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Atraxa the Grand Unifier(blink,ramp)

Commander / EDH Counterspell Exile GWUB


Right now it's mainly a blink deck focused around ETB effects and Ramp to get Atraxa out, and some heavy hitters once she is. Once Atraxa is out you can start rummaging through your deck 10 cards at a time keeping up to 8 different cards( one of each type). I've added 9 counterspells to make sure some of my stuff pops off. I really want to get Dragonlord Dromoka out. I added a bunch of ramp and mana rocks to hopefully get atraxa out around turn 4. And help in casting a lot of spells, because we will be going through the deck a lot with Atraxa. I've got 4 blinks and 5 blink engines to keeps atraxa and some other ETB cards coming in each turn. I fear with the ramp blink and mana, that I didn't have enough finishers, so I got Ashiok, Oko, and tasha to play the opponents deck, maybe find something. For my win conditions, I have Soulherder, Hero of Bretagard, Zopandrel, and Taunting Elf. And as a really basic win condition I added Triskaidekaphile.


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