Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Roast deals 5 damage to target creature without flying.

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Roast Discussion

Spudkip on Redfolk

1 week ago

@captainamerica, I'm currently already running a playset of Lightning Bolt. Lava Spike is in for pressure, because the essence of the deck is still burn. I'd consider splashing white for Lightning Helix or maybe just mainboard Abrade's or Roast. I would like to do away with Lava Spike, but I really like having bolt's in the deck. I might cut one for an additional Eidolon of the Great Revel.

Maaagic on Winningest Red Deck

2 weeks ago

I think that you should cut some Skullcracks for burnspells that are better against creatures, like Lightning Bolts, Searing Blazes, and/or Roasts. I feel like this deck can do very well in tournaments.

Icbrgr on Burn Deck [budget]

1 month ago

I like it. I know this is budget but I would say Anger of the Gods over Glorybringer. Possibly Roast over Magma Spray.

CavusCanis on Naya Midrange Werewolves

1 month ago

I think this is a confidently responsible brew. Do you have any ideas pertaining to the sideboard? Such as it is, this deck has plenty of protection for creatures, and to be sure, the way we want to win is through attacking with creatures, but that being said, I always feel slightly naked going into a game with werewolves without interaction of some sort with our opponent's board. Plus, we have some premium removal in our colors too: Path to Exile, Roast, Lightning Bolt, Oblivion Ring, among others. I also wonder what your answers to things like Jund discard or Tron ramp will be. As for a sideboard, I'd tentatively recommend for sideboard:

Path to Exile x2 Lightning Bolt x2 Damping Sphere x2 (Coming out in Dominaria) Relic of Progenitus x2 Leyline of Sanctity x4 Destructive Revelry x2, or some answer to fliers.

hardhitta71194 on Izzmatic

2 months ago

I was initially running 19 lands but went up to 20 when I added Bedlam Reveler and Wandering Fumarole but I havent had the chance to test it too much yet but I could imagine going back down to 19 because Reveler is usually just 2 mana.

It could probably use some graveyard hate but mostly I just play against a few different people at my lgs so my meta is quite small, it would be different if I actually went to events. The Roast are for my friend who plays Eldrazi Tron and also helps against Delve creatures but honestly Remand and Vapor Snag are just as good against Gurmag Angler so perhaps 3x copies is too much.

I can defiantly see playing some Crumble to Dust, perhaps over the the third Roast and Disdainful Stroke.

My meta mostly consists of ETron, Infect (Electrolyze really shines here), Deaths Shadow, Elves, and some more casual decks.

Shankronuken on Izzmatic

2 months ago

Overall I have quite little for suggestions with the most significant being that you should experiment and play-test with going down to 18 or 19 lands. It really makes a huge difference in regards to drawing gas when you need it as opposed to land. The sweet spot for lands depends on your curve so it may take a fair amount of testing to find it.

Second, I would consider replacing Smash to Smithereens with By Force. If you were on a hyper-aggressive build of Delver Smash to Smithereens would be preferred but since you're on a more tempo setup you need to be able to hit multiple artifacts at once. Slamming a By Force against Affinity or Lantern will outright win you the game, additionally it can get around Chalice of the Void which is pretty significant.

Next is that I noticed you are missing graveyard hate in the sideboard which is incredibly important due to the number of decks running around and relying on their graveyard. Relic of Progenitus is our archetype's preferred graveyard hate but Tormod's Crypt can do the job as a budget replacement.

In regards to Disdainful Stroke it is a great card where it is relevant but it is super narrow against the meta so I'm not a huge fan of running it in the 75.

Roast is amazing but I'm unsure about running more than two copies of it in the sideboard unless your meta has a large number of decks slamming fatties. Some good alternatives are Harvest Pyre and Spite of Mogis which appear really great for taking down the extra large fatties, but I haven't had the chance to test them yet.

If you find yourself having match-ups where you're wanting for something like Engineered Explosives my suggestion is to grab a couple copies of Ratchet Bomb as a good budget alternative.

Lastly I would try and find some room in the sideboard, for three copies of Crumble to Dust. It's not a Blood Moon but it's a solid slot filler for your land hate. The biggest offenders where we need land hate is against Tron and Scapeshift decks, although I think there could be a reasonable argument to bring it in against Jeskai or UW Control to remove the Celestial Colonnade as it is one of their win conditions.

Will361405 on Skred Red

2 months ago

Thank you, I'll start testing them out soon, the reason I'm running Roast over something like Abrade is so I have something that can kill a Tarmogoyf but I will definitely be trying a lower curve for the deck, I always find myself wanting stormbreaths anyway, but more scourges would definitely help the deck!

AloneTogether on Temur Bloodbraid (feat Jace)

2 months ago

Honestly, I just don't have any hierarchs and didn't feel like dropping the 250 on the 4 of them.

But also, I just like drawing cards, and being able to recur value spells is also appealing. I think my list runs a little more towards the control side but that might be incorrect. And also feels very meta dependant

Your list seems very good too! And it reminded me that Roast is a card so I gotta find a slot for that :0

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