One with Nature

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

One with Nature

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, you may search your library for a basic land card and put that card into play tapped. Then shuffle your library.

king-saproling on Mighty Manotaur

8 months ago

How bout these? Keen Sense, Rogue's Gloves, One with Nature, Mask of Memory, Destructive Urge, Latulla's Orders, Kusari-Gama, Scepter of Celebration, Umezawa's Jitte, Bloodforged Battle-Axe, Bloodthirsty Blade, Goblin Diplomats.

Just a heads up that the way The Reaver Cleaver is worded (gives the equipped creature the ability via "" rather than the equipment having the ability), if your opponent controls Tahngarth then your opponent will make treasure tokens. Similar issue with Snake Umbra and Popular Entertainer. Bear Umbra would also work this way except that Tahngarth doesn't "attack" when he is given to opponents, they just get him as an attacker. This means Frontier Warmonger will not trigger for Tahngarth when he is attacking during an opp's turn.

VolrathsPurse on Endless Wurm & The Rancor Kid

1 year ago

Cool! I played a very similar deck back in the saga block! My one question is why you include so many auras that give trample when your threats already naturally have it? I might cut some of the more expensive auras that are redundant like tiger claws and add good cheap enchantments that add mana and will keep you drawing cards with your enchantresses. Id definitely play 4 Utopia Sprawl and consider Mark of Sakiko One with Nature and possibly Concordant Crossroads. Sweet deck though.

DreadKhan on Lady Zhurong, Warrior Queen

1 year ago

As a backup Voltron target in the 99, have you thought about Kosei, Penitent Warlord? It's a lot of hassles, but many Green Voltron decks already have all 3 parts in it. Not sure if you find you need a backup though!

Any reason you don't use Colossification in here? It's a ton of mana, but if you've already got Hexproof, you play it and next turn you swing with an unblockable 24 power Commander, which sounds pretty good. It's pretty pricey, but Blade of Selves is pretty cool with Unblockable. You don't need very much ramp in your deck I suppose, but Mark of Sakiko exists, as does One with Nature.

Is your Commander high enough power usually to justify a Return of the Wildspeaker or Rishkar's Expertise type effect? 4 power is a bit low, but if you consistently have 6-8 power, they are probably worth a look. I also like War Room and Bonders' Enclave as ways to draw more cards at relatively low deck building cost.

Just had a laugh, was going to say 'Take out Harmonize!', then I saw which art it was and I actually like that art a lot, so kudos! Great work here, the spellslinger emphasis is interesting/refreshing.

multimedia on Sultai One or the Other?

1 year ago

Hey, well done first attempt on a budget.

Something to consider is taking more advantage of Ukkima being unblockable for repeatable draw when it does combat damage to an opponent and the draw takes no additional mana which is key. These kind draw options could replace some of the mutate creatures since they're only consistently going to trigger once when you mutate Ukkima.

Yes, you could mutate Ukkima again, but you don't have enough mutate creatures for that to consistently happen and most mutate takes a lot of mana which is really not worth it. You're more likely to do combat damage to a player with Ukkima then to mutate since all you have to do is attack. Some mutate creatures are better than others such as Sea-Dasher Octopus and Gemrazer.

To take advantage of mutate with Ukkima you really want ways to return Ukkima to your hand since that will also return all the mutate creatures if they're mutated to Ukkima such as Crystal Shard. This lets you cast all the mutate creatures again to get the mutate effects again. I don't think it's worth including these effects, but they're options to make Ukkima better with mutate. Repeatable draw gives you more card advantage without having to jump through hoops or spend a lot of mana.

It's helpful in Commander when you have at least 10 draw sources and at least 10 ramp sources to make gameplay smoother. I tend to have more than 10 sources of each of these, but start with 10. Sources that are repeatable are most important. Some more ramp could be added replacing some of the lesser creatures.

Woodland Chasm and Rimewood Falls are budget lands that Farseek can search for, it can also search for Sunken Hollow. It's nice when 2 mana land ramp can get a dual land rather than just a basic land.

Masked Admirers is draw and it can be repeatable, but it's draw one card the first time for 4 mana and then combined for 6 mana each time after which is very lackluster. Treeshaker Chimera is also draw, but it's also 7 mana who wants to attack and hopefully die to draw, that's too much to draw three cards.

You could expand on the theme of +1/+1 counters with Forgotten Ancient. Who repeatedly puts a counter on itself each time any player casts a spell and then at your upkeep you can move any amount of counters from it to other creatures you control. The act of moving counters is the same as putting the counters on other creatures which triggers Simic Ascendancy.

Good luck with your deck.

0rc on Competitive Yisan

2 years ago

Cool. Have you played it much? How does it fare against mono blue control, stax control, and pillow fort?

I wonder if there is a better alternative to Exploration, considering you are running light on lands and do not have particularly great card draw. I run it in a few cEDH decks but am Usually disappointed in the outcome.

Maybe something along the lines of One with Nature if you can get a creature through. Even something like Manabond may be better considering that it ramps harder earlier and you will be relying on your commander to tutor cards anyways.

Also, how do you expect to achieve the massive acceleration afforded by Cradle and Nykthos with Damping Sphere in play?

You may consider abandoning that entirely.

On the topic of Cradle, Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip is incredible in decks such as this one.

Since you run GSZ, you should run Dryad Arbor for a competitive edge.

Since you run predominantly forests, why not make them Snow-Covered Forest and run Extraplanar Lens to make the advantage asymmetrical.

Since you run Top and Mirri’s Guile, why not run at least a couple fetch lands if for nothing else but an occasional shuffle. I understand that Yisan should shuffle your library, but I can imagine many scenarios in which that won’t be an option and you will still need to search for answers.

You may want Dosan the Falling Leaf or Allosaurus Shepherd (both tutorable) or City of Solitude to prevent opponents from interacting with your Sabertooth finisher or Craterhoof.

Without that type of protection you are vulnerable to common interaction such as Force of Will , Stifle , or any of the split second spells.

I’m not worried about Veil of Summer—-I’d just hit it with another free counter or Dispel.

I think without proper protection, this deck would have a big problem with any mono-blue control (even on a $75 budget!)

Not trying to be harsh—-I really like the deck—-just trying to give you some insight about the weaknesses I perceive and how I’d exploit them if I were your opponent.

I hope this helps.

king-saproling on Fynn Deathtouch

2 years ago

Your list looks great. Personally I would make the following swaps:

channelfireball12345 on Tuvasa’s Enchanted Whore House

3 years ago

One with Nature could also be a sweet potential replacement for any of the above; additionally, if you're in the market for more removal, On Thin Ice isn't a poor option if you're willing to opt for a snow mana base; neither is Journey to Nowhere . My strongest recommendation, however, is One with Nature ; the only issue with it is that you already likely need your commander down and getting in hits for it to trigger and ramp you/find basics.

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