Incendiary Flow


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon
FNM Promos Rare

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Incendiary Flow


Incendiary Flow deals 3 damage to target creature or player. If a creature deals 3 dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead.

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Incendiary Flow Discussion

Ragham on OPAF The Mimic is too Quick (3-1) FNM

1 day ago

Hmm.. I quite dislike this list for several points. First it looks like a gw human version, except that you generate no card advantage when gw abuses of it. Red apeal, more than this garrison, is to burn and go quick. Galvanic Bombardment is no needed. You use red for burn, not for this wrong removal. Aether Hub is bad also. You splash anything, you do not use energy. Double biland are enough. 22 lands seems max number, with 2 Battlement. Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip is a bear. If you play lot of cheap creature, then he is good... well, just a big creature with no evasion. Inventor's Apprentice has only 8 sources of artifact, not enough.

I remember playing a list quite efficient when dragon tarkir was in standard. I played Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip, Lightning Berserker, Thalia + her lieutenant ofc + garrison, Impetuous Devils as high curve and Titan's Strength and Incendiary Flow. Titan's strengh was MVP because was a blast with scry. Games were short, and blasts finished last life points.

So why not going on that way ? I don't know how can works Kari Zev, Skyship Raider. Maybe as Hanweir garrison, one more target for a boost. Invigorated Rampage ?

noblevegas on RB Vampires Join the Revolt!

3 days ago

Sideboard updated.
Collective Brutality will stay for now. Since control decks and some pump-based aggro decks gained momentum going into Friday, I think these will likely still help. Also synergizes nicely with Yahenni's Expertise for slightly larger creatures.

Incendiary Flow is cut to two. I've got a great deal of removal and evasion, so this would likely come in against Superfriends decks and some control as well for direct damage.

Release the Gremlins does seem like a solid answer for Aetherworks Marvel decks as well as Electrostatic Pummeler so it would be beneficial to have some removal that can be used to feed Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, too.To the Slaughter stays in since Planeswalkers are getting more popular this time around. Dilerium will be tough to put online for the dual effect, but a we-ll timed Slaughter will still be beneficial at 1-for-1.

Transgress the Mind still seems helpful to slow control and midrange decks at the outset.

Unlicensed Disintegration is still a great card and could get back to MB. It would be helpful as spot removal, but for now Fatal Push has the value advantage.

Part of me is also curious of using Wrangle in the sideboard. I figure a two-of that allows me to steal an opponent's creature late game and then sac it to Kalitas seems like fun. I've also given some thought as to Kari Zev's Expertise for the same reason with up-side (Imagine your opponent's horror when you steal their Marveled Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, mill them with it and then sacrificing it to Kalitas before their next turn). Double red in a deck that's more black-focused may be tough to pull off, but they'd never see it coming.

I'll work on finishing assembly of this on release day for FNM and see what happens.

Ragham on Meanwhile, in Innistrad (GW Humans)

3 days ago

Hmm... green allow us to abuse card advantage. I play many games with gw humans at this moment. I think it may have good place in meta. I had positive ratio against most actual match-up (jeskai copycat, red arto combo, control, for most matches met). Hard to find good replacment to the Copter. There are many choice : Avacyn or Sigarda, AW or Gideon, Rallier, Lifecrafter's bestiary, Ajani, Oviya. I feel that we need more creatures, but Pacifist need more support than 6 cards (lieutenant and AW eventually) to be efficient, and turn one cards like Expedition envoy ... I don't know.

Why are you thinking to go red instead green ? What are your feedbacks about gw humans ?

In red, first think I think is to go aggro. I remember played a version with Lightning Berserker, old time, with 11 turn one + Titan's Strength, Incendiary Flow and Impetuous Devils + the Garrison you linked. That's the way about you think ? Loosing card advantage to be more agressive.

Kryogenyc on Machine Head V2.0

5 days ago

Thanks for the help. I was thinking on removing the Harnessed Lightning completely for Incendiary Flow since it can hit the dome as well, so far in testing the sorcery speed doesn't hurt. I will keep Fiery Temper for the same reason. at this point i had not think of a sideboard yet, but your recommendations are great also thinking on adding Bedlam Reveler and Thermo-Alchemist. Since most of the deck is instants and sorceries.

Qwer57764 on U/R Thermo Visions

5 days ago

Re Techmage45

I appreciate the idea but I'm not so sure about Shock. It seems like a perfect card at first yet when you look at the deck, I think there are some strictly better options.

Fiery Temper serves almost as a sorcery speed Lightning Bolt with all of the discard outlets with the Collective Defiance, Tormenting Voice, and even Geier Reach Sanitarium.

