I try all the time to pretend that I'm Johnny, but at heart I'm just an old-man Timmy who plays for the love of the game. And while there have been many Timmy cards to come through the sets for many years, I don't think I've ever been this excited about a set being released as I am now about Adventures in Forgotten Realms.

Best thing is, they did The Tarrasque justice.

Every D&D nerd like me has known this gargantuan nightmare-fuel since it was first created many decades ago. It's that monster every DM wants to try to fit into a campaign, and no PC ever wants to see. It's the epitome of awesomeness and terror. And while R&D did not make it the strongest creature in the game, they did make it Timmy-pleasable, and in the end, that's what was most important.

I don't think it's a good commander, much less great. In fact, it's probably a reach as a good choice as part of the 99 in a mono-green stompy deck. I don't even know what to do with this guy, except for run it as Commander, and fill the 99 with a mess of shit to cast it as fast as possible, as well as a decent helping of disruption.

At some point I might find a synergy or two to make it more interesting. Until then, what we have here is a modestly contrived Elf tribal deck spearheaded by Grand Master Timmy. Hopefully it wins some games every now and then.

Comments/suggestions encouraged. Enjoy!


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