This is a casual deck, and a meme deck, but be warned... it's also a really mean deck.

This deck has one overriding purpose: Erect a barrier between itself and the rest of the universe with a profusion of walls and enchantments (hence the name, referring to a song about a town that exists below a gigantic umbrella whose residents have never seen the sky -- appropriate for the "Sky Rampart" commander). The story of the name is about those who leave the sheltered land and seek the sky, but this deck is the smothering umbrella itself: passive, immobile, standing stoically between everything else and glory. At first, it might seem alright. A deck that's busy cowering behind its own defenses is seldom the number one threat at the table. And a lot of the time, as the deck plays out, that will hold. Like I said, this is a memey casual deck.

And then, unexpectedly, the deck just rains misfortune down on the table, spontaneously turning the game on its head -- Misery and pain fall for all, and you have the umbrella. At least in theory; this deck can also self-destruct if its pilot doesn't play carefully. The fun part (for those of us who have fun with this kind of thing) is just how many different ways the deck can spontaneously ruin it for everyone. You can turn off attacking by getting your commander and Mystic Barrier to disagree. You can utterly shut down continued game activity with a Stasis/Kismet lock enabled with Vedalken Mastermine. Or you can cause the board to fall into absolute ruin with Possessed Portal while cards like Experimental Frenzy, Stolen Strategy, and Future Sight keep you afloat longer than your peers (ideal until Barren Glory can kick in). The deck's main advantage is that it has an average CMC of 3, which is quite low. The vast majority of the deck can be played out fast, giving you an advantage when you start a race to 0 permanents even if it isn't a "true" dedicated Stax deck.

When a deck like this wins, it doesn't do it nicely. There are some random effective wincons, like Flamewright+Intruder Alarm into Vent Sentinel to machine gun down the world or Coat of Arms and Rolling Stones or Wakestone Gargoyle to actually crush face with an army of walls, but more likely you'll be holding your opponents down and just sort of drooling into their mouths with the likes of Bulwark and Storm World. I expect to see more concessions than actual victories.


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