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Mo' Mana(kin)

Fobatore, 9 minutes ago


  • Doubling Cube (The extra little push of mana comes in handy.)
  • Manakin / Millikin (Nice cheap, early ramp, with Millikin helping to cut Emrakul's cost/thin the deck/set stuff up to be brought back with Reclaimer, Shredder, etc.)


EDH 0 / 4

We've reached under $30!!!!

Zatypoo2929, 47 minutes ago

And i'm not going to try to bring this deck any further down!

If you want to find more cheap decks, go on down to the The Cheap Deck Club., you won't regret it!

Some New Additions

AntiRivet, 48 minutes ago

Added quite a few Enchant Lands and removed Enchantress's Presence and Verduran Enchantress. This will help accelerate the deck in terms of getting tons of Green devotion on board and letting lands easily tap for double; a few soft mana doublers.

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Lapahn, 1 hour ago

I for one welcome our new Eldrazi overlords.

levy120, 1 hour ago

+1x Desertion // +1x Deploy the Gatewatch // +1x Wall of Omens // +1x Mulldrifter

-1x Curse of the Swine // -1x Keiga, the Tide Star // -1x Eerie Interlude // -1x True Conviction

If Deploy of the Gatewatch is too inefficient, Kaiga or Eerie Interlude will get back in.

Post Conspiracy 2

silasary, 1 hour ago

I have a bunch of cards from EMA & CN2 that I should insert. Let's do that.

Replaced Exploration with the Strictly Better Burgeoning. And I don't need two of those effects.Replace Elvish Skysweeper with Copperhorn ScoutCollective Unconsciousness for Green Sun's Zenith (How had I not done this sooner?)Joraga Warcaller for Borderland ExplorerOrchard Elemental for Titania's Chosen. (I'm not sold on this one)

EDH 0 / 0

What is happening

TontonTutur41914, 1 hour ago

For a few weeks now, i observed way less effectiveness and constancy from my deck. A part of it may be attibuable to bad luck, but their is more.

I need help to make this deck more constant !

Static Orb

dhoby87, 2 hours ago

After testing out Static Orb, It hurts us way too much.

Therefore it is cutted to give way back to our dear fairie maker Bitterblossom.

JERANIMAL, 2 hours ago

Long Needed Changes

TheAlexGnan, 2 hours ago

I'm incredibly reluctant to change a list I have a lot of experience with, but i cant avoid it any longer. This deck needs to be a tad faster. Not a lot, but 2 things: I get mana screwed often enough to go up to 22 lands. Even though Creeping Tar Pit already provides black-blue, I wlll run 2 Watery Grave instead of 2 Blood Crypt, because I am never short on red, but sometimes on black.

I'll be cutting Shadow of Doubt for it, as sad as that makes me. Shadow is dead or too slow against too many top decks (elves, burn, affinity, merfolk, hatebears, infect, dredge, etc), so i'll be migrating it either to the sideboard or tossing it.

I will also have to tinker with the Cryptic Command count, which also hurts. I have to side it out against too many matchups (burn, affinity, infect, etc) where its just too slow.

Creature wise I will definitly stick to Thought Scour + 5 biggies, its still a lot better imo than hardcasting 5drops for value.

If you people have further suggestions (keeping the meta in mind), I would apreciate it.


3bur0n, 3 hours ago


-2 Containment Membrane

+1 Collective Defiance

+1 Reality Hemorrhage

STD 0 / 0

Updates V0.2

Kazicon, 3 hours ago

Some tweaks here and there.

I have dropped each of my retreats down to two of each, from the previous four, in order to make room for Expedite (4).

In order to cut down on the price of the deck, I have dropped my two fetchlands for another Mountain and Forest. My sorceries and Sylvan Ranger seem to pull my mana state together quite nicely for the dollar. I have removed 2 Blighted Woodland in exchange for 2 Kessig Wolf Run, as I'm lacking trample in this deck.

I have removed Rampaging Baloths, and will instead be running Omnath, Locus of Rage. In order to make up for the trample, I have removed Territorial Baloth for Mina and Denn, Wildborn.

PLEASE READ: NO expensive suggestions. Some mid costs may be acceptable. This is a budget deck and should remain within the 75 to 100$ range.


