (Exquisite Blood seems win-more-y. It puts a huge target on me, and it doesn't really help when my main goal is to kill my opponents)

Mickeysmagic89, 1 hour ago

-- Artisan of Kozilek

-- Emerald Medallion

++ Ezuri's Predation

++ Regal Force

Artisan doesn't really have a place here. Bringing back a creature isn't really what this deck needs. Medallion reducing the cost... meh, ramping the lands out fast enough really negates its purpose.

Regal Force and Ezuri's Predation are both ways to help me win quickly if not on the spot.

Mickeysmagic89, 1 hour ago

-- Debtors' Knell

--Soul of Innistrad

--Hero's Downfall

++ Sever the Bloodline

++ Tempt with Immortality

++Ashen Rider

These are some changes that are more of an experiment more than anything else.

Sever the Bloodline is replacing Hero's Downfall. The exile and flashback is relevant, in exchange for losing the instant speed and planeswalker kill.

Ashen Rider is coming in for Soul of Innistrad, the idea being that (as with Sever) exile is important and it being any permanent, even lands, can be great. Being able to recur and sacrifice it again is exciting, and potentially devastating.

Tempt with Immortality... eeesh, I don't know... It's a one shot effect that can potentially help my opponents. Upsides include being cheaper than Debtors' Knell, getting potentially more creatures at once, that it doesn't target (so you don't choose what creatures you get back until resolution), and maybe earning allies(?).


princerana, 2 hours ago

Round 1 - WIN - Blue/Black Mill - 2:0

Round 2 - WIN - Naya Midrange - 2:1

Round 3 - DRAW - Green/White Tokens - 1:1

Round 4 - DRAW - Black/White Control - 1:1

STD 0 / 0

abby315, 2 hours ago

Swapped Skullclamp for Vorrac Battlehorns, a very cheap way to make Kozi unblockable. Skullclamp was fun with Myr tokens but not a game changer.


darthskat, 3 hours ago

Match 1 - Win vs Grixis Control 2-0

Match 2 - T vs Grixis Control 1-1

Match 3 - T vs Jeskai Nahiri 1-1

Match 4 - L vs Temur Moon 0-2

Week 2

Sigardaaah, 3 hours ago

Cards In: Green Sun's Zenith ($7.09); Chord of Calling ($14.99); Hurricane ($0.25); Isochron Scepter ($5.99); Seedtime ($0.99)

Cards Out: Harrow; Haunted Fengraf; Forest; Song of the Dryads; Sylvan Offering

Total Added Value: $29.31 / $50.00

Rollover Value: to be calculated

FNM Standard - 2:1

ahimahas, 3 hours ago

1st round. vs BW Control (2:1)

2nd round. vs Naya Tokens (1:2)

3rd round. vs GR Goggles (2:1)

+2 Anticipate : Since Dragon Tempest is the key card in this deck, need more cards to search library
+2 Turn to Frog : for Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip, or any kind of tough guys

move Reality Smasher from main to sideboard

Deck Retool

FlavorPolice, 3 hours ago

This deck is no longer W/r Gisela Angel's Tribal Theme. I had too many experience having people over estimate both angel tribal and r/w at much stronger tables and thus been curb stomped when playing at a lower power level but being treated as a high threat.

Angels is moving to Bant where it can actually be more of a threat if it is going to be treated as such. Due to my love of Gisela though, I will be keeping her as a R/W edh deck and retooling to be a group slug style deck with her to make the interactions lopsided/asymmetric.

Possible Changes

SirGaliga, 4 hours ago

So I'm thinking maybe Raiders' Spoils OUT and Brawler's Plate or Explorer's Scope IN.
And Reliquary Tower OUT for Blighted Steppe IN.

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