Below i explained my reason for having each card in my deck so you can see how im thinking & can offer any advice or changes i need to make to my thought process when it comes to MTG to become a better deck builder & a better player. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Why It's in the deck-

Akromas Memorial- because of all the effects it gives all of the creatures & the protections

Champion of stray souls- its mana abilities

Champion of the perished- it's active ability

Dark Ritual- to get as much mana as quickly as possible

Death Baron- the buffs it gives to all other zombies & skeletons

Grave titan- a tank that can produce zombie tokens at a decent rate

Helm of the host- apply to any of the buff givers to stack the buffs

Invoke Despair- a nice clean up card that isn't a board wipe

Killing wave- Enemy creature wipe, plain & simple

Liliana, Dreadhorde General- her abilities are great for this deck

Liliana, The Last Hope- abilities also compliment this deck well

Lord of the undead- buffs zombies & can put them back into your hand if destroyed

Mikaeus, the unhallowed- buffs everything & destroys anything that does damage to you & that's only half of it. Must have for a zombie deck in my opinion

Relentless dead- it's ability to put itself back in your hand & another zombie onto the field.

Sheoldred, the Whispering one- good way to keep opponents creature count in check.


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