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Update to the Update 10/24/16

quebec159, 6 minutes ago

So since i somehow lost a MOW in my collection somewhere, i will be running one less and running one more Tidebinder Mage in replacement. I believe this should be fine anyways, as both are beneficial in the current meta and with my list running Sygg, River Cutthroat, it's the best i can fit with meta


KiwiKiwi, 10 minutes ago

LGC 0 / 0

FNM and Sat game day results 10-21/22

razelfark, 31 minutes ago

The results for the deck show it can compete with some of the strongest decks out there. The results were:

FNM 4th place going 3-1

Game day 3rd place going 3-1

The overview for FNM:

Game 1: RUB control 2-0

Exact copy of the pro deck but user had trouble keeping up game one and flooded out game 2.

Game 2: jeskai spirits 2-0

Heavy control deck with burn and spirit control functions. Close first game due to board being reset a couple times. Second game was slow start but strong finish as sidedeck helped get through.

Game 3: RUB control 1-2

The exact same deck from round 1 but new player. This time I had an issue one round flooding out one round,but was simply out played in another.

Game 4: RWB gearhulk 2-0

First game drew a strong fast hand with messanger into a messanger plus needlespire followed by always watching turn 3. Turn 4 was Odric after he brought back white gear hulk from grave. Turn 5 being lethal using needlespire to attack so Odric spreads double strike and menace. Last round he was mana screwed only drawing 3 lands even after using 2 draw spells.

Overview for Game day:

Game 1: UW spirits 2-0

Not much to report other then complete victory. Decent deck, but multiple user errors made it easy to win.

Game 2: WG humans 1-2

Fast games as we were both agro decks. Game 1 loss due to multiple always watching by opponent giving his creatures passively better ability in fights. Game 2 win due to line rider flipping and drawing some control to stop his Thalia from spinning out of control. Game 3 loss because couldn't finish it with opponent down to 4 life.

Game 3:RG energy token 2-0

A different take on the usual energy build as it hadbabtoken focus for alternate win condition. Game 1 was close but was able to stabilize after getting lifelinkers on board. Game 2 was decided on turn 4 since he had no response to Odric with aerial responder and lone rider on board.

Game 4: jeskai spirits 2-0

Same guy from FNM and same results. Feel bad for him because know his decks tricks so I play a slower game and get around his control spells or make him use them on things he doesn't want to.

Still need to finish updating decklist since there are a few changes that in was using for side and main board. Hopefully have updated soon.

Stuffy pariah

trixster87, 1 hour ago

Add pariah for extra prevent all damage combo

Initial playtesting

Firebones675, 1 hour ago

Played some matches against a few decks. Seems pretty good against heavy controlling decks and aetherworks marvel decks but doesn't do as well against really aggressive decks, especially pre-sideboard. Post sideboard things get a bit better and was able to win some games against a couple different aggressive decks if i could stabilize with reflector mages.

These are recent adds

WesomeNight, 1 hour ago

1>added Demon of Dark Schemes For more energy and another way to resurrect creatures. Also helps clear the board and keeps my combos intact.

2>added Hellraiser Goblin as it is the cheapest mana cost to give all my creatures haste as a creature itself. If I don't have haste the deck is about a turn or two way to slow so another source seems good and it can be easily Birthing pod into.

3>added Smothering Abomination this card comes in and out, but the deck needs more draw and this is the best option while being cheap to cast and easy to pod into. On top of that most of the combos in this deck are about sacrificing creatures which helps draw cards. At worst this guy is a 4 mana draw one, but he comes back easily enough for him to be relevant late game.

I'm thinking Stinkweed Imp is better than Necroplasm. Being that going 5 deep is more important and being able to chump and kill just about any creature keeps my life total safe. Necro is great vs token decks or decks with low cmc, but it can be clunky when you play prossh and want to play him down just so all the kobolds die at eot. I don't have enough other cards to control the +1/+1 counter mechanic so there is also that.

4>Aetherworks Marvel is 100% better than Lurking Predators. Seems like I play Lurking on turn 6 and trigger 5 times only to see other permits even though I play 35+ creatures. Aetherworks is just another card that lets me combo easy and is good on its own when both it and demon of dank memes are out you feel kinda of OP.

5>Reiterate and Constant Mists are in the deck to help me interact with combat and spell combo wins. I can use these through Possibility Storm because of Buyback and they are the only two instants in the deck. This makes Warp World slightly worse, but over all because of the new additions it's hard to get a bad warp world even without setup.

Laztai, 1 hour ago

Replaced Beseech the Queen with Vampiric Tutor.
EDH 1 / 0

Forget modern . . .

Hartmander, 1 hour ago

I lose quite a bit of speed going to modern, so I'm scrapping that idea. Besides, I pulled Kaya at a draft, Jace from a trade and the Tutors from a long time ago. I'm keeping it kitchen table.

