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A repository of all combos in pauper, ordered by number of cards involved and whether they can be responded to or not.

Good engines that are limited by number of cards in deck or mana available can be found under "Self-limiting", reliable combo decks where the combo is more than 4 cards can be found in the "Synergies" section together with an explanation of how to assemble the combo.

Some combos may generate a different type of resource (tokens, mana, damage) when adding more cards. They will be listed as separate combos.
Midnight Guard + Presence of Gond Infinite tokens, sorcery speed win

Ivy Lane Denizen + Aerie Ouphes Infinite damage to flying creatures

Krosan Restorer + Freed from the Real Infinite mana once threshold is achieved

Nomads en-Kor/Spirit en-Kor + Daru Spiritualist/Task Force Infinite toughness/creatures immune to damage

Nomads en-Kor + Cephalid Aristocrat Mill your entire library

Oasis Ritualist + Freed from the Real Infinite mana

Nomads en-Kor/Spirit en-Kor/Martyrdom + Daru Spiritualist/Task Force + Devour Flesh/Sheltering Word/Predator's Rapport/Severed Strands Infinite life at instant or sorcery speed in one single lifegain event. There are other cards for the third part of the combo but are less efficient in CMC or otherwise restrictive.

Nomads en-Kor/Spirit en-Kor/Martyrdom + Daru Spiritualist/Task Force + Transmutation/Inside Out/About Face Infinite power turns into infinite damage

Axebane Guardian + Freed from the Real + Any defender Infinite mana of all colors.

Night Market Lookout/Servant of Tymaret + Karametra's Favor + Freed from the Real Infinite life drain

Ivy Lane Denizen + Safehold Elite + Viscera Seer Infinite Scrying

Ivy Lane Denizen + Safehold Elite + Carrion Feeder/Bloodthrone Vampire Infinitely big unit

Ivy Lane Denizen + Safehold Elite + Ashnod's Altar Infinite colorless mana

Wind Zendikon/Elemental Uprising/Lifespark Spellbomb + Freed from the Real + Simic Growth Chamber/(Forest+Utopia Sprawl/Fertile Ground) Infinite mana, using lands means that part of the combo is always useful

Utopia Sprawl/Fertile Ground on a forest + Arbor Elf/Voyaging Satyr + Freed from the Real Infinite mana

Nomads en-Kor/Spirit en-Kor/Martyrdom + Daru Spiritualist/Task Force + Treefolk Umbra Infinitely big unit which can deal infinite damage on combat.

Krosan Restorer + Freed from the Real or another infinite blue mana engine + Stream of Thought Infinite mill of any player, helps set up the threshold effect and acts as a kill spell for all pauper decks. Once the mana engine is online there is no way in pauper to stop the stream of thought from resolving except for Gilded Light and even then it is only a one turn shield.

Frilled Deathspitter + Guilty Conscience/Martyrdom + Ephemeral Shields/Ajani's Presence Once damage is triggered it starts and endless loop that deals infinite damage to the Deathspitter and the opponent.

Tethmos High Priest + Mogg War Marshal + Skirk Prospector + Crown of Flames Infinite red mana and infinite goblin tokens.

Zephyr Scribe/Nettle Drone/Mirran Spy + Retraction Helix/Banishing Knack + Bone Saw/Herbal Poultice + Elusive Spellfist Infinite damage, the payoff can be any of a log list of card that trigger upon aticaft cast, noncreature cast or creature ETB if we use Ornithopter. Nettle Drone makes it a 3 card combo. Tooth of Chiss-Goria can be used to perform the combo at instant speed if running enough artifacts (lands) and can also add infinite attack along the way.

Etherium Sculptor + 2x Conjurer's Bauble + Jace's Erasure and an empty library. Infinite mill, storm count and artifact casting and sacrificing.

Coalhauler Swine + Gideon's Sacrifice + Withstand Death/Ajani's Presence/Rush of Vitality + Crackling Club/Shock Once damage triggers it starts an infinite loop that ends when enough damage is deat to your opponent to reduce their life to 0. Coalhauler deals damage to opponent and itself thanks to the Sacrifice and thanks to it being indestructible it leads to an infinite loop.

