18 Russian foils away! List of all other possible RU foils is in acquireboard.

Moderate land count due to being able to loot + Tabernacle doesn't make mana

Cards in Maybeboard will be added when budget allows

Wincons with mana rocks out:

Isochron + Dramatic Reversal = Infinite mana

Paradox + Isochron (Reality Shift exiles everyone's libraries)

Sensei's Top + Voltaic Key + Paradox Engine = Draw Deck

Mystical + Isochron for Nexus of Fate = Infinite turns

Emrakul the Ad Naus player


Lock table by drawing out the game with card advantage

Small (but annoying) interactions

Snapcaster and Thing in the Ice can be repeatedly abused by bounce spells, either mass bounce or single target. If both are out together, Thing in the Ice can be used to bounce Snapcaster, which can flashback single target bounce or anything else of value. If creatures are a problem, dig for Thing in the Ice. Mystic Confluence can bounce both AND still draw a card/counter a spell. Thing in the Ice trigger goes on the stack and resolves before the instant that caused it to flip will resolve. This means you can target Thing in the Ice with 3 counters on it with any bounce spell to turn it into a mass-bounce spell, as Thing will also be bounced after it flips and the bounce spell that caused it to flip resolves.

Multi creature hate

  • Cyclonic Rift
  • Engulf the Shore
  • Thing in the Ice
  • Mystic Confluence
  • The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale




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