Game Day - Kaladesh Update

excasteal, 2 hours ago

-1x Gruul War Chant-1x Fires of Yavimaya

+1 Scapeshift+1 Sylvan Library

So I bought the Scapeshift I had been wanting for a while now as planned - ithad even gone down $5! Woo! I can't seem to find an elemental bond though, and a cheap uncommon isn't worth the shipping so no idea when I'll pick that up. I did however get a surprise Sylvan Library while trading for my standard deck for game day! Dude also had an Exploration but it was foil and standard took priority on my trades, and my Torrential Gearhulk wasn't gonna cut it for that beauty. Maybe next week. I also might have a Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip and possibly even Tireless Tracker lined up for trade so maybe those will find their way in soon.

The tough mission will be to get the 7 fetches I need. Despite them being fairly necessary for the deck the price is keeping them out right now. The Khans fetches shouldn't be too hard but the original zendikar fetches are way too far out of my price range, so I really need them to be reprinted to get them.

EDH 1 / 6

SweViceroy, 2 hours ago

hoorayjames, 2 hours ago

Main weaknesses of deck: against a flicker deck, Skyrider Elf gets hosed. Also, currently there is little removal/control but doesn't make up for it with aggro/speed.

Strengths after playtesting: Consulate Skygate in practice acts like a early placeholder for Wretched Gryff, which adds 3 power, the ability to attack in the air, and card draw. Also, Woodland Wanderer is the most effective body to drop on turn 4. Even dropping it with only 3 colors will still produce an ahead-of-curve vigilance trampler to start applying pressure with.

Possible changes: add more single target removal into side or main board, as well as artifact/enchantment removal. Possibly add haste enablers as well.

Incoming Atraxa

MrKittenpunter, 3 hours ago

Alright, I've added pretty much every Phyrexian card I could possibly want to use with Atraxa as the commander. Narrowing down this list is gonna be hard.

SpiritoftheSands, 3 hours ago

replaced jarad with varloz

SweViceroy, 3 hours ago

JBowser, 3 hours ago

I took this to Game day 10/22/2016. It went 1-3.

Round 1: Mirror match Vs. R/G Energy

Game 1: My opponent achieved critical mass first. Loss for me.

Game 2: On turn 4, our Electrostatic Pummelers were staring at each other. Turn 6 win for me with Keys to the City

Game 3: Turn 4 win for me. 32/32 Electrostatic Pummeler with trample.

Round 2: Vs Grixis Control

Game 1:Thing in the Ice  Flip + U/R Spells. Loss for me.

Game 2: Turn 5 win. I Sided in the rest of my Lathnu Hellion and won quickly. I think it was turn 5.

Game 3: 2x Thing in the Ice  Flip + U/R Spells. Loss for me.

Round 3: Abzan Mid-range/Control

Game 1: My opponent had a lot of removal. Almost had the win. I had my opponent down to 4 life, and then I went for the kill. I attacked with 2 creatures. He used Grasp of Darkness on one, and then used Blessed Alliance to kill the unblockable hexproof Voltaic Brawler. I was unable to recover from that. Loss for me.

Game 2: My opponent had answers to everything that I played. Loss for me.

Round 4: Metalwork Colossus

Game 1: Started out with a good hand, but then I proceeded to draw 11 of the 20 lands in my deck. Loss for me.

Game 2: I sided in 4x Ceremonious Rejection, and put it to good use. Turn 5 win.

Game 3: My opponent had a Deadlock Trap on the board, and I only 2x sorcery speed pump spells in hand, Larger Than Life. If I had played them, my opponent would have responded by tapping that creature, so I was unable to get past it. If I had instant speed pump, it may have been a different story. They proceeded to play 3x Glint-Nest Crane and then a Verdurous Gearhulk, dropping all of the +1/+1 counters on the cranes. Loss for me.

FNM 1-3 again...

BudyWolfe, 3 hours ago

After the changes, it felt like it played much better because the puzzleknots allowed for better play than the 0 drops. I won against a green white human guy who couldnt get mana, i played against control that i played last week so he knew to wait for things. and i played against a colorless eldrazi deck. I got to 50 life once. This deck has potential but i dont see it being anything more than a gimmick casual play. great idea whoever thought of it first! Maybe you are having better luck than I. Im taking it to one more FNM to test it for a third and final time.

Update #3

bugaevan, 4 hours ago

Made some changes to the deck so it does better against aggro decks that go wide with tokens and/or cheap creatures. Flaying Tendrils is great against those strategies so I put 1 in the mainboard and 2 in the sideboard. I also moved 2 Reflector Mage from the sideboard to the mainboard and added 1 more sweeper, Planar Outburst, in the mainboard. Testing showed that the above changes helped quite a bit
STD 4 / 6


trixster87, 4 hours ago

Beseech the Queen Anything Muddle the Mixture Aegis of the Gods Arcane Denial Bitterblossom Darksteel Mutation Diplomatic Immunity Energy Field Greater Auramancy Luminarch Ascension Mindcrank Planar Collapse Rest in Peace Runed Halo Scroll Rack Spellskite Swiftfoot Boots Valorous Stance

Mystical Tutor Anguished Unmaking Arcane Denial Brainstorm Enlightened Tutor Muddle the Mixture Path to Exile Swords to Plowshares Utter End Valorous Stance Beseech the Queen Divine Reckoning Fabricate Retribution of the Meek Serum Visions Solar Tide

Tezzeret the Seeker / Fabricate/ Enlightened Tutor Spellskite Stuffy Doll *(Tezz cant get 5) Coalition Relic Commander's Sphere Darksteel Ingot Helm of Obedience Mindcrank Scroll Rack Sol Ring Swiftfoot Boots

shadow of doubt

Subtlety, 4 hours ago

Another update by putting out 2x Serum Visions and putting in 2x Shadow of Doubt for extra utility.

