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The goal of the deck is fairly simple. The true win condition is to get Omnicience onto the battlefield so that I can continually use the ability of my commander without being limited by mana cost. With enough card draw, I'd be able to cycle through the entirety of the deck and combo with other cards that mill/deal damage based upon card draw. This card draw is currently the bump that I'm working to iron out. A work around I've found to work out is to use future sight to play spells that are not in my hand however this limits me to only one card off the top of the library but is useful if I'm trying to mill out/damage out my opponents. The deck is still 100% in the prototype/brewing phase but I'd love some suggestions! I don't yet own all of these cards but once I've gotten the deck to where I want it I'll fill in the gaps. Thank you to anyone that gives a suggestion as I very much appreciate it!

After further editing, I've realized future sight is a bit slow. I've added more card draw and have found that Moonring Mirror is quite useful as it allows me to suddenly have a new hand at the beginning of my upkeep if I need to reload for Ajun/Mindmoil or if I want to switch to a certain card that might be exiled that might win me the game like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon , Enter the Infinite , The Locust God , one of the Niv-Mizzets etc.


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