Lovestruck Beast

Lovestruck Beast

Creature — Beast Noble

Lovestruck Beast can't attack unless you control a 1/1 creature.

(You may cast Lovestruck Beast from exile if you sent it on an adventure.)

Heart's Desire

Sorcery — Adventure

Create a 1/1 white Human creature token.

(You may cast Heart's Desire for from anywhere that you have the permission to cast this, then exile it on an adventure instead of putting it into your graveyard. When you have not chosen to cast Heart's Desire, this card is treated only as Lovestruck Beast in whatever zone it is in.)

(Example scenarios for Heart's Desire: You may cast this off of Melek, Izzet Paragon. You may not target this with Snapcaster Mage. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben increases the cost of this. Electrodominance requires X=1. If your opponent owns this and you cast it, you may cast their Lovestruck Beast from exile. You may cast this from a cascade spell if the spell has a cost greater than Lovestruck Beast's cost.)

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Set Rarity
Throne of Eldraine (ELD) Rare

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Historic Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Lovestruck Beast Discussion

BRG24 on Mono Green Stompy

2 days ago

Personally, I would probably cut Lovestruck Beast, I’ve always found the card somewhat clunky, although you may view the card differently. I’d use the spaces to add another Yorvo, two God Eternals and another Questing Beast. However, I know you’re on a budget so maybe the last one might be pushing it. Alternatively, Gemrazer is a card that I’ve been having some success with, again giving trample and making you mana dorks more relevant as the game progresses, which might be another decent addition to replace Beast if the budget is tighter. With regards the Ram Through, Aspect of Hydra is the cut I would make. I’d probably run two of each, with Ram being the stronger card, but since it’s far weaker without a trample creature, Aspect might be needed in some situations. Finally, I might recommend Castle Garenbrig, the mana is great and the limitation of creatures only is very small in a deck like this. These are just what I would do, and I know that you will have your own preferences as well, but I hope that this helps you.

gingerthewritingdog on Mono-Green Stompy

1 month ago

With mono G stompy builds I like to play Lovestruck Beast and Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig, as they make Ghalta a ton cheaper. Also, Surrak, the Hunt Caller is quite good and The Great Henge is amazing with Growth-Chamber Guardian.

StoryArcher on Mono Green Pure Devotion

2 months ago


I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, especially taking the time to look at what the deck is trying to do rather than just offering suggestions on what it should be doing instead.

I had no idea that Lead the Stampede was about to come back into play for Pioneer - that definitely puts a spin on things. It leaves me re-considering the CoCo/Stampede approach once more which would naturally nudge out Beast Whisperer if I were to go that way.

Obviously Aspect of Hydra is killer and it was in every early iteration of this deck by default... but I discovered something, and this may only be my personal experience. I always seemed to either be holding them from the start where they were relatively dead draws or I got them late enough in the game that I already had the advantage and didn't need them. I've been experimenting without them, instead trying to use those slots for card draw or more creatures that fit the curve. The same thing always seems to happen with Walking Ballista for what its worth.

Lovestruck Beast is a funny card, but I just assumed that it would make a dangerous blocker if they somehow cleared the board of my dorks. Seems like it would work especially well with CoCo. Maybe just another beefy high-devotion 3-cost creature instead, like Leatherback Baloth?

I appreciate the recommendations about the sideboard. Honestly, I was just throwing stuff in there. Setessan Petitioner is definitely one of the cards that I was looking for and Pithing Needle is/should have been a no-brainer.

TriusMalarky on Mono Green Pure Devotion

2 months ago

Running a Green Devotion deck is all about ramping into monstrously huge creatures.

Here, I'm concerned about Lovestruck Beast. Seems... sad. It's really easy to turn this thing off. You want a little more resilience to the deck then that. I'd replace it.

Beast Whisperer seems possibly odd. It's either the best or worst card in the deck. With Ikoria's release, Lead the Stampede might be a better bet, but make sure to test both.

Aspect of Hydra is key to greendev decks. It's often better than Giant Growth or Might of Old Krosa, and it's at fully instant speed. It's sort of like your Lightning Bolt. You need the playset.

From your maybeboard, Vivien, Arkbow Ranger is possible, but only if you use Beast Whisperer over Lead the Stampede.

The deck also feels like it could be easily disrupted. If you don't draw just right, it might fall apart. But then again, playtesting might prove otherwise.

Sideboard Wise...

Setessan Petitioner. No explanation needed.

You're also going hard on the artifact hate. Karn does nothing here, you already have 6 artifact hate pieces.