3-0 At game day!

piplup6124, 4 hours ago

So last Saturday I went 3-0, and came in first at my local Game Day. Here were the matchups:

Round 1:2-0 vs. Mardu Vampires

1st game went strong for my opponent at first, had a large field of creatures all tapped and i was left at 4, him at 8 and all i had was a Sky Skiff and a Needle Spires. topdecked a Built to Smash though, put it on my spire and hit for game.

2nd game he was left at 2 mana until around turn 6, and it came too late. easy win.

Round 2:2-1 vs. Esper midrange

The opponents deck was very.. interesting. Lupine Prototype crewed all of his vehicles(mainly Cultivator's Caravan) and Gonti, Lord of Luxury stole a few of my better cards. Game 1 I lost due to a lack of powerful creatures to block effectively and he overpowered me with Noxious Gearhulk. Game 2 I managed to pull a win out with two Servo Exhibition, a Sky Skiff and a Chief of the Foundry. Skysovereign, Consul Flagship Is what really pulled my through in the end though. Game 3 i was losing until the very end due to his counters, but i Hijacked his Noxious Gearhulk, Built to Smashed it twice and swung for the game.

Round 3:2-1 vs. naya Brisela

My opponent based his deck around using Tireless Tracker to draw and get big, and Brisela, Voice of Nightmares to finish the job. Game 1 I decleration in stoned his Gisela, the Broken Blade and overpowered his tracker for an easy win.Game 2 I lost due to a 9/8 tracker and decleration in stone killing all of my defenses.Game 3 neither of us had good hands, but he was pulling ahead and stopped all of my vehicles with Eldrazi Displacer after I got him down to 4. I was left at 3 and topdecked a Burn from Within for the win.

All in all it was a pretty good night, especially since I avoided my worst matchup which a friend of mine was playing. I'm still looking to improve the deck though, so any more suggestions or new tech would be appreciated!

Games Day: Khaladesh

Skyguy3224, 4 hours ago

Yesterday I participated in games day in Parry Sound, Ontario and managed to get second place only losing to Red/White Vehicles in the final round. Although I did extremely well I will be continuing to improve this deck.

Kaladesh Gameday

kampfy_wampfy, 4 hours ago

The deck performed just okay... Placing 9th. Just short of top 8 :(

Here's a recap of the events of the day:

Game one: Bant... stuff 2-0
Game one was against a younger kid who had thrown together a handful of good cards in a bant-themed deck. It was pretty janky and he wouldn't allow me to see what was in it after our game so I could offer pointers. I think he was a little upset. Either way, I ended up going 2-0 against the deck.

Game two: Esper+Green Panharmonicon 2-0
This round was a little bit more competitive. He was playing with a panharmonicon blink deck utilizing Eldrazi Displacer. Cool stuff, my deck just managed to beat him to the punch. Being fast and getting around his blockers worked out.

Game three: Eldrazi "Five-Color" Midrange 0-2
I don't even know what to say here. This dude demolished me. Reality Smasher and Thought-Knot Seer are just ridiculous. I'm usually convinced midrange decks don't work, but this thing was silly. My deck just could not handle T4-T5 creatures, and when that damage is coming downrange at me with trample and haste, I just kind of crumple apart. Lesson learned: More removal?

Game four: Izzet Dynavolt Control 0-2
Like many of you probably saw at your own gameday, this deck used Dynavolt Tower and numerous instants and sorceries to burn to victory. Four of Thing in the Ice  Flip is helpful, too. My deck couldn't get around the removal and fell apart after dumping my hand. Lesson learned here is that I need to add a more consistent curve or find a way to draw after I run out of cards.

Game five: Mirror match 0-2
Simply put, this guy ran roughly the same concept deck, just a lot better. His used cards like Pia Nalaar, Bomat Courier, and Key to the City. I'm considering adding in both of the latter cards as I'm still not fully convinced of Pia Nalaar's usefulness.

All in all, it was a fun day, made some friends, but I didn't make top 8. The deck will need some revision, but I think with some work it can be a viable competitor, even with all of the control out there right now.

So much for Sovereign's Realm . . .

Hartmander, 5 hours ago

So, I dropped Sovereign's Realm because it was running too slow. Adding the land and the tutors from Cthulu's post helped speed things up. It was a fun/gimmicky idea, but it had to happen. I'm thinking I might try to make it modern legal, so suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated. So far it's been really fun play testing, but it's still not fully acquired, thus making it difficult to really test it out.

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