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This is a deck idea I put together because I wanted to build a deck for Brallin & Shabraz. I just like the idea of a flying shark rider. Once I got going, though, this really came together into a fun and functional deck very different from the Timeless Wisdom precon from which the commander partners came.

The primary strategy of the deck is focusing on wheel effects and synergizing them with the permanents. The end result is a deck that pumps up the commanders, and hopefully overwhelms the opponents while keeping them too off balance to respond.

This deck intends to win by using 2-drop mana rocks to ramp and get at least one commander out early, use wheel effects to beef up the commander(s) with +1/+1 counters while also using their ping/life gain effects, and optimize the cards in hand by cycling through the deck to find exactly what is needed. Game winners are effects like Chandra's Ignition when one of the commanders had been pumped up huge, Brallin's discard effect weaponizing the discard step, Shabraz + Drogskol Reaver, Niv-Mizzet + a Curiosity effect, or even good old fashioned commander damage from combat.

Other good targets for Curiosity effects are Spear Spewer, Glint-Horn Buccaneer, Karplusan Minotaur, and Volatile Rig. This deck's entire engine is built around keeping up the flow of cards in and out of your hand, so no reason to hold out on this just for Brallin unless you've already got the win in your sights.

Low-key wincon is getting Bag of Holding out early and wheeling a bunch of cards into it, then returning those cards to hand and discarding them to deal lethal damage with Brallin.


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