Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has haste.

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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Arena Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Historic Legal
Pioneer Legal
Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal

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Swashbuckling Discussion

Akromathia on The Unblockables

1 year ago

Since your deck relies mainly on creatures to win, it makes no sense to me to have just 10, specially considering that 7 of your non creature spells ( Curious Obsession , Swashbuckling ) need a creature to work.

I would remove (sideboard maybe) Waterknot and Shock (or at least change the balance between it and Skewer the Critics and Lightning Strike ) and add some creatures in those 4-6 spaces… Wee Dragonauts is a very good option for it covers a week spot in your deck (Air), and gets buffed every time you use Instants or Sorceries (according to your listing, you would be running 14 -15 of those even after adjusting the creature number), adding to the aggressive nature of your deck. You could get a 7/3 or 3/3, flier bashing for you without too much effort.

Also, Negate seems to be there to shield your creatures. If it is so, you could replace some copies of it with Dive Down , which do the same shielding than Negate but also allow some defensive maneuvers letting your creatures to last longer and to help you against other fast aggressive decks, for less mana.

Hope it helps… keep up the good job!

clickforcookies on American Armaments (Still Living!)

1 year ago

I love this deck it is super cool. Some suggestions that might consider are Unclaimed Territory (You have all humans so this can help fix the mana for only a small price increase) Swashbuckling (let you get the best down on faster) Arcane Flight or One With the Wind (Both create flying treats) and finally the one card that I think would really help your deck out is Shield of the Realm. Forebear's Blade is a good card in this deck but I always worry about putting 6 mana into it without getting any protection. Shield of the realm lets you power something up for 3 mana and gives it a pseudo protection. I am not saying take forbear's blade out however I do think that shield of the realm might help. Thanks for making such an amazing deck!

Raegarys on

1 year ago

GRN Update

I've phased out the cpoies of Gravedigger for Golgari Findbroker. It's CMC should be too taxing with my mana base being mostly comprised of BG. Findbroker's P/T and ability are improvements on the Digger's which helps me justify this decision.

I've Maybe-boarded Dead Weight and Overgrown Tomb:

-If I add Dead Weight I'd be removing either Demonic Vigor or Swashbuckling.

-Overgrown Tomb is harder to add since I risk throwing off my mana base and it would likely be ousting a few of my basic lands.

I hope these changes work out and I'll be trying out the maybe board potential in the future.

VanVlaenderenP on Pirates Ahoy!

2 years ago

I played this kind of deck before and I can only tell you that you need to drop 1 Dire Fleet Neckbreaker because you don’t often get to have 2 and for a fast deck you don’t want this.

Also drop 1 Dire Fleet Captain as it needs support.

Adds some 1 drop pirates, like Fanatical Firebrand

Drop to 2 Swashbuckling

Adding some counter is great, but bear in mind you will need to have some open mana to cast it, hence you either need generated treasures or just more land

Cali3024 on Sword Art Offline

2 years ago

Another thing you could do is drop the amount of creatures between 14-16 and drop your lands to 22, that way you could add more enchantments such as Dub, On Serra's Wings, Swashbuckling etc. it might make it easier that way to get auras or equipment's on your creatures.

LeaPlath on The Admiral's Navy

2 years ago

So here is the thing. You only need about 40 or so cards that help pirates to make a deck feel piratey. And a lot of these pirates are kinda awful.

Creaturewise, I would cut Brazen Buccaneers, Cloud Pirates, Daring Buccaneer, Deadeye Tormentor, Dire Fleet Hoarder, Dire Fleet Interloper, Slippery Scoundrel, Storm Fleet Spy. They are pretty weak and their payoffs aren't great.

Crafty Cutpurse is a fun pirate who can surprise answer a bunch of EDH strategies. Dreamcaller Siren has some interesting surprise tricks. Kukemssa Pirates lets you steal artifacts from people. Ramirez DePietro is the original badass pirate. Shapesharer is a pirate and lets you copy value pirates, such as neckbreaker. Changeling Berserker is a 5/3 pirate with haste who lets you retrigger ETB effects later. Adaptive Automaton is another lord to help buff your pirates.

Land and mana wise, you want about 44 sources of mana. My rule of thumb is 38 lands, and 6-8 mana rocks for a 3 colour deck. Sol Ring is a staple as well. Signets, Commander's Sphere and stuff, all good. Path of Ancestry also gives a free scry when used to cast pirates.

For enchantments, Call to the Kindred basically is a 2-1 as people kill it before it gets going and it doesn't have great odds of hitting a pirate. Curious Obsession, Navigator's Ruin, Swashbuckling, Trove of Temptation are all low impact or actively harmful. I would cut all them.

Coastal Piracy is both thematic and rewards you for doing what you want to do. Attack. Kindred Discovery is less thematic but also helps reward you for playing pirates.

For artifacts, you have a lot of eh ones. Pirate's Cutlass is a low impact card, but thematic. Sleek Schooner and Dusk Legion Dreadnought are so weak they aren't even worth playing. Captain's Hook is just +2/+0, menace, as your creatures all have the pirate typing.

Door of Destinies is a powerful artifact in tribal decks that can get out of control pretty easily. Heirloom Blade is a more powerful, impactful weapon to equip your creatures with, as it also lets you chain through your deck. Herald's Horn lets you psudo draw more and gives a cost reduction. Obelisk of Urd is an anthem effect. Stoneforge Masterwork is an equipment that rewards a large boardstate. Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and Smuggler's Copter are both high impact vehicles who are good to tutor up, and from the new set Weatherlight fetches up artifacts when you deal damage which is fun.

For your instant/sorceries, you want to be more high impact or efficient. Duress only hits 1 person in a multiple player game. You also want some flat out draw cards. This is more up to you, but Terminate is good removal. Jace's Ingenuity is solid draw.

For more pirate themed spells, Spell Swindle and Brass's Bounty both are thematic and can be quite powerful, as well as push you to your alt win condition.

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