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100 !! upvotes!!

ROUROU, 1 hour ago

Thank you guys VERY MUCH, for showing gtuul the love it needs __

to lumber or to lumberk'not? that is the question

Davidmon99, 2 hours ago

having 23 creatures is a lot even for a deck like this. Thinking about taking Lumberknot to the sideboard or away and might introduce Canopy Cover for hexproof creatures and difficult the blocking. Comments please for this question i have

get the +4/+4

Davidmon99, 2 hours ago

Following Pethrax advise I have decided to put down Autumnal Gloom  Flip,Seedguide Ash, Ghoultree and maximize Timber Protector and Treefolk Harbinger. I also noticed that i can drop Ulvenwald Observer as all my treefolk have indestructible with Timber Protector

BulletproofBoyScout, 2 hours ago

  • Add
  • Silence
  • Tarnished Citadel
  • Everflowing Chalice
  • Cabal Ritual
  • Negate
  • Dispel
  • Dispeller's Capsule
  • Dark Tutelage
  • Sensei's Divining Top
  • Future Sight

  • Remove

  • Eathersworn Cannonist
  • Voltaic Key
  • Roar of Reclamation
  • Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast
  • Quicksmith Genius
  • Eldrazi Displacer
  • Crumbling Necropolis
  • Mystic Monastary
  • Supreme Verdict
  • Nim Deathmantle

Replacing cards

birafm, 2 hours ago

Incendiary Flow was replaced with Hungry Flames


AndrewLKing89, 3 hours ago

I have found space for 1 more blood moon. Updated the side now that dredge is no longer top tier, added two gifted aetherborn against burn and other decks that dont have many creatures.

Cutting CoCo's

CaptainFluffers, 4 hours ago

New Vizier looks promising, removes severe limitations to the deck.

Allergymedsandcats, 5 hours ago

Galerider Sliver is coming out for Dispel I need more interaction and the sliver isn't a faerie or rogue so its an easy target to cut.

Memnite is also coming out for the reasons above, plus it doesn't have evasion. 0 for a 1/1 is nice, but if I have to cut a creature this one is a good choice imo. Mental Misstep will replace it.

Ahmonkhet/Modern Masters 17 !!

SquiddyFish, 6 hours ago

Honestly, not too much going on here.

Added - Manglehorn

I LOVE cheap utility creatures. This one blows up Sol Ring AND makes opponent's Sol Rings come in tapped? Yes please. Also good for blowing up other stuff as well I guess. But I hate Sol Ring so much. Any cheap creature that blow up Sol Ring is fine by me. Also fetchable with Woodland Bellower too which is a plus!

Removed - Soul of the Harvest

I've been looking to cut this for a while. Card is fine but never really does anything. Easy swap.

New Foils

Craterhoof Behemoth - MM3

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar - Prerelease promo

Staff of Domination - Masterpiece

Sol Ring - Masterpiece... If you can't kill em... JOIN THEMMM

bekeleven, 6 hours ago

OUT: 2xForest, Mortuary Mire, Mistvein Borderpost (losing too many basics.)

IN: Command Tower, Bojuka Bog, Tainted Wood, Swamp (increasing swamp density for tainted lands).

Note that this exchange results in 2 black sources without altering the number of green or blue sources.

-1 butcher of the horde +1 ajani vengeant

Justinong, 6 hours ago

Im trying to make this work im not sure if it fits the deck. I need more inputs thanks

some quick changes

ColbaltCrome, 6 hours ago

Moved the Scarab Feasts to sideboard because of delirium. I also upped the Fatal Push count to four, it's about time I got my full play set.

ToxinBoy, 6 hours ago

-1 Ratchet Bomb, +1 Copper Gnomes


JerLo80, 6 hours ago

sacrificing the 'only angels' theme to improve play / competitiveness. still tweaking the sideboard, will update again once completed.
MDN 1 / 1

It's Arlinn's Time Now

multimedia, 7 hours ago

Arlinn Kord  Flip hasn't yet made an impact in Standard, but the time may be now for it to happen. Two cards in Amonkhet have fantastic synergy with her, Rhonas the Indomitable and Glorybringer. Both are already extremely powerful and Arlinn makes them even better. Arlinn's +1 ability giving a creature +2/+2 vigilance and haste is excellent with Rhonas the Indomitable not because it can give him haste, although that's powerful, but because it can make any 2 power Elf into a 4 power one which allows him to attack or block. With Arlinn and any other 2 power creature in play makes it much easier to turn on Rhonas. Arlinn can also make a 2/2 Wolf using her 0 ability which helps to keep a creature in play for Rhonas.

I've only mentioned one red card, Khenra Charioteer who I think has potential splashing red in this deck. I completely overlooked Glorybringer for this deck because it's cost is which is problematic when trying to splash a color. Also the drawback of exert not letting the creature untap for my next turn seemed very steep. Glorybringer is however busted because I don't have to use it's exert when it attacks, the exert ability is a may. I can simply continuously turn after turn attack with the 4/4 flying Dragon without exerting if I don't need to. Glorybringer has 4 power it alone turns on Rhonas and the two can hit for minimum 9 points of damage in one swing, which is nuts. While the double red cost of Glorybringer will make it harder to cast I think it's completely worth configuring this manabase to support it.

Glorybringer and Arlinn Kord  Flip have crazy synergy because Arlinn can give the Dragon vigilance. Vigilance is the ability which makes exert way too powerful especially with Glorybringer. Exerting is done after I declare my attackers I don't have to tap the exert creature to get the exert bonuses all I have to do is attack with the creature. This is why vigilance is so good with exert because I don't have to tap a creature with vigilance to attack thus the exert creature never has to tap while still getting the exert bonues with no drawback. Arlinn's +1 ability takes away to the drawback of Glorybringer making it a 4 damage creature removal spell on a stick while also doing 6 damage in the air.

Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon has synergy with all the other Elves/ Creatures and Rhonas in this deck because they all get +1/+1 and trample. Trample is one of the best abilities with Elves and Rhonas because his minimum 5 attack power can no longer be chump blocked. Trample also gives my army a way to break through stalled game states where both mine and my opponent's battlefield is clogged with creatures or in the case of my opponent tokens.

Servant of the Conduit and Rishkar, Peema Renegade bring a ramp strategy to this deck which is great with both Arlinn Kord  Flip and Glorybringer. Especially the Dragon because the earlier I get it into play the more damage it can do and the more fear it can put in my opponent. Creatures with counters on them from Rishkar or Verdurous Gearhulk who get vigilance from Arlinn's ability can pull double duty as attackers and mana ramp which is an added strength that Arlinn brings.

I've used Harnessed Lightning in the previous Temur version of Energy Elves and found it very good. Since I'm now splashing red as well as still using an energy strategy it makes sense to use Harnessed again as my go to creature removal spell. I like that Harnessed is unconditional creature removal, all I need is enough energy to support it which the energy strategy especially Attune with Aether does well. Amonkhet has many powerful five drops who most will see play especially Glorybringer and Angel of Sanctions. Harnessed can kill these creatures for two mana and one additional energy which is very good. Five drops are the drawback of Fatal Push since it can't kill them. My main deck removal spell needs to be able to kill Felidar Guardian and Heart of Kiran which Harness can do.

Four-Color Energy Elves

Using Four-Color Saheeli as a template Energy Elves is now four colors. Green is the primary color, White is for Cast Out, Blue is for Skyrider Elf and Red is for Glorybringer and Harnessed Lightning. The four colors are powered by the energy strategy of Servant of the Conduit, Attune with Aether, Aether Hub and Harnessed Lightning. Oath of Nissa is here to help with consistency because it can find lands. It can also find Rhonas the Indomitable, Glorybringer or Arlinn Kord  Flip because of this I've reduced them only 2 ofs main deck. The Elves core of Servant of the Conduit, Skyrider Elf, Sylvan Advocate and Rishkar, Peema Renegade remains as does Verdurous Gearhulk. Woodland Wanderer is being cut for Arlinn Kord  Flip and Tireless Tracker is put into the sideboard. A lone copy of Tamiyo, Field Researcher remains because she's excellent with Rhonas.

Testing Harsh Mentor

rothgar13, 8 hours ago

Hi everyone,

Amonkhet has brought an interesting little card for decks in Harsh Mentor, and I intend to test it out and see how it does.

MDN 1 / 0

RIP Leovold

John_Styx, 9 hours ago

You will be missed (banned)

Adding Vizier of Remedies

rothgar13, 9 hours ago

Hi everyone, this deck just got a neat little boost in Vizier of Remedies, so I'll be adding that to the lineup.

Breya Appeared

Umbreomancer, 10 hours ago

Changed the deck completely.

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