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She'll get revenge or die trying!

Commander / EDH Jank Lifegain Tokens WUB (Esper) Zombie



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What is it?

Zombie tribal in my most favorite colors of Esper!

The Sideboard contains the Cards I once played and took out. The reasons for that can be that they didn't work or I didn't enjoy playing with them, since my play group only plays medium power.

The Accordions below are still a Work in Progress.

Building this Deck, I set the following restrictions for myself:

  • only Zombie Creatures
  • a lot of the Big Zombie Spells
  • flavor before function (still some function, if there is none it isnt fun)
  • build the deck for long-term play (I wanna play this deck alot, so there needs to be some kind of diversity)

  1. Collect a few Zombies.
  2. Get Varina, Lich Queen out.
  3. Turn sideways (Deck is really aggressiv actually)
  4. Draw Cards, Gain Life, play more Zombies.
  5. Buff the Zombies and interact with the other Players
  6. Profit (win and/or a fun game)

Here you can find two card combinations that have a high synergie in the deck.

The Amulet:


When I discover more things that work really well together Ill add them here.

- Some key components of the deck are:


The Maybeboard is for changes I'm planing, or you could take into consideration if you're building a Varina, Lich Queen Deck.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!


Updates Add

Took out:

1xSwamp (I think that 37 lands is still enough, since this deck draws a lot of cards.)

Put in:

card:Grave Harvest (another way to give the zombies meance, and it is very cheap at 1 mana)


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