Nick+, 4 hours ago

I've removed Topplegeist for extra copies of Reflector Mage and Spell Queller. Contingency Plan was replaced with Not Forgotten, because I need a sorcery for delirium and I can use it to recycle one of my cards.I'm still thinking about the sideboard.
STD 1 / 2


AntiRivet, 4 hours ago

Removed a basic Swamp to make room for Urza's Incubator. What are the odds someone other than you would play Spiders, right?
EDH 1 / 0

Conspiracy abound.

Bloodaegis, 5 hours ago

I got some AMAZING pulls from Conspiracy 2!

I am seriously thinking about some of the more interesting cards from the set,

Burgeoning will be an auto-include since the power of a t1 Exploration is unreal if left alone.

I have a minor Clone sub-theme and I am considering Followed Footsteps as a fun card to add, and would give me reason to make a DJ Khaled meme inspired token-"Another One" because GIMMICKS ARE AWESOME!

Also I enjoy the idea of something like Dragonlair Spider because cascading into a 5/6 that makes tokens for every spell cast would be interesting!

If anyone has some Planeswalkers they could recommend also that would be amazing, I do enjoy the Superfriend Aspect of the deck.

Tidying Up

Salmonman1064, 8 hours ago

It's been a really long time since my last actual update, I finally caught the description up to the list and made a few changes that have been long in the works. Also going to clear the comments just because it's been a while.

As always, thanks for the support! This is now the Number 1 Modern Dragon deck on the site!

New Iteration of Deck

Chilli_Axe, 9 hours ago

1x Steam Vents1x Tormenting Voice
1x Phantasmagorian

1x Mountain
2x Mana Confluence

Also adjusted sideboard to allow for 3x Greater Gargadon to fight Anger of the Gods; Collective Brutality to fight infect, burn and affinity; and Abrupt Decay as a better way to fight Rest in Peace and Grafdigger's Cage

Deck change

NutzDrRabbit, 10 hours ago

So I've decided to kind of shift the deck type to a little more control. The way I've had it with a more aggressive approach has led our record to be 5-4 after he improved his deck so I think a change is due. I did drop some money on a couple Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek since they dropped some in price. I still am trying to stay budget however.

Feeling near perfect

Casey4321, 12 hours ago

Yessir! We're nearing perfect!

It's a Conspiracy!... 2!

gildan_bladeborn, 12 hours ago

Oh man, I had SUCH high hopes for the new Conspiracy set, and while my not so secret desire to perhaps see Commander-only printings I play now get foil versions was pretty much entirely foiled (ha ha) in that CN2 reprinted none of those, it DID introduce some rad new things like the new Selvala, which went RIGHT into this deck. I've also included the 2 rare creatures in these colors that make you the monarch, though the list hasn't been updated to accurately reflect that yet since the full set isn't on Tapped Out yet.

3-1 FNM

bobcharles, 12 hours ago

Doing much better, could have maybe gone 4-0, but I still am, frankly, not a good player.

Match 1 was against Thermo-Thing, and he only managed to get one Fevered Visions out first game which powered me along. Axes and Hunts kept his Thing in the Ice  Flips from popping, and I was able to get through his removal to kill him before the Thermos got me. Second round he simply got bad draws and I beat him without much fuss.

Match 2 was B/R Vampires and this is where I lost in two games. His vamps were able to outpressure me both games and I couldn't remove the dangerous pieces in time before he could discard and madness removal all my wolves. Round 1 was kind of close, but Round 2 I only managed a bit of damage on him before I died.

Match 3 was against a BG delirium deck. Won in 3 games. First was a very close loss, he got a lot of his removal in hand and picked off all my important pieces, then Liliana ulted and I got flooded with zombies. Second round was much the same, only a key Spirit of the Hunt saved me from a key languish and I managed to swing in before her popped Liliana again. Third round he didn't draw as much removal, but did get some of his stronger critters out - which I managed to kill with very fortunate Lightning Axes. Eked out a win with two life remaining.

Match 4 was against a displacer combo deck, but the poor guy had the absolute shittiest draws both rounds. Land flooded both times, couldn't do anything.

Kessig Forgemaster  Flip wound up doing absolutely nothing. I could never get him to flip, so he wound up being a 3/1 for 1R most of the time. With the current meta, one toughness creatures are nearly non-existent. Made some small changes to the deck list and sideboard.


Culex, 12 hours ago

Living Death just wasn't very good. From Beyond cost too much. So...Abrupt Decay comes in to deal with hate cards and Bitterblissom replaces From Beyond.
EDH 8 / 13

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