One with Nature

One with Nature

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, you may search your library for a basic land card and put that card into play tapped. Then shuffle your library.

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One with Nature Discussion

0rc on Competitive Yisan

6 months ago

Cool. Have you played it much? How does it fare against mono blue control, stax control, and pillow fort?

I wonder if there is a better alternative to Exploration, considering you are running light on lands and do not have particularly great card draw. I run it in a few cEDH decks but am Usually disappointed in the outcome.

Maybe something along the lines of One with Nature if you can get a creature through. Even something like Manabond may be better considering that it ramps harder earlier and you will be relying on your commander to tutor cards anyways.

Also, how do you expect to achieve the massive acceleration afforded by Cradle and Nykthos with Damping Sphere in play?

You may consider abandoning that entirely.

On the topic of Cradle, Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip is incredible in decks such as this one.

Since you run GSZ, you should run Dryad Arbor for a competitive edge.

Since you run predominantly forests, why not make them Snow-Covered Forest and run Extraplanar Lens to make the advantage asymmetrical.

Since you run Top and Mirri’s Guile, why not run at least a couple fetch lands if for nothing else but an occasional shuffle. I understand that Yisan should shuffle your library, but I can imagine many scenarios in which that won’t be an option and you will still need to search for answers.

You may want Dosan the Falling Leaf or Allosaurus Shepherd (both tutorable) or City of Solitude to prevent opponents from interacting with your Sabertooth finisher or Craterhoof.

Without that type of protection you are vulnerable to common interaction such as Force of Will , Stifle , or any of the split second spells.

I’m not worried about Veil of Summer—-I’d just hit it with another free counter or Dispel.

I think without proper protection, this deck would have a big problem with any mono-blue control (even on a $75 budget!)

Not trying to be harsh—-I really like the deck—-just trying to give you some insight about the weaknesses I perceive and how I’d exploit them if I were your opponent.

I hope this helps.

king-saproling on Fynn Deathtouch

8 months ago

Your list looks great. Personally I would make the following swaps:

channelfireball12345 on Tuvasa’s Enchanted Whore House

1 year ago

One with Nature could also be a sweet potential replacement for any of the above; additionally, if you're in the market for more removal, On Thin Ice isn't a poor option if you're willing to opt for a snow mana base; neither is Journey to Nowhere . My strongest recommendation, however, is One with Nature ; the only issue with it is that you already likely need your commander down and getting in hits for it to trigger and ramp you/find basics.

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Optimum Ramp

1 year ago

Epidilius, I would disagree that Mana Crypt and Mana Vault "should" be on every ramp list, but for different reasons. Mana Crypt, when played in a regular deck, only results in an opponent losing more life, both from the inherent lifeloss ability and the response from opponents. Mana Crypt and Necropotence are the two cards I think of immediately when it comes to this type of effect. So while Mana Crypt definitely fulfills the role of ramp, the fact that it more often pushes decks towards losing rather than winning (in regular Commander, as my lists aren't designed to be used for cEDH) makes it excluded from the list.

On the other hand, Mana Vault doesn't actually ramp, it's more akin to a ritual. The fact that it doesn't untap itself means it's essentially a Dark Ritual for decks without black.

Regarding creatures, artifact wipes and MLD are nowhere near as common as creature-destroying wipes. That likelihood is a huge factor! Sword of Feast and Famine is not something that dies to a board wipe, whereas One with Nature does when the enchanted creature dies. The difference is that Sword of Feast and Famine can equip to any creature, and if that creature dies, you don't lose access to the card giving you the ramp (you only lose access to the ramp itself if you don't have any haste enablers). In my experience, those factors makes Sword of Feast and Famine a much more reliable source of ramp than Llanowar Elves.

Ultimately, my point is that these are all the ramp cards I would possibly recommend to someone. The other cards might as well not even exist.

arcane_trouper, you make a good point about life loss per mana made, but the difference between Mana Crypt and Carnival of Souls is that your multiple opponents are definitely likely to focus on making sure you don't win when you play a Mana Crypt than if you played a Carnival of Souls. They usually do that by attacking you for more damage and/or using spot removal/counterspells on your cards more often. That's why I found that Mana Crypt led to more losses than wins, and ultimately why it didn't fit on this list. That said, Carnival of Souls also needs to go!

Since you asked about my math, here it is: If the game ends on turn 10.29 (number from a recent video from Command Zone, which is very close to the number I got from analyzing the games present on my YouTube channel, where three opponents played whatever Commander decks and cards they want), then getting a Mana Crypt out on turn 1 gives you 9.29 flips. Each flip makes you lose an average of 1.5 life, so 9.29 multiplied by 1.5 is 13.935, and that divided by 40 is about 34.8%. Doing the same math for 8.29 and 7.29 (playing it on turn two or turn three, respectively) gives you the other two percentages.

progresso, actually, if you watch the video in the disclaimer, you'll see the mathematical reason why your statement is false.

Also, this should be pretty clear by now, this list is made up of cards I recommend for a specific result informed primarily by a mathematical approach at calculating the best tactical decisions and secondarily by comparing the results of employing tactical decisions in line with those calculations to the results of employing traditional strategy. That leaves no room for community consensus to override that research.

MrSuffix on Everyone is Aggro Now

1 year ago

My wife was so excited about this Commander, and we built a similar deck. Here's a few things we found, if you're interested. One with Nature is a cheap aura that will ramp you every time Tahngarth deals damage.Stitcher's Graft is a weird card that makes it so you're probably not attacking with Tahngarth anymore, but don't need to to donate him. Mask of Memory will let you draw cards regardless of whose turn he is swinging on. Obsidian Battle-Axe gives him free haste, and O-Naginata makes him a CLOCK. That's all, thanks for making the video, I think your build is much stronger than ours, we'll definitely incorporate some of these ideas.

RiotRunner789 on ZaXara, the eXemplary

1 year ago

Unless you are needing a specific land for some kind of combo (i.e. Ley Weaver/Maze of Ith or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth/Cabal Coffers) you'd be better off taking out expedition map.

You could swap it with Utopia Sprawl, One with Nature, or even a better land tutor that fits the X-theme with Nylea's Intervention (just remember to grab reliquary tower so as not to discard).

Poly_raptor on Sharktopus vs Whalewolf II

1 year ago

All very good suggestions, this was just a first draft so I’m looking to cut things for sure. I agree with sitting the demon and vela, they’re just win more actually, if the infinite combo goes off then there’s just no need for them as they already win. I do like Undercity Plague though, if it gets ciphered onto an unblockable it does add value and I think it’s kind of fun.

I’ll add in the other Reconnaissance Mission and One with Nature for sure.

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