Lightning Storm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Coldsnap Uncommon

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Lightning Storm


Lightning Storm deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is 3 plus the number of charge counters on it.

Discard a land card: Put two charge counters on Lightning Storm. You may choose a new target for it. Any player may play this ability but only if Lightning Storm is on the stack.

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Lightning Storm Discussion

Dorotheus on Parable of the Bird and the Frog

3 days ago

Flame Jab was intended to be Vortex, I just failed to realize I didn't own Vortex's like I thought I did. A friend gave me one yesterday when I let someone play the deck in an event, just need the other, although I do stand that Jab is at least moderately playable, and Raven's Crime and Worm Harvest will probably get their own forced playtest soon as I need to find something else besides just Boseiju, Who Shelters All to make control match-ups better. When I designed this I thought Lightning Storm would be a good 1-of redundancy win con, and it does work, but FOR SOME REASON, I've had my Assaults Surgicaled more in the past 3 days than I've had just about ANY combo piece in my main deck..... which is really baffling to me.

GeminiSpartanX on Parable of the Bird and the Frog

3 days ago

I like the singleton Lightning Storm as a 5th Seismic Assault of sorts. I also like the idea of just maindecking the lab man. However, I think that a 2nd Molten Vortex is a strict upgrade to Flame Jab due to the extra damage per land discarded. I also don't think bolt is as good in the MD as 2-3 Serum Visions to help fix lands and find combo pieces. Your enchantments should be sufficient to control the board enough in game 1 I think. The bolts do add extra reach, but the ideal draw doesn't leave you with open mana on turn 4 when you want to combo off, so visions might get the nod methinks. Or just add more lands :)

Jhed1 on Can't Touch This!

6 days ago

You definitely do have some main-deck game against it with Worship - however all of your fog style effects are going to do stone nothing. They do have some pretty good sideboard tech against you with Echoing Truth and Slaughter Pact - so Eidolon of Rhetoric would only buy you time in a boarded game, same with Leyline of Sanctity.

Burrenton Forge-Tender would save you from a Lightning Storm however, if an ad naus resolved, they could just deal with the tender first, then cast it - since you don't have any way to cheat in a creature at instant speed ala Chord of Calling or anything to that effect your best bet would be to just have a board state with a variety of creatures and stick a worship.

Jhed1 on Can't Touch This!

6 days ago

Ad Nauseam works by playing ramp spells Lotus Bloom Pentad Prism in order to get to 5 mana to cast the Ad Naus - once they cast, they retain priority to cast Angel's Grace effectively drawing their entire deck - they exile Simian Spirit Guide to get enough mana to cast Lightning Storm - hold priority - target you - and exile lands to kill you. If they have a Phyrexian Unlife in play they don't have to have the angel's grace. They also play with Pact of Negation too.

Alternatively - they can also play a Laboratory Maniac and then one of their many cantrips like a Serum Visions to win the game, after an ad naus resolves and there are no more cards in their library.

The deck is one of the better competitive combo decks in the format now, however it isn't in the top tier of frequently played decks, but it has enough representation that you'd want some game against it.

Livenoevil on Safety Friends

1 week ago

Hey Thor! Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you 100% that my deck has some problems facing off against non-creature decks. As for Naya matchup I would need to outrace them on damage, assemble my game win combo before they kill me or gain enough life to say out of burn range which Westvale Abbey  Flip can do. As for deck like Ad Nauseum I would need to lean on my Game 2 sideboard cards. For example I have 7 cards in my sideboard that can fizzle an Ad Nauseum Lightning Storm. An additional note is that I am considering running Aegis of the Gods main deck for burn reasons. That being said the card is a little low impact even if it adds to enchantment count.

musicman3310 on Over 100 Damage on Turn 2 using Snow?!

2 weeks ago

What if you Treasure Hunt and your top card is another Lightning Storm? Is that the only fault to this deck?

ZackBinks on Tokens-Clearly the Best Deck in Modern (Guide)

3 weeks ago

Against Storm Game 1 we have to race them while also prioritizing getting rid of their cost reducers: Goblin Electromancer and most recently Baral, Chief of Compliance. Afterwards, we side in Leyline of Sanctity and Runed Halo, if you have it, naming Grapeshot for Games 2 and 3 if you lost Game 1.

Against Ad Nauseam, we just have to race them and hope we get there Game 1. The gameplan for Games 2 and on are similar to the Storm matchup in that we side in Leyline and Halo, this time naming Lightning Storm. Stony Silence would also be a good thing to side in to stop them from using Lotus Bloom to accelerate the combo. They also have the alternate win condition of Laboratory Maniac, so be mindful of that.

Hope this helped!

BlaineTog on Land Assault!

1 month ago

With Lightning Storm instead of Seismic Assault and some taplands (Highland Lake, Swiftwater Cliffs, and Izzet Guildgate should do the trick) in place of 12 basic lands, this deck can actually hit a turn-3 kill: Turn 1 tapland, turn 2 Tower + Hunt, Turn 3 Mountain + Lightning Storm. This even allows the deck to play around counterspells by waiting for your opponent to tap out, and it maintains the super-low budget.

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