“. . . Each one as he drank forgot all things. Now after they had gone to rest, about the middle of the night there was a thunderstorm and earthquake, and then in an instant they were driven upwards in all manner of ways to their birth, like stars shooting. [Er] himself was hindered from drinking the water. But in what manner or by what means he returned to the body he could not say; only, in the morning, awaking suddenly, he found himself lying on the pyre.”

— Plato, Republic

Unlike many of my other digital-only decks, this deck was difficult to fit to a strict budget.

The basic gameplan is as follows:

  1. Fill your graveyard with juicy reanimation targets through tutors and less specific self-mill effects.

  2. Use Anikthea’s ETB trigger and attack trigger to put high-CMC enchantments onto the battlefield as Zombies. Then do it again.

  3. Pump, protect, and populate your super-powered underworld Zombie hoard.

  4. Profit

Suggestions welcome; please check out my other decks while you’re here.

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