Golos the Tireless Pilgrim

Love - Cards used to gain favour

Hate - Cards that are going to increase table hate

Love Hate - cards that will make the table or one player like me more at the cost of another player

Buff - Make my creatures stronger

Copy = copy effects

Draw - anything that pulls a card out of my library

Good stuff - Cards I like for the deck

I can win - If I manage to hang around until the end haymaker wins

Land - My lands

Life Gain - gotta gain a little bit

Mana - anything that produces, fixes, ramps, or reduces the cost

Neutral - Stuff that I think other players will basically ignore

Not it - Deterrents to pick a different target

recursion - Bring stuff back

removal - Gets rid of opponents cards

tokens - need a few extra creatures

trade - Ways to move things around to my liking


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