Instead of Karn, run Pithing Needle. It hits Ballista, Steel Overseer, walkers, Lotus Field, and more. Also, cut the 3 Brontodons. Your deck wants Rec Sage more. Replace them with 1 more Petitioner and then throw in something else, like Tormod's Crypt or Shapers' Sanctuary against control.

That said, the curve's pretty good. You have plenty of 1-drops, plenty of 3-drops to ramp into, plenty of 2-drops with great lategame mana sinks so you can get stuck on 2 mana. Even your 9 and 12 drops aren't even 9 or 12 mana -- they're often 4-5 mana less. Which is perfectly fine. I'd still add 1 maybe 2 lands, but that's just me. It might not be a bad idea to change the math by dropping an extra land in and go to 61 cards maindeck, but you should definitely test first.

The main gripe about the strategy is that you have a decent chance to get stuck on only a few mana. But, if you hit 5+ mana you get winning. I think it's a risk worth taking, but be ready to change up your land total after quarantine's over.

9-lives on Gruul Fires

2 months ago

Are you using Fires of Invention to cast Medomai the Ageless? Because that's not in your manabase.

May I recommend Lovestruck Beast? It's useful with Llanowar Elves, which I see you aren't running. Sylvan Caryatid would also be useful for ramp, and on top of that it's hexproof so there is no 'bolting of the bird'.

Bolo33 on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

3 months ago

Alrighty, I see the cross, and seek to help before posting my own deck! First, I want to know why Spawn of Mayhem is in there. He may be a 4/4 flier, but he does what else for you? I would switch that out for Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath for sure, If you can afford it (I know I can't). If you cannot, I would suggest Rankle, Master of Pranks. After all, he deals with hand disruption. And he is a flier. Oh, also, he can sacrifice one of Garruk's dogs to get him loyalty. Lovestruck Beast is hardly have a 1/1, but if you are playing it right, it won't be on the battlefield much. Replace that with Agonizing Remorse, I guess. As for ramp, you will need a Growth Spiral, although the titan does a better job of it.

Izzet Maximization Is another deck that needs work. I'm open to suggestions!

Daedalus19876 on Hapatatra test

3 months ago

IzmAYAYA: The best advice I can give is that high-power creatures are not very powerful: life totals matter a lot less than in EDH. For example -- Nessian Boar is an actively awful card in EDH, because your opponent will almost always be happy to get a bunch of cards, especially since they can plan around it (because it doesn't have haste). And even if it goes through -- who cares about 10 damage? It's only 1/4 of a single opponent's life total (or, put another way, 1/12 of the total damage you'll need to do over the game). So cards like Knight of the Ebon Legion, Nessian Boar, Questing Beast, Lovestruck Beast, etc aren't very good in 40-life multiplayer, because the type of pressure you have to apply is different.

Sisters of Stone Death CAN be fine, but she's very VERY mana intensive. I'd only run her if you run a lot more ramp.

I'd also tentatively recommend against Skinrender, because it only gets you a single snake. Still, depending on your meta, it can be pretty sweet.

I'm not a huge fan of Vampiric Rites or Awakening Zone, I find they're both a bit slow and high-mana for what they do.

Both of your PWs seem... so-so, and too high-cmc; if you want to run a planeswalker I'd recommend Vraska, Golgari Queen. She did good work for me once upon a time, since you can protect her well, she draws cards by sacrificing excess tokens, and her third ability is absolutely brutal.

I didn't love Uncage the Menagerie when I ran it (remember that all the creatures have to have cost exactly X, no more and no less). But it might work better for you, keep me updated on it.

I'd highly recommend Eldrazi Monument if you can afford it.

Finally, I'd generally recommend lowering your curve. My deck barely gets away with 34 lands and 13 other mana sources, and I have a much lower curve than you. I would suggest starting with 35 lands and at least 5 mana rocks/dorks, and work from there. I'd aim for an average CMC around 3 -- anything over 5 mana should threaten to win the game IMMEDIATELY, within a turn cycle or two.

Hope this helps! (Oh, and you can mark a deck's format as "Commander", and put the commander in the correct place by typing [asterisk]CMDR[asterisk] on either side of her.)

GoldenDiggle on Help with Mono-Green

3 months ago

If you do end up dropping the lands, making your curve lower may help you out a bit. Running another Lovestruck Beast seems good for you as you have a handful of 1/1s Aspect of Hydra is really good for you and I see it giving you about 5 power on average, I’m shocked you only run 2 of them. Beast Whisperer can keep your hand full and let you keep the Nissas, if that’s relevant to your interests.

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