Vent Sentinel

Vent Sentinel

Creature — Elemental


, , : Vent Sentinel deals damage to target player equal to the number of creatures with defender you control.

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Vent Sentinel Discussion

TheVectornaut on New hubs to be added

5 months ago

Just gonna throw in my support for defender/walls as a somewhat popular casual strategy across multiple formats. Overgrown Battlement , Assault Formation , High Alert , Vent Sentinel , Phenax, God of Deception , Doran, the Siege Tower , Arcades, the Strategist , Towering Titan , Perimeter Captain , Rolling Stones , Tree of Redemption , and Tree of Perdition are all cards I've tried to build around at some point or another in casual, modern, standard, or commander.

Rorolith on Wall thingy

8 months ago

Vent Sentinel could be your win condition. Its not good, but at least it is a win condition.

Sultai_Sir on Help Needed for Pramikon, Sky …

10 months ago

Hi! Sultai_Sir here. I, too love experimenting with "off-color" brews, like Naya storm. Some toughness-matters cards I can think of are Wall of Nets, Vent Sentinel, and Psychic Membrane. I don't know what budget you're on, but High Alert seems like the all-star of your deck, and you should probably run some tutors like Idyllic Tutor of Enlightened Tutor to get it. I hope this helps, and as always, happy brewing!

enpc on New hub: toughness matters?

1 year ago

I mean, high toughness by itself is not typically a win condition. If you're using cards like Doran, the Siege Tower or Assault Formation to then turn them into beats then that hub should be named after those cards. If you're using defender matters cards (generally walls) with stuff like Vent Sentinel then the hub should be "Defender". But high toughness without one of those outlets is just "Pillow fort", which we alrady have.

If you did want to have a hub for Doran and Formation though, I would personally go with "Sir Mix-a-lot", but that's just me.

Chesu on Pramikon, the Taxing

1 year ago

Vent Sentinel is a great inclusion here NighNoNot, I'll be sure to add it. Joe_Ken_ while Assemble the Legion and Sun Titan are great cards I was struggling to find things to take out as a replacement. Got any suggestions?

Gadianten on Rakdos Walls

2 years ago

Some creature changes you might consider are Guardian of the Ages , Colossus of Akros and Golden Guardian  Flip. I feel your main way of winning via Vent Sentinel is not enough on its own but I will have to think of some ways to enhance it.

Tbology on Gate Defender

2 years ago

Yes, I just put Axebane Guardian in last night and game testing it. It made a huge different in the deck! X any colors of mana is a super helpful on mana fixing! Totally agree with you.

Doorkeeper and Vent Sentinel can be a good one to add in for extra winning condition, I had try to put in different type of defender with color mana, but still colorless wall feels more consistent to me, if you have any idea to adjust to deck so that I can play different color defender would be great.

Currently I am thinking about going for life gain defender, which is focus on white. such as Fortified Rampart, Jeskai Barricade, Order of the Stars, Perimeter Captain, Pride Guardian, Stalwart Shield-Bearers, Wall of Essence, etc.

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