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Forestfire Trail [Wrenn6 Seismic Assault]

Oathbreaker Burn RG (Gruul) Tempo Theme/Gimmick



Really jazzed for this new 2CMC commander and being able to approach OBK with Land Matters strategies.

Sig Spell is Mulch -- Everyone immediately jumped on Crop Rotation but my first thought went to "Well this lets me fill the grave with spells ready to be retraced and fills my hand with lands to be pitched for retraced spells or Seismic Assault and Ayula's Influence so..." -- And the spell pack is general interactive goodstuff in Gruul with low CMCs.

Life from the Loam cast with retrace is just SILLY -- Pitch a land and get it back? Sure, if I need to! Same with Creeping Renaissance and to a lesser extent Regrowth -- Also have the Evolution Sage + Fertilid combo in here along with Volt Charge to help get closer to W6's ultimate.

I can abuse the obvious Strip Mine and Ghost Quarter with W6, but Mirrorpool is great with retraced spells too. I'm running 30 lands right now as a test, but I'm open to suggestions about how many is optimal (not that I'm looking for the deck to be cEDH levels or anything, just competitive enough to be a challenge to fight and fun to run)

Shout out to Lightning Storm as possibly one of the weirdest card designs ever, but so on-key that I had to include it (at least in the first draft).


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