Bramble Elemental + Mourning + Ashnod's Altar + Bog Initiate/Initiates of the Ebon Hand Infinite colorless and black mana

Kaya's Ghostform + Auramancer/Monk Idealist + Ashnod's Altar + Bog Initiate/Initiates of the Ebon Hand Infinite colorless and black mana

Synergies are highly benefitial card interactions wich are either limited by mana or damage output. In some decks synergies are built in in such a way as to sometimes assemble an infinite combo. In these cases the infinite combos usually include more than 4 cards but since all cards involved are part of the deck's other plans it is not uncommon to assemble.

1) [Sample] Esper Familiars: This deck operated through cost reduction and casting spells to slow the opponent down to the point of making it impossible for them to win and then closing the game with combat damage or through concessions.

The infinite combos here involve having 2xSunscape Familiar (blue spells cost less to cast), Ghostly Flicker, Mnemonic Wall, one basic island and an outlet such as God-Pharaoh's Faithful (infinite life) or Sage's Row Denizen (infinite mill).

You target the Mnemonic wall or archaeomancer and the island with the flicker which get the flicker back to hand and brings in a blue source untapped which lets you cast the cost-reduced flicker again.

Another infinite combo involves 2xKaroo Lands (Azorius Chancery, Dimir Aqueduct), one Sunscape Familiar, 2xMnemonic Wall, one Snap and an outlet. If another familiar is added then the loop also creates infinite mana of the non-blue colour in the lands. Every time you Snap the Faithful you can cast it again and the Snap with the mana from a Chancery and you also untap another double land. With those 2 mana you cast the Flicker targetting the two walls to get back both the Flicker and Snap. This loop gets you infinite life and if you add another outlet it can mill. You can also target opponent's creatures with the snap until they are cleared, neting a white mana for each creature bounced.

2) [Sample] TortEX: This deck operates by constantly recurring creatures from the graveyard to grind opponents until you can start dedicating resources to winning. This deck usually features no infinite combos but notable synergies include the following.

Tortured Existence + 2xGolgari Brownscale You gain 2 life for each spent. You can discard Brownscale to get back another Brownscale and gain 2 life.

Tortured Existence + Grave Scrabbler You discard the Scrabbler to TortEx to get a creature to hand and you pay the madness cost to get another creature to hand and the Scrabbler in play. This is the main way to rebuild after a board wipe.

Stinkweed Imp/Golgari Brownscale in the graveyard replace your draws to ensure you always have a creature in hand to use TortEx.

The main grind engine is Crypt Rats, it allows you to have a board wipe in play which can be activated at opponent's endstep or combat phase to ensure that no creature sticks in play. Spore Frog if activated during an opponent's turn prevents combat damage and allows you a bit of freedom before you eventually clear the board with the rats. Rats also deal damage to both players so if you can gain life with Brownscale you can use it to clear the board and win the game.

Tilling Treefolk + Raven's Crime in the graveyard allows you to play two Duress-like spells for each Treefolk cast. With the previously mentioned engines, one can keep the opponent's hand empty to ensure that Frogs and Rats survive until they can be activated during the opponent's turn.

3)Sample Petal Festival

Make lands that tap for a lot of mana, splice Psychic Puppetry onto other arcane spells along the way to generate mana and finally get to a 8 mana+ land to recurr Petals of Insight splicing psychic pupettry along the way to net infinite mana. Then use the mana on Stream of Thought to mill your opponent out. 4)Sample fishelbrand-paupergeddon-oct2019

From the tournament description: "A combo deck that attempts to chain effects that generate a temporary burst of mana and fill its graveyard up. It uses these resources to cast creatures with Delve. Then it plays cards which key off their large mana costs to produce more mana and draw a lot of cards, ending the sequence with either a spell based finish or an assault with the huge Delve monsters."

Ghostly Flicker + Mnemonic Wall/Archaeomancer + Chittering Rats For 3 mana a turn it keeps your opponent from playing anything if they have an empty hand and the card on top is not an instant

Kaya's Ghostform/Shade's Form/Unhallowed Pact + Auramancer/Monk Idealist/Ironclad Slayer/Custodi Squire Returns the creature to the battlefield and allows for chump-blocks and sacrifice fodder for the casting cost of the aura, if they downshift or print a mana positive sac outlet it can make an infinite combo.

Faithless Looting + Ulamog's Crusher + Dragon Breath + Exhume Turn 2 annihilate for 2, it can lock opponents out of the game but damage output is limited to 8 per swing (without activating the firebreathing)

Avenging Druid + Viridian Longbow/Fire Whip/Power of Fire/Hermetic Study/Psionic Gift + Freed from the Real (And islands in your deck) Deal damage equal to the number of islands in your deck.


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