Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Roast deals 5 damage to target creature without flying.

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Roast Discussion

Duchys on Enigma drake U/R ~35$ (Need help)

3 days ago

Thanks for the advices Spazik008,frogkill45 and jackowski626

  1. About the Electrolyze: I feel like I want to put the card in the deck but i don't know what to replace for it. I'm thinking of Rift Bolt since it doesn't work as good as I hoped it would be when I have put the card to the deck, if you find some more cards that could be replaced by Electrolyze I would be glad to hear them.

  2. I'm definitely going to put By Force in the maybeboard instead of Vandalblast, and after I play againts some artifact deck I might tech it in the sideboard too

  3. I'm putting Vapor Snag in the maybeboard and if I feel like playing it i might tech it in

  4. Nivix Cyclops/Kiln Fiend/Wee Dragonauts I have played Nivix Cyclops and Mercurial Geists in the first version of the deck and it didn't do much in the games. And if I'll meet some deck that exiles my graveyard I'll think of them again.

  5. Roast I haven't been playing againts big creature decks so often so Roast is a bit worse version of Magma Jet for me at this moment, but again if I happen to see these decks more often I'll definitely try to tech it in.

  6. Echoing Truth still haven't tried this card but I think this card is massive againts token decks.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

frogkill45 on Enigma drake U/R ~35$ (Need help)

3 days ago

i feel like By Force is more useful artifact removal. better than shattering spree imo. Vapor Snag is also a great option to slow down decks that play big threats. Im also a big fan Nivix Cyclops / Kiln Fiend / Wee Dragonauts . That way if your graveyard gets RIP'd you still have an out. Also i find that running a few copies of Roast is actually helpful in matches vs tasigur/gurmag or any eldrazi deck.

GabeCubed on red blue control for the Dominus

1 week ago

As a UR fanatic, this deck needs some serious work.

First and foremost, the lands. You need more duals. Scalding Tarn, Steam Vents, Sulfur Falls, Spirebluff Canal and Wandering Fumarole are good additions.

Second, counter spells. Mana Leak, Remand, Spell Snare and Cryptic Command are much better than what you have now.

Third, removal. Electrolyze, Dismember and Roast do work.

Finally, creatures. Delver of Secrets  Flip, Snapcaster Mage, Vendilion Clique, Pia and Kiran Nalaar and Young Pyromancer are stable cards.

I suggest keeping your curve lower. 5 drops are not fantastic in Modern, as you are usually dead by then.

Keep the Lightning Bolt and Serum Visions. Both are great.

For your sideboard, fill it with cards like Blood Moon, Negate, Dispel, Izzet Staticaster, and definitely those Glen Elendra Archmage.

These are just suggestions, so you don't have to follow them, but they give you more options, that can seriously improve your deck.

Hope that helps, even a little.

slvstrChung on Ferocious (Going to FNM for first time)

1 month ago

I think you can ditch two of the Forests. 24 lands is pretty normal and typically provides all the mana you need.

One thing to think about is your mana curve. If you look at the "Mana Curve" infomatic on this page, you'll note that you have very little that can be played on Turn 1 and 2. So let's do a thought experiment and look at your potential plays.

On your first turn, you drop a Mountain... but then there's literally only 3 cards out of your whole deck you can cast, which are your copies of Wild Slash. The odds of you even having one in your opening hand are only 28%, and there won't be much productive you can do with them. What's scary is that this is still the best first turn: if you play a Forest instead of a Mountain, you now have 0 spells in the deck that can be cast first-turn. (So, please, make sure you play a Mountain first. ;D)

On your second turn you have one of 4 creatures you can play (Heir of the Wilds, Whisperer of the Wilds or a 1/1 Mistcutter Hydra), and only a 36% chance of even having one of them in hand. You also have Roast and Magmatic Chasm, but none of them are spells you really want to play on Turn 2 because you aren't going to get optimum value out of them.

Finally it's Turn 3 and you can start doing a lot, especially if you got Whisperer of the Wilds out... but what did your opponent do by Turn 3? Probably "4 damage at minimum" (swing with a 1/1 on turn 2, swing with the 1/1 and a 2/2 on turn 2). If s/he's being really aggressive, it might've been more like "8 damage". If the deck is optimized, it could be "Win the game -- not necessarily by doing 20 damage in 3 turns, but by getting so far ahead that you can never catch up." My friend's $40 Aura Swap Whimsical deck can do that, though he has to have a perfect hand to do it. My wife plays a Green Modern Pauper Ramp deck that can do the same for $15! And yes, these are decks we could be bringing to Friday Night Magic.

I know that you probably haven't been thinking about it in terms of math, at least not the way I'm explaining it. That's okay. You're just starting out, and Magic is a complicated game. I only started thinking about it this way in 2014, a good nineteen years after I entered this game. So don't beat yourself up about it. =)

But, if I were you, I'd make sure in future that you have at least 8 CMC 1 spells in your deck, most or all of them creatures, and at least 6 CMC 2 spells. The cards you'll put there will be, well, boring -- they won't have fancy abilities, they'll just be 1/1s for or that maybe have Haste (Raging Goblin) or maybe ": Add to your mana pool" (Elvish Mystic) or maybe only have flavor text (Mons's Goblin Raiders). But they'll help you not waste your first and second turns. And wasting a turn is the absolute last thing you ever want to do.

Hope this helps and isn't too intimidating. =) Good luck, and may you draw well!

Ohthenoises on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 months ago

Roast does a lot of work 1:1ing those big threats you talked about.

I have to keep the 3 angers main. In my personal meta it's too good.

EverythingIsK on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 months ago

@Ohthenoises Skred is my jam, been playing it for nearly 4 years now. However, I'm putting the deck on a shelf for now, as the deck is having issues with the bigger threats that come down before skred is big enough to 141. Having to 241 yourself for creatures that are far cheaper or recurable than your removal is painful for me to think that the deck is not giving enough to still be the Tier 1 Menace it once was.

As for your sideboard, I might suggest a 4th Molten Rain and move 1 Anger of the Gods over to the sideboard and +1 another one for your 15th slot, and put another Roast in the main.

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Getting Braid of Fire to ...

2 months ago

You potentially drop it T2, and don't see a real payoff until T4, so yeah that says control deck. I've seen a few Skred lists with 4x Simian Spirit Guide, which helps you curve into a walker, dragon, pia and kiran, or a boardwipe a turn early, which is incidentally important because Skred usually doesn't run much at CMC=2, maybe a couple Roast or Magma Jet. Maybe Braid is worth experimenting with?

The issue is, for the effect to be reliable you probably want 4X, or to mix it up with SSG, and Braid is basically a dead card if you already have one in play, or even really if you draw it beyond T3 or so.

m0x on Finding New Treasures: UR Delver

2 months ago

Have you considered Roast and Flame Slash over Spite of Mogis in the sideboard? They seem more consistent / reliable.

Monastery Swiftspear looks like a good fit for this deck. I feel like you might want one more creature.

Sudden Shock seems a lot better as a sideboard card now that Infect is less prevalent.

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