Firstly, I would like to ask for any suggestions to make this deck stronger, as I would love to make this deck more competitive. Currently, this deck is built at around a $300-$350 budget, but that could change, so please leave all and any suggestions! Thank you!

With this deck, we are forcing our opponents to take each other out. We use cards such as Hunted Troll and Sylvan Offering to give ourself creatures while giving our opponents weaker ones that they can use to take each other out. We incorporate mechanics such as shadow and basic landwalk to hit our opponents unscathed, forcing them attack with all their creatures... but not us. In case we can’t get in, we have a decent pillow fort due to cards such as Norn's Annex. We give the illusion of player choice with cards such as Duelist's Heritage. Three cards I love in this deck are Bedlam, Tahngarth, First Mate, and Siege Behemoth. Bedlam assures we get in to all of our opponents, and assured they then get in on everyone else but us. This means a quick game where everyone is bashing at each other and leaves us in complete control. Tahngarth can attack our opponents during other people’s turns. If we don’t get in the first time, try and try again! Siege Behemoth allows us to assign combat damage to our opponents if for some reason we don’t have the cards out to allow us to get in. There are a plethora of other cards in the deck that allow us to get in at our opponents unscathed. There are also multiple cards giving our opponents the tools to take each other out. By the time it gets down to us and and our last opponent, our board will be much farther ahead and allow us to take them out by storm! If not, cards like Insurrection allow us to deliver that final punch! Please leave your thoughts below!


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