Also, Galvanic Bombardment fills the role of removing small annoying creatures. I think the upside of the increasing damage with all of the discard outlets outweighs the ability to hit face. Also, Incendiary Flow is a better spell with which to burn the opponent out.

Indexxical on R/G Wolves

5 days ago

Expedite is nice and speedy!

There's also Burn from Within, Collective Defiance and Incendiary Flow.

RecklessReanimator on RB Vampires Join the Revolt!

5 days ago


I think biggest issue post release with Fatal Push may be getting enough of them as they are likely to be sold out for a while :) . From what I've seen of box openings only likely to get about 2 of an uncommon per box . Also hope mimic stays low $ as I want for several decks.

I'm definately looking forward to testing with Key to the City, I remember when EM came out and we were so happy to get Stromkirk Condemned. It was the BB casting cost of that card that actually is what scared me of pariah many messed up turn 2s. That and it could just die half the time. Reminds me...more pileup on Asylum Visitor hehe, she has bad synergy with the Key as if you choose to pay the 2 you get it during untap step before upkeep so you won't be hellbent.

Per Stromkirk Occultist while it was limited/sealed maybe my best card in prerelease was Renegade Freighter. Man has power creep come long way since Juggernaut. It's a 3cc 5/4 trampler on offense and it just steamrolled over weenies/servos. A frequent 4/3 or even 5/4 trampler (with olivia + mimic)...seems fun at least to try.

Btw I for some reason temporarily forgot as a vampire pariah can be up to 5/5 herself, and yeah instant speed removal at that is basically down to 2 cards. I'm definately gonna try to run 2 copies and I'll just keep track of how she plays out in hands I draw her.

Yeah I'm glad they printed cards like Metallic Mimic to passively beef up the tribes of past sets. I think of Vampires as sort of like in between modern affinity/burn, trying to dump hand fast and 0 opponent quickly and those strategies usually stay relevant unless hated out. Now its becoming closer to merfolk with 3 kinds of "lords" :). I'm also interested in rebrewing humans in modern/standard with new cards as well.

Sideboard so I think that having some anti-control hand disruption is good but if Collective Brutality isn't good here then probably worth trying Transgress the Mind in its spot for now. Not sure how relevant exile is in this meta but actually could be relevant vs. angel version of Aetherworks Marvel. That should be pretty good vs flash deck and can take out all planeswalkers as well and board wipes. For artifact hate from what I see options include Destructive Tampering which could maybe be relevant for 2nd part, but I think I'd try out Release the Gremlins. Likely to cast for 3 usually but 5 is doable and also helps out tempo by giving a threat. One idea is to run Asylum Visitor in side against control (I used to keep it in my side for that), swap out maybe fiery temper for them and get another threat. I'd probably take out the Incendiary Flow unless you have decks you need to exile creatures as you have enough burn/removal. I like Unlicensed Disintegration more as its instant, guaranteed removal and high chance of 3 to the dome as well. One other card idea for MB or SB is a planeswalker...thinking either Liliana, the Last Hope for a recursion element (relevant ultimate also), or Chandra, Torch of Defiance. Chandra I think I've seen a list or two using a couple of copies, it does pump up the budget a bit but I'd say all of its abilities could be relevant. Liliana also synergizes well with Yahenni's Expertise btw if you wanna try that out. She can come down and -2/-1 something that is left at 1 toughness, or just recur something of yours that just died on an empty board. Could help in letting game go long as well. I wouldn't use more than a copy or two of either.

Ragham on Gruul Landfall

6 days ago

With meta is reset, a deck like that can shine, as it's real innovation and nobody can expect what you play. As planeswalker, why not move to main deck Nissa, Vital Force and Chandra, Torch of Defiance ? They are huge in this deck, both for draw engine. Lifecrafter's Bestiary may be cool card for draw also, no ?

Dragonmaster Outcast why x3 copies ? You never want to commit yourself by playing her without having 6 lands, as you reveal at your opponent what you play, it brings nothing (poor stats) and die on everything.

This decks lacks on removals, no ? Except with ult Chandra you have no sweeper. I understand Devour in Flames as it synergise with your deck, but is at sorcery speed and your curve at 3 is too much high. Maybe you should remove Savage Alliance as it is situationnal card vs token or overkill with your big dogs. Add some early removals, Incendiary Flow, Shock (answer to infinite combo Saheeli + goat), Harnessed Lightning for example.

With no budget restriction, what is your plan to go competitive with that deck ?

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