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I didn't succeed at making a cheap deck like I wanted, but it's cheaper than the commander deck I had my eye on and it is (probably) mostly functional as monoblack aggro. I tested it a bit on MTG Arena's Historic, though not with all the same cards and obviously not against Modern decks, but it does hold up rather well there.


This has a slightly better than 50% chance (53.8% actually) of having 4 mana on turn 4. Odds of land on turn 5 are pretty low, at only 36.7%, but we don't run anything over 3 mana anyways.

From turn 4 on we should be able to keep mana open to activate Relentless Dead in response to a boardwipe, which makes us pretty resilient.

Between Murderous Rider, Fatal Push and Dismember we can pretty easily get blockers out of the way and, as a bonus. Any blockers we can't remove this way will likely go down to deathtouch zombies thanks to Death Baron. For card draw we have Foulmire Knight and Undead Augur, which is more than enough for what we are doing here.


Overall, the sideboard should be considered a huge WIP here. I am not super familiar with Modern's meta or what I should be trying to answer with it. Right now I have just selected a sideboard that I feel might do what I need it to do.


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