One of my more polished deck. The draw is steady, the mechanic is simple. It's all about putting creatures on the battlefield and take profit of that, mainly with the ETB ping effect of Ayara, First of Locthwain and substitutes ( Bontu's Monument, extort, etc). This is not a typical aristocrat deck since the wincon is from ETB payoff and not from a sac engine. The aristocrat way is used to bolster draw and other effect such as removal and "ramp" and you don't need to setup a sac engine to achieve that. You only need to have few creatures in play, which is exactly what this deck is good at. Another things this deck is really good at, is keeping your opponents at bay with a lot of removal and discard spell giving you time to ping and swarm them to death.

I usually don't include tutor or infinite combo into my deck, because I think that make all games look like the same. They are an infinite combo in this deck but you really not need it to win. I have included it because it's was very hard to do not. Plague of Vermin it's just too powerfull and flavorfull in combo with Ayara, First of Locthwain and I just can't resolve myself to cut it.

One of my fun as deckbuilder is to try to make the most competitive deck at the lower price. This is not meaning that I will not include some high cost card, but I'm alway's looking to find equivalent or better fit at a lowerprice. Said that, paying more mana for the same effect is'nt my understanding of "equivalent".

Cutting in tutor and price make me look for more synergy to keep the competitiveness of my deck and I will greatly appreciate your cards suggestions if they go that way too.


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