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Post Tournament Update

Dakotasayre, 2 hours ago

There were only 5 of us to show up and we needed 8 to be a sanctioned event, so the store owner stepped in and made it even. We played double elimination since there were only 6 of us. overall i went (2-2) and placed 3rd. i lost round 1 (1-2) to a R/U Instant deck, i won round 2 (2-1) against R/W Angels. i won round 3 (2-0) against the store owner and his W/U Spirits, and i lost Round 4 (1-2) to a mono black infect deck. My deck ran so much better than i expected it to. i did make a few changes before the tournament started. I removed 3x Cancel, 2x Negate, 2x War Oracle, and 1x Topan Freeblade. i added 1x Spontaneous Mutation, 1x Turn Aside, 1x Lunar Force, 2x Deny Existence, and 3x Aegis Angel.

Fnm update

bretters, 2 hours ago

Went 3-1 at Fnm Round 1 loss in 2 against my friend piloting my golgari delirium deck with distended minbsnder and whispers of emrakul.

Went on to defeat a newbie's gw deck, a uw spirits deck, and finally a jeskai wizards deck featuring docent of perfection

Cytokenisis, 2 hours ago

Adding ojutai's command because it occured to me that grayard recursion just means u get another spirit in yuor hand.

also, I took out the Think Twices because anytime i had them, I simply wanted another spirit. More spirits, less draw. Im keeping the ancetral visions simply for the raw card advantage it gives when it pays off.

finally, some anafenzas, illusuionary images and such for testing.

FNM/SNM- Fixed Up

carvscards, 4 hours ago

Just a quick little update to say how my deck has performed at Fixed Up. (This will not include too much detail as these games were played 2-3 weeks ago). So, went 5-0, 3-2, 2-1, and 3-0. I will try to write more and keep this more up to date, but overall I am happy with how the deck has performed.

FNM- Jubilee

carvscards, 4 hours ago

Played FNM at my local shop. Didn't do as well as planned, but that happens (especially on the first real play against other decks). I went 1-2 on the night. Got 0-2'd by a R/B Vampire Aggro deck. Missed quite a few land drops game 1 and couldn't race his creatures and get what I needed game 2. Match 2 I went against a R/G deck. Not entirely sure what she was playing (didn't seem all that competitive). My deck played really well against her deck though (I got good draws and didn't get flooded or stuck on few mana). Match three I went against another Vampire Aggro deck (might have just been black). I went 1-2 this match. My deck performed really well despite losing. I just needed some more Kozilek's return to be able to control his board (I was one turn away game 3 from playing Ulamog and probably winning). Once I get a solid sideboard (which I have most of the cards I need to get me started) I think I will fair better against aggro (which it appears is the primary play style at this shop). Also I want to add that I am thinking about taking out Ulrich and adding in Chandra, Flamecaster to help against aggro decks. I will put more thought into this and make changes accordingly

Spell Queller tryouts!

btreuther, 4 hours ago

I've decided, after some suggestions, to try out Spell Queller in this list. This helps protect some of our threats, as well as provide a 2/3 flash flyer as a threat. It may or may not be correct, but I think this card has some potential in modern and is begging for a spot in a shell.

Cryptic Command has been removed as it is rather clunky. I'm sorry to see it go. As such, we move this list into the solid midrange category, utilizing flash creatures.

Vendilion Clique has been added as a way of breaking up combo decks or removing pesky pieces.

This is my final version for SCG Balt

Titilanious, 5 hours ago

This is the list that i am going with in Baltimore tomorrow. I will update my results.

Updating modern

Badzookeeper, 5 hours ago

After some extensive testing i decided to try a different approach. Arlinn is awesome but wasnt cutting it in my meta, so i cut the oaths and arlinn to try a different build.


+Buddhafist, 6 hours ago

Removed x1 Terra Stomper, x1 Quilled Wolf, x1 Giant Mantis and x1 Ringwarden Owl.

Added x1 Seek the Wilds and x3 Pulse of Murasa.

Major Update

doriboncore, 6 hours ago

Since I seem to be playing more Modern than I used to, the deck has been updated to make it a little more competitive. The Lightning Strikes have been replaced by Lightning Bolts. Two more Kiln Fiends have been added to the deck along with two more Assault Strobes. A few other changes have been made as well in order to make the deck run a little smoother.

So much control...

C4Cavalry, 7 hours ago

Well... Went to that Saturday tournament... Lost 0-2, 0-2, and 1-3. Control kicked my ass. White's weakness is of course card draw, and it bit me in the ass, every deck I played had blue, and just outpaced me. The bigger problem however, is that I lack good creatures. I can't reliably get Ajani's Pridemate, or have the mana I need to cast any of my five-drops, and ensure they get past a mana-leak. It's a pretty sad existence. Good Creatures, things that get +1/+1's frequently, and for 3 or less. Wall of omens might go in... um... Yeah... I'm gonna go cri a bit.

New Iteration of Deck

Chilli_Axe, 7 hours ago

4x City of Brass
4x Mana Confluence
4x Gemstone Mine
1x Dakmor Salvage
4x Tome Scour
2x Stitchwing Skaab
2x Golgari Thug
1x Rally the Peasants

4x Copperline Gorge
4x Wooded Foothills
4x Bloodstained Mire
2x Stomping Ground
1x Blood Cryp
1x Mountain
1x Burning Inquiry
3x Shriekhorn
2x Conflagrate

Deck is now much more consistent because of higher land count, and is capable of consistent turn 4 kills with loam + conflagrate

In Testing - And Update Because I'm Movin'

hellnoire, 7 hours ago

Despite the fact there's been nothing in terms of written up updates, this deck's gotten a lot of changes going though it, and I've been working on it actively for the last little bit. I've been testing some new things for the deck, some of which are listed below to get the deck doing.


Old_Man, 8 hours ago

Well the deck won only once vs a G/R Tron but it did some cool stuff like drawing 18 cards from Fiery Gambit into Fiery Gambit, deal 13 dmg from Mana Clash. Counter EVERY spell i tried with Odds/Ends and get 2x Extra turns. Still the overall score was 1-3 and all the matchups: 0-2 Affinity 0-2 Grixis Delver 2-1 Tron 1-2 Infect.

Sad stuff the pilot of the deck was my friend so i still didn't try it out in tournament.

BUT DAMN i love kitchen playing!


oGeyra, 9 hours ago

Removed some cards, added some suggestions, now we're down to 78. We'll get there, slowly but surely, and it'll be tons of fun when we do!

Renamed deck to Arcbound Scales

yorii, 9 hours ago

Arcbound Scales seems to be the name of this archetype now and it's honestly an amazing name :)
MDN 1 / 4

Theonlyjoefish, 10 hours ago

-2 kessig prowelers+2 neglected heirlooms

2.75 Update

DokuNoSquid, 10 hours ago

Debating over having mike, trik, necrotic, and devourer in the deck, looking to get meren out faster and get more done faster in the deck.

Play test

Tommy_Mag22, 10 hours ago

Played a few games tonight! A few 1 v 1 and a few 3 ways! Helped me decide what cards I need and what I don't! I've added in another Cryptbreaker, diregraf Colossus amd relentless dead! Removed advanced stitchwing, a murder and a deny existence

First Big Revision

Ghomrag, 11 hours ago

So I decided that artifacts weren't strictly necessary and so Hangarback Walker was cut to put in Tireless Tracker. Also there were some sideboard changes.
STD 8 / 16

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