Compiling a mono-red deck in edh for fun due to a release from the 2022 Unset, Unfinity.

It may take me some time but I'm going to code in the specific arts for this deck, since the correlation from Ignacio is very important.

Initially I'd like to have post-tenth edition, black standard frames. We'll see how that goes!

I ended up finding a lot of alternate arts for several cards, and in most cases I simply picked the one I liked best!

The true mechanical function of this deck is very simple, and that is red deck wins.

Generally, just engaging with your board state and wiping opposition as it comes.




You can also perform some infinite things, I'll detail them as I come across them.

Infinite Mana

Grinning Ignus hits the field, after Ignacio of Myra's Marvels is on the field.

At this point, every time you resolve casting Ignus nets you with the ability, and the additional and a .

Continue to bounce the Ignus and you'll net infinite mana.

Infinite Damage

Something like Purphoros, God of the Forge would make infinite damage as well, just see the combo above about mana because the ETB of Grinning Ignus would trigger 2 damage each time.

A song of Fire and Swords

Ignacio of Myra's Marvels has an interesting ability that I seek to exploit by using low-cost spells to rush my opponents.

I'm using mono red for the gimmick value of burn and swords and general chaotic fun.

Initially when I saw Ignacio my mind was all over the place, but in my heart I knew a Mono red build was likely the option I'd go with.

Picking Rograkh instead of Rosnakht, Heir of Rohgahh was a matter of not wanting to build a list around fetching Cloudstone Curio, just happening to have Goblin Matron or luckily holding Kobolds of Kher Keep.

The intention is to have these two work as a dynamic duo that likely hits the field in the same turn.

I'm all for including a convoluted combo that wins you the game, but the Curio Combo seems.. boring to me, for the concept I'm aiming to accomplish.

The combination of these two partner Commanders means we could do one of a few things, but notably, we'll talk about two.

After construction and piecing together the curve, the word I'm going to use is "Fire".

Burn Spells

The Goal is to have spells on curve whether I have the bonus treasures or not.

A key component is keeping my life total from slipping too low


Plenty of variability with Flashback and Retrace to keep producing consistent value.

"Cast it again"

while arguably slower but able to produce much nastier advantages, Swords is a super cool option to build a maniacal army around.


Once you've developed a body-base to equip your swords to, you'll need some.. actual swords.


on top of some low-curve basic stabby bois you'll have several high-end swords that are not only renowned throughout magic, but essentially MADE for such a concept.



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