For a long time Boros has had the reputation of being boring and totally focused on combat. I built this deck to refute those notions. Many people look at Gisela and see the typical boring Boros commander, but I see her as very powerful prison spell, and a furnace of Rath on wings. While swinging with a pumped, double striking Gisela can be a potential win condition, this deck does not even need to turn a creature sideways to win. Pyrohemia is an insane card with Gisela's abilities. It deals double damage to all your opponents and their creatures, while Gisela prevents you and your creatures from taking any damage whatsoever. Goblin Bombardment allows you to sacrifice tokens for extra damage, or even sacrifice the rectors to tutor powerful cards into play. One extremely powerful enchantment to cheat out is Vicious Shadows. Playing a board wipe with Vicious Shadows in play can often kill a player. With Gisela out, it can maybe kill the table. People often bemoan the lack of card draw in Boros, but after years of playing these colors, I have found some solutions. To be successful in Boros, I have developed a motto I call the three Rs; rummaging, recursion, and revenge. If you use rummaging or wheel effects to pitch cards you don't need or can't cast at the moment, and then later recur those cards directly to the battlefield, not only have you gained card advantage, but you have often cheated mana costs. If you trigger Land Tax frequently, you will have plenty of lands to rummage away. Land Tax pairs best in this deck with Chandra, Flamecaller. Another neat trick is to play a wheel effect with Alms Collector in play. Humble Defector is an underrated card draw effect in red, but it is especially fantastic when you have Homeward Path in play.


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