This decks idea is to generate extra value from combat damage. The cards to do so can be categorized in 3 themes:

  1. Unblockable: To make sure we get the combat damage triggers, we run "Agents" that have different forms of evasion like shadow, fear, islandwalk or are straight up unblockable

  2. Draw: Sygg himself will not only draw cards on our own turns but also on opponents turns. This by itself should keep our hand full most of the time. On top we run cads like Coastal Piracy and Bident of Thassa.

  3. Ninjutsu & Equipments: The Dimir way to abuse unblocked creatures will give us additional value when we hit our opponents. On top we run some equipments like Dowsing Dagger or Umezawa's Jitte that also make combat damage more valuable.

The decks strategy is pretty easy: Hit your opponents with your Agents, generate card draw and try not to die before your opponents do.

As we mostly run small creatures that are supposed to attack each turn, we also need to find ways to protect our precious life total. Again we have 3 main themes to do so:

  1. Pillowforts: Propaganda, Dissipation Field and Dread will keep our opponents from attacking us most of the time. Crown of Doom will incentivise them to attack other players.

  2. Counter & Removal: If big threats hit the board we want to be able to react. So we have several ways to counter, kill or bounce those.

  3. Combat Tricks: Sudden Spoiling and AEtherspouts can give us the edge to close out a game or at least protect us for one turn.

Other valuable cards that should be mentioned:

Bloodchief Ascension: Will not only drain our opponents constantely but also give keep us alive longer. It might even protect us from wrath effects late in the game

Necropolis Regent: This bad girl will turn our little agents into fatties quickly.

Stolen Identity: Can also be straight bonkers, we will almost always get two copies the turn it's played. If the cipher target isn't removed we will run away with the game as this is commander and ther should be so degenerate creature on the board *cougheldrazi

Keeper of Keys: Makes sure we get at least one hit with our whole board while also drawing us cards. If we get stuck on Ninjas without evasion this can get us back in